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Monday, July 11, 2022



"Here's the latest from switchtrix Electronics.A faithful recreation of the KS sequencer.This version features an envelope generator that can be routed to input channel 2 of the Synthe AKS.Standard version in blue also available.Thanks for watching.For more information please contact"

Hush now and tickle your Synths 3

video upload by Justin Carey

"It's that know what time...I know you know."

Разработка цифрового программируемого генератора управляющего напряжения для аналоговых синтезаторов

video upload by techno comrade / seek sound

Cool intro. Update: video is back

На базе распространенного мк ардуино
кому интересно, скетч:
В качестве подопытного пациента в кадре выступает Эстрадин-314 "Солярис", с которым интегрирован демонстрируемый
образец, выполняя функцию тембрового вибрато


Title: Development of a digital programmable control voltage generator for analog synthesizers

Based on the popular micro arduino
for anyone interested, sketch:
Estradin-314 "Solaris" acts as an experimental patient in the frame, with which the demonstrated sample is
integrated, performing the function of timbre vibrato

Teisco Del Rey Teischord D Checkmate

via this auction

This appears to be the first post to feature the D. You can find other Teischords including different models in previous posts here.

Note the Teisco "Del Ray" logo below.

Pics of the inside below including a schematic. Curiuos if it actualy shipped that way or if the owner placed it there later.

Details from the listing:

"Teischord D Checkmate
Good condition, yellowing on white keys due to age. This thing sounds like The Munsters theme music could’ve been played on it. Super cool, super rare!

• Tuning knob

Vibrato: Vibrato speed (knob), Vibrato On/Off, Vibrato Full

• Bass: Solo-to-Bass, Wood, Brass, String, Volume (knob)

Solo section: Bass Cla.16', Flute 8', Trumpet 8', Sax 8', Piccolo 4', Violin 4', Volume (knob)"

1978 Crumar DS2 Synthesizer

via this auction

I think the seller is mixing up the Crumar Spirit with the DS2. From the listing:

"Der letzte von Robert Moog in den späten 70er Jahren entwickelte Synthesizer."

"The last synthesizer developed by Robert Moog in the late 70's."

Moog worked on the Crumar Spirit from 1983.

via Wikipedia: "In 1978, Crumar released their first full-fledged synthesizer, the DS-2, which had one of the earliest digitally controlled oscillators (DCO).[2] Crumar synthesizers are comparable and contemporaneous to Moog synthesizers and other analog synthesizers; in fact, the Crumar Spirit synthesizer (1983) was designed by Bob Moog himself, along with Minimoog co-designer Jim Scott and Tom Rhea (who wrote Moog manuals)."

Modded MTI Auto-Orchestra 1970s W/ Factory Stand + MIDI SN 02514

via this auction

"MTI Auto-Orchestra from the 1970s W/ Factory Stand, MIDI, and top lid. Additionally this unit was professionally modified to use the bass and strings as their own dedicated synth via midi. I believe this might be the only unit out there that has this capability. It is an excellent mod because the strings on this unit sound like an Arp Solina! The bass synth is also killer as well. It idles quietly and is in good cosmetic shape for its age."

OP-1 Field Tutorial - Sequencers

video upload by Digiphex Electronics

Novation V-Station and B-Station Now Free

Title says it all.

You can find them here.

Sequential OB6 and Thermae Ambient Bells

video upload by riotbell

"This is a short piece pairing the OB6 and the Chase Bliss Thermae. Just a gentle sequenced piece meant to simulate slightly detuned bells.

I think the Mercury 7 actually provides more texture than anything. I don't know if I'd call the M7 underrated, but it really does rich spacey soundscaping better than just about any reverb I've so far used.

Thanks for listening."

Using an Amp Tremolo as a Synth LFO | Sound Recipes #38

video upload by Reverb

"With an amplifier's tremolo, you can create a choppy, fluttering sound with anything—but our 'string synth' here sounded particularly cool to us. Find the full recipe and many more Sound Recipes here."

