MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Moog vs Buchla: The Control Voltage Race | Astonishing History of Synths Ep. 3

video by Reverb

"Bob Moog and Don Buchla were both pioneers. But who invented the concept of the voltage-controlled modular synthesizer? You may think you know… but you might be surprised!"

Astonishing History of Synthesizers Series

Also see: Electronic_musical_instrument#Early_examples, and

See the Documentaries label below for similar posts featuring additional synth history.

Circuit Bent/Augmented Yamaha Pss-80

video by SMMP

"I always loved the Yamaha PSS-80 keyboard, for its lo-fi, almost 8bit, squarewavey sounds. Given it's polyphony, I thought it would be a lovely keyboard if it had a nice filter. So I "augmented" it (rather than bending it) sticking in a filter (I think based on the old Wasp Synth VCF), add a delay, put an LFO that can modulate either the delay or the filter, and a monster on the left side, some kind of pitch tracking, which I built following some instructions in the CD4046 datasheet, but then creating loops with the signal and lowering it down with a CD4040 frequency divider chip. The switches there and the pots, don't always provide nice results, but when they do, they can shake your pants!


Kawai K5000s Advanced Additive Synthesizer SN 602777 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"Unit is in good shape and perfect working order. Synth ships with original box and 4.04 version firmware.

Details The K5000s is a legendary vintage synth due to its highly advanced additive synthesis. You can create patches from this synth unlike anything else: it excels at the icey and cold, the evolving, and the downright unique. A composers secret weapon. The K5000S is an Advanced Additive Synthesizer that combines real-time performance features and unique synthesis capabilities into a single unit.

ADVANCED ADDITIVE TONE GENERATOR The K5000S series updates the famous K5 synthesizer tone generator and its unique additive harmonic synthesis approach. The Advanced Additive Tone Generator contains 32 source generators, which depending on how they are used, can yield up to 32 voice polyphony. PCM samples can also be mixed with additive sources. As few as one or as many as six sources can be used to make a single sound. For example, a PCM wave of a piano hammer can be superimposed with the sound of the piano string created by additive harmonics.

128 BAND FORMANT FILTER A new addition to the Advanced Additive tone generator is the 128 Band Pennant Filter, which can used as a Parametric EQ or several other con?gurations. The Formant Filter is completely controllable by envelopes or LFOs.

MACRO CONTROL Unique to the K5000S model are the macro controls for major sound parameters, available on the front panel for instant access. In addition, four user controls are programmable for each patch.

PROGRAMMABLE ARPEGGIATOR The K5000S Programmable Arpeggiator, features a wide range of control, ideal for use in Tekno and other modern musical styles.

DIGITAL EFFECTS SYSTEM The K5000S contains an advanced digital effects processor (DSP), which allows four individual effects of chorus, delay, distortion, etc., in addition to reverb and a graphic equalizer. When playing a single sound, individual sources can be routed to individual effects; when playing multiple sounds in Multi mode, individual sounds can be routed to individual effects."

Oberheim OB-MX SN MX001321

via this auction

Nocturnus Opal - A Live Synthesizer Performance

video by Maxim Ushof Music

"Played live on a MicroKorg. Recorded in a studio.

Video recorded on a Fujifilm XS-10 with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens."

DIY Modular Synthesizer Demo

video by James Reesor

List of modules used in this system:

Oscillator - Self Made using Daisy Seed
LPF - Rene Schmitz MS-20
Mixer - Own Design using an Op-Amp
Envelope - Rene Schmitz ADSR Envelope 2
VCA - Vactrol-Based VCA
Sequencer - Baby-8 (see Kristian Blasol's channel for additional information)
Multi-Effects: Self Made using Daisy Seed

Adding the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator to the DELTA CEP A sound engine!

video by Jörg Schaaf

'I describe in detail how the communication between the DELTA CEP and the Swarm Oscillator RT-311get established. After the connection and setup, the RT-311 follows the notes one plays via MIDI with the DELTA CEP A. That means, in paraphonic mode, the RT-311 plays chords instead of multiple oscillators with equal pitch."

