MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday, December 02, 2022

201 Pocket Piano: Evolving a Sequence

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"The 201 has independently-selectable synthesizer modes and note patterns. This means you can lock in an arpeggiator setting and peruse different synth modes until you find the one you like.

The reverse also works: get your synth sounding great and then scroll through the note patterns.

Or...don’t commit and keep changing both on the fly!"

See this post for additional details on the 201 Pocket Piano.

Patch Base Editor for the Korg Volca FM2 Released

Now available on the Coffeeshopped website.

"This new editor gives you everything that you could do with the first Volca FM, but now you can also fully edit the internal sequencer on the Volca FM2 as well, as well as back up all your Voice and Sequence patches easily."

The editor supports iPad version 3.26 and Mac version 1.20.

Mother 32 with DFAM Jam and Exploration // Moog Sound Studio

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this stream Steven (aka Project 32) will be performing a short jam as well as exploring the sonic capabilities of the Moog Mother 32 and DFAM.

Get the Moog Mother 32 here:
Get the Moog DFAM here:
Get the Moog Sound Studio here:

The Moog Mother 32 is a monophonic semi-modular analog synth. The Mother 32 has you covered from bleeps and bloops to the classic buttery Moog bass and melody sounds.

The Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) is a semi-modular drum machine. With it's unique circuit design, the DFAM is capable of creating slamming techno all the way to weird and experimental sonic territories.
Video by: Steven Ly (Project 32)"

below this time does not exist by Todd Barton

"The title comes from a phrase in one of my favorite books, The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. Back in February 2020 while in Italy my daughter and I were fascinated by Rovelli’s poetical unfolding of relational quantum mechanics for the lay person. At that time I selected a few phrases that piqued my imagination and creativity as composition titles for a future album. Coincidentally and spontaneously one day my daughter, Ursula, snapped a photo of me in the Tuscan sunlight which turned out to be quite extraordinary and evocative. We talked about it being the cover for this album. The future has arrived . . . enjoy!

released December 2, 2022

Instruments used:
Buchla Music Easel, Buchla 227e System Interface Module, 1979 Modular Stereo Microsound Processor, Makenoise Erbeverb, Makenoise Mimeophon, Intellijel Planar 2, TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper, TC Electronics T2 reverb, U & I Software Metasynth.


Though their influences may not be apparent, these Elders have guided me endlessly…

Beatriz Ferreyra, Eliane Radigue, Bebe Barron, Roland Kayn, Morton Subotnick, Gordon Mumma, John Cage, David Tudor,
Toru Takemitsu and Witold Lutoslawski."

Prophet-6 versatility demo - 150 custom patches / presets (for music, soundtrack, games)

video upload by Jexus (

Update: new video added below.

"My review & how to buy my soundpack:

No talking demo of Sequential Prophet-6. All patches custom-made by Jexus. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs, noises and other effects are part of the Prophet-6 engine. However, I was using a limiter, so some of the sounds in my demo may sound a bit more beefy."

Best Synth Gear of the Year : Perfect Circuit Staff Picks

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Read all about our staff's picks here :

It's almost a wrap on 2022, the end of another monumental year in synthesizers and pro-audio.
We live for music gear here at Perfect Circuit, so we talked to our staff about their FAVORITE gear of the year !

Softpop 2 :
J-6 :
H90 :
Syntonie Video Synths :
Syntakt :
XPO :"

Ralph Jr

video upload by Stromer Mutroniks

Follow-up to this post, and currently listed on Reverb.

Rare Moog Dancers (UK 1971)

video upload by Are Sounds Electrik?

"When dancing to a modulating Moog Synthesizer was considered new, fresh and avant-garde"

Synth Spotting w/ Depeche Mode's New Line Up

video upload by Are Sounds Electrik?

Boss - VT-1 - Demo - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're checking out the VT-1 from Boss, let's have a look."


Fishbone Prayers (bioelectric composition #3)

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I decided to try playing a duet with this fishbone prayer plant. The plant is controlling all signals in the modular synth (including gates, pitches, & even the modulation). I joined in on soft synth using Alchemy and the Oxygen 25.

See more videos made with plants here:"

The Great Highway, San Francisco (with original soundtrack)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We travel one of San Francisco's most controversial thoroughfares, the Great Highway. The Great Highway runs for 3.5 miles along the western edge of the city, next to Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Our journey joins the Great Highway at its intersection with Lincoln Way, at the southwestern corner of Golden Gate Park. We then travel southward to Sloat Boulevard and continue along the Great Highway Extension to Skyline Boulevard and Lake Merced.

The Great Highway was closed to motor vehicles in 2020 during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, but remained open to pedestrians and bicyclists. It has also periodically closed due to flooding and sand accumulating on the roadmap. Since the middle of 2021, it has operated in a hybrid mode, with the road open to motor vehicles Monday afternoon through Friday morning, and then closed on weekend from Friday afternoon to mid-day on Monday, as well as on holidays. The Great Highway Extension south of Sloat Boulevard is scheduled to close to traffic permanently in 2023.

