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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

New Casio CT-S1000V AiX w/ Vocal Synth Pic

Update: video reveal from Kraft Music here

This image popped up on reddit and has since been removed. You can see CTS1000V on the bottom right. It features Casio's AiX Sound Source with Vocal Synthesis. Note the K1/Vocal Type selector knob with Male and Female labels. There are also Lyrics and Instrument Tone Mode Select buttons below the Portamento knob. Lyrics? Some comments on that below. Curious if that portamento works on vocals. On the display you can see [LYRIC/RHY] top left. To the right you can see Tone Advanced, Rhythm, and Registration buttons, and Play/Stop, Tempo, and Record buttons.

See this post for teaser videos from Casio to date.


Visible controls in the pic and some notes/comments:

- Volume knob and power button

- K1/Vocal Type knob ranging from Male to Female (Stepped or smooth transition?)

- K2/Portamento knob (Portamento on vocals? That could be interesting.)

- Home and Menu buttons

- Lyrics and Instrument buttons under a Tone Mode Select section (Lyrics? Curious if you can enter/record phrases. How does it compare to Yamaha's fseqs in the FS1R?)

- Screen/display with 5 buttons and data wheel

- On screen:
Back, Parameter, -,+ mapped to buttons

- Tone button with Advanced LED option
- Rythm and Registration buttons (Registration?)

- Play/Stop, Tempo, and Record buttons

Vacuum Tube Atari Punk Console

video upload by Usagi Electric

"Happy New Year! To kick the new year off, we’re going to do something completely out of the norm – we’re building DIY synth stuff out of vacuum tubes! Well, maybe that’s not totally out of the norm, haha. The Atari Punk Console is one of the most quintessential circuits you can build when taking your first steps into the world of DIY synth stuff, so I figured why not make it out of vacuum tubes!"

0:00 Intro
3:08 555 timer kit update
4:13 What I got wrong in this version
5:13 Testing the 555 timer kit
7:25 Two 555 timers = Atari Punk Console
10:46 Building a better APC
12:44 First tests
14:12 What I got wrong
15:04 The schematic
17:35 What if we try a different tube?
19:31 Testing even more tubes in it
21:31 Thoughts
23:17 Bunny!

Alias Zone: Iceland (performed by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular)

video upload by Learning Modular

"This performance of Iceland was created for the 2021 edition of SoundMiT. In a slight change from my recent instrumentation, I played my smaller portable modular synthesizer system, as well as several of my polyphonic synthesizers. Hope you enjoy it!

Field recordings of surf, wind chimes, and Arctic Terns by Marcel Gnauk of"

Analogue Solutions LED CV Jack Pins for Modern or Vintage Synthesizers & CV Gear | Available #Shorts

video upload by Analogue Solutions


Branded Analogue Solutions LED Jack Pins.
In stock. EU and US customers - check with the dealers

These will light red/green as the signal swings from a positive to a negative voltage.

Use them for diagnostics - or, just because they look cool (especially in the dark!)

The plugs are slightly translucent and you can see the core of the cable. Material is a soft touch rubber that is presently flexible.

Plugs are embossed with the words ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS and also the logo.

These don’t just look pretty! They have practical advantages too!

Help to see what’s going on in the dark!

Help diagnose signal flow."

Guitar Through DIY Minimoog Synthesizer

video upload by Ryan Boggs

"Here I play my guitar through my DIY Minioog's filter and amplifier. I was playing around with making different sounds by combining my synth and my guitar, so I thought it would be fun to make a short jam video.

Effects used: Valhalla VintageVerb

Recorded with REAPER"

See this post for additional details.

Sound demo of Profree-4 under development at MarksMusic #1

video upload by PikoPiko Factory ピコピコファクトリー

"Sound demo of Profree-4 under development at MarksMusic #1 開発中のProfree-4の音色デモ1(マークスミュージック様にて)"

See the PikoPiko label below for more.

