MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016


Published on Jan 29, 2016 Steven Bassett

"Two Buchla 208's a 250e and some other stuff. Gets kinda weird at the end but thats how it goes."

Mangrove banger eurorack modular synthesizer patch/performance.

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Luke Killen

"Today i patched up a techno patch using the fantastic Mannequins Mangrove VCO as the bassline without a filter of VCA. Just an envelope to effect some parameters. So, I though today's video should be a live composition using the patch."

Mannequins is by Whimsical-Raps.

Abstract Data Eurorack modules Namm 2016

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Flux302 of

Audio Damage Dub Jr mk2 Namm 2016 interview

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Flux302 of

Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funkbox TR-909 Drum Machine

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Bimini Road

All parts & details here.

Four Iconic Keyboards, Reimagined in LEGO

via @groble

"Four iconic keyboards, reimagined in LEGO. They could become real sets with your free vote!"

As readers of this site, I'd guess you can ID each?

KORG Minilogue Analog Quadraphonic Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG VC-10 Vocoder SN 160649

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Synthesizer - Cosmo Music at NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Cosmo Music - The Musical Instrument Superstore

"Mark talks to us about Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Synthesizer at NAMM 2016."

Yamaha Montage Synthesizer - Cosmo Music at NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Cosmo Music - The Musical Instrument Superstore

"Phil talks to us about the Yamaha Montage Synthesizer at NAMM 2016."

Korg Minilogue Bass sound (and unboxing)

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"First test of my Korg Minilogue. I only tested one bass sound. And unboxing...
I recorded the bass line on the built in sequencer."

minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Korg Minilogue Osc Display Sound Waves

Published on Jan 29, 2016

"Trying out the sounds and looking at the display. It's really fascinating!

Buchla Easeaish

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Steven Bassett

Hammond B3 Vintage Rhythm Effects Mini Pops 5 SN 724530

via this auction

Look at those Kool settings! This unit was attached to a Hammond organ and was marked working when removed. Priced right! Boxed, 12x12x6", 11 lbs..."

Doepfer R2M MIDI CV Gate Ribbon Controller for Eurorack or MIDI

via this auction

BURG - Album Movement 02 (KORG volca, Roland Aira, ms-20, PreSonus, JX03, Nord Lead)

Published on Jan 29, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Ok, this is the second album treatment.. not finished in any way, just a jam session so please give your input as usual :) It might not even end up on the album if its not good enough. And YES, you hear some hiss, its the Jomox t-resonator, its getting much worse, dunno whats going on... this can be fixed on the 16 track recording i have done by separating stuff and using noise gates etc... so. I hope you can enjoy it still. cheers !

Gear Used: KORG volca bass, keys, sample, ms-20 mini, SQ-1, Elektron Analog Four, Roland Aira TR-8, TB-3, System-1, Arturia Microbrute, Roland boutique JX03, Bastl Microgranny, Nord Lead A1, Studio 601 8 bit synth

FX and Mixer: PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, KORG kaoss pad, strymon timeline, SolidgoldFX electroman, Zoom MS70 CDR, Jomox t-resonator, Mooer Reecho"

Cool Hat

Jesse Creed/The Passenger and the first and only MATRIXSYNTH trucker hat in existence. Jesse had been asking me to make one for some time now, so I did, and it is now his.

He's been known to sport MATRIXSYNTH gear in the past.

Thank you Jesse!

Radio KPD

Published on Jan 29, 2016 UncertainMusicCorps

"Inspired from an 'anything can be a drone' kind of discussion, this demo uses Disting in clocked delay mode to transmute random speech outbursts from a Radio Music (out of shot).

The delay is clocked into audio rates by a Quadra slope.

Delay output goes through a LP filter which at times is being FMed by Generator 1 on the Dual.. The folded Generator 2 is added to the mix in the later stages. Hall reverb from Eventide Space.

All recorded direct to camera."

P.S. If you ever wonder what a specific module is or who makes it, run a search on the top right of the site.

The Dilema [Live Hard Psy]

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Tim Webb

"Here's a little nursery rhyme for real victims of CIA torture and experiments, who can't talk about their experiences for fear of being labeled a conspiracy nut. And a heartfelt "Fuck you!" to conspiracy theorists.

Free MP3 Download:

• Drums: Elektron Analog RYTM
• Gritty Pad: Elektron Analog Four
• Bass: Moