MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, July 2, 2021

Friday, July 02, 2021

Game Of Thrones Theme Music - 80's Synth Remix Jam

video upload by Luke Million

"If Game Of Thrones was an 80’s TV show, I assume the theme music written by Ramin Djawadi would sound something like this...

Synths used:

Solina String Ensemble
Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus
Korg MS20
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland SH2
SCI Prophet 5 Rev 3.3
Roland Juno 6
Arp Odyssey Mk1
Yamaha CP70b"

ARP Jam with Dina Pearlman / David Baron / Renee Hikari at Sun Mountain

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"From a little jam on Tuesday June 29...celebrating the return of my father's Pro Soloist back from Alison Stout / Bell Tone Synth works and some fun was had... with David Baron and Renee Hikari at Sun Mountain Studios!"

PlayGround3: KORG Opsix, Volca Kick & Beats, MS20m, Delta and ARP Odyssey mini

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Live JAM with Korg Opsix, Volca Kick & Volca Beats, MS20m, Delta, ARP Odyssey mini, Arturia Keystep Pro, Dreadbox Komorebi & Lethargy, B.Box RM103 & Modulation Delay and EHX BassBalls"

Arturia Flanger BL-20: Demo and Tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We present a detailed demo and tutorial of Arturia's Flanger BL-20 effect plug-in. It is a recreation of the rare Bel BF-20 Stereo Flanger from the 1970s. We cover each of the parameters individual as well as some of the factory presets.

00:29 Background and history of flangers
01:41 The basic interface of the Arturia Flanger BL-20
02:21 A simple electric piano example
03:24 A detailed look at the main panel parameters
05:50 Advanced panel
09:35 An example with the Buchla Red Panel dual oscillator
10:28 Factory presets using the Arturia MicroFreak as a source

'Based on a beloved studio classic, Flanger BL-20 is unpredictable and inspiring in equal measure, pushing the familiar jet-engine effect into endless modulation territory.'

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer+audio tutorials and other content. Patreon:

CatSynth TV Arturia posts

Intellijel Atlantis

via this auction

"All bow to the Atlantis.. it is an amazing piece of gear, Eric is mad I'm letting go of it. *Flat Eric not included"

Audiothingies Micromonsta 2 Polyphonic V/A Synthesizer

via this auction

"Great little bi-timbral virtual analog synth with a very nice reverb and delay built in.

Fat sounding thick and can be aggressive. Best of all you can layer all 12 voices or have two 6 voice patches going at once!

Made in France and already sold out!"

Oberheim Xpander w/ Flight Case

via this auction

Roland System 100 101

via this auction

HYDRASYNTH: Patch Scratch with Matthew Allen

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Matthew Allen gives Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) a thorough tutorial on how to program and save his first patch on the ASM Hydrasynth.

The HYDRASYNTH Desktop / Rack has the same great sound engine as the HYDRASYNTH Keyboard. The sound engine is a sound designers dream synth as well as a performing musicians ideal. The sound engine is designed for maximum flexibility. At the same time, we designed the user interface in a way to allow you to edit the patch quickly with a minimal amount of paging and many workflow shortcuts.

Utilizing an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel, the tone generating capabilities are unmatched.

Order yourself an ASM Hydrasynth here:
Demo by: Matthew Piecora and Matthew Allen
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Fun with Arps Vol3: Moog Subsequent 37, Sequential Prophet Rev2 & Arturia PolyBrute

video upload by Lost Clouds

"I'm away from my main setup for a little while, so every week for the next few weeks I'll be releasing some old videos I recorded where I'm jamming out over some arps from the Rev2 or Sub37 (this time the Rev2!) with the Sub37 or Rev2 (this time the Sub37!), and this time with a little help from the Polybrute! This is the third and last in the series - the Sub37 is nothing but a basic saw wave running through Valhalla Shimmer (and yet it still sounds glorious??), and the Polybrute is playing some heavily modulated pads that I think used the onboard phaser."

Erica Synths SYNTRX | Ambient

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Metropolix - version 1.3 - Preset Chaining, BPM modulation and More

video upload by Intellijel

"The Metropolix multi-track performance sequencer has now been updated to version 1.3. This update adds comprehensive Preset Chaining, BPM modulation, CTRL knob output routing, and several other bug fixes and enhancements.

Teletype and Just friends | it was practically magic

video upload by patchesinblue

"first time using i2c to have the Monome teletype speak to Whimsical Raps just friends. i started studying and got distracted

the MakeNoise mimeophon is there to preserve and repeat the history of what was said; occasionally; like little echoes of memories that surface suddenly, often blurring the lines between what was said and what was meant and understood

the er-301 adds grains of weariness from having to listen and remember

the Hologram Electronics microcosm creates much needed space to breathe

Thank you to vecteezy for their bird vectors that helped me created the animation"

Seventy Two | Gradient Instruments Sputter | Happy Birthday Todd Barton!

video upload by Todd Barton

"Woohoo! I'm turning 72 today. I actually love getting older: richer in friends, family, musics and listenings . . ."

video upload by Todd Barton

"Awesome new instrument from the infinitely creative & curious minds of Ryan Gaston and Sarah Belle Reid! Loving this instrument.
More info at
Also checkout Sarah's Patreon at"

KORG Releases miniKORG 700FS Sound Librarian

via KORG

"We are happy to announce the release of the miniKORG 700FS Sound Librarian. The miniKORG 700FS Sound Librarian lets you view and organize data on the miniKORG 700FS connected to a computer via USB, and transfer sound data back and forth between the miniKORG 700FS and the computer.

To use the miniKORG 700FS Sound Librarian, you need a USB cable, and a USB-capable Windows / Mac computer."

