MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

OBXone 2'nd voice board

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Lackan

"A very quick demo of my newly expanded OBXone. I added a second voice board in total unison with the first voice board - except for the possibility to set the filter different.

This makes for very cool formant effects and is pretty much exactly what the OSCar has with the "separation"-knob: two 12dB-filters with the peaks separated.

Just a very quick demo..."

Introducing Substantia - Electroacustic Physical Modeling Laboratory

Introducing Substantia from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

"Substantia (latin: substance), is an electroacustic physical modelling laboratory with hundereds of models. It is a modal synthesis software with integrated euclidean sequencer and recorder.

Many modal synthesis tools, so far, have a limited number of options and models. Some instruments give you just inharmonicity and dumping controls over a bank of resonators, some other offer few models like a pipe, a plate, a box, and usually a very small selection of materials: metals, plastic, wood…

Substantia has 16 different models and 23 materials, ranging from Aluminium to Nickel, Glass, Marble, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Nylon, Uranium and more, for a total of 368 resonant models. (The list will grow with updates).

For unparalleled precision, Substantia uses 100 Resonant Band Pass filter for each voice, for a total of 800 filters (8 voice polyphony).

You can excite the resonators with contact microphones (2 for stereo sound), samples, or white noise and experience a new exciting way to make digital sounds with human gestures. Substantia is a powerful tool to create new hyper-real sounds, from amazing bongos to luxurious glassy and metallic textures.

A must have for experimental musicians, lovers of new frontiers of sound.

Release: April 19th 2020

h12PM CET"

Shutdown Sounds by Sensel

Published on Apr 16, 2020 Sensel


1. Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath for UVI Falcon
Download from
This instrument was designed with sounds by artist Hugo R.A. Paris for the Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder Overlay using the default map for Preset 1 on the Thunder. It also works for the default MPE map for the Piano, Drum,and Music Production overlays.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is used to create a "sound bath" instrument for ambient audio explorations.

Vertical gestures on each note control filter cutoff for a bandpass digital filter. After-pressure controls the stereo spread of the digital filter. Velocity selects the start point of the loop.

The long "feathers" of the Buchla Thunder control samples from a Paris composition, primarily using the 4MS SWN synthesizer.
2. Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath for UVI Falcon
3. Noizebusters Timbre Drums For Sensel Morph and Bitwig Studio Pro

Virtual Superbooth 2020: Eurorack Jamsession with Tubbutec µTune

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Tubbutec

See the red SUPERBOOTH20! label on the top lef of the site for more. You can find previous posts featuring the Tubbutec uTune here.

"Excerpt from a presentation for 'Virtual Superbooth 2020'

Using Tubbutec µTune and expanders to quantize CV and as a midi interface for a monophonic voice and a 3-voice paraphonic synth.

Also using midi velocity to control filter and clocking a sequencer via µTune.
A midified Rhythm Ace FR3 (Tubbutec uniPulse) is synced and triggered via midi, too.

Modules used:
Tubbutec µTune
Tubbutec µTune expander
Tubbutec Sumtiple

Haible Living VCO
Doepfer A-110-2
Leaf Audio VCO

Oakley COTA Filter
Doepfer A-105 VCF
Doepfer A-121

Doepfer A-140

Ladik S180 / S183 Sequencer
EMW Stereo Mixer"

Novation Spotlight: Freedoms Found in Isolation w/ Baths

via Novation where you'll find the full article.

"Musician/Composer Baths discusses his positive experiences with isolation.

Words: Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths / Geotic

Isolation is so strangely polarized in our minds. It’s the dogma of introverts and the bane of extroverts. I think in actuality, isolation doesn’t need to be such an emotionally-infused concept. It’s just a practical part of a healthy lifestyle. Like breakfast, or exercise. Isolation can balance out the amount of time we spend being present with other people. It’s the other half of that experience: being present with yourself, which is equally important. I work and make music entirely from home so isolation is pretty integral for me. In all the different little vignettes I might picture about my current lifestyle, being by myself plays a major role, but in moderation alongside being with other people. I’m passionate about the benefits of isolation because of how much it’s helped me but I also understand it’s not the same for everyone. Even a moderate level of isolation can seem daunting if it's not something you regularly practice. A look at my positive relationship with isolation might help showcase how it can be a comfortable place for self-engagement and a welcome ally in creative freedom."

You can find additional Novation Spotlight posts here.


Published on Apr 17, 2020 Perplex On

"Tried to create some darker ambient drones with the Novation Bass Station 2. All sounds coming directly from the Bass Station, plugged into the iPad to add some extra layers with realtime fx and reverb using Eventide Blackhole, FAC Alteza, Modal Granular, SpaceCraft and Discord4. Recorded in one take with AUM."