Roland SBF-325 Flanger Demo

video upload by 123synthland

"Just a brief video demonstration of this Roland SBF-325 prior to shipping this it out to our customer. Buy vintage synths, effects and more at"

You can also find Tone Tweakers on eBay, and Reverb

Access Virus A patch demos

video upload by SynthMania

"A few patch demos on the classic, original Access Virus A virtual analog synthesizer from the '90s."

Duet for Car Wash and Synthesizer

video upload by Joseph McGinty

Update: New video for those that missed it the first time.

Tweaked the mix a bit.
Car Wash: Splash and Dash, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Synthesizer: Sequential Take 5
Visual Effects: Frame Buffer by Signal Culture

Korg Minilogue XD "Arakis" Dune Inspired Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

Korg Minilogue XD "Arakis" Soundset Walkthrough

"Welcome to the Desert of Arakis!
We had a huge inspiration after seeing reboot of "Dune" and put all our effort to this sounds.

Our succesful soundset for Korg Prologue for now compatible with Minilogue XD, Hooray!

You ask for a long time & finaly its here - complete soundset for Soundtrack creation!
50 Presets with wide range in timbrality and carefully selected modulations in Y +/- axis!


Here you will find all what you need for writing your desert soundtrack, electronic song,
ambient & cinematic music:

Massive Basses
Moving Leads
Unusual modular Arpeggios
Recreation of famous sounds of Juno & CS Series
Beautiful cinematic strings - massive & wide
Organic pads & low drones
Bells & Plucks

No external Osc & Fx were used.
You will found instruction of "how to" inside the pack.

Enjoy the sounds & be inspired with the sounds of deepest desert!"

Steampunk synth J jam #jamuary2022

video upload by Vitaly Doronin

See this post for more.

#jamuary2022 #jamuary
synthesizer Steampunk jam
Roland TR-6S
loopy pro ios app
Korg NanoKontrol2

Eurorack jam featuring Metropolix, Manis Iteritas, Prok Drums, Zen Delay, and electric guitar

video upload by

"A live, semi-improvised modular performance performed entirely on hardware, with one guitar overdub.

This jam started with a simple exploration of the Intellijel Metropolix, a neat sequencer that helps you stumble into inspiration, along with two voices (the Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas and the Acid Rain Chainsaw). My ambitions were no more than "play guitar with eurorack". But as the song found itself, and more and more was added to the table, it became clear I'd have to add guitar after the the fact.

A big highlight here is the Prok Drum modules being sequenced by the Mutable Instruments Grids. Not only is Grids fast and inspiring, but its modulation allows you to add performability (like the snare rolls I add via a touch pad here) and variety (through its chaos and frequency controls). Special thanks to Michael, a good human and also a member of my Patreon community, for allowing me to commission him to build the Prok modules! You're the best, Michael.

And of course, the Erica Synths Zen Delay works its magic again. Here, it runs everywhere from flanger to filter to gonzo delay, and I just love what it adds to a jam.

The patches would take a very long time to explain, but here are the modules:

- Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas
- Squarp Rample
- Acid Rain Chainsaw
- Qu-Bit Chord
- Frequency Central Product
- Prok drum modules

V.A.I. 57 Böhm Solist / Welson Syntex / CRB 709

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Another round with these peculiar but very inspiring machines.
More info on their particularities in our previous video."

Follow-up to V.A.I. 58 - Welson Syntex / CRB 709 / Böhm Solist 78 / Emthree PFV3.

New Casio Synth Teasers

Two new teaser videos have been added to this post. Looks like it will have four octaves, a display, and vocoder or vocal processing of some sort if the audio in the videos is from the actual synth. Hoping it will be fully programmable.

CASIO DG-20 Digital Guitar MIDI Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Polyphonic Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"PE Edition with all Brand new boards and knobs! This synth is fully upgraded to the latest firmware and hardware for many years of use."

Pics of the inside below.

