MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

LoFi Future T-420 UHG Analog Video Glitch FX Processor - Eurorack Modular Video Effects

video upload by LoFiFuture

"Availible to preorder here:

The T-420 Ultra High Grade is the latest addition to the T-420 family. It features the same core functionality as the original T-420 with some big improvements.

It is a 12HP euro rack format module but can be used as a standalone module that takes a standard 12V input with the use of an optional baseplate.

The most notable improvement is the addition of 3 new effects. They can be switched on or off via the slide switch and the intensity can be altered with the corresponding knob. Each effect can also be externally switched with a gate source, it can do this all the way up to video rate frequencies.

FX1 - Chroma Bloom (creates washes of banding colours and high saturation)

FX2 - Horizontal displace (a feedback patch that created jagged horizontal lines)

FX3 - Edge Trace (creates ringing feedback effects that trace the bright parts of an image)

There is also a bipolar CV input with a trim control, this controls the overall behaviour of the video processor and thus influences the FX listed above.

A 'soft bypass' switch allows you to mix some unaffected video signal with the effected video signal to help stabilise the signal and change the flavour of FX altogether.

A wonderful addition to any modular video synth setup or a great way to introduce some synced CRT visuals to your audio modular."

Vaski Introduces ECS-4 Triggered Switch & AM-3/3 Triple Attenuverter Matrix Eurorack Modules

video upload by Vaski Embedded

"Vaski ECS-4 Triggered switch is a Eurorack electronic switch for CV signals.

ECS-4 can create presets for other modules and lets you play with those in a performance. You can connect a trigger sequencer (as done here) to the Select inputs. Or construct new melodies piecewise from different pitch CV sequences.

In this trailer a Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats is playing 6 different percussive sounds on a single TINRS Wobbler2.

Available in May 2023 at"

Vaski MUX ECS-4 prototype

"Prototype 10HP precision triggered 4x CV switch

Gate input or tap on a button selects one out of multiple sets of CVs. 4 CV channels with a combined gate output. Analog CV inputs have attenuverters.
Two or more modules can be linked together to extend the switch."

ECS-4 Triggered Switch

Get two tones out of that kick synth. Add both a modulating LFO and an envelope, but alternate between them on triggers. Switch between melody phrases or modulations with a trigger sequencer. ECS-4 has two analog CV groups with attenuverters. Trigger input or button press activates one of them. Output row repeats the selected four CV inputs and its trigger, switching always to the active input group.

Two or more ECS-4 modules can be connected together to make 4, 6, 8, 10… different triggered CV groups. Connecting flat cable included.

10 HP, skiff-friendly

AM-3/3 Triple Attenuverter Matrix

Three 1-into-3 buffered multiples with attenuverters on every output. Summing outputs make it a capable CV matrix mixer. Leds show input and output activity.

Distribute a sequencer velocity output to modules that lack CV attenuator knobs. Mix modulations in pitch CV sequences. Or just use the nine +/- 5V outputs as additional static CV knobs.

12 HP, skiff-friendly

​Liquid Sky d-vices Introduces V4CO, GLITHc & TRACT Eurorack Modules

via Liquid Sky

​Liquid Sky d-vices "V4CO" and "GLITHc":

A Surrealistic Tale of abducted Modules and invisible Candles

When our manufacturing partner in Riga sent the "zero series" of our modules 14 days ago for demo video productions and demoing the products at the Superbooth Berlin, we whimsically mused about placing 27 candles in the Cathedral Of Acid to ensure a smooth delivery.

Alas, fate played its tricks, and the modules failed to arrive on time. Consequently, our dazzling new "V4CO" and its accompanying "GLITHc" expander won't be showcased at the Superbooth. If only we had genuinely lit those stoopid 27 candles in the fkkn Cathedral Of Acid!

Nevertheless, detailed information on the modules is available below, and we are launching the presale NOW.

The V4CO is designed by analog synth wizard Matthias Beese (MMS / Liquid Sky artistcollective) and remixed by Thilo Goldschmitz.

GLITHc is designed by Thilo Goldschmitz (Liquid Sky artistcollective).

We offer a limited introductory price of €999 plus VAT and shipping for 100 sets of "V4CO" and the "GLITHc" circuit bending expander.

An additional 100 "V4CO" modules are available for €499 plus VAT and shipping.

Why only 100?
Supply is limited, due our production capacity being affected by the ongoing chip crisis. But of course we hope to deliver more V4CO later this year.

via Liquid Sky

liquid sky d-vices TRACT
created by Rene Schmitz ( / liquid sky artistcollective)
frontpanel d-sign and additional ideas by Thilo Goldschmitz (liquid sky artistcollective)
made in europe
available later this year

re-patched Synthesizer Voicing Section,
​with flexible routing capabilities.

