MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, September 1, 2023

Friday, September 01, 2023

Meet the Luma-1 - Joe Britt's Enhanced LM-1 Drum Machine In Collaboration with Roger Linn

Joe Britt LM1+ demo video upload by Roger Linn

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Above is a prototype Luma-1 in an LM-1 case. Below you'll see some pics of the upcoming Luma1 branded case along with some details.

According to @luma1_drum_machine:

"Welcome! We are two US based engineers who are building and selling a few Luma1 Drum Machines with Roger Linn and Joe Britt’s consent."

"While the Luma1 hardware design is in the final stage for preparation before manufacturing, there is much work happening on the software side. Luma1 is running the original LM1 code on the Z80 CPU while the secondary ARM processor delivers new features. Those include custom sound loading, MIDI, synchronization and now added OLED support. More work needs to be done to expand it and bring brand the new functionality, but we’re really happy with the progress."

Click the pics for larger shots. You can find a full write-up on Roger Linn's website here, and additional demos and pics on Instagram here.

Roger Linn: "I've recently met a new friend named Joe Britt, founder and CEO of a tech company here in Silicon Valley called Afero, and designer of some significant tech products over the years.

Lucky for me, Joe also has a personal interest in my old drum machines. A few years ago, a friend of his gave him (!) one of my old LM1 drum machines. He enjoyed playing with it, but he wished it had a few extra features like loading alternate sounds from files, and pitch and pan knobs on the front panel.

So he decided to make his own enhanced LM1. He searched the web and found some incomplete old schematics, filled in the gaps by reverse-engineering the boards, then redesigned and replaced all of the circuit boards to include his enhancements. Note in the photo above that his redesigned boards are about half the size of the original boards, and are purple! Prince would have loved that."

Sequential Prophet 6 // Just Sounds

video upload by Chicago Synth Exchange

"A contemporary tribute to the @Sequential_llc Prophet 5, the Prophet 6 offers the same classic Prophet synth sounds, but it also comes packed with additional features modern synth players prefer—including a polyphonic step sequencer, an arpeggiator, studio-quality effects, and more—offering instantly recognizable tones in an instrument designed for today’s electronic synth players! Hear Drew demo the Sequential Prophet 6 in this quick vid."

Why the Roland Jupiter 8 Arpeggiator is a Must-Have for Synth Enthusiasts

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"The Arpeggiator Mystery Unveiled - Roland Jupiter 8 Demo

The Mind-Blowing Power of Roland Jupiter 8 Arpeggiator - Thank you for watching this video. Please keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who like to see them. Your comments are important to us.

The audio is DIRECT, 100% DRY, & IN STEREO - You are hearing the raw audio as it comes directly from the synthesizer. NO post processing (Effects, EQ, or Dynamics) whatsoever.

Watch me bring that sound back to life!­čÄ╣­čĽ║"

Elements of Melody - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular Synth Pane

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"The Elements of Melody panel is just about complete. Few more tweaks yet to be made to the Pots & Pans module… but overall I’m very happy with how it’s turning out!"

Saga ­čŽŞ‍♂️ (NDLR // Roland S-1 // SE-02 + Lethargy + Julianna // JD-08 + Pill Pedal // TR-6S)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Back again with a full Roland instruments set, including for the first time the handy Compact S-1 Tweak Synth!

All the synth parts were sequenced by the NDLR synth and the drums were played by the Roland TR-6S (using its internal sequencer). See details below ­čśë

* Hardware used *

// BASS:
- Roland SE-02 (analog mono synth) + Dreadbox Lethargy (analog phaser) + Walrus Audio Julianna (analog chorus/vibrato)

- Roland JD-08 (digital 128-voice, bi-timbral synth) + Pill (analog ducking pedal)

- Roland S-1 (4-voice digital synth, inspired by the famous mono synth SH-101)

- Roland TR-6S (digital rhythm performer drum machine)

- Conductive Labs NDLR (MIDI Four-track, Sequenced Arpeggiator, Chord and Drone Player)"


Press release follows:

The ARP Foundation Strengthens its Mission

Kingston, NY, AUGUST 31, 2023– The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation has welcomed three new appointees to its Board of Directors: Chris Meyer, Collin Russell, and Andrew Schlesinger.

