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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

The COCO Series by After Later Audio || Cascades, Brooks, Valley, & Canyon - Full Walkthrough

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the full Create your Own Complex Oscillator system by After Later Audio. Featuring the Oscillators Cascades & Brooks, the Wavefolder Valley, and Subharmonic Generator Canyon. I'll go in depth as to how the COCO system works, how to install it, and dive into every knob, switch, button, input, and output on all four modules. Along with some patch examples and some music at the end.

Jump to any section of the video here:
00:00 - Introduction
01:41 - Installation
02:43 - COCO System Rundown
04:25 - Cascades Overview
10:26 - Cascades: Diving Deeper
14:52 - Cascades Exploration
17:04 - Brooks
20:51 - Valley: Wavefolder & Crossfade Mixer
25:41 - Canyon: Subharmonics Generator
29:13 - Canyon: As A Sequencer
32:41 - Canyon Exploration
35:56 - Some Music"

3rd Wave FM Exploration

video upload by James Hagerman

"People have requested examples of the Linear and Non-linear FM capabilities. I also show off using Oscillators as LFO's and the Modulation Matrix shortcuts which I missed in my first exploration video.

00:00 - Intro
00:05 - Linear FM
02:27 - Mod Matrix Shortcuts
03:47 - Back to Linear FM
08:53 - Non-linear FM
12:39 - OSC as LFO
17:07 - Outro"


3rd Wave controlled by SOMA Ether!

"While exploring the mod matrix on my @Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave, I discovered that the Audio Input mod source can accept signals from a SOMA Ether ( to create a wonderfully dynamic performance controller!

Shout out to whomever introduced me to the Ether at the NAMM 2022 SOMA booth earlier this year! I've had a lot of fun with it so far. I'm sorry I lost your business card. Please reach out if you see this!

The 3rd Wave is hiding a lot more under it's hood and this is only the first juicy bit I have in mind. I'll provide some shorter demo's showing how far the modulation matrix can bend this synth into strange places. Stay tuned!"

Instill //Subharmonicon/DFAM/Mother 32/Tides/Rings/Plaits//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"An ambient eurorack modular synthesizer patch featuring:
Moog Subharmonicon, DFAM, Mother 32 x 2
Mutable Instruments Marbles, Rings, Plaits, Tides, Stages
Make Noise Maths, Function, Mimeophon
Doepfer VCF, VC Stereo Mixer
Strymon Magneto
2hp MMF, VCA, Verb
Ornament and Crime
ALM Pamela's New Workout, Pexp-1
Expert Sleepers Disting mk4
Acid Rain Maestro, Constellation
Malekko Voltage Block
Intellijel Mixup, lots of 1u tiles
Chase Bliss Mood, Wombtone, Dark World"

KORG ARP 2600 M at Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG


The genuine ARP 2600 in a more convenient size.

The ARP 2600 is arguably the most iconic and recognizable synthesizer of all time. Having been used in countless records, film scores, TV shows and game soundtracks since its appearance from the 70’s through to today, the ARP 2600’s sound remains an essential part of the music world.

The new ARP 2600 M delivers the sound admired around the world , in a more compact and portable format and including added features that make it the ideal incarnation of this historic synth.


When the ARP 2600 FS was announced in January 2020, it quickly became a phenomenal success with musicians all over the world recognizing the faithfulness to the original ARP 2600.

The ARP 2600 M is around 60% the original size, making it lighter, more portable and easier to place and use in a studio. It integrates the same analog circuitry and components as the ARP 2600 FS, thus faithfully reproducing the characteristic ARP sound.


The ARP 2600 M is built in Japan with the same care and extraordinary quality standard as the ARP 2600 FS, and uses the same analog components to accurately reproduce the sound and feel of the original. The Spring Reverb has been re-engineered and adapted to the new size body with the same lush effect.

With the intense focus on quality and a large amount of hand assembly, the ARP 2600 M is not a typical mass-produced instrument. Due to this boutique nature, manufacturing quantities each month will be inline with our commitment of delivering a truly prized investment.


video upload by EMW Synthesizers -
Instagram: @emw_brazil

See the EMW label below for more.