Audio Mixer.
- three inputs (number of sources connected determines gain)
- level control for the sum
- visual signal level indicator (green/red 5V)

Sallensteiner Multimode VCF (2x)
- 12 dB LP mode
- 6 dB HP mode
- 6 dB BP mode
- modulation depth polarizer
- cutoff control
- resonance control
- common filter coupler (series / parallel)

Voltage Controlled LFO
- TRI output
- SINE output
- PULSE output
- modulation depth polarizer, for alternatively external voltage control or
regenerative waveshape control (slope / curve).
- sync input
- two overlapping frequency ranges (0.05Hz - 500Hz, 0.005Hz - 50Hz)
- two LEDs for +/- indication.

Fast Snappy ADSR Envelopes (2x).
- retriggerable
- manual gate key and hold switch
- free running, gateable and retriggerable A/D loop mode
- high precision for CV applications
- gate and output indicators
- dual output

- up to 6 folds, with overdrive limiting
- integrated VCA for dynamic control
- modulation depth polarizer
- dual inputs

Apex VCA
- discrete clean low noise design
- manual gain control with +/- 23dB gain range (x15/x0.07)
- control response with continuously adjustable shape (convex, linear, concave)
- visual output level indicator (red/green)
- ac/dc switch

Chug pedal on synth

video upload by Richard DeHove

0:00 Intro blather
0:52 Blood and dragons
2:00 Pedal talk
2:10 Music begins (talk ends)
4:50 Knob twiddles
6:54 On duophonic synth
9:08 Final thoughts (talk starts)

"I like pedals that mess up synths and give them an edge. Sadly a lot of distortion, drive and fuzz pedals simply don't work well with synths. At least half the pedals of this sort I buy are almost useless on synth and never make it as far as a video. Instead they go straight into the "buyer's remorse" bag to be resold. There seems no way to tell ahead of time which will work and which will just sit there with the knobs having almost no effect. So it's an anxious lucky dip. The Chug pedal by Solar Guitars is a reasonable success on synth, tried here with the DB-01 Bassline and the Behringer Cat. Some of the gain controls do almost nothing but overall you can sculpt a pretty nasty sound and, depending on the synth, do some extra shaping with the gate control. Strangely the gate was vital to reduce noise on the DB01 but wasn't even needed on the Cat.

I bought this pedal with my own money at full price. I haven't communicated with Solar Guitars other than as a regular customer. The links here are for your interest only:

More details on the Chug pedal:

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon: Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free My website:"

5U Modular Synthesizer Sequencer Patch

video upload by Bata

5U Modular Synthesizer Patch (2)

"Messing around with a Q119 Sequential Controller and Modular Synth.

Module List-
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillator (x3) with soft sync aid
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q109 Envelope Generator (x2)
Q112 4 Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q119 Sequential Controller
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
Q137 Power
Q147 Distributor
Q155 Curver (Curver, VCA, Slope Detector, VC Inverter)
Q157 SH++ (Sample and Hold, LFO, Clock Divider, Noise, Lag, Decay EG)
Q171 Quantizer Bank
Q179 Envelope++ (Multifunction module with looping envelopes/lfo/sequencer/gate delay/quantizer)
Some discontinued MIdi interface

STG Soundlabs-
Wave Folder
Signal Amplifiers

Synthetic Sound Labs-
Tap Tempo LFO

Effects used are Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter (modulated by Behringer 2600), Brainworx bx_delay 2500, and Eventide's 2016 reverb plugin."

Korg MonoPoly ... A flex of its angry side

video upload by HanzVolt

"The MP comes in at :52"

Introducing Norand Mono MK2

video upload by Norand

"Unveiling the new version of our beloved monosynth!
More info, and availability :"


Mono was always meant to be the ultimate monophonic synthesiser. After 3 years of existence and hundreds of exchanges with our vibrant community of users, it felt logical to work on a new hardware version, capable of handling the many new features we have in mind.

Analog overdrive and refined analog path
MK2 implement 4 years of internal update over our appraised discrete analog path, with the addition of a custom soft overdrive circuit at the output, multiplying mono’s sonic abilities.

Expressive 3D Keyboard
MK2 introduces 3D sensors for the mini-keyboard, allowing for expressive controls over each notes. Velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, and vertical modulation are possible directly on the keyboard.

Continuous sequencer strip
3D sensors are also used for the sequencer and page keys, which allow for dozens of new musical features, like live play-head, multi-pattern morphing, and precise control over the patterns.

High resolution automation
MK2 uses a 1024 PPQN sequencer system, which allow automations to be recorded at a very-high definition with the knobs and keys. The 3D sequencer strip allow for precise creation and edition of these automation using curve mode.

