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Monday, January 04, 2016

Hi Mom! by Earmonkey - Moog Mother 32, Werkstatt, Microbrute - Roland Space Echo

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Got the Mother 32 in today. The possibilities are obviously extraordinary with this little beauty. It makes a great MIDI to CV converter. I used my Ensoniq EPS16+ to control both M32 and the Werkstatt. The Microbrute is playing a throbbing one note sequence.

Here are the connections:
M32 KB to Werkstatt VCO EXP FM IN
M32 GATE to Werkstatt GATE OUT (also doubles as an IN)
Werkstatt LFO OUT to M32 LFO RATE IN

What this does is gives me two oscillators controlled by the EPS16+. The Mother is set to a SAW and the Werkstatt is set to a PULSE with PWM being modulated by its own LFO set to a TRI. The Werkstatt LFO is then modulating the rate of the M32 LFO which is set to SQ and is modulating its own VCF. This way the rate of the square LFO is constantly changing and giving movement.

The whole damn thing is running through the Roland Space Chorus Tape Delay RE-301 and it's just beautiful.


Sunday night self playing patch

Sunday night self playing patch from Eldancer on Vimeo.

"self playing patch , one pass"

The Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" Oberheim synth stab

Published on Jan 4, 2016 SynthMania

"The Simple Minds' 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' Oberheim synth stab"

Oberheim OB-Xa.

KORG SQ-1 Sequencer clocking 5 analog synths and a drum machine.

Published on Jan 4, 2016 distanceresearch

"Korg SQ-1 clocking and sequencing!"

Mini Documentary Videos with Analogue Systems Bob Williams & Steve Gay

tribute to the real analogue from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

Interesting bit on the Minimoog Model D's envelop behavior at 5:33. Analogue Systems and Doepfer were the first two manufacturers of the eurorack format, however, they do use different power systems. An interesting side note: I tried looking Analogue Systems up on Wikipedia to see when they formed along with a history of some of their products, and there isn't a page on them. There is one, however, for Doepfer. Someone needs to fix that.

"Explaining the eurorack filterbank module RS360 as a polyphonic Sinewave Generator of high quality is one of the hints that are given by these gentlemen from cornwall, south England about their products as Analogue Systems. Bob Williams (right) and Steve Gay (left) are telling about their first basic real analogue modules made from the knowledge they got from producing a great 19" Filterbank once. They talk about the dirty moog filter and the flexibility you have with the loop function in the RS060 envelope, about the still outstanding waveform shift in the RS95 VCO that is still offered for quite affordable rates in europe and elsewhere."

Analogue Systems about EMS in the eurorack.. from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Steve Gay and Bob Williams gave us a relaxed update about their UK based source of eurorack modulars called Analogue Systems in their hometown down in cornwall. Steve Gay - who used to work for EMS once - introduced us to the facts of the direct connection of this quality brand to EMS, the (historical) source of experimental synth sounds from the UK. Bob Williams always was the brain and the smart promoter that we met on the synth shows worldwide knowing all the talents and outstanding possibilities of the Analogue Systems - still not (and probably never) topped by all the others of nowadays, but .. 'nothing remains the same.', so hear smart comments '.. about the restricted chip based oscillators .." and about '.. the very strange quirks.." of the EMS Filter type. "

the masterpiece by Analogue Systems from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Steve Gay and Bob Williams alias 'Analogue Systems' (UK) describe their latest release: The eurorack module RS450, a remake / mixup of once the historical EMS KS sequencer and twice the prominent SH101 sequencer, combining their outstanding possibilities with modern digital ones, so it could be a 14 kHz Sampler at the same time so you could record audio and manipulate it with your control voltages.

Listen to the original inventors of these quality series of modulars from cornwall, south england and enjoy their fascination for the old school technique for modern times.

