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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

jumpSynth: trampoline-based portable synthesizer for making noise in the woods alone

"Here's a portable synthesizer with built-in stereo amplifier, totally battery-powered, just add a trampoline to play.
The synth is powered by a Bela board running a custom Pure Data patch. Get the code and some tech info here:

And here's a video showing you how to make your own trampoline controller:"

An Introduction to Trampolines as Sound Making Devices

via @auralhistories, who spotted it on CDM here.

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver w/ Oversynth Panel Overlay

via this auction

You can find more info on the Oversynth panel overly here.

"10PM At The Distracted Globe" by MATTELICA (Moog Subharmonicon + Moog DFAM x2 + Moog Grandmother)


"Live take of an original track with the Moog Subharmonicon, Moog DFAM x 2, and the Moog Grandmother to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget, Thor: "Celandine"

Brittle stR music

"2 separate time signatures in this one: 6/8 followed by 4/4, then back to 6/8 for the ambient coda (mostly ). I borrowed my wife's iPad/Thor for the live part. The Hydrasynth is a pretty decent VA instrument I'm discovering, even though best known as a wave morphing machine. The 24db/oct ladder filter emulation is lovely. The coda is mostly Helsinki in Gadget, with automation of lots of parameters in both synth and insert FX. Gadget is a massive sequencer now it can control hardware too! I'm constantly charging my iPad tho."

Akai AX-60 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"An unsung polysynth from the glory days of Akai still being an actual instrument manufacturer, the AX60 on the surface may seem like a Juno clone, but offers a very different sonic signature. Outside of being a six voice instrument with VCOs, the AX60 offers offers filter modulation from VCO2 for metallic FM effects. An additional feature of this instrument is the ability to use Akai samplers (S-612, S-700, X-7000, S-900 and S-950). Synth is in great condition with the exception of one missing slider cap."

Sigil X-Rollz - Ciat Lonbarde Circuits Banana Modular Synth

via this auction

"Owned from new - this is a 2 channel instrument - each size has 2 sets of 3-rollz and 2 sets of 4-rollz that can be interpatched and fed into one of two ultrasound filters in the middle.

Beautifully finished wood, stereo minijack output and black 0v banana jack on the back for sharing CV between different instruments.

Requires a 9v POSITIVE TIP power supply - not included. Note this is the opposite polarity to a standard guitar pedal power supply. Anything higher than 9v must NOT be used."

Sirius by Quasimidi

via this auction

Estradin Altair 231

Jim Hokins

via this auction

"Rare Soviet synt for sale . WITH MiDi OUT ! Synt looks good and with own case . Fully functional . ALTAIR-231 is one of the most impressive vintage Soviet synthesizers. It has inimitable peculiar sound and very powerful filters. A fat, lush and very analogue sound with the unique architecture of the Soviet-era components; in addition, highly reliable military technologies were applied in the process of production. The synthesizer is universal & may be used for hard electronic music, or for soft ambient/old school projects and for modeling various effects as well...endless possibilities. ALTAIR-231 synth has fat and rich vintage analog sound with it`s own character and can be compared to 'MINIMOOG MODEL D' synthesizer."

KORG SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 150988

via this auction

"Fully working KORG SQ-10 analog sequencer. Apart from a few erased bits of serigraphy on the front panel it works perfectly. It also has a nice vintage MOOG sticker on the side that looks really cool."

La Gomera - 2Taktrider

Magic Electronic Music

LFO Store Summer Sale! Discount 40% for all Soundsets

LFOstore - Update: Re-Published Jun 26, 2020

Supporting member LFO Store is having a summer sale:

"I'm happy to announce our BIG SALE: 40% off all products: Hardware and Software Synths, Effects, and Sample Packs, including our most recent soundsets.

Everything is available on our website:
Hurry up, the discount won't be around forever, it ends on 30 June 2020."

Initial Tempest Announcement Video from January 13, 2011

In case you missed it see the initial Tempest announcement video added to this post. You'll find a link to the initial Tempest announcement post there as well, including additional videos and pics. It's a cool look back in time.