Dials: Vintage test-equipment channel strip from AudioThing and Hainbach

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We take a detailed look at Dials, a new effect plug-in from AudioThing that re-creates two pieces of vintage test equipment used by electro-acoustic musician Hainbach as a channel strip: a German measurement instrument for radio repurposed as a preamp/compressor, and an Alison Labs test-signal filter repurposed as an audio filter.
To find out more, please visit

00:13 History and Background
00:50 Overview
01:36 Filter (with sawtooth source)
03:52 Preamp, Compressor, and Filter with piano source
07:24 Voice over
07:46 Pinging the filters with impulse sources
09:01 808-like drum machine built with dials
09:45 Hainbach's filter bank with drums
10:40 Factory Presets

Hainbach's introduction to the Dials channel strip can be found here:

Drum example by G Calvin Weston at

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

Comparison #3: how OB-X8 compares to an original OB-8

video upload by Oberheim Official

Oberheim Official OB-X8 Comparison posts

"In the third and final side-by-side comparison, Marcus Ryle, co-designer of the Oberheim OB-X8 and an Oberheim engineer from 1980 to 1985, discusses how the OB-8 differs from the other OB synths including some details on the original electronic design in the vintage product.

Next he compares a selection of factory presets from the old and new, elaborating on some sound design tips that help you learn how these classic sounds were created.

All examples are recorded direct in mono, without EQ or effects.

The new OB-X8 — true Oberheim sound. Listen and judge for yourself.

0:00 Intro & how OB-8 is different
2:04 What is page 2?
4:07 A note about tuning (and de-tuning!)
4:52 Presets Overview
5:14 A1 Brass Ensemble
5:49 A2: St Genevieve
7:08 CD4 Pulse Width Mod
8:18 ABD1 Decelerate
8:53 AB7 Quantized LFO
10:05 BD6 Tremolo Rezz
10:37 D1 Delayed Octave
12:50 BD1 S/H Port Rezz
15:16 CD1 Bend portamento
16:23 CD5 Whippets"

Synth Jam - Sequential Prophet Rev 2 and OB6

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Synth Jam - Sequential Prophet Rev 2 and OB6

The drums were played live by my friend Belibat on a Roland TR8s.
Bellibat recorded the Tr8s drums, sent the track to me and then I jammed on it :)"

At scale - Oberheim OB-X8, ARP 2600, Moog System 55

video upload by Ehsan Gelsi

Novation Peak Presets for Ambient and Techno - "Limbic Interferences" Sound Demo (No Talking)

video upload by Limbic Bits

"Novation Peak Presets for Ambient and Techno - 'Limbic Interferences' Sound Demo (No Talking)

▶ Get the patch bank here:"

Combining the SQ-64's powerful sequencer with the ARP 2600m by Kabuki

video upload by Korg

For those in the US, the SQ-64 is currently 60% off on Reverb.

"Combining the SQ-64's powerful sequencer with the ARP 2600 m iconic sound for a unique performance by Kabuki.

Official website: www.iamkabuki.meTwitter:"

SQ-64 Sequencing Strategies Masterclass with Kabuki - SQ64 x ARP2600 Patch Breakdown

video upload by

Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo returns on October 8-9

"The Deli and Delicious Audio are thrilled to host the first post-lockdown edition of the Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo, a free for all interactive display of synthesizers and pedals of all kinds that brings an average of 2k synth lovers to the core neighborhood of the NYC music scene.

The event, hosted in a large photo studio in East Williamsburg, is scheduled for this upcoming weekend (October 8-9) from 12 pm to 6 pm on Saturday and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday).

Visitors will find a varied mix of companies, with almost all the heavyweights, several boutique builders, and many pedal builders. New Jersey's legendary synth store Three Wave Music will also curate a Eurorack section featuring more than 20 builders.

This year there will be a room dedicated to workshops focused on specific synths and also some Eurorack classes hosted by STEM Modular."

Modal Argon 3.0 - "Analog Dreams" Soundset 50 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Introducing: 'Analog Dreams' Soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Modal Argon 8.


New firmare 3.0 giving lots of new opportunities - gain staging, new effects, new arp modes & more!

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation.

"Analog Dreams" is devoted to organic & motion sounds ready to go in your syntwave, electronic, ambient, cinematic track.

50 presets are ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Inside the pack:

Cutting Leads
Massive Basses
Vintage Brasses
Beautiful Arps
Complex Sequences
Atmospheric Soundscapes
Lushest Pads
Big Plucks
Organic Poly's

Vintage Synth Emulations: CS-series, OB-series, P5-series are also here.

Get ready to explore and wide your Argon's colours!"