Chris Meyer
As a teenager in the 70s, Chris Meyer took lessons on piano, bass, and modular synthesizers. He went on to write code and help design products for Sequential Circuits, Digidesign, Tom Oberheim, and Roland R&D where he was chief engineer. He is perhaps best known as the creator of Vector Synthesis. >

Chris also taught synthesis at UCLA Extension, wrote numerous articles for Music Technology Magazine plus a column for Keyboard Magazine, and was technical chairman of the MIDI Manufacturers Association where he authored several additions to the spec including MIDI Time Code.

After a two-decade detour in the video and film industry, he recently returned to modular synthesis, creating videos, courses, and articles under the name Learning Modular, and co-authored the popular book Patch & Tweak. Proving that one who teaches can also “do”, most recently he has been focusing on composing and performing sweeping, emotional electronic music under the name Alias Zone which combines synthesizers, samplers, field recordings, and percussion instruments.

Collin Russell

Collin Russell is a composer, sound designer, and educator specializing in modular synthesis and through-composed electronic music. In addition to creating sound libraries and scoring music for films, Collin releases his own personal music in genres ranging from ambient to harsh noise. His process is rooted in the melding of traditional harmonic and rhythmic structures with organic modulations, bridging the gap between familiar and explorative sound.

Synth Gems 1 and Inspire the Music – 50 Years of Roland History.

Andrew Schlesinger

Drew Schlesinger is a renowned professional sound designer who has been involved in creating patches for synthesizers, effects and software products beginning with the Casio CZ-101 in 1984. He’s developed internal presets for over two hundred devices from thirty different manufacturers including Roland, Korg, EMU, Kurzweil, Alesis, Sony, Yamaha, Eventide, Lexicon and Sound Toys among many others.

He's recognized as one of the most prolific and accomplished sound programmers in the MI industry and has created seminal sounds and effects that include “Crystal Echoes” (Shimmer), the “Black Hole” reverb for Eventide and “Prophetic Steps” for Korg’s Prophecy synthesizer.

Drew was recently presented with the Golden Knob Lifetime Achievement Award at the Knobcon 2022 for his work in synth sound design and the contributions to the electronic music community. He’s also included in NAMM’s Oral History Series and is a frequent podcast guest.


"We’re very excited to welcome these talented professionals into our Board of Directors," said Dina Alcalay Pearlman-Ifil, founder and Executive Director of the ARP Foundation and daughter of Alan R. Pearlman. "These three new Directors are well-recognized in their fields and we’re looking forward to their contributions bringing the Foundation’s efforts to the next level.”

The ARP Foundation continues its work with contributors, collaborators, vendors, manufacturers, venues, and synthesizer owners to provide music students with access to vintage ARP synthesizers to explore the endless possibilities of electronic music. The Foundation relies on donors to continue its mission, and encourages everyone who understands the importance of music education to visit to learn more and pledge their support.

Arturia Acid V // ALL FACTORY SOUNDS (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"In this video I explore all the factory sounds of the Arturia Acid V synthesizer. Enjoy! ­čÄÁ"

Sequence of Events - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular Sequencer

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Sequence of Events is just about ready for #knobcon2023 !!"

h├╝gelton Instruments Introduces Yacht Sequencer for the Panic Playdate

video upload by h├╝gelton Instruments

"music studio for panic playdate.
now, in development.

we are looking for beta testers.
please contact at @hugelton_ on X"

We have a new maker on the site. h├╝gelton Instruments wrote in with some additional details:

"We are developing a sequencer app 'Yacht' for Panic Playdate. (Like 'nanoloop')

Now, 'Yacht' only has a sequencer screen,
It can play 4 synth tracks.
In the future, we would like to add song edit, synth edit and drum tracks.

