MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Moog Matriarch: The Tenth Passing - coming back around

video upload by MIDERA

"Tonight I sat in my studio, making patches on my Yamaha AN1x (and getting a bit bored of the tedium of trying to make patches). I decided to switch on the Matriarch and just mess around with it. If there's one thing I love about the Matriarch, it's the strange types of arps and sequences you can come up with the independent oscillators that can independently be switched to different octaves. It's just so easy to come up with interesting sequences with it. The ratchet feature is also one that cannot be ignored - really, more sequencers need a 'ratchet' feature. The only other sequencer with this feature that I own is the Toraiz Squid.

Anyway, this is long over-due. I had originally planned to record 10 videos of the Matriarch by itself, but stopped for some reason after the 9th (on October 6th, 2020). Why I stopped then, I don't really know. Ah, yes, I remember. The Prophet 5/10 reissue came out around then and I started wondering what I should part with to make room (hint: I parted with nothing).

Anyway, Eventide Blackhole VST was used for reverb."

Matriarch & MIDERA

MYSTIC FREQUENCIES - Spectrum Synth Test 5

video upload by Mystic Frequencies

This appears to be a ROLI based setup.

"A new test of our upcoming Spectrum Synthesizer. This is Test #5.
Now 6 octaves and 1 manual at the moment, we are still waiting for more parts to arrive. This will eventually be 2 manuals of 6 octaves each and each manual will have a set of expression pads as you see above the keys."

video upload by Mystic Frequencies

"A new test of our upcoming Spectrum Synthesizer.
Only 4 octaves and 1 manual at the moment, we are still waiting for more parts to arrive. This will eventually be 2 manuals or 6 octaves each and each manual will have a set of expression pads as you see above the keys.
Audio in this cup from Roli Studio Player running on a 2013 Mac Pro."

Yamaha CP25 + Audio Damage ENSO looper.

video upload by Joseph McGinty

"Just having a little improv with the Yamaha CP25 and the Audio Damage ENSO looper. It's a bit loose and sloppy, but I was holding the camera with my left hand and trying to demonstrate the different sounds available.

The CP25 was originally sold back in 1981, and is fully electronic, not electro-mechanical, like a Rhodes or a Wurlitzer. Still, you can get pretty close to a Rhodes or a Wurli, and you can also get some cool clavinet, harpsichord, organ and vibe sounds.

Drums are a simple loop from the AudioThing SR-88, an inexpensive drum machine plug-in. Recorded straight into my phone camera.


MOOG MODULAR IIIP + SEQUENCER COMPLEMENT B - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale.

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Update: video re-uploaded.

EMW Modular Synthesizer Jam

video upload by EMW Synthesizers

"The true analog sound from our modular system.

Metrika Balcazar Live

video upload by Pepe Mogt

"Metrika + Balcazar Live
Una sesión de música electrónica en La Rumorosa

Para ver sesiones de otros artistas entra a este link

Film by Pepe Mogt

in collaboration with Born In México"

And one with a vintage Oberheim SEM w/ custom expander.

Pepe Mogt + Ramón Amezcua Live

video upload by Pepe Mogt

"We take our machines to a remote place in Punta Brava(Baja California) to jam with our music.

A production of the label and Booking BORN IN MEXICO and Casa-Club.

Video Director Pepe Mogt
Production by Marco Arce

Camera 1 Carlos Leyva
Camera 2 Don Trini
Drone 1 Carlos Leyva
Drone 2 César Fernández

Music By
Pepe Mogt+Ramón Amezcua fro Nortec Collective"

Couple of screen grabs from the video. Resolution limited by the video. Note the Oberheim SEM w/ custom DIY expander.

