MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday, September 15, 2023

Zajdi zajdi - cover

video upload by fischek

* Nord Lead 2X (+TC HoF2 and KP3)
* Yamaha DX7 controlling Korg Wavestate Native"

Low-Gain Electronics - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the Low-Gain Electronics booth checking out some new 4U Modules. Let's have a look!"

Sleepy Circuits - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the Sleepy Circuits booth checking out a new wireless MIDI controller and a recent video synthesizer module. Let's have a look!"

LoBlast - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the LoBlast booth checking out a portable synth and a recent NES game. Let's have a look!"

The Game-Changing Roland Jupiter 4 Arpeggiator: A Must-Hear Demo

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Unveiling the Hidden Power of Roland Jupiter 4 Arpeggiator
This video demonstrates the sound and features of the Roland Jupiter-4 analog synthesizer. Enjoy!

The audio is DIRECT, 100% DRY, & IN STEREO - You are hearing the raw audio as it comes directly from the synthesizer. NO post processing (Effects, EQ, or Dynamics) whatsoever.

The Roland Jupiter-4 is a very strong, agressive, massive, but also sweet sounding synth. The sound is really incredible for only one VCO with one Sub-VCO. In this this Demo you will listen to this wide range of sounds.

The Roland JP-4 came out 1978, mine is from Nov. 1979 with the later filter board.

The great features of the JP-4 are:
- extremely fast envelopes
- ultra fast LFO and also slow LFO to get FM sounds and very slow filter sweeps as well
- fantastic sounding filter with ultra fat and sweet self resonance
- stereo chorus, not so strong like in the Juno 6/60, but very musical
- nice arpeggiator with triggering by a sequencer or drum machine
- random S/H filter modulation
- fantastic versatile bender board
- you can trim the 4 voices and slightly detune them on the back of the unit to achieve a really fat sound
- polyphonic portamento

Watch me bring that sound back to life!πŸŽΉπŸ•Ί "

Moo Moo Dual Osc Overview

video upload by Todd Barton

"A brief overview of the landscape of this unique dual oscillator. It's really more than it appears with onboard filtered CV controlled noise (LP, BP & HP), 2 dual mixers also CV controlled, CV controlled octave scanning and Pulsewidth wave shapes."

See the announcement post here.

MYSTIC FREQUENCIES - ETERNITY Part 1 (New Futurewave song idea)

video upload by Mystic Frequencies

Calming Color

video upload by nbor

"Slowly changing colors and moody soundscape. Using @ArturiaOfficial Augmented Voices and Vital in @bitwig studio."

Jeannie Polyphonic DIY Synthesizer

video upload by Rolf Degen

"Jeannie Polyphonic DIY Synthesizer
Vowel sound without pitch modulation
Change format paramter and format shift"

Popcorn (Gershon Kingsley) -Variation Live on a DIY Analog-Modular System

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"This is probably the thousandth version of Popcorn, but it's somehow also a must for analog synth freaks like me. It's played live and runs partly via Midi to CV/Gate and partly via analogue sequencer. I described the devices i used in the video. Have fun :)"

Beanie Bunnie - Moo Moo Dual Oscillator

video upload by Jeanie

You might recognize Jeanie and her Buchla performances from previous posts here on MATRIXSYNTH.

0:00 - Set up for Sync / Through Zero and Ring Modulation
5:57 - Melody / Kick and Metallic Percussion
7:54 - Kick / Snare / Bass and Percussion
9:20 - Square Bass / Kick / Snare / Metallic Percussion
11:19 - Jazz Drum Kit / Bassline and Noise
13:19 - Jazz Drum Kit and Bassline
15:18 - Drums and Noise

"Moo Moo Dual Oscillator is available now!

I’ve been working on analogue designs since I got asthma during pandemic and had to take a break from singing…

This multiple layered dual oscillator produces a wide array of sounds from pure tones to complex noise and has some unique qualities that I’m really happy with. And today, finally ready to release…

There are some module introductions below. Please contact me for more details if you’re interested. Thank you so much for your support!

The Moo Moo Dual Oscillator from Beanie Bunnie features:

2 x Fully featured through zero analogue oscillators.
1 x Analogue Noise source with dedicated analogue state variable filter.
2 x 2 input mixers with inverted outputs for extra wave shaping options, plus CV and manual controls for crossfading between each input.
2 x Octave controls with 5 octave range and CV control.

