MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album by The Galaxy Electric

The Galaxy Electric

New album from supporting members, The Galaxy Electric.

"Our new Cosmic Drone album, 'Celestial Points,' is available for Pre-Order in our Shop Today! ✨

Enjoy over 1 hour of blissful cosmic vibrations from the buchla modular synthesizer, and ethereal vocals run through the Boss RE-20 Space Echo. ⁠ ⁠

Relax, drift away.... this is a new kind of Holiday Music! ❄️🎶⁠ ⁠

Enjoy 10% OFF automatically applied at checkout for our Black Friday Sale. ✨"

ASD Synthesizer Collection Sample Packs Analog Digital WAV files Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

""ASD Synthesizer Collection Sample Packs" ***Watch in HD!!*** ***Samples for the FUTURE!*** "OB Tyrell" Multisample from the ASD Oberheim Matrix-6 Sample Pack. My world famous synthesizer sample packs (formally on Reverb under Reverb Sync) are on sale again to the masses on my new Etsy page! These .WAV samples can be used in ANY device or software that can load .WAV's. My NEW Etsy store: **AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW!"

Haken Continuum/EaganMatrix - Morphing WaveBank Pad & Morphing Church Organ Demos

EaganMatrix Programming

"Another morphing preset I'm working on. This one morphs in various ways between two WaveBanks, one set to Saw and the other Square. Shape Generators (SGs) are used to move in and out of the two banks at different rates and there is a bit of shifting between them on Y as well. A big analog Echo is added with additional dynamic convolution change imposed under SG control."

Haken Continuum/EaganMatrix - Morphing Church Organ Demo
EaganMatrix Programming

"Working on a bunch of Morphing Presets for Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix. This one is an organ model that randomly cuts in partials. A pedal controls the speed at which the partials kick in and a separate control is set to Pedal 2 that brings in a Sub-bass and octave beneath the Fundamental (which can be statically set for two octaves below or a fifth below if desired). A small amount of detuning is also used that creates a bit of beating adding more dynamic motion."

Five Minutes of Pink Oyster Mushroom Playing Modular Synthesizer


"Through the magic or rather science of bio data sonification, this flush of oyster mushrooms get a shot at playing a eurorack modular synthesizer before they become my dinner. Electrical resistance is measure by passing a small current through the mushrooms similar to a lie detector test. The changes in resistance are then converted into control signals which determine the rhythm, pitch, timbre and effects parameters of the modular synthesizer.

Longer pink oyster mushroom videos coming later this week, and the audio will be in stereo! Make sure to like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. Especially if you read this far!! Thanks for all the support you all rock."

Instruō beat transformations

Todd Barton

"The @instruomodular Cš-L is the only sound source. It is modulated at times by @makenoisemusic Maths and O-Ctrl and going into an Optomix...enjoy!"

Optocore Eurorack Vatrol VCF/VCA

teia synthesizers

0:00 Intro
0:28 Panel overview
1:12 Filter sweeps
3:33 Ping percussion
5:38 Touch control
7:04 Sequence demo

Yamaha CS-50 Previously Owned by LCD Soundsystem?

via this auction

"This CS-50 was previously owned by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and housed at DFA for over a decade before it was gifted to John MacLean. You can see it on the DFA records facebook picture history in several shots. It is also featured in Attack Magazine (linked below). According to John it was used on basically every album by artists on the label from 2002 until around 2017 including LCD, Juan, Holy Ghost! etc. but he said it was "a nightmare to upkeep" so he sold it. It was never toured, aside from a handful of MSG shows about a mile from the studio. I told him I guess there isn't a good CS tech in NYC.

Mystery Circuits in Chapel Hill who is arguably the best service shop for vintage synthesizers in the nation completely overhauled the CS-50 in 2018 rebuilding the power supply, recapping all electrolytic capacitors throughout, future proofing the after touch and swapped genuine rebuilt M cards pulled from a CS-80 doner. You could tour with this CS-50 if you wanted to and have zero issues. Being a previous CS-80 owner, I can attest that this CS-50 sounds every bit as good as my old CS-80. It utilizes the same exact cards. It's about 160 lbs lighter than a CS-80 and with that weight loss you only lose the presets, ribbon strip, and 4 voices.

The cosmetic condition is very good, especially for its age. I would say 8.5 out of 10. No structural issues, but it does have a few small marks here and there. I have documented the cosmetic condition accurately in the pictures.

This listing includes the original lid and original legs."

Update: it's worth noting on a CS80 you get two layers or voices per patch, while with the CS50 and CS60 you only get one. You can select two different patches to layer on the CS80. Aside from the other differences noted, a CS50 and CS80 voice is essentially half a voice on the CS80.

Oberheim TVS-PRO Two Voice Pro Previously Owned by Passion Pit?

via this auction

via the seller in the listing: "Oberheim TVS-PRO. I acquired this from Xander Singh of Passion Pit earlier this year specifically for an album I was working on and I didn't want to fly or ship my vintage TVS-1. Killer modernized version of the OG but I have no need for it so on the block it goes."

