MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Noisebug’s 4ms Sound-on-Sound System

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Running guitar through the 4ms Sound-on-Sound System, a Noisebug Exclusive! The 4ms Sound on Sound System was designed here at Noisebug to offer a small, compact sampling system that can be used in a variety of different situation, using a variety of different instruments. The Percussion Interface (PI) and PI Expander are a pair of Eurorack modules that generate gates and envelopes from acoustic drums, samplers, drum machines, and virtually any audio source that is plugged into its input, making this system a true sampling powerhouse! Next is the Stereo Triggered Sampler, a high fidelity, two-channel stereo sample recorder and playback module. The STS can record high quality stereo files, while simultaneously playing two different stereo files. A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded from the removable/swappable microSD card, in a variety of formats up to 96kHz/32-bit/stereo WAV. All sample parameters (1V/oct pitch, sample file selection, length, and start position) are CV controllable and can be controller directly from your incoming audio's amplitude using the envelope outputs on the Percussion Interface. Just to the right of the STS is the Dual Looping Delay. A modern looping devices grew directly from hardware digital delays of the late 70s and early 80s. A looping delay, modeled on units such as the classic Lexicon PCM42, has the very long storage times associated with dedicated looping, but without triggered record and playback functions. By default, a looping delay records and plays continuously, though recording can be suspended at any time with Infinite Repeat. Sustain of delays and loops is mainly accomplished with regeneration, allowing an organic, evolving approach to sound creation as new material replaces old, more or less gradually. The 4ms Dual Looping Delay also provides advanced clock input and output facilities that allow for locking delayed and looped material with sequencers and rhythmic devices. The final stage in this system is the Listen Four Quarters, a four channel stereo mixer with 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS balanced outputs and 1/8" (3.5mm) headphones output. Two mono channels with Pan knobs and two stereo channels with dual inputs provide optimal compatibility with both stereo and mono signals. The Listen Four Quarters can be daisy-chained to other Listen modules to create a larger mixer with sub-mix outputs.

Dove Audio - D502 Multimode VCF

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The D502 Multimode filter is based on the SSI2140 VCF chip. This chip has a unique stucture and gives it a different sound to most 4 pole filters.

You are able to select which of the 4 poles is fed to the output, giving you instant access to 4pole low pass, 3 pole low pass, 2 pole low pass and 1 pole low pass at the flick of a switch!

However it doesn’t stop there, you are able to make the first two poles into high pass poles, allowing all kinds of interesting filter topologies, for example you can easily get the following filter modes.

1 pole low pass
2 pole low pass
3 pole low pass
4 pole low pass
1 pole high pass + 1 pole low pass (1 pole bandpass)
1 pole high pass + 3 pole low pass
1 pole high pass + 2 pole low pass
2 pole high pass + 1 pole low pass
2 pole high pass + 2 pole low pass (2 pole bandpass)
2 pole high pass
1 pole low pass with special resoance drive
1 pole high pass with special resoance drive + 1 pole low pass (1 pole bandpass with a gnarly sound)"

Crunchy beats patch of the day Pulsar 23

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"Liven 8 Bit Warps. Also in the mix Simmons SDS9, Pulsar 23, Korg Volca Modular, and Volca Kick. 1010music Bluebox and Korg SQ-64 at the hub."

Allinaire Jondent - HARD MOOG

video upload by Allinaire

"Some '4 on the floor' from Moog featuring the DFAM, Subharmonicon and Matriarch. About 95% of the track is all MOOG goodness (with some additional percussion and processing in Ableton). A collaboration between Allinaire and Jondent, put together from 2 live jams in Sydney and Wollongong during Feb 2022."

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum

via this auction

"2 Steps Back" | Ambient Eurorack Patch

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

"'2 Steps Back' | Ambient Eurorack Patch

Nothing very special this time, sorry...

