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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Alpha Base Noisy Techno


"I tried out a Jomox Alpha Base. It sounds great, of course the Jomox kick is amazing, it has the weird and interesting mBrane which i ran through the DBA Ghost Delay. It has an FM synth with a 4x4 matrix for dialing in modulation, but I wish it had more envelope control over modulation amount. The rest of the sounds are samples going through analog filters, you can pitch them a ton, its pretty fun to pitch tiny rides down into deep gongs and short snappy claps into giant noise bursts.

I used Patterning 2 to sequence the Alpha Base and all the sounds are going out on separate channels and mixed in the BX-8 with the preamps overdriven."

ARP 2600P V2.0 Synthesizer w/3604 Keyboard

via this auction

"2600P V2.0 and 3604 keyboard with matching serial numbers, which is rarity. The synth is in great condition, no missing slider caps and very few physical blemishes. As usual, the tolex is pealing in a few areas as you can see in the pictures... It went through a full service in late 2017 by LA Synth Company"

Sequential PRO 3 Industrial EBM BASS Analog VCO Hybrid Synthesizer

Rik Marston Official

#sequentialpro3 #sequentialsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer
Sequential Pro 3 "Industrial EBM BASS"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn It UP!** ***No Talking!!!***

The Sequential PRO 3 demoing some Industrial & EBM BASS!
I am a huge fan of Industrial & EBM so this synth hits the spot! :)
Watch your timing & velocity! Just saying.... I'm not perfect! LOL
The PRO 3 is very well built, high quality knobs, everything sounds incredible.
Fantastic POWER! Both Analog OSC's & Digital OSC are AWESOME!
**Just wait & see what is coming to join this massive beast!**

DSI Pro 2 - Audio / Video experiment one

Daniel Davis

Arturia Microbrute, What's Really Going On.


"This video has a close look at the Microbrute oscillator examining the powerful combinations this synth offers.

In my first video about the Microbrute I had an issue where the mixer was distorting the waveform, which gave me false results. In this one I've corrected that issue and gone deeper into sound generation."

Moog Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Note this is part of the listings previously posted here. Be sure to see the other items as well.

Yamaha Rm1x - multitimbral synth and sequencer

via this auction

Note this is part of the listings previously posted here. Be sure to see the other items as well.

yamaha rm1x session - lockstep 14th file mix


"another rm1x live session, using midi delay to shuffle the snare drums. Microsampler serves the drums samples."


via this auction

" This rare keyboard is in AMAZING clean condition inside and out. My tech of 34 years was shocked to see how well the synth looked inside as well as the cosmetic condition as we have together seen a LOT in the past 3 1/2 decades.
After sitting in storage for the past 10 years we went thru the entire unit top to bottom cleaning everything and solving the following problems:

He replaced several shorted power supply bypass capacitors, a couple of resistors in the power supply that were damaged as a result, and he replaced a comparator IC in the analog to digital (A/D) converter circuit and cleaned all of the controls as well. He then programmed in a few simple example patches and checked all the functions. Low serial# so we think from 1979.
The result is a fine vintage keyboard with
a VERY clean bill of health. Sounds and works FANTASTIC!

BONUS!!!! Now pictured is 2 Volume & Control pedals which will be included in this listing!! Comes also with a new power cord."

Mutable Instruments Ambika

via this auction

"The ambika has a specific character not found in other synths, very futuristic and unique when modulated, feels clear and forward. Plays very well with reverbs like OTO Bam or Quadraverb. This one in particular has SMR-4 filterboards installed in all six slots. These filters are based on the Roland Juno architecture, though unique to Ambika, they can be overdriven using the 'fuzz' parameter to warm the voices up and add a nice, sublte distortion. Can be played as a six-voice poly, a multitimbral monosynth of six parts, or any combo in between using a main out or six individual outs. Comes with the latest YAM OS and power supply."

Sequential Adds User Wavetable Import for the Pro 3 Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synth

via Sequential

Sequential Adds User Wavetable Import to Pro 3 Multi-filter Mono Synth

San Francisco, CA—July 29, 2020—Sequential today announced a significant enhancement to their acclaimed
Pro 3 multi-filter mono synth — support for user-created wavetables. A hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features two VCOs plus a third, digital oscillator with 32 permanent factory wavetables.

Sequential’s web-based utility Wavetable Generator allows users to convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable and load it into to any of the 32 user wavetable slots on the synth. This significantly expands the sound palette of the instrument. Custom wavetables are generated as SysEx files that can be archived and shared with other Pro 3 owners. To use the feature, users will need to upgrade to version 1.1 of the Pro 3 operating system, available on the Support page of Sequential’s website. Both the Wavetable Generator utility and OS upgrade are provided free of charge to Pro 3 owners.

