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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

EMS VCS3 Explorations by Todd Barton aka bartonmusic

Seven explorations of the VCS3 by Todd Barton aka bartonmusic on SoundCloud.

Playlist (three were previously posted, two with video):

1. Vcs3 spiral stretch [video]
2. VCS-3 transmission
3. Vcs3 filter sweep [video]
4. VCS3-EML-200
5. Krell Music-1
6. Krell music-2
7. Old Krell Folk Tune [previous post sans video]

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Modular Drums

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Sean Pendleton

"Playing with some simple modular drum patches.

Bass drum is the Mankato filter self oscillating and swept by an AR, then going into a CGS tube VCA.

Snare is the the noise form the TH super controller, Swept by an AR, then into a wasp filter clone, and into the CGS tube VCA

Hihats are 2 vcos into a ring modulator and then into a VCA.

Other drumish sound is a Wogglebug Ringmod out going into a vca. Always remember to screw your Wogglebug panel in before using.

Drone at the start is the Orgone Accumulator

Bass is an XR VCO triangle going into a MFOS Wave Freaker + a second XRVCO Saw, and then into the MA Discrete SVVCF

Leadish thing is the TTSH"

Elektron Analog Keys Patch Creation (Part 1)

Published on Oct 7, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Demora: quasi-tuned short delays

Published on Oct 7, 2015 wellurban

"Using very short delay times and high feedback, you can get pluck-like sounds out of Demora by just feeding a short envelope into the audio input. However, without reprogramming, the Time CV input is far from 1v/o, and at audio-rate delay times the CV is so sensitive that the resulting pitch is unstable.

Nevertheless, you can get vaguely musical results by manually tuning the CV input, and the Width effect adds extra timbral interest. Also, running a second, slower envelope into the Feedback CV means that you can control the degree of "ringing", for short or sustained plucks."

Buchla 200e "SKYLAB-ish" System with Blue Buchla Logo Gig Bag

via this auction

"The Buchla Skylab is in Excellent condition that was purchased new from BEMI with ALL of the recent updates. If you are looking for an updated "Minty" System - here it is!

From BEMI:

The 200e Skylab system delivers exceptional power and performance in a highly portable format. Folds neatly with your patch cables connected and stores in an airline-carry-on-compatible BLUE padded bag (included). Get to the gig, unzip the case, plug into the sound system, and voila—you’re ready to perform.

This sale includes:

1 x 201e-10 Powered Cabinet
1 x 207e Mixer / Microphone Preamp
1 x 225e MIDI Decoder / Preset Manager
1 x 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source
2 x 261e Complex Waveform Generator
1 x 267e Uncertainty Source / Dual Filter
1 x 281e Quad Function Generator
1 x 285e Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator
1 x 292e Quad Dynamics Manager
+ A big pile of BANANA and TINI JACKS (and extra screws!)"

Studio Electronics Omega 8 Analog Synthesizer - Black with All Green Buttons

via this auction

Check out the individual voice cards.

"This Omega 8 is a true eight-voice, discrete circuit, multi-timbral, stereo, multi filtered, arpeggiating, DSP free Analog Dream Machine. This Omega Eight includes the stock Oberheim SEM and Minimoog filters.(CS-80, 303 and 2600 filters are sold separately from Studio Electronics website).

Overflowing with elaborate MIDI control, dynamic signal processing, and expansive modulation, its sound creation and manipulation could very well exceed the boundaries of your imagination. Salvational pads,
foundational basses, revelatory leads, electrosonic drums, other-worldly FX and thoroughly hypnotic pulsating soundscapes powered by our SE's very own discrete analog sound engine will inspire your most potent creative effort.

The Studio Electronics Omega8 delivers true ANALOG stimulation. Resist the models insist on the real!"

Oberheim OB-Xa SN 820505

via this auction

Some pis of the inside below.

"Oberheim OB-Xa in excellent physical condition:

- Powers on with output and the classic "Oberheim" sound.

- Later model OB-Xa with storage for 120 programs.

- All 8 voice boards were recapped with new electrolytics a couple years ago. Instrument powers on and autotune functions properly to tune voice boards.

- New key bushings were also installed a couple years ago. Keys are nice and soft when depressed, not clunky...

- An E and F key second from the right didn't sound when depressed though a quick inspection revealed the J-wire for both keys is in good condition and may just need some cleaning as well as the contact bar."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 2751

via this auction

"The P600 is extremely versatile and easy to use! Its best functions include the onboard arpeggiator, 2-track sequencer and poly-modulation. The P600 is great for creating analog effects, swells and drones. It has a cool glide effect and has very flexible modulation possibilities! Perfect for Ambient, Dub and other electronic music.

