MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Aquatarkus with new Apollo synth prototype

GS Music

"Covering Aquatarkus by Emerson Lake and Palmer using the new Apollo analog synthesizer prototype, featuring delay and chorus, among other new features."

See the GS Music label below for more.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Knows Her Synths

This one was sent my way via ortho.

via @IlhanMN

"Just get me an ARP 2600 and I’ll be set"

Trip. I wonder if she knows about MATRIXSYNTH. Obama follows on Twitter. ;)

Roland FA-06 V-Synth System-8 PSI Trance Demo ACB VA Synthesizer Juno Jupiter

Rik Marston Official

#rolandvsynth #rolandsystem8 #rolandfa06
Roland FA-06 V-Synth System-8 "PSI Trance Demo "
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

Roland FA-06 sequence recorded with Roland V-Synth & System-8
doing a little PSI Trance demo set at 148 BPM. Get your glow sticks!
V-Synth does lower Jupiter ARP, System-8 does higher Juno-106 Bass line :)

Meteorite friends featured:
3 small specimens from MARS! NWA 6963
I currently own 9 pieces of Martian Shergottite!

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with no extra FX!

hard wood tryophyte demo

Will M

Also available as a eurorack module on Reverb

"Tryophyte is a monophonic touch-based synthesizer with an onboard touch-controllable bandpass filter. Each of the touch pads acts as one of three binary inputs to a frequency divider acting on the main oscillator. This allows for a playable scale consisting of an interval for each combination of the three pad inputs.

The bandpass filter acts to shape the pulse wave oscillator and both resonance and frequency can be controlled via touch."

T-1: Expressive algorithmic midi sequencing

torso electronics

"T-1 goes beyond traditional step sequencing by applying a hyper-fluent workflow and opens a world of endless musical exploration."

Sequential OB-6 Demo

Pure Ambient Drone

"A no talking Sequential Oberheim OB-6 Sound Demo! The Sequential OB-6 is very different from the Prophet 6 and I tell folks that if you have one you might want the other too! In this video I demo the OB-6 synthesizer and use NO EXTERNAL effects. All you here is the sweet sound of the Oberheim synthesizer. The OB-6 is a full analog synthesizer with beautiful sounding VCOs. OB-6 Reviews are very favorable toward it since its arrival into the synth world. OB-6 Tutorials are also available online and I encourage you to seek them out to learn more about it."

ASM Hydrasynth :: First Patch From Scratch


"This is a quick soundbite of my first Hydrasynth patch. It was pretty easy to get a big sound. Simple, yet over-the-top."

Higher Levels by Moognase/Blipmusik

New album from supporting member, Moognase

"The album 'Higher Levels' was created using three different Yamaha QY sequencers, the QY700, QY100 and QY70. The album is a fun collection of pieces dating from 1997 to 2020.

The music this time around is a bit more folky and closer to traditional music (and even circus music) than my usual material. The music was composed in a number of countries – Germany, Ireland, UK, Cyprus, and Canada, and reflects various musical influences."

The Stylophone - Demo, History, and Modular Synthesizer Integration

CatSynth TV

"We have some fun with the Stylophone, a classic tiny instrument from Dubreq from the late 1960s and early 1970s that was reissued in 2007. We will be using the first re-issued model, the Stylophone S-1 in our demos.

0:24 History of the Stylophone
1:09 Solo demos
2:40 Demo with Metasonix R54 as a VCF (controlled by Life is Unfair joystick)
4:21 Stylophone as FM modular for Sputnik Duo Oscillator, with FolkTek envelope follower and Sinc Bucina LPG
5:02 Beat-based demo, adding Rick&Morty Pocket Operator (PO-137), Make Noise Rene, Albeton Live, Expert Sleepers ES-8, QuBit Prism

For more on the Stylophone please visit
"What is a Stylophone?” you ask. The original Stylophone pocket synthesizer was invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis and manufactured by Dubreq from 1968 to 1975 as Stylophone, the original pocket electronic organ. Over three million original Stylophone synthesizers were produced and sold before the company ceased production. Today’s Stylophone reissue was introduced by the inventor’s son, Ben Jarvis and is manufactured by Dubreq, Ltd. The reissue retains all of the original features but with up-to-date technology. The current Stylophone retro pocket synth is a modern, portable synthesizer with a hit-filled past and present.