KORG MODWAVE Review // vs Wavestate // 70 presets // Full wavetable synthesis tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:45 vs Wavestate
6:40 Build
7:20 Editor
9:15 Workflow
11:00 Wavetables
13:20 Morph
14:15 Modifiers
15:10 A/B blend
16:30 Samples
17:30 FM/AM/Ring
18:20 Osc env/LFO
19:05 Sub/noise
19:50 Sequencing
20:40 Pitch
22:05 Timing
23:25 Motion seq
24:35 Shape lane
26:10 Misc seq
27:30 Mod matrix
30:00 Kaoss physics
33:15 Filter
34:30 Envelopes
36:00 LFO
37:20 Effects
39:40 Randomize
40:45 Misc features
41:50 Pros & cons
44:35 70 presets

The Tony Banks Interview

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"A Conversation between Tony Banks of Genesis with Dina Pearlman (d'ARP) of The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation discussing the use of ARP Synthesizers in Tony's work with Genesis.

Join us for a watch party at 4:30 EST, where Tony Banks discusses synthesizers, key changes, and his fondness for playing in 7/4 time... not to be missed!"

Line 6 Filter Pro, Mod Pro, & Echo Pro Rack Effects Units

Filter Pro Programmable Filters & Monophonic Synths with MIDI Sync via this auction

Mod Pro Programmable Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Vibe, Rotary, Phaser via this auction

Echo Pro Programmable Delay & Loop Sampler with MIDI Sync via this auction

Pro 3: A Deeper Dive – Tuned Feedback, Mod Matrix, and Effects

video upload by Sequential

"Julian (J3PO) Pollack continues his 3-part YouTube series covering the Pro 3."

Follow-up to The Pro 3 Sound – VCOs, Wavetables, And 3 Filters

Julian (J3PO) Pro 3 posts

Korg Wavestate - Beautiful Internal Performances #2

video upload by LFOstore

"We are a big fans of Wavestation/Wavestate synthesizers!

Thats why we made so many sounds for this wonderful machines:

All our collection is almost 300 handcrafted presets!
Check all links in the description.

But also we are inspired with the performances Korg made itself & suggesting the most great ones - in this video!


ESK - Yamaha VL1 + Elektron Digitone Jam

video upload by Metunar

"Jamsession with the Yamaha VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer (Physical Modeling) and the Elektron Digitone (FM). The solo sounds are from the Yamaha VL1.
Direct recording with mastering."

DSP56300 Emulator to Bring Emulations of Classic Access, Clavia, Waldorf, and Novation Synths

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child who had the following to say:

"This is a pretty big deal for synthesizer preservation. These folks have been working on an emulator of the Motorola chip which was used in a lot of synths from the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. According to their discord, the early focus is to get single DSP synths up and running first, so the Virus, MicroQ, and Microwave XT. Multi DSP synths like the Q, SuperNova and Nord Leads coming in the future."


"We are a group of people who are currently Reverse Engineering and Emulating the Motorola DSP563xx

This DSP has been used in plenty of virtual analogue synthesizers and other musical gear that was released after around the mid 90s, such as Access Virus A, B, C, TI / Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Waldorf Q, Microwave II / Novation Supernova, Nova and many others.

Here is the full list of synths we are looking to use inside of our emulator

Waldorf MW2/XT Motorola 56303 x1
Waldorf microQ Motorola 56303 x1
Waldorf Q Motorola 56303 (2x synth engine, 1x fx unit) x3
Clavia Micro Modular Motorola 56303 x1
Clavia Nord Modular Motorola 56303 x4
Clavia Nord Lead 3 Motorola 56362 x6
Novation SuperNova Motorola 56303 x1
Novation Nova 5x Motorola 56362 (synth engine), and 1x Motorola 56303 (fx unit) x6
Korg MS2000 Motorola 56362 x1
Korg Microkorg Motorola 56362 x1
Access Virus A Motorola 56303 x1
Access Virus B 1st rev “S” uses Motorola 56303, 2nd rev “T” a Motorola 56311 x1
Access Virus C Motorola 56362 x1
Access Virus TI Snow Freescale 56367 x1
Access Virus TI Freescale 56367 x2
Access Virus TI2 Freescale 56367. Later models used 56321 x2"

Buchla Dual 288r experiment

video upload by Todd Barton

"experimenting with two 288r Time Domain Processors and sending different CVs to Time of the first TDP for different rhythmic shapes/gestures.
My Patreon:"

Todd Barton 288r demos

Tukra Video Manual - Part 1

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

You can find additional details on Tesseract Modular's Tukra here.