Tomato - (Novation Circuit Mono Station + Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O)

Published on Apr 17, 2020 asogaut

"Pocket Operators sync well together with the Novation Circuit Mono Station. This one turned out a bit too repetitive."

Soniccouture All Saints Choir: Cluster

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Soniccouture

"A short overview of the Cluster module in the All Saints Choir instrument by Soniccouture."

Soniccouture All Saints Choir: Walkthrough

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Soniccouture

"James Thompson from Soniccouture gives a guided tour of their All Saints Choir sampled instrument.

2.15 - Mic setup
2.40 - The Choir Sections
3.30 - Legato Modes
6.11 - Effects Page
7.30 - Section demos
9.16 - Cluster function"

"All Saints Church, Tooting - a rich, clear acoustic that has graced recordings by Decca, Sony, and Deutsche Grammophon.

In collaboration with The New London Chamber Choir, Soniccouture presents their most ambitious sampling project yet.

Featuring traditional SATB choir sections recorded seperately, and true Polyphonic Legato, All Saints Choir perfectly recreates the initimate yet expansive sound of a full chamber choir.


The main control panel. Choose choir and assign legato by section - control dymanics and vowel shape with real-time controllers. Four mic arrays allow to you mix your sound with precision."

Granular Synth Drone Music w/ Little deFormer 3 #TTNM

Published on Apr 17, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Weekend ambient drone music! No samples, only synth and drum oscillators of the Little Deformer :) MORE INFO BELOW!


I've got four parts running in drone mode, so they don't require any sequencing and their VCAs are constantly open. Tip: Make sure to assign a specific voice number to each part in its TRIG menu, so that there is no drone voice stealing or resetting, when other parts are played by the running sequencer. Then there are three percussion parts and a melody part, with lots of sequencer randomization. Of course I'm also using assigned knobs to control the volume of the parts and there are the two audio and sequence layers between which I morph as well."

1979 MSV Feedback Studies

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Todd Barton
"Two studies with feedback patching of the Modal Synthesis Voice by 1979 Modular in Buchla format. Enjoy!
1979 Modular:
My Patreon:"

Waldorf Quantum Tutorials by Synthesizer Video Service

Published on Apr 14, 2020 Synthesizer Video Service

These were sent in via Soviet Space Child.

[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 1: Hardware
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 2: Settings and Menu Pages
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 3: Play and Perform
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 4: Wavetable Oscillator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 5: Waveform Oscillator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 6: Particle Oscillator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 7: Resonator Oscillator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 8: Kernel Oscillator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 9: Analog Filters
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 10: Digital Former & Routing
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 11: LFOs
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 12: Envelope Generators
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 13: Komplex Modulator
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 14: Modulation Matrix
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 15: Effects
[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 16: Direct Sampling

"If you want to support me, have a look on my shop:
Check out my music:"

Pin Electronics Portabella Modular Synthi

via this auction

You can find a couple of demos here (scroll down when you get there).

"Pin Electronics Portabella Modular Synthi inclusive 16 Pins.

This is a special edition & one off production! With silk-screened "morning mist" front panel and retro joystick.

About specs. audio and video, please visit

Condition: Brand new.
Zustand: Vom Hersteller generalüberholt."

Steelphon S900 2 Oscillator Monophonic Synthesizer SN 0905027

Published on Mar 14, 2020 Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Vintage Audio Institute - Italia
is a music studio and gear vendor in the hills of Florence.

There are a few good Steelphon S900 videos on here already, but we thought there was need for yet another one.
Here we explain how this for its time rather unique synthesizer has programmable preset sounds and has individual CV gate inputs for each oscillator.
A few of the photos are borrowed."

via this auction

"The Italian Beast Steelphon S900 up for sale, one of a very limited production run, the less than 100, all expertly hand-made in Turin, Italy in 1973.
Includes 2 pedals: Filter Expression Pedal
Sustain On/Off Pedal

and the Original Steelphon Club monitor.

The S900 Condition is Very Good, going on Excellent, it does have a few dings, please see photos, and the black panel with the logo some slight miscoloration. The filter-expression pedal has some slight wear.

Unusually good build-quality over-all, this is a reliable instrument, but can be a little sensitive to fluctuations in current and during warm-up, quite common for old synths.

It has been refurbished and recapped earlier this year in March.

The Steelphon S900 does stand up well to the Mini Moog, the Moog Ladder Filter is on board and it can produce earth shattering basses and piercing or haunting leads.

The Steelphon S900 has some great, rare features for the time:

1. Programmable Presets (first synth with programmable pre-sets to our knowledge, various parameters are easily accessible and adjustable with a mini screwdriver under the black panel with logo, an individual circuit board for each preset, six in total with a hidden preset as well :)

2. CV Gate inputs (works very well, individual CV input for each oscillator so you can have 2 arpeggios going at the same time (!).