Oberheim Matrix 6R Analog Poly Synth SN K693488

via this auction

"When Yamaha stayed determined to ride the FM PolySynth wave through the late 80's, the Matrix 6 and 6R were introduced. This is the rack-mounted version of the Oberheim Matrix 6."

Interesting ECC/Oberheim Warranty Verification sticker on the back.

ARP Avatar

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

DREADBOX TYPHON // Tweaking Factory Sounds // Part 1 // No Talking


"Tweaking some of the numerous FACTORY PRESET sounds of DREADBOX TYPHON -- 1st part."

TTSH (Arp 2600 clone) meets the Squid

Todd Murray

"This is my latest DIY synthesizer. A V4 TTSH connected to a Toraiz Squid. Basically, this just demonstrates how these synths sound with just 3 VCOs, one of which is also providing a sub-oscillator. Jump to 1:15 to hear the sub-oscillator kick in and about 1:46 to hear all the VCOs. Oh yea... crank this up for best effect. And this build has some alterations to components, etc from the standard TTSH"

Sequential Prophet-10 Rev4 Sound Check

TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

"Serial #33x"

Do You Reset your Oscillators?? // Exploring FM on Peak

Ricky Tinez

"Have you ever wondered what Oscillator KeySync does? Well, here's a quick explanation since i use it in a lot of sound design. its such a basic synthesis thing, and rarely makes a difference, but its surely important to know. Peak also has linear FM possibilities using the Mod Matrix, so lets explore Frequency Modulation to make drums, pads, and big FM Bass patches!"

00:00 Oscillator Key Sync
02:48 FM Basics
06:20 Big FM Bass
07:22 Ring Modulation
09:07 Adding Movement to Patches
13:07 Why Less is More
14:07 FM Kick Drum sound
15:41 FM using Wavetables
16:24 Setting Modulation BIAS
19:00 oops..
20:00 FM your Filter Frequency
20:50 Turn Oscillator into LFO
22:35 FM Pads
25:40 Peace out
26:33 Peak Ambient Jam

Turning a press anvil, to build homes for Electronic Music Instruments. Courtesy of Rare Waves


"Check Out Our Modules At :
If you like my videos and want to contribute, make a donation through Paypal :
Or subscribe through Patreon :

Check out Rare Waves LLC (Both DIY and Turnkey Synth Creations) at :
Check out the Mini Space Rocker and a Wealth of DIY knowledge :"

Befaco Lich - Demo and Build video

Synth Diy Guy

"Building and playing this awesome new iteration of the Rebel Technologies OWL Modular! Check out the Index below.

My Website:
My Patreon:

Stay Noisy!

open 0:00
intro 0:08
Building the Lich 1:23
Calibration 5:24
The online platform 8:09
Reverb Patch 10:56
Ping Pong Delay 15:03
Harmonic Oscillator 18:09
MIDI Modular 23:47
Thanks and goodbye! 24:39

#29 for Fender Rhodes, Hammond xk3c, Clavinet, Moog Voyager and Arp 2600.

R. Reger

"Original piece for vintage, analog-style keyboards."

FM Journey

O.Z. Hall

"Original music played on ARP 2600, Dual Teezer VCO, Prophet X, MiniMoog (cameo) and on reverb: Zebra Synth Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP!"

Saturday Morning Jam

poorness studios

"Just messing around this morning and I made this noisy piece. I used guitar, modular synth (Eurorack), drum machine (Korg Volca Beats), and Alchemy soft synth (controlled by the MAudio Oxygen25). This was kinda fun.

Check out all my Guitar + Modular videos here:"

Synthjam on Casiotone MT400V straight to 4-track tape


"Analogue drums ("Rock" rhythm) and synth sounds from the Casio MT400V, making use of the envelope on the analogue filter and the onboard stereo chorus to sculpt the sounds.

Everything was recorded straight to four-track tape on a Tascam Porta05 Ministudio at the western tip of Cornwall in late September 2020. I believe it was a Tuesday and I wore blue. Reverb was added during mixdown.

You can support the making of these videos by buying my music at

(C) Copyright 2020 Alfonse


Synthstrom Deluge + Vermona Perfourmer + OP1 + Hologram Microcosm

Krzysztof Steplowski

----- Get my Synth Presets for Deluge: -----
----- Get my Synth Presets for Prophet REV2: -----
----- Get my Synth Presets for MicroKorg: -----

Hardware I used:

Synthstrom Deluge (arrangement, samples, beats, MIDI, bass, mix)
Vermona Perfourmer (sequence)
Teenage Engineering PO-1 (background melody)
Hologram Microcosm (granular background)
Korg Nu-Tekt NTS-1 (delay, reverb)
Audiothingies Doctor A (delay, reverb)
ART Powermix III (mixer)

MFB Tanzbar 2 Analog Drum Synth SN 20314

via this auction

Roland EF-303 Groove Effects SN ZN70653

via this auction

Roland DJ-70 Sampling Workstation

via this auction

Note the DJ style jog wheel controller on the right.