"Finally, the first installment of the much anticipated Tukra Manual!
Time Index below!

The Tukra by Tesseract is a trigger sequencer, sample player and drum synth with a unique user interface.

Stay Noisy!

Behringer RD-9 Doing Slower Tempo

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

The Behringer RD-9 Rhythm Designer drum machine just rolled in the door.
Today I'm showing 3 little vignettes of what it sounds like doing slower tempo stuff with SH-101, TD-3 and some eurorack stuff.

3 parts:
0:00 90 bpm w/ Roland SH-101. I put fx processing on some of the individual outs. You might like headphones or monitors to get the full sound.
1:18 80 bpm w/ Eurorack + Keystep Pro. RD-9 through Big Sky then DBX 160A compressor
3:01 100 bpm w/ TD-3. RD-9 low tom getting lo-shelf at mixer then Reverb + Delay. Some use of Probability and note-repeat (ratchet) on the closed hats.

The wave designer features were not used.
No mastering or post processing. This recording could have used some.
The RD-9 definitely has punchy transients, I kept turning my record
level down but still peaking my Tascam DR-05. So the average level
sounds kinda low to me."

G-Storm Electro links:

Play the Stylophone S1 through the GEN X-1 - S1 Delay

video upload by Stylophone

"Try this simple trick to create a drone sound with a Stylophone Gen X-1!"

07 06 21 Synton Fenix 2 & 3

video upload by batchas

"Main sound: Phaser in feedback mode being sequenced."

You can find additional Synton Fenix demos by batchas here.

PikoPiko Prophet-Mini Update

video upload by PikoPiko Factory ピコピコファクトリー

PikoPiko Prophet-Mini Prophet-5 from this previous post.

"Barbara Asuka will explain the mission and vision of PikoPiko Factory.

In the second half, Synth-senpai will give a technical explanation of the Prophet-mini."

The following is a playist of Prophet-Mini production videos from PikoPiko Factory:

KAWAI K5000W Advanced Additive Workstation Synthesizer SN 591350

via this auction

Elka Synthex SN 1023

via this auction

"Refurbished Synthex in perfect working order. It is obviously 220V so I've included a step up / step down voltage converter for use in North America.

The ONLY cosmetic issue with this unit is that the knob on the joystick is missing but the joystick is fully functional. I've posted a picture here.

Also includes Anvil case."

Mutable Instruments Shrolca 2019 Black

via this auction

"All the goodness of the digital/analogue hybrid synth, the Mutable Instruments Shruthi, now packed into a Korg Volca form factor with an added capacitive touchplate keyboard."

You can find some demos in previous posts here.

Access Virus Rack XL

via this auction

"Fantastic and rare 1U rackmount version of the Virus C! Unit is in fantastic shape for its age! A few instances of rack rash here and there, as you can see in the photos. Latest OS installed. Works perfectly"

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer SN 304000 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Note the accent knob is missing.

Roland RS-505 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Novation Supernova II 24 Voice Virtual Analog Synth

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 8 Analogue Synth

Update: Potential scam: It looks like this seller has a 2nd listing with pics from a 2013 listing previously posted here. If you placed a bid on either be super careful. Always follow eBay's and Paypal's rules for their buyer protection.

via this auction

"This is the King of Synthesisers and now extremely rare and sought after, which is reflected in the price. It's hardly used it because really, I preferred the piano. So here it is, unmarked, covered and stored in my house for many years."

Roland Jupiter 8 JP-8 Analogue Synth w/ Kenton PRO DCB Mk3

Update: Potential scam: It looks like the pics are from a 2013 listing previously posted here. The seller has a 2nd Jupiter-8 listed here. If you placed a bid be super careful. Always follow eBay's and Paypal's rules for their buyer protection.

via this auction

"If you're reading this then you know what this thing is about so I'll just get right to it. Perfect condition, electronically it's just great. All the controls, auto-tune, memory, keys, DCB and so on work as expected. I've owned it for about five years and has been very stable.

