MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Sequential Prophet XL presented by Waldek Zadrożny

video by Waldemar Zadrożny

Music,synth:Waldek Zadrożny
Bass guitar:Mateusz Białczyk

Sequential OB6 vs Korg Prologue: choosing the best VCO Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

video by Miles Away

"Wondering which synthesizer to pick? In this deep dive video I explore the similarities and differences between the Dave Smith OB6 and the Korg Prologue. Along with the Prophet 5/6 and Moog One, these two are some of the main modern VCO based poly synths. Which one should you choose?"

Also see Miles Away's Why I Love the Sequential OB-6 video.

Experiments with the Sequential​ Prophet12 and the Hologram Electronics​ Microcosm

videos by Christopher White

An experiment with the @Sequential​ Prophet12 and the @Hologram Electronics​ Microcosm. part 1
"Finally combined my trusty Sequential​ Prophet 12 module with the Hologram Electronics​ Microcosm and really happy with the results. This was the first take. I had quickly composed a chord sequence for the Prophet12's arpeggiator then what you hear is what happened next."
Prophet 12 and Microcosm outtake...
Just wanted to upload this too. Some interesting things happened in this take... Changing the 'spread' in the amp section of the @Sequential​ Prophet12 created a nice groove so I wanted to show you!
A Prophet 12, a Microcosm, and a Human Arpeggiator Non-stop Device (H.A.N.D.).
A live ambient track using the @Sequential​ Prophet 12 and the @Hologram Electronics​ Microcosm. Plus a bit of my felt piano.

Dave Smith Instruments TETR4 Demos

videos by Here On Earth Studio

"Demos of the DSI Tetra 4-Voice Multi-Timbral Analog Synthesizer. No processing aside from a Waves L1 Limiter was added to the master channel to catch peaks in Ableton Live. Valhalla Frequ Echo was used as a send on Dave's voice samples."

Demo - Dave Smith Instruments | DSI | Sequential | TETRA / TETR4 - All Combos * No Talking *
Demo - Dave Smith Instruments | DSI | Sequential | TETRA / TETR4 - Bank 1 * No Talking *
Demo - Dave Smith Instruments | DSI | Sequential | TETRA / TETR4 - Bank 2 * No Talking *

Dave Smith Instruments| Evolver Demo of Stock 1-69 Sequences

video by Here On Earth Studio

Listen in stereo.

"Demo - Dave Smith Instruments | DSI | Sequential | Evolver * No Talking * Stock 1-69 Sequences

This is a demo of the DSI Evolver Hybrid Analog / Digital Synthesizer. No processing aside from a Waves L1 Limiter was added to the master channel to catch peaks in Ableton Live.

In this demo I am triggering the stock sequences via the play button for the 1-69 patches. This is by no means a feature demo."

Secrets Vol 1 - Arturia Polybrute - GEOSynths

video by GEOSynths

"Out Soon...
First Video of 4 highlighting Patches 1 to 24 of Secrets Vol 1 for the Arturia Polybrute. With a mixture of Pads, Strings, Leads, Bass and Sequences, Secrets Vol 1 highlights some of the best Features of the new Arturia Polybrute.

00:00​ - 1. Secrets & Lies GEO
01:40​ - 2. Runner GEO
03:17​ - 3. Nexus 6 GEO
04:36​ - 4. Shores of Orion GEO
05:56​ - 5. Double Trouble GEO
06:47​ - 6. Cold Start GEO
08:17​ - 7. Pretty Poly GEO
09:02​ - 8. Mini Mogul GEO
09:50​ - 9. Guitar Classics GEO
10:54​ - 10. Borderlands GEO
12:13​ - 11. Vox Humana GEO
13:10​ - 12. Tines of Time GEO
14:06​ - 13. New Realms GEO
15:19​ - 14. False Prophets GEO
16:34​ - 15. Collider GEO
17:37​ - 16. Time Gone By GEO
18:38​ - 17. Cold Nights GEO
19:48​ - 18. Smoky Rhodes GEO
21:50​ - 19. Brass Pad GEO
23:05​ - 20. Rezolutions GEO
23:36​ - 21. Solo Lines GEO
24:27​ - 22. Ultimate Pad GEO
26:21​ - 23. Solid Pluck GEO
27:12​ - 24. Tibetan Nights GEO"

Kijimi 8 Voice Analog Synth From Black Corporation

via this auction

Resting in the rack.

"An 8 voice analog polyphonic synth based on the super rare Polykobol II with some addons (like 16 lfo's!)"

