MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, November 14, 2022

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Monday, November 14, 2022

New Waldorf Kyra SE Limited Edition Seablue Synthesizer

Priced at £1,598 which comes out to roughly 1,820 Euro and $1,879 USD.

Details and pics (click on the images for the full size shots):

virtual- analog desktop synthesizer

- 128-voice virtual analog synth with 8 parts

- two primary virtual oscillator groups per voice (Saw, Pulse, Noise and Wave with 4.096 waveforms)

- 2 independently tunable SUB oscillators with four waveforms and two selectable octaves

- hard sync, ring modulation and FM between oscillator groups 1 and 2 possible

- 3 LFOs with 128 waveforms

- LFOs can be synchronized to MIDI clock

- Arpeggiator with 128 preset patterns and the modes Up, Down, Random and Chords

- 2 filters with 12 or 24 dB each configurable as LP/BP/HP

- 3 fast responding ADSR envelope generators

- Memory: 26 banks with 128 memory slots each, bank 1-7 can be used to store your own sounds

- audio interface transmits all 8 parts (16 tracks) with up to 24bit/96kHz

- 256x64 pixel OLED

- connectors: 8x 6.3 mm balanced jack outputs, stereo headphone output, 5-pin DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB 2.0 for MIDI and audio

- Dimensions (WDH): 440 x 305 x 85 mm

- Weight: 5.7 kg

- suitable case: Art. 506224 (not included)

New Anyma Omega Demos

New demos added to this post.

Novation Peak || Magic Skies

video upload by Mike Lewis

"A generative ambient patch designed with some wobble and flutter effects and lots of shimmer. Hope you enjoy,

To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:"

Arturia MiniFreak Demo and Tutorial Part 2: Arpeggiator, Sequencer, and Effects

video upload by CatSynth TV

Part 1 here

"iPart 2 of our detailed look at the new MiniFreak from Arturia. This part focuses on the arpeggiator, sequencer, and effects. If you haven't yet seen part 1, we recommend checking that out first.

00:30 Demo Preset
01:19 Arpeggiator
03:58 Sequencer
07:00 Sequencer Modulation Lanes
10:20 Stupid Sequencer Tricks!
16:00 Effects
22:39 Factory Presets

What is it about exploding frogs and this instrument?

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content. Patreon: Ko-Fi:"

Serge Distortion

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is Loud! Minimal knob turns, maximal effects. 2 DUSG's as oscillators the bottom one FMing the top one. Then onto the Res EG then to the Wave Mult. The Wave Mult is being CVed by an off camera DUSG."

Demo - JoMoX T-REsonator MKII | PreSonus BlueMAX | Stereo Analog Filter Matrix | Delay *No Talking*

video upload by

"This is a demo / audio surgery performed with the JoMoX T-Resonator MKII Stereo Analog Filter Matrix. It was run through a PreSonus BlueMAX set in Limiter Preset to catch peaks before entering my Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre.

No processing was done to the audio aside from a Waves L1 limiter plugin on the Master bus in Ableton to catch peaks. ***Be cautious as the levels jump quite a bit between some settings!

This is by no means a specification video, nor is it a demonstration of talent. I'm a drummer with some knobs and keys before me. That is the extent of it ;) I Just thought it would be fun to take various parts of a simple beat and run them through the JoMoX for some experimentation. I tried to be "surgical" as to avoid too many peaks and unpleasant results. Then again, the beauty lies in messing it up i suppose.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for your time!


00:16 Beat
02:31 Kick
05:43 Snare
09:43 Hats / Percussion
13:33 Melody
17:04 - 17:05 [[[Piercing]]]
18:12 Beat (Delay Mangling)
19:32 Kit (Noise From Kick Feedback…)"

Model:Cycles Exploration Through Performance

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Elektron enthusiast's Matthew (aka EZBOT) and Steven (Project 32) take turns performing songs they wrote on the Model:Cycles.

