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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Norns running Plonky with internal sounds, Buchla 208C, Summit and Roland Juno 106 run through Beads

video upload by -CALC-

I love Norns
I love to Plonk
I love to experiment with unusual length Ostinatos

Novation Circuit Rhythm - Performances and Chat with Red Means Recording // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

All parts here

"In the final of the Novation Circuit Rhythm introduction live streams -CALC- will be joined by Jeremy Blake AKA @Red Means Recording.

Performing live on Circuit Rhythm and geeking out about the latest addition to the Circuit family. We’ll also be quizzing Jeremy for tips and tricks he developed whilst working on the session content included with Circuit Rhythm.

Circuit Rhythm is a versatile sampler for making and performing beats. Record samples directly to the hardware, then slice, sculpt and resample your sounds effortlessly. Capture your groove quantised or off-grid into the sequencer, and layer up across eight sample tracks. Invigorate your live set with performance FX: embrace imperfection with lo-fi tape, stutter your mix with beat repeat, and more. Integrate Circuit Rhythm into your studio, or unplug and create anywhere utilising the built-in rechargeable battery.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm:"

Behringer's PPG Wave Almost Ready - If You Have an Original PPG Wave and are on YouTube You Can Test It

via Behringer

"WAVE is getting ready

We got some really good news. The firmware for the WAVE is getting close to completion and with it the delivery of this beautiful synth.

Our next step is to build 50 pre-production samples and start an extensive test program with internal and external beta testers to ensure the synth will have undergone the most stringent quality testing.
If you like to participate in the testing of the WAVE, come join the beta tester team. However, please note that there a critical requirements associated with this program.

1.) You must own an original “WAVE” in order to do extensive comparisons.

2.) You have deep technical understanding and knowledge related to professional testing procedures and sound analysis

3.) You own a video channel and you're willing to create several comparison videos.

If you meet these criteria, please contact us at and provide us with detailed information related to the above 3 points. We will select max 20 beta testers and reward them with a free unit in return for their extensive efforts.

We're super excited about this flagship synth. We know that it has taken much time, but we're very proud of our engineering team who have done an amazing job to bring back yet another piece of synthesizer history."

GS Music GS-e7 prototype preview by Ernesto Romeo

video upload by GS Music

Update: don't miss the last 30 seconds for the ending. Thanks to Anonymous in the comments for all this out. 

"We visited 'La siesta del Fauno' studio where Ernesto Romeo played an early prototype of our desktop 7-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer.
We didn't expect to record any video but the moment was just magic. Ernesto explored a lot of the synth capabilities for over 3 hours.

No external effects were used."

Studio Electronics SE3X - First Patch Groove

video upload by VCO USA

"The very first preset on the Studio Electronics SE3X. Toggling dual sync on VCO 2 and 3."

Meine Top3 DDR Songs - N°1: Silly - Bataillon d`Amour mit Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

all synthesizer sounds: Yamaha DX7 II FM Synthesizer
drums: E-MU samples
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!"

1985 Roland TR-707 drum machine "A brand new digital drum machine" Brochure

New post up on Retro Synth Ads for 707 Day.

"Roland TR-707 drum machine's 'A brand new digital drum machine from Roland' four page colour brochure from March 1985."

UVI Introduces PX SunBox - Galactic Analog/Digital Jomox Sunsyn Based Hybrid Synth

Inspired by the Jomox Sunsyn.

UVI PX SunBox | Preset Showcase
UVI PX SunBox | Trailer
UVI PX SunBox | Overview

via UVI

The Best of Both Worlds

A feat of instrument design, the SunSyn is a fantastically complex-in-all-the-right-places labor of love from German synthmaker JoMoX. Released in 1999, it can be considered in simple terms as an 8-voice polyphonic analog/digital hybrid, or in a more adventurous way as 8 discrete modular mono synths. Each voice is outfitted with 2 true analog oscillators capable of saw, square, or pulse with PWM, and 2 guided digital oscillators with hundreds of waveforms and custom sample support.


The filter section is equally impressive, with a morphable 4-pole true analog filter with discrete control over each pole's cutoff frequency. But maybe the most groundbreaking aspect is the modulation matrix. In spirit it's much closer to that of larger modular analog systems, allowing 4096 possible routings per element, 4 elements per voice, all done in the analog domain. But unlike fully analog systems the modulation routings here can be quickly made through an interactive matrix and saved in patch memory for instant recall.

Resurrecting a Sun

Working with such a complicated instrument has its challenges, especially given its age and limited production. Many parts for the SunSyn are extremely rare and almost impossible to source. In our case, to complete the servicing and refurbishment our tech had to purge parts from a second unit. An expensive and somewhat painful process but worth it in the end, as our sound designers headed off to work on a fully-restored and perfectly calibrated instrument with factory-spec parts.

