MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Analog Keys and Korg ESX | MIDERA Live Set at 331 Club on 3/12/2022 in Minneapolis Minnesota

video upload by MIDERA

"I played a live set at 331 Club in Minneapolis on March 12th, 2022. These are the tracks I prepared for the show, although maybe played slightly different than when I played it live. I would have recorded the live show - but it is too much of a hassle recording the video and audio so I decided against doing it.

Added eventide blackhole VST for extra sauce."

2022 Ensoniq SQ-80 patch set: "The Outer Patches"

video upload by 909955847736

"Here is a sampling of the patches from the third patch set in this series available on eBay. The first set came out in 2016: the "Disruptor Banks", and the second one in 2017: "The Mad Scientist Series". This set has the usual two main banks of patches, the "blank bank" utility bank, a few hidden extra patches, and this time there is an additional extra bank that just has Star Trek (TOS) sound effects - some old ( [posted here] and some new."

First Track with the ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

video upload by allmyfriendsaresynths

"I have been experimenting with the ASM Hydrasynth explorer over the past wee while, and so far am rather taken with it. This is the very first track that I wrote and recorded with it. The drums come from the ALM Squid Salmple, and all the melodic stuff comes from the Hydrasynth Explorer.

The video is just a bit of a weird mish-mash of things that came to mind loosely related to Hydra. Hydra... Snakes. Get it?!?!"

Sequential Pro 3 Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Pro-3 is a monophonic/paraphonic powerhouse with 3 filters, a great sequencer, two analog oscillators, and a wavetable oscillator. It features tuned feedback, two simultaneous effects (including the Super Plate reverb from the Prophet X), 3 LFOs, 4 envelopes, and a powerful mod matrix."

1978 Arp Solus Model 2353 Vintage Original Analog Synthesizer SN 2353 329

via this auction

- 1978 Arp Solus Model 2353 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard
- Recently Cleaned, Calibrated, Sliders Freshly Lubricated
- Great Sounding Mid-Range Mono-Synth
- Very Excellent Cosmetic Condition

Roland V-Synth Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Emu Vintage Analog Synthesizer demo

video upload by Blackbirds Rising

Dr. Craig Clifford's Magnificent 5U System - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're in Columbus, OH at Dr. Craig Clifford's studio space where he performs on his 5U Synthesizer System."

CME Introduces SWIDI Wireless Xkey Controller Inspired by Behringer

Wireless charging as well. The keyboard will MSRP at $€79 on May 2. Curious if a wireless charge will be included. I'm not finding one on the CEM site.

via CME

"Redefining the Xkey Experience

Echoing the feel and look of the Xkey Air, the brand new SWIDI will make you rethink Bluetooth MIDI.

SWIDI is a progressive music tool that combines the functionalities of your keyboard controller with a step sequencer like no other.

With SWIDI you can control analog and digital devices. Completely wireless. It is the end of MIDI cables and power cords.

It's your 100% true portable solution that's fully compatible with any Bluetooth MIDI solution, including WIDI.

The key to absolute control

SWIDI gives you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via Bluetooth MIDI.

With an unparalleled 64-step sequencer, with an 8-note polyphonic sequence and 32 slim keys, SWIDI takes MIDI to new heights.

Its integrated WIDI technology links SWIDI as a central controller with up to four (4) peripherals. Without wires. With and completely without computers.

Finally, you can create 1-to-4 MIDI configurations over air. Enjoy freedom on stage and in the studio with its unique wireless charging pad.

Premium Bluetooth MIDI

SWIDI is based on Xkey technology combined with the latest version of WIDI. Access uniform communication between any device of any brand with the most advanced wireless MIDI technology currently available.

Ultra low 3ms latency between WIDI equipped devices
65ft / 20m plain sight range between WIDI equipped devices
Add up to five (5) Bluetooth MIDI devices with group auto-learn
Optimise for latency or jitter performance via WIDI App (iOS/Android)

The finishing touch....

WIDI is a 100% community-driven technology, validated by thousands of MIDI enthusiasts around the world. Simply power & play at any fixed location with its unique charging station. Fully charge your SWIDI in two (2) hours and enjoy eight (8) hours of pure freedom.

Wireless MIDI. Wireless charging.
No redundant ports. No component shortage.
Available May 2, 2022
Retail $€ 79"

SYNTH VS SYNTH -- Sequential OB6 or Prophet 6?

video upload by Noir Et Blanc Vie

"The OB6 to me is a freakin freight train of sound, i's power is WAY more than you can imagine. If you haven't heard one in person you're missing out. There's something special in there, but the Prophet 6 has it's place, and obviously to me a VERY special place. and FIND OUT."