Full machined alluminum body
Your voice has been heard! MK2 was redesigned with a full machined aluminium body. A lot of attention was given to every details.

Tons of interface improvement
A full row of button has been added to reflect the improvement made on the software over the years. All the LEDs are now RGB, with smart color coding for a clearer interface.

Unboxing // AnalogFX SER-2020 // Part 1 // No Talking

video upload by LESINDES

"Rebuilt of the ultra rare SYNTON SYRINX Dutch keyboard synth.

I cannot compare but the unusual filter setting of 2 bandpass and 1 lowpass VCFs, with 4 different routings give a lot of modulation freedom and rendition of rather unusual sounds.

Since I am not a fan of black gear. I tried my best an contacted ANALOG FX. And they had been so kind as to manufacture a custom blue face synth which I have only seen in some preproductions units and, of course, in the historical SYNRINX which was available also in red.

So this is the first touch of synth tweaking is a bit rough sometimes ;-)

Have fun!"

Part 2 here

Expressive E Osmose - Quick jam

video upload by NGC0 Music

"Just quickly exploring the Harmod patch on the Osmose before bed."

Roland RE-201 (1977) - testing - Werkstatt Matlak

video upload by Werkstatt Matlak

"n-between testing after in depth overhaul of the entire Space Echo.

Testing mode selector, timing and feedback

Sorry, my pinky got smashed my [sic] a 30kg loaded flight case today (instruments inside are fully okay tho)"

New Eurorack Modules by Joranalogue Come to SUPERBOOTH

via Joranalogue

We've designed the circuits, made the prototypes, ran the tests... And now, with the entire synth world gathered in Berlin to celebrate Superbooth 2023, it's time to present our latest Eurorack developments!

A routing monster, a slender signal utility, and even some lights thrown into the mix: this year, we've got something for everyone. Read on below to learn more.

Can't wait to try them for yourself? Come find us at booth W435!

Route 4

Flexible Eurorack signal paths under gate or trigger control: that is the basic principle behind Route 4. Consisting of a pair of complementary routing sections, it grants access to a new level of signal routing options.

The module's top section is a 4-to-1 router. Any of the four signal inputs may be selected to be mixed into the section's output, as determined by the control inputs.

Control can either be gate or latch driven—in the latter case, the signal inputs are toggled on and off by received trigger pulses. Meanwhile, the solo/multi switch determines whether the inputs are exclusive, or if multiple may be active at the same time.

On the bottom, the 1-to-4 router provides the same feature set, with a single input being routed to up to four outputs and normalisation between the sections adding some patching convenience.

Macbeth Studio Systems M5 Synthesizer For Sale or For Keeps?

video upload by tonetweakers

"Just got this Macbeth m5 in and we’re trying to decide whether to sell it or keep it. What do you think we should do? Programmed by @jaywires (who you should follow)."

Tone Tweakers on Reverb | Tone Tweakers on Ebay

Analog HEAT +FX // The trick it uses to breath life into effects // Review, tutorial // Elektron

video upload by loopop

See the Analog HEAT +FX release post here.

"There’s a whole chapter about how you can use an envelope follower to breathe life into your effects, and much more in my In-Complete Book of Electronic Music Ideas, Tips and Tricks:

0:00 Intro
1:30 vs Heat MK2
3:30 Overview
6:25 Connectivity
8:00 Effects
8:30 Bits
9:15 Warble
10:30 Chorus
11:00 Delay
12:50 Reverb
14:40 Compressor
15:55 Bass focus
17:20 Heat circuits
21:50 Analog filters
23:25 Stereo filters
24:00 EQ
25:15 Gate
25:55 Envelope
26:25 Follow & wah
27:50 AD & AR
29:50 Env tips, ideas
30:30 Duck the verb
31:35 Duck the fbdk
33:05 Env filter
34:10 LFOs
34:45 Tremolo
35:15 Peak pan
36:25 Overbridge
38:00 Pros & cons"

Befaco Introduces New Midi Thing 2 Eurorack Module at SUPERBOOTH

via Befaco

"After a long time since we released our MIDI to CV converter, we are now releasing a new, sexier and more powerful version of our MID thing.

A 12 channel fully configurable converter in just 6 HP. With MIDI DIN, USB host and MIDI device connectivity and a OLED screen to configure the ports as you like. Also, with a compact 1u version!

Module will be featuring monophonic and polyphonic modes, with built-in ADSR, LFOs and Oscillators. As well as all MIDI messages to be converted to CV.

The module will have a configuration Website as well as a bridge mode for VCV rack!

Module will be available during Summer 2023 at around 300€ tax included."