Wayback Machine to 1965

Wayback Machine to 1965video upload by X180R19

"#la67 #la_sesenta_y_siete Buchla 100 clone 'Mort's Barge'. I'd just acquired this boat and instantly took me back to the first time I heard a Buchla synth."

You might remember "Mort's Barge" from this post back in January.

Additional details via LA67

"Mort's Barge is a 5 module, 6U 100 Series mini-system. It is based on a classic configuration of modules made famous by composer/musician Morton Subotnick. The system contains:

• Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator Model 158
• Dual Voltage Controlled Gate Model 110
• Dual Attack Generator Model 180
• Timing Pulse Generator Model 140
• Sequential Voltage Source Model 123

The modules are housed in a powered black boat (external transformer is provided for EU customers only). Customers outside of the EU must procure their own transformer (model SGA12E12-P1J). ​

Non-EU customers use promo code "nonEU" to remove the price of the transformer (15€) at checkout. ​

**Due to longer processing times on certain components, delivery is scheduled for the second half of September 2022.**"

1850€ (ex. VAT)

Easel Practice 7 11 22

video upload by Todd Barton

Allen Strange's Electronic Music Reprint Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

via Kickstarter

"Hello fans of Allen Strange and electronic music:

In June 2018, I was looking to buy a copy of Allen Strange's Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, at a time when I was getting back into electronics and electronic music after an almost 30-year hiatus. I had vague recollections of a copy in the Electronic Music Studio at York University, where I made my first explorations into sound synthesis. The spine was gone and it was mostly a pile of papers stuffed into a folder. Finding that the only copies available were either poorly scanned PDFs, and used copies for sale online for hundreds of dollars, I was disheartened, to say the least. But I had a thought: what about finding the copyright holder and getting permission to reprint a few copies? It couldn't be that hard, right? I work at a university with lots of resources, so I should be able to figure out how to do it. AND, that way I'd be able to contribute something to the electronic music communities that I'd started to join, such as,, and other online forums, and who had been so welcoming, sharing all their collective knowledge and wisdom. These were places where I had heard about Allen Strange's Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, in the first place.

I started a thread on Modwiggler to gauge interest. The interest was overwhelming, and motivating. After tracking down the original publisher, it took time to find out who currently owns the copyright. With the endless help and advice of librarians Ann Ludbrook and Sally Wilson at my school who specialize in e-publishing and copyright, we got to work. One of them tracked down Allen's partner Pat and helped ensure that the family once again held title to the work, and Pat agreed to let us give this whole Kickstarter a shot, and sent us her copy of Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls to disassemble and scan. Working with library staff and my research assistant Heidi Chan, we worked to get the book digitized, and ready for reproduction. One of the biggest challenges was to replace all the images of modules. That work fell to Heidi, who scoured the internet for people who still owned the original modules and synths used in the book, getting them to take new photographs for us to use. In some cases, the original designers of some of the modules no longer had them, but they helped us track down modules and acquire new images. With Pat's help, we have added a new introduction by Stephen C. Ruppenthal, as well as a few pages of testimonials from people who learned from and were inspired by Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, from Suzanne Ciani and Todd Barton, to Dave Smith, Dave Rossum, Serge Tcherepnin, Dieter Doepfer and Tony Rolando. The book has a new cover, compliments of Allen and Pat's daughter Erin Strange, who did a wonderful job of creating a new design that carries the spirit of the original 1972 cover into this new edition. The text of book is faithful to the second edition of Allen Strange's Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, published in 1983 by Wm. C. Brown Company.

Republishing Allen Strange's Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, has been a four-year project since its inception. The goal, from the beginning, has been to bring this important work back into the hands of fans of the original, students and teachers of the history of electronic music, musicians and electronic music practitioners, and designers of electronic music systems. We have permission to make Allen's work available in print and electronic form from Pat Strange who holds the copyright, and Pat has been actively guiding our efforts through much of the project. At present, Allen Strange's Electronic Music: System, Techniques and Controls, will only be available through this Kickstarter.