“How do you make an awesome-sounding hybrid synth even better? By letting users import their own wavetables,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith: “It opens up a lot of new sonic territory for the Pro 3. We hope users get crazy with it.” Sequential chose to provide the utility as a web app for easy access and broad support. Added Smith: “We wanted to make getting custom waves into the Pro 3 as simple as possible. Ease of use is always a big priority on our synths.”

A hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features three classic analog filters (Prophet-6, OB-6, and ladder) and three oscillators (two VCOs and one wavetable oscillator) along with a powerful new 16-track sequencer, and the ability to connect with modular synths through its four control voltage ins/outs. The feature set is rounded out with a multimode arpeggiator, three LFOs, four loopable ADSR+delay envelopes, dual digital effects (delays, reverbs, and various time-based effects), tuned feedback, analog distortion, and extensive modulation possibilities. The synth is also capable of 3-voice paraphonic operation.

The full-featured sequencer provides 16-track sequences of up to 64 steps, with ratcheting, variable gate and sequence lengths, multiple playback modes, and paraphonic operation. It also syncs to MIDI clock and external audio input, and inputs/outputs control voltages. In addition to notes, sequence tracks can control any parameter in the 32-slot, 171-destination modulation matrix.

Sequential is offering two versions of the Pro 3, the standard edition, and the Pro 3 SE, a special edition that puts the same synthesis power into a collector-worthy design with a tilt-up control panel and premium-grade walnut trim.

The Pro 3 standard edition has a US MAP of $1,599.

The Pro 3 SE has a US MAP of $2,099.

Sequential’s Wave Generator utility can be found at:

Inputs and Multiple Outputs - Summit Series // Novation


"-CALC- looks at how you can use the multiple outputs on our flagship polysynth, Summit, to manage sounds and your sound design. The video also takes a good look at how you can use the audio inputs to feed any external audio signals through Summit's synth engine and onto the FX.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. And, that’s not the end of it: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

--- Discover Summit"

NovationTV Summit Series

Polyend Tracker Sessions #2: "MLT - Cantaloupe" (feat. Medusa and Virus TI Snow)

Miltos Schimatariotis

Here is my next little song made for my Polyend Tracker series. This time, except for the constant presence of the Medusa, the Tracker is also accompanied by the Virus TI and some live keyboard playing with a sound from the Atom library by Audio Modern. In this track, I had a good chance to test the Tracker as a MIDI sequencer too, including both notes and CC messages, and the whole process is pretty straight forward. I have also upgraded the Trackers firmware to 1.1 which now features a reverb along with the delay. So there are more possibilities now for atmospheric tracks and better production overall.
After a few more Tracker Sessions I 'll probably start to also upload some walkthroughs (or tips&tricks etc). Let me know if you would be interested in something like that or if you have any other ideas. The Medusa sound design series will continue too but the song videos help me in that department because they give me ideas for new, "real world" patches.

It took a while to upload a new video but I recently did a small upgrade in video gear too. I 've got a very nice Olympus Em-10 MK3 and some lights, so I made sure to take a lot of shots in this video to get the hang of them 😄. Hopefully, there will be a noticeable upgrade in picture quality in my next videos too, so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave your comments or questions!

My Polyend Tracker songs are also available in Bandcamp:"

Syntrx - First Industrial Noises

Wein Glas

"The shortest 'Unboxing' you have ever seen (I promise) and then I leave my gloves on and start to make first industrial noises with the brand new and rare Erica Synths Syntrx (no „on the run“, I promise)."

MAKEN0ISE One Function to Guide them All


"Sometimes it’s fun to take advantage of all the many control voltage sources in a modular synth and run them all over the place, controlling all kinds of things. But, as an experiment, what if we take just one control voltage source, and patch it to as many parameters as we possibly can?"

Sequential Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer (1986) Playing with the Random Sound Generator

RetroSound (c)2007-20 by RetroSound supported by UVI:

Sequential Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer from the year 1986 I use here the Random Sound Generator for making some Crime/ Horror soundscapes.

Digital waveforms + analog VCF and VCA
- 8 Voices
- 4 Oscillators per voice
- 96 preset waveforms + 32 user waveforms
- analog 24 dB/oct lowpass Curtis CEM3389 VCF
- analog VCA CEM 3360
- Arpeggiator

used by Whitesnake, France Gall, Icehouse, Fancy, John Carpenter, Dieter Bohlen....

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!

iConnectivity Introduces mioXC - Worlds First USB C MIDI Interface

via iConnectivity

"We're proud to bring you our latest MIDI interface, the mioXC. mioXC is the world's first USB Type-C MIDI interface.