Original electronic music by Amanda Chaudhary, featuring sounds from Ellott Sharp's Invented Instruments sample pack. This forms both the percussive pattern throughout the video as well as a section of samples played through the Arturia CMI V. Addition synthesizers and effects include:
Cherry Audio GX-80
Strymon Starlab module
East West Ra library (tablas)
MOK Fitryg
Arturia Delay Tape-201

Please check out our related video featuring Sunset Boulevard in western San Francisco [posted here]

Multi Zaturn 6

video upload by gotharman

With special guest :)

Track: Hear from me (MPC One, Guitar, E-Piano)

video upload by

"Here's a track named 'Hear from me'. This early-2000s-nostalgia vehicle was created on MPC One. @XavierRadix and @LanthanOIde kindly submitted guitar and piano tracks, and I added some plugin tracks (mostly TubeSynth and DrumSynth). Get this track at


Tiptop 266t part 3 Self Patching

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t Overview videos by Todd Barton

"Part 3 of my little Tiptop 266t Source of Uncertainty series looks and self-patching the module. Enjoy!

My Patreon:"

Demo: EAR Model 13 Mini Vactrol LPG

video upload by Peter Grenader

Halo light up CV cables from myVolts x Andrew Huang - CV light up pedals, synths and controllers

video upload by myVolts

"Luke Brennan, MD at myVolts shows a few ways other than modular that light up patch cables can be used. Lots of CV examples. Elektron A4, Empress Zoia pedal, AC Noises Respira pedal, Arturia Keystep, Korg Volca Modular, Korg SQ1, CV Controlled tape player. LED Patch cables.
Featuring TAPs, Beatsplitter and Pots and Pans."

Roland SH-7

video upload by SSM Curtis

Roland MIDI System Exclusive Messages Checksum

video upload by Unrelated Activities

Roland VP-330 MKII Vocoder Plus

via this auction

"Recently serviced:

- Service notes include:
- Cleaning and flushing all potentiometers
- Cleaning and lubricating all sliders
- Cleaning all key contacts"

Yamaha CS-80 and Yamaha CS70M

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

"Vintage Moog Memorymoog Plus analog polysynth, in nice cosmetic condition, with MIDI, serviced and calibrated.

As with many Memorymoogs, some of the segments in the display are out (see last two photos) - this does not affect performance, of course. In one photo, the display should read 'MOOG', but some letters are incomplete. Most importantly, in the last photo, the display should be showing '6 TUNED', but it looks like '5 TUNED' because of the missing segments. We assure you that all six voices are working and tuning!

The right end panel shows some light scuffing, and there is some denting of the wood on the left end panel. A previous owner drilled two holes in the pitch bend panel; we have filled these with plastic hole plugs."

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Carts - New Age - Spectral Space - Voices Strings - Effects - Cartridge

via this auction

"320 presets in total between the 4 carts."

List of presets below.

Ensoniq SQ-80 Cross Wave Synthesizer MINT-ish w/E*PROM & Polyphonic After Touch

via this auction

"Keys remain clean, white and with their natural sheen. LCD screen is clean, smooth and works perfectly (weird photo is due to frame rate used). Despite it’s age and barring a handful of small scuffs/knicks visible in the photos (mostly on rear and side), the cosmetic condition of the synth is 9/10. The bottom is hard to capture, but is also remarkably clean and intact... The ROM/Cartridge slot works as intended and this comes with 1 Ensoniq E*PROM cartridge ($$) to store additional user patches."

Moog The Source (1980s) Synthesizer model 341A SN 3844

via this auction


video upload by SOVAGE ENGINEERING


An analog vintage recording audio equipment emulator, the perfect tool to color your audio.

The main idea behind this module is to recreate the tone of some of my favorite vintage preamps x mics x speakers combo when I’m reamping audio.

I have tried to match that tone as closely as possible, of course you can’t compare but you can trust your ears, and overuse the BROKEN mode of course, or just give a sense to your introversion by abusing the DARK VINTAGE combo, lights off…

Put 2 at the output of a stereo mixer and you have a vintage console

Take 2 with DUO and you have an awesome stereo bus coloration for your external audio sources.

MODULES USED [in the video]:

01:02 DARK - LOFI
02:32 FOCUS - LOFI

🌸TE OP-1 Field Hypnotic piano loops🌛Coma Toes

video upload by Postmodern Machine

"Hi 🌨

I hope you are all weathering the change of seasons! Here's a new piece I created on the OP-1 Field. I sampled a short phrase played on my cheap upright piano. The sample was looped and pitched in various ways to create a soundscape. ❄️

Some pitch modulated and nitro filtered loops were recorded onto the vintage 4-track tape simulation. Mother reverb was used quite liberally on the final result. After filling the 4-tracks, some pitched and reversed versions of the sample were softly added in the middle of the piece. 🪢

This track is fairly hissy on full range systems, but it still sounds very nice. I should probably try the highest fidelity tape simulation to reduce hiss, but the tracks I've made feel really full of character. I have no doubt some of the hiss is coming from the sampling of the piano. I'm sure I could do that better with practice.