We are looking for support from a small number of 'mobile music creators' in beta testers."

If you are interested contact h├╝gelton Instruments at @hugelton_ on X.

TTMC Card Edge Adapter , Tokyo Delay

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Korg OPSIX - Patch Dive (Ambient Peaks)

video upload by The Acorn Lodge

"Henry from the acorn lodge takes a look in to his patch used in 'Hobbit Hell & Back' from the upcoming album 'Ambient Peaks' on his Korg OPSIX"

Cheap Noise in the house was drunk at 2AM and made this on the Novation Circuit

video upload by Cheap Noise in the house

Beyond the Basic Sample & Hold

video upload by Chris Meyer: Learning Modular + Alias Zone

"Sample & Hold modules are a lot of fun. However, there are variations on the basic sample & hold available that give you a lot more control – from sounding more 'human' to creating sequences to providing you with an expressive performance control. Here are three of my favorites.

00:00 - Normal Sample & Hold
01:09 - RND STEP - overview
01:32 - RND STEP - bipolar output
02:24 - RND STEP - unipolar output
03:36 - Marbles - overview
04:34 - Marbles - initial settings
05:14 - Marbles - Y (smooth) output
05:41 - Marbles - Steps
07:14 - Marbles - Spread
09:01 - Marbles - Bias
10:06 - Marbles - Deja Vu + Steps
12:48 - Marbles - review
14:33 - Sapel - overview
15:27 - Sapel - initial settings
16:01 - Sapel - smooth random output
16:36 - Sapel - sample & hold output
16:55 - Sapel - 2n stepped random (semitones)
17:17 - Sapel - n+1 stepped random output (octaves)
17:34 - Sapel - Probabilty Distribution
19:00 - Sapel - "n" value controls
22:44 - conclusion

An article that fleshes out more of the background behind sample & hold modules is available to my Patreon subscribers:"

Evolution Of A Sequencer Patch (part 3 or 4?)

video upload by John L Rice

Additional posts

"More tweaks of the same patch. I changed the main sequence voice’s envelope curve, added in a the second M564 sequential switch to juggle the clock divider outputs going to your 569ES, added the M552 to control a MIDI synth from the sequencer (a Roland Integra7 playing a vibraphone sound), the 569 sequencer is now transposing itself using the third row, and added another synth bass voice controlled by the third row. #sequencer #modularsynth #electronicmusic"

Beautiful Noise When The Sun Explodes First Look w/ Synths (Moog Werkstatt-O1)

video upload by Duskmos

"In this Signal Colors: Primer, I'm taking a look at the Beautiful Noise: When The Sun Explodes, paired up w/ the Moog Werkstatt-01. A fun combo! Check out the sounds I'm getting with some great drive/distortion and spring reverb and an added trem effect."

"When The Sun Explodes is the ultimate tool for creating long ambient swells of atmospheric reverberation, to stuttering, chaotic feedback oscillations overloading your amplifier.

The core reverb emulates a classic spring tank, with a variety of controls to further shape the tone and length of the signal. The feedback footswitch engages a linear rising or LFO/tremolo controlled feedback loop, which forces the wet reverb signal back into the input creating some over-the-top noise effects, with a boost footswitch instantly doubling the amount of reverberation for an instant wave of sound. The output gain, with the additional clipping options of symmetrical, asymmetrical or no clipping selects between a range of gain shapes and amplitudes.

Plug any and all instruments into this box of utter sonic dystopia, for an endlessly reverberant, fuzzed out noise experience no effects pedal has yet to reach."