Demo ONE - Retro Futurism 2 - Circuit Tracks Sound Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"The second part of Retro Futurism is based on the same concept, bringing new Synthwave Cyberpunk-inspired patches that unlock the true potential of Circuit's synth engine with a colossal sound.

Retro Futurism 2 is a kaleidoscope of 80s nostalgia and sci-fi future, a perfect soundtrack for a dystopian Cyberpunk world in a parallel reality.

This pack takes its inspiration from some of the most iconic polyphonic synthesizers of the past, blending their sound with digital and modern techniques to create new patches with its own identity.


A collection of 64 velocity-sensitive patches that brings together some of the best retro polyphonic synthesizers of the 80s with much more contemporary future-oriented sounds. A perfect blend of past and future.

Covering classics and screaming modern basses, lush and emotional poly-synths, powerful lead and filter sweeps, nostalgic detuned oscillators and shimmering evolving pads.

Akai Introduces MPK mini play Keyboard & MIDI Controller

video upload by AkaiProVideo

MPK mini play mk3 | Play Music Anywhere

video upload by

How To Setup Your MPK mini play
video upload by

Billie Eilish 'Bad Guy' Cover on MPK mini Play

video upload by

"Whether you're a good girl or a bad guy, MPK mini play is the battery-powered mini keyboard that lets you play all your favorite songs anywhere."

MSRP of $149.99

And the press release followed by hi-res pics:



MPK mini Play mk3 keyboard controller combines playing mobility with serious production tools for music creation anywhere

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (22nd March, 2022) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce MPK mini Play mk3 keyboard controller. The MPK mini Play mk3 combines incredible portability with powerful music making features and software for beginners, pros, and all music fans.

Play Music Anywhere
Musical inspiration can happen anywhere and MPK mini Play mk3 is the perfect portable companion to capture those melodies and harmonies, anytime and anywhere. With battery-operated performance of over 14+ hours, MPK mini Play mk3 users do not have to worry about power adapters, chargers, or cables when it is time to play music. The upgraded built-in speaker delivers increased output and added low-end response, making for more enjoyable jamming and playing. With an improved listening experience, users can dive into the 128 onboard instruments and drum kits including acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads and pads, and more. When using the speaker is not practical, MPK mini Play also houses a 1/8-inch headphone output jack for quiet practicing or songwriting without disturbing others.
Professional Performance

At the heart of the MPK mini Play mk3 is the new Gen 2 keybed delivering a dynamic performance and accurate velocity response, with a feel users will certainly appreciate. While it maintains its sleek, compact footprint, MPK mini Play mk3 is more playable and comfortable than ever and ready for hours of playing. The 8 drum pads have been upgraded to real, velocity sensitive MPC drum pads, offering optimal feel and response for even the most percussive drum parts. With Class Compliant, plug-and-play capability, MPK mini Play mk3 doubles as a powerful MIDI controller and instantly connects to your favorite DAW for immediate music production duties. 4 assignable rotary encoder knobs offer versatile control of MIDI parameters like Pan or Automation for super-precise editing. With its sturdy construction and build, MPK mini Play mk3 is ready to travel securely alongside any favorite music production items in backpacks or bags.

Limitless Creativity with MPC Beats Software DAW - Effects and Instruments Included
The MPK mini Play mk3 comes bundled with MPC Beats, the powerful music-making and recording desktop software DAW for Mac and PC based on iconic MPC hardware. Featuring a full array of musical instrument plugins, effect plugins, and audio and drum samples, MPC Beats is the best way to start making great-sounding music quickly. In addition to MPC Beats Desktop Software DAW, MPK mini Play mk3 also includes multiple world-class plugin instruments from award-winning sound design company AIR Music Technology. Available in both AU and VST are Hybrid 3 — a powerful polyphonic analog synth, Mini Grand – an acoustic piano instrument, and Velvet – a vintage electric piano instrument.
All information subject to change

Educational Software Included
MPK mini Play mk3 comes with a Melodics educational package. Available as both a desktop and iPad app, Melodics features instruction for MIDI keyboard, pad controllers, and e-drums, offering tailored cross-genre lessons and real- time feedback designed to help refine necessary music creation skills. The free Melodics download includes 60 lessons to get started and with plug and play support, no extensive set-up is required.