Volca FM / Bugbrand PTDelay

video by studio snippets


video by Red Means Recording

featuring noise engineering cursus iteritas
winterbloom castor and pollux
and klavis twin waves
visualization module is a paratek GЛИТЧ
midi sequencing via ableton through hermod
drums in ableton from native instruments byte riot expansion
i grabbed the midi off internet, put it into ableton, broke it out into individual monophonic tracks, then re-arranged with with some extra arpeggiation and octave switching

modules in this video, via perfect circuit
Thank you for watching. My name is Jeremy, and this is Red Means Recording. I've been making music for a few decades now, and this channel is a place to make music and to talk about the tools and techniques to make music with. We'll use synths, drum machines, modular gear, and software.

If you'd like to support the channel, I have a Patreon:​

Simmons SDS7 #1280​ Top 12 Kits

video by The Simmons Guy

"A few Kits from Simmons SDS7 #1280​."

kNoB technology Dragon-FLY revision 1.5 Demo

video by kNoB Technology

"Revision 1.5
In the new revision, we have reworked the filter core:
-significantly improved work at low frequencies
The operation of the bandpass filter has changed:
-Q factor is directly related to the resonance level
Some changes:
-control voltage range for cutoff frequency and resonance level shifted from 0-10v to 0-5v for better control
All filters of revision 1.0 can be upgraded to version 1.5, for instructions write to us

Time sections:
00:00​​ LP
01:58​​ LP + CV Freq
02:56​​ LP + CV Res
04:03​​ BP
04:42​​ HP"

Also see this post.

Prototype of Wavefolder/Lpg for gotharman instrument

video by Meska

"Here a quick demo of the prototype of wavefolder/resonant LPG i'm working on for gotharman instrument, it will be compatible with all gotharman instrument who have analog filter board slote.

for now it have 3 controle :
offset the gate

it's not impossible i will add some function ;)

the layout of the circuit is near from finish even if have have to select more precisely some parts, like get ride of ceramic capacitore, limiting the overdrive at max resonance ect..

if you have some question or sugestion about the designe feel free to leave a coment or to join the muff tread :​

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at​

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Happy Nerding FX Aid Tuner

video by Happy Nerding

"Tuner effect generates three fixed frequencies: 220 Hz, 440 Hz, 880 Hz. Left output - sawtooth wave, right output – triangle wave.
4hp FX AID version should have its CV input routed to the Sample Rate and kept unconnected for proper frequencies."

Mynth - The Freaky Synth for iOS & Mac

video by Fingerlab

"Mynth is the new intuitive and powerful synthesizer by Fingerlab.
Draw the oscillators waveforms, adjust frequencies using filters, and control any parameters with the LFOs to create unique sounds, possibilities are endless!
If you prefer, just explore the 96 factory presets to discover Mynth's wide sound palette.
Of course, you can use your favorite keyboard with MIDI, load Mynth AudioUnit in your favorite DAW.
Finally, turn on the Arpeggiator, add some FXs, and your are ready to record a track using the build-in live recording module.

Mynth is an universal purchases, meaning once you bought it, you got it for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

In Mynth free version, you will get only 12 factory presets and some features are locked (see * in features list).
Get the « Full Version » IAP to get all the factory presets and all features unlocked.

• 8-voice polyphony
• 6 octaves
• 3 Oscillators (Sine / Triangle / Square / Sawtooth / Custom)
• ADSR Envelope editor
• 2 dynamic Filters (Moog Ladder / Korg Low-Pass / Resonant / String Resonator) with ADSR envelope editor
• 4 LFOs to control any parameters, with configurable waveform and Attack/Decay envelope editor
• Create your own preset*
• 96 Factory presets*
• Build-in Arpeggiator*
• 3 FXs (TubeAmp, Delay, reverb)*
• Live recording + export*
• Full Midi support
• AudioBus & IAA support
• AudioUnit support* (IAP required for LFOs)

AppStore Link:​

Stay tuned
FIngerlab team"

New Bastl Instruments Waver - The Complete Guide

video by

"In this video, Václav will show your every feature of our wave shaping module Waver.

0:00​ Intro
0:10​ Overview
1:08​ ABC Inputs
3:28​ Shaping Section
4:43​ Break / Symmetry Control
6:19​ ! / Complex Feedback System
7:12​ Combinating Shaping and Ring Modulation Section
8:43​ Shaping Complex Signals
10:30​ Mix Output
12:16​ Channel B
13:59​ Shape Control for The CV
16:05​ Complete Signal Path Explanation"

"Waver is a fully analog, wave folding mixer and signal disruptor inspired by experimental mixing techniques and mind-melting drones.