Get the Model:Cycles here:

Model:Cycles is a six track FM based groovebox that brings exploration into the heart of sound sculpting. Scale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid, or sink into mists of dissonance. To model is to shape the formless. Model:Cycles is a six track FM based groovebox that brings exploring into the heart of sound sculpting.With six unique Machines in one lightweight unit you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Exploration made attainable.
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Siren Is A Chord Synthesizer From Another Dimension

video upload by EZBOT

"Siren is a multi-oscillator drone generator by an anonymous developer. We go deep into the drone world and melt our brains on the beauty of chordal dissonance.

[Update: "Siren will be back soon.. the developer assured me they are making another batch. I will make a community post when they are back in stock."]

Siren is a digital stereo module packing 21 oscillators and 23 LFOs to generate lush drones. Macro controls set their respective pitch, waveform, and amplitude. Siren is not meant to be the tool you reach for when wanting to write explicit chord progressions and harmonies. Instead, the few provided macro controls make a wide parameter space accessible and fun to explore. Find sweet spots of your liking by the turn of a knob and add subtle modulation to find new musical ideas and progressions. Use rhythmically related control voltages to explore a vast world of weird musical progressions that fall between the cracks of the discrete nature of music theory."

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Just have a few questions? Get 1:1 help from me via Xip:

My cable company:

Yamaha SY35 FM/AWM Synthesizer - Part 2 - Overview

video upload by Runningonair

Yamaha SY35 FM/AWM Synthesizer Runningonair posts

"In this video I take an overview and run through the functions of the Yamaha SY35 synthesizer.

I also created an accompanying track, which just uses sounds from the SY35 (plus a vocal sample). The majority of effects are from the SY35 too. I have added compression and EQ, as well as doing a basic mastering job.

Let me know what you think of the synth in comments. I've been pleasantly surprised by it! I'll get into programming in the next video.

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below:



00:00 Intro
00:54 Physical Overview
04:04 SY35 Editor Intro
07:26 SY35 Editor Basics
10:50 SY35 Global Controls
12:32 SY35 Element Control
13:41 AWM Features
20:32 FM Features
28:30 Conclusion
30:15 Runningonair Demo Track

Michigan Synth Works SY-1 Syncussion kit noodles

video upload by Michigan Synth Works

"Quick overview of the sounds of the SY1 replica DIY kit. Just going through the different modes. PCB Kit available know, cases later this month"

DSP56300 MicroQ Emulator Update

microq testconsole (mirror) video upload by Intelligence Services

This one was is in via Soviet Space Child.

You might remember the upcoming DSP56300 MicroQ Emulator posted here. It appears they are at an impasse. Read the image to the left, also posted on their site.

"Having said that, this video shows the current state of the Waldorf microQ emulator in action.

As we do not only emulate the DSP, but the full machine this time, the test program is a bit different. It displays the full microQ in a terminal GUI and can be fully operated via keyboard. The test program runs in realtime and features Midi in/out and Audio out.

The emulator is run on an i7 4790k (~2014), the CPU usage is shown at the bottom of the video."

You can also find a demo of their Virus TI emulator on their site here.

[SOUNDMIT 2022] KODAMO MASK 1 (+ DEMO) - New "Bitmask" Keyboard Synthesizer Incoming

video upload by Les Sondiers

New synth from KODAMO, makers of the EssenceFM, upcoming Bitmasker, and Infini.

"Exclusivité SoundMiT 2022, Kodamo présente un prototype très avancé de son nouveau Mask 1, un synthétiseur à base de synthèse de type bitmap, la fin de la vidéo comporte une démo sonore de l'instrument."


"Exclusive to SoundMiT 2022, Kodamo showcases a highly advanced prototype of its new Mask 1, a bitmap-based synthesis-based synthesizer, the end of the video features a sound demo of the instrument."

According to Kodamo, Bitmask is a new synthesis method that splits a sine waves into multiple parts which can then be rearranged. Reminds me of a mix between wavetable and granular synthesis.