We designed mioXC around the latest connectivity standards demanded by modern musicians; all in a pocket-sized, super affordable package.

A Pocket Powerhouse
Tiny in size and price, yet big on connectivity, mioXC is a pocket-sized powerhouse!

mioXC is a fuss-free and simple 1 in 1 out, 16 channel USB-MIDI interface you can use to connect your MIDI compatible gear.

Whether you have a controller keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine or whatever; mioXC lets you connect them to your Mac, PC, iOS, or Android computing device.

What Makes mioXC Unique?

Even the most basic tasks need to be done right; it’s surprising how many of our competitors interfaces get it wrong. We engineered mioXC, from the ground up to, to be the interface we’d want to use ourselves.

Modern USB Connectivity - Equipped with both USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectivity, mioXC lets you enjoy easy connectivity with most modern computing devices.

Driver Compatibility - Interfaces that use their own drivers have to be updated all the time, or they stop working properly. Likewise some designs were USB Class-Compliant years ago, but today they aren't anymore. We engineer our drivers to today's strict guidelines, and keep them updated, to ensure compatibility for years to come.

MIDI Management - Our interfaces deliver MIDI reliably no matter what. When the MIDI data-stream gets heavy, our interfaces plough on where other interfaces choke.

Rock-Solid Electrical Design - Some MIDI interfaces introduce noise, or worse, crash your system. You’ll never get that from an iConnectivity interface.

Performance Optimized - A MIDI interface that works too slowly is useless. mioXC uses a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, ensuring dense MIDI and SysEx streams are managed with ease.

The iConnectivity Advantage: iConnectivity’s name on your interface means we took the time to do it right, whether it's our simple 1 x 1 models to our uniquely sophisticated high-end interfaces."


via Isotonik Studios

"NOISS COKO have released some awesome MaxforLive devices since they joined the Isotonik Collective a couple of years ago. It made sense as they work on their next release to bring together all their output to ate in one giant pack!

So here it is the Make NOISS Bundle consisting of :

Repeat PRO
Sempler PRO
Modulation Pack
Control Pack

Each device within the pack follows the distinctive NOISS COKO styling and is so simple to drop on a track and get results within minutes.


Repeat Pro is a Max for Live MIDI effect, designed to easily program rhythmic and melodic patterns step by step, then played by synthesizers, samplers and other instruments, both inside and outside Live.

MFB Dominion 1 Mods

Maffez Synthmods

"More info:

Demoing a couple of modifications for the Dominion 1 synthesizer, by means of which you can implement some nice pre-filter overdrive and more. Descriptions, pics and more (nicer) sound demos on the webpage linked above.

Live long and mod stuff!"

Also on the page above: "Apart from some technical analyses, this page contains a free sample pack for the new MPC series (X, Live, One), some fixes for a couple of shortcomings (such as clicky envelope outputs), and modifications for filter drive, different types of FFM and more."

Vintage KEIWA AP 6 Analog Echo 5403001

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

via this auction

Unfortunately no pics of the inside. This is the first KEIWA post on the site.

Making the Most of Sampler Memory (ft. the Novation Circuit)

Red Means Recording

"Limited sample memory can be a drag, but there's a trick that can help. Resample your samples at higher speed and pitch before importing them, then slow them down in the sampler. I'll show you how in this video."


Mew from Emily Groves on Vimeo.

"Mew is an interactive sound piece. As you walk towards the curious and gawkish object, it begins to emit a soft purring sound. If you stroke the fur, it will emit distorted meow sounds that are manipulated by the direction your hand moves. Pushing on the object will also alter the sounds, but pressing too hard will make Mew hiss.

Mew was part of a collaborative sound object project between Design Products, Information Experience Design and Visual Communication students at the RCA, London.

Sensors and sounds were programmed with Arduino and Max MSP."

A bit like a cat Tannerin or theremin.

Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer Demo

Pure Ambient Drone

"Korg Polysix sound demo. This is an uncut sound demo of the Korg Polysix analog synthesizer. I did a video similar to this one before but it was edited. I thought it would be nice to show the whole thing. Just playing around on the Polysix, nothing special but its a nice sounding machine for sure! I don't think the Polysix vst really compares to this incredible vco synth. JMHO"

Free Synsonics Drums Emulation (Digital Systemic)

Valmont / Mooggy

"Yay I'm back with a new freeware! :D
The Synsonics was launched by Mattel in 1981 as a really low cost alternative to Simmons or MPC Electronics (Before Akai bought them in 84')
It provides 5 sounds: 2 toms, a snare, a cymbal (Close/Open) and a metronome click.
Legends say Kraftwerk used one, but no one knows how, or on which album!
But anyway, loads of musicians used it as a real instrument despite the fact Mattel was often associated with kids toys.
On the actual machine, none of the sounds are editable and the background noise is so important the Synsonics is hard to record.
That's why I decided to develop this small program :D
The free version contains 2 toms, the snare and the cymbals but not the metronome click.
All the sounds are still editable and automatable.