Sequential Synth Tips #8 with Noir Et Blanc Vie: Tempest


"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, we feature keyboardist and videographer Noir Et Blanc Vie demonstrating the built-in delay lines on the Tempest analog drum machine and synthesizer.

Follow Noir Et Blanc Vie here:"

Noir Et Blanc Vie on MATRIXSYNTH

Sequential Synth Tips

Sound Semiconductor Announces Two New VCA Chips


VCA Range now spans Single, Dual, and Quad Versions

June 23, 2020 – Sonora, California – Sound Semiconductor today announced single and dual channel VCA additions to its product lineup, the ProCircuitTM SSI2161 and FatKeysTM SSI2162.

VCA’s – or Voltage Controlled Amplifiers – are used for automatic, remote, or CPU control of audio gain and/or attenuation in such systems as music synthesizers, dynamics processors, noise reduction systems, effects processors, and mix console fader automation; as well as design of voltage controlled filters, exponential voltage to current converters, and many other basic audio building blocks. Sound Semiconductor’s SSI2164, a low noise and distortion VCA with four independent channels, was introduced several years ago and has been embraced by the audio community.

In pursuit of even better performance, the newly launched SSI2161 internally parallels all four SSI2164 channels for a 6dB noise improvement, offering the lowest noise among VCA chips. Likewise, the SSI2162 internally parallels two pairs of SSI2164 channels for 3dB lower noise.

All VCA’s have exponential control with a –33mV/dB gain constant. Current inputs and outputs allow a wide range of input and output resistance to suit design needs, and a unique mode control permits selection of class A, AB, or intermediate biasing of the gain core to optimize noise versus distortion characteristics. A gain range from +20dB to –100dB is possible.

The SSI2161 and SSI2162 are both housed in a 10-lead Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP). Pricing at 1000 pieces is $0.84 for the SSI2161 and $0.99 for the SSI2162. Both are available now.

Sound Semiconductor is composed of musicians and technologists with the goal of developing affordable, high-performance integrated circuits for music creation. For more information, please visit"

Synth & Sundry Cybersyn - Reveil | Intrigues Telematiques (Synth & Sundry)

Synth & Sundry

"Réveil is the first track on 'Intrigues Télématiques', the debut release from Cybersyn. This album is a musical ride down the elevator of forgotten technologies.

From dumb terminals to self-aware cybernetic management systems, the pace of the arpeggiated command-basslines and flow-charted synth melodies rarely lets up, only catching its breath to load a new sub-routine for your ears.

Cybersyn is an itinerant second-order simulacra born in the oblivion of virtual space. Cybersyn searches for lost visions and technologies to recombine into aural and visual forms.

Illustration by Maria Santaeularia Badia

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Autechre VLetrmx21 - cover


"Faaar from perfect, but I am fan and wanted to do this cover for a long time. Enjoy (or don't :) ). Also haven't posted in quite some time and I hope to start posting more regularly.

Nord Lead 2X
Roland D-50
fx: Valhalla Shimmer"

WORNG Parallax & Vertex Stereo Filter and VCA Jam

Perfect Circuit

"In this patch the stereo bassline is created by patching the a Zlob Dual VCO into the Worng Vertex VCA and then into the Parallax filter. The Vertex and Parallax are both stereo so we were able to tune the two oscillators of the Dual VCO to different pitches and send one to the left and one to the right channel. Then the XAOC Batumi LFO is being synched to the Metron sequencer to modulate the Vertex and Parallax, this is adding gating and filtering to create a bass which has a wide stereo field and stereo modulation. The WMD Metron is used to sequence the Endorphines BLCK_NOIR drums.

The Worng Vertex and Parallax both take mono or stereo inputs and their controls have both an overall control and a skew control that adds a difference between the control for the left and right channels. This allows both regular control over a stereo signal or sounds that move around the stereo field. The Parallax is a lowpass filter with 12 and 24db/octave outputs with CV control of both cutoff and resonance.

Parallax available here:

Vertex available here:"

Noise Engineering Blog: Making a chiptune-style patch with NE sequencing utilities

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we use Vox Digitalis, clocked by a fast LFO, to create a chiptune-style arpeggio. Quantus Pax allows us to add a pitch sequence to our arpeggio and make a chord progression."

