MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Fairlight Story

video upload by The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

"It is one of the greatest innovations in music history, and it came from Sydney, Australia.

The story of the Fairlight CMI's creation, its cultural impact and ultimate demise is told via exclusive interviews with both Fairlight co-founders Kim Ryrie and Peter Vogel as well as Fairlight engineer Peter Wielk and Professor Samantha Bennett of the ANU School of Music.

This video was produced by Tom Compagnoni for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


Eurorack Teensy Drone Synth v2

video upload by Ghost In Translation

"DRONE is a modular 4 voices drone synthesizer using Teensy 4.0. I have been working on the v2 that is fully Eurorack compatible for a while and this is what I have now...

Support me on Patreon:

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Patharee jam - live electronic music in pd vanilla

video upload by Akunull

"Fully synthesized quick session with a simple drum beat and a synth line using Pure Data along with some objects I've made (piloslib, now on deken.)"

Sequential Pro One w/ Original Box & MIDI

via this auction

"Original vintage Pro-One in absolutely amazing condition. Works perfectly.

The Pro-1 serial number is 2645, all models before 1500 have a power supply problem, and all numbers after 8500 do not have the correct J-wire keypad. This one is therefore perfect.

Delivered in its original box!

Some modifications made by Mécanik Synthétik (Mtl) in March 2021:

- CPU upgraded with the TURBO CPU of 'Music Technologies Group,' which allows having in particular for the arpeggiator to have sequences up to 256 steps. Also used to retain sequences in memory.

- Midified with the Midi kit from 'Music Technologies Group.'"

Korg MS-10 Vintage Monophonic Synth SN 131380

via this auction

"The synth is in perfect working order. It is 'player-grade' since it has scuffs and remnants of a sticker. The main volume knob has been replaced with a witch-hat knob."

EZBOT Live Hardware Is Only The Way

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I perform a full set with Elektron gear only. Digitakt, Digitone, Syntakt, and the Octatrack running my performance template. No pauses in the music thanks to clever Octatrack transitions built into my performance template 2.0. Live hardware is fun but it's hard as hell.

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
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Get the template in it's current state at Ko-Fi:"

Prism - Drambo patch

video upload by wavparty

"Noodling around with #drambo on the iPad. Just using built-in modules and a few samples from Wavparty,"

Zaturn Vothar 2

video upload by gotharman

Moog Mavis: Modular Mood (50 custom patches). Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for a semi-modular synth Moog Mavis.
It is a collection of 50 patches: 15 Leads, 14 Plucks, 12 Basses, 9 Drones. There is a wide range of timbres inside the pack: simple and complex, dark and aggressive, vintage and modern, noisy/distorted and soft, musical and experimental, harmonic and inharmonic.
📗 Get the soundset:

The patches are suitable for many genres: Techno, Ambient, House, Deep, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, IDM, Downtempo, Lounge Chill Out, Electronica, Dark/Noise, Industrial, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and others.

The soundset is presented in the form of a PDF-Document, A4 format. Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn many things about the synth and discover its true depth.

Each patch has an audio example, it helps to understand how the timbre is supposed to sound.

To recreate these patches, you need up to 8 patch cables. If you are going to use an external keyboard/sequencer, you will also need a stackable cable or a splitter/multiplier. The document includes detailed information about using an external keyboard with CV/Gate outputs.


video upload by Bastl Instruments

"SOFTPOP SP2 IS AMAZING with other instruments too. Do you want to process it with the MPC? Let's go!

SOFTPOP SP2 is available now"

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

Korg nanoKONTROL Featured in Star Trek Picard

via @justin3am

Curious what season and episode it was featured in. If you know feel free to comment.

This was in response to the DX/DMX featured in Star Trek VI, in response by @tonsil to a recent post on a DMX up for sale. Credit when credit is due...

Update via justin3am: "Looks like it was season 2 episode 10."