Video credits [KRAFTWERK - Taschenrechner (Live 1981 - ORF) - HIGH QUALITY below]
Photo credits"

KRAFTWERK - Taschenrechner (Live 1981 - ORF) - HIGH QUALITY


"Snippet from Austrian ORF TV Programme "Ohne Maulkorb" 01/1982
Remastered from Original Betamax Tape!"

AtomoSynth - Supervoid EP [Full Album]

"Hello World! I am happy to present you with my new EP called "Supervoid" the concept is the minimalism and was inspired by the idea of the vacuum of space, that's why it's name "Supervoid". Voids are vast spaces of nothingness between chains of galaxies and some of the largest cosmic voids are called Supervoids which are estimated to be about 326000000 light years in diameter. In this great nothingness, however, exists something: Time, particles, physics laws, radiation and space.

Each track has been recorded live in one take. using the AtomoSynth Perceptron semi-modular synthesizer (bass, leads), an ipad (drums, leads, effects) and midi controllers.

released June 30, 2020
Composed, produced and performed by Alfredo Aliaga in Lima Peru AtomoRec studios 2020.

1. Time 00:00
2. Particles 07:35
3. Physics laws 14:52
4. Radiation 22:22
5. Space 30:35"

slow music - Playing with the new w/ firmware


"Basically this whole patch/track snowballed out of playing with the exciting new firmware for the Whimsical Raps w/ module - this is using the delay mode. Absolutely no scripts on either Crow or Teletype for once. Having decided that it was a candidate for leaving the rack - I'm getting to know Rene a lot better and using it more. Ochd also proving to be superb - it gets used in *everything*. A proper 'value for money' purchase!

The new "landscape" setup is really helping me get to know modules better - because I can see them properly! Looking forward to the virus easing enough for me to go for an eye test and get some varifocals or something (I'm not hurrying 'cos of all my heart stuff )

I stopped caring about "views" so it builds very slowly, won't interest the watch the first 10 seconds and skip crowd at all. Eagle eyed viewers might spot a little doggy in the mix :-) The video layout possibly marginally better than last weeks but still working on it"

Project Cloney VCS3 first patch .RAW Sound only.


"I am so exited to finally own a faithful clone of the legendary EMS VCS3
I was surprised how accurate it is to the original inside and outside.I will be making many more videos of this strange little power house of bleeps and bloops. This unit was built by Steve Sommers in the USA. From a Project Cloney DIY KIT"

You can find additional posts featuring the Cloney DIY VCS3 here.

Nils‘ K1v - Free Kawai K1 Emulation VST Soft Synth Plugin

Kawai K1v Free VST Plugin - Mack Beats Studio
Kawai K1 as VSTi "K1v" - Demo Song in Bitwig by MOSS using only K1v - Song for Nils - Jürgen Moßgraber

"Nils‘ K1v is a rompler that emulates a famous japanese classic from 1988.


Very accurate emulation of all parameters
Includes 768 presets with search capability, the original factory bank + all ROM cards
Full editing support
Can import & export SysEx presets & banks from/to the original device
Transmits & receives parameter changes via SysEx to act as an editor for the hardware or to be edited with external editors
Resize-able user interface
Full automation support
All 768 presets can be edited and are stored as part of a project
Available for Windows as VST2 plugin, 32-bit & 64-bit
Furthermore, the plugin features a fully fledged MIDI implementation:

Understands SysEx messages like the original hardware which allows to update & edit presets while running and even sends responses to the following SysEx requests: One block data request, All block data request & Device ID request

AJH Synth 'Entropic Doom' Noise Oscillator/VCO/Ring Modulator (Eurorack)


"Some ways of using the Entropic Doom eurorack module from AJH Synth - first as a melodic noise oscillator, then as a ring modulator. It has it's own low-pass filter, with resonance, and tracks 1v/oct - in the first patch you can hear the sound directly from the module straight into a VCA. Turn on subtitles for a brief explanation of what I'm doing.