Deep Sound Design

Sound design possibilities on the SunSyn are nearly endless, and the results of our process with it are evident. From massive, rich, and evolving polysynth sounds created in multi-mode, to devastating and aggressive monosynth sounds utilizing modulations of both analog oscillators, the digital RCOs, and filter morphing. We designed and recorded hundreds of multisampled soundsets, ending with a curated selection of 420 layers, delivering what we think represent the most unique, charactered, and sometimes epic, sounds possible on this machine.

Professional Presets

Bass, Bells, Brass, FX, Keys, Leads, Native Sequences, Organ, Pads, Percussive, Plucks, Polysynth, Strings, Sweeps, Voices, Waveform Analog, Waveform Digital, over 450 all-new + custom designed presets are available, built from a library of 30,660 authentic hardware samples. All presets are fully-editable, meaning you can deeply customize them or even create your own. And the dual-layer architecture of PX SunBox allows you to easily create incredible layered tones from any combination of the included sounds.

Fully-Editable Architecture

PX SunBox gives you a deep and capable toolset for creating and editing patches. From the dual-layer architecture with ADSR amp envelopes, multimode filters with envelope, poly or mono modes with glide, pitch shifting and advanced stereo modes, and handy modwheel mappings, to LFO and step modulators, two feature-rich arpeggiators, and a generous selection of high-quality effects including 3-band EQ with sweepable crossover, drive, Thorus, ensemble, Phasor, digital delay, and Sparkverb.

Let's build a beginner friendly fixed rack in VCV Rack

video upload by Omri Cohen

Follow-up to this post.

Here are the patches -

00:00 - Introduction
01:02 - Building the rack
09:48 - Example one / with Midi
13:43 - Example 2 / Sequencing
17:10 - Example 3 / Generative
20:10 - Example 4 / Rhythmic

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

07 06 21 Synton Fenix 2 & 3 [02]

video upload by batchas

batchas Fenix demos

The Pro 3 Sequencer

video upload by Sequential

"Julian (J3PO) Pollack continues his 3-part YouTube series covering the Pro 3, this time focusing on the powerful sequencer."

Julian (J3PO) Pro 3 posts

Sequential Pro 3 Demos by Jameson Nathan Jones

Jameson Nathan Jones was featured in a reecent Sequential Artist Spotlight video.


1988 // Sequential Pro 3, Fostex R8
Geometry // Sequential Pro 3 [Generative Ambient]
Maps // Sequential Pro 3
Misanthropy - Sequential Pro 3 Paraphonic Sequence
Evolutions VI
Tides - Sequential Pro 3 [ambient]
Paraseq - Sequential Pro 3 [Ambient Sequence]
Waiting - Sequential Pro 3 [Ambient]

Sequential Prophet X: Piano Mutation | Creepy Choirs | Custom Atmospheric Presets

video upload by CALUTRON

"Prophet X Magic: LFOs modulating preDelay, Decimate, sample length, sample center."

Prophet X - Creepy Choirs (custom patches)

video upload by CALUTRON

"Here's a short demonstration of the sonic capabilities of the Sequential Prophet X when it comes to transforming, filtering, modulating and sequencing choir samples."

Prophet X - custom atmospheric presets

video upload by CALUTRON

"Noodling around with my Sequential Prophet X. It's pure synth magic."

Abandoned // Sequential Prophet 6 [Ambient]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"A little something I put together using a convolution reverb sample I pulled from the exploration of an abandoned fallout shelter by @The Proper People

You can download the full track on my Bandcamp :)

Distractions // Sequential Prophet 6 Ambient

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"Finally picked up one of my dream synths. I've always loved the sound of the Prophet 6, but have avoided it because it seemed limited in terms of modulation capabilities. While that is true, the thing absolutely oozes character, and sometimes limitations can lead to interesting places.

Running it parallel through my eurorack for some extra movement/crunch here, but the synth itself just sounds so good!"

Peaks // Prophet Rev2 Ambient

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"Created a lovely patch using key-tracking of the filter resonance and a touch of ring mod with the Rev2. May or may not have lost a couple of hours to this one. :)"

Waldorf Iridium Demos by Jameson Nathan Jones


Broken Glass // Waldorf Iridium FM Ambient
Chord // Waldorf Iridium FM Ambient
all things fade // Waldorf Iridium Ambient
Voices // Waldorf Iridium Particle Ambient
Floor Friends // Waldorf Iridium + Prophet Rev2
Clouds // Waldorf Iridium + Fostex R8
Fractured // Waldorf Iridium Aggressive Ambient
Fragmented // Lyra 8, Waldorf Iridium
Resonate // Waldorf Iridium Ambient
Farewells // Waldorf Iridium Ambient

MAKEN0ISE Voltage Controlled Lottery Machine

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"So many people took part in the Listening Exercises over the past weeks that we figured we should do a giveaway! Let's patch up a lottery machine to pick the lucky winners."