Spitfire Audio Mercury — Unearthly Sounds from Hollywood's Secret Weapon

video upload by Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio collaboratively creates MERCURY library like no other by harnessing hotshot Hollywood instrument designer Chas Smith’s unearthly sounds for all

“Chas’ instruments have been a crucial part of all of my film scores, and although I’m a little sad that I will no longer have him all to myself, I am thrilled that he has finally succumbed to years of urging on my part and has at long last collaborated with Spitfire Audio.”

- GRAMMY® Award-nominated composer, keyboardist, record producer, and remixer Charlie Clouser (Saw, Wayward Pines, Nine Inch Nails), 2022

LONDON, UK: created in close collaboration with hotshot Hollywood instrument-builder Chas Smith, famed for transforming disused metal into Hollywood’s most menacing, most mysterious instruments for forty years (yet still sought after by blockbuster film composers needing to score the awe-inspiring, the mystical, the mechanical, and the alien), sound- specialising British music technology company Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of MERCURY — harnessing his unearthly sounds for all by sampling 14 of the hotshot Hollywood instrument-builder’s most celebrated acoustic instruments, then fusing, warping, and reinventing them in Solar, Spitfire Audio’s new eDNA-powered synthesiser, to deliver 600+ organic and synthesised textures, tones, and pads perfect for tweaking, twisting, and recombining to unleash the sinister, unshackle the industrial, and unveil the impossible worlds orbiting just beyond reach — as of August 25…

SENSEL MORPH midi controller with Thunder, Piano and Drum Overlays

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

"One Sensel Morph MIDI controller with Thunder, Drum and Piano Overlays - Mint condition with original box. Total play time on device less than 5 hours. It's just not my style so now it can be yours.

These are now out of production and highly sought after.

The Sensel Morph is a multi-touch, pressure sensitive, and reconfigurable control surface for artists, musicians, coders, and other creative people.

There are several different Overlays for the Morph - each provides a different interactive interface for different creative softwares. Simply remove the current overlay and put down a new one - the Morph reconfigures and adapts to the new task at hand - playing music, editing video, drawing, playing games, or programming your own interface with the Sensel API.

The Morph can be connected with USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0LE.


Highly Sensitive:

185 x 105 sensor elements ("sensels") at a 1.25mm pitch (approx. 20,000 pressure sensors)
5g - 5kg sensing range per touch
Each contact can sense approximately 30,000 levels
Extremely Fast:

Full Resolution Mode: 125 Hz (8 ms latency)
High Speed Mode: 500 Hz (2 ms latency)
Precise Tracking:

6502 dpi
Versatile Connectivity

Bluetooth LE, USB, Serial (enabled with Innovator's Kit)
On-the-Go Power

USB, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
1 - Overlays received in your box depend on Overlays ordered."

Alesis ModFx BITRMAN with Power Supply

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing who had the following to say:

"This is the ultimate trash your audio pedal out there, very hands on , the only thing trashier is some Metasonix stuff"


Bitrman Key Features • Four simultaneous digital effects in one box, each with its own separate control: compression, distortion, dual phasor, and “Bitrness”

• Six different “Bitrness” modes provide unique tone-bending effects: comb filter, decimator, bit reducer, FM (frequency modulation), ring modulation, and frequency shift
Effects can be configured in six different orders • Uniform, friendly, uncomplicated user interface—no fiddling with complicated menus or “hidden” knobs
• Stereo processing via four 1/4” unbalanced connectors
• ModLink port, a cable-free connection that transfers digital audio and word clock to other boxes in the ModFX family
• Footswitch connection to control the bypass function
• Input trim control to adjust input level
• Internal 28-bit digital processing
• 24-bit D/A and A/D conversion at 48kHz sampling rate for quiet, distortion-free effects
• External 9VAC power supply included its 120VAC input

In 2002, Alesis released a line of effects catered to tabletop musicians and DJs called the ModFX series. These units featured a small pushbutton for bypass, four knobs and assorted other faceplate controls. They all featured true stereo ins and outs, a trim control to attenuate extra-hot inputs, and serial COM ports on the left and right edges to chain as many as you would like without patch cables. Some of the offerings were good, some were great, and the Bitrman stood alone at the top.