Two oscillators with 200 bit masked waveforms & noise generator. Digital 12-state variable, four-mode, self-oscillating filter. Two multi-wave LFOs with 15 destinations. Seven envelopes for each oscillator with pitch, ADSR and delta envelopes. Ability to slur between notes held in a chord. Sound layering, splits, an arpeggiator, a built-in looper and polyphonic portamento. 61 key, velocity and channel aftertouch Fatar keyboard.

A few screenshots from the video:

[SOUNDMIT 2022] GM LAB - Contrôleurs MIDI (pédales, tirettes orgue, filtre midi, et midi thru box)

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Plusieurs appareils MIDI étaient présentés par GM LAB au SoundMiT 2022 : 1 pédale d'expression USB/MIDI (UP4), 2 contrôleurs à tirettes pour contrôler des orgues (D9U et D9X), un transformateur de signal + filtre MIDI (MJU) ainsi qu'un routeur MIDI en étoile (ST4)

GM Lab étant par ailleurs un projet parallèle à la marque Crumar que vous connaissez peut être. Plus d'infos sur leur site :"


video upload by Les Sondiers

"Le Vector était présenté au SoundMiT 2022, je vous donne quelques explications ainsi qu'une petite démo au débotté."

Anyma Omega - New Polyphonic Physical Modelling Keyboard and Desktop Synthesizers

From the makers of the Aodyo Anyma Phi.

Anyma Omega - Polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer
Anyma Omega - Polyphonic demo
Anyma Omega - Multitimbral demo
Anyma Omega - Expressive demo
Anyma Omega - PolyMorph demo
Anyma Omega - Beatmaking demo

Emission live #272 - AODYO OMEGA, le poly à modélisation physique (ft. Deep Forest & Adrien Perinot)

video upload by

A few details and pics via their Kickstarter campaign follow.

"In December 2020, thanks to Kickstarter contributors, we achieved a successful campaign for Anyma Phi, the compact desktop monophonic physical modelling synthesizer. Six months later, we delivered it to our contributors.

Since then, we listened to the users feedback and worked on a more powerful and full featured instrument: Anyma Omega. Based on Anyma Phi synth engine, we designed Anyma Omega, a powerful hybrid polyphonic and multitimbral synthesizer. Its physical modelling synthesis engine allows to create new sound universes inspired from the real world, where objects collide, vibrate, and resonate.

Anyma Omega comes in two versions: desktop and keyboard, both including a large display and many controls, with unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed resonators and enhance expression.

Whether you play live or compose music in the studio, design your own sounds or play presets, Anyma Omega will become a flexible and original addition to your setup.


Anyma Omega blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modelling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal.


16-notes polyphony with all the richness of Anyma's synthesis engine.


4 sound parts splitted, layered or even chained.


Proven Fatar® velocity sensitive semi-weighted synth action keybed with aftertouch for musical and expressive playing.

Numerous controls to enrich the performance and unique sensitive wooden surfaces (ribbon and touchpad) to feed resonators and enhance expression.


Easy access to 14 macro parameters controlling the main characteristics of patches.

Tweak every parameter of every module with the large display and controls, unleashing the power of a semi-modular synth at your fingertips.

Direct access to the various modules thanks to the interactive synthesis path diagram.


Create aleatory consistent patches, by pushing a single button, based on smart random algorithms.


Beyond polyphony, the exclusive PolyMorph feature can provide extra width, density and depth to the sound: fine-blend panspread, unison, expression and morphing for every single note.


With Anyma Omega you can use any scale or tuning to make your sound travel all around the world and the eras.

Explore our multiple microtuning presets. You can also load Scala (.scl) or Anamark (.tun) files in Anyma Omega by converting them to MIDI Tuning standard (MTS) format. In addition to importing and exporting tunings, there are several options that can be used to define and edit tunings directly on the instrument: reference tone adjustment, 12-tone octave scale, tuning table for each note and n-EDO scales.


With a lot of input and output ports, Anyma Omega easily connects to all the machines, synths and controllers. It is compatible with any standard MIDI controller, including our own electronic wind instrument: Sylphyo.

Plug external audio and use Anyma Omega as a powerful modular FX processor.