Waver has 7 inputs for mixing and modulating multiple signals. On the output side, it has a shape output and a pre-shaper mix output. All inputs and the mix out are DC coupled, meaning that the waver can also function as a powerful CV mixer with built-in offset, inversion, modulation, and feedback capabilities.

The mixing stage consists of A, B, and C inputs with dedicated faders and 2 bi–polar VCAs with attenuverting CV control. Add, subtract, wave.

This interface not only gives you total control over your signals but also invites you to find the unexpected sweet spots and surprising relationships that can emerge between them.

Mixed signals are then processed in the SHAPE section, its pallette relying on a wavefolder and square shaper. By employing threshold clipping and folding operations, waver expands your sound’s harmonic complexity and allows you to tweak patches up, down, squareways, and beyond. Experiment with the dynamics of incoming sounds to explore their shaped behaviors. Find reflections and dead zones between your inputs – or just refresh your unused oscillators and give them a new voice.

Like all Casper x Bastl collaborations, Waver shines in the realm of feedback, distortion, and general sonic mayhem. Whether you want to muzzle your sound or make it snarl, the break control helps take you there. Proceed in any direction you desire or let waver lead the way – all sounds are beautiful ;)

3 input mixer
2 bipolar VCAs
wave folder
square shaper
pulse width modulator
signal clipper & feedback
2 outputs pre and post shaper"

Pigface Pollard Industries Syndrum Twin Synthesizer SN 1215

via this auction

"This is a "multifamily yard sale auction" the proceeds of which go to benefit Jolly Roger, Jim Sochaki (drum tech), Martin Atkins, and the launch of a new museum

Recently refurbished 2 channel drum synth through Alchemy Audio (details below) -- Used in Pigface A New High In Low, Pictured in the booklet with the juxtaposition of the roses in the studio, also used in the poster for the Lowest of the Low Tour

Note that the shipping calculator through ebay may not be accurate and you will be responsible for shipping fees (we rec. UPS) and any insurance (upon request)

6.8μF 35v Tantalums caps
1000 35v Panasonic radial capacitor
Stereo 1/4” jack
CST side\toggle switch
1000uF + 100uF electrolytic capacitors
4 x 1N4001 diodes"

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

Modor DR-2 Drum Machine Clap through Boss DD8 GLT Mod for Techno Glitchy and Chaotic Delay.

video by Sound Provider

I am testing here a new sound design combo for my next tracks , Live act , sound bank for sound provider (​ ) and also for fun .
The New DD-8 GLT delay mode created glitchy machine-gun effects when the pedal switch is pressed.It s quite fun to use and add little chaos and Glitch effect , I think it will be fun to use it in my next live show in addition to the other mods I already use. I use it here with the Beautiful digital drum machine from Modor , the DR-2.
For info about the mix I added a very very little bit of reverb on the clap and some EQ and compressor on all the percussions.

Voila , I hope some of you will find this video useful and that you will enjoy it.

Leonard de Leonard'

Vult Freak and Vraids in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at or buy him a coffee at

00:00​ - Introduction
00:27​ - Freak Stereo and Drive
07:52​ - Freak Dual Mode
14:09​ - Vraids
20:16​ - Freak VCA
25:08​ - Freak as a voice and Distortion

RK-006 NTS1 (NTS2?) Polychain

video by Retrokits

"MIDI shenanigans with the #monotribe​, #rk006​, #NTS1​ and #pocketoperator​"

GleetchLab 2021 - HowTo Get Started

video by TheKlirrfaktor

"Get GleetchLab:​"

Noise Engineering Patch Pairing Old Fashioned

video by Noise Engineering

"In this episode of Patch Pairing we make a patch to pair with Markus' favorite drink, Markus' Not Exactly Old Fashioned.

Markus’s Not Exactly Old Fashioned
Simple syrup
2-3oz irish whiskey (preferably Sexton)
Angostura bitters
Slice of orange peel
2 Luxardo cherries
1 giant ice cube
Coat the bottom of an old-fashioned glass with simple syrup.
Add four shakes of bitters and stir.
Add ice cube and whiskey, stir again.
Scorch orange peel with a lighter. Garnish drink with peel and cherries.