Jim Franklin and his 3 Kastle 1.5

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Let's have a look at Jim's way how to use his setup featuring 3 Kastle 1.5 and OG SoftPop

More about Jim:
Buy his music here:"

Tiptop Audio Model 257t Dual Voltage Processor Released & Overview Videos by Todd Barton

video upload by Todd Barton

"Part one of the new Buchla-Tiptop Audio Voltage Processor 257t. I'll be rolling more parts out as the days unfold. This is just looking a the very basic Inversion function sending an envelop CV into Va input of the 257t. Stay tuned for more.

My Patreon:"

Mean Beats

video upload by zack dagoba

"Rockin' the Magnetic Freak Gaussian module today... ❤️❤️❤️

Lets you quantise weighted randomness in the pitch domain AND the time domain (what a clever idea) and has 6 outputs for each. A very complex module which fits into the Buchla paradigm perfectly. Its sort of like a Source of Uncertainty but through a microscope"

Hardware Performance Breakdown: You've Got To Get Mad

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I perform a song from my current live set and share the track breakdown. The song is structured around a bassline made with the Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas and stylized like a rock song.

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Just have a few questions? Get 1:1 help from me via Xip:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:
Get the template in it's current state at Ko-Fi:"

ACID & Trance V1 for D16 Phoscyon 2 (Custom Scenes)

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:
NatLife Sounds presents ACID & Trance V1 for D16 Phoscyon 2 synthesizer.

It's a tribute to mix of Trance & ACID in earlier 2000's years. You can find here a 32 amazing melodies, 32 presets (for using splendidly from Sequences) and 32 Scenes in it.

In fact, the possibilities of the Phoscyon 2 give much more than the original Roland TB-303, and all these possibilities have been used to create these sounds to the maximum. So it is a perfect library for starting to produce any kind of music, which can contain ACID elements.

Soundpack contains:

32 Scenes
32 Separated Presets
32 Sequences/Patterns"

U-HE DIVA DEMO - The Most Analog Software Synth?

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Playing demo of the arguably most analog sounding software synth of them all, U-HE DIVA. Enjoying the 'Best Of Diva' preset bank, playing huge bass, pad and lead sounds with some interpretations of old 80s and 90s hits that you may recognise!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

The Ultimate Pad Sound

video upload by Espen Kraft

"What makes the perfect pad sound/patch? This can be highly subjective. To me it's a pad sound that takes me to a warm place, filled with nostalgia, which is slick, lush and soft. Lots of chorus and reverb does not hurt either. The Sequential Prophet 2000 has what it takes to make that possible.
A sampler with less than 256K of RAM and it can outperform any synth patch that ever came after it. ;-)

Support this channel on Patreon:

In this video I use a 4-part multisample where I adjust the filter cutoff for each of the parts to suit the style I'm playing. I've added a little deep bass underneath from the Kawai K3m. Everything was played live before that was added. There are no overdubs apart from that. It's all coming out of the P2000.
Reverb is from the Valhalla VintageVerb and the chorus is the Symphonic coming out of the Yamaha DMP7 digital mixer where the P2000 is hooked up.
The P2000 has a stereo output which alternated the different voices, hence the dynamic allocation of the stereo voices. That feature makes the sound even more lush."

4 Patches with Sugar Bytes Graindad

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Brand new granular effect from Sugarbytes, Graindad is quite fun and combines many of the best modulation aspects from apparilo and factory into a granular effect. Lots of randomization and neat features in this one"

See Graindad Realtime Granular FX by Sugar Bytes for more info.

Technosaurus Selector Modular Synthesizer System

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

"The SELECTOR modular analog synthesizers by Technosaurus are among the rarest modulars and sound fantastic!

The eurorack modules are not included, only the empty racksand power supply!

Everything is working fine, except the VCA, it's defective.

Here is the list of included modules:

Technosaurus SELECTOR
- VCO x 3
- VCF2
- Dual ENV
- LFO / Noise
- VCA (defective)
- MIDI to CV/Gate interface

- Power Brick 90W"

Korg MS-10 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 136216

via this auction, also on Reverb

"1970s Korg MS-10 vintage monophonic synthesizer in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. All functions have been tested, and all jacks, knobs, and key contacts have been freshly cleaned by our tech here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, ensuring optimal performance.

Originally introduced in 1978 as an entry-level monophonic, single-VCO synth, the MS-10 quickly became known for its huge bass response and punchy percussive sounds. Semi-modular and patchable to the VCF and VCA, the MS-10 packs loads of functionality into a compact, beloved package; widely used to great effect by artists like The Chemical Brothers and Autechre.