All eurorack modulars are available wordwide thru competent retail stores."

let the goldfish perform from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

Your music could be played by a goldfish or stormy winds with a (so far) quite underrated module by Analogue Systems: Bob Williams and Steve Gay explain their idea, the history and the possibilities of their prominent used eurorack module RS35. It is the follow up model of the RS30 and can transform incoming music into a CV for its volume as an envelope follower and it can read out a frequency as a VC value to follow a melodie with your modular or any kind of an analogue VCO. .. listen yourselves.. and dont miss the other interviews made in Cornwall, south england where Analogues Systems is based, still.

All their modulars are available thru competent retail stores such as SchneidersLaden (EC) or Big City Music (US). If you like to put a system together go to analoguesystems(dot)de and use that modular planner for your visions.

1983 Yamaha DX7 with original factory data cartridge 1 and 2 - playing all 128 sounds 1080p

Published on Jan 4, 2016 REWO_Channel

"A demo of all the preset sounds of the 2 standard delivered factory data cartridges with 64 sounds each divided in section A and B

Number 1 consisted of:
A: Master Group
B Keyboard & Plucked Group

Number 2:
A: Orchestral & Percussive Group
B: Synthcomplex & Effects Group"

Too late EBM session

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Jedi Meister

"Minimal EBM Session using my new Razmasynth Shibuya as a Master Clock.

Gear used:
Razmasynth Shibuya
Razmasynth VIII
Korg Volca Beats
4MS Pingable Envelope Generator
Doepfer A-110
Doepfer A-135
Doepfer A-199
Synthrotek NAND

No Post-Processing done. Fully analog sound."

DSP Synthesizers Announces The R-606 Drum Synthesizer Chip

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Dr Korg

"Testing a single chip drum synth from

The R-606 is a vintage drum kit in a 28-pin DIP.

It features 7 polyphonic drum sounds and 6 analog level inputs.

Sounds are virtual analog modelled for a true vintage sound.

The chip can be ordered for $45 including international shipping.

Order the R-606 drum chip [PayPal order link]"

dsp-D4 DIY Drum Synthesizer Demo Video

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Dr Korg

"Testing a single chip drum synth from"

The dsp-D4 is based on the Boss DR-55.

Kawai / Teisco S-100P Vintage Monophonic Synth with Aftertouch SN K-3715

via this auction

"Highly sought-after and rare analogue performance synth with great sounding built-in flanger and spring reverb. The real strength of this synth is how expressive you can be due to the assignable aftertouch.

The S100P is often likened to the Arp Pro Soloist made famous by Tony Banks of Genesis fame, in fact the S100P aftertouch system was manufactured under license from ARP. The aftertouch can be routed to several destinations simultaneously, including pitch bend up/down, filter, vibrato amount and "growl" and the sensitivity is adjustable to suit your playing style.

This example is in perfect working order and it has just been professionally serviced by James Walker of Synth Repair Services so you can be confident that everything works perfectly. As part of the service James has fitted a brand new all-important aftertouch sensor as these tend to harden with age. The new one means you wont have to press hard to activate it.

Cosmetically the synth is in very nice condition for its age with just a few light scratches and some peeling of the veneer on the wooden end panels..."

Roland MKS-70 Super JX Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN T83517

via this auction

Xanadu Moog Solo - Rush

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Eric Mauro

"My right hand is playing the Moog solo while my left hand is playing the 12-string guitar accompaniment as a synth sequence."

Unboxing Roland Boutique JU-06 - Juno 106 synthesizer

Published on Jan 3, 2016 Vivien F.o.p

"A simple short video of the Roland Boutique JU-06 Juno 106 Synthesizer module being taken out of it's box for the first time.
The alkaline batteries have an average life of 2 Hours, I recommend to use mini-USB!
I made the soundtrack with the ju-06 (and drum with the tr-8).
You can find the sound list here :"

Synth of the Eighties - the Yamaha DX7 digital FM synthesizer 1983 (1080p)

Published on Jan 4, 2016 REWO_Channel

"A little spacey demo of the Yamaha DX7 with some reverb and delay which makes the sounds really shine."