If you want the technical details about the module and what it can do, check out, and keep an eye on my channel for more videos featuring this unusual and useful little box of tricks.

My music is available here:
To support this channel:"

Roland System-8 - 64 FREE Performances.


"#roland #system-8 #presets
If you already bought our "Dream_Machine" soundset:

We have a gift for you: 64 performances made specially for "Dream_Machine" soundset for free!

Performances are combination of 2 patches playing in the same time.
This opportunity gives deep pads & strings, complex sequences & layered sounds.

Backup your sounds on SD card first, load our sounds & enjoy!

Working with VST Version & Hardware Version of System-8.
Vst version having no Sequencer - only exception

Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colours and movements, atmos & trully organic structures.

We made many great sounds & sequences to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring.

You will find here silky & beauity plucks with unusual modulation, deep & overdriven leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & groovy sequences, basses & many more.

Explore your System-8 Machine & dive deeper with our sounds.

To load sounds you will need any possible SD card & Rolands attached video to this pack.


Korg M1 - 50 FREE Combinations


"#korg #m1 #presets
!This Product Only Working With Original Hardware M1 & M1R Synths.
Not working with M1 VST Version & iM1 app !


After successful soundset "50 Ambient & Analog Sounds" we decide
to give a gift to you: 50 Free Combinations designed especially for this soundset.

To use them, buy our soundset here:

M1 sounds fantastic but many of the sounds was overused in years & we didnt find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselfs - made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

In this soundset you will find:

Prophet-5 leads, pads
Oberheim strings & pads
Pro One leads & basses
JX & Juno Series sounds
CS-80 pad & string

Various ambient pads, drones,swells - cosmic, organic, nature,water.
Various bells & plucks - classic, modern, unreal.

All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch."

Patching Panda Moon Phase // Mid side based stereo Eurorack filter


"Here’s the new Moon Phase stereo Eurorack filter from Patching Panda. Moon Phase is unique in that it implements a mid side matrix to construct a stereo image (that you can manipulate) from a pair of filters. There’s 8 different modes combining different filter types, frequency and resonance controls plus frequency span and stereo image controls all with CV control. Modes can be switched via a trigger (or oscillator) to get more drastic rhythmic shifts and the left hand input normalises to the right input to create stereo images from mono sources, or you can process stereo sources with the independent inputs. Be sure to grab the free quick start guide below and check out the links. Cheers!

00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:11 Moon Phase feature walk through
02:41 RAW sound demo - filter sweeps
03:38 Stereo animated bass riff
04:25 Turning mono FX into swirling lush stereo sounds
05:43 Stereo drum groove with rhythmic filter modulation
06:23 Chasing FM tone & finding pure wonder!
07:56 Rhythmic fills & ratcheting mode shifts
09:09 Series dual filter processing
10:11 Rich modulation and stereo imaging
11:25 Filter pings
12:14 Audio rate modulation
13:28 Audio rate mode switching
14:29 Phase-pan-tremolo-tron
14:47 Stereo percussion with Punch
15:58 Will it ACID!?!"

Transform your synth: 10 semi-modular pairing ideas shown with Moog Matriarch


"Download the template mentioned in this video and my constantly expanding book of synth and electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here:

► Patreon:

Here's my video about using custom rhythmic envelopes using a DC-coupled sampler:"

Can you use a Sampler as CV mod source?!

0:00 Intro
1:35 DC ins & outs
2:10 Recording motion
5:00 Rhythmic patterns
7:10 Drawing functions
7:35 Stereo functions
8:00 BPM problems
8:45 Clocked playback
9:25 Clock track
11:15 BPM tranposers
11:40 More tips?

