MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Improvisation for Polyphonic Synthesiser and Geiger Muller Radiation Counter

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"Interpolating between and modulating seven different effects in Kyma, using the Geiger Counter to trigger the events, and feed values based upon the ping time into the effects parameters. Oberheim Matrix 1000"

Make Noise SUPERBOOTH Promo

arnold and freddy CS80 SynthFest France 2023

video upload by Olivier Briand

"Improvisation sur le CS80 yamaha d'Olivier Grall lors du SynthFest France 2023 avec Arnold et Freddy Angel...."

Yamaha CS-50 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

$300 Realistic Radio Shack Moog MG-1 SN 15 345

via this auction

"Vintage Realistic Radio Shack Moog MG-1 Synthesizer Keyboard. Volume control shaft broken off but the pot itself still works properly. All sliders work but feel gritty so they’ll need to be throughly cleaned to get that smooth feel back. Two missing slider knobs. The infamous internal foam has all deteriorated so the buyer might want to replace that."


video upload by Polykit

"I'm playing Tetris on my Commodore VIC-20, theme song is coming from my 8 voice DIY polysynth.

More details on the polysynth:" [posted here]

Low-Gain Electronics / Barton Musical Circuits Dual Simple Quantizer Testing

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Testing up the Dual #bartonmusicalcircuits simple quantizers in #4umodular ! Seem to be working as expected!"

11 01 22 Serge Paperface [02]

video upload by batchas

9. Oktober 2022 - Mad patch

Dawn - D.K.Synergy ambient music by Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

"Good morning!

Here is an ambient study by Benge, made on the D.K.Synergy digital synthesis system, Lexicon Model 200 reverb and Lexicon Prime Time Model 95 Stereo delay unit, SSL SiX mixer/compressor, SSL 2+ sound card. Shot on JVC KY-1900 video camera. Font used: Lazenby Computer. Field recordings of the dawn chorus, England, April 27th, 5:37am"

Using Plateau as a Delay \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Laser bursts, High-hats and glitchy noises with Banshee Reach

video upload by Shakmat

"Demonstration of some of the noise capabilities of Shakmat's Bandshee Reach VCO.

Additional use of Jeweler Cast as VCA"

MODULATION FM & Formant Sequence w/ Controller Yamaha FS1R

video upload by DACHI Klangmusik

"YAMAHA FS1R / Skerjanc Controller
8 Operators
Algorithm No 25
Formant Sequence No 67
I081 Lead Horn (Squeezed ;))
Step Sequence by Korg Electribe EA-1

Modulation on:
Tone: Formant & FM
Formant Sequence: Loop Speed, Loop Start/End, Start Delay, Start Offset
OPs 1-8"

Arturia Introduces Augmented BRASS Hybrid VST for Modern Composition and Production

video upload by Arturia

"Discover the big-screen-ready sounds and dynamic features of Augmented BRASS, your new go-to hybrid brass VST for modern composition and production - Lena gives you the guided tour in this overview video."

Arturia Augmented Brass| No Talking | @ArturiaOfficial
video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

"In Collaboration with @ArturiaOfficial"

0:00 Intro
0:09 Wide And Proud
1:04 Lost In Time
2:11 Staccato Tension
3:21 Growly Horn
4:18 Certain Doom
6:47 After The Rain
7:47 Known Unknowns
8:22 Litosphere
9:26 Atmospheric Evolution

Introducing Augmented BRASS

Discover a new era of cinematic sound, from emotive chamber ensembles to thunderous synth-infused fanfares. Beautifully-recorded brass samples; powerful synth & sampling engines; sweeping musical controls that navigate the territory between them; introducing Augmented BRASS.

Dynamic sample library
From full orchestral brass, to chamber horns & trumpets, to wild tape-degraded sustain, the perfect foundations for modern brass sounds.

Cutting-edge synth engines
Augment familiar brass sounds with synthesis, from virtual analog bass to the new ‘Simpler’ engine for impacts and noise textures.

Expression & morphing
Make sweeping changes to any sound with the Morph control, or intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros.

Deep sound design
Fine-tune your sample & synth layers, and add custom modulation, arpeggiation, effects, and macros in one place.

Versatile presets
Hundreds of expertly-crafted presets, from familiar brass timbres to experimental sounds, designed for every style.

Interface improvements
With user feedback in mind, we’ve updated the modulation workflow, visual feedback, and added features like individual part panning and keyboard offset - for all Augmented instruments."

Semi-generative ambient: monome norns ‘compass’, Trigon 6, Virus, Gen Loss MKII, and Eventide H90

video upload by astrophage

Gotharman's Zaturn: Switches

video upload by gotharman

"In the forthcoming update, the Patch Points will be able to function as voltage controlled switches :) Switch 1 is controlling the Wave parameter of an oscillator, Switch 5 is controlling the cutoff frequency of an analog Multi Filter LPF."

