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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Moog One Demos by Orano Music

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.


1. Moog One 16 - My take on Tangerine Dream's "Love on a real train"
Again, just playing around in first couple of weeks owning the Moog One, if you like a single Synth unit that will take you on a Journey, they do not come much better than this.
2. Moog One - Has a Big Sound! ... A Very BIG Sound!
Preset made from scratch, detuned oscillators, throwing some FM into the mix. this uses synth 1 and synth 2 on the Moog One, each Synth Panned left / Right to give more stereo Width to the patch.
3. Moog One 16 - Lost in another patch
More Playing around in getting lost in patch creation, by far the most enjoyable programming experience I've had in any synth.
4. Moog One - Attempting CS80 Chariots of Fire
CS80 is legendary for good reason, its the best I could get without sitting for Hours analysing the original and tweaking the moog to try. I put a little beat detune on modulation wheel for the 3 oscillators used to create the main lead synth, it was getting close, but not close enough :) Everything with exception of Piano was sequenced live from Moog One 16.
5. Moog One - Preset Building - JMJ Oxygen
Another Preset Programmed on the Moog One 16, I have thrown various challenges at the synth in the first 10 days of owning and it has yet to fail at recreation of most sonic challenges I have tried.
6. War of the Ones
War of the Worlds Inspired Patch, using the Moog one 16.
7. Moog One - A Variation of Sonic Capabilities
This is a short vid, (no talking) just running through a few of the patches I have made in the first week of owning the synth.
8. Moog One - First Day
My First play on the moog one 16, absolutely loving it so far! no processing with this at all, straight from synth to soundcard. Onboard effects in the Moog utilised,
9. Moog One 16 - Arpeggio - Sound design.
3 Oscillators, 1 Synced, and Synced Osc is also used for FM. Mod wheel Opens Dual filters and also adjusts Filter EG Release,
Stereo delay and Eventide Verb used, no external processing, All Moog! :)

Yamaha SK-30 symphonic keyboard film soundtrack demo

video by MIDERA

"Maybe I’m crazy - but I think this is one of the most interesting instruments I’ve ever played. The paraphonic parts don’t really subtract anymore, they’re interesting and just do different things (I originally recorded a part really digging into that, but it didn’t sound good because of my playing skills so I gave up on it).

I’m honestly shocked about how little this is talked about. The aftertouch is phenomenal and one of my favorite parts. To be able to play a pad AND an expressive mono part is really just a lot of fun.

What, there’s like two threads on GS about the SK series? Like. Nothing. This is not a legendary instrument. It just looks like one. Whatever, it made it obtainable by me, which I’ll take I guess.

Yeah I know I’ve smothered it in reverb and delay, but I just don’t care. I think it sounds good either way, I just prefer it with FX. You can find other demos without it if you must.

Anyway, I just got carried away. The first 4 minutes aren’t actually that good or interesting anyway. At the end is where I ended up having the most fun, throwing the mono part into “hold” mode.

What an all around fantastic string synthesizer. I’ve realized even the SK-20 must be interesting because you can almost treat the paraphonic poly synth part as a lead at times, and then it can also do pads... but I still think the SK-30 is the one to go with.

Ok, I’m out."

Yamaha SK-30 demos by MIDERA

LYRA-8 ,Night Sky,Ventris Part deux .With Natural Harmonic Tuning.

video by therudyrude

"Just trippin again with the natural harmonic scale on the Soma Lyra-8and the Night Sky from Strymon going in a Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb"

Töörö - Producing the PCBAs

video by Fred's Lab

"The 02/02/2021, I was visiting R&D Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG to inspect the first Töörö boards before starting the full production. This is an improvised video, many thanks to our electronics assembly partner for letting me film their production line."

Steiner - V.C. Hi-Lo Pass Resonant Filter & V.C. Trigger Generator - Prototypes 1975

via this auction

"FS: N.A. Steiner (Pre-Steiner Parker) - V.C. Hi-Lo Pass Resonant Filter and V.C. Trigger Generator - Prototypes

Here is another unusual listing from my collection. 2 very early synthesizer modules designed and hand built by Nyle Steiner in 1974 or 75 before the formation of Steiner Parker.. The Filter is perhaps THE ORIGINAL resonant multimode VCF designed by Steiner for his Synthasystem Modular System (also used in later used in other designs such as the Synthacon).

I have owned these pieces for almost 20 years, they are unmodified and have never have been repaired.. both still work and the filter sounds incredible.

This is a very rare chance to pick up a piece of vintage audio history, which you can also use musically!"

EMS Synthi Hi Fli - like new in original box 1973 (HiFli Hi-Fli)

via this auction

"I know, big whoop.. you see these pop up.. so what?.. maybe there are even a few for sale....however, how many do you see that are completely stock, functional and even include the original shipping box?..

exactly... This is an EMS or effects collectors dream!

