MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Waldorf Nave 70% off Until May 25

via Waldorf

"The award winning wavetable synth plugin NAVE, now updated to support macOS 11.0 "Big Sur" and Apple Silicon Macs

As a synthesizer thoroughbred at heart, Nave really represents a phenomenal playground for sound creation creativity.

Its oscillators offer expanded wavetable functionality with elaborate editing facilities and an extremely effective speech synthesizer.

Use Coupon Code: WA-0521-70N
during checkout to get 70% discount
Valid until May 25"

Can Korg OPSIX Sound Analog? FM Digital Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

""Can Korg OPSIX Sound Analog?"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**No Talking!** ***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn it UP!!!***

I love the Korg OPSIX, I knew I would. Such a DEEP synthesizer.
But don't let that stop you from getting one, NO! This FM synth
was made for EXPLORATION! Incredible digital FM dimensions!
Great job, KORG! Only issue I have with this synth is the MIDI port
is right in the center on the back so I can't use MIDI on my APEX stand.
KORG: move the MIDI ports to the sides so Ultimate Support APEX users
can trigger MIDI to your synths! Just sayin'.....
More video demos of the Korg OPSIX on the way!
(Oh, and maybe some videos of a synth with a "Vintage" knob too!)
Special shout out to BRYAN at GC Fort Collins, CO for being a good sales guy!"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Crystalline Stricture Performance One

video by Mindburner

Short electronic set

01 Waterfall [CS]
02 Rocks And Sand [CS]
03 Matter Of Class [CS]
04 Enemy [RIVAL]

Transcendent 2000 & OSCar.

All Synths Need this Filter Please // Finally doing Sound Design with a Pro 2!!

video by Ricky Tinez

"The Pro 2 has ALWAYS been on my mind, who would make a weird 4 voice digital paraphonic synth with sequencer and analog filters?? Dave Smith would. Sadly these can only be found on the used market now, check some prices here.

**20% of all merch profit go different non-profits fighting global warming**
Synth Merch -
Sample Packs -

00:00 Why Does the Pro 2 Exist
01:50 Quick thank you
02:18 The Filter we all need
05:54 Paraphonic Filter Craziness
08:00 Fine Tuning the Modulation
09:41 Trying to use 5 Envelopes at once
11:50 To Retrig or not to Retrig
13:00 What else Filters like this?
14:03 I should have done this first...
15:12 Outro Jam"

Sequential Prophet 5 rev 4

video by boogie man

"some custom sounds.."

Korg Wavestate - "NewEra" 40 Performances

video by LFOstore

"We are continuing Wavestate soundsets series & now is the time for New Age Sounds!


As a fans of new age music of 90s which influenced on our musical
tastes & style, we made "NewEra" soundset as a sign of respect
of enigmatic musical culture.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author "Stratosphere" for Wavestate.

40 performances ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

From the deep pads & strings to the moving textures & sequences with
ethnic spirit.

Inside of the pack:


Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

ROLAND D-10 (1988)


"The D-10 is a 32 voice Digital Linear Arithmetic Synthesizer (LA Synthesis). The D-10 borrowed the D-50's LA sound generator, and also had multitimbral capability and rhythm machine functions. It has seven types of digital reverb, and the first built-in ROM player.
Keyboard: 61 keys
Polyphony: 32"

Slightly Nasty 4U Modular

This one was spotted and sent in via Martin Gn├Ągi.


Slightly Nasty Modular, Roland MKS-7, and Akai S3000XL
Slightly Nasty Modular - Cinematic Jam
Slightly Nasty Modular - Techno Jam
Five Video Game Covers in Five Minutes
The Model 1011 Discrete VCO
Slightly Nasty Modular Jam
Pit Bull DM-1S - Metal Demo
Slightly Nasty Modular - 8 bar sequence jam
Slightly Nasty modular - dirty cyberpunk bass

Current module line-up via

Kosmische Drohne May 21, 2021

video by SynthMania

" Studio-88 'Brigitta' drone & lead
ARP Solina String Ensemble through Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone
Strymon TimeLine tape echo effect"

Stringer 3.0 - Solina, Logan, Pink Floyd Shine On!

video by virtualoberheim

"Demo of the SonicProjects Stringer 3.0 virtual String machine. All heard sounds are coming directly from the stereo output of Stringer with no external effects involved.

The sampled machines:

- Logan String Melody II
- ARP Omni 2
- Welson Symphony

For the sampling hi-end Apogee Rosetta AD converters (clock jitter less than 22ps) were used which results in unparalleled depth and 3-dimensional feel.

The loop lenghts are up to 4 seconds matching the original beats so that no looping at all can be heard.

The first version of Stringer was released in September 2006 introducing the dual sample engine design.

ROLAND JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer

via this auction

Studio Electronics Omega 8

via this auction

"7 voice w/ Arp 2600 + CS80 filters
And Moog + Ob standard"

1980's Korg Poly-61 SN 724203

video by Twisted Grid Studio

"Function overview of an excellent / near mint condition Poly-61."

via this auction

Roland SH-1 SN 721388

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 SN 310446 w/ Mod Grip & Extras

via this auction

Isla Instruments S2400 SN 0621

via this auction

AKAI AX60 Synthesizer - Ambient Soundscape w/ Eventide Timefactor | Analog Synth Demo

video by synth4ever

"Akai AX60 analog synthesizer demo, featuring ambient pads and soundscape created with Eventide Timefactor delay pedal. In this Akai AX60 synth demo I use bi-timbral mode and the Eventide Timefactor to create nice spacious delays while performing over a slow arpeggiator.

This ambient synth music track is titled "Levitate" and reminds me of floating through the clouds, hence the video footage throughout. The Akai AX60 is a versatile analog synth and can create some lush ambient soundscapes. It is very easy to tweak across both layers in bi-timbral mode, and this opens up new sound design possibilities.

Hope you enjoy the music and demo."

SEM Module in TVS

video by SSM Curtis

"a dry reference sound of an original SEM Module"

RH Electronics Prophet 5 Voice block diagram

video by RH Electronics

"More information on the voice and modulation routing signal paths.
This has Poly Mod similar to the original prophet 5, wheel mod and LFO."

See the RH Electronics label below for more.

Cheapo Boss DR55?? the Sound Master MEMORY RHYTHM SR88


"Jupiter Rising" with Hydrasynth / Grandmother / Nord A1 / System 8 / Mopho / Minibrute 2

video by Denis Polic

"Have enough of ambient tracks, now comes some 140 bpm 90`s style kind of techno track.

Cheers and peace on Earth!!!"

Fenix IV stand demo

video by This Is Not Rocket Science

"Simple video demonstrating how to assemble the Fenix IV bamboo stand.
Legs and all.

We know the audio is off in the begining - but it was shot on a phone and let's just say that videomaking is not our specialty :-p"

Mystery Drum Machine Post Update

I missed adding the link in the previous post. You can find the updated post here. Apologies for that. Posting this for those interested.

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