Pretty interesting when you think about it. An editor for a KORG 700S.

Synthesizer improvisation - Soma Lyra 8

video upload by KeyMusic

전체화면으로 설정하면 크게 보실 수 있어요
Lyra 16 & Folktek 의 조합

Super6 vs Jupiter6 // Vintage Classic vs Modern Evolution

video upload by Starsky Carr

"There's been a lot of chat about how the Super 6 looks like an evolution of the Jupiter 6 or at least heavily inspired by it. So I thought I'd put them to the test. How close are they? Well just as the Super 6 has plenty of functionality the Jupiter can't touch... the Jupiter 6 also has some tricks up its sleeve."

Introducing the Behringer 2500 Series Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027

video upload by Behringer

"With our 2500 series nearing completion, we introduce the CLOCKED SEQUENTIAL CONTROL MODULE 1027.

The 1027 module is an 8-position step sequencer module from the legendary 2500 series.

As with all our 2500 series modules, the 1027 is an authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the historic 1970’s system.

The 1027 has 8 rows of 3 controls which provide 3 independently adjustable voltage outputs for each step of the counter and is fitted with a built-in base generator, allowing the sequencer to step automatically.

The 1027 can be used to control other 2500 series modules including the 1026 Preset Voltages or 1050 Mix Sequencer modules.

If you’re simply wanting to add an authentic 2500 series style sequencer to your setup, the 1027 is fully Eurorack compatible, allowing for connectivity with any compatible +12 volt and - 12 volt modules.

List Price: $149 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)"

Bad Gear - Novation X-Station - All in one Home Studio???

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Novation X-Station controller keyboard and synthesizer. Can this zero years All in one Home Studio still hold up?"

AudioPilz Bad Gear

Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer 1992

via this auction

"ROLAND JD-800 programmable synthesizer, in exceptional cosmetic condition and excellent operational condition, all sliders, switches and pots work 100%. The B key on the last octave needs cleaning, probably it's one small leftover of the red glue that has been already removed on the keybed."

Blacet Research Audio Synth Modules

via this auction

"Blacet Research Audio Synth Modules, set of 6, FRAC Rack compatible, with 15v power supply. Everything powers up and is working just fine, but see detailed description below. FRAC rack modules are sized the same as Eurorack and API 500 series, but have 15v power requirement. The sale here includes a complete analog synth set, with the power supply. One of the six modules though (the chaos noise module) does not have a power supply base connector, so some electrical wiring is needed to power that one. The included power supply here has leads that plug directly into each of the other five modules, so those five are ready to "plug and play." Your on your own though as far as figuring out how to power up the Dark Star Chaos module.

Manuals for operating each of the six modules are included.

I believe you can mount these modules in a number of different types of racks. I used a 3-unit 19" wide audio rack, plus I had rails with mounts for the modules and rack ears to attach to that standard 19" audio rack. No mounting material is included with this sale, but it's easy enough to get that stuff. Check at if you have doubts.

From, you can get more info. Here is a general comment from their FAQ:


Roland GR-700 MIDI Guitar Synth

via this auction

Red Sound Systems EleVAta Desktop/Rack Analog Synth

via this auction

InfraDeep PVX-800 Polivoks synth module

video upload by John Schussler

"When you need some good growl, you need Polivoks. Here's an example from InfraDeep, a new maker out of Siberia, Russia."

Blue model via this auction where I spotted the video above.

"Duophonic compact analog synthesizer. It designed to integrate seamlessly into any performance or computer-based music workflow. PVX-800 sound engine uses a original circuit design ideas of a incredible Polyvox analog synthesizer from USSR. And also synthesizer has 1mm solid steel enclosure."

Studio Electronics SE-1X Angel Dust Nova Edition

ANGEL video upload by accordoTV

Note the demo above is from 2011. It was in the listing below and apparently it was never featured on the site. You can find additional posts featuring accordoTV here.

via this auction

Oberheim SEM & Output Module

SEM via this auction

"Pristine and 100% working Oberheim SEM module for TVS 4VS 8VS Oberheim system. Original SEM module, not the re-issue."

Output module via this auction

"Impossible to find, and a must-have to build your own 4/8VS unit."

Pics of the inside/back side for each below.

Pearl Syncussion SY-1 SN 511587

via this auction

"Very hard to find in this cosmetic condition. It's the best-sounding drum machine IMO. The sound is very reminiscent of EMS synthi."

Yamaha SY-2 with Legs and Lid.

via this auction

"Sounds gorgeous, for me, it's the best 'preset' analog monophonic synthesizer, due to its versatility and multimode filter (missing in the older brother SY-1)."

Note the Happy Moog record/LP in the background.

Roland Promars Compuphonic Analog Mono Synthesizer

via this auction

"Roland Promars Compuphonic Analog Mono Synthesizer

This synth sounds incredible!

If you're looking for the classic sounds of the 70's this will do it.

It has a mean low end and it's incredible for leads.

It has a new memory battery installed so you can save patches.

Everything works as it should and it's in good physical condition.

Some dents and dings but nothing immediately noticeable."

MODOR DR-2 + DigiLog Microne : techno

video upload by Freaky Tweaky


Hauntology Techno with a Soviet Wire Recorder

video upload by HAINBACH

"I realize I am obsessed with the tone of old recording equipment such as tape and wire recorders, because it adds a feeling of 'realness': instruments or voices sound like news broadcasts, interrogation room recordings or nature documentaries. It is like moving things into a past they never had, creating something new in the process. The MN61 wire recorder adds that sound to the main Juno60 line here, as well as other instruments.
You can have a go at this sound in a rather post-modern capitalist twist by buying my plugin 'Wires', an emulation of the MN61:"

Patch n Tweak
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