The analog VCO has four switchable waveform shapes: triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and white noise. The Filter is the same KORG35 12 dB/Oct low pass filter that appeared in the MS-10’s iconic older sibling, the MS-20. The is a single resistor VCA, the amplitude of which can be controlled by the envelope generator. Despite its small stature, there is a wide array of modulation and envelope shaping controls onboard this synth and a wide array of possible sounds to produce. The envelope’s rise and fall profiles are entirely linear, lending this synth a unique, almost lethargic organic sound. Further expanding the scope of the MS-10s functionality is the inclusion of an external input-to-filter; enabling external sound sources to be processed through the synth’s filter.

The MS-10’s normalized connections can be modified with patch cables, allowing the LFO to modulate the pulse width of the VCO and/or the amplitude of the VCA. Additionally, there is an onboard noise generator with white and pink noise outputs, and CV and Gate In/Outs.

The unit housing is rugged and durable, with very restrained wear on the enclosure edges."

Oberheim OB-X 8 Voice

video upload by

"Quick n dirty video of the OB-X in action."

via this auction

"Here's the legendary Oberheim OB-X, 8 Voice.
The OB-X has Oberheim S.E.M. filters while subsequent OB synthesizers have Curtis ladder filters which have a somewhat different sound. The OB-X is purely Oberheim.
Fully functional, with only one exception. It doesn't seem to want to load patch data from tape in. The memory locations do work and hold patches though. There's a new battery in there too.
This is a temperature sensitive synth, let it warm up, and it is warm."

Custom Korg PolySix Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ KiwiTechnics KiwiSix Upgrade

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Cosmetically, this unit is extremely unique. It has been painted purple with yellow trim, with a large vintage Batman sticker placed central to the back of the enclosure on top of additional purple-painted tape. The knobs have also been painted purple. There is a fair bit of honest wear across the enclosure, but nothing extending beyond minor nicks and dings. Additionally, some of the yellow spray paint extends to the upper two octaves of keys and cheek."

"The KiwiSix upgrade significantly expands overall functionality and mitigates several issues common to the PolySix, including replacing the original KLM-367 circuit board; which are frequently corroded due to the frequent failure of the original nickel-cadmium batteries. The KiwiSix upgrade also provides 512 tone slots, all able to be stored/edited, with 64 preloaded tones. Sequencing capability is increased; 8 separate 124-max step sequences can be edited and stored. Additionally, the KiwiSix enables MIDI functionality, with the ability to independently set the MIDI In & Out channels. The Arpeggiator and Sequencer can both output MIDI, and the Sequencer can be entirely dictated by MIDI input. The internal clock hardware has been overridden and expounded upon; now able to clock the Arpeggiator and/or Sequencer and can optionally generate a MIDI clock. Key Transposition augmentation allows transposition from 1 octave down to 2 octaves up."

Kawai SX240

via this auction

"The SX-240 is an 8 voice analog polyphonic synthesizer released in 1984. It features 2 DCOs, 1 Sub Oscillator, 1 LFO, a 24 dB/oct four-pole resonant Lowpass filter, 2 ADSR envelopes, a ring mod setting called Brass, and a multitimbral Dual/Split setting. It's design also includes a sequencer with 1,500 note capacity, MIDI in/out/thru, Tape Memory in/out, Clock in/out, and pedal control inputs for Sequencer start/stop, Program up, and Release.

The interface is designed around a menu with arrow navigation, a jog wheel, and digital character display, and it is capable of saving 48 patch memory and 8 sequences."

Waldorf Microwave XTk

via this auction

ENSONIQ MR-RACK Synthesizer with EXP-3 Urban Dance Project Expansion

via this auction

You can find demos of the MR-Rack in previous posts here.