Building the 4MS QCD Expander

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

Synth Diy Guy 4MS posts

"Part 2 of the trilogy! We've built the Quad Pingable LFO, now the QCD Expander. Episode 3 will be a demo of all three together.

Stay Noisy!"

Techno Jam with TR-909 and Moog DFAM

video upload by Honeysmack

"Short improvised techno jam with a focus on the Moog DFAM and TR-909. There was a little additional modular stuff thrown in, although I can't remember what I used! Mixed through a Playdifferently Model1 DJ mixer with an Eventide Space for some reverb."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer Module Super Station

via this auction

"Amazing classic vintage rare tb303 upgraded and moded for super performances. Very unique, works fine and blows your mind away!!"

E.E.W. Vintage Analog 10-Band Vocoder Synth EEW Eizuka Engineering Workshop JAPAN

via this auction

Also see the Model 101 vocoder here.

"Up for sale is a super rare 10-band vintage analog vocoder built by E.EW. (Eizuka Engineering Workshop) possibly in the 80s in Japan.

Seems like this has the same functions as the E.E.W. Model 101 vocoder, however, there is no model name printed anywhere and so it could possibly be a proto-model or a custom-made unit.

The unit appears to be working as it should, with all the knobs and switches responding and working fine to the best of my knowledge as being tested by a guitar. There are slight scratch noise on some of the knobs due to the nature of these vintage synths, which could do with some adjustment/servicing if required.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice condition for its age as you can see. There are some wear and light scuffs marks here and there as pictured, but nothing serious. I'm including plenty of pictures of the actual item so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power cable included.

**This unit was made for the Japanese market which runs on 100 volts. You will need a stepdown voltage converter for 120V - 220V regions."

Synsonics Drums by Mattel w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Drums work great, body in good condition with only minor use-wear marks. Battery compartment is nice/clean, has the original battery compartment cover. Box has some shelfwear (e.g., wear along edges, corners) and is somewhat dented."

ROLAND Juno-106

via this auction

"It's exceptionally important to mention that this 106 is in it's original, unmodified, unaltered, condition. This is rare!

Some very old tape goo still exists on the back panel and near the Portamento control area, and on the back panel near output, level, tune, and function areas. I'm leaving that to the new owner to manage to their liking, as this is part of the instrument's history.

I am a Vintage Synth repair/restoration electronic technician with 44 continuous years experience in sound, music and synth electronics. I've repaired and restored hundreds of vintage synths and related electronic gear over the years.

All makes, models, proudly, for many musicians.

I've restored synths for Elton John, Depeche Mode (Thank you, Martin!) Red Hot Chili Peppers (John Frusciante) and many more.

All voices play correctly, chorus and effects all work, all controls are very clean and smooth, key action and contacts work perfectly.

I've repaired, serviced, modded, and restored several dozen Juno-106 units over the years. I can honestly say THIS unit is the cleanest and best working 106 that I've ever come across."

Roland Juno-60 w/ JSQ-60 Sequencer

via this auction

Fender Chroma Polaris SN 301997

via this auction

ASM HYDRASYNTH - versatility test

video upload by CALUTRON

"The ASM Hydrasynth easily delivers bread-and-butter sounds. But what else is hidden inside this nice little box? Here we go with some dirty basses, otherworldly pads, pulsating rhythmic patterns and harsh soundscapes."

Wavefonix Poly-8: Epic 8 Oscillator Adventure

video upload by Molten Music Technology

Module specs below.

"What could you do with 8 oscillators in one epic module? The Poly-8 is the start of Wavefonix's journey into polyphonic modular and in this huge video I explore a range of possibilities from unison to FM, 4-voice to 8-voice and the sort of polyphony/paraphonic meddling you can do when you don't have enough modules to run a full 8 voices.

Thank you to Wavefonix for sending the Poly-8 to me in the hope I'd do something interesting - I didn't know it would take over my life.

It's a long one but I wanted to properly show what I was doing and how it sounded. You may find this index useful.

