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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Bandpass Buchla Jazz

video upload by Todd Barton

"a little experiment with a single oscillator whose pitch is being driven by the Source of Uncertainty then feed into the Spectral Processor using it's bandpass functions . . ."

Yamaha AN1x Imperio - Atlantis Cover Mix Synthesizer Demo HQ no talking

video upload by js-sound

"Absolutely all sounds are taken from Yamaha An1x.

I used: FL Studio DAW & Steinberg Cubase 11.0.41 Pro for MIDI.
On several channels I have used Side Chain Effect.
On one channel I used VPS Glitch Bitch VST.
I have not used a compressor on any of the channels.
Only on the master channel I used the limiter.

An1x can synthesize any sounds, including drums. It sounds very diverse, I use it constantly and more often than all other VA Synthesizer. All his sounds fit very well into the mix without any additional processing. It has genius leads, pads and all kinds of sounds from other categories. Despite its age, it makes me happy every day and every day I can extract absolutely any new sounds from it. In this track I used all of my presets from my set JS-Sound - FX Dream Bank3."

Arturia ARP 2600 V Part 2: Ring Mod, Preamp, Tracking Generator, and Sequencer

video upload by CatSynth TV

Part 1 here

"We continue our deep dive into the ARP 2600 V from Arturia, focusing on a few of the more advanced features: the ring mod, preamp + envelope follower, the tracking generator, and of course the 1601 sequencer.

00:38 Ring Modular
02:42 Preamp and Envelope Follower, with drum loop in Ableton Live
06:31 Tracking Generators
11:24 Sequencer Model 1601

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New Rossum SP 1200 Teaser Pic

follow-up to this post

Also see the 35th Anniversary SP-1200 from back in January 2020, priced at $7500.

Update: I'm hearing the new one will be roughly $4000.

Update: full details are in.

Yamaha SK-10 Symphonic Ensemble SN 4044

via this auction

Roger Linn Design LinnStrument USB MIDI Controller w/ Carry Case

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Waldorf Microwave V1 Rev A (Curtis CEM 3389) w/ RAM Cards

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The earliest and arguably best sounding version of the infamous Waldorf Microwave. This REV A model shipped with the analog Curtis CEM 3389 filters.

This unit is in excellent condition with very minor blemishes, hard to believe that it's over 30 years old! All electrolytic capacitors on the PCB have been updated, so it should last another life time.

Includes 4 RAM cards for storing extra sounds which essentially expand the available sound patches to 128.

Running the final operating system 2.0, made in Germany (with love).

Korg Mono/Poly SN 376689

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"A true classic of the late pre-MIDI era, the Korg Mono/Poly is a four oscillator monster, which can be used in a variety of voice modes. The spec on paper for the Mono/Poly is pretty amazing: four oscillators, two LFOs, two ADSRs, poly, unison, and chord memory modes, arpeggiator, and the tremendous cross modulation and frequency modulation section. The sound is rich, detailed, and expressive. This synth was just serviced and is in perfect working order!

Cosmetically the graphics and paint are sharp and clean with nothing out of the ordinary, wood sides show average wear and tear."

Roland D-10 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Manual

via this auction

David Bowie Stylophone - Limited Edition Synthesizer with Carrying Case

via this auction

See the intro video here.

02- The IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro- Oscillators part 2

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is the second part of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillators found on the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro."

AutomaticGainsay IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro posts

Prophet-5: One Year On, Part 1 Of 6

video upload by Sequential

"We're celebrating the one-year anniversary of Dave Smith’s modern classic, the Prophet-5 (and Prophet-10) Rev4!

As part of the celebration, our family of Sequential friends asked Dave for the inside scoop on the vintage Prophet-5 and the Rev 4 — one year on. Watch all six installments here as we post them. And to learn more about the Rev 4 Prophet-5 and Prophet-10, visit our website:"

New Strymon StarLab – In-Depth Tour with Sound Designer Pete Celi

video upload by strymon

"In this video, Strymon co-founder and senior DSP engineer Pete Celi takes you on an in-depth tour of Strymon's latest Eurorack module: StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator.


Modular Transformation Machine.

Expand the sound of your modular rack with incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs. Enhance signals with gorgeous chorus, flanging, and modulated delays. Create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis. Turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes. StarLab is a single module that will completely transform your modular rack.

Singular Modular Reverb.

From perfectly voiced room ambience to vast, immersive, nearly infinite decays, StarLab offers the pinnacle of premium reverb sounds with unparalleled depth and spaciousness. Add musical intervals to the reverb signal with Shimmer, and enhance the harmonic spectrum with Glimmer, while enjoying real-time control over the size/pitch of the reverb process.

Modulation And Delay Effects.