Creative Technologies TBD Rompler Sample Playback

video by Creative Technologies

"TBD Rompler allows playback of user sample data"

Tweaking: Nord Lead A1 (NO TALKING)

video by SYNTHWAY

"Just having fun while making some different sounds with the different oscillator configurations on the Nord Lead A1. You can get the overall feeling of how it sounds and how easy it is to achieve different sounds. No, it's not as deep as the Nord Lead 4, but I made the jump and use it as my only polysynth besides what I have ITB."

TC-11 & TC-Performer iOS Apps - Double screen mode - iPad

video by JuaNN Camilo - IOSSoundLab

spotted on this one on discchord

Making HUGE Super Saw Sounds w/ the Cobalt8

video by Perfect Circuit

"Grab Jacob’s patches here:​

In this video, Jacob explores the Modal Electronics Cobalt8, a modern take on virtual analog synthesis, specifically showcasing its excellent ability to craft supersaw sounds. After all, how super would your saws be if you had up to 64 oscillators at your disposal? The Cobalt8 even expands on the concept a bit further, offering Spread oscillator algorithms with not just sawtooth waveforms, but triangle and square waves too!

But of course, the Cobalt8 has a bunch of other tricks up its sleeve, and later in the video, Jacob showcases ideas for blending supersaws in with some of the other super cool oscillator modes. While we all love the huge, trance-inspired pads that supersaws are known for, but with some clever patch-crafting, you can find a way to bring these super-sounds into any kind of music.
Interested in trying these patches on your own Cobalt8?

Get the Cobalt8 here:​


00:00​ - Intro
00:33​ - Jam (Super Sounds)
01:24​ - How To Make Super Saws
02:04​ - Blending Oscillators
04:01​ - Virtual Analog Overview
04:54​ - Utilizing Controllers
05:30​ - Jam
06:59​ - Outro"

G-STORM ELECTRO JP6-VCF Eurorack Filter Bandpass + Notch Patch Trick

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Today I show you a modular patch on the JP6-VCF.
By inverting a bandpass signal, and mixing it with the original
un-processed signal - you can get a notch filter."

Midiverse Modular - Product Launch Announcement

video by Midiverse - TV

"Available now at -

What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new company Midiverse Modular.

In this video we'll check out our first three Eurorack Modules and also our 19in Rack mountable Eurorack Frames. Let's have a look!

Midiverse Modular - MVM001 - Multiple
- 4HP
- Passive
- Can be used as a 1x6 or 2x3 multiple

Midiverse Modular - MVM002 - Switches
- 4HP
- Passive
- A pair of bi-directional manual switches

Midiverse Modular - MVM003 - Attenuators
- 6HP
- Passive
- Inputs normalized downward"

Still Here (jamming with a tape loop)

video by poorness studios

"Well this was fun. I decided to use my Sony TCM-200DV cassette player to play a 4-second tape loop. I got this cassette from The Void Electronics in Ireland. He does really nice work. I used the Arturia Microbrute and KORG KO-1 Kaossilator to jam along and make some crazy sounds. My Boss RV-6 Reverb and Rolls Multimix II also get involved.

If you like these kinds of loops, check out The Void Electronics on Etsy:​"

Eventide UltraTap meets Polyend Medusa!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"The Eventide UltraTap pedal sounds crazy good on synthesizers!
In this video, I show several examples of it paired with a Polyend Medusa synthesizer,
(which has no internal effects of it's own).
These 2 sound so good together!
Thanks for watching!"


Torso Electronics T-1 Tutorials

Collection of tutorials covering the workflow and interface on the T-1 by Torso Electronics


T-1 basic user interface
T 1 tracks, patterns & banks
Private? Wait for it to skip or manually skip it.
T-1 euclidean rhythms
T-1 cycles
T-1 note repeater
T-1 tonal shaper
T-1 groove section
T-1 tonal section
T-1 random modulation
T-1 setup section
T-1 performance buttons
T-1 update v1.1 walkthrough
T 1 CC tracks
T 1 repeats and voicing update

Eplex7 VST / AU Techno percussive instrument plugin 1 – melodic percussions and drums

video by Eplex7 DSP

"Eplex7 DSP releases Techno percussive 1 instrument plugin - 21 multi octave banks for Win / Mac

Eplex7 DSP has released Techno percussive 1, a VSTi & AU instrument plugin with 21 multi octave / multi percussive banks for Windows and MacOS. It works in the Free Eplex7 Player plug-in or can be used also as expanding library in other Eplex7 DSP's plug-in instruments.