New Radical Frequencies VCF 1 Eurorack Module

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Kri Samadhi

"Radical Frequencies VCF 1 eurorack modular synth"

Two New Prototype Modules From Abstract Data Coming to NAMM

via @abstractdatabiz

"New year... New gear... Two of the prototypes Abstract Data will be demoing at NAMM 2016. More news soon..."

Razmasynth Shibuya [Modular Synthesizer Session, Minimal Techno]

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Jedi Meister

"Minimal Techno Session using my new Razasynth Shibuya as a Master Clock

Gear used:
Razmasynth Shibuya
Razmasynth VIII
Korg Volca Beats
4MS Pingable Envelope Generator
Music Thing Modular – Turing Machine Random Sequencer
Little Dieter
Doepfer A-110
Doepfer A-132
Doepfer A-135
Doepfer A-199

No Post-Processing done. Fully analog sound."

Mystic Circuits - VERT

Published on Jan 4, 2016 DivKidVideo

- Get in touch to chat about it

Had loads of fun with this one patching up some more harmonic / chordal patches to jam with and also drums. Letting the onboard counter spit out multiple gates depending on the voltage at the input is great. Rather than a simple comparator or CV level reader you can get multiple gate outputs at the same time. Which is cool for stacking drum sounds. Any questions as always - leave a comment and I'll get back to you."

Note Mystic Circuits was previously Circuit Shamen. I created a new Mystic Circuits channel label below for future posts.

Haken Continuum Fingerboard Melody Improvisation Soundtrack

Published on Jan 4, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"I'm currently finishing work on an animated short. I'm done with the animation, and now working with the soundtrack. I've long thought about using the Continuum Fingerboard as an important part of the soundtrack. And now finally I'm beginning to see where it fits in. This is just improvisations. A necessary part before finding the balance between melody, story, mood, and letting the film speak without letting the music get in the way."

Tracktion BioTek - New Organic Virtual Instrument from Wolframe Franke & Taiho Yamada

"This is a selection of demos from the new Tracktion BioTek virtual synthesizer. Each cue was performed live using a single BioTek patch in order to demonstrate the playability and expressiveness of the instrument. Wolfram Franke's powerful synth engine completely transforms sound between nature and technology via the central XY controller. It was an honor and pleasure to direct sound development for this project, and to contribute what I consider to be some of my best sound design work to date.

Special thanks to the entire BioTek sound design team, including Wolfram, Mike Wall, Sendy, justin3am, and Randy Lee. Check out electronic music from Wolfram Franke, Sendy and justin3am here on SoundCloud:


Wolframe Franke was previously with Waldorf. He was the developer behind Largo, PPG Wave 2.V & 3.V, Attack and Steinberg's V1. He also created Stroke Machine for the iPad.

Taiho Yamada was the Project Manager and Head of Sound Design at Alesis. He worked on the QuadraSynth, QS series, A6 Andromeda, Ion, Micron, and the Fusion HD workstations. He was also the man behind the M-Audio Venom.

Anyone know who the girl with the whisky bottle is? [Update: it's Kristina Childs who designed the UI for BioTek. Thanks to Lima in the comments for the info and Anonymous for the link!]

You'll find more info on Tracktion's BioTek on their website here. They also have a Micro Synth Pack.

Star Wars Theme Played on a Yamaha Electone

「スター・ウォーズ」メドレー 【 STAR WARS 】 エレクトーン演奏

Published on Dec 31, 2015 826aska

STAGEAパーソナル・シリーズ (グレード5~3級) Vol.46 鷹野雅史5"

Repurposing Guitar FX for Modular Synthesis

Thought this was pretty cool. Via David Kronemyer:

"I've recently noticed that there are a lot of interesting new FX for guitars, and wondered if they could be repurposed for modular synthesis. I got busy over the holidays racking some of them up, and here's the result. The answer is "yes" and they add considerable tonal variety and coloration. Mainly they can be inserted at the end of the signal chain, however, I discovered that you could provoke interesting outcomes elsewhere, e.g. modulating filters and LFOs. There is an impedance mismatch between the guitar FX and the modular synthesizer, but it turned out to be not a big deal - it can be accommodated simply by adjusting gain at strategic points in the circuit. In one or two cases I used a 10/4 box to optimize levels. My intention is to continue onwards with this project. I posted some more pix on Pinterest under Sentience Studio - Modular Synthesizers."

