MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 6, 2021

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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Aquifex - Lyra-8 and JD-Xi live demo

video by SynthAddict

"Just having a quick noodle on the Lyra-8 while the JD-Xi cranks away. It’s not always for ambient stuff, it can get quite gnarly."

Penumbra | Ambient pad demo Roland System 8 (Jupiter 8 plug-out)

video by MIDERA

"Here is a pad sound I made using the Roland System 8 Jupiter 8 plug out. There's a lot going on with the patch and maybe this is just not the best representation of the System 8. I don't know. I uploaded it anyway, I suppose. This track does NOT use any external FX, except for some slight EQ and limiting (which I just usually apply to everything). I go through and modify the cross-modulation, pitch envelope knob, internal FX, etc.

I gotta say - I really think the Jupiter 8 is probably one of the best plug-outs, although no one else seems to like it as much as I do. I'm not sure why. I prefer the arpeggiator too. I wish all the other ones had a 'random' mode. I prefer that to the step type that they mostly use. Anyway, I'm mostly happy with it, but I don't consider the System 8 as one of my favorites. I really dislike the fact that there's no stereo panning. I feel like that would have gone a long way for me, but instead I'm forced to just use the Pan delay. Why... why couldn't they add this feature, even just into the system 8 OS?

I guess it's a somewhat small gripe, considering there are other things that annoy me about the System 8. The first being that if your voice gets cut off by a subsequent note, you hear an audible click. This is the worst in the System 8 OS with FM. I don't like that. The green color looks pretty bad. I'm never very inspired to sit in from the of the System 8. If it looked like it does in my video - I'd love that I suppose, but it doesn't. It's a sharp green suitable for goblins."

Ultrafast Demo: 60 Opsix sounds in 12 minutes

video by JEXUS a.k.a. WC Olo Garb - synths!

"No talking demo of Korg Opsix. Sounds & video editing by Jexus - WC Olo Garb. I did not use any external FX. All the delays, reverbs, flangers, sound deformations & noises are part of the Opsix engine / mod matrix. No layering, just splits in some patches.

WERSI BASS SYNTHESIZER AP-6 | Analog Synthesizer 1977 | HD DEMO

video by AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2021 by AnalogAudio1

Lexicon MPX500 for reverb effects and Korg SDD-3000 delay were used.

The Wersi Bass Synthesizer (Model AP-6) is a weird analog monophonic synthesizer from Germany. Very uncommon controls, uncommon behaviour. You never know if it works as it should. Funny after all. You can combine waveforms with different footages. The filter is a bit of a joke (called Wah-Wah), but the synth has a nice and brave vintage tone. Beware, it's not exactly an acid monster :-)"

1975 Elka Rhapsody 610 quick demo

video by Valmont

"A simple string machine from the mid 70s, with the usual technologies of that time: a master top-octave oscillator, and frequency dividers making each key's pitch for the 61 sound generators boards.
The voices are then summed in a double chorus: one slow delay line, and one fast - both synchronized making regular phasing cycles.
Funny thing with these octave-dividers machines is that all the notes aren't perfectly "in tune". The first models had some key-pitch variations up to 10 cents from a traditionnal tempered keyboard! The rev.2 had a better pitch division, with pitch variation up to 2 cents, witch is pretty unnoticeable for common ears.

0:02 - Strings + Piano + Clavichord
0:14 - Violoncello + Strings
0:41 - Piano + Clavichord (with phaser)
1:08 - Violoncello + Strings (with phaser)"

generative sunday afternoon | verbos harmonic osc | morphagene | disting ex

video by Elinch

generative modular music 🎧

soundsources ///
make noise morphagene with buchla easel command real
expert sleepers dinsting ex piano
verbos harmonic oscillator

sound treatments ///
zvex lofi junky
mutable instruments clouds

recorded live with tascam dr 100.
for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

#buchla #makenoisemorphagene #buchlaeaselcommand

Roland Juno 6, Juno 106 & Jupiter 6 analog synth lockdown demo session

video by T O N E L A B

"All sounds generated by the Roland Juno 6, Juno 106 & Jupiter 6 + effects & EQ.

In roman mythology, Juno was ‘the Queen of Gods’ and the wife of the supreme deity Jupiter. She is also the daughter of Saturn and the mother of Mars. The month of June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno and celebrates the marriage of the two protectors of Rome (No wonder June is a popular month for weddings!) but, since I’m not married.. and stuck in lockdown.. I think it’s a good opportunity to demonstrate exactly what amazing and versatile synths these are.