0-CTRL Patch of the Week #5: Sequencing Rhythm


"Let’s look at using the Time Channel to create rhythmic variation in a sequence."

0-CTRL Patch of the Week posts

5 Glitchy patchlets with the Strymon Magneto

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

I also created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -

00:00 - Patch 1
01:04 - Patch 2
02:39 - Patch 3
03:37 - Patch 4
04:39 - Patch 5

Here are some patch notes:

Patch 1:
- I have a drumbeat in VCV going to Magneto.
- I'm modulating the Speed, the Loop, the Repeats, and the Spring reverb of Magneto with S&H from VCV Rack.
- I also have a sequence in VCV, sequencing the Basimilus, which is then going back into VCV for some delay.

Patch 2:
- I'm triggering and modulating the Basimilus from VCv Rack, sending it to the Mimeophon.
- From there it's being copied once to the mixer, and once to Magneto.
- I'm modulating the Speed, Spring reverb, Hold, and Revers functions of Magneto with S&H from VCV.
- This is then going through Freak set to wave folder and saturation model for extra grit.

Patch 3:
- I have the clock outputs of Magneto triggering the Basimilus and a couple of hats in VCV Rack so by changing the speed, the rate in which they're being triggered also changes.
- This is going into Magneto and I'm modulating the Hold, Revers, and Spring reverb with S&H.
- I also have the send and return of Magneto going to a bandpass filter on Freak, and I'm modulating the cutoff point.
- In VCv Rack, I have a drumbeat to accompany the chaos.

Patch 4:
- I have a sequence in VCV Rack sequencing the Basimilus.
- Magneto is set to Loop mode and I recorded a few seconds of this sequence onto it.
- I'm also sending Magneto through Freak in low pass mode, and the Mimeophon for some delay and reverb.
- In VCV I have S&H modulating the Revers function of Magneto, the Shift, and also the cutoff point of Freak.
- I also have a Hi-Hat sequence running in VCV Rack.

Patch 5:
- I have Magneto self-oscillating with the repeats all the way up.
- The CLK 1 output of Magneto is triggering the Play function, and I have also a clock from VCV Rack, clocking Magneto.
- I have an AD envelope in VCV controlling the Wet so it's like controlling a VCA, and I have multiple S&H signals coming from VCV modulating the Shift function, the Speed (so the pitch), and the amount of Spring reverb.
- I'm sending Magneto into Microcell with the Mix all the way down so I'm just using its reverb, but I'm modulating its amount from VCv Rack.
- I have also a copy of the left channel of Magneto going into the 2HP Freez for some extra glitch.
- In VCv Rack I have some drums playing, and I'm sending the Snare drum to a short modulated delay."

Pioneer RMX-1000 | How I Use It!

Electronisounds Audio

"This time, we're taking a look at the Pioneer RMX-1000.
I'm showing an overview of how it works, and how I use it in my live hardware gear performances."



SoundsDivine 'Time + Space Vol. 1' - Waldorf Largo Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Time & Space Vol. 1' soundset for Waldorf Largo.
For more information, please follow the link below:"

Roland TR-66 vintage analog drum machine (1973) processed by a Korg monotron Delay: Demo #2.

Ascetic Wires

Waldorf Iridium - CV Inputs - Patching with Modular

Martin Stürtzer

"The Waldorf Iridium is a new synthesizer from WALDORF. It brings the infinite possibilities of the Quantum synthesizer to a more portable (and much more affordable) format.

The Iridium has six CV inputs. It is possible to modulate all parameters of the synthesizer with external sources like Sequencers or modulation generators. I show a few patch ideas.

This is not a sponsored video, I purchased the Iridium from a regular retailer."

Korg Delta DL-50 SN 985947

via this auction

"Fully functional Korg Delta, fun and easy to use synth that nails many classic sounds. Recently serviced and calibrated. 100v japan model, works fine in north america without a setup voltage converter.