This piece is coming off the OP-1 as a mix. 📼 I stored the 4 tracks in case I need them later, but essentially just mastered the mix after recording it into my DAW through the analogue listed below. The length of the piece was not edited. Some clicks were removed in the DAW from my tape edits. I added a bit of pumping compression on the beat as the piece progresses. I added a flowing bass from the Korg Arp Odyssey. 🎛

I also used a bit of Output Portal to add a layer of intrigue and shimmer way in the back that only appears as the piece progresses to the climax. Finally I used the AudioThing Miniverb to gradually open the high frequencies in the piece towards the climax, and then filter them away again for some drama. 🎭

The visuals were captured during my recent honeymoon in Mexico. I feel very lucky to have experienced the trip 😊"

Bad Gear - Roland Aira J-6

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland Aira Compact J-6. Is this preset synth version of Rolands classic Juno emulation usable for professional music production and why did they put in a chord sequencer that seems like the lovechild of an 80s Casiotone accompaniment section and a Unison Midi Chord Pack? Is it better than a Korg Volca?

00:00 Intro tune
01:09 Overview Roland Aira J-6
01:35 Presets
01:48 Synth Engine, Filter, Envelope
02:20 Limitations, Lack of Midi Control
02:33 FX (Reverb, Delay)
03:00 Chord Sequencer
03:21 Enter your own Chords
03:31 Chord Mode
03:57 Styles/Variations (Arpeggiator, Rhythmic Patterns, Phrases)
04:24 What else???
04:57 Thanks!!!
05:03 Hate
05:25 Jam 1 (Dance Chords)
06:13 Jam 2 (80s Cheese)
07:14 Finale (Lofi Beats)
07:47 Verdict"

[patch] FM Bass (Blofeld)

video upload by Synthesizer Video Service

"I had this idea after listening to Jarre's "Zoolookologie". This is a little tutorial on how to make a piercing bass sound using frequency modulation with audio oscillators - all this with a Waldorf Blofeld. Plus, I'm explaining the difference between frequency, amplitude and phase modulation. Plus, talking about mixing with low frequencies.

[00:00] Intro
[00:44] What are FM, AM and PM?
[02:27] Oscillators
[05:50] FM Settings
[06:45] Unisono
[07:15] Filters and Low Frequencies
[10:24] Envelopes
[11:41] Controller Modulations
[13:56] Final Patch
[14:36] Outro"


video upload by

"Welcome a new module to our 1U family: the Running Order 1U

Simple to use yet complex enough 2-track trigger sequencer with per-step probability and ratcheting, 101 and Euclidean style sequencing with external CV control.
Creating rhythms is fast and easy and most importantly - fun!
Check out the full rundown of the features and some wild rhythms!"



Running Order is a two track trigger sequencer. It can be a precise master clock or manipulate incoming clock signal and works great in use as a sub-sequencer/divider in your Eurorack environment.

Zero-jitter clock generation: less than 50 microseconds internal clock jitter
101 style 1/16th note input mode (step/rest) with manual or CV controllable amount of triggers repeats when the active trigger step happens
Euclidean mode enabled for each track where we set Euclidean total steps amount in the circle and then amount of triggers happening in that circle.
Per step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode.
Separate synchronization (reset) inputs, sync for track 1 is normalled to sync track 2
Clock divider for incoming external clock allows to quickly obtain various musical divisions on the fly incl. triplets of course, but more importantly tuplets mode allows you to stretch desired amount of triggers happening into a single bar
Separate mute buttons for each track
8 patterns of triggers sequences stored in the module and recalled on the next power up
also available in 3U / 6HP version

Moog Mavis Patching

Mavis & Subharmonicon | Patching Together
Download the patch created in this video here:
Mavis & DFAM | Patching Together
Download the patch created in this video here:
Mavis & Mother-32 | Patching Together
Download the patch created in this video here:

n/zyme Walkthrough Part 3(of 5): STEP LFO

video upload by gattobus

n/zyme Walkthrough posts

"n/zyme is a Model Expansion available for Fantom flagship synth only.
Here's my third tutorial.
In this video I'm showing the Step LFO section, a multiple step modulator to create complex modulation sequences and to shape your sound in real time."

DISFAT / Cosmotronic COSMIX PRO / samples through filters / eurorack jam

video upload by BRiES

"In this patch I'm running a piano sample through a bandpass filter (using the Soundforce DUAL filter as a HP/LP combo to make a very narrow band with a lot of resonance on both sides).
The drums are a drumloop through a BP for the percussive part (the filter is modulated which causes the pitch changes) and a MA35 low pass for the deep kick/bass. Crater does some additional percussion, delayed by the wonderful 1 BIT Multitap Delay Feedback Modules sent me."

Polyend Tracker + Hydrasynth Explorer (w/ Amenbreak kit made by 栄免建設)

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"Trackmakerの栄免建設さんからPolyend Tracker用に作成したAmen Breaksキットを共有して頂いたので、試しにHydrasynth Explorerと組み合わせて遊んでみました!

"Trackmaker's Emen Construction shared the Amen Breaks kit made for Polyend Tracker, so I tried playing with Hydrasynth Explorer as a test!
High-quality construction that sounds cool no matter how you play with it, it's the best..."

Patch n Tweak
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