When The Sun Explodes - Beautiful Noise Effects [Synth Demo]

video upload by Beautiful Noise Effects

Recorded with:
Roland Gaia
Focusrite Saffire

Bad Gear - cre8audio West Pest

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the cre8audio West Pest. Is this affordable semi modular analog synthesizer and hommage to Don Buchla 's West Coast synthesis The Pest? Can it keep up with competitors like the Korg Volca Modular, is it worth it without adding even more Eurorack modules and can it create the strange sounds of the antithesis to Bob Moog 's East Coast synthesis? Should I get the cre8audio East Beast instead?"

00:00 Intro tune
00:52 Overview cre8audio West Pest
01:36 Oscillator
01:53 FM
02:03 Wave Folder
02:23 Dynamics Controller (Buchla Low Pass Gate)
02:48 LFO
03:02 Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Midi
04:00 UI Quirks and Limitations, Multi-Function Modulation Generator
04:25 4 Bit "Display"
04:35 What else??? Pricing, Thanks
05:02 Hate
05:27 Jam 1 (Techno)
06:16 Jam 2 (More Techno)
07:18 Finale (Drum'n'Bass)
07:50 Verdict

Rhodes Chroma

via this auction

"After your purchase, you'll get an upgraded Rhodes chroma, as well as restoration of the woodwork, paintwork and Brand new plastic-coated facades.

It'll be as good as new !!!

+New PSU

+CC+Midi Upgrade

In the last photo you can see the beginning of the restoration work on the case ;-)"

Oberheim Xpander // Fully Serviced / Recapped // Desktop 6-Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland JUNO-60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The unit does sport two vintage stickers which we've chosen to leave on for added personality and character, as well as the original hard shell case has been enscribed with a large 'DURAN DURAN' logo. The previous owner was definitely a big fan!"

Moog Claravox Centennial Theremin with Stand & Carrying Case

via this auction

"A Celebration of the Theremin's Past, Present, and Future.

Named after the original theremin virtuosa, Clara Rockmore, Claravox Centennial features the highest quality control and sound available in a theremin for deep artistic exploration. Offering both traditional 100% analog theremin operation and expanded modern performance, as well as an onboard analog delay, preset storage, and more, Claravox Centennial is an extraordinary instrument for creative expression.

Claravox Centennial is designed in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the invention of the theremin by Leon Theremin, and is only available for a limited time."

7/11/23 (pulser-chirper) MFB 501 + Metasonix TM-1

video upload by Cfpp0

You see more in the window.

Nate Wood - fOUR Performs "Guru Model" in one take ft. the KORG drumlogue, minilogue xd, & monologue

video upload by Korg

"Nate Wood joins us in the studio for a full performance of “Guru Model” from Nate Wood – fOUR, a project recorded entirely in one take with no overdubs! Watch as the multi-instrumentalist builds out this intricate song on the fly incorporating the use of the new KORG drumolgue, as well as the beloved minilogue xd, and monologue. After being introduced to the drumlogue, Nate was able to create “Guru Model” within just a few hours of using drumlogue, and he finds that drumlogue is super intuitive to use and is the perfect complement to the minilogue xd and monologue."

Korg MiniPops 45 with MIDI (Tubbutec uniPulse demo)

video upload by Tubbutec

"Demo showing a Korg Minipops 45 midified using our uniPulse interface:"

You can find additional drum machines featuring Tubbutec's uniPulse here.

ROLAND SUPER JX-10 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale.

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

BLEASS Fusion - Tutorial

video upload by BLEASS

"a step by step walkthrough of BLEASS Fusion, a unique and powerful waveshaping tool.
BLEASS Fusion is available for Windows / macOS / iOS"

See the announcement post here and a demo by DATABROTH here.

UNEXPECTRAPHON | Advanced Patching and Sound Design with Maths and Erbe-Verb.