Portabellabz Doubler 2345

video upload by Todd Barton

"Simple addition . . ."

Portabellabz SVS Doubler Overview

video upload by Todd Barton

"A brief overview."

Error Instruments Superbooth 23 Teaser

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Soon available releasing on Superbooth 23 punk resonator something between Acid and the Atari p c "

UVI Introduces Kawai Vintage Legacy - Gems of the Rising Sun

UVI KAWAI Vintage Legacy | Preset Showcase
video uploads by UVI

"Kawai Vintage Legacy - Gems of the Rising Sun

Discover a powerful collection of 5 instruments that offer a wide range of synthesis approaches, leveraging the sounds of an iconic Japanese synth legacy. Take control of the K1, K3, K4, K5, XD5 and R100 individually or in a monolithic "multi" instrument, combining four synth layers with a drum machine.

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Théo G.

00:00 - Intro
00:06 - Multi / Discolette
00:18 - Multi / Dharma
00:28 - K3U / Fair Light
00:36 - Multi / Bubblegum
00:46 - Drums / Honky Tonk
00:56 - Multi / Drillerz
01:08 - K5U / Bladd Runner
01:19 - Drums / Half Day
01:26 - K5U / SpocK5
01:29 - K4U / Beauty K4
01:32 - K3U / Molasson
01:38 - K1U / Two Moon Sky
01:44 - Multi / Clubberz"

Rob Papen Introduces BIT-2 Analogue Synthesis-Modelled Virtual Instrument

video upload by Rob Papen


Rob Papen Live Stream 27 April 2023 BIT-2 & how the introduction video was created

Press release follows:

Rob Papen takes trip back in time to boost BIT-2 beyond namesake plug-in predecessor as analogue synthesis-modelled virtual instrument

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effect plug-in developer Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware is proud to announce availability of BIT-2 as an analogue synthesis-modelled virtual instrument — with which it takes another trip back in time to take its namesake plug-in predecessor (released in 2019 to widespread critical acclaim with outstanding audio quality) to the next level with numerous new and creative features — as of April 27…

As an apt acronym if ever there was one, BIT stands for ‘Back In Time’. This alludes to the fact that the BIT-2 virtual instrument plug- in — like its namesake predecessor — mainly focuses on modelling analogue synthesis from a pre-digital era that has a still-sought- after charm of its own, one which had not been covered before BIT by the Rob Papen brand, whose virtual instrument products previously combined the best of analogue modelling with hybrid synthesis so successfully. Since self-confessed synth freak and world- renowned sound designer Rob Papen himself had started working with synthesizers at the tender age of 15 when purchasing an analogue Korg MS-20 semi-modular monosynth and accompanying analogue SQ-10 sequencer way back when, taking this trip back in time — and now a second time — makes perfect sense, both business-wise and otherwise.

On the face of it, BIT-2 has no (virtual) patch cables, but make no mistake: it is modular in nature. Indeed, its MOD (modulation) MATRIX is used for patching, though several connections — such as LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) and ENV (envelope) to the OSC 1 and OSC 2 parameters — can quickly be made when switching on the smart ADV (advanced) panel below the oscillators.

Oscillators are actually where boosting BIT-2 begins, with additional Super Saw (1/2/3) and Super Square (1/2/3) waveforms generating a three-oscillator sound within one oscillator to provide even more flexibility for sound creation. Conversely, though, it made sense to leave BIT’s ability to modulate OSC 2 with OSC 1 in several ways — expanding the sound palette profusely with PM (Phase Modulation), FM (Frequency Modulation), and RING (modulation) — as before. But boosting BIT-2 further still are its two top- notch analogue-modelled filters — FILTER 1 and FILTER 2 — expanded to include new types and modes for further enhancing its sound-shaping capabilities, while its AMP (amplifier) section has also been expanded to include multiple distortion types that are all at a ‘per voice’ level to make them much more usable — avoiding any ‘ugliness’ if playing chords, for instance.

Additions are also to be found in BIT-2’s ARP (arpeggiator)/sequencer section, including an ability to dynamically change the start STEP and end STEP number, resulting in interesting patterns that can be changed in real time, as well as the MAGIC MODE parameter that adds musical variation to the active ARP or sequencer. Saying that, the ARP/sequencer can now also work as a modulator, thanks to an additional FREE row that can be used to modulate other parts of BIT-2 in conjunction with the MOD MATRIX.

BIT-2 benefits from the addition of the RIBBON CONTROLLER section located at the bottom of its GUI (Graphical User Interface). It allows users to control several parameters at once using a mouse or external MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller, and — unlike a hardware ribbon controller — also has a tempo-based SPRING BACK feature with QUANTIZE and BIPOLAR mode. Performance-wise, PLAY MODE now features a LOCK PLAY function — helpful if using an MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) keyboard.