Please check out the Youtube link, we made this video, it was partly made with this machine here for sale, and explains the various features.

220 Volt with European plug.

Ships from Italy with BRT/DPD/Fedex to the US and other continets, insured trackable shipping to Europe depending on which country, 5 day delivery, but please allow for more time due to customs and Covid19 issues."

[gear demo] Nord Modular G2

Published on Apr 17, 2020 repeatle

"Here's a quick patch I made just to get my dirty fingers back on the G2 again.
Such a fun instrument. This patch took me about 15 minutes to create from nothing."

GrainBastard Lockdown Jam 4

Published on Apr 15, 2020 Chris Gilkes

"Bit of techno on MD, OP-1, TT-303 & Volca Sample - Microbrute as a filter."

ENSONIQ SQ-80 CrossWave Synthesizer (1987) *Throwback*

Published on Apr 16, 2020 RetroSound
"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

synthesizer sounds: ENSONIQ SQ-80 CrossWave Synthesizer (1987)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1981)
recording: multi-track played by hand
fx: reverb

SQ-80 spec:
75 digital 8-bit waveforms + analog curtis filter, Osc-Sync, Ringmodulation (AM)

The SQ-80 is easy to program and really nice for PPG Wave and Prophet VS like sounds but nevertheless particularly in sound. The perfect machine for ambient music or horror movie soundtracks.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


#Modal #Argon8 #Wavetable #Synthesizer | Presets Sound Demo

Published on Apr 17, 2020 SOULKEYS

"It's time again for a new #synth video.The #modalargon is a current morphing #wavetablesynthesizer with many possibilities to change the wavetables and oscillators."

WMD: Introducing Time Warp - Dual Channel Gated Slew Eurorack Module

Published on Apr 17, 2020 WMDevices

via WMD

"The acid style pitch slew effect has made it to Eurorack in a small easy to use package. You no longer need to dedicate more complicated modules patched in wacky ways to achieve this classic sound. Finally, a dual slew, with the right interface, at the perfect size. Add some slide and smoothness to your patches on your own accord with Time Warp.

TIME WARP is a dual channel, gated slew module with some extra features that make a powerful and versatile addition to any Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System.

Its unique, Gated Slew function allows users to add slew to any voltage signal at designated times by sending it a gate signal from a sequencer or similar source. Switch it up with Invert Logic on the gate input, or use the switch as a real time performance tool for hands-on control over when the slew will take place.

With two modes of symmetry and a full wave rectifier on the input, Time Warp can function as 2 independent Slews, two A/R Envelopes with tied controls, or even as an envelope follower, taking audio and turning it into a useful envelope signal. CV control over the Rate of slew! Time warp puts all of that in a compact, 4hp package."

WMD: Introducing AXXENT - Axxent expander for METRON Sequencer

Published on Apr 17, 2020 WMDevices

via WMD

"AXXENT is an expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 16 "accent" gate outputs. Each track is specifically tied to METRON tracks, making it a very intuitive addition to any METRON sequencing ecosystem.

Use AXXENT to send signals to additional envelopes, slews, drum accents, and other gate triggered functions.

METRON will need its Firmware updated to support AXXENT."

Yamaha SS-30 String Synthesizer SN 1658

via this auction

"Uncommon Yamaha string synth with a distinctive, rich sound."


via this auction

"Wonderful late-seventies vocoder with unmistakable sound that you’ve heard on countless classic recordings. Evocative 10-band vocoder with string synth section, choir and a human-voice sounds. This is the best sounding version of one of Roland’s greatest synths. Supplied serviced and in perfect working order."

Roland System 100 Model 101

via this auction

"1978 Roland Model 101. The Model 101 Synthesizer section is the heart of the famous Roland System 100 modular synthesizer. It is alone a fully self-contained analog mono-synth that features a 37-note keyboard, 1 VCO with PWM and tuning from 10Hz to 10kHz, external sound-In jack and ADSR envelope generator. With 3.5 patch points, this synthesiser is perfect for the eurorack enthusiast. 240 volt unit serviced just prior to listing for sale.

Maxi Korg 800DV/ K-3 Analog Synth SN 0644

via this auction

"It needs a new home. My girlfriend is scared of it."

Nuff said. This one was posted back in 2016 as well.

Here's a demo from WC Olo Garb aka Jexus

MAM ADX1 Drum Synth

via this auction


via this auction

"Absolutely the best Piano and orchestral module available in my opinion. The piano sounds are BEAUTIFUL. I'm selling this because I now own a KURZWEIL PC2x weighted keyboard that has these sounds already and I no longer use this module. Easy to hook up to any midi controller and easy to use. Includes the original Kurzweil power supply and manual with quick guide, warranty card (way out of warranty now) and an original magazine ad. ($499!....yikes!).