Later model Hi-Fli with the matching pedals (rare) has the growl feature.. sounds incredible.."

Gerd Shulte Audio - Compact Phasing A 1970s (Krautrock Phaser)

via this auction

"FS: Shulte Compact Phasing A - 1970s Krautrock Phaser

Also known as the "Krautrock Phaser", it was used by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and Klaus Schulze as well as Tommy Bolin, Ritchie Blackmore etc.

Comes with custom (not original) on/off/rate footswitch.

German engineering, this rare phaser can be swapped easily between European 220V and N. American 110V AC just by moving the fuse from one receptacle to the other.

This one has been set up for 110V with a N. American cable and 3 pin plug, but comes with the original European 2-pin cable as well."

See this post for a demo of Juergen Haible's clone, and this post for some details. You can find an additional demo of a clone here (not sure if it's JH's as well). See the Gerd Schulte label below for more.

Wavemakers Modular - Original Brochure 1979

via this auction

"Original Wavemakers Modular - Product brochure from 1979 or 80
This is pretty obscure and in perfect condition.

This brochure is in amazing condition, see photos for details"

Wavemakers Modular - Original Brochure 1980

via this auction

"Original Wavemakers Modular - Product brochure from 1979 or 80
This is pretty obscure and in perfect condition.

This brochure is in amazing condition, see photos for details"

Passport Designs Soundchaser 1981 - original brochure

via this auction

"Original Passport Designs Soundchaser - Product brochure from 1981
This is pretty obscure, I had to look it up myself.. a pre-midi computer music interface for Apple computer. Strange stuff.

This brochure is in good condition, see photos for details"

Syntauri AlphaSyntauri 1983 - Original Brochure

via this auction

"Original Syntauri AlphaSyntauri - Product brochure from 1983 This is pretty obscure, Strange stuff!

This brochure is in good condition, see photos for details"

Sequential Circuits Pro-Fx - Owner's and Service Documents

via this auction

"Original Sequential Circuits Pro FX - Owner's and Service manual from 1982

This Manual is in excellent condition, see photos for details
I hunted down every Pro-FX system i could find in 2000/2001. I made a site for the Pro-FX which may still be online somewhere. This is the most complete set of documents i could assemble at the time and is encased in an original Sequential Circuits binder. A few service docs are missing but it is largely complete. please message for specifics."

Roland The Midi System - A Practical Overview 1985 (TR-909)

via this auction

"Unusual Document from Roland Canada - 'The Midi System - A Practical Overview' booklet from 1985. I believe it came with a Tr-909 I owned years ago.

This 24 page document is in great condition, see photos for details."

Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer - Original Preset Rhythm Score Book 1987

via this auction

"Original Roland TR-505 - "Preset Rhythm Score" booklet from 1987

This 14 page document is in good condition with some minor stains on the rear cover, see photos for details. Japanese and English!"

Roland Synthesizer Catalogue 1986 - Keyboards Vol 8

via this auction

"Original Roland Keyboards Vol 8 - Catalogue from 1986 (MKS80/JX8p)

This document has 22 high gloss pages and is in great condition, see photos for details"

Stalker by MATTHS (Official Music Video)

video by MATTHS

"MATTHS present his first release of 2021 with 'Stalker', a dark, brooding, ambient-electronica excursion. This is a single take with no edits at all.

MATTHS is releasing one track every month for the whole of 2021 which are available to buy/stream at​ or subscribe and receive hours or music and a new release every month.

The video for 'Stalker' focuses on the movement and combinations of fluids, mixing and moving as if to represent those chemical releases inside our bodies. Sometimes these concoctions bring us light and other times darkness.

Overlaying the dynamic visuals is the track itself which plays on the repetition of the same melody over and over again, but each time you hear it, you hear it differently. It can be easy to misinterpret or misunderstand something no matter how many times you hear it. Just which melody and which visual is the truth here?

Available on all streaming platforms later in 2021."


Electronic Music Experimentation in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

video by Reverb

"From the start, Alfred Hitchcock took a keen interest in the music in his films—and, indeed, musical motifs featured in the plotlines of some of his biggest '30s successes (Read more on Reverb). Watch along as Joe discusses the music in his films and how electronic experimentation was explored to be the sound of some iconic characters and bizarre situations."

Samuel Hoffman on Johnny Carson:

Johnny Carson Plays THEREMIN video by Peter Pringle


Nieuwe elektronische piano: Het Trautonium (1941) video by Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

Mixtur Trautonium:

Oskar Sala - Live-Konzert 1991 - Mixtur-Trautonium video by Trautonist

And a playlist of Oskar Sala performances from 1997 uploaded by Trautonist:

Oskar Sala „Gesprächskonzert" 1997 - Teil 01-10

See the labels below for additional posts on each.