Each oscillator section features:
Individual outputs for Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square and Pulse wave forms (+/-5V).
1 x Through zero linear frequency modulation (TZ LIN FM) input which is normalled to the output of the opposite mixer/crossfader and a TZ LIN FM amount control.

1 x TZ OFFSET control that offsets the through zero modulation 0 crossing point and also acts as a coarse tune for the oscillator frequency.
1 x Large fine tune control that has a 1 octave range for precise setting of the frequency.
1 x Octave with CV input that has a 5 octave range.
1 x Pulse Width Control and with CV modulation (PWM) input.
1 x Noise amount control that sends the output of the filtered noise section directly into the through zero modulation of the oscillator (this is in parallel with TZ LIN FM input).
1 x Sync control with option of setting both oscillators to hard or soft sync via the mode button.
1 x Exponential Frequency Modulation Input for V/Octave connection from a keyboard. The right input is normalled to the left so both oscillators can follow keyboard pitch with only one connection.

Each mixer section features:
2 x Inputs (A and B) for audio or CV sources.
1 x Crossfader control plus CV input that can also act as a volume control or VCA when only one of the mixer inputs is used.

The noise section features:
1 x Analogue noise source (sent into the filter).
1 x Analogue state variable filter with selectable Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass modes.
1 x Mode select button with hold function to switch the oscillator sync between hard or soft sync.
1 x Filter resonance control.
1 x Filter frequency control.
1 x Filter frequency CV input.
1 x Filtered noise output.

The other modules shown in the video are the Tiny Tot Utility and the Huhu 4 Att-Verter.

The Tiny Tot Utility features:
2 x 2 input mixers with bipolar attenuverters for each input and one input normalled to +5V.
2 x Manual or CV controlled dividers with setting for /2, /4, /8 and /16.

The Huhu 4 Att-Verter features:
4 x Attenuverters with dedicated outputs.
1 x Mixed output for channels 1 and 2.
1 x Mixed output for channels 3 and 4.
1 x Mixed output for all channels.
Channels 2 and 4 are normalled to +5V."

Update: you can find an overview video by Todd Barton here.

Knobcon cinematic techno modular synth performance by POB

video upload by Patrick POB OBrien

"This was my 76th live performance and the best one yet!

Knobcon performance in the Big Room with a metallic and cinematic all-modular techno set, and I loved every second of it.

Big ups to Mike Cameron for the invite to play this year, to Damon / OSC1Nation and Skyler / KittySpit for being so supportive since the beginning of my modular journey, to Nick / Dub Station Zero for being my hype man, to Brandy / Space Racer for mega support, to the Noise Engineering team for getting me to this con to feature the new Xer Mixa and hang with so many great people at the booth, and to Patrick Leonard for being a constant mentor and inspiration.

Modules in two cases, 2 row 104 HP and 2 row 60 HP.
Left to right:

Elektor Formant Synthesizer 1979 (Techno Session by Dan Piu)

video upload by Art Jorge

Gorgeous Suiko VS-1 synthesizer (and free sample pack!)

video upload by Alpha Chrome Yayo

"I adore this synthesizer, built in Ikebukuro in the '80s and originally designed to soundtrack poetry readings

I wanted to share the joy, so here's a free sample pack with all eight voices and some more info about the instrument:

If you dig it, I'd love it if you checked me out on Bandcamp - it's the very best way to support me about what I do. And, my full discog is 90% off!

❤️ ❤️"

MS-20 One Synth Challenge

video upload by Cyberspace O'Blivion

"I figured that it'd be worth demonstrating what this synth can do as the sole sound generator for a track for that video, hence this video where I use the MS-20 mini for the one synth challenge

There's a couple of sounds where I brought the K2 in as well, the behringer version of the MS-20, and hard panned each synth across from each other for a binaural type effect. By using both synths directly with each other it became quite evident that the K2 isn't able to pull as much sonic weight as the MS-20 Mini. It's good, and is very nearly identical, but the filter especially is just that little bit lacking. But within a whole mix and the way I've used it here, the difference is negligible

The drums where the hardest part to get right with this. I'm not sure if it's a limitation of the MS-20 itself or a failure on my part to find the most optimal percussive sounds. The kick especially I'm not super thrilled about, but the rest of the elements serve their purpose. I've done my best with mixing to bring the most out of all of the sounds, but there's some elements that I think would've been better served by a different sound source, mostly the kick. Overall, this is a solid synth, and as a primary sound source has a lot of scope, but I'd pair it with at least a drum machine of some sort

I really enjoyed working with the limitations of one synth for a track. I might do this again sometime with a different synth, probably the MicroBrute. Truth be told, all of our albums are basically one synth challenges with the MatrixBrute as it's pretty much the only synth we use to record our albums. The other synths we have do show up occasionally, and drums are dealt with independently, mostly with samples from drum machines or the occasional acoustic drum-kit."