Get it here for free as usual:"

Yamaha CS-80

via this auction

"Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer, in stunning condition, with lid, four removable casters, stand, vinyl case for the stand, music rest, and two pedals."

Roland RS-202 String Machine

via this auction

"Serviced from 5G Synths in Tokyo a few years ago - an amazing string machine and amazing piece of history!"

Korg Poly Ensemble PE-1000

via this auction

"Really beautiful, vintage analog synthesizer - this is THE Tangerine Dream sound! The oscillators and filters are simply fantastic. Comes with lid.

The preset buttons need to get cleaned as they take a little extra pressing to work sometimes, but I've always just left it on "Control" as you can achieve all the same sounds through the panel. Also, the "Soft" filter knob shuts off four notes when turned all the way clockwise (G-Bb in the third full octave). Otherwise, all the knobs and sliders function great!"

1979 Vintage Remco Electronic Sound FX Machine

via this auction

"Its circuitry includes the Texas Instruments SN76477N IC that was used in the 1978 Space Invaders and 1981 Vanguard arcade games."

Some pics of the inside below.

Roland MKS-70 Super JX SN 720555

via this auction

Kurzweil K1000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CVS-10 Synth Module Combination Voice Expander

via this auction

"Yamaha CVS-10 Synth Module Combination Voice Expander Rare Electone MIDI GM."

You can find a handful of CVS10 posts including videos featuring one here.

Erica Synths Pico System III Desktop

via this auction

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2 feat. J3PO - #5 Rhythmic


"This final episode shows different rhythmic patches based on the arpeggiator and gate features in the Nord Wave 2. All patches in this episode will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for the Nord Wave 2! This brand new series shows the unique range of sounds and capabilities of the Nord Wave 2. With a total of 5 episodes, LA-based keyboardist Julian 'J3PO' Pollack demonstrates the different sound categories as well as complex layers and rhythmic patches." 

JOYO "aquarius" delay guitar effect pedal review with modular synth / eurorack

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"Joyo high quality delay effect pedal.

-modular synthesizer setting VCO:disting mk4 waveshaping VCF:tiptop audio forbidden planet SEQ:division6 dual mini sequencer Reverb:mutable instruments clouds"

Modal Webinar #6 ARGON - Fun With Sequences

Modal Electronics

"The ARGON8's internal 512-note Realtime / Step Sequencer with 4 powerful Animation Lanesdelivers fun and inspiration for complex and creative performances. The polyphonic 64-note step sequencer mode enables easy step input for note and animation values to create exciting melodic patterns. We show you how to master this playground for innovative musicians and producers."

Modal Webinar posts

Sonic LAB Yamaha Montage OS 3.5 Smart Morph


"Jim takes a look at Smart Morph for us - as a long time Montage owner, he appreciates that the instrument is still being updated, adding new features. the Montage OS 3.5 is free - though Yamaha (and we) recommend backing up your data before performing the upgrade."

02-The Dreadbox Typhon: Oscillators Part One


"Here is part one of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillator structure of the Dreadbox Typhon."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

NUCLEUS 606/909 Drum Samples

Johan Bilén 

"HYDROGEN now has a small sample pack of TR606/TR909 sounds installed. The sequencer MAGNESIUM is feeding three channels of drum triggering and one channel for the bassline. The filter in HYDROGEN is in 'Dual Mode' which splits it into two separate filters. I've chosen Lowpass for the left channel and Bandpass for the right. From MERCURY, an envelope and a random generator plugin modifies the cutoff frequency. The third oscillator in the oscillator module PHOSPHORUS is set to pulsewave which is modulated by a scale plugin from MERCURY."

Additional Nucleus posts

Error Instruments Strange Eye Blind Noise Brickie, Eurorack Module, & Plussh

paul tas

"It’s a analog experimental audio touch interface

.You can use it as audio voice .or control voltage. Controller.

There are six oscillators.

Cross Modulation.

And controlling of the pitch.

Every knob Has CV input.

You can control The big round plates with your hand .

But there’s also a small metal spoon.

To play. The round plate has more than 2x 12 touch points

. To make different algorithms It will be used for Experimental Soundscape Purpose

18 HP"


Patch n Tweak
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