Making a Dark Trap Beat with the Novation Circuit

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the making of a moody, dark Kid Cudi inspired hip hop / trap beat on the Novation Circuit, including dealing with packs, 808s, effects, and microsteps.
Get my $5 sample pack:
Payton Carter's pack:"

Gotharman's LD3/Tiny LD: OverShifter Effect

video by gotharman

"Deforming a kick drum and a voice, using the new OverShifter effect. The voice will tell you, exactly what it is, that you need :):):)"

A Document full of Patching Techniques and Ideas with Examples in VCV Rack by Omri Cohen

video by Omri Cohen

"The full version is available on my Patreon page -
Here's a free example you can try and see if you're interested -"

Knob Twiddlers Hangout #41 - Alessandro Cortini, Drumcell, Tony Rolando, Speedy J

video by STOOR

STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1 Overview by AutomaticGainsay


1. 01-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: .VCO
2. 02-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: .SLC
3. 03-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: Sea Devils Filter
4. 04-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: Envelope Generator
5. 05-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: Envelope Generator Part 2
6. 06-STG Soundlabs Radiophonic 1: .MIX, .BAM and .VCA

Polymode Synthesizer | Synthesis Signal Flow

video by Cherry Audio

"In this video, we'll be taking a detailed look at the unique multiple-parallel filter signal flow of Cherry Audio's Polymode Synthesizer virtual instrument.

This unique virtual instrument brings the sound of a classic retro synth to your favorite DAW and works with FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton, Bitwig, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or even as a standalone for your next live performance in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

The Polymode Synthesizer is inspired by the groundbreaking Moog Polymoog synthesizer. One of the world’s first polyphonic synthesizers, its unique multiple parallel filter implementation and mod routings give it a sound like no other synth.

Cherry Audio’s Polymode Synthesizer sidesteps all of the drawbacks of the original instrument and massively expands its capabilities. With a streamlined user interface and immense modulation capabilities, Polymode sets a new standard for animated, sonically evolving string, pad, and choral tones."

NightRadio - Au (SunVox)

video by Alexander Zolotov

"Music for the demo. Made with SunVox​ modular synth & tracker
by NightRadio /

Behringer SOLINA String Ensemble - Engineer’s Update

video by Behringer

"Adam gives you an update on the development of Solina String Ensemble, one of the best stringers ever produced and used by the world’s most famous artists."

Behringer BeatStep Pro?

You can see it at 2:34 in this video. What's interesting is at the start of the video it's clearly labeled Arturia.

Behringer recently announced the Behringer Swing which takes it's design queues to say it lightly from Arturia's Keystep.

Waldorf Miniworks 4-Pole Analog Filter (The Daft Punk Filter) - Gear Demo

video by Record Press Play

Spotted this one in the following listing.

SN 954800297 via this auction

Access Virus A [advanced simulated analog synthesizer]

via this auction

"The synth is in nearly flawless aesthetic condition save for a few minor dings to the wood side panelling.

The synth is in perfect working order."

1986 Kawai K3 w/ RC-2 Expansion Cartridge

via this auction

Digital oscillator waveforms w/ SSM filters.


video by The New Athens

via this auction

Frap Tools Small Eurorack system in Lamond case

via this auction

"The legend of Buchla told in a modern way.
The excellently built modules from Frap Tools offer pristine sound and quality
Housed in a super deep custom built walnut case made by Ross Lamond

Please check the Frap Tools homepage for descriptions of the single modules

Fumana - 750€
Falistri - 300€
Sapel - 350€
Silta 125€
Lamond case 200€"

Electro-Harmonix EHX -0300

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"14 band Vintage Vocoder from Electro Harmonix, recently serviced. All tant-capacitors has been replaced for electrolyte and the output stage op-amps has been replaced.

Works 100% and has a raw vintage sound to it, especially with hi-boost enabled. This is a 42 year old electronic instrument, so don't expect a modern sounding instrument."

1976 Oberheim SEM CPS-1 SN 0055

via this auction

Yamaha VSS-100 Digital Voice Sampler, Keyboard, Vintage, Video

video by M. Schmied

"Yamaha VSS-100 8-Bit Sampler with FM-Sounds"

UVI 8-Bit Synth

"8-Bit Synth - Retro Chip Sounds and Beyond

A collection of classic and reimagined chip sounds inspired by hardware classics like the SID Station, Commodore 64, Game Boy and more, 8-Bit Synth opens the gates to brand new sonic adventures with the genuine sounds of these classic machines!

A fantastic instrument for crafting chip tunes and beyond, 8-Bit Synth digs deep into the capabilities of the hardware and delivers a surprisingly sweet range of sounds covering everything from classic video game favorites to modern genre-style patches. Don't let the arcade-inspired exterior fool you, while definitely packed with fun 8-Bit Synth is a serious and versatile instrument covering a broad sonic palette."


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