Mininova Trooper

Cool pic via @WeAreNovation

"Caption this πŸ‘€ ⬇️
@ ademirvaldambrini"

Hydrasynth really can do Rich and Warm!

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Patches will be available at or

This Patch will be in the Ultimate Pads Vol.1 Bank Coming Soon. - Patch Name SM Omnistax

Following a viewers comment yesterday regarding the hydrasynth not having any depth or richness, I set out today to see just how much depth and richness it can do.

I must admit I was of the same opinion with the lack of depth and warmth, but as always, diving under the hood and carefully adding motion and movement, the Hydrasynth can sound very very warm and very rich indeed. So I will happily stand corrected on my initial views.

I thought I would share this to let anyone who has or had the same opinion, it may make you think again.

This has no external effects, all 100% Hydrasynth.


NINA 12-Voice Analog Polysynth with Motorized Controls 🌌 #KNOBCON 2023 πŸŒ†

video upload by Vulture Culture

"NINA is the world's first fully motorized analog synthesizer, with 12 voices with two VCO's and one digital Wavetable oscillator per voice. New features include being about to modulate the Morph feature (with aftertouch etc) and new Scopes!"

The many moods of the Future Factory delay (no talk)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Future Factory by Free the Tone is a stereo delay most often heard creating beautiful ambience. But is is also easily able to do chorus, vibrato, flanging and overdrive (listen around the 9 minute mark for the filth). So here it's teamed with the trusty DB-01, both synced to the same MIDI clock, and the knobs twiddled. The delay comes pre-loaded with 128 presets showing off many of the settings. The interface is certainly unusual but is quite fast to access the various parameters. In the video I mainly tweak the 3-band EQ, modulation and drive. As usual my aim is to give you an idea of what it's like to actually operate and tweak the pedal rather than an idealised selection of sounds. And also as usual I bought this with my own money at full price.

0:00 Sweet and thick
1:34 Dirty and thick
2:37 Flangerish echo
4:38 Ping pong
5:00 Max feedback
5:34 EQ fun
7:03 Long delay
8:19 Tip in the dirt
10:05 Hard modulated
11:30 Metallic scrapings

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Make Noise Shared System & XPO + QPAS + Mimeophon

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Make Noise Modular Synth Sample Pack:

ARP Explorer I SERIAL #1 - Model 2900 Synthesizer - Serviced

video upload by Synthchaser

via this auction

"The ARP Explorer I (Model 2900) was ARP's first non-preset single oscillator synthesizer, pre-dating the Axxe and the Solus. It includes the same 4027-1 Voltage Controlled Oscillator module found in the ARP 2600, and the same 4034 Moog Ladder Filter Voltage Controlled Filter module found in the ARP Pro Soloist. The oscillator is divided down to suboctaves, and shaped into different waveforms (sawtooth, square, pulse, and fuzz) that can be combined simultaneously for an extremely fat sound from a single oscillator synth, particularly in partnership with the ladder filter.

The synth is in good condition, however the silkscreen is very faded as is common for this era ARP synthesizer. This synthesizer was serviced in September 2023 by Synthchaser, and work completed on the synth included:

Synthchaser Precision slider upgrade - All 12 of the old original sliders have been replaced with new, smooth, high precision sliders. The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement. The original style slider caps are fitted to keep the look original.
Power supply recapped - All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced, and high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors have been used for the power supply filter capacitors.
Tantalum capacitors replaced - The tantalum capacitors in ARP synths are ticking time bombs. All tantalum capacitors in this synth (except those in the sub-modules) have been replaced with electrolytics to help provide stable operation for years to come.
Keyboard rebuild - New key bushings installed, keys removed and ultrasonically cleaned, bus bars removed and polished, key contacts cleaned and adjusted.
Oscilloscope calibration - Calibrated & tuned using oscilloscope and frequency counter.
1/4" output made High - ARPs of this era had an RCA jack as the high output and the 1/4" jack as the low output. As today RCA jacks are an inconvenience for most, the 1/4" jack has been made to a second high output. This modification is easily reversible by cutting 1 wire."