I’ll be doing a stack of short demos with various effects and recorded in 24Bit / 48kHz WAV format. These demos will be made available for a small purchase price into sample packs, but more like sample ‘stems’ really..

All sounds are from the #Juno6 #Juno106 & #Jupiter6 + some reverb and some delays from Soundboy 'Echoboy' and H-Delay from Waves + some Bricasti M7 Reverb & EQ."

SynthFest France Live Performances


Caminauta Live from Uruguay | SynthFest France 2021
Lyli J - Live at Home | SynthFest France 2021
Concert Olivier Delevingne aka Overdrive | SynthFest 2021
.LiMA Concert From Austria | SynthFest France 2021
Boodaman - Twins From Lima - Modular performance | SynthFest 2021
Animeitid - Studio FĂ©erique Live from Paris | SynthFest France 2021
AstroVoyager - New Live tracks Premiere from an unknown world | SynthFest 2021
Odalie - DFAM, Dominion & Modular jam | SynthFest 2021
Panic Girl Live from Munich | SynthFest France 2021
Sacha Ketterlin - Concert from Berlin | SynthFest 2021
Kosima Livestream Concert | SynthFest France 2021
Modular-Station - Potar Anar - Vertige | SynthFest France 2021
TouellSkouarn - Mutatrophine | SynthFest 2021

Update: Kosima, Modular-Station, & TouellSkouarn added to the playlist.

Tribute to Chris Huggett - Laurent Pelletier / Chris Calcutt / Paul Wiffen | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Présentation Prophet 5 vintage / Prophet 10 rev4 | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Meeting with David Friend, ARP co-founder | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Présentation ARP 2600 FS / ARP 2600 M | SynthFest 2021
video by SynthFest France

KORG mini700 FS world premiere by Fumio Mieda-san | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

KORG mini700 FS avec Michel Deuchst et Philippe Brodu | SynthFest 2021
video by SynthFest France

KORG modwave world premiere presentation | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

KORG modwave posts

Mos-Lab E-mu Modular System world premiere | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

DĂ©monstration MODOR | SynthFest France 2021

video by SynthFest France

DĂ©monstration SynthR3 | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

DĂ©monsrtration NRSynth Big Ancestor / Ancestor / Retro-one | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

DĂ©monstration Baloran - The Pool | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Alpharack - ContrĂ´leurs MIDI | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Harpe Laser V2 | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Roland Fantom 2.10 - Promo | SynthFest France 2021

video by SynthFest France

Arturia PolyBrute - Trucs et astuces | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

Maxed Out Kurzweil K2500RS SN 4796110S0572

via this auction

"One of iconic samplers with powerful DSP filters/processing, VAST technology, last OS 5.01 installed.
Almost fully loaded, except expensive/rare RAM preset memory (what`s not problem with HD).
200 base sounds and 3 banks (~450 sounds) onboard just after Power On.


- sampling board (what also mean «leave mode» and vocoder)
- 128 mB memory
- digital AES/EBU in/out, optical in/out.

- piano ROM board
- World/Contemporary ROM board
- orchestra ROM board
- organ Live mode KB-3 board

- and most cool xtra option - FX processing board KDFX what mean max configuration, demand installed OS5.01, and which changes sound in radikal way vs stock effects.
Same board used in Kurzweil KSP-8 effect processor, and which had pricetag $1200 at release days (and is very rare on today as well as K2500RS with KDFX installed).
Nice condition, fan, LCD, encoder and buttons working perfectly.
Original 5 FDDs will be included (OS 5.01 and KDFX firmware what mean FDD is working since these updates can be installed from FDDs only).
Paper manuals for K2500RS and KDFX."

Roland JD-990 SN ZE92645

via this auction

The JD-990 is essentially a rackmount version of the JD-800 with some differences. See this post for details and a demo.

"Classic and legendary Roland WAV/DCM/PCM synthesis, perfect pads, leads, bass, plucks, leads. Nice for hip-hop, ambient, house, synthi pop.

8 audio outs. Can be extended by alot of deducated Roland cards, JV80, JD800.

Updated with last OS 1.05.

Nice condition, LCD, encoder and buttons working perfectly, paper reference manual."