Meet Bastl's BASIL - Unique Yet Flexible Stereo Space Delay

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Basil is a compact, yet flexible, digital stereo delay module built on the Bastl Pizza platform. It offers clean delay, as well as lo-fi flavors, and its Space section opens the doors to exploration far beyond simple delay territory. The Basil delay buffer modulates really well, allowing to recreate most classic time-based effects, such as chorus, flanger, vibrato, pitch shifter, reverb, and stereo widener, among others, and navigate between them with just a few performative gestures."

How to Install Basil FW to PIZZA

"This video will show you how to install an alternative FW to your PIZZA.
This way you can demo our new Basil Flexible Stereo Delay."

We are thrilled to showcase our latest innovation, Basil, at Superbooth 2023 (booth 0400). Basil is a flexible delay module that offers endless possibilities for creative exploration. Additionally, we will be displaying our new 4-channel dynamic VCA mixer, Aikido, and 5-channel desktop stereo mixer, Bestie, both of which were released earlier this year. We will be also featuring the new facelift of our best-seller granular sampler, Microgranny Monolith. If you wish to reserve a slot at our booth for filming/interview/chat, please put your name in this table.

Basil is a compact, yet flexible, digital stereo delay module built on the Bastl Pizza HW platform. It offers clean delay, as well as lo-fi flavors, and its Space section opens the doors for exploration far beyond simple delay territory. The Basil delay buffer modulates really well, allowing to recreate most classic time-based effects, such as chorus, flanger, vibrato, pitch shifter, reverb, and stereo widener, among others, and navigate between them with just a few performative gestures. Basil is ideal for clean effects, ambient washes, glitchy sound design, or distorted drones. With its V/Oct input, fine delay tuning, and filter in the feedback path, it can also be effectively used as part of a Karplus-Strong synthesis voice. Even the feedback amount is compensated with the shortest delay times to maintain constant decay characteristics when changing pitch.

To enhance your experience with the product release, we have produced a mesmerizing short film that dives into the themes of time, transformation, feedback and states of consciousness altered via time-based effects. The animation for this film was crafted by Pipe & Pallet, with an accompanying soundtrack by Oliver Torr.

Since Basil is based on the same 8HP HW platform as the Pizza oscillator, owners of either module can easily interchange their firmware using the simple firmware update procedure. We will not be selling extra faceplates, but we will open-source the production and vector files for all the modules based on the Bastl Pizza platform. After some refinement, we plan to open-source both the code and the schematics of the module so that users can hack their own Pizzas.

Basil is available to order now via our B-Shop or our dealer network. Shipping early-mid June 2023

Priced at 267 Eur excl. VAT

More on Basil

Basil delay time features stereo spread and fine-tune components, and can be synchronized to the clock via the Sync jack. The feedback knob has two sides - simple feedback and ping pong mode, where the Left and Right channels cross-feedback.

The Space section brings a variety of flavors to the table! The Blur function provides two ways to diffuse the delay – either directly or in the feedback path, tilting the Basil delay towards the realm of experimental reverb machines. The feedback Filter offers low-pass and high-pass modes that can make the sound brighter or darker. Taps are multi-taps with either odd or even spacing, adding density to your delays and reverbs.

The assignable CTRL knob and CV allow you to modulate any of the many parameters (time, stereo, fine, dry/wet, feedback, speed, freeze, lo-fi, blur, filter, and taps) and tailor the Basil delay to your preferred use.

The Speed section allows for longer delay times by running the buffer at half speed or – in the extended range – at quarter and eighth speeds. This approach creates octave jumps, ensuring the delays remain in tune with your material. It is also great for creating drone layers. Because the sample rate goes very low at lower speeds, Basil brings in a low-pass anti-aliasing filter that removes high frequencies. However, you can also turn the filter off with the LO-FI setting and enjoy some downsampled goodness at lower speeds.

The Freeze function treats the delay buffer as a read-only sample loop that can be layered with the incoming signal. You can sync it and use all the other modifications with it as well.

Synthstrom Audible Deluge Goes Open Source

Details follow. Video of an editor created for the Deluge below.

"TLDR: We're going open-source from June 5th.

Since launching our beloved Deluge, we’ve added a ton of functionality, made it more versatile and packed it full of ground-breaking features. Our arranger, looper, advanced sequencing and MPE implementation are still industry leading.

At Synthstrom, we’re devoted to sustainability and want our Deluge to continue being the centre of our users' musical excursions for many years to come. Late last year we started retrofitting older Deluge variations with the OLED screen featuring in our new units. The next step we're taking has been even longer in development - waiting until we knew we had a community full of talented coders who were as passionate about the Deluge as we are. We know now the time is right - it’s time to take software development into overdrive - we’re going open-source!