StarLab has vastly expanded what reverb pre-delay can do by allowing you to bus the pre-delay signal to the output while making the pre-delay time a modulation target. This results in the ability to create rich choruses, sweeping flanger effects, and beautiful modulated delays, while also processing signal through the reverb.

Karplus-Strong String Synthesis.

In addition to input signal processing, StarLab is a powerful Karplus-Strong string synthesis voice module that allows freely alternating bowing and plucking as well as dynamic string damping. This results in an astoundingly expressive and lifelike instrument with a unique voice all its own, which can be enhanced and expanded by the full range of StarLab’s reverb capabilities.


Sequential OB-6 Tutorial Lesson 4: Envelopes

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorial series for anyone who wants to learn how to do their own sound design using the Sequential Circuits (former Dave Smith Instruments) OB-6 synthesizer. The goal is to break this subject down into understandable and digestible bits of information that you can apply to your own electronic music. I am primarily a media or film composer, so we will learn ambient, techno, and EDM style sound design using the synth. This fourth video gives an overview of the two envelopes which are hardwired to amplitude and filter."

EthanJamesMusic Sequential Circuits OB-6 Tutorial Lessons

DEMO ONE - Glitch Foundations - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Technotronix & Yves Big City

video upload by Isotonik Studios


This pack aims to be your one-stop shop for all your glitch needs and wants.

The idea was to create space with short hits and a modular feel that couldn't be recreated on any other pack.

You'll find plenty of knocks and weird percussion takes as well as heavily modulated bass tones to keep your music both fresh and exciting.

As well as bass we have created atmospheric patches with FM modulation, chaotic lead lines, lush pads, and ambiance plenty, giving you all the tools needed to turn your music into something that could be played on any dance floor.

The 128 patches have been carefully crafted and selected to cover also all the electronic genres such as techno, house, drum & bass, and even ambient.

We wanted this pack to be bigger and more appealing so we have included 30 sessions, to help you to start something inspiring.


128 Patches
30 Session containing exclusive modular effect
64 synthesized drums sounds


The Roland Super JX-10 Story

video upload by Johnny Morgan

"Here's the story of one of Roland's last true analogue synthesizers in the 80's - the Super JX-10."

AKAI force meets 100 year old Ekströms piano

video upload by ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD
Hi Everyone, how are you doing? Some new tunes from the BURG :)

I am working hard on trying to fight a massive writers block not being able to finish my album.. so i decided to upgrade my AKAI force to the awesome new release 3.1 and run my 100 year old piano through it to see what happens.. said and done..

You will most probably hear a lot of noises ( not kidding here ), room ambience, breathing and my chair creaking.. this is because the microphone picks up just about everything in the room, not so much i can do about this. Also to all the piano players out there, please excuse my rusty mediocre playing, Im not really a pianist in any way, just a happy good old synthesist! :)

The AKAI force has the new FX granulator which i wanted to try, also some compressor and reverb as inserts on the piano channel, the microphone is connected straight into the force ( how awesome is it that it provides +48V phantom power? ). Second channel is the Avalon Bassline, also with some granulator and reverb. Kick and ARP synth are both from the force triggered as clips.

I realised it was extremely hard to mix the piano and also give it the right amount of FX due to overhearing the actual sound and not the FX portion in my headphones. I would have like it to be a tad more laidback when listening back to it, but hey.. sometimes you just have to call it so you can move on to the next thing.

Gear list:

- Swedish Ekströms Upright Piano, built in 1904, Condenser mic to Audio in on the force
--- Insert FX, Compressor, Granulator and (maybe a bit too much) reverb
- Avalon bassline, Square bass, audio in on the force and synched via MIDI
--- Insert FX, Granulator and (sort of ok amount of) reverb
- Kickdrum, force drumsynth
- Arpeggiator, force tube synth + delay and reverb thingies
- 2 track recording on Zoom H5

Yeah, i know i could have probably just recorded it all into the force... but one step at the time exploring the 3.1 updates. Babysteps BURG, babysteps. :)

I hope you will enjoy it!

#AKAIforce #avalonbassline #303"

TEST SERIES Industrialectric 4046-M Echo Degrader Hexe Revolver MWFX Judder MASF Possessed

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Sound design experiments. Abstract soundscapes.

Industrialectric 4046-M
Industrialectric Echo Degrader
Hexe Revolver x3
MWFX Judder
MASF Possessed
CatalinBread CsidMan
Malekko Charlie FoxTrot
Strymon BigSky
Mellowtone Wolf Computer

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential. Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"


video upload by studio snippets

Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Spaceband RA

video upload by the sun god RA

"Hydrasynth Deluxe preset M2-015 «Spaceband RA» consists of lower partial 'Arpegiateur RA' and upper partial 'Polar Queen RA'."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

Simmons Digital Clap Trap Handclap Synthesizer

via this auction

Crumar Bit One w/ MIDI Mod

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

The Crumar Bit One is an underrated but very capable 6-voice polysynth from the mid 1980s. It has a great sound, backed with Curtis filters, cool industrial design and a velocity sensitive keyboard – which can be assigned to the usual envelope intensity as well as rather more unusual things like the ADSR attack times, LFO speed and pulse width.