MIDI Parameter Codes:

Record + 1 = program change on/off
Record + 2 = current program dump
Record + 3 = center pitch wheel
Record + 4 = wheel send/receive on/off
Record + 5 = sequence dump
Record + 6 = Omni mode on
Record + 7 = voice defeat (hold key down first)
Record + 8 = Poly mode on
Record + 9 = channel +/-"

After Dark - Session 21

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Anonymous Animal

"Just a quickie this time. I liked how this little jam was sounding, but it was the end of the evening and I was about to leave the studio, so I quickly shot a jam with no studio lights. Arturia Minibrute on bass, Arturia iSEM on pads and keys. Tr-8 and KP3 handling the beats, fx and loops.

Thanks for Watching!"

Analog Square Wave Sequencer V2 (test drive) by mattoverse

Published on Oct 7, 2015 karmacomputer

"Finally got V2 of the mattoverse Analog Square Wave Sequencer wired up and installed in the enclosure. It took many hours... and many wires. A relief to have it finished and working.

2 independent selectable clock sources
option to feed Clock 1 into Clock 2
Clock can control speed/tempo and/or filter lfo speed
8 steps max, selectable as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 via rotary knob
Resonant Filter
Modulate filter using clock 1, 2 or 1into2 as LFO
1/4" Mono Output
CV Out 1/8"
9volt or DC Power"

Polivoks Synthesizer sequenced MIDI via Dotcom modules

Published on Oct 7, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"I still intend to do a full Polivoks demo but I was having fun with this sequence so I had to share. I love the vibrato-like modulation I used on oscillator one. This Polivoks has a MIDI IN / THRU mod, and I'm using the quantizer bank aid Q172's MIDI out to transmit CV for pitch via the Q119 sequencer."

Axoloti - volume change 7 sine oscillators

Published on Oct 7, 2015 António Machado

"midi cc from Doepfer to Axoloti Core; audio recorded from headphones out to R-09"

Deep Forest EVO DEVO Sing with the Birds

"Dear friends, 'Sing with the Birds' from Deep Forests upcoming LP, EVO DEVO is now available to pre-order.
Thanks everyone who has ordered already, and look forward to the rest of you joining us. Enjoy!"

You can find it here.

New futuresonus Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Pics

Just a few new pics of the back side jacks, front panel, circuit boards and shipped casings via their kickstarter page. You'll find details on the upcoming synth there and of course the futuresonus channel here on MATRIXSYNTH.

Archetype Of A Synthesizer - The Haxan Cloak

"Recently, Moog had the honor of sitting down with Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor [see the bottom of this post], the genre-defining music innovator, master synthesist and Academy Award winning composer. In the interview, Reznor recounts his intimate relationship with the Minimoog Voyager, which he feels “is the archetype of what a synthesizer is and should be.” Through personal stories, Reznor reveals his decades long history with the instrument and how it has shaped the way he views and creates music.

The video is set to an original score by British electronic music producer, The Haxan Cloak, co-producer of Bjork’s Vulnicura.. Befitting the occasion, the artist used a Minimoog Voyager and a prototype Mother-32, Moog’s newest synthesizer, to create the score.

'I made the track in a unique way that I never have before.

I have had modular synths for a long time, and consistently produced music with them, but purposefully never had a ‘keyboard-based’ setup because of not wanting to treat them in such a ‘traditional’ manner (purely for reasons of self-limitation).

Having the Voyager allowed me to utilize a more responsive approach of seeing the picture and essentially ‘playing’ along to it. I then took those results and used them to modulate other parameters and processed them further. The Mother 32 was used extensively as a sound source alongside also.

The Voyager is a synth I have always been fascinated by, but unfortunately never had the opportunity to own. I knew people that had them, but my first physical encounter was actually on the recent Bjork tour. I used it for a lot for recreating basslines from her back catalogue, which it did effortlessly.
It’s such an incredibly versatile synth and has already become a uniquely indispensable backbone of my studio.' - The Haxan Cloak"

New Q167 LFO++ Tour

Published on Oct 7, 2015 synthesizersdotcom

"Overview of the Q167 LFO++ module in a analog modular synthesizer.

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

"Preliminary information
This is a Pre-Order Project.

Technical details may change as the design progresses.

The Q167 LFO++ is a Low Frequency Oscillator and universal modulator with a wide range of interesting features. This functionally-dense module creates complex modulation with a variety of common and unusual waveforms. The built-in envelope generator produces spring-like decays for both frequency and amplitude - increasing or decreasing.

Pure smooth analog! No processors or digital logic.