MPK mini Play mk3 Key Features
• Battery powered mini keyboard instrument
• Over 100 internal drum and instrument sounds
• New, larger built-in speaker with increased volume and low-end response
• Premium 25-key Gen 2 dynamic keybed
• (8) real MPC drum pads for durable performance
• (4) assignable knobs to control MIDI parameters
• Assignable Joystick
• OLED display for visual feedback
• 1/8-inch headphone output jack
• USB port for Class Compliant MIDI controller functionality

“MPK mini has come to define how a generation makes music, and the MPK mini Play mk3 embodies every experience Akai Professional has amassed over the years into a single product anyone can enjoy.” Said Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager of Akai Professional. “A beginner has the gratification of instant music creation with access to dozens of built- in sounds. The aspiring music producer has a versatile battery-powered musical Swiss-army Knife to capture creativity at a moment’s notice, whether in a production studio or a public park. Even the professional can count on the reliability of real MPC drum pads. Every detail has been thought of to ensure users will always enjoy a truly exceptional and inspired music-making process.”

The MPK mini Play mk3 will ship with an MSRP of $149.99
For more information on MPK mini Play mk3, visit

KORG Introduces Wavestate & Opsix Plug-Ins

opsix native - A Full-Spectrum Sound Experience - now a native plug-in on Mac and Windows.

video upload by Korg

"opsix native is the standalone plugin version of opsix, a digital synth unlike any other, with sounds to match. Instantly explore hundreds of fresh, cutting-edge sounds to inspire your next musical project!"

wavestate native - Legendary synthesis, re-imagined - now a native plug-in on Mac and Windows.

"Korg is proud to present wavestate native, the fully-compatible software counterpart to the hardware wavestate synthesizer. wavestate native is available in VST3, AAX, and standalone formats on both macOS and Windows, as well as AU on macOS."

KORG WAVESTATE In The Shack? VST Plugin Demo!

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Sound demo of the newly released KORG WAVESTATE NATIVE Software Synth VST Plugin. The WAVESTATE is the successor to one of my favorite all-time hardware synths, the magnificent KORG WAVESTATION."

► WEBSITE - additional links there.


via @KorgUSA

US Only: To celebrate the release of KORG’s new wavestate native and opsix native synth plug-ins, we’re offering a free download of opsix native with the purchase of the opsix synth from an authorized retailer- a $200 value, until 5/22/22!


"opsix is a digital synth unlike any other, with sounds to match. Instantly explore hundreds of fresh, cutting-edge sounds to inspire your next musical project! Go even further with the power of customization right at your fingertips.

The operator mixer, which dramatically changes the characteristics of the sound, and the flexible sound engine that goes far beyond the realm of FM instruments, as symbolized by the word "Altered," are retained, as is the software's unique ability to provide a bird's eye view of all parameters. The user interface further expands the potential of this synthesizer.

opsix native is a plug-in version of opsix synthesizer with the exact same sound engine as opsix. Use it for different purposes, such as production on a DAW."

"KORG’s legendary Wavestation introduced the world to Wave Sequencing, transforming raw samples into sounds that no-one had ever heard before. The flagship OASYS and KRONOS keyboards developed Wave Sequencing even further, expanding on its unique palette of lush, evolving pads and driving rhythms.

In 2020, the acclaimed wavestate brought Wave Sequencing to the next level. Featuring the radically re-imagined Wave Sequencing 2.0, the wavestate delivers astonishing, ever-changing sounds with extensive hands-on control. Far from a nostalgic reissue, the wavestate is designed from the ground up for a new generation of musicians, producers, and composers, taking cues from sources as diverse as modular synths, groove boxes, and algorithmic composition.

Now, Korg is proud to present wavestate native, the fully-compatible software counterpart to the hardware wavestate synthesizer. wavestate native is available in VST3, AAX, and standalone formats on both macOS and Windows, as well as AU on macOS. You can seamlessly exchange sounds between hardware and software. Produce in your DAW with wavestate native, and then play the same sounds onstage using the wavestate hardware. Create sounds with the hardware’s hands-on interface, and then share them with a computer-based collaborator. Plus, you can use any of the many third-party sound and sample libraries available for the hardware wavestate."

The Strangest Mellotron Library Ever?

video upload by HAINBACH

"I love the Mellotron. Playing this 1960s tape sampler for the first time 15 years ago was mesmerizing - the feel of all those motors spinning under your fingers is magical. Now I collaborated with Gforce Software to create my own Mellotron library, and it is rather odd. I sampled all my favorite and rare synths, some broken, some just strange on their own, and acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments, ran them through mountains of even stranger equipment and out came the Hainbach Expansion Pack.

From Japanese poetry trainers to soviet synths, broken Italian organs to french pianos, American test equipment and German Kalimba guitars, there is a lot to keep you playing on and on. It is like being in the studio with me, minus the coffee and ceaseless anecdotes."

Also see Streetly Tapes For M-Tron Pro - Volume 5 featuring Alex Ball.