What is open-source? Open-source means we're opening our software code to the community; our users who know how to write code can now develop their own Deluge features, make refinements to the existing code and contribute to a Community version for all users.

Before the speculation even starts, this isn't us working on a new model, there are currently no plans for that. We've employed a team to manage the open-source project so we can focus our energies into ramping up the building of new OLED Deluges to meet demand, speeding up the retrofitting and refurbishing off older units, and just maybe, finally getting the Deluge into limited retail - though don't hold your breath on that last part :)

Synthstrom will continue to maintain and update the main “Official” repository, including all official Deluge Firmware releases going forward.

Alongside there will also be a “Community” repository (for both the OLED & non-OLED versions), forked from the Official repository, as a central place for community code contributions to be merged together, so long as they don’t appear to break anything and represent complete features ready for use. And of course all future updates to the Official branch can be merged in, too.

And of course, you can fork either branch and make your own changes and share these with others, irrespective of what’s happening in the Official or Community repository.

Installing Community or other firmware builds is 100% compatible with your Deluge's hardware warranty. However, if you use a non-official community build, we won't be able to provide software support.

Our open-source project manager will initially oversee and maintain the Community repository, though this will probably change in the longer term, particularly if or when open-source development branches in multiple different directions. We’ve created thorough documentation and Rohan will also be on hand at the launch, to offer guidance and assistance to those getting involved - including open video Q&A sessions.

Rohan has always been eager to give back to the global community of makers and tinkerers that helped him as a beginner, we just had to make sure the time was right, we had the right people involved and that we had a system that aided those taking part.

We’re also launching a Patreon to help support those contributing to the 'Community' repository. This will allow the entire community to show their gratitude to those developing, testing and refining code by making a monthly financial contribution, from just $1. Though administered by Synthstrom, 100% of these payments (less Patreon fees and tax) will be distributed only amongst those coders contributing to the Community repository - distributed in accordance with how much each individual contributed.

We have re-opened the epic feature suggestion threads on our forums where coders can find ideas to work on and where users can discuss their desired features:

In special cases, the Official repository may consider submissions from the Community repository*, where features and their UI have proven universal appeal. However, Synthstrom needs to continue to provide our customers with a stable and high-performance official firmware version, so we need to be responsible for every line of code in this branch.

Deluge Firmware will be released under the GPLv3 license. There are no restrictions on personal use and this license allows for code to also be used in commercial projects - however, if even one line of code from this is used in a commercial project, the entire piece of code for that project must also be made open-source under this same license.

The newly open source Deluge Firmware source code will live in GitHub. We will be launching this project in June though you can follow our GitHub now and be alerted when it's live.

* If a Community feature is to be accepted into the official repository this will be negotiated and licensed on a case by case basis with its developer(s)

Key dates & details:

Monday, June 5, 7pm EDT - Codebase made available, documentation released and Patreon launched.

Wednesday, June 7, 7pm EDT - Open Group video Q&A session with Rohan. Will be recorded and made available on GitHub following.

Saturday, June 10, 11am, CEST - Open Group Zoom session with Rohan. Will be recorded and made available on the GitHub following.

Following these Q&A sessions. Rohan and/or our Open Source team will be responsive in answering questions on the GitHub. Please try not to flood forums with questions until after these sessions as we anticipate much will be answered therein.

Open-source Project Manager: Jamie Fenton

An experienced games, audio and multimedia production tool engineer, Jamie Fenton is known in the Deluge community for developing the Downrush application. Downrush is used for transferring, viewing and editing of Deluge songs, patches, and media assets using a Wi-Fi SD card and your mobile device."

Deluge Downrush demo - Wireless editor/browser for the Synthstrom Deluge

video upload by Icoustik

"Detailed demonstration of the Downrush editor/browser for the Synthstrom Deluge, by Jamie Fenton.

Downrush download:
About the Synthstrom Deluge:

Downrush works via the Toshiba FlashAir SD card, which has built-in WiFi, and allows wireless browsing/ uploading/ downloading.

With this it's possible to access the card without removing it from the Deluge, by connecting to it just like you'd connect to any wifi network, and simply opening it in a web browser (I've used firefox, ecosia and chrome). This means it's also possible to do it with a smartphone or other device with wifi-access!

"Downrush is a simple FlashAir file manager for Synthstrom Deluge. Expect improvements."

---- Things it can do that I've found really useful:

* Browse, upload and download files without removing the card!

* Move and delete files to keep things more organized - f.ex. get rid of failed/ useless samples, unwanted songs etc.

* Rename samples and resamples as soon as you make them and before putting them into a project and saving!
Especially handy with a smartphone when in the zone with the Deluge.

(It's almost like an external screen, just not 100% real-time.)