A Point in Time - Morphagene, Arbhar, Mimeophon, Magneto, Nebulae, Freak, Basimilus

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

I created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -

And I also created a sound pack full with ambient textures and effect that you can get here -

There's also a 'light' version you can download and try for free here -

The WAV file for this performance is available on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- I have a piano loop recorded on Morphagene and on Nebulae. Nebulae is playing this loop at a lower speed, and it's going to the Microcell for some reverb.
- The 1U Noise Tools is triggering the Basimilus at a low rate.
- I have a few notes recorded on Arbhar, just a simple sine wave, and this is going to Freak in Debriatus mode for some saturation.
- I've recorded another segment on the Mimeophon, 2 notes with Plaits in Filtered Noise mode.
- I recorded another sine wave line on Magneto, which is set to Shift mode.
- I'm using the PRTC model on Vraids (Braids on the Vult Freak), and this is going to the 2HP Freez.
- I'm using the 1st clock output of Magneto to trigger the Disting in dual S&H mode, and this is triggering and modulating the 2HP Freez."

Noise-X by Madlab - Sci-fi Drone Synth with FX

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"Madlab Noise-X - digital synth that was built by me (fairly experienced builder) from DIY kit (have had no problems with it, but should note that a thorough reading of the manual is recommended - there are many features that can only be reached by selecting button combinations.) includes manual.

One 'odd design' note: the output is a 3.5mm jack, but it is actually a stereo jack, and the audio is actually only routed on one channel.

from the original description:

"A digital synthesiser that behaves more like an analogue synthesiser. Great for making sci-fi sound effects. Using a combination of sliders and rotary pots, a variety of atmospheric sounds can be created.

4 DCOs (digitally-controlled oscillators) + mixer

pitch and amplitude LFOs

waveforms - sine, square, triangle, rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, pulse, noise

frequency modulation and ring modulation

delay line with feedback


user patch (non-volatile)"

has a battery connector and a 2.1mm power jack."

Roland TB-303 Vintage Analog Bass Line Synthesizer w/Case SN 253400

via this auction

"Vintage Roland TB-303 Bassline analog synth in excellent condition and working perfectly. Everything is original including the led's, knobs, electronics, case, tactile switches. etc. No double-triggering. Everything works as it should. The physical appearance is very clean. The face is practically flawless. All the knobs are perfect with no visible marks, scratches, or dents. The lettering is clean and black and the silver paint has that new Roland sheen to it. The back is very clean with minimal scratches and one tiny mark along one edge. The battery compartment is clean with no damage. The case has a few marks here and there but overall a really clean example. One corner lower right has a tiny piece of plastic missing, but not noticeable when in the case. See photos below for exact description. Overall, a very nice and clean TB-303 in perfect working condition."

Analogue Systems Apprentice SN 4280 & French Connection SN 068

Apprentice via this auction, French Connection via this auction


RS-35 External Signal Processor

RS-230 CV Buffer

RS-95E Voltage Controlled Oscillator Qty.2

RS-380 Modulation Controller

RS-500E EMS Synthi VCF

RS-110 Multimode VCF

RS-60 Envelope Generator (Looping ADSR)

RS-510E EMS Synthi Trapezoid Generator

RS-160 CV Mixer

RS-20 Multiple + Ring Modulator

RS-180 Voltage Controlled Amplifier

RS-165 Signal Mixer

RS-390 Echo

110V Mains Power Cable

Played/owned by Taylor York of Paramore.

Ensoniq Fizmo 48-Voice Transwave Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Fizmo is a 48-voice synth that comes loaded with great presets running the gamut from deep slowly evolving washes to lead voices to drums and bass and some sounds that are basically “none of the above” all of which can be tweaked and saved. It also has an arpeggiator with 118 preset patterns which you can edit to make your own.

The real power of the Fizmo is that it is designed to be played live. The 5 F-I-Z-M-O knobs just above the keys give you real time control over 5 parameters of whatever patch is active. That’s a lot of performance control without having to do any menu diving. But it is also a great studio tool for creating deep, involving patches.

If you are familiar with the Fizmo’s history, you know that some units had an issue with the factory supplied wall wart and the internal power regulator. This unit had the regulator replaced soon after being purchased (new). It has worked flawlessly ever since."