This multi-octave instrument includes techno percussions, drums, fx drums, melodic percussions and more. The sounds are designed mainly for techno, minimal, Detroit techno, Berlin techno, schranz, hard techno, broken beat techno, industrial techno, illegal tekno as well as almost all electronic music styles like Chicago / Detroit house, electro, tech-house, ebm, dark ambient, darkpsy, darkprog, experimental, film music and others.

Techno percussive 1 is modern and easy to use plug-in instrument with multi-octaved / multi- sampled drums and percussions.

The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more.

All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb/Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function. You can use external VST plug-in effects from Eplex7 or other manufacturer to significantly modify all included instruments and create brand new sounds fast and easy.

Ableton M4L XY-Plane Filter 3.2.1

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

"XY-Plane Filter (.amxd file) is 2 dimentional digital complex filter for ableton live.

This M4L device was inspired by the classic Z-Plane filter which can be found on E-mu Morpheus synthesizer."

E-MU Systems Proteus 2500 Command Module

via this auction

"The Proteus 2500 features a built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer, with 16 MIDI channels per track! It offers both linear and pattern based recording, real or step time, analog grid/drum machine style programming and more. Unlike the Proteus 2000, the 2500 has 24-bit DAC outputs instead of 16-bit, for enhanced sound quality. The MIDI processors have also been redesigned and are three times more efficient now than on the Proteus 2000! The 2500 has six audio outputs, S/PDIF digital output and a USB port. This is the most powerful Proteus ever, and will likely be E-mu's flagship synthesizer module for quite some time!"

Breakaway Vocalizer 1000 Voice Controlled Music Synthesizer w/ Cartridges

via this auction

"There are NO cords included with this unit. It does include 1 Rockaway SmartSongs Jam Patterns by David Sparks and 2 brand new sealed Blank Recording Cartridges."

The Vocalizer has built-in, background stereo songs that you can jam along with. These songs, called SmartSongs Jam Patterns, have special, built-in intelligence that automatically activates the Voice Guide, which tells the unit which notes to allow. Voice Guide works exclusively with SmartSongs.

Each SmartSongs Jam Pattern contains drums, bass, and chord patterns. The built-in SmartSongs feature beginnings, middle sections that continually replay, and pre-recorded special finales ("Endings"). Hundreds of SmartSongs Jam Patterns will be available soon on special cartridges.

Pick your favorite instrument (by pressing one of the green buttons) and choose one of the built-in SmartSongs, for example, Rock 1. Now slide your voice's pitch up and down, like a siren. Since Voice Guide is automatically activated, the Vocalizer will turn your vocal sliding into hot instrumental leads."

Roland SYSTEM-100M Model 121 Dual VCF SN 820692

via this auction

Moog Voyager Select Series White Ash & Red Model

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One J-Wire SN 2239

via this auction

Pic of the j-wire keyboard below.

Korg DW-6000 w/ Cassette Tapes

via this auction

"The Korg DW-6000 is a six note polyphonic hybrid synthesizer with two single-cycle digital waveform oscillators and one analogue lowpass filter per voice. As basic material, eight digital wave cycle waveforms were available to the user through a system Korg called DWGS for Digital Waveform Generator System. The DWGS system can be thought of as an early sample playback system where only extremely short, single cycle waveforms are stored on four 256 Kilobit ROM chips, played back through the two digital oscillators and processed by relatively familiar subtractive synthesis facilities. Edit the patch is a typical method for selecting the parameter with a single data slider to increase or decrease the value.

This synth is in very good condition and comes with two Korg tapes."