In Pat's own words (from the preface): "Since it's first edition in 1972, Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques and Controls has been acknowledged as the definitive text on modular synthesis. In today’s musical community analogue techniques have made a resurgence among many musicians and composers. The idea of a republication has been in the works for many years and the timing of doing it now just made sense. I am very grateful to Jason Nolan, Ann Ludbrook and the team at Toronto Metropolitan University who saw the importance of this endeavor as well as taking on the task of bring this book back to life. I am so appreciative of their attention to preserving the quality of the book and respecting its content. I know that this project would have meant a lot to Allen, specifically in knowing that his techniques and teachings are continuing to influence the future of electronic music."

This is a non-profit project. Costs involved are royalties, production, logistics and shipping costs. Any residual funds will be donated to community music initiatives focusing on electronic music and electronic music learning. At present two organizations have agreed to receive funds, but we will identify more (in Europe next) depending on the amount of residual funds. These organizations are the Canadian Accessible Musical Instrument Network ( and the Willie Mae Rock Camp (

Finally, I would like to thank Walker Farrell for the wonderful Kickstarter video.

Thank you to all supporters for being part of this project.

Jason Nolan"

YuSynth's Mos-lab ARP 2500 Clone

video upload by yusynthman

Pics up after :54 seconds in or so.

SFF2022 - MOSLAB 2500 avec Yves USSON

video upload by Les Sondiers

Starts at 2:28 or so.

These were spotted on Mod Wiggler by Soviet Space Child.

Note Mos-lab recently announced they are switching to their ARP 2500 module production only. Their Moog modules have been put on indefinite hold.

Strega Semi-Modular Synthesizer: Patch Examples, Exploration, and Thoughts

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Matthew (aka EZBOT) demonstrates patch examples and shares his experience with the Make Noise Strega Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Order the Make Noise Strega here:

'Make Noise is proud to introduce Strega!

Strega is an audio alchemical experiment. Activate! Spill the tonic into time and let time decay through the filter to hear the results.

Strega is an instrument designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. Inspired by Cortini's music and sonic experimentations, Strega embodies the seen and unseen, the sign and magic, the alchemy of sound.

Strega is able to conjure audio tones, generate control signals, and process external sounds. Patch the 0-COAST or any other line level source into the Strega to unlock new sounds!

This new instrument takes the same form factor as the 0-COAST and 0-CTRL. It was designed to be controlled by the 0-CTRL or the 0-COAST's MIDI CV B outputs and is equally happy interfacing with Eurorack modules as well.' -Make Noise
Demo by: Matthew Piecora
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Knobula Kickain and Poly Cinematic Modules - Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

"Matt Hodson aka @MATTHS takes a look at two modules from Knobula - the Poly Cinematic - an 8 voice MIDI and CV controlled polyphonic or 56 oscillator mono synth with detune, CV controllable filter, reverb and envelope in just 12 HP and the Kickain Kick drum module which also has plenty of CV control as well as Accent, reverb and Sidechain function.

Both are currently available prices at roughly £320/$399

GET 199 Kickain Samples on Our Patreon:


00:00 Intro
01:25 Front panel controls
06:40 Waveforms
08:15 Reverb
10:55 Patching
13:40 Detuning
14:58 Chord mode
15:31 Kickain - front panel
20:44 Sounds
24:00 In context
25:41 Sidechaining and modes
30:00 Accent
32:38 Dip Switches
34:32 Conclusions"

Bastl X Casper : Ikarie quick demo/review

video upload by Meska

"Quick demo review of the Ikarie stereo filter

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Vangelis - Ave (Cover - Live Synthesizer Jam) (HD)

video upload by Vdokid1 Productions

Cool bass on the Yamaha AN1X.

Modular Iteration ✨

Modular Iteration 1/3 ✨ video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"Finally I had some time to study my newest eurorack system! This video is about some Mutable Instruments Plaits waves heavy modulated by @Qu - Bit Prism and Data Bender, plus some helps from @Noise Engineering Versio. ✨

Wear your headphones for detailed audio. 🎧"

Modular Iteration 2/3 ✨

"So I realized another soundscape with the same system, using different actors.
Here you will find a @Qu - Bit Surface modulated by Mutable Instruments Tides on the @2hp Modular VCA in order to create different envelope rhythms. It goes straight inside the Prism for some filtering and, at the end of its path, the lonely Surface meets a @Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio creating the magic space. ✨
@Arturia Augmented Voices helps me with some basses added in post.