Featuring three common effects and a whole host of wild ones, the Bitrman offers several patches that were the first of their kind, along with a couple that have not yet been replicated in any stompbox that I can think of.

Four knobs control digital compression, digital distortion, a “dual phasor” (?!) and a knob labeled “Bitrness.” This Bitrness control can represent one of six different effects—one at a time—that are user-selectable. The first is a comb filter, otherwise known as a static flanger. The second is called “Decimator,” which is a sample rate reducer. Many pedal companies came up with sample rate reduction but each manufacturer had its own name—Alesis’s was Decimator. The third—and the reason I sought out this effect—is the Bit Reduction program.

Other effects include ring modulation, frequency modulation and “Freq Shift,” a selective multiplier that livens up any instrument. Even though these effects were awesome on their own, it is the other pushbutton switch that takes the Bitrman to another level. This switch lets you choose one of six “effect orders,” letting you mix and match the order of the effects after you select one of the Bitrness patches. Because each effect used just one knob, an effect with its knob rolled to zero took it out of the chain.

Audio Damage Quanta 2: Granular Goodness

video upload by Red Means Recording

"Get Quanta 2 here:"

New User Interface
The user interface has been cleaned up, modernized, and given panels for clarity and to accommodate new controls.

Modulation Assignment Reworked
We have replaced the matrix mod assign panel with a right-click context menu like those found in Continua and Phosphor 3. In addition, the controls now have indicators to show modulation.

Additional VA Oscillator
Quanta 2 has two virtual analog oscillators instead of the single one in the original. Use one for a sub bass, send both to the grain engine, granularize one and leave the other normal -- whatever floats your boat!

Root Note Detection And Assignment
When you drop a sample on Quanta 2, or load it via the import dialogue, Quanta 2 attempts to find the root note of the sample. (This obviously works better on legato single notes than it does on chords or full music loops.) After the import, you can adjust the root note to taste.

Grain Pitch Quantization
You can optionally limit grain pitches to particular notes. This quantizing is post-modulation, so any randomization or mod applied to grain tuning will be quantized to the scale of your choosing. Quantizing respects the tuning table or MTS-ESP tuning as well.

Quanta now has a chorus, stereo dual delay, and reverb taken from the Audio Damage library of studio effects.

New Modulation Features
The envelope generators and LFOs have been extensively improved. The FEGs pick up amplitude and time scale knobs, and the FLFOs get amplitude control, switchable bipolar output, and a sync switch which causes FLFO 2 to reset whenever FLFO 1 restarts. In addition, four Macro knobs have been added to the modulation panel, and these can receive a global MIDI CC assignment, thus allowing you to control the macros from the MIDI controller of your choice, no matter what the author of the preset chose.

Quanta 1 Preset Loading
Quanta 2 contains every preset from Quanta 1, and every post-release pack we have commissioned, as well as new preset packs from Red Means Recording and Red Sky Lullaby, and created in house. In addition, Quanta 2 will load any preset created for Quanta 1. If you have made presets for Quanta 1, just drag the folder in to the Quanta 2 preset user folder, and they will appear in Quanta 2 ready to go to work.

PĒRKONS HD 01 - Insanity beats

video upload by Richard Devine

"First experiments with the PĒRKONS HD-01 drum machine."

Oberheim TVS Pro - BLACK

via this auction

"If you're looking at this then you know how rare this is - less than 100 ever made! Sounds like a dream."

Oberheim TVS Pro White

via this auction

"In great condition. Sounds HUGE.
First owner. Original box included."

Vintage Oberheim OB-XA Analog Synth

via this auction

Yamaha TX7 FM Synthesizer Expander Module

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Roland VariOS Open System Module SN ZQ80953

via this auction

Posting for the pics of the inside below.