Atomic Studio Command Center

A couple of pics of the Atomic Studio Command Center. Click through for the full write-up.

The gear: "​The AW-1600 recorder is now next to the Pro 2,and these two pieces are now the center of the entire setup. Gear by (Modular), STG Soundlabs, SSL, krisp1, Evaton Technologies, EMW, Corsynth Modular Synths, Voltergeist Modules, Analog Craftsman, and Moon Modular. (Keys) Dave Smith Instruments MEK and Pro 2, KORG King Korg. (Signal Generators) Hewlett Packard, RCA, B&K, Eico. (Recorders) Yamaha AW1600, Pioneer and Telex tape. (Misc) Akai Professional, Moog, MOTU, Lexicon, E-mu, ART, Zoom, Korg, Behringer, Line 6, Strymon."

DSP Synthesizers dsp-L8 Latin Perc Chip Goes Open Source

via DSP Synthesizers

"The source code to the dsp-L8 Latin Percussions chip is now avaliable for download.

The code runs unmodified on any Arduino Uno/Nano or on a standalone ATmega with 32Kb or more flash."

The Final Thingamagoop 3000 Prototype PCB

via @drbleep

"The final Thingamagoop 3000 prototype PCB has arrived. Once it's fully tested production can begin."

DSI prophet-6 : playing with monophonic sequence

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Masaki Takada

Novation Circuit Review by tarekith

Published on Jan 4, 2016 tarekith

"Overview and review of the Novation Circuit groovebox and the Isotonik synth editor. For more, visit"

VOLTLIFE: Demora "Superswarm" patch

Published on Jan 3, 2016 voltlife

"A custom patch that turns Demora into a fat swarm or super-saw type of digital oscillator."


Published on Jan 4, 2016 Virtual Flannel

"Virtual Flannel performs live to tape in studio with his machines the Elektron Octatrack, Bastl Micro Granny and Oto Machines BIM."

Glitch & Blips

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Old Beats

Moog Voyager - Drone Bass
Moog Little Phatty - Bass
Moog Mother 32 - Bubbles & Blips
DSI Evolver - Synth Drum
DSI Prophet 08 - Moving Pad
Roland Alpha Juno - Lead
Novation Bass Station 2 - Synth Seq.
Yamaha TX 81 Z - Glitch
Novation Drum Station - 808 Kit
EHX Small Stone on Voyager
TC Electronic Flashback
TC Electronic M 350
TC electronic Hall of Fame
Alesis SmashUp - Insert on Mixer out
Mixer Hallen & Heath
Sequenced with Albleton Live Midi Only

Dragonborn Alphasyntauri Synthesizer

Published on Jan 3, 2016 Heimðallr Himinbjörg

"Just me playing Dragonborn on the Alphasyntauri which is a weird little synth. I do not own this song I am just playing credit goes to the copyright holder."

An Alpha Syntauri demo.

Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 567631 w/ SP-88 Keyboard Amp

via this auction

"49 full size key synthesizer, Pitch section has tuning control with high, mid, low transpose switch, On/off volume control switch, Filter section has clavicord, honky tonk, piano, string, brass and organ switch, Envelope section has delay, intensity and speed faders, Ensemble section has 1, off and 2 selection switch, P-88 Multivox amplifier head has 2 channels, Channel 1 for keyboard has 1/4" high and low inputs/outputs, Channel 2 for instrument has same features, Each channel has volume, treble, midrange and bass faders, Minor scuffs, scratches and wear, SP-88 cabinet has (2) piezo tweeters and (1) 15" heavy duty speaker, Great sounding and playing vintage synthesizer keyboard and amp combo!"

