MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Chroma Polaris | Into Darkness, an ambient demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Popping noises in the background, like the drums in the deep... Something is wrong. My Chroma Polaris is sick. It will be going away for repairs soon.

Chroma Polaris
Eventide Blackhole VST"

AtomoSynth Koe M6, Frequency modulation, patch #2

video upload by atomolab

"Explanation of the patch starts at 2:31
Hello world, here a FM frequency modulation patch using the AtomoSynth KOE_M6 and a midi controller, no external effects."

Pro3 & P10 Scary tones

video upload by Justin Carey

Buchla Easel EG and pulser wave shapes

video upload by Brian Comnes

Buchal Easel wave shapes seen through an oscilloscope.

MATTHS Eurorack Modular Case Rig Rundown

video upload by MATTHS

"#MATTHS takes us through his current #eurorack #modular case setup in this special Rig Rundown All tracks are available to buy/stream at"

ACDGEN AU / VST3 Edition 1.0 – Overview Video

video upload by Spektro Audio

You might remember the hardware version from previous posts.

"ACDGEN is an advanced MIDI pattern generator that can generate effective basslines and monophonic melodies. Instead of generating random sequences, ACDGEN features 8 different algorithms designed around effective music production techniques.

The new AU / VST3 Edition lets you experience ACDGEN with any DAW compatible with VST3 or Audio Unit MIDI FX plug-ins on both Windows and macOS.

ACDGEN AU / VST3 Edition is available at for the introductory price of U$29.99 until February 23rd, 2022 (list price U$39.99).
The Max for Live Edition continues to be available (sold separately) for U$14.99.

0:00 Introduction
0:36 What is ACDGEN
1:16 Getting Started with ACDGEN in Logic
1:52 Pattern generation
2:09 Algorithms
2:41 Variations
3:18 Pattern modifications
4:35 MIDI Drag & Drop
5:03 Additional Features
5:28 Keyboard Shift
5:44 Pattern Shifter
6:09 ACDGEN in Reaper (Windows)
7:08 Outro"

Sequential Prophet 10 - Long live the king

video upload by MYSYNTH

Hip-Hop Foundations - FREE Novation Circuit Rhythm Pack by Techtronix & Yves Big City

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"HipHop is a genre that speaks to us all as musicians. This packs brings back the 90's vibe like it was yesterday, soul, jazz, and funk are on the menu here, with plenty of room in between. The drums have been carefully collated in order to give you that old boombap acoustic drum feel. you wont find any 909's here.

This is a way of us giving something back to the Circuit community. Enjoy!


13 oldskool Hiphop sessions
8 kicks
16 real high hats
16 snares
korg triton bass
over 70 cuts
guitar and more
How to Install

Load the pack up like any other through the components software via your browser or offline version on novations website.
Then click the send to Circuit Rhythm button on the top of the screen and choose a designated slot to save the pack to
This pack is full so it may take a while to transfer.


Sogno di Ossigene (Oxygene Dream)

video upload by Synthana

"Sogno di Ossigene.
Instrumental synthesizer music: my original song
inspired by Oxygene 4 of Jean Michel Jarre:
i played the melody backwards.

Instruments i used for this audio:
- EMS synthi 'A' mk1 (1971) : wind and noise fx
- Eminent 310 Unique/theatre (1972) : Chords and strings
- Korg Poly 61 mk 1 (1982) : Melody, bass and arpeggio
- Roland Juno GI: percussion

Recorded on Boss BR1600cd (digital studio) hardware recorder"

Oxi One Stochastic Sequencing

video upload by Perplex On

"Playing around with an upcoming firmware for #oxione which features a new so-called stochastic mode, which seems to be awesome for generative experiments. Here sequencing the free #spitfirelabs #softpiano and #frozenstrings"

Feeding Chaos to the Cursus Iteritas Percido

video upload by Red Means Recording

"daddy made you your favorite, open wide

In this video, we explore the sounds of the Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Percido eurorack synth voice. We'll feed it pitch and modulation via the Clank Chaos sequencer, trigger it with Intellijel Tete and Tetrapad, and process it with a custom techno patch on the Empress Effects Zoia Euroburo.

This is going to get nasty."

00:00 intro and patch explanation
03:30 daub mode
09:55 four mode
15:01 walsh mode
18:00 outro jamming and conclusion

Hardware Jams on FB - riffs challenge

video upload by SynthAddict

"Live hardware jam with Tenori-on, Hydrasynth 49,
Keystep 37 controlling CraftSynth 2 into Source Ventris
FX, and Boss RC-505 looper.

Live, with mistakes and all... :-)"

Sonicware Liven XFM | Is this something for an 80s guy?

video upload by Espen Kraft

"A modern 2021 groovebox/pattern based sequencer and a fully editable 4-operator FM synth. An interesting combination for sure. Can the Sonicware Live XFM be inspirational and useful to someone buried deep in 80s form an function? Let's find out."

Soma Lyra-8 ambient drone synthesizer Tutorial lesson 9: External Audio

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This ninth video shows some normal and crazy ways to use the external audio input. Please leave a comment with any questions or requests and a like if this was helpful."