While it has a built in effects section, I used this in combination with a Bluesky (Strymon) reverb pedal and achieved piano sounds reminiscent of Harold Budd, Brian Eno and the sound from the Danna & Clement North of Niagara album. Crystal clear like the sound skating across a sheet if ice. Really impressive. I've never strayed away from Kurzweil for piano and orchestral sounds. I find them to be the best I've ever worked with."

Roland JX-8P Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 626488

via this auction

"This synth is in great working condition. All keys, buttons, sliders work. Even the aftertouch still works. There are wear and tear, scratches, but no major dents. For a synth of this age, the condition is very good. This is probably one of the cleaner units you’ll find on eBay. Sale will include the JX-8P synth, M-64C memory cartridge, power cord, semi-hard shell case."

Godwin - Drummaker 45 Computer System, Analogue Vintage Beat-Box

Published on Apr 16, 2015 M. Schmied

"Old italien Beat-Box with Bass, Arpeggio and Chords.
In this Video I show only some Drumsounds."

You can find one more Drummaker 45 demo here.

Kawai K4 Digital Synthesizer, Pads, Sounds

Published on Mar 14, 2016 M. Schmied

"Some beautiful Sounds from the Kawai K4"

Yamaha, 4-Operator FM-Synthesizer, B200,EOS,TQ5,YS100,YS200,V50

Published on Dec 16, 2019 M. Schmied

"A view Sounds from the great 4-Operator FM-Syntheziser from Yamaha (1988)."

And the:

Yamaha B200 Synthesizer

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Schmied

"Some Sounds and Pictures of Yamaha B200 FM-Synthesizer. Only intern FX!"

You don't see the B200 often. There has only been a handful of posts featuring it.

Casio, CZ 101 & CZ 1000, Cosmo Synthesizer, Vintage, Sounds

Published on Apr 17, 2020 M. Schmied

"Some Sounds from the Great Casio Cosmo Synthies CZ-101 & CZ-1000 only with Reverb FX from Strymon Big Sky."

Curves filterbank -Flame and Lifeforms Primary Oscillator from Pittsburgh Modular

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Dziam Bass
Why I love my Curves filterbank from Flame instruments and Lifeforms Primary Oscillator from Pittsburgh Modular?
this module is a multimode filterbank with 12 band channels, it is very inspiring and useful to me because each band can get its modulation via the VCA inputs built-in underneath and you have odd or even out .. or All.
also every band can have its smooth output so it extends the possibilities of mixing and obtaining direct bands to the mixer.
Here I used LPF in general but when I use it with the Lifeforms Primary Oscillator module from Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers it creates an amazing audio character - also because the primary is rich in Timbres and Curves sounds really great as a filter.😀
check this video if U want to hear these two modules in action but also the use Time wizard from Shakmat Modular or Black VC EG from Erica Synths and VC OCtave switch from North Coast synthesis.
Great fun, great opportunities and see necessarily Flame Curves filterbank or other filterbanks that give a lot of joy.

Have a nice day and make more awesome music and stay safe in this weird time.😷🙃"

An analog DIY Bass-Synthesizer

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Andreas Remshagen

"I wanted a little Bass-Synth with an easy Chord-Sequencer and the Akzentuator (I had built it in a Synth before). It also should work as a normal Synth for playing Basslines. The filter i used is a moog-clone descriped in YuSynths site. For metallic Bass-sounds i added the Metalizer that is also descriped in YuSynths site. The VCOs that i used here i had built some time ago, they are the Oscillators from Ray Wilsons (MFOS) sound-lab Mini. There are circuits from the components in Videodescriptions from my earlier videos. Its a very compact device with you can create many Variations of Bass-Sounds.
Thanks to and"

KORG ARP 2600FS // Feedback Exploration with Make Noise Mimeophon

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Genshi Media Group


This is an exploration of extreme frequencies and feedback with the Korg ARP 2600FS. All of the distorted beefy sounds are from patching the VCA Output of the ARP 2600 into its own Pre-Amplifier and back to the VCA. Later on, all of the High-Frequency feedback and Resonator and Karplus-Strong type sounds are from the Make Noise Mimeophon. Next time I'll try to get a second camera on that so you can see what's going on..."

Genshi Media Group 2600FS posts

Pearl SC-40 Programmable Percussion Synthesizer controlled by Roland TR 8

Published on Apr 16, 2020 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Pearl SC-40 Programmable Percussion Synthesizer Very Rare 80's Drum Synth Rack, it contains 32 of 12bit digital waveforms and analog filter, sounds very late 80's. It controlled by Roland TR-8, using 4 separate out to trigger each drums."

Patch n Tweak
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