Roland PC-50 Guitar Synthesizer Controller For GR-500 Guitar Synth

via this auction

This is the first one to be featured on the site.

Technics SY1010 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland System 100m D-Set 112, 121, 130, 140, 150, 191-J 1970s Gray/wood

via this auction


112 072801
121 910945
130 071717
140 800891
159 760391
191 830701

"the 150 module and 191-J have discolored more than the rest, I got these two together and I’m guessing that they spent a lot of time in a smokey studio, although I have no way of knowing (no smell of smoke)"

Casio Sk1 2007 Circuit bent by Oceanus

Tristan Musikgear

via this auction

"The SK-1 has 4 voices and percussion. Each voice is made up from an audio signal and an envelope control signal, which are combined to give the end voice. This module allows you to switch on or off any of the 4 voice audio paths, any of the 4 envelope control signals and the percussion. The patch panel then lets you have for instance, voice 2 under the envelope control for voice 4. You can then patch the percussion audio into the envelope control for one of the voices, which gives sustain effects or patch it into the audio signal and it gates the percussion with the keys, so the percussion sounds only while a certain voice is active. You can even swap the audio and envelope control signals over, which gives a buzzing / click type noise when you press a key.

Audio Filters / Level
This module modifies the filters where the envelope control signal and the audio signal are combined to make the end voice. The knob is in 2 stages where it controls the level of the audio signal, but keep turning it and it then affects the filter. The control will take the tone and ‘squash’ it so for instance the bass line in the demo song, rather than a contiuous note turns into a blip, or stacatto effect.

Video Game Themes Performed on an 80s Synthesizer


"Having some fun with an ancient vintage synth. All of these songs are played in their entirety in solo piano versions elsewhere on this channel. Thanks for putting up with my going on various tangents :D"

Looks like a Roland Jupiter-6 with custom wood side panels.



Wonder what it would sound like if you just ate it. Hook up a burrito for a virtual wind instrument.


Also see this watermelon synth jam with casper electronics.

VOID Modular Gravitational Waves Demo

Sean Pendleton

"A demo of the Gravitational Waves dual VCO -

VCO 1 and 2 saws and VCO 1s sub are mixed Timo’s SSM2044 and them direct to output. I think I wrongly called that a Fonitronik Module, but it’s actually based on Foniks implementation.

Envelopes are provided by the VOID Modular Dual ADSR"

Késako Player & Reverb - SAMPLE SELECT via CV


"Selecting with an LFO the samples via CV In and switching LOOP on/off.
No external effect applied."

via Batchas

PLAYER is based on Tom Whitwell’s Radio Music open source project.
REVERB is based on Tom Whitwell’s Spring Reverb MK2 open source project.

The module runs on -15V/0V/+15V and is tested in a Buchla 200e original cabinet.
It comes ready to play with a few samples on a 16GB Sandisk Ultra microSDHC and a Belton BTDR-2H Digital Reverb Brick installed.

Included is:
– SD card adapter.
– Power cable.

Not included:
– Mounting screws.

REVERB was tested with and calibrated for a Belton BTDR-2H Digital Reverb and an Accutronics 9EB2C1B Spring Reverb Tank. The brick is installed on the module. The spring reverb tank is optional and can be either connected plugged to the front or to the back of the module.

Please notice that the START POINT function is a bonus that still does not work 100% like it should. I’ll give my best to solve it in a future firmware update.

Supported sample formats:
• .RAW = 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz – Headerless Wav files
• .WAV = 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz

• Size: 7 x 4.25 inches
• Depth behind panel: 2 inches
• Power: -15V/0V/+15V

Additional demos:

Addstation meets Apple M1


"Addstation designed for iPhone/iPad runs on a MacBook Air with Apple Silicon.
Demonstrating the new preset randomiser for generating organic variations of sounds."

T6 - Roland Drumatix TR-06 / TB-03 / Volca FM / Volca Nubass

Micro Banshee

"TR-06 Drum Machine, along with the TB-03 and the Volca Nubass, which is likely to be the last time I use it [Nubass], this is the second unit and like the first it’s reluctant to stay in tune!

As always, the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing or post production.

Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca Nubass
Roland TB-03
Roland TR-06"

Patch of the Week 86: Rainbow in the Dark synth line on wavestate


"POTW Synths of Metal continues with another anthemic song, and synth riff to match, compliments of Jens Johansson who also used a Korg T-Series amongst other synths!"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Patch of the Week 85: Du Hast intro on wavestate


"POTW Synths of Metal continues with this Tranz Metal (their own description of their sound) hit that skyrocketed the German powerhouse to even greater stardom."

Korg Patch of the Week posts



Interesting. The VCA almost behaves like a lowpass filter. The upper harmonics vs. all harmonics are reduced as you lower the slider.

Patch n Tweak
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