EthanJamesMusic Soma Lyra-8 lessons

Goldbaby's PPG Wave 2.2 for Sale

video upload by VonTich

via this auction

"PPG Wave 2.2 with midi installed. System software is V8.3. Includes custom dust cover and a custom wooden box for shipping. In great condition for its age, some minor scratches. Professionally serviced recently. Also, in 2016 I got it fully restored by a tech who specializes in PPGs. He installed the keyboard upgrade kit, replaced the battery, replaced lots of caps, including the power supply one, tuned the voice boards, and tested everything.

This PPG Wave 2.2 was used to make Goldbaby's BlueWave sample pack. Check out the pack by visiting the Goldbaby website."

PPG Wave 2.2 Synthesizer

via this auction

Yellow Waldorf Q Rack - excellent sound ( PPG filter)

via this auction

"A German specialty since 1999 - and still one of the most powerful virtual-analog synthesizers in its class. Not least because its operating system has been regularly updated to keep features and performance up to date.

Q’s sound design abilities and its user-friendly design are simply outstanding. Here’s why: Its recipe combines ingredients like the legendary PPG-filter, a 25-band vocoder, wavetable generators including sub-oscillators, surround delay effects, comb-filter and a whole lot more. "

Jen SX-2000 Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer SN 4821

via this auction

"Very nice little rare analog synthesizer from the seventies. Similar to Korg M-500, Roland SH-2000,...
It is fully functional and visually in good condition.
The following service work has been done:

- Faderboard removed , cleaned and a little deoxydized
- Keyboard contacts cleaned
- Electrolytic capacitors replaced
- cleaned inside and outside

Some faders still slightly hooked (due to construction)
2 fader caps are missing ( standard ) 2 caps fit a bit light on it

Very unique sound ( EMS Diode Filter )
CV Gate retrofittable"

JEN SM 2007 String Machine

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here.

"Rare JEN SM 2007 String Machine
- in excellent condition
- fully serviced
- all sliders original

It´s the string machine, Olafur Arnalds (islandic composer) uses on many of his recordings for film. Sound awesome."

Yamaha DX7 Soundbook

via this auction

"Guide to understanding FM synthesis, programming examples. and operating aids for programming the FM synthesiser. Basic knowledge as well as skills for experienced are taught in equal measure. In German. Signs of use exist."

Yamaha DX7 ROM Cartridge Set Vol 1 & 2 with Box

via this auction

"Two Yamaha ROM Data Cartridges for the Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer. Cartridge number 1 and 2 in a set. Together with their original polystyrene box.

Lots of original presets from the 80's that made hit history (Michael Jackson, Queen, Whitney Housten and 1000's more). Each cartridge with 64 sounds organized in 2 banks.

Slight signs of use from insertion into the instrument's cartridge slot.

With adapter ADP1 to my knowledge also suitable for the following instruments: YAMAHA DX7S, DX7IID, DX7IIFD, TX802"

Kurzweil K150 Expander/Synth Rack Module w/ Original Manuals

via this auction

Majella IMPLEXUS // Wild West (Coast) Wave Wrangler - Is it worth it? Review and Tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:35 Overview
3:35 Connectivity
4:05 East vs West
5:20 Complex gen
6:05 Sub osc
6:20 Complex mods
9:30 LFOs
10:50 Filter
12:50 Delay
13:50 Envelopes
14:50 MIDI
16:30 Tuner
17:05 Pitch control
17:25 Paraphony
19:10 Filter kbd trk
20:10 Filter FM
20:50 Velocity mods
21:45 Clock to Gate
23:45 LFO to Clock
25:10 Pros & cons
28:30 Outro

Other gear in the video:
► Arturia KeyStep 37 and KeyStep Pro)
► RE-909
► Cremacaffe stands
► Scopes by Melda:

OB-Xa Eurorack filter comparison

video upload by John Schussler

"This is 20 minutes of me bouncing back and forth between two Oberheim OB-Xa style eurorack filters, trying to hear the differences between them. If you're not deeply interested in OB-Xa filters, you're probably better off moving along.

Still here? Ok. So, these two filters are close but not identical to the original VCF in the Oberheim OB-Xa. They have some improvements here and there, but for the most part are true to the original sound of the Oberheim. (I don't have an OB-Xa, so whether they're exactly the same or not I have no idea.)

As I go through I'm going to first try and get them as identical as possible, then listen to their less identical aspects.

In both cases I'm sticking to the 'standard' model, not the state variable option.

Sorry for the crackles here and there, my interface seems unhappy. They don't get in the way, they're just occasionally irritating."

Moog Mother-32 Internal Sequencer + Ornament & Crime Sequencer

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"This is a sort of lazy tutorial with notes for using Moog Mother-32 internal sequencer with an external sequence, while butchering Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.
The second voice here is Mutable Instruments Rings, sequenced by Ornament & Crime."

Time for some Sonicware XFM and 8bit ambient

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Some generative ambient on the Sonicware XFM and 8bit warps"

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