Free multi-platform editor/librarian inherited from and compatible with Anyma Phi's sound bank. Organize, archive and share your Anyma patches and performances.

Based on the Anyma Phi monophonic and monotimbral sound engine, Anyma Omega is polyphonic and multitimbral. Play up to 16 notes simultaneously and combine up to 4 sound parts (individual patches) in a performance. Route audio signal from one part to another to create monstous patches.

Anyma Omega Desktop provides an advanced user interface, making the use of an external editor quite unnecessary. We kept the macro parameters matrix of the Anyma Phi available, now available simultaneously thanks to the big TFT IPS color display and its 16 push encoders."

Music for 10 monophonic synthesizers

video upload by Nicolas Bernier

"This is most probably the first score ever written for and performed on 10 @Moog Music Inc Mother-32 synthesizers. The ensemble is now collaborating with composers to expand the repertoire towards a variety musical outcomes that will grow over the next years.

Title of the composition:
Transfer for 10 monophonic synthesizers (2022)

Nicolas Bernier

Performed by Ensemble d'oscillateurs:
Marc-Antoine Bernier, Gabrielle Caux, Hubert Crépin, Mathieu Drolet, Gabriela Hébert, Rémy Jannelle, Loic Minty, Gael Moriceau, Zacharie Perreault-Samson, Charles St-André

Camera: David Piazza, Nicolas Bernier
Video editing: Nicolas Bernier
Mixing: Nicolas Bernier

Ensemble d'oscillateurs is a project of the digital music programs at Université de Montréal.
More information on the ensemble :"

Korg Wavestate - "Fantasy Worlds" Soundset (50 Exclusive Performances)

video upload by LFOstore

"A true masterpiece from LFO Store team awaits your action! Get ready to experience the full potential of your Korg Wavestate synthesizer with this new unique soundset created by the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.

Inspired by fantasy worlds and stories found in books, films and dreams, we take you on a journey through unreal soundscapes, created with the massive selection of external samples. We will walk through the forests inhabited by fairies, elves and trolls; cross the hot sultry dunes; see new planets and space formations through the panoramic windows of the spacecraft...

50 exclusive performances are full of atmospheric multi-layered sounds, with soundscapes, woodwinds, pads and strings, leads and drones, bells and plucks. They are suitable for various styles of music - for cinematics, ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or even adding a retro flavour to your music.

If you are brave enough to challenge this wide universe of sound, then join us in this wonderful journey!"

UVI | 2022 Throwback

video upload by UVI

"2022 Throwback
A UVI recap of the year!
A list of all the products we released this year:
00:05 - Vintage Vault 4
00:42 - Organic Keys
00:56 - Soul Drums
01:18 - Augmented Orchestra
01:42 - Dual Delay X
02:01 - Mission 6
02:31 - Walker 2
03:10 - Fluidity
03:28 - Falcon 2.8
04:03 - Soul Bass
04:20 - IRCAM Prepared Piano 2
04:47 - SonicPass

Video credits: Théo G.
#uvi #musicproduction #vstplugins
About UVI
UVI is a developer of software instruments, effects and soundware. We leverage leading-edge synthesis, DSP research and design to provide unique and expressive tools for musicians and audio professionals.

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest-quality sound possible with innovative and reliable solutions. You can hear our work around the world at live shows, on hit-records, in blockbuster films and AAA games.

We're a small but spirited team with a global footprint, music and sound lovers eager to share our passion. We're honored to be a part of your creative journey and thankful to you for sharing ours.

©2022 UVI. All rights reserved."

Bastl X Casper Soft pop2 quick demo/review

video upload by Meska

"quick demo review of the Soft pop2 , little monophonic synth with some tricks
sound demo of the digital oscilaotr : [posted here]

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Distortion

video upload by SynthAddict

"Modular jam with several distortion sources."

Doepfer A-101-1 Vactrol Filter Eurorack Module Sequence

video upload by Tiefengrund

Roland Super JD-990

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

"One of the best Roland synths ever made, this one comes with the Vintage Synth expansion board installed, original manual in two volumes in English and a collection of 100 soundsets to upload via sysex."