Wear your headphones for bass and detailed audio. 🎧"

Modular Iteration 3/3 ✨

"Here we are! Last jam, I’ll do it short: Mutable Instruments Rings is sequenced by @Qu - Bit Bloom and modulated by Tides. Monsoon is freezing a note coming from Rings and Data Bender is giving aaall the rhythms to the system. @Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio adds the timeless space, as always.

Headphones = details. 🎧"

Rapid jam with the Polyend Play and acoustic piano

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised track performed entirely on hardware. (In all fairness, this one has an overdubbed piano for a bit of variety.)

The Polyend Play is an eight-voice sample player groovebox focused on performance and fun. It seems designed to get you from the starting line to the finish line quickly. It's got a unique sample loading scheme where folders or "packs" can be quickly added to a project. It's got composition and sequencing tools to fill tracks with random steps, euclidean rhythms, or even a large number of traditional kick/snare/hat patterns. It's got sub-patterns (called variations) within main patterns, as well as pattern chaining for full-length songs. And it has a huge array of performance effects to take static loops and make them come alive. In short, if you've ever dabbled with something like the Novation Circuit and wanted more power and more performability, this is it. It's a delight.

It has limitations, of course: with the fill features, those eight tracks run out fast; its reverb and delay are simply presets with little direct control; and it suffers from the same frustrations as any other sample-based workflow, where I wish there were synths (even just ROMplers) instead. But as a device for sitting on the couch or travelling—it's easily powered by a USB battery pack—it's hard to beat the Play. You can get something up and running quickly, it's got a decent and large factory soundbank, and it's so much fun to perform on.

Here, I quickly put together a single pattern, with a couple of variations, from a couple of long samples and loading up one of the Play's included sample packs. I could hardly stop using the Perform page to actually complete the song idea, and that's always a great sign. Once I had a main take, I added a little acoustic piano for some flair at the end, and I like the way the melody sounds on separate octaves of the piano and Play.

Recorded as two full takes (one on the Play, and one on the piano), with in-the-box reverb on the piano, and EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Broken State with M+ & enJOY

video upload by SynthAddict

"Dark noisy/glitchy jam with "broken" perc and synths, using distortion, bit crush, freq shifter, etc.
Plenty of swing too...
Using the Maschine+ and my new Lab4Music enJOY MIDI stick controller (just arrived today)."

$158,166.03 Yamaha DX1 In Stunning Condition

via this auction

"Absolutely new. A true museum piece (currently stored in museum depot in The Netherlands). Has been
kept in flight case for many decades (but has been regularly serviced). Absolutely new (even keys look untouched/not played. Sounds very rich and incredibly warm. Extremely low noise levels. Yamaha only made 140 DX1 in 1983-1985 as ultimate showcase of FM synthesis. The DX1 (not this unused one) was used on various hit records in the 80's. Think; Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits), Human Nature (Michael Jackson), Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Toto et cetera.

According to experts it will be almost impossible to find another DX1 in this condition (maybe 3-5 in this condition in this world still exist). The history of this instrument was also checked and approved. This instrument is pricey, but is regarded as a solid investment (further price increase expected).

Current valuation according to acknowledged appraiser:

Insurance value: 250,000 Euros. Executional value : 175,000 Euros.

Listing price: 149,000 Euros.

Valuation report, documentation, further DX1 background information (Yamaha was also contacted),
expert interviews re. value/price development available on request.