Just me having a less than stellar time experimenting with the new Reverbs in the 1010 Bluebox Beta Firmware. They sounded great, but it kept on crashing during recording.... :(

So, what you are hearing here is the older Bluebox reverb from an older firmware.

It sounds ok, but nothing near as magical as the "Cloud Reverb" I was trying to use from the newer Firmware that would not record.... :(

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Roland Boutique JX-08 - "Aldebaran" 40 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

" presents "Aldebaran" the first bank for Roland Boutique JX-08.


We are starting a new series of banks dedicated to synthesizers Roland Boutique.

Roland Boutique are excellent synths with amazing sound and great features.

The first bank for Roland Boutique JX-08 is dedicated to plucks, leads and pads, mixing modern sound with vintage vibes.

40 amazing presets are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Retro, Cinematic, Electronic, Dance, no limits, create new music worlds with Roland Boutique JX-08 and "Aldebaran"

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Bright Sparks - Tom Oberheim

video upload by GForce Software

"After the 2015 release of our Bright Sparks Documentary & Album collaboration with I Monster, while we were elated at the critical acclaim the project received, we always felt it would have been enriched by the inclusion of one person in particular, Tom Oberheim.

On the instrumental version of the Bright Sparks album, I Monster had created a bonus track, Beneath The Planet Of The Oberheim and while we'd reached out to Tom Oberheim and asked him to appear in the accompanying documentary, for various reasons it wasn't possible.

Then in Feb 2021, after the release of our OB-E 8-Voice emulation, we got the chance to talk with Tom whereupon our second question was 'Can we persuade you to be filmed for a new Bright Sparks Chapter?'

Tom agreed and while covid put our plans on hold temporarily, we carried on communicating, and in October 2021 we sat at the UK end of a zoom call while cameraman Sam Graydon filmed Tom in the comfort of his California home. Additionally, ex-Oberheim engineer (and industry icon), Marcus Ryle, joined us from his studio and imparted his experience of working at Oberheim in the 80s and how, over 30 years later, he was pivotal in Tom regaining the use of his name and logo.

The result is a new Bright Sparks chapter dedicated to Tom Oberheim. A fascinating journey through the life and career of one of the most revered synthesiser pioneers, whose work has graced the tracks of everyone from Joe Zawinul to Stevie Wonder, Lyle Mays, Jam and Lewis and countless others.

Camera - Sam Graydon.
Edit Producer - Jeff Boult.
Executive Producer - Dave Spiers for GForce Software.
Artwork - Jarrod Gosling
Animation - Luke Highet
Photos - Dave Spiers, Ian Legge, Robert Rosen, Marcus Ryle, Tom Oberheim & Sequential Circuits
Music - I Monster (Bright Sparks Instrumental). Jeff Boult. Dave Spiers.
Archive - Internet Archive. Prelinger Archives.

Huge thanks to: I Monster's Dean Honer & Jarrod Gosling, Chris Macleod, Marcus Ryle, Jill Oberheim, Susan Wolf, Hugo Brangwyn, Graeme Rawson, Jerome Meunier, Robert Rosen, Alex Abajian, Ian Legge, Kent Spong, Les Pressure and David Gibbons."

Bright Sparks

Yuk: In Sequence - Inspiration and Circuit Tracks // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"In this Artist: In Sequence episode, we caught up with beatmaker, producer and all-round creative, Yuk, to talk about the LA Beat Scene and how it inspired him to begin his music-making journey.

Going on to perform at live shows at Low End Theory and around LA, Yuk became a part of and gave back to the scene that first sparked his passion for beat making.

--- Discover Circuit Tracks:"

Novation Artist: In Sequence posts

Roland VP-550 Vocoder and Ensemble Synthesizer Best Sounds prof Miki

video upload by Miki Sun Serbia Records

"Only for Education and Entertainment;-)#Roland Roland VP-550 Vocoder and Ensemble Synthesizer Best Sounds from 2006 year prof Miki Explore Solo Lead Strings (included hidden portamento flageolet when playing legato in higher register) and Choir sounds as main sounds+ +background sounds from Casio Ap-45(Piano)+Casio Wk-3500 (Piano+Warm pad).