1U modules by Error Instruments

Welkom 1U modules video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

Currently, only the Toolbox 1u is up on Error Instruments' website.

Toolbox 1u

is a handy tool It has a multiple 6x

Attenuator to change the control voltage or the audio level.

Lopez gate that works on gate and trigger to make drums .

Tune Vactrol In 20 hp 1u Passive

Hydrasynth Explorer Road Test

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"The Hydrasynth Explorer takes batteries, so I thought I'd take it as an opportunity to get out into the countryside and explore the environment with my Explorer. Little did I know that this would turn into a bit of a battery nightmare because I got the absolutely wrong type. It's the first time I've gone out in the field like this and it has its challenges but I hope to get better at it and do it a lot more... provided I use the right batteries.

This video has been updated with solid battery information so that no one is confused about the sort of batteries you should and should not be using. And I'm sorry for giving Ashun Sound Machines a heart attack."

Patching in Dreamsynth

video upload by boxoftextures

"I love this thing. I live for making textures, and Dreamsynth truly brings it. It's not your mega-giant synth which some software tends to head towards—and which I indeed enjoy—but it has a good helping of what you need and lots of ways to modify things. Almost everything can be modulated, and there's loads of mod sources available. Same with the oscillators. There's three oscillators, two waves each, and hundreds of waves to choose from. In addition, each oscillator has its own independent pitch LFO, completely separate from the three regular LFOs. Throw in a complex multi-mode filter, five effects, arpeggiator, and I haven't even gotten around to the string section yet.

This video shows me making two patches from scratch. I did another patch before those two but I didn't "film" it, alas, although I did include the patch so you could see what it sounds like. There's pretty much no editing out of any long boring knob twiddling. What you see is what I did. Working with the synth is easy and fun; nothing hidden, everything on the panel. These are my first three patching attempts, too. Saw the intro video, immediately downloaded it, and then made these three patches. Very satisfying.

Dreamsynth, from Cherry Audio

Edited in ScreenFlow
Audio routing done in Rogue Amoeba Loopback


Emu EMULATOR III - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

BASTL Kastle B Drum w/ Original Box

via this auction

Kawai SX240

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This SX-240 is fully functional and in great condition.

The SX-240 is an 8 voice analog polyphonic synthesizer released in 1984. It features 2 DCOs, 1 Sub Oscillator, 1 LFO, a 24 dB/oct four-pole resonant Lowpass filter, 2 ADSR envelopes, a ring mod setting called Brass, and a multitimbral Dual/Split setting. It's design also includes a sequencer with 1,500 note capacity, MIDI in/out/thru, Tape Memory in/out, Clock in/out, and pedal control inputs for Sequencer start/stop, Program up, and Release.

The interface is designed around a menu with arrow navigation, a jog wheel, and digital character display, and it is capable of saving 48 patch memory and 8 sequences."

Studio Electronics Code 8 OD SN 1407

via this auction

w/ 2x Baseline / 6x ARP-2600 expansion

Orange Model Studio Electronics ATC-X Quad Filter System Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The ATC-X features four different filters: Moog, ARP, Oberheim and Roland. It is a true chameleon and is as go-to for the perfect bass sound that slots right into your production."

One knob w/ membrane buttons similar to the Moog Source.

Casio CT-S1000V 61-Key Portable Keyboard w/ Vocal Synthesis w/ Original Box

via this auction

You can find demos and reviews in previous posts here.

Yamaha DX7IID 61-Key 16-Voice Digital Synth

via this auction

Elektron Analog RYTM & Digitakt

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Catharina | Modular World 25 Live performance

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I made this performance for Modular World ep. 25 which premiered on March 13th. There's a strong ghost story in my home town of The Hague. Catharina le Chasseur (the hunter) was sentenced to death by drowning in 1541 because of counterfeit crimes. After her death, reports came in of ghost sightings on her home grounds. This video is performed and filmed on location. It's a seance and a tribute. And it turned out to be a really cool patch using Soma Enner, Mimeophon, Desmodus, Melotus, Toolbox, Bitbox and Nebulae. Nebulae is running Realms 0.2, a custom instrument coded by Ian Hoogeboom (studio48nl). Also special thanks to Marieke McKenna who helped me produce this video and lending me her hands for some video inserts (shot a few days later)."

TAL U-No-Lx Patches - Luftrum 26

video upload by Luftrum1

"This is a 100% Luftrum 26 demo - 14 instances of TAL U-No-Lx. All effects heard are just from the inbuilt patches - no outside effects were added, other than sculpting / filtering EQ, and a bit of compression and limiting on the final master. 'Controls Aren't Responding', demo by Amphilium.

Luftrum 26"

Patch n Tweak
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