Moog Prodigy 32-Key Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 12524

via this auction

"Moog Prodigy, great condition for its age.

Main notable flaw is that a key was repaired (by a prior owner) - the lower A key. I have never noticed any issues with it, and have had it for 5+ years.

Otherwise, there is typical physical wear for a synth this old, all shown in the photos. Operationally, all is functioning correctly, and it sounds awesome. This is the 336A model with CV ins/outs."

Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer SN 4089

via this auction

Yamaha AN1X Incredible 2 Demo Sounds HD no talking

video upload by js-sound

"Yamaha AN1X (my version i have modified) this is a vintage synthesizer that never ceases to amaze me with its capabilities over the years. It produces millions of unique sounds that you can dream, fall asleep to, imagine a fantasy world and just enjoy what this unique synthesizer of the late 90s can generate. Its minor flaws do not bother me in order to love this synthesizer, which the modern manufacturer Yamaha still cannot repeat. ;-)

Its sound is pure as a baby's tear, unlike the sound of the Virus TI synthesizer, for example. In what order would I sell the VA synths? Clavia would be the first to sell everything. Many Korg from this category VA would also put up for sale. Roland JP80xx got tired after 5 days. Wouldn't leave a single Waldorf! Novation Supernova 2 would also sell without regret. Without Virus TI, my life would not be boring. Alesis ION would not have stayed with me. And only AN1x I would sell the very last turn.

What is the uniqueness of AN1x? If you understand how the music of the 90s differed from our days, how vinyl differs from CD, then you will understand that AN1X is also unique."

Korg MS 20 synthesizer + Electric Organ + Strymon Timeline

video upload by The Unperson

"An improvised synth jam with an electric organ going through the external signal processor on the MS20."

A deep dive into Mutable Instruments Plaits

video upload by The Unperson

A deep dive into Mutable Instruments Plaits - PART 2!

video upload by The Unperson

"Continuing on from last week's video I explore the next three synth engines in the iconic macro oscillator Plaits. The jams in this video all turned out unintentionally mellow and ambient, and there are some truly magic moments in there. This video series may be end up being longer than I anticipated, but this is due to how inspiring the module is for making music!"

0:00 - Intro
1:29 - Granular Formant Oscillator
5:05 - Arp Jam
7:10 - Things Get Epic!
8:56 - Harmonic Oscillator
15:10 - Wavetable Oscillator
21:27 - Outro

Part VI - Song Mode - Isla Instruments S2400 Video Manual

video upload by Isla Instruments

"Sit back, relax and learn all about the S2400 song mode!"

Isla Instruments S2400 Video Manual posts


video upload by DANIELE

"ADDAC809 by ADDAC System lets you route one source (audio or CV) through 2 different chains of modules, before sending it to an output. In this video I'm going to show you all the things it can do!

0:00 Intro
0:23 Chains connectors
0:32 Buttons
0:41 Chain A (Delay)
0:45 Chain B (Distortion)
0:51 Bypass
1:13 Order
1:36 Dual/Single
2:07 Parallel"

"ADDAC809 is a dynamic CV operated I/O router that allows one source (Audio or CV) to be routed through 2 different chains (of one or more modules) before being sent to an output. Six routing patterns are allowed:

1. IN > OUT

A practical example is to have an audio source, a delay and a looper. And the question: should the delay be placed before or after the looper? Sometimes you may need the delay to be before the looper as you may want to sample the audio with the delay or sample the pure audio source and apply the delay afterwards.

This small utility module solves this issue on the fly without having to repatch anything."

Arp Solus - repaired...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"I just repaired this Arp Solus. Many years ago I was loaned an Arp Axxe. I didn't like it... but I think this Solus is quite nice."

Chase Bliss Generation Loss mkii vs Empress Zoia's Shallow Water patch (synth & guitar demo)

video upload by MKDVB

"Shooting out analog warble vibes with the new Chase Bliss Generation Loss mkii vs Empress Zoia's Deep Water patch (a stereo Shallow Water imitation).