Expanded effects really represent the finishing touch to BIT-2 with some superb-sounding additions alongside other improvements, including Rob Papen’s proprietary REVERB that sounds superb, so no need — necessarily — to add reverb externally.

Ending where we began, BIT stands for ‘Back In Time’ but when working with the boosted BIT-2 it could just as well be taken to mean ‘Be Inspired Today’ — thanks to the analogue synthesis-modelled virtual instrument’s improvements and additions. As Rob Papen proudly points out by way of ending on a hands-on high note, “We now have animated dials in BIT-2, more modulation slots and modulation options, and last, but not least, many new presets by both myself and others have been included in this update... enjoy!”

BIT-2 is available as a 64-bit AAX-, AU-, VST- and VST3-compatible virtual instrument plug-in for Mac (OS X 10.13 or higher) and as a 32- and 64-bit VST- and VST3-compatible virtual instrument plug-in for PC (Windows 7 or higher) — with 64-bit AAX compatibility available for PT 12 or higher (PC) — at an introductory promo price of €74.00 EUR/$74.00 USD until June 1, 2023 — rising thereafter to its regular price of €99.00 EUR/$99.00 USD — from authorised Rob Papen resellers worldwide or as a download directly from Rob Papen itself for the same pricing from here: (Owners of BIT can upgrade to BIT-2 at an introductory promo price of €26.00 EUR/$26.00 USD until June 1, 2023, rising thereafter to its regular price of €35.00 EUR/$35.00 USD.)

BIT-2 is included in the latest version of Rob Papen’s all-encompassing eXplorer-8 bundle ( at no additional cost, so existing owners only have to download the latest installer and run it to add BIT-2 to their Rob Papen virtual instrument and effect plug-in collection.

For more in-depth info, including some superb-sounding audio demos, please visit the dedicated BIT-2 webpage here:

peek view Rob Papen Studio 2023

video upload by Rob Papen

"Just a short video about the studio...

The background music is from the PERU album.

And... music is entirely created using VST only. :o"

Vintage keys: Jupiter 8 + Minimoog + Wurlitzer

video upload by Luke Corradine

Jupiter8 + Minimoog + Wurlitzer in improvisation and vintage vives

Chopin - Etude Op.10 No.4 by KORG M1 Synthesizer

video upload by 弦 平野

"Chopin - Etude Op.10 No.4 by KORG M1 Synthesizer"

Modular synthesizer Reggeaton

video upload by Sietse Bruggeling

"Working on something new...
Soon more on bandcamp"

1983 Roland JX-3P Synthesizer & 1983 Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Synth Funk Beat by Keyboard Kingpin

video upload by keyboard kingpin

"Beat made awhile back with the Roland JX-3p Synthesizer & The Boss Dr.110 Drum machine. No other Instruments used on this Track.A classic Old School-ish Synthfunk vibe."

Analogue Systems Modular System

via this auction

"Really cool and versatile complete synth voice in a rack with some bonus effects and a sequential switch. Analogue systems are very nicely designed and simple modules. The case and power are superior to doepfer, imo. Lots of space for extra modules and has power sockets for 14 ASYS style connectors, 8 standard eurorack and even 2 frac rack. Nut strips are 2.5mm, so I’ll include a bag of extra screws. This system includes:

RS-15 integrator 6u 84HP standard rackmount case with linear psu and toroidal transformer





RS-120 COMB FILTER (crazy sounding and fun)


RS-180 VCA

RS-310 REVERB/CHORUS (noisy and unusual)

All Modules are tested, often used and are functional as far as I can tell, but are 20+ years old at this point, so no guarantees or refunds. Case and power are solid, but well-used. Rack rash, etc to be expected. System is currently set up for 120V, but can be switched to 220V. I’ll include a North-American ac cable if the purchaser is in a region that uses it."

Sherman Filterbank Dual Rack

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Model 800 Digital Sequencer w/ Foot Switch Pedal

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Model 800 Digital Sequencer cv gate 1vo Vintage Synthesizer. This Is very Rare and includes the almost impossible pedal as well."

Landscape Noon Passive Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer with CV Cables & Original Box

via this auction

You can find demos and details on the Lanscape Noon in previous posts here.

Pulsar 23 Dub

video upload by Samples From Mars

"Pulsar Dub Drops!! 🚨🚨"

5 patches with GTO from Random*Source

video upload by Stazma

"More infos & affiliate links in the description // Support on Patreon to get samples from this session:

Premier test du GTO de Random*Source pendant la formation Synthèse Sonore des Escales Buissonière a Lyon.
Just trying some stuff out with the Serge GTO eurorack module in the middle of a modular synth teaching session in Lyon.