Song Covers in this Roland Vp-550 Ensemble Synthesizer presentation;

1.Slow Motion-Djordje Balasevic
2.Ringispil-Djordje Balasevic
3.Bezdan-Djordje Balasevic
4.Slovenska-Djordje Balasevic
5.Jesen stize,dunjo moja
6.Odlazi cirkus-Djordje Balasevic
7.Lepa protina kci-Djordje Balasevic
8.Prica o Vasi Ladackom-Djordje Balasevic
9.Ne volim Januar-Djordje Balasevic

Đorđe Balašević ( 11 May 1953 – 19 February 2021) was a Serbian and Yugoslav singer and songwriter, writer, poet and director. He began his career in the late 1970s as a member of the band Rani Mraz, transitioning after two albums to a solo career. He first gained mainstream prominence for writing Rani Mraz's hit "Računajte na nas" (Count on Us), which was often described as an anthem of a generation. Noted for his vivid lyricism and poetry, Balašević was also known for weaving political commentary into his songs and live performance.

Broadly supportive of South Slavic unity in late 1970s and early 1980s, in the lead up to the Yugoslav wars he began to criticise the authorities. During the Yugoslav wars, he became a prominent anti-war voice in the region, thanks to which he also became an UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Balašević was the first Serbian act to perform in Sarajevo following the siege of Sarajevo. Balašević became one of the most prominent critics of Slobodan Milošević's regime, at considerable personal risk. Djordje was a prolific singer and writer, he recorded 14 albums and 8 books during his career and has been characterised by media and commentators as "musical legend" and author of many "evergreen hits

New Erica Synths mki x es .EDU DIY Eurorack Enclosure & PSU

via Erica Synths

The mki x es. edu project takes you on a journey of building a complete, self-contained eurorack system. Those who are already into eurorack will find the mki x es. edu modules to be a nice addition to their existing systems, but those who are about to take their first steps into modular synthesizers will need a reliable and safe power supply unit (PSU) and eurorack-compatible enclosure.

We designed a DIY eurorack PSU based on a DC/DC converter that turns +12VDC from a wall wart AC/DC adapter into eurorack standard bipolar +-12V. This ensures the voltage in your eurorack system never exceeds 12V and any area in your eurorack case is safe to touch. In order to reduce the overall cost of the case we do not use eurorack rails with threaded inserts or sliding nuts, instead, there are pre-drilled, threaded holes to accommodate the modules of the mki x es. edu system in a specific order.

NB! The enclosure & PSU are designed specifically to accommodate DIY modules from mki x es. edu series and are not compatible with other eurorack modules.

RRP: 110 EUR (VAT excl.)
MAP: 139 USD

mki x es. EDU enclosure & PSU
high-res photos of DIY EDU series
We – Erica Synths and Moritz Klein – have developed series of educational DIY kits under the brand name mki x es. EDU with one specific goal in mind: to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analog synthesizer circuits from scratch. What you’ll find in the box is not simply meant to be soldered together and then disappear in your rack. Instead, we want to take you through the circuit design process step by step, explaining every choice we’ve made and how it impacts the finished module.

In total, we have developed 9 kits to build a fully featured modular mono-synth: a sequencer, a VCO, a wavefolder, a noise/S&H module, a mixer, a VCF, an Envelope generator, a dual VCA and an output stereo mixer with a headphone amplifier. Additionally, an affordable eurorack case with a DIY PSU will also be available. While these kits are easy to build, we did not compromise on design and functionality. We will launch one kit every 4-6 weeks. Each kit comes with an extensive user manual (40+ pages) that will dive deep into not only the electronics behind each circuit, but also the fundamental principles of sound synthesis.

We hope that the mki x es. EDU project will inspire future engineers and will contribute to the ever growing diversity of electronic music technology.