Sneaker Pimps Oxford Synthesiser Company Oscar Synthesiser

via this auction

"This is a very rare OSCar Synthesiser with MIDI manufactured by the only British synth producers The Oxford Synthesiser Company in 1984. It has been recently serviced by CYBERWAVE EMS vintage synth repair specialists.

It works perfectly.

This is owned by cult band Sneaker Pimps (keyboarder player and synth aficionado Liam Howe). It has featured on many modern records.

It has been owned by Liam since 1984 (it’s birth) and has been kept with care.

However it has incurred the odd cosmetic injury in its busy and much loved life."

MAM Freebass FB383

via this auction

"The FB 383 offers all the same basic sounds and controls as the original TB-303 in a 1-unit rack module. It has just 8 basic knobs for the same basic 303-like control: tune, filter cutoff, resonance, env-mod, accent and decay. Unlike the 303 however, the oscillator can be varied from sawtooth to square from a knob on the front! Also featured is an external audio input to the filter for processing other elements."


via this auction

"bought whilst at college so between 79-81 from a instrument shop opposite my college on charing cross road

thoughts of joining a synth group passed very quickly and it's been packed away ever since...comes with adaptor+lead,

apart from the plug being replaced
the only damage is a missing rubber stabiliser from the base"

Vintage 1970's Ace Tone MultiVox Rhythm Ace FR-8L Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

"Manufactured by Ace Electronics in Japan and marketed in the US by Multivox. Founded in 1960 by Ikutaro Kakehashi, Ace Tone can be considered an early incarnation of the Roland Corporation, which was also founded by Kakehashi. The FR-8L was Ace Tone predecessor to the Roland TR-77.

This particular model appears to be the portable version of the FR-8L, having a carrying handle and rugged case vs. the wood grain finish of other versions. The unit is in very good cosmetic condition for its age. Output was tested using a 1/4" headphone jack and all functions appeared to work. As noted in the description condition, there is a slight scratching sound in the potentiometer slider for a couple of the drum effects, but when set, they work fine.

After powering on the unit, the "Start/Stop" touch sensitive metal button on the upper left is pressed to start and stop the rythm."

Roland Rhythm 700

via this auction

July 1994 ROLAND JV-1000 Music Workstation Brochure

via this auction

Note it had two displays.

CHEETAH MS6, SX16, & MD16R Brochures

via this auction

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Brochure

via this auction


via this auction

SIEL EXPANDER 80, MIDI EXPANDER, & MIDI Computer Interface Brochures

via this auction

Rare Vintage TBS-303 MKII Bassline Mono Synth (TB-303 clone)

via this auction

"This rare analog bass machine sounds amazing. It does have some nicks and needs a clean up (thus the price) but not only is this synth a lot of fun, it nails the classic 303 sound with midi control, all solidly built in Europe."

See this post for some additional info.

Roland SH-09 SN 138413 w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Time capsule Roland SH-09! Very rare opportunity.

Complete check up by professional vintage keyboard technician (October 2017). All sliders and switches move freely and invites to inspiring sound creation.

As for future proofing, the SH-09 has been updated with new, over spec'd, power supply electrolytic capacitors.

But other than that, it is EXACTLY the way it was sold at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) 15 November 1982.

Just look at the picture from inside of the SH-09, INSANE!

Some marks and dimple dent on the right side panel, check pix#5 and 6.

The SH-09 sounds amazing. It is very solid and snappy. Great filter. Not to mention that astonishingly deep Square wave base..."

Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 Synthesizer

via this auction

T-1: Random modulation tutorial

torso electronics

"The possibilities for musical variation on T-1 are endless. Randomization can be added to every parameter on each track, making it possible to add slight variations to total random chaos."

Gem DSK100 demo track


"All sounds from the Gem DSK100
some reverb and delay.

the Gem DSK100 is a 80's keyboard with midi.
There is a simple synthesizer inside. You can combine different waveforms, change there volumes and apply preset envelopes and lfo's. It is velocity sensitive and also has a simple sequencer."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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