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Spectraphon is a module with many faces and a big mustache. It can have a classic additive spectral processed sound, but it also offers sub oscillators and two basic sinewaves, one clean, and one a bit saturated. It's a big module with a big sonic spectrum (duh!). But an even bigger world unfolds when you patch it up with some old friends, in this case Maths and Erbe-Verb. It's a module that needs to be explored and discovered.
Like Strega, Telharmonic, Mysteron and Erbe-Verb I don't really like Spectraphon's raw raspy sound which can easily dominate a patch and makes it very recognizable. However, the many output options can suit your needs for more gentle sounds. You just need to know how, so hopefully my patch adventures can offer some new perspectives. Welcome to the Unexpectraphon!

Fun fact, this video includes Shared System Tutorials 44 with different captions, explaining half-rectification of a simple sine with Maths.
I always see the Shared as a reimagination of the classic Buchla 200 series with a twist so I always think of it as 'vintage' instead of 'advanced'. Sure, it's an expensive powerhouse flagship but if you ignore the black & gold panels, you may also see a collection of basic modular functionality like LFO, Envelope, Polarizer, dual VCO, VCA, tape echo, reverb, clock division, randomization, 16 step sequencing, human interaction and basic sampling/looping. It's a template for a complete modular setup, only missing a filter. Even if you don't own a Shared, my 44 episodes can still bring you plenty of inspiration for similar modules and functions. I would never say 'everyone should own a Shared', but it helps to look at what it does - and all the things you have to do yourself, like making white noise from scratch.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Rectification with Maths
02:21 Charming snakes again
04:02 Odd and Even output normalization and sound
05:48 Unexpected bowed strings
06:48 Erbe-Verb reverb trail feedback patch
09:09 Explicit Noise"

Instru┼Ź Discontinues troika: A brief history

video upload by Instru┼Ź

"It has finally happened...
The troika is being retired from production!
The last 15 have been built (as of August 2023), and will be making their way out into the works.

It still completely staggers me how far Instru┼Ź has come since I was designing solo, and building individual modules in the spare bedroom.
To everyone who has shown support through the years, purchased modules, made modular music, and been part of this weird, niche-of-a-niche industry:
Thank you.

Instru┼Ź today has grown into a full on creative collective! I get to work every day with the most incredible team of developers/artists/makers.
We've come a long way, and in so many ways it feels like we're just getting started.
The troika was the OG! It was the first to gain "Instru┼Ź" as a branding.
For anyone that is newly familiar with Instru┼Ź:
Hello! :)
I hope you'll enjoy what we do.
If you're interested, this is where it all began:"

INSTRU┼Ź - troika [build video 1]

video upload by

"Module Demo starts at 14:00

Audio and video by INSTRU┼Ź

This video documents the design and build process of a 3 voice analog oscillator module."

twinVCFilter – Part 4: Mixing Things Up

video upload by vermonagear

Additional videos in the series

"In this video we will explore twinVCFilter’s MIX function by modulating it with two channels of the fourMULATOR."

00:00:00 | Intro
00:07:11 | Introduction to the MIX feature
00:38:04 | Setup
01:29:19 | CV inputs for MIX
01:47:17 | Having fun with MIX
02:51:11 | More fun
04:24:05 | Ending

How to make: DEEP REESE BASS like: Bicep - Water

video upload by

"Ever wondered how to make a deep, warbly and chorused REESE BASS? Today we will go over the history and techniques used to create one in the context of a track by @feelmybicep called Water."

Ground Control project files:

Original track:
(c) 2022 Ninja Tune


video upload by BICEP

'Water', out now on Ninja Tune:

Midiverse Modular / One of a Kind Pet Rescue

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! We're now shipping six new Eurorack modules consisting of a VCO, VCF, Dual VCA, Quad Envelope, Slew LFO, and a Utility Mixer.

15% of the proceeds from this collection of modules will be donated to One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron, OH. OOAK Pet Rescue is a “no kill”/no-time-limit shelter which rescues animals from a variety of dangerous situations. There’s also no-time-limit on this project in the sense that it’s not merely a one time donation, but will apply to the life-span of this particular collection of modules.

Available at -"

Patch n Tweak
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