* XML editing (it has a built-in editor now) - get an overview of KITS/SYNTHS/SONGS, copy tracks between songs (!), copy and multiply kit sounds without having to make the same adjustments from scratch several times, and other such things not currently possible directly on the Deluge.

* Ability to use Downrush on a smartphone/pad as a kind of preview/cue-out with headphones, to preview samples etc. without it coming thru the main outs

Creds to Jamie Fenton !

The browser has now been updated so that when clicking on a kit, song or synth's name, it opens the Downrush main editor (not XML view). Click EDIT to get to the plain text XML viewer."

The New Shakmat Eurorack Modules Coming to SUPERBOOTH

The Archer’s Rig is a percussion sound generator focused on hi-hat and high-pitched percussion synthesis. The module’s design is based on a mixed architecture composed of a flexible digital core, providing a versatile audio source, and a snappy envelope, both feeding an analog process chain consisting of a VCF, a VCA and distortions. The digital source generates different types of noises such as detuned pulses, filtered white noise or cross modulated VCOs, and is followed by an effect section spicing up the noise material with different algorithms like ring modulation, phasing, glitching and digital lo-fi processes Moreover, The Archer’s Rig provides a direct access to the analog process chain, bypassing the digital sound generation, in order to feed it with any external textures. As the module offers a huge number of combinations of the different blocks, it is possible to save and load 96 presets which can be recalled by CV or select-bus.

The Archer’s Rig incorporates a “randomization” function for each parameter, giving a humanized feeling at low amounts. However, pushing the randomization towards abusively high settings leads to instant IDMish results. Thanks to its extensive list of features and its compact size (8hp), the Archer’s Rig is a versatile hi-hat synthesis instrument and fits both studio setups and live racks.

TELEPATHY - A Full voice Analog Synthesizer in Eurorack Format by Dreadbox

video upload by Dreadbox

"A Full voice Analog Synthesizer Eurorack module with deep modulation options due to its multi-destination LFO and Envelope. From Bass sounds to Leads, to Drums and Drones, Telepathy has broad and versatile sound design capabilities."

- 1x Analog Oscillator (saw, square waves)

- 1x Sub Oscillator

- Automatic tuning for the oscillator and fine tune

- Dual Filter including:
1x 24dB Resonant Low Pass Filter with Osc FM and Noise FM
1x 6dB High Pass Filter

- 1x Analog VCA

- 1x Complex LFO (Free/Key/Track/BPM/BPM Key modes, Fade in, Triangle/Saw/Ramp/Square/Random waveforms)
that can be mapped to various parameters

- 2x Envelopes,
one dedicated to the VCA (with Velocity control)
and one loopable for Low Pass Filter, Pitch and PW

- CV in patch that can be mapped to all the basic parameters in parallel with dedicated amount for each parameter

- MIDI in/out and through

- CC in/out, Program Change in/out

- Multitimbral Chaining functionality via MIDI up to 8 modules

- 16 presets

- 10 HP

Befaco Introduces the Fx Boy CV Controllable EQ Eurorack Module

via Befaco

"Following, our most special project till date: Fx Boy

Fx Boy is a 12 HP multi FX module with CV controllable EQ and Dry wet, with the peculiarity that each FX is built into a Gameboy cart! Yes, you read right, a Gameboy cart!!

And this is not just it, we have gathered a group of fellow Eurorack manufacturers to design a cart. So we will have 6 carts included in the module from: Feedback modules, Making sound Machines, Tesseract, Touel Skouarn, XOR electronics and Befaco!

It has been a great pleasure and BIG FUN to collaborate with these mega talented designers in these projects! You can expect old fashioned flangers, aggressive folders, dirty bitcrushers, fuzz galore and trashy distortions!

Module will be released in summer 2023 both assembled and DIY and pricing is still to be decided."


video upload by Rob Papen

"Some ARP and SEQ sounds of BIT-2"

See the announcement post for Rob Papen's BIT-2 for additional details.

Superbooth 2023: UDO Super Gemini First Look

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to George Hearn from UDO Audio at Superbooth 2023 where they announced their latest synthesizer, the Super Gemini. The Super Gemini is an analog hybrid polysynthesizer with a high-quality polyphonic aftertouch keyboard and independent controls for the layers. This allows for a more immersive playing experience where users can arpeggiate one layer and have the other layer doing chords. The Super Gemini also has multi-timbrality, a slide controller for pitch expression, and a ring modulator. It adds wave morphing and has a more expressive control section. It has a slightly different analog signal path, a more upfront, slightly saturated character, and it's louder, a bit more forward and a bit more saturated.

The Super Gemini builds upon the concept and architecture of the Super Sixes with more expressivity and interaction with sound. It is essentially two Super Sixes with added features and a different analog feel to it. The instrument is a continuation and a growth of UDO Audio's product line, celebrating the family with new colorways. George demonstrated the Super Gemini and it did not disappoint, producing beautiful sounds."