This is a private sale, but proceeds will go to NGO. Location of instrument is Amsterdam, The

For Europe: shipping is included (comes in flight case, including cartridges)

For USA and other countries: shipping, customs and other taxes are not included (comes in flight case,
including cartridges)

For more information, & private viewings please contact Kim Oeij (appointed representative for this sale)"

Discounted $135,000 Yamaha DX1 w/ Memory Carts

via this auction

Marked down from $150,000 according to the listing. One was previously listed for $134,538.80 minus the carts. According to that listing only 150 made and 50 belived to exist. According to this listing 140 were made (if you know for sure, feel free to leave a comment):

"Here it is , one of 140 ever made , in all its glory , includes new cartridges with many new sounds as well as one original DX1 cartridge . Sounds heavenly . I have not seen one for sale in many years , hate to let it go but life moves on ! Local in LA preferred but will consider crating and shipping at the buyers expense , thanks much"

Radikal Technologies Accelerator DSP Expansion board

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"The DSP expansion not only add extra polyphony to the Accelerator, it will also allow the use of up to eight independent synthesizer sounds at a time with the integrated multimode feature. It adds 12 synth voices and the 61 voice organ engine to your Accelerator."

Roland Juno-60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This juno-60 has just been serviced to ensure fully functional and flawless performance.
Service notes include (07/10/22):

- Cleaning, Flushing and lubricating all Sliders
- Rebuilding and cleaning all button switches
- Cleaning, Flushing all potentiometers
- Cleaning all key contacts and bus bar
- Cleaning all contacts on I/O jacks
- Replacing Battery with new battery and battery holder for east future battery swaps
- Reloading all Factory A patches
- Replacing broken 3-way switch
- Replacing broken Pitch Bender
- Replacing faulty I3R01 Chip with original Roland I3R01 chip
- Modification of wiring to fix factory error of patch recall.
- Tested for burn-in period to ensure flawless functionality.
- Deep cleaning of Juno"

White Korg microKorg-S

via this auction

Thought this was an interesting shot with the mic framed above the flower.

"The new microKORG S features a built-in 2+1 speaker system with power that far exceeds its size. Its body sports an elegant white motif, and features new presets that represent the sounds of a new generation. Beneath the microKORG S’s sophisticated exterior hides a sound engine both brutal in strength and universal in application."

Synthesis Technology E370/371 Prototype

via this auction

"Functions well

Received this in trade and do not have the finished module, so I'm unsure how close this is to the final model, appears on the surface to have one less input of modulation and a simpler display.

Currently behind a 19" metal panel to allow for standard rackmounting but could be easily adapted to a custom case. Connects via an included header adapter to standard Eurorack power"

RSF Kobol Expander I and II

via this auction

"The rack version of the RSF Kobol with a great sounding and very snappy SSM filter.
The Kobol Rack (Expander I) was essentially only the VCO/VCF/VCA/LFO sections of the Kobol in a rack module. The Expander 2 was an add-on to the Kobol that added some new processing modules such as ring modulation, sample-hold, andenvelope followers as well as extra VCA and LFO modules.

The Kobol looked and sounded great, andwas quickly snapped up by the big names in synthesizers of the time. But beinga small French company, RSF were never able to truly mass produce these.
About 800 Kobol Racks were made, 200 Expander 2's. This makes them quite rare!

They have been used by Vince Clarke,Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel and Hans Zimmer.

The RSF Expander II rack mount modular synth was manufactured as a companionoption module for the Kobol Expander I synthesizer. The19" 3 U space unit features a Ring Modulator, Envelope, a VCA, an LFO,Mixer with 3 inputs and 1 output. Additionally it has a Sample & Holdmodule with internal or external clock, a Noise Generator, Voltage processorthat is delectable Linear or Logarithmic, Voltage Inverter, Gate Delay, anEnvelope Follower, Lag Generator, and finally 2 multiples."

PWM Malevolent Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Rare Midibox MB6582 2021 SID Chiptune Synth

via this auction

"A rare opportunity to own a custom built SID monster. 8 8580 SID chips installed!!! Yellow and black custom color scheme and yellow on black oled screen.

-Modulation matrix on the front panel makes mod routings quick and easy to access the 6 LFOs and envelopes

-4 stereo outputs.
-multiple synth engines: baseline, ensemble, drum, lead, multi"

Pics of the inside below.