MI Ambika Vs Valhalla Delay

video by BoBSwanS

"I just did a little screencapture noodle with my Ambika and Valhalla Delay.
I got the Valhalla delay recently and I love it so much.
the Ambika is sequenced with Bouncy Notes from The "Inspired by Nature" pack From Dillon Bastan, Available in Ableton Live."

How to Sync miRack on iOS to Digitakt (...and then beatmaking!)

video by Electronisounds Audio


Moog Grandmother Dark ARPs to Infinity Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Polyphonic Module Synthesizer SN HSDR20430070

via this auction

Yamaha CS-5 Vintage Analogue Synth

via this auction

"Full size keys, single VCO (square and saw) with PWM and glide, pitch bend, noise, LFO, Resonant VCF (High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass), VCA and ADSR envelope generator. Also has a sample and hold circuit along with an external in, which are quite unusual for this type of mono synth. Running external gear (guitars sound great) or audio through the filter sounds really good.

External trigger knob has broken off but the control and circuit are still fully functional and easy enough to adjust. This and a few cosmetic blemishes aside, it’s in perfect working order....impressive considering it’s older than me!"

KORG MS-10 SN 137564 w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"the 2 wooden sides are made by a professional cabinetmaker
People say that MS10 is half of an MS20 it's true but not really it's not that simplistic.
the MS10 has its own character especially on external signals (the main interest of korg MS) they are both complementary"

Waldorf Microwave MK1 V2 OS SN 901197

via this auction

"Just upgraded to OS Version 2.

The Mark 1 Microwave is fatter and sonically better than a Microwave Mk2, using different chips and the same wavetable and VCF engine as the mighty Waldorf WAVE."

The Microwave 2 & XT have multi-mode digital filters while the MK1 has analog filters, so it's more of a trade-off. Two different but similar synths.

Fricko Articulators: Blat and Clean

video by Rick Jelliffe

"A quick introduction to Fricko DIY Eurorack modules, with brief audio demo.
Blat and Clean are modules for better articulation, of the ilk of envelope generators. Blat is aimed for breath or wind controller players to make more assertive dynamics; Clean is aimed at keyboard, sequence and automated players to allow sinuous but non-slushy lines: tenuto."

Polyphonic synthesizer, first steps with DaisySeed (DIY MIDI module based on STM32, no arduino yet)

video by Marcel Licence

Timeline (description and resource links below) Intro: (0:00) Overview: (0:50) Hardware: (1:36) (Basic)Oscillator: (1:52) VariableSawOscillator: (4:02) VariableShapeOscillator: (5:17) Delay: (6:41) ReverbSc: (7:48) Unisono: (8:32) Chorus: (9:12) Overdrive: (9:48) Tremolo: (12:31) Outro: (13:06) "I've started trying out the Daisy™ Seed from electro-smith. It's an embedded platform using the STM32 as a microcontroller including DAC, external RAM etc. To get a first impression I've created a little polyphonic synthesizer project using the Open Source DSP Library (DaisySP). In addition to that some voice processing etc. was required to get the synth working. At the moment I do not have a direct comparison to the ESP32. It is compatible with arduino but you can also just program with your C++ editor. The STM32 board library has been updated in arduino recently and caused compiling issues. Now I just worked with a makefile based project to get it running. I think soon an arduino implementation would be also possible. Finally the sources are basically the same (arduino does just the multi file compilation magic) References:"

Electrosmith Daisy posts

How To Expand Bastl Kastle & Volca Modular Using A Breadboard

video by ChrisLody

"Disclaimer: Please note there is always the risk that external mods may damage you equipment, if you are not comfortable with this risk then do not attempt these tips. You have been warned.

This will show you how you can make solder-less and fairly easy external expansions and mods for the Bastl Kastle and the Volca Modular. This video was supposed to be a quickie believe it or not, but turned out longer than I thought it would.

It covers some basic electronics using mostly passive parts. I may make another video about using logic chips etc to spice up these machines."

Shawn Rudiman and the Roland TR-606 Drumatix Drum Machine (with Roland Boutique TR-06 Performance)

video by RolandChannel

"Pittsburgh techno luminary, Shawn Rudiman, is no stranger to electronic musical instruments. In fact, he's probably jammed with most of them over his +30 year career. On June 6th—606 Day—we caught up with him at Synthdrome: his expansive, hand-assembled studio. There, he waxed in the Roland TR-606 Drumatix drum machine and took its 21st-century progeny, the Roland Boutique TR-06, for a test drive with his newly-minted modular synthesizer wall."

Patch n Tweak
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