Additional Super Gemini posts

ARTURIA MicroFreak Stellar Limited Edition | Interplanetary Synth Explorer

video upload by Arturia

"Discover the same loveable hybrid beast that’s shaken up the synth world, retrofitted for out-of-this-world sound exploration. MicroFreak Stellar Limited Edition introduces a slick all-black exterior, decorated with detailed space-age graphics reflecting its controls - primed for your interplanetary sonic voyage."

"MicroFreak Stellar is a limited edition of an acclaimed experimental synth that combines digital oscillators with an analog filter, boundless modulation with musical expression, and a sleek black finish with quirky space-age graphics - primed for your interplanetary sonic voyage.

The same loveable hybrid beast that’s shaken up the synth world, retrofitted for out-of-this-world sound exploration.

A limited edition look

Discover a synth that looks as weird and wonderful as it sounds with a slick all-black exterior, decorated with detailed space-age graphics reflecting its controls.

Arturia Introduces MicroFreak v5 Firmware Update

video upload by Arturia

"Samples, granular, and beyond.

Lena gives you the guided tour of MicroFreak's explosive V5 firmware update, bringing sample import, a new Sample engine, 3 new Granular engines, and more - for free. Hear the new features in action and discover how they'll work for your Freaky flow.

00:00 Intro
01:57 Sample Engines
04:51 Midi Control Center
05:52 Modulators
06:39 New Presets
08:27 Outro"

Arturia MicroFreak v5 firmware - A detailed overview

video upload by CatSynth TV


"We look at the newly released v5 firmware for the Arturia MicroFreak. This is a major update that adds four new sample-based oscillators for sample playback and granular synthesis, along with other features.

00:33 Updating the Firmware, Samples, and Presets
01:25 Sample Oscillator
04:36 Scan Grains Oscillator
05:56 Cloud Grains Oscillator
08:33 Hit Grains Oscillator
10:35 Importing custom samples
11:16 Using custom samples with MiniFreak oscillators
17:24 Factory Presets"

Update: and two videos from Marc Doty

The Arturia MicroFreak V5 update: Sounds You Would Never Expect from a MicroFreak!

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

How to play a Minimoog on a MicroFreak!

"Here is a demonstration of the benefits of the V5 firmware update for the Arturia MicroFreak by placing samples from an authentic 1974 Moog Minimoog in it!

The theme was created with authentic vintage Minimoog samples and a drum pattern programmed on a Korg Triton Studio."

Elektron Introduces Analog Heat +FX

video upload by Elektron

"Let the sonic paint drip over your beats, melodies and sounds. The Analog Heat +FX is an all-around sound colouring and manipulation box. It gives you a wide color palette of processing possibilities. True playfulness to your ears. Whatever the source, and wherever the destination. Let your sound be your canvas.

Drift away with warble – let the inspiration be whatever nostalgic magnetic media comes to mind. Continue that journey with a dash of chorus. Create immersive soundscapes with the delay and reverb. Drip grit with a dash of bit & sample rate reduction. Squeeze or fine tune with the compressor, and get a fat and focused low end with the bass focus. Add warmth and character with eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits. Shape and carve your material using the multi-mode filter. Fine tune, add and subtract your lows and highs with the 2-band adaptable EQ. Then fracture your creation using the noise gate.

Reordering the effects to experiment and find your own signal flow, with your own special timbres. Let the options be endless. Save your explorations, no matter how wild, in one of the 512 preset slots – for instant recall. Experiment and have fun with the modulation options. Take the incoming sound and shape it into a modulation source using the envelope follower. Make the parameters wobble and weave using any of the 3 LFOs. Be complex, be simple. It’s you who decides.

Explore Analog Heat +FX – an analog and digital dynamic sound processor."

Analog Heat +FX — At A Glance

"Introducing Analog Heat +FX – a dynamic sound processor. With a wide color palette of processing possibilities, let your sound be your canvas as you drip sonic paint over your beats, melodies, and sounds. The Heat block adds warmth and character with eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits ranging from a subtle clean boost to complete annihilation. Shape and carve your material using the multi-mode filter, fine tune your lows and highs with the 2-band adaptable EQ, and fracture your sound using the noise gate.

Then let the inspiration flow with digital effects such as warble, chorus, delay, reverb, and bit & sample rate reduction, compressor and bass focus. Reorder all effects to experiment and find your own signal flow, adding depth, dimension, complexity, and color to your music. Save your explorations in one of the 512 preset slots for instant recall.

Experiment and have fun with the modulation options. Take the incoming sound and shape it into a modulation source using the envelope follower. Make the parameters wobble and weave using any of the 3 LFOs.