V3 Sound Yammex XXL Sound Module Expander w/ Original Box

video upload by Musiker Lanze

"So...hier kommen m,al 10 ausgewählte Sound-Demos des "Yammex". Es handelt sich hierbei um einen Expander vom Klaus Dzida der speziell für Yamaha Tyros, Genos und PSR Keyboards gedacht ist."


" comes m,al 10 selected sound demos of the 'Yammex'. This is an expander from Klaus Dzida which is specially designed for Yamaha Tyros, Genos and PSR keyboards."

via this auction

"I bought this from Sweetwater a couple of years ago to expand the voices of my Yamaha Genos. It has many excellent pianos, EPs, horns, organs, etc that complemented and in some cases IMO sounded better than the voices on my Genos. There are several on line videos that demo the voices. Now I no longer need the V3 module (since I use my Genos with a Legends 70s piano).

This expansion sound module works with any keyboard that can send midi messages. The advantage of using it with a Yamaha arranger is you can load the voice names into your keyboard, but it doesn't use significant storage in the arranger since the sounds are all stored on the module."

Korg 03R/W Rackmount AI2 Synthesis Module with Orchestral PCM/Prog Cards SN 008431

via this auction

"If you want to get the famous "Dyno Piano" of the 01/W in a compact and affordable way, then this is the way to go. Additionally, I got the USC-2S Orchestral PCM & Program cards a couple of years ago.

Orchestral PCM Performace Data:

The following cards are included with the USC-2S Orchestral card set, which comes on the original jewel case:

XSC-802 PCM Data: Orchestral waveforms

UPC-02 Prog Data: 100 Combi & 100 Programs"

Peavey DPM 3SE Operating System Software Upgrade Kit

via this auction

The Whole Synthesizer Catalgue, Synth Book from 1985

via this auction

"The Whole Synthesizer Catalgue, book, paperback, 1985 copyright, 158 pages. Excellent condition, no writing, Overall very clean. Covers many iconic and legendary analog synthesizers and some digital synthesizers. Includes Moog Mememorymoog, EMU Modular, Korg PS3300, Oberhem OBXxa, Oberhem 4 Voice, Oberheim Matrix 12, DK Synergy, DX7, Sequential Circuits Prophet T8, Prophet 10, MKS80, PPG Wave, Serge Modular, Chroma, Voyetra 8, Yamaha CS80, drum machines, and many more vintage legends. Some great information compiled from the pages of Keyboard Magazines. Edited by Tom Darter. Great book for the electronic music and synthesizer book library."

Roland MC-202

via this auction

Korg EX-8000 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 001696

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Nina Synth by Melbourne Instruments Sound Demo #3 'Tasmanian Devil' patch #shorts

video upload by

Close Machine // Ambient Techno with Roland SE-02 and Electron Digitakt

video upload by Stefano Mattia

"Lately I've been drifting towards a more ambient/melodic techno kind of style. I came up with quite a few ideas, and this is the first one I decided to bring to completion. My main objective is to incorporate acoustic elements, such as piano and strings, with electronic instruments, my SE-02 and the Digitakt, in an organic and cohesive mix, and eventually make some music in the style of Kiasmos, Nils Fahm, Christian Löffler, Two Lanes, etc.

In this track, I wrote a really simple piano line (NI Noire), and built the rest around that. I wrote the drums on the Digitakt and recorded them via Overbridge. I think the Digitakt excels in generating original ideas, especially when playing with the func-track trick to edit all tracks at once. The bass line comes from Diva, and I think it sounds surprisingly good, whereas the SE-02 plays the lead part.

Strings are Spitfire Audio's Cinematic Frozen Strings and the beautiful cello part comes from marvellous (and free!) Cello Moods library by Spitfire Audio Labs.


Interview: Vincent US at NAMM

video upload by Volterock Review

Cool 808 Society jacket.

Roland 808 Society Jacket

via this auction

"Show your love for the 808 and wicked style with the 808 SOCIETY embroidered satin jacket! Great for when the temps drop below 60º...or if you are bold enough to go shirtless at that pool party."

Spotted in this NAMM video.


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