Comparing anything vs the Empress Zoia is tricky because it can basically be anything. I've always wanted a stereo Shallow Water so the Deep Water patch on the Zoia intrigued me. And of course, I had to jump all over the Chase Bliss Generation Loss mkii when it was announced.

This video tests these pedals on various synths like the Sequential Prophet Rev 2, Roland Juno 106, and guitar. For this shoot-out, I dropped the signal to proper levels and impedance using Avedis MD7 preamps.

00:00 In Search Of Stereo Shallow Water
01:27 Zoia "Deep Water" + Juno 106
03:47 Chase Bliss Generation Loss mkii + Juno 106
04:30 Audition Tape Models A
08:46 Adding Back Hi End Freqs
09:36 Sequential Prophet Rev 2 + CB GL mkii
10:27 Audition Tape Models B
13:43 CB GL mk ii + Guitar
15:43 Zoia "Deep Water" + Guitar
18:03 Zoia "Deep Water" + Rev 2
20:30 Shootout GL mkii vs Shallow Water?"

Arturia MiniLab 3 | How To Make a Track & How to Control External Device

video upload by Arturia

"Tune in to explore MiniLab 3 music production potential with its awesome software bundle. In this quick video guide, Lena shows you how to use Loopcloud drums, The Gentelman piano, Analog Lab Intro, and finally, MiniLab's 3 features to create your own track from scratch.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Drums from Loopcloud
02:16 Recording pads with Analog Lab
03:13 Recording keys with Analog Lab
04:36 Recording piano with The Gentelman
05:39 Recording bass with Analog Lab
06:22 Recording vocals"

MiniLab 3 | How To Control External Device

"In this video Lena shows you how to control your external synthesizer with MiniLab 3, using its keyboard, faders, and knobs to control pitch and various parameters of your instrument's signal path, as well as exploring how to assign CC values with Midi Control Center.

00:00 Intro
00:36 Basic Setup
00:50 Connection & Settings
01:26 Controlling the pitch
02:21 CC values & sound engine control"

Polyend Play Tutorial // Seven Levels of Randomization

video upload by Polyend

"Here are some different ways to use the Chance/Action settings, from basic to complex. Chance is a unique and deep feature that can do anything from help you breathe new life into your drum beats to create an exciting generative melody.

Read more about the Chance/Action feature on our blog -"

KORG Dipole v2 by Sinevibes - with KORG prologue

video upload by Sinevibes

"Dipole by Sinevibes is a through-zero flanger effect plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. Product page:"

KORG Dipole v2 by Sinevibes - with Elektron Digitakt

video upload by

KORG Dipole v2 by Sinevibes - with Roland SP 404 mkII

"Dipole is a through-zero flanger plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It combines two delay lines, with one able to run earlier or later in time relatively to the other, plus a switching feedback signal routing. Right around the zero time difference between the delays, this algorithm produces a “jet fly-by” effect with positive feedback – or full sound cancellation with negative feedback. Originally, through-zero flanging was achieved using a pair of tape machines, by playing two copies of the same recording and then manually controlling the difference in tape speed and position. Here, an LFO with a sine waveform is used to periodically sweep the effect’s time difference parameter."

TB-303 redux: GeoSync TB Super-O vs. Acid Rain Chainsaw

video upload by John Schussler

Update: video re-uploaded.

"I got ahold of a couple modules from GeoSync recently, the TB Super-O triple VCO and the TB-EFA filter/VCA. I also have an Acid Rain Chainsaw, and it occurred to me to wonder how the Chainsaw would do as a 303 source for the TB-EFA. How different might they be?

Of course they're different, but y'know, how exactly?

As with so many of my videos, this is just me trying to answer a random question of comparison between two modules.

Sequence from Stochastic IG. Envelope from Zadar.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Super-O saw
03:32 Chainsaw saw
05:06 Square waves
06:57 Drive control
10:00 With Godeater"

Patch n Tweak
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