DETUNERS // Juno-106, Korg Prologue, System-8, TR-808

video by MR TUNA Music

"A MouthCam™ experience!
Some warm and wavy sounds from the Roland Juno-106 and a screamin' lead from the System-8.
Recorded October 2018 in the TUNADOME

See my other stuff:​​ ⬅️⬅️⬅️✨✨✨

Roland Juno-106
Roland System-8
Roland JX-8P
Korg Prologue
Roland TR-8 x2
Roland MX-1 x3
Squarp Pyramid
GoPro Hero 7 Black

trumanproudfoot ( @ )"

What does it mean to RECAP old gear? | Yamaha TX816 in need of help

video by Espen Kraft

"I recently found out that my Yamaha TX816 had bulging capacitors in the power supply. I was a little pressed for time so Anders Jensen stepped in and offered to do it for me. Thanks buddy!

So he shot the complete job and I shot a couple of clips and presto; here is a nice little video for anyone interested in what it takes to actually replace all the capacitors in a power supply. Necessary evil if you want to keep your precious electronics free from harm and enjoy your synths for another 30 years.
Now I "only" have to recap all the different boards as well, but those aren't as critical as the power supply as a bad power rail there can easily fry everything down the line."

Korg SQ-64 Overview and Demo

video by sonicstate

"Korg’s first Sequencer since the SQ-1 - which came out the same time as the MS-20 mini and was a simple 8 step analog affair. The SQ-64 is an altogether different beast.
It appears to take it's inspiration from the 3 melodic tracks and a drum track, like Beatstep and Keystep Pro from Arturia, but the way it addresses them is different.

#soniclab​ #korg​ #sq64​
00:00​ overview
02:53​ Demo Sequence
03:40​ Tracks and MIDI
05:05​ Gate probability and ratchet
06:50​ More track parameters
08:06​ Slides and ratchet types
09:59​ Chords, Poly and Arp mode
13:06​ Pattern gotchas
14:39​ Global settings
16:19​ Loop mode
19:33​ Pattern switching and chaining
21:49​ Controller Mode
22:45​ Summary and Price
25:15​ Outro playout"

RYK Modular - M185 Sequencer

video by SchneidersLaden

"The RYK M185 Sequencer rethinks the concept of 8-step sequencers by adding different options for how every single stage behaves – it can be handled to program ratcheting, short or long gates, pauses or repeats and the like. So, allowing each step to be repeated by up to 8 times and additionally defining how this repetition will be executed, really opened up the initial concept of a simple 8-step sequencer. Each step can perform 8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities: off, one gate on first repetition, gate on every second/third/forth repetition, probability, tied gate. If you set the sequence length to 16 or 32 for example, you can fill these steps with unique patterns in no time.

With the addition of A/B split mode for two separate sequences and implementing MIDI I/O the concept of this sequencer was taken even further. Especially its MIDI capabilities qualify this module to be used with all kinds of synthesizers in your studio, not only your modular.

This video shows you example sequences made with the M185 and some parts show you the process of programming simple to complex sequences. This is a very hands-on module with great potential for creating new ideas quickly and it seems to be ideal for live performances with a tendency to improvisation."

You can find additional M185 posts here.

Korg P3 80's Piano Module + Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo Session


"Korg P3 80's Piano Module + Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo Session

Session with
Korg P3 Piano Module
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo
Yamaha RX21 Digital Rhythm Programmer
Ableton Push"

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

CB55 analog drum machine, 16HP eurorack build

video by Jon Petter Skagmo

CB55 is a DR55 clone pcb from You can find addtional posts featuring the CB55 here.

This one was built by

"CB55 analog drum machine (16 HP)

This one is popular to mount in Eurorack. I started off trying to make a 28 HP module, but i didn't see the needs for all the modifications/pots I planned, and I thought the module was too large, so I started over and made a narrow (16 HP) MIDI enabled module.
Based on the Circuitbenders CB55 analog drum machine PCB
Cut off the entire trigger conditioning circuit and drilled new mounting holes to allow the PCB to be placed vertically behind a Eurorack panel.
Designed a MIDI and sequencer addon with a PIC18, with a switch on the front panel to start/select predefined sequences, and a DIN-5 for MIDI in. This PCB also has the voltage regulators and power connector, as that was chopped off together with the trigger conditioning circuit.
In addition to the standard volume, tone and accent pots, there are individual volume pots and jack outputs for each of the voices.
Panel was milled from the rear side because I needed to machine some pockets for some protuding tabs on the potmeters, and then flipped over to do the engraving."


Patch n Tweak
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