Korg's Delta is an analog semi-poly synth/string machine, basically a slimmed down version of the Korg . Though limited in the range of sounds compared with other synths of the same genre, the sheer quality of the sound from this little beastie really does make it something of a marvel. Amazing retro synth strings and fat bass synth tones.

The synth is split into two sections, Strings and Synth, for which there are separate audio outputs along with a combined output for headphones or mixing. Each section has its own controls. The String section has two pitch sliders (16' and 8') along with two tone controls (Bass and Treble) and variable Attack and Release controls to modify the sound. The Synth section has four pitch sliders (16', 8', 4' and 2'). There is also a white noise generator along with a very effective 24dB/oct low pass filter (high pass and band pass options are included too) and full ADSR controls. The synth has no memory storage or MIDI, however it does has voltage control and gate ins and outs.

The string sounds are very basic but with its separate outputs and when mixed together with the polysynth you do get that classic 'layered' sound which is useful enough on this synth; and it's fully polyphonic, so you wont be running out of notes! There is a handy joystick to the left of the 49-note keyboard for pitch bending and modulation capabilities. The construction is solid and heavy partly due to the implementation of a wooden base but also because it was designed for heavy usage on the road. Added bonuses: noise modulation, stereo out (strings/synth split), and the ability to combine synth and strings or turn off oscillators in the mixer section."

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Sigma SN 243437

via this auction

"Up for sale this wonderful Korg Sigma(KP-30)
It is in excellent condition, recently serviced from Analog Touch in Athens-Greece.
It was fully recapped, super cleaned, the keys cleaned and relubed, all potentiometers refurbished and it was tuned and calibrated.
No sound scratches, bad sounds, distortions etc.
Cosmetically it has some minor scratches, no big deal."

Studio Electronics Obie Rack rare rack mount synth Oberheim SEMs x2 with MIDI

via this auction

"Studio Electronics Obie Rack rare rack mount Oberheim SEMs x2 with MIDI

insanely rare, and very very good.

These are original Oberheim SEM synths that SE rack mounted in the 1980s.
They then added MIDI and some other features.

In superb condition and working."

Roland SH-1000 Analog Synthesizer SN 203092

via this auction

"This synth is in very good condition, showing some natural signs of age, including some scratches and scuffs (please see photos). Furthermore, it has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly."

Jen SX1000 Synthetone Analogue Monophonic Synth

via this auction

YAMAHA CS6X Control Synthesizer

via this auction

YAMAHA EX5, 76note, Music Synthesizer w/32MEG of RAM

via this auction

Roland Accordion FR-4x Synthesizer Sounds by Dale Mathis

Dale Mathis Accordion

EHX Micro Synthesizer Demo

Gregor Fris

ASM Hydrasynth Walkthrough: Part 2 (Mutants)

Red Means Recording

"The Ashun Sounds Machine Hydrasynth is an 8 voice digital wave morphing synthesizer with polyphonic aftertouch. This is a series of videos going over its features and what makes it special.

In this video we go over the powerful mutant section.

00:00 intro
01:17 mutants"

Red Means Recording ASM Hydrasynth posts



"My GRP A-2 was broken. The envelopes won't trigger any more. That's a pity but not a catastophe -- Ther is so much synth left -- it is a highly capable synth with a lush sound -- warm and singing but still precise. Sohow about some drones? ROME DRONES to be specific. The result of this emergency performance is published here.
This is PART 1.

PART 1: Pure GRP A-2 singing tibetian monk like overtones etc.
PART 2: GRP A-2 with some analog echo enhancement -- TC ELECTRONIC ECHOBRAIN stomp box.
PART 3: Technoid Ryhthms."

Manecolabs Grone Demo

Maneco Theloopmaster

Previous posts

Formanta Polivoks - Soviet Synth Sensation


"In which I play and demo the vintage Formanta Polivoks, a two voice paraphonic analog synth from 1980s Soviet Union. I love this wild and strange instrument, it has been on my wishlist for ages. It sounds nothing the synths available in the 'west' at the time and follows its own unique ideas."

Arpoloop vs Leploop


"arpoloop sending cv to leploop vcos, lep brothers in to the loop."

Waldorf quantum Music

Jay's Music

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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