BACHSPACE RETURN : BIG ANCESTOR MOOG NRSynth day (live studio sessions)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"Presenting the BIG ANCESTOR NRSynth MOOG MODULAR configuration.
Demo title: Bachspace Return(Jluc Briançon).
Set up : BIG ANCESTOR MOOG modulaire (Seq & Effects) : config: 3 VCOs 921, filtre1: 904-a, filtre2: Steiner Parker v1, 2 LFOs/S&H wheel controlled, Enveloppes 911,VCA 902 + mixer CP3 all Moog, Moog Sub37 tribute (Sequencer), Oberheim OB3 Organ + Lex Strymon, SynthR3 Arpeggiator (ARP 4012 + S.E.M), Hansy Mellotron Mister M & Minimoog model D.
Recorded & mixed at Nuage7 - Domaine de Sourzy (Sequoia 15 / Slate Digital plugs)
Thanks to Rémy Wasselin & Stephen Ingrand, Clin d’œil a Erwan Coïc.
Albums :"

MUSIC BY HAND (Handtracking With Musikraken)

video upload by Perplex On

"Another testdrive using #musikraken for handtracking, using the opening of the hand as indicator for note pitch height and the hand tilt as midi cc for the filter cutoff. The midi notes are send to #steppolyarpunit triggering an arpeggio with quite low step probability, sequencing #isem and spiced up with #k7d delay. Served with audioreactive particle projection."

Buchla Music Easel - Sound Sketch #22 (Epic Drone 30minutes)

video upload by ozashikiTECHNO

Buchla Music Easel Synthesizer Epic Ambient Drone Sound
Effector: Strymon BigSky, El Capistan
Recorder: Fostex MR-8mkII

Polyend Play MIDI Tutorial // Setting up MIDI to Sequence and Control External Devices.

video upload by Polyend

"Here is a quick tutorial on setting up your external MIDI-enabled devices to work with the Polyend Play.

The Play has a versatile yet uncomplicated MIDI feature set. Send clock, start and stop sequences, and send note, CC, and PC changes on a per step basis. Map custom CCs and send MIDI out via USB or 1/8" TRS ports.

Find all the MIDI information in the Manual here, and don't forget about chord mode! -"

Graindad Realtime Granular FX by Sugar Bytes

"Graindad is a realtime granular FX which offers high quality audio manipulation at extreme levels. Freeze, texturize or reorganize incoming audio material, controlled by transients, clocks or MIDI notes. A well thought out modulation system with intelligent randomizers ensures surprising results. Filters, reverbs, delays, and the mass manipulating harvester system round up to the best granular fx you can buy.

Download Demo here:"

Graindad Trailer
Graindad Tutorial
Graindad Harvester and Settings
Graindad Embrays Designs Presets Demo
Graindad and Friends

Explore the many faces of granular
Graindad is a granular effect for high quality realtime audio manipulation. Freeze, texturize or reorganize & slice your audio, triggered by transients, clocks or MIDI notes. A complex modulation system with intelligent randomizers provides astonishing results. Filters, reverbs, delays and the all-at-once manipulating Harvester complete the package.

Key Features
Grain Engine with up to 64 grains
12 main controller for easy handling
Harvester: Innovative modulation system
Freeze, Stutter, Glitch, Texturize
Multiband transient detector
Host sync and transient clock
16 step trigger sequencer
LP, BP, HP, Band Reject filters
HQ reverb, spring reverb, shimmer, delay, flanger, chorus
Complex dry/wet envelope
Modulation system with countless random functions
Morph between Harvester and modulation

What Graindad can do
With up to 64 grains Graindad offers extensive possibilities to define your sound in realtime. With 12 main parameters, quick and powerful access to granular synthesis is provided.

There are basically 2 modulation systems: a classical system with modulators like step sequencers, lfo, & envelope, for familiar access. And a modulation system called Harvester, which provides an easy and playful way to control multiple parameters at once in a visual manner. These two modulation systems can then be mixed for uniquely complex results.

Randomization is a big part of Graindad - varying amounts of randomization can be applied to nearly every parameter. Furthermore, there are dedicated functions to define when randomization should be generated, for example, a transient in your audio signal can trigger a randomizer.

See for additional details.

Tech Talk: Yes'in (Electronic Beats TV)

video upload by Telekom Electronic Beats

"Yassine Hafdane, better known to most as Yes'in, steps up for the newest addition to Electronic Beats Tech Talk series. The Casablanca, Morocco born producer and DJ has been on a never ending path of musical discovery since his early years, embracing a broad spectrum of musical styles from funk, disco, and afro-pop through to house, techno, and electronica. Nowadays his sound oscillates between African groove and European electronic sounds with a minimalistic aesthetic at its core.

Yes’in’s production career began in 2010 and has seen him releasing material for the likes of Casablanca's Cosmo Records and a number of projects on his own Afterbeats and Notonlabel. Here we see Yassine guide us through his studio workflow and share with us some of his favourite production tools found in his studio."

Patchbase with the FB-01 gets some coverage followed by the original Korg Electribe.

Patch n Tweak
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