Direct patch points for both frequency and amplitude make it easy to control modulation with a wheel, expression block, keyboard pressure or a sequencer.

The envelope generator provides control over sustain time to produce delayed modulation, a partial section of a waveform, or a burst of waves including pulses useful for programming sequencers and creating multiple gates.
The unique waveform control section starts with simple familiar waves and curves them into waves you haven't heard before.

The Q167 can also act like an audio oscillator with 1V/Octave response, amplitude control, and harmonically rich waveforms.

Cross patch two Q167 modules together for mind-bending FM and AM sounds.

The Q167 makes patching modulation from controllers and within a system much easier. The same functionality would require 3 or 4 modules in a typical system - VCO, EG, VCA, Signal Processor, and multiple patch cables.

$222.00 USD"

Dreadbox Erebus synthesizer and others - Late night jam just for fun!

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Synthbug

"Sorry no direct audio, I was jamming and decided to grab this on video just for fun. Nothing fancy. Thought I'd share. I just bought the Erebus and was testing the waters with it. It is sequenced by the JD-Xi with master clock from the Roland TR-8, additional sounds from the Volca Sample. Oddly enough after hating a bit on mini setups, this setup is nothing but a mini setup! What the heeeeaaack?

For the robots ;)
Korg Volca Sample
Roland JD-Xi
Roland TR-8
Erebus monophonic semi-modular synthesizer

Recorded for fun the other late night at synthbug"

Sombre modular techno set.

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Maxime F

"42 minutes de la musique de non la fête.

hybrid pseudo dj set and modular performance dark and industrial.

Mostly sequenced with the arturia beatstep pro.
Oscillators are intellijel atlantis and shapeshifter
Drums from tip top, alm, noise engineering and mutable instruments.

ahah watch it at 31 my headphones cable hit the stop button on the octatrack ;)"

System-100's song - Alba Ecstasy

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Alba Ecstasy

"All sounds come from Roland System-100 plug-out. No audio processing of the patches /stems only a stereo delay has been added.. Download free patches on"

Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland TB303 Vintage Analog Bass Synthesizer SN 296300

via this auction

What is it with Roland using the same serial numbers? Note the 2 does not touch the bottom line on that one so it is not the same unit. That one also has the Devilfish Mod. It's odd and seems to defeat the purpose of a serial number.

KORG ARP ODYSSEY // Mk. III Filter // assorted sounds // miniature 49

Published on Oct 7, 2015 LESINDES

"Exploring the Mark 3 filter which is Arp's own 24 dB creation that was used in the Mk. III Odyssey and Avatar and also in the las Arp 2600. Is is very dry and funky sounding filter. For me it is THE Arp filter :-)"

Lorentz + Laplace

Published on Oct 7, 2015 icegearnet

"iceGear Instruments



Performed by Aero Finback"

"Prophet-6, Factory Sequences, Part 2"

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Bob I. Gomez

Primitive Industry | Max Ravitz | Mother-32

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Moog Music Inc

"* Patch performed live * No overdubs *

Utilizing a trio of Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers, hardware-techno producer Max Ravitz (aka Patricia) constructs a pure, simple, yet driving electronic cadence anchored by an organic analog pulse. In this patch, all three Mother-32 synthesizers exist as a closed ecosystem, each running independent patterns from their respective 32 step sequencers and communicating via control voltage through each unit's corresponding 1/8" patch bay.

Max Ravitz:


AKAI Introduces the MPC Touch

Published on Oct 7, 2015 AkaiProVideo

MPC Touch - Making the Beat with Needlz
MPC Touch - Touch Life with Metro Boomin

"Return of the King: The new MPC Touch revolutionizes the art of music production by combining professional grade hardware worthy of carrying the MPC shield with a hyper-intuitive multi-touch screen. The result - the most immersive music producing experience to date."

And the official press release:


The newest addition to the legendary MPC series re-writes the rules with an intuitive controller featuring multi-touch display for an immersive production experience

Cumberland, RI USA (October 7, 2015) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music production equipment today announces the introduction of the MPC Touch, the newest and most future-forward member of their legendary MPC product line. The touch-screen controller is the result of painstaking engineering development, detailed customer research and user feedback. The result is the most capable and user-friendly music production controllers Akai Professional has developed to date.

The Touch introduces a new approach to music production with an ultra fast and super intuitive workflow, powered by a radiant 7" color multi-touch display. Literally grab and pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelopes, chop samples, add effects and precisely set your controls using your fingertips. Combined with the classic MPC feel, sound and award-winning pads, the Touch embodies the best elements of our past while taking music production gear into the future.