Roland System 100m

via this auction

"The whole Schabang Kit and Kaboodle System 100m. Three 5 unit standard system 100m with VCO, VCF, VCA, Eg, LFO/White Noise in original rack/PSU Case, One 3 unit with 2 VCO/VCF/VCA modules and 1 EG in original rack (EU power), 1 custom made 5 module rack with mults and US psu with rare modules: Portamento, 2 Phaser/delay, 1 sequencer and 1 Mixer.

191 keyboard
4 cv keyboard

ARP 2600 & 1621 Sequencer

via this auction

"Stunning condition late production version Arp 2600 that comes partnered with its companion keyboard controller, the 3620. In addition, this beautiful 2600 is complete with the 1621 Sequencer. This iteration of 2600 represent the final production version, often referred to as the ‘Black & Orange,’ or 2601 v2.0 (possible v3.0)

This production version contains the post-lawsuit Moog 4072 style filter. This instrument is at least 43 years old (likely built in 1979).

The Arp 2600 Synth, 3602 Keyboard and 1621 Sequencer, all went through a complete professional service by Jim McKenna Singing Cat Services in April/May 2023..."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard with OLED Display SN 1350

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard with OLED Display in amazing condition. The cleanest one you are likely to see. Works perfectly and sounds incredible. New beautiful blue OLED added."

Vintage Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Model 1000 Sequential Circuits Synthesizer w/ Midi SN 4598

via this auction

Update: note the description appears to be pulled from this other listing on reverb. The pics and serial number are different. As always, adhere to eBay's and Reverb's buyer guidelines to protect yourself.

"The Prophet-5 actually contains five individual synthesizers, termed “voices”. For its producible sound sources, each voice contains two voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), referred to as OSC A and OSC B. OSC A, OSC B, and a white noise source can be mixed into a resonant low-pass voltage controlled filter (VCF). The filter modifies the voice timbre under control of its four-stage envelope generator. The filter may also serve as a sound source. Following each filter, a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) also controlled by a four-stage envelope generator shapes the voice amplitude. Only one voice is depicted on the control panel, because the voice controls “patch” the five voices identically. This makes the voices homophonous— they sound alike— with pitch differences corresponding to (at most) five keys simultaneously-held keys. The term “digital-analog hybrid” is often used to described the Prophet. This means that instead of directly controlling the analog synthesizer voices, the keyboard and most controls are actually devices which input “data” to a microcomputer system which in turn “programs” the voices. The microcomputer has three main functions. First, it solves the of generating five independent sets of voice control voltages and gate signals (which operate the envelope generators) from a single keyboard. Second, its digital memory provides a way to store all of the switch and knob settings which form a program. These programs are retained by the microcomputers memory even when the Prophet is turned off, thats to a small battery with a 10-year life. Third, the microcomputer system keeps the ten voice oscillators in tune."

Moog Opus 3 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 5650

via this auction

"Pro-Serviced (re-capped power supply, cleaned) by Mystery Circuits Inc. in September 2023"

1979-1982 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 11379

via this auction

"Overhauled April of 2018

Installed with stabilizer modification

3 knobs missing silver inlay on top as seen in picture"

Bad Gear - Roland MC-101

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland MC-101 Groovebox. Is this youngest member of the Roland Groovebox family and little sibling of the Roland MC-707 on par with competitors like the Teenage Engineering OP-1, Elektron Digitakt or Korg Electribe?"

00:00 Intro tune
01:04 Overview Roland MC101
01:45 Engines (Drums, Drums+Comp, Tone, Looper)
02:03 Sounds, Presets, Patches
02:35 UI, Filter, Partial Editor, Unison
03:27 Clip Matrix, Sequencer, Workflow,
03:52 Polymeters, Substeps, Probability, Motion Recording
04:13 Effects Section (Reverb, Delay, Multi FX), Scatter
04:43 Sample Management, Time Stretch
05:05 Sampling (or lack thereof)
05:18 What else??? Pricing, Thanks!!!
05:53 Hate
06:16 Jam 1 (Tech House)
07:12 Jam 2 (Boom Bap)
08:10 Finale (80s on Steroids)
08:42 Verdict

Super Gemini - Hazel Mills' Split Mode Exploration

video upload by UDO Audio

"More from Hazel and the Super Gemini, this time giving us an exploration of Split Mode.

Within Split Mode, the upper and lower layers are mapped either side of a split point on the keyboard, with the 20 available voices split evenly between the two. The upper layer is assigned to all keys above the designated split point, while the lower layer is assigned to all keys below. For a "Pro hack", hold the SPLIT button, and you can set the split point by pressing a key.