More information coming soon

Shadow of Boseiju // Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Official Soundtrack

video upload by Amie Waters

"I want to thank Wizards of the Coast for sponsoring this song and video! I also want to shout out @Jonathan Young for including me in this project and all the other incredible artists who made music for the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Official Soundtrack!

Take a midnight stroll with me, through the neon streets of Towashi. Lost in existential thought, your eyes catch glimpses of the Sacred Mother, Boseiju who towers above even the highest skyscrapers. Your listless wandering leads you to the Boseiju District, a place where the clamor and din of the city finds pause. In this relative tranquility, you feel a space long missing, where your emotions can finally stretch their legs. The euphoria rises up inside of you as each step you take becomes more intentional, more deliberate. As you find a comforting place to sit and reflect, a song that has been dancing through the night air plays on a distant chime. The peace you feel grows up from the ground, connecting you to roots more ancient than you could imagine as you share a moment of deep time with the one who endures, Boseiju. #MtGNeon

Other incredible musicians on this Soundtrack:
@Matthew kiichichaos Heafy
@Caleb Hyles
@Jonathan Young
@Tre Watson

M401 Multimode Filter / Resonator Polysynth Demo

video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"The M401 Multimode Filter / Resonator by Lower West Side Studio.

The audio clip, provided by Dave Peck, demonstrates a polyphonic synthesizer chord processed through the M401 VCF in a modular synthesizer.

More info at"

See this post for an interview with Dakota Melin, the designer of the M401 Multimode Filter Resonator.

Korg Wavestate 2: Atmospheric Lo-Fi. 50 Presets/Performances

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Atmospheric Lo-Fi' is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.

It includes: 8 Basses, 8 Keys, 7 Pads, 6 Strings, 6 Synths, 5 Leads, 5 Brasses, 5 Plucks.
The soundset is devoted to Lo-Fi sound and its colors: detuned, noisy, tape-style, vintage, old, bit-crushed, warm-analog, cold-digital...

Each preset has thoroughly set performance controls: ModWheel, 8 Macros, X/Y Vector Envelope. They may change the color of a timbre greatly: from thin, dull, distant, narrow, to bright, wide, and thick. They may change the shape of the timbre and add movement. You must tweak all the controls to understand the full potential of a preset.
Thus, the timbres will fit many genres, styles, arrangements, and mixes.

📻 Get the soundset:


- Thoroughly set parameters and modulations.
- All 8 Performance Knobs/Macros are assigned to different parameters. They give changes from subtle to dramatic.
- Vector Envelope changes color of a timbre.
- ModWheel adds expression.
- No external/additional samples are required.
- Performances' volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing.
- Suitable for Ambient, IDM, Cinematic, Deep, Progressive, House, Techno, Chill Out, Downtempo, Lounge, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Pop, Experimental, Breaks, D'n'B, Industrial and other genres...

No drums are included in the soundset.

00:00 PD Venture, BS Lining, PL Spring Time, BR Gentleman
01:40 KS Dreamer, BS Stroke, ST Strings Machine, KS Radio Night
03:14 KS Interrow, BS Wider, ST Epoch
04:36 BR Section, BS Upright, KS Calm Organ, LD Mono Organ
06:42 PD Light and Air, BS Tradition, KS Farness
08:13 PD Alfa, LD Front, SY Kaleidoscope
09:56 PD Slender, BS Fusioner, SY Dialect, PL Twisted
11:39 BS Nasal, PD Revival"

Essencefm - Kodamo

video upload by MYSYNTH

FuseboxX // Sounds Only Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"My walkthrough of the FuseboxX comparing it to the original is coming soon. Here's what I've put together while putting it through its paces."

MATTHS Patch From Scratch - Live Eurorack Mayhem Feb 17th

video upload by MATTHS

"#MATTHS takes us on a ride through a production from its incarnation. Patching, mixing, sound design and process is all on show here for you to see. It sometimes goes wrong, sometimes goes right.