Index/Intro - 0:00
Introducing the Poly-8 - 6:27
8 Oscillator Unison - 8:23
Playing the unison from a keyboard via CV - 11:56
Gating the unison - 17:50
Adding a filter - 18:37
Adding envelopes - 19:34
Trying it with the Grit filter - 23:06
Adding intervals and octaves - 25:26
Thoughts so far - 30:09
Playing polyphonically - 33:17
Polyphony via the Hermod - 36:39
Adding VCAs for level control - 41:50
Gating the oscillators - 44:54
Putting 2 lots of 4 oscillators through a filter each - 47:39
So what were we doing? - 50:29
Cycling oscillators - 51:19
Square waves - 52:41
Adding Pulse Width Modulation - 53:31
A little bit of FM - 54:42
2 Oscillators, 4 voices, sequenced - 58:01
4 voice, dual oscillator, polyphonic - 1:10:05
Adding chained LFOs from Maestro - 1:14:00
Erica Synths Joystick2 takes over modulation - 1:15:32
Summing up - almost - 1:17:59
A bit more FM - 1:19:01
Final word - 1:26:00
Drones - 1:26:41"

via Wavefonix

he Poly-8 VCO module is one of a kind. It is a premium polyphonic oscillator bank, comprising eight CEM3340 (Rev. G) VCOs in a clean, compact and ergonomic design. Each VCO features a vast range of modulation capabilities, including hard sync, PWM, 1V/octave and exponential/linear FM.

Each VCO provides simultaneous ramp, triangle and pulse waveform outputs.

The authentic CEM3340 architecture offers an instantly recognisable, rich analog sound found in many famous synthesizers from the past, such as the Prophet 5 etc.

Premium polyphonic oscillator bank comprising eight CEM3340 (Rev. G) VCOs.
Three simultaneous, buffered 10Vpp (±5V) waveforms per VCO, including DC-coupled ramp, triangle and pulse outputs, with controllable PW and PWM CV inputs (0V to 10V). Pulse output is derived from the CEM3340's triangle waveform using external circuitry.
Individual coarse and fine frequency control knobs provide an adjustable frequency range of more than ten octaves (approximately 8Hz to 16KHz) for each VCO.
Each VCO has a wide range of modulation inputs; including hard sync (comparator-based), PWM, 1V/octave and exponential/linear FM (switchable).
Ergonomic design.
Hand-built and tested in the UK.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 50HP
Depth: approx. 40mm
Power consumption:
+12V: 320mA
-12V: 220mA
+5V: 0mA

Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer - Review & Demo

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"I've spent some time with the wavetables of the Korg modwave and here's what I think of this ridiculously modulatable digital machine."

Korg Modwave Preset Sound Demo

"My favourite presets from the Korg Modwave with a bit of development using the macro Mod Knobs and Kaoss Physics pad."

Just Sounds: Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer

video upload by Noisegate

"Korg release their new Modwave synthesizer, a complex wavetable synth which is the third in their new digital synth range. Korg was kind enough to hook us up for a test drive and wow wee does it, sound nice. Stay tuned to Noisegate for a full synth demo and product review coming soon. Enjoy!"

【Practice】 Analog Synthesizer Simple Rhythm Music (BASTL INSTRUMENTS KASTLE V1.5 + PO-12)

video upload by Sound Naturelibrary

KASTLEをリズムキープのマスターに使用したので、独特の同期ズレを前半してしまっていますが、そこも含めてKASTLE がどんなフィーリングのガジェットか感じられると思います。

simple rhythm musicとして作業やworkoutに使ってください。


最近、気がついたのですがKASTLEのLFO RSTが機能してない疑いが…PO-12側での制御ができていない感じがする…どうしたものか…



"It's a video that I touched for an hour for practice and testing.
Since I used KASTLE as the master of rhythm keeping, I had a peculiar synchronization shift in the first half, but what kind of feeling does KASTLE have including that?

Use it for work or workout as simple rhythm music.

Recently, I noticed that KASTLE's LFO RST is not working ... I feel that the PO-12 side is not able to control it ... What's wrong ...

If you want to buy KASTLE in Japan

Happy #707day jam with TR-8(707 kit), LIVEN XFM

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Dreadbox KINEMATIC + Moog DFAM

video upload by Dreadbox

"Orfeas uses the KINEMATIC Compressor / Envelope Filter, to manipulate the Moog DFAM. The sound versatility is endless...

Dreadbox KINEMATIC is a VCA based Compressor and an Envelope Filter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack compatibility."

Korg Volca Nubass & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Roland Jupiter-8 Potential Scam Alert

It appears the images in this listing (posted here), are from 2013. The seller has a 2nd listing for a Jupiter-8 as well (posted here). If you placed a bid on either be super careful. Always follow eBay's and Paypal's rules for their buyer protection.


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