This feature opens up a wealth of opportunities, ultimately giving you the possibity to control two "seperate instruments" on one keyboard!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Find more from Hazel here:"


video upload by Retrokits

"ALT+2 means COPY: Operations where you can copy, swap and explode your RK-008 recordings.

(PS - I'll try to align the recording with the RK008 buttons next time, the video is not very helpful on led feedback this way...)"

(arches) + granulator recording sliders

video upload by soundmachines

"With the (arches) you can have up to 8 recordable sliders.
The outputs can be CV or MIDI.
Stèv (Stefano Fagnani) demoes the Ableton Live granulator using the (arches) to setup grains, durations, position and many more parameters!"

Pulsar From Mars

video upload by Samples From Mars "Controlled Chaos From Our Favorite Modern Drum Machine
The Pulsar 23 is a semi-modular, analog drum machine from SOMA Laboratories, and the second in their line of "organismic" synthesizers. Despite its intimidating look, this mashup of classic and modern analog synthesis provides immediate fun and inspiration, so it's no wonder it was your #1 choice for what we should sample next! (via a survey we sent out earlier this year).

So much more than just blips and beeps, the Pulsar's 23 modules give this machine an un-rivaled, vast sonic pallet that allowed us to sculpt some of the most unique loops and one-hits we've ever made."

2 Minute Breakdown: Dice (Mutable Instruments Marbles)

video upload by After Later Audio

"@RobotsAreRed walks through all the base functionality of Dice, the Random Sampler in our Mutable Instruments Classic line."

Mutable Instruments Classics from ALA

KORG microKORG S Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Introducing the LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0 Update and the All Black Limited Edition!

video upload by SONICWARE

"We have just released version 3.0 firmware of the LIVEN 8bit warps! πŸ‘‰
"And the special All Black Limited Edition has been released! πŸ‘‰

LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0
・8-bit waveform memory synth engine for creating a wide variety of sounds from Chiptune to Ambient
- Four distinct 8-bit waveform memory synth engines (Includes waveform editing with waveform capture function)
・Unique sound creation with aliasing noise on/off, detune and sweep functions
・128-step sequencer with parameter locking
・4-track looper for recording internal audio and external audio from the line input
・10 effects and 6 reverbs (switchable to the Cassette tape simulator)"

Sonicware Liven 8Bit Warps v3.0 Quick Start Guide

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Sonicware on an hourly rate producing synth & sample sound design, beta testing, checking English text and video manuals like this. Any other shorter videos on my channel containing Sonicware products are not paid content.

A new version 3.0 firmware has been released for the Liven 8Bit Warps that adds some new feature, a pack of new drum sounds and generally tidy's things up a bit. You can download it from this page on the Sonicware website under the 8Bit Warps tab:

0:00 Teaser bit
0:16 Intro
1:00 How to update and add drum sounds
1:57 Demo of new drum sounds
2:26 6 New FX types
5:20 Copy duplicate
6:27 Sound locking
8:50 Using sound locking to make drum patterns
10:13 Pattern chain looping
11:06 Outro
11:16 Super secret mini jam!"

centrevillage SiO - compact versatile oscillator

video upload by centrevillage

"SiO is an oscillator that can function as LFO/VCO/Envelope Generator/Noise, etc and just 2HP.

The oscillator's waveform can be continuously morphed by the SHAPE parameter, and its oscillation frequency can be controlled in various ways.

In addition to being able to tap tempo with the TAP button and change the frequency with the SPEED slider, external synchronization can be performed with the SYNC input.

The SYNC input can function as both a Clock input and a V/OCT input; it can function as a clock synchronization LFO when a clock pulse is input, and as a VCO when a V/Oct signal is input.

By holding down the TAP button and operating the slider, you can access two parameters: RAND and SKIP.

The RAND parameter is the amount of fractal noise modulation for the SHAPE parameter.

When the RAND parameter is at its maximum, the oscillator output itself becomes the fractal noise waveform.

The SKIP parameter allows you to stop updating the waveform for a specific number of cycles.

At the minimum SKIP parameter, the waveform updates continuously, but as the parameter is increased, the number of periods at which the waveform stops updating increases.

When the SKIP parameter is at its maximum position, the waveform will be updated only when a trigger signal is input to the SYNC input.

This allows it to work like an Envelope Generator."

Patch n Tweak
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