7" color multi-touch Display
16 velocity-sensitive thick, fat MPC pads with RGB backlighting
2-in/2-out audio interface
Step Sequencer with touch interface
XYFX control adds effects, adjusts sound dynamics in real time
Phrase Looper, enables connection of any instrument to create loops
Pad Mixer for setting levels, stereo panning and adding VST effects
Sample Edit control, for trimming, chopping and processing your samples
4 new, performance-ready touch-sensitive controls
Data Encoder knob, for push-and-twist control of display parameters
Includes MPC software with over 20 GB of sound content

“Our new MPC Touch is an incredibly noteworthy event in the evolution of the Akai Professional product lineup. Years of research, customer feedback and cutting-edge engineering development has led directly to the most capable and innovative MPC we’ve ever offered,” said Dan Gill, Product Manager for Akai Professional. “We’re known for the excellence and music-making capability of our MPC family. It’s the backbone of what we do. The MPC Touch breaks new ground in music production in terms of ease of use and on-board capability. We’re excited and proud to offer it to modern musicians everywhere.”

The Akai Professional MPC Touch will be available November 2015 at Akai Professional dealers and online directly from Akai Professional.

U.S. retail pricing is $799.00

For more information, visit"

Let's Talk And Hold On Tight (Demo)

Published on Oct 6, 2015 Jacques Mongrel

"I recorded this song with the OP-1, taking inspiration from the locales of Sidonia. I added a couple of melodic lines sampled from the OP-1 synth engines in Ableton Live and mixed down all the tracks there too."

via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Jacques Mongrel aka Pinwale Sounds.

seb17320 - Little sound from my Polykobol 2 :-)

Published on Oct 7, 2015 seb17320

":-) Rsfffffffffff !!!"

New Pics of the EMS SYNTHI 100 For Sale

Four pics in from Tom Carpenter of Analogue Solutions have been added to the main post here. The top left pic of the original system is much larger. Click on it for the full size shot. The three bottom pics are new.

Two New Alex Pleninger Polivoks Clone in Action Videos

Videos 7 and 8 added to the main post here.

Minimal Elektronika

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Calle Nilsson

"Roland Aira TR8, Bass Station 2, Arturia Microbrute.

Alternate Panel Design Quasimidi PolyMorph SN 58981

via this auction

I forget if this was a later or earlier panel style for the Polymorph.  I want to say later, but I forget.  If you know, feel free to comment. You can see the other design in the brochure image.

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

Roland D50 Vintage Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Note the angled side panels on the D50. Are they two pieces or one? Does the front panel hinge up at the midpoint when opening it up?

REON DRIFTBOX with Original Box

via this auction

Studio Electronics MODSTAR Sensei Sessions

Published on Oct 7, 2015 StudioElectronics


MODSTAR Sensei Analog: 4075
MODSTAR Sensei Analog: SEM
MODSTAR Sensei Analog: SE88, 5089, 4075

STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter Review

Published on Oct 7, 2015 sonicstate

"We take a look at this interesting silky smooth sounding low pass filter!"

Akemie's dub modular playtime

Published on Oct 7, 2015 vcoadsr

"Dub-techno-esque eurorack modular jam using ALM Busy Circuits Akemie's Castle for chord stab duties, into the fantastic Humpback SEM filter by God's Box.
Other Akemie's output into a low pass gate in Makenoise's QMMG.
Kick courtesy of Dinky's Taiko and percussion from Tiptop Audio's HATS909 & MA808.
Everything into a Mackie Onyx 1220i with plenty of Roland RE-301 and Eventide Space."

Simple and minimal electronic music

Published on Oct 7, 2015 Calle Nilsson

"Roland TR8 and Bass Station 2."

and today's patch is...

Published on Oct 7, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Oakley Diode Superladder, STG Mankato, MOTM-101 Noise / S&H, Dotcom Q119, SSL 1230, Vermona DRM1 MKIII..."

【DEMO】KORG Liverpool Demo & Review

Published on Oct 7, 2015 musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Elektron Analog Four Sweet Filters recorded via Overbridge

Published on Oct 7, 2015 andyeduk

"First pattern created with my new Analog Four.. Great sounding filters and seamless audio quality from Overbridge. What you put in you get out."

ARP-2600 Ghost Phone

Published on Oct 7, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"Arp-2600 controlled by the Mokswa sequencer for pitch. Reverb from Clouds."

Ryuichi Sakamoto + Daito Manabe "Sensing Streams"

Published on Oct 7, 2015 daito manabe

Macbeth Elements Sound 001

Published on Oct 7, 2015 verstaerker


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