0:00​ Intro
0:24​ Ingredients
0:30​ Recipe
0:47​ Patch Build
12:26​ Jam
14:40​ Outro"

Noise Engineering Patch Pairing

Xiu Xiu Explore Hideous Sound Design (No Talking)

video by Perfect Circuit

follow-up to this post.

"During their recent visit to our studio, Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu showed off a number of ways to make sounds that were as hideous and disgusting as possible. After filming with all of their varied setups, we ended up with way more sounds than we could cover in just one video. While our main video provides some valuable artistic insight into their processes and choice of equipment, we wanted to share a glimpse into their sound crafting without interruptions.

In their first jam, Angela sculpts feedback loops with a collection of her favorite pedals from Earthquaker Devices, Boss, and Death by Audio, while Jamie helms the mixer and Trogotronic’s Valykrie, a modified test equipment oscillator. Next, Angela switches over to her Waldorf Streichfett, while Jamie moves to a couple pedals of his own: Death by Audio’s Echo Dream 2 and Benidub’s DS71 Dub Siren. Angela and Jamie then both perform some solo Eurorack patches, and Angela closes things out with a solo performance on her Streichfett and pedals.

Sit back, grab some headphones, and lose yourself in the depths of Angela and Jamie’s noise, chaos, and unpredictability.

Read our article with Xiu Xiu:​

Shop for gear here:​


00:00​ - Jam #1
05:23​ - Jam #2
09:07​ - Angela's Eurorack Patch
11:57​ - Jamie's Eurorack Patch
14:36​ - Angela's Synth Jam


Metallic sounds on subtractive synths (Yamaha EX5)

video by Floyd Steinberg

"I got some comments and mails recently asking how to create metallic sounds. As I've already done a video on how to do that on an FM synth, here's an attempt at doing something similar on a subtractive synth. Table of contents below. If you want to know more on this subject, please read​ and it's follow-ups. The more oscillators and filter types your synth can throw at you, the better the result!

00:00​ hello
01:16​ oscillator setup (square waves)
01:47​ tuning oscillators
02:34​ applying high pass filters
04:16​ applying band pass filters
06:27​ amp envelopes for higher frequency oscillators
08:10​ amp envelopes for lower frequency oscillators
09:24​ resulting sound 1
09:50​ adjusting the overall sound by adjusting the volume of the oscillators
10:50​ combining two patches to create a metallic sounding pad
11:35​ resulting sound 2
12:09​ bye-bye"

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link


Passage of Days (Music Video)

video by Runningonair

"I recently found out that my old school was closed in 2009 and knocked down in 2015. I left in 1983 and although I have many mixed feeling about the place, I found it terribly sad to see it reduced to such a sorry state. I didn't write this piece specifically for this project, but it does capture much of that feeling.

Many thanks to Simon Kelly for the use of the photos."

Novation Circuit Tracks + PO-33 K.O. beatmaking

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the making of a lofi hip hop beat with the Novation Circuit Tracks synced with PO-33 K.O. (the sampler Pocket Operator by Teenage Engineering)."

Building a Fairlight CMI: Episode 3

video by Syntaur

"Cris Blyth is a brave man. He has a dream of taking a Fairlight MFX and upgrading it to a Fairlight CMI Series III. In this episode, Chris wins the blue ribbon for ribbon cable mayhem, and he powers up the box. Sort of."

Building a Fairlight CMI Episodes

Yamaha DX21 w/ Playbook Manual

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 311691

via this auction

Korg MS-10 Synthesizer Leather Carry Bag

via this auction

"Rare original Korg MS10 leather case / bag for sale. Step out in style this summer! This baby was bought first hand in Tokyo in 2012 and has been carefully stored ever since. Non-smoking studio / no pets."

Arturia Origin Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer SN 08284000130

via this auction

Crumar Orchestrator Synth SN 00017

via this auction

"The Crumar Orchestrator is an Italian-made divide-down string/brass machine that is fully polyphonic, capable of splitting and layering sounds, and has individual outs for Piano, Bass, and Brass.

This Orchestrator has had the Brass envelope section re-capped and calibrated, and tolex and sliders cleaned. Power cord is included."

Using A Saxophone To Control MakeNoise Modular Synthesizers

video by Koboto Music

"I've always wanted to try this! In this video, I use my DAW (Nuendo) to extract midi data from saxophone audio and then I drive my Modular Synthesizer with the Midi. Check out how it sounds!"

Luca Longobardi - Polyend Medusa DFM, ModelSample & Nightsky

video by Polyend

"Made by Luca Longobardi - Gritty!"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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