More infos on the module here:
Formation Synthèse Sonore: //"

5u Serge With Reverbs and Delays

video upload by Rhythmicons

"A 5u Serge 'panel' consisting of two Dual Universal Slope Generators, a Smooth and Stepped Generator, a Waveform Multiplier, a Resonant EQ, a '73 VCF are creating the audio. A 5u Buchla Source of Uncertainty module modulates the time of a sequencer, that is sent to the Filter cutoff. A STG Soundlabs mixer harnesses the DUSGs. All of the signals are being routed to an AKX BX10, a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, and a Roland DC 50 for reverb and delay effects."

Moog Taurus Basspedal in the Rock Music

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The Moog Taurus Basspedal from the year 1976
used by Genesis, Steve Hackett, Marillion, The Police, Rush, U2 and many more

Here can you find the full Moog Taurus playlist:

• Moog Taurus Analo...

0:06 Marillion - HeartOf Lothian
0:36 Marillion - Warm Wet Circles
1:18 The Police - Don`t Stand So Close To Me
1:41 Rush - Subdivisions
2:07 Rush - Camera Eye
2:26 Rush - Emotion Detector
2:46 Rush - Xanadu
3:26 U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) Thank you!"

ARP Odesseyのこの音が好き(bassとlead) #Shorts

video upload by Harumio 1529

Hainbach - A Voice Magnetic | The One Take Recording Sessions

video upload by HAINBACH

"This is an excerpt from my new Album 'A Voice Magnetic'. You can hear and see all the pieces I recorded as one-takes.

Voice Magnetic by Hainbach is the enigmatic Berlin based artist’s sonic diary of 2022. On his sixth release on Seil Records, He collages the sounds he made and the ones that surrounded him over the course of twelve months into a powerfully intimate ambient experience.

In his studio or on travels —Hainbach always is working on new material and allows the locations he records his tracks in to find their way into the music. Consequently, on many tracks you can can hear the outside bleeding in — seagulls and waves on 'Izmir', the voices of his children while recording the piano or the sirens of Neukölln’s police cars in background.

The connecting threads between these pieces are magnetic tape and the human voice — hiss and breath. The result are 15 immersive ambient pieces that make up Voice Magnetic.
Often short like the moments that spark them. Fading and intricate, honest and pure.
Voice Magnetic is released on April 25th, 2023 via Seil Records on Cassette Tape and Digital (Downloads are free/name-your-price for the first two weeks) via Bandcamp. Streaming platforms will follow on May 10th."

04 26 23 Synton Fenix

video upload by batchas

"The camera on the smartphone is out of focus, I guess because the room was too dark and I didn't took enough care.
Synton Fenix 2, 2d, 3.
Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6."

ACID SYNTH VOICE | ADDAC System - ADDAC107 Acid Source

video upload by DANIELE

"ADDAC107 Acid Source by ADDAC System is a full synth voice particularly suited for acid style music, as well as nice distorted leads and basslines! =)" 0:00 Intro
0:29 VCO
0:59 VCF
2:19 Input gain and VCA decay
3:38 Max resonance
4:14 Saw + input gain
4:40 Triangle + input gain
5:38 Slower attack
6:20 Accent input
7:10 Kicks and sweeps

"We started this module with the idea of developing a complex drum source however, somewhere along the process, we noticed how much better it performed as a synth voice and simply embraced this lucky accident.

It features a VCO with a [FREQUENCY] and [FINE TUNE] knob plus a dedicated CV Input and Attenuator knob (tunable over 4 octaves).

The VCO waveform output is achieved by selecting either a Triangle or Saw through a switch. the selected waveform can then be mixed/balanced against the square wave. The resulting mix is then sent to the Filter.

The Filter features a [CUTOFF] and [RESO] resonance knob plus a Cutoff CV Input and Attenuverter knob.

A 3 position switch is used to select the filter type: Highpass, Bandpass or Lowpass.

The resulting output is then sent to the VCA.

The VCA features an Input with [INPUT GAIN] knob which at maximum can amplify the incoming signal by a factor of 2. This is a very important control, it accepts any signal Trigger, Gate or CV. Whatever input is plugged in the signal is then fed through an AD with a very short attack and controllable decay through the [VCA DECAY] knob plus the CV Input and Attenuverter knob. The resulting slewed signal is then used to control the VCA gain.

This signal is also sent to the CV OUTPUT as well as the LED monitor.

The Accent input adds to the Input signal creating a different amplitude output

The CV OUTPUT is normalled to the Frequency and Cutoff inputs.

This module will also be available as a full DIY kit."

CK Tips

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

CK Tips | How To Create A 3-Zone Split Combination
CK Tips | Different Ways To Select Voices Within A Part
CK Tips | How To Create A 3-Section Layer

Euclidean sequencing on the Great Conjunction FM synth - quick demo

video upload by Arman Bohn

The Great Conjunction FM synth is based on the YM2413 chip.

Patch n Tweak
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