All tracks are available to buy/stream at"


All the Soma Synths! - 17/02/22

video upload by Signal Sounds

Noises - HAINBACH's New Experimental Instrument With AudioThing

video upload by HAINBACH

"Noises is the latest collaboration between @AudioThing and me. This time, we created an instrument (AU/VST/AAX) focused on creative exploration of textures. With unique controls, an internal sequencer, 21 banks of 8 unique sampled atmospheres each, ranging from Autobahn to forgotten flight simulator and 118 presets lovingly crafted by yours truly, Noises is made to inspire.

We believe it is a unique instrument to add texture to your music and media productions, as well as becoming an important tool in your tracks. Get it now on intro price:"

"A Twisted Rainbow Of Sound

Noises is an experimental instrument with a playful and inspiring interface, designed to bring a vast world of noise into your music and audio production.

Noises is the fourth plugin we developed together with German composer and “that guy with the sweaters” Hainbach. He crafted hundreds of recordings of rare vintage measurement and tape equipment, analog synths, strange field recordings, electro-acoustic and magnetic field experiments, and more in his lab to create this creative noise instrument with us. It is designed to be fast and inspiring to use, with a big dial at its center inviting you to search for sounds and a sequencer to make them music. This results in a minimum of clicks for a maximum of sound.

Used subtly, it adds coherence to your tracks. Used creatively, this can be the basis for whole tracks. It is easy to create modern scores for film, games, and podcasts with it and a quick tool for sound design. If you need a break, put it on and relax to carefully curated noise sequences."

Something Wonderful 🐒⬛🐒 | 1645729200

video upload by Cherry Audio

"Something is coming."

Wingpinger meets Simplifier DLX and Nanobox Lemondrop

video upload by Wein Glas

"Some fun with the awesome Meng Qi Wing Pinger going into the DSM Humboldt Simplifier DLX. The 1010Music Nanobox Lemondrop is in the Stereo-Send-/Return-Loop of the Simplifier. And lots of special cables ;)

Flanger and Delay are from the Lemondrop, Reverb ist from the Simplifier.

As always: No overdubs, no post processing. Just a Ristretto ;)"

Amplitude X-Time delay: Long noodle (& BPM rant)

video upload by Richard DeHove

My site: Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:

"I wanted a delay that I could control by manually setting a BPM rate. I have plenty of rate-knob delays, tap tempos delays and a a MIDI-clock controlled delay. But there's nothing like a full workstation-style delay where you can dial in a BPM rate. Unfortunately the X-Time isn't it. I was astonished to discover (and have confirmed by their support people) that you can display BPM. The options are millseconds or time divisions of either a global set BPM or incoming clock.

That means the primary reason I bought this machine is lost. Of course the obvious answer is that I should have done my research a bit better. OTOH every complex workstation-style delay I've ever heard of can display BPM. Weird. Maybe it'll be addressed in an update.

In the meantime I thought there was still some value in watching a noob flub about with the different modes and also butchering some presets.

In short, this is not a performance machine, it's a preset machine. Craft your sound, store it, then recall it.
If delays were people then the Erica Synths Zen delay would be your wild but happy friend; the X-Time would be the grumpy uncle who works at Microsoft."

The wonderful sound of the CASIO CZ-101 Cosmo Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The CASIO CZ-101 Synthesizer from the year 1984 is a very interesting synth and one of my digital synth favorites.

All sounds came from the CASIO CZ-101. All self-programmed sounds.
drums: E-MU Samples
The track is a recreation of a Yanni track."

Addtiional Casio CZ tracks by RetroSound:

Modular Wall Sounds Symphonic?

video upload by John L Rice

"I was working on this patch and was going to possibly do a longer video for it but my MOTM-650 MIDI to CV module died unexpectedly (it was in that now empty slot) so I just recorded a quick bit of the patch before go eat a bunch of food to drown my sorrows . . . 😑 #shorts #modularsynth #electronicmusic"

How to play @Moderat -- MORE D4TA using GROUND CONTROL and SHUTTEL SYSTEM (project files included)

video upload by

"MORE D4TA by @Moderat explained on a full ENDORPHIN.ES set up.