Included are:
Jupiter 8
Kenton Pro DCB midi interface w/ DCB cable
long MIDI cable
2x XLR-TRS audio cables
Printed manual plus "Kid Nepro patches on cassette."

Yamaha RX11 Elactro Patterns with Arturia MicroFreak

video upload by SUBTOKYOSHOP

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

KORG LAMBDA - Synthesizer Review, Sounds & Demo | Analog string synth

video upload by synth4ever

"Korg Lambda ES50 - Analog string synthesizer review, sounds and demo. This synth demo and review of the Korg Lambda ES50 provides an overview of the synth, functions, presets, effects and more. The Korg Lambda is a great vintage string synthesizer with lush sound and layering capabilities.

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Overview
02:49 - Percussive
06:06 - Ensemble
10:27 - Layering
11:46 - Detuning
12:59 - Joystick
14:07 - Effects
14:58 - Final Thoughts
17:22 - Conclusion

Released in 1979, the Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic 48-key preset string synthesizer. There are two main sound generator sections on the Korg Lambda which provde 9 distinct presets: Percussive (Electric Piano, Clavi, Piano, Harmonics) and Ensemble (Brass, Organ, Choir, Strings I and II).

Each section has its own dedicated lowpass filter and decay envelope; in addition the Percussive section has adjustable tremolo and key click settings for the electric piano, while Ensemble has variable attack envelope, vibrato and a dedicated paraphonic filter for the brass sound.

The Korg Lambda uses divide-down technology via 3 top octave oscillators, and both the Percussive and Ensemble sections have their own independent volume controls to adjust as you play. The Korg Lambda also allows you to detune between both the Percussive and Ensemble sections for extreme chorus and phasing effects. In addition there is built-in ensemble and chorus effects which can be enabled or disabled via dedicated buttons. A joystick controls chorus rate/phase and pitch bend.

The Korg Lambda also features various connections on the back and outputs true full stereo which allows for some beautiful lush strings and pad sounds. The Korg Lambda is large and has nice wood casing, and sounds great. It allows you to quickly and easily stack presets to build large patches, and tweak the filters and volume levels as you play for an organic performance.

The Korg Lambda is somewhat rare on the second hand market and some consider it one of the finer string synthesizers considering its features, stereo output and filtering/detune/effects parameters. It excels at layering sounds and despite a limited number of presets, sounds lovely when all sounds are used on their own or together. Keep your eyes out for the Korg Lambda, as they are hard to find."

TC Electronic June-60 Chorus easy mod | Quick Tip & V2 on the Way

video upload by Espen Kraft

"A quick tip to mod and tone down the very pronounced LFO tremolo effect from the original June-60 chorus pedal from TC Electronic. No soldering required, you just have to open it up and adjust a couple of pots. With this mod it's much more usable in my opinion."

Some info on the V2 (note the dip switches for LFO rates):

"Classic Chorus: Chapter 2

All great blockbusters deserve a sequel - First Blood II, Rocky II, Karate Kid II, Back to the Future II… You get the picture! Sometimes the sequel outshines the original, taking it from good to great, and sometimes it should have just stayed in the idea drawer. Well, this is one very hot sequel that takes it from great to gorgeous and definitely deserves to get out there to sprinkle its head-spinning magic upon guitars - and keys - everywhere!

Joranalogue Patch Tuesday: VCA-Powered Waveshaper with Morph 4

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"Using a quad VCA as a waveshaper? Today's instalment of #PATCHTUESDAY features one of our favourite Morph 4 tricks: modulating the morph parameter at audio rates. Adjust the 12 (!) level, position and span controls to taste and you're in #eurorack waveshaping heaven."

Monome Norns and Grid (Goldeneye Script) and Hologram Electronics Microcosm

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Étude 1022 (Tunnel)"

Patch n Tweak
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