On top of the stereo in, stereo out, two control inputs for control voltage, expression inputs, or foot switches, the full size midi in, out, and thru, with din sync for the classics. You also get a USB for seamless computer integration with Overbridge, or to be used as your main sound card in a nimble studio setup.

Analog Heat +FX is available to purchase from the Elektron website or from retailers carrying the Elektron range of products. Pricing on is 999 USD/999 EUR."

MFB 301 Pro Drum Machine Demo 2023

video upload by Ross Totino

"MFB 301 Pro Drum Machine Demo. Recorded in Logic Pro's 10.7.7 and using Logic's Step Sequencer to trigger and send MIDI CC's to change parameters on the MFB-301 Pro."

You can find additional posts featuring the MFB 301 Pro here.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 used by Herbie Hancock (w signature) + custom flightcase + manual

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"This one was used by the great Herbie Hancock for a concert in Rome in the late 1989!

(It was Signed by Mr.Hancock on the front panel)

SERVICED by pro tecnician.

In great aestetics conditions

100% perfectly working.

Comes with its custom Flight case."

Dreadbox Nymphes w/ Oversynth White Overlay

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Desktop Monophonic Synthesizer SN 04550

via this auction

Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station

via this auction

You can find videos featuring the MCS2 in previous posts here.

"Enjoy precise control over your MIDI gear with the 1980's Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station. This classic MIDI control station comes with two expandable MIDI sections and a slider section to make sure you get the parameters you need. Its multiple preset memories ensure you can record and recall settings easily."

Ensoniq EPS 13 Bit Sampler w/ Library & Original Box

via this auction

"The only 13 bit sampler ever made."


via this auction

"If you're checking this out you probably know a little about it, if not here's some info from the site

These became really popular after this video of Trent Reznor using a similar instrument by Folktek [posted here] I'd say you can get the same sort of results from the Resonant Garden as Trent is getting in this video.

Disclaimer: I have used this instrument and while I thought it was very cool I didn't really understand it. From what I can tell, it works as intended, but it basically makes strange and unpredictable sounds so I can't say if it is working 'right'. I doubt it's very complex internally so if there was a problem it wouldnt take much to tweak it. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, its just that since it's basically a chaos device I can't vouch for what it's supposed to do."

Trent Reznor with Folktek's Luminist Garden

Gone Girl OST behind the scenes-Trent making a beat.

video upload by DevilDagger

"Instrument in use:"

Yamaha TX-802 FM Tone Generator SN NN01847

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Korg DW 8000 Demo - Swell pads, analog brasses and polysynths.

video upload by Sebastian Galassi

"Some of my patches programmed on the DW 8000 to show how great this synth is for cinematic purposes and more."

Yamaha TG77 Unleashed Part 2

video upload by silverlight2004db

"Realtime editing of the TG77 Operator Freqs and Envelope Generators of Looping Envelope this stage my Novation Zero SL Mk2 is not setup to control the envelopes of the tg77 so while i can control the operator freqs and output with midi sysex, i still need to edit the envelopes via the tg77 front panel. Creating SL Mk2 templates for control of the EGs is on my 'to do' list...

My TG77 Playlist :"

Intellijel Cascadia Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

SYNTHFEST 2023 : NRSynth Show case part 1 : Legendary Flavours of the Minimoog model D !

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"Hello, Show case (part 1) : presenting the great RETRO ONE from NRSYNTH.
Retro One is a clone of the Minimoog model D (the sound!), with new options that make it a modern, creative and portable mono synth for endless fun.
All recorded & live playing sounds are created by NRSynth Ancestor & Retro One (except strings machines) by Stephen Ingrand & Jean-luc Briançon (Kurtz Mindfields)
1000 thanks to the SYNTHFEST TEAM (wonderful)! Filmed at L'Odyssée d'Orvault.
00'00 : Shine On my Crazy Retro One
01'23 : Manfred my Man
03'30 : Retro Activy
links :

SYNTHFEST 2023 : NRSynth Show posts


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"This time we're pairing the Yamaha CS60 with a pretty hard-to-find drum machine : the Eko Ritmo 20 from 1982.

It's a hybrid digital and analog machine with individual volume controls for each sound as well as some pretty great fill-ins.

Less ring mod and funny stuff on the Yamaha CS60 this time - cinematic and orchestral was the task and it does it well although it could use a calibration. It's going to get that plus a new ribbon controller and a general look-over before we put it on the market - holler if you're looking for a very good condition CS60 with legs and lid that's just been serviced ;)

We used the Mooger Fooger phaser on the bass, some Roland Space Echo as well as some Ableton reverb on melodies and chords."

Patch n Tweak
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