Entire patch and sequence programming.

Like & share if you love the track.

GROUND CONTROL project files (project M):"

10 undervalued 80s synths | Most bang for the buck

video upload by Espen Kraft

Top-10 undervalued vintage 80s synths. With a watchful eye on local ads and garage sales, all of these can be had for way less money compared to a lot of other 80s synths. Some can even be had for coffee money if you're lucky. I've seen it happen many times. Including some of my own buys.

1. Yamaha TX7
2. Casio VZ-10M
3. Elka EK22
4. Roland Alpha Juno 1/2/MKS-50
5. Kawai K1 (k1m/k1r)
6. Sequential Six-Trak
7. Siel Cruise
8. Yamaha SK20
9. Korg Poly-800
10. Commodore 64

Demos for each linked by Espen Kraft:

DX7 Original Patches TX7 (Yamaha TX7 - Zé Osório) - José Osório de Souza
Casio VZ-10M - Exploring the Synth and Sounds - ProckGnosis
Elka 22 analog synthesizer | Demo and review - Espen Kraft
Roland Alpha Juno 2 | The best Roland synth ever? - Espen Kraft
Kawai K1 | A Digital Lo-Fi Beauty! - Espen Kraft
Sequential Six-Trak | Fun as a Prophet! - Espen Kraft
SIEL CRUISE Analog Synthesizer 1979 | HD DEMO - AnalogAudio1
YAMAHA SK20 String Machine 1979 | HD DEMO - AnalogAudio1
Korg Poly-800 | Multitrack - Espen Kraft
Commodore 64 - Let's Make Some Music! - Espen Kraft

MOOG POLYMOOG + POLYPEDAL - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

The Schmidt with Selco Knobs

A couple of pics of The Schmidt with Selco knobs instead of stock Davies in via M Me. Reminds me of the grey capped Quasimidi Polymorph.

Click the pics for larger shots.

Solton Programmer 24 + custom Hardcase

via this auction

"The Amazing Solton Programmer 24
In perfect aestetics and working conditions!
All the original factory presets + extra installed on it.
SERVICED by professional tecnician.

It comes with a beautiful handcrafted custom hardcase

3 slide caps are 3dprinted, the other are the original ones."

Crumar Multiman S3 SN 00317

via this auction

"Crumar multiman s3. This is a wonderful machine with a more than inimitable sound. String section, synth section, bass section, piano section, effects section, a real pleasure. String and polysynth to be the envy of arp solina !! excellent functional condition. State-of-the-art synthetic stringmachine beautifully fat sound. Just overhauled and fully functional. Four fader caps are not original, found some really similar caps that fits"

Roland Jupiter 8 Cap Switch Set

via this auction

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot V2 Black

via this auction

Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer w/ PG-1000 programmer & Memory Cards

via this auction

+Roland D-50 Perfectly working and in great shape. Some small cosmetic defects visible on the pictures.

+Roland PG-1000 in mint conditions, fully working and with no defects

+2 Rom Cards for preset sounds PN-D50-00 and PN-D50-01

+Original Power Cable for D-50, 3rd part 9V power adapter for PG-1000

Roland RS-09 Vintage Analog Synthesizer Organ Strings SN 998815

via this auction

MOOG Subsequent 37 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Chameleon (Herbie Hancock) - Nord Drum 3P + Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Electronic Drumpad Performance

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"🎸 In this instrumental series I'm playing some classics of Rock/Pop music history from the 60s and 70s in some alienated electronic version. In this video it's the classic:


I pre-programmed the sequences inside Ableton Live, sending them through the individual channels of the Vermona Perfourmer Mk2. I used the KMI SoftStep 2 for moving between scenes and played some grooves live with my Nord Drum 3P.

During Mixing I added some Reverb, EQ and Compression."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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