ARP Solus

via this auction

Korg MiniKORG 700S

via this auction

"Korg minikorg 700S in exceptional condition. Serviced in 2021"

Crumar Performer 1980 - Beautiful condition - Overhauled - Classic String Synthesizer

via this auction

"This particular unit has been bought in Triest, Italy and imported to Croatia together with a Roland SH-2000 as the customs papers indicate. Bought it from the first owner. Comes together with the original Crumar bag. A true classic string synth. Awesome sounding. Shipping to Germany, EU and USA. US buyers, please note: This is a 230 Volt unit and shipping might (!) take up to 60 days."

Yamaha CS60 w/ MIDI & Voice Lights Modification

via this auction

Note the LED light strip towards the right of the ribbon section.

"In great condition, recently serviced including recapped psu. Installed midi kit and led-lights pr voice for easy tuning/calibration."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 3152

via this auction

"Excellent condition, recently service all new cap and more, ready for use for many years."

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer w/ 2 ROM expansion carts, manual, patch book & case. Latest version update 3.5 installed. Metal case. Battery replaced three years ago so it will last many years to come.Very good shape, has one missing screw on right front panel, which is somewhat common. Case is custom made and heavy duty. Includes power cord."

Including Sound Patch Library manual book.

Musik kennt keine Altersgrenzen: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble im Tageszentrum Winarskystraße

video upload by Fonds Soziales Wien

"In den FSW-Tageszentren für Senior:innen werden zahlreiche aktivierende Erlebnisse angeboten, die Spaß machen und die Selbstständigkeit der Senior:innen fördern. So auch im Tageszentrum Winarskystraße, wo Senior:innen unlängst - gefördert durch die Stadt Wien Kultur - einen Einblick in die Welt der elektronischen Musik bekommen haben. Gemeinsam mit dem freischaffenden Musiker und Künstler Gammon, der die Einrichtung mit seinem sozialakustischen und partizipativen Musikprojekt “Modular Synthesizer Ensemble” besuchte, wurde in eine neue Welt „geschnuppert“.

Video: ©Modular Synthesizer Ensemble"

Jordan Rudess plays the M-12 modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

video upload by ikmultimedia

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the M-12. The M-12 brings the incredible sounds of the monstrous Oberheim Matrix-12 capturing its many filter modes and modulation matrix. The Matrix-12 was a technological marvel for its time, and its innovative modulation matrix gave it ultra-flexible modular synth-like routings combined with patch programmability. We expanded the modes and slopes of our C-Type modeled filter especially for this synth in Syntronik 2."

See IK Multimedia Introduces Syntronik 2 for additional details.

Dr.YuEndo's Jamuary #1 - Happy New Year! #sonicware #LivenXFM

video upload by SONICWARE

Phase modulation - 4 examples

video upload by John Schussler

Update: new video with 4 examples.

"Here are four VCOs that all offer phase modulation in one form or another:

Weston Precision Audio: PAO Phase Animated Oscillator
Patching Panda: Operat
WMD: Phase Displacement Oscillator
Joranalogue: Generate 3

I'm trying to get my head around how their implementations differ, and what the ultimate effects of those implementations are on the sound.

There's one more phase modulation VCO I have that I didn't include: the Mindphaser. It's a complex oscillator with a very different architecture, so didn't seem like a good fit. I did a couple videos on that a while back, if you want to hear some of its phasing.

Sequencer: Stochastic SIG. Modulating VCO: Intellijel Dixie II+

00:00 Intro
00:20 Weston Audio PAO
07:40 Patching Panda Operat
13:22 WMD PDO
22:48 Joranalogue Generate 3"

Song with SH-101 and Juno-106 research

video upload by SynthMania

"I was trying to recreate the patches from a draft song from 2013, and ended up applying some modern effect like the BigSky, in "chorale" mode - turned the Juno pad into a beautiful choir."

Patch n Tweak
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