Vintage Oberheim DMX Drum Machine

via this auction

Moog 'The Source' Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 3698 w/ Original Docs

via this auction

Kind of interesting the seller saw this as an upgrade to the Minimoog at the time:

"If you are looking at this listing, I'm confident you already know what the Moog Source is. I bought this at a guitar shop in Noblesville, IN about 40 years ago when it first hit the market. For me, it was an upgrade from my old Minimoog. It had a reasonably active life for periods when I was playing with a band, and several gaps of years in between that it was stored away. Its most recent band experience was from 2010-2016 during which time I was moving it frequently, so I bought a Gator guitar case and modified it to fit the Source. In 2018 it went back into storage and when I pulled it out today after 4 years in storage, the memory was still in-tact, and it's working as good as ever.

I have the original manuals, but many, many years ago they were in a box that got wet, and the last quarter of the manual (all the 'preset' config pages) are stuck together and torn up (see the picture), but the front part that describes the operation is decent (for being 40 yrs. old).

There are a few extra holes in the back, and the wood on the left side, and the incremental control know have small dings, but overall, I think it's pretty clean for its age. I can only post 12 pictures, so look carefully at all of the pictures, and if you have questions or need to see something else, send me a message."


video upload by KOMA Elektronik

"Isabella runs through the different features of the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit FX, this time around the Roll-O-Decks Sequencer and Digital Delay! The Field Kit FX will be shipping later this month to all Kickstarter backers and soon also to all people who pre-ordered!

Make your tracks less boring with this powerhouse of modular effects! The Field Kit FX boasts a Spring Reverb, Digital Delay, 4ch VCA Mixer with Tone control, Frequency Shifter, Looper, Bit Crusher, ADSR and Mini Sequencer! All under CV control! Hell yeah!"

The S-Cat Atomic Kick midi cc test

video upload by Space Cat Audio Technologies

"The machine transmits and receives midi cc on all parameters."

Also see this demo.

Walking on the Moon (The Police Cover) - Played with the Nord Drum 3P

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"In this video I'm playing some electronic cover version of the song "Walking on the Moon" by the Police. The original has - in my opinion - one of the most amazing drum beats of all time, played by the one and only Stewart Copeland, and this is my little tribute to it.

All sounds were created entirely with the Nord Drum 3P, including most reverbs. In mixing I just added a little EQ, a little compression/limiting and one short delay and additional reverb. I tried to do as little as possible, so that the video can also serve as a good example of what kinds of sounds you can create with the Nord Drum 3P."

Introduction to Cherry Audio Elka-X Part 2 - Hosted by Tim Shoebridge

video upload by Cherry Audio

Part 1 posted here. Additional Elka-X posts here.

"Tim Shoebridge of Sound Mangling introduces Cherry Audio's Elka-X synthesizer in the second of this hugely popular three-part series. In this episode, Tim goes into more detail on layers and splits, layer utilities (swap, copy, import/export), play modes, and voice settings."

Analog Prototype Kick and more sound generator device by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

"Analog Prototype Kick and more sound generator device by TSL Studio Equipment.
Handmade Point to Point on Board.
7 Knobs:
- Attack Pulse Knob
- Release Pulse Knob
- Speed Waveform
- Pulse modulator
- Analog LP Filter Knob
- Pulse Flavor Control
- Master Volume"

group - liquid to gas v1 (1980)

video upload by Steven Templar - Topic

"Korg MS-20 analogue synthesiser, Roland analogue delay, recorded to cassette tape."

group - shops excerpt 1 (1987)

video upload by Steven Templar - Topic

"Sequential Circuits Inc - Prophet 600 analogue synthesiser demonstration jam. Recorded onto a Fostex X-15 cassette tape 4-track."

Analog Prototype Tremolo by TSl Studio Equipment on Casio CZ-1000

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

"Boutique Handmade Analog Tremolo by TSL Studio Equipment.
Handmade Point to Point with High Quality NOS Components.


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