Ensoniq Fizmo with Original Box & Regulator Fix

via this auction

"In the box was the synth, original packing and manual and a MC7805 voltage regulator. Had no idea why this was in there until I did a little research. Opened up the Fizmo and the voltage regulator modification has been done. Looks to be in excellent condition..."

Korg MonoPoly SN 379511 with Midipoly MIDI

via this auction

"The synth has had the Midipoly midi kit installed. This is the superior kit to install in your MonoPoly as the specification is great and it is non invasive, so no holes were drilled in the synth as part of the installation. Check out the midipolis website for more details."

Module Demo - MD-003 Paws Filter - Low Pass Tambers

Published on Jan 3, 2016 Frank Murder

"This video is about MD-003 Paws Filter. The Paws is a quad multi mode filter designed by Mario Volkel, based on the wasp filter design.

It has jumpers on the back to select a filter type for each of the four filters.

This demo features a single channel in lowpass mode.

Only 10 PCB sets were made and this is the first one built, it was built by Mario himself and has a unique black faceplate with some graphic anomalies.

If you are interested in Mario´s designs have a look at his webpage:"

Not this is the first monoPol-Design post on the site. We have a new maker on the site.

Roland Jupiter-80 - demo of main sound categories

Published on Jan 3, 2016 SynthMania

Roland Jupiter-80 - demo of main sound categories (part 2 of 2)

Polymoog 203a and vintage Moog 12 Stage Phaser (by Synthpro

Published on Jan 4, 2016 synthpro

"Hi everyone,

This is just a video I put together to show how the vintage moog phaser sounds with a polymoog. This is a Phaser I bought as a none working unit and just recently repaired, still needs some preventive maintenance done to it as well as a calibration but could not resist playing around with it and figured I would share.

There will be a much more detailed demo of the phaser itself soon .

All the best and thanks for watching and the support!

Rupert Lally - Day One: making music with modular synthesizer, percussion and hosehold objects

Published on Jan 3, 2016 rupertlally

Some modular synth talk with Rupert Lally .

"Behind the scenes look at the modular synthesizer, percussion instruments and household objects used to create 'Day One'.

'Day One' is available to download from 15.01.2016 from"

Video playlist:

1. Rupert Lally - Day One: making music with modular synthesizer, percussion and hosehold objects
2. 1st test of Tides Parasite
3. ALM Busy Circuits Dinky's Taiko first experiment
4. Double Andore as Sound source
5. 1st test with ALM SBG
6. Modular slide guitar gamelan
7. Meta sequencer 1st patch

Roland Alpha Juno 1 - Filter Sweeps - MIDIVERSE - TV - MVM#19

Published on Jan 4, 2016 MIDI-VERSE TV

"Welcome to MIDIVERSE - TV! On this episode of Midiverse Mondays we'll be checking out the filter section on a Roland HS-10 (Alpha Juno 1). You might be wonder why I have an additional MIDI controller keyboard in front of the synth. Well there are a few things to mention about that, the first being that the HS-10's keyboard is not velocity sensitive, however it will accept velocity messages via MIDI. Since our M-Audio Axiom sends out velocity data, that handles that. I'm also running a software editor called 'AU300' on via Ableton Live, which the Axiom 61 is mapped to control. This is how we're able to access the parameters shown in this video such as filter cutoff, resonance, ect."

Korg Volca Beats : Break & hip hop beats !!!

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Todd Smith

"This video will give you a closer look on how I use the Korg Volca Beats during my more break / hip hop oriented beats . The Korg Volca Beats Stutter mode is AMAZING at the right tempo / settings . It's all bout finding sweet spots . I'll have a FULL tutorial very soon on the Korg Volca Beats , keep a eye out !!!"

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