The Bit One's tape mode has been repurposed to work also as a setup mode for the MIDI upgrade's extended features, which are controlled with notes on the keyboard.

Kawai SX210

via this auction

"The best feature of this synth is it's ability to be an 8 voice poly , 4voice poly, or Unison each stacking voices as needed. So, you still have 8 voices in every mode they are either doubled, or all on one key making it a mono synth. It also has effects such as chorus, vibrato, glissando, and portamento. Also a chord memory. I've priced it reasonably for its faults, such as a bit of crackle in the outputs when touched, and some missing button caps, everything works fine, even the missing button caps, but you'll have to replace them I don't have time."

Elka Rhapsody 610 vintage analog string synthesizer From the Steve Ripley /Leon Russell Estate?

via this auction

According to the listing: "We are honored to be selling items from the Steve Ripley (The Tractors, Bob Dylan, Ripley Guitars, The Church Studio) and the Leon Russell Estates. May need some work but appears to be in pretty good shape."

You can find additional listings here.

Blue Roland SH-101 SN 320761

via this auction

"This uncommon blue SH-101 is freshly serviced, which includes all new sliders, new felt slider gaskets, a new power switch, DC jack, full calibration, and a deep cleaning inside and out. Unit also includes a new power adapter. It sounds fantastic and is ready to make it's way to a new home.

This SH-101 is in overall great shape with one caveat - a previous owner lost the slider caps and replaced them with heat shrink, so there's some slight warping on the fader slots. This is visible in some of the close up photos. In use, it's not very noticeable and is usually obscured up by the fader caps."

Electrograve Beat Happening Analog Pad Synthesizer

video upload by KAZUNOBU KOIKE

via this auction

"In the 1980s, when techno-pop was at its peak, analog drum synth gadgets that were made by manufacturers of various sizes but are now endangered. Beat Happening is the royal road to the modern age when analog drum synth sounds are oblivion or beyond.

By applying vibration to the black rectangular pad on the top of the main unit, pleasant (?) Sounds such as "Pyo-n", "Pasha-n", and "Kinkin", which are unique to analog drum synths, pop out. By adding a built-in pitch-swinging modulation to it, a retro game-like cheapness is reproduced.

On the surface of the main body, there are "Ptich (slider)" that determines the pitch, "Sens" and "Decay" that control the effect of the envelope, "Sweep" that controls the rise and fall of the pitch, and its ON / OFF switch and modulation effect. "Depth" and "Rate" that control the depth and speed of the cycle, the master volume on the right side, the "HOLD" switch that keeps outputting the synth sound regardless of the vibration to the pad, and the lower side of the main unit Is equipped with an “EXT.INPUT” jack that triggers the input signal. Since you can input an audio signal to this EXT.INPUT and control the sound of the main unit by that input, connect an external drum pad, a sound source such as a click or kick drum, and even a guitar, and every time you pick the guitar, " You can also enjoy the act of making a sound like "Pyon". It is a tool that allows you to easily enjoy cheap and kitsch analog drum synth sounds, which are rarely heard nowadays, but with a full-fledged operation feeling."

Korg miniKORG 700FS Synthesizer - We've Been Waiting For This Synth For So Long!

video upload by Andertons Synths, Keys and Tech

See the dealers on the right for availability.

"The Korg miniKORG 700FS preserves the originals unique voicing of the 700S, and delivers current-day functionality to create a timeless design. This synth is always sold-out and in such high demand, so don't hesitate if you want it because you may never see it in a shop.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
» 0:00 Intro Jam
» 2:04 What Are We Looking at Today?
» 2:57 Let's Go Over The Presets
» 4:24 Let's Go Over the MiniKorg's Features & Controls
» 10:30 Real Spring Reverb!
» 12:06 A Rainbow of Tones!
» 15:32 Final Thoughts
» 16:15 Let's Jam Out!"

CD4051 How work

video upload by M&M

"Hello everybody my Hobby it's restore the old Combo organ and Synth.
In this video i show you how to work my fovorite ic (CD4051) with a practical example applied to an old and rare synthesizer ."

Healing Solfeggio Frequencies with Mordax Data & BitBox

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Just looking at the number of plays a typical Healing Frequency video gets, I'd say they're in high demand and highly appreciated. So in this video I wanted to share some tips and tools so you can make your own scales and tunings, and maybe turn your modular into a spa/wellness center to make people feel good. And I have to admit, fooling around with these Solfeggio frequencies has been super relaxing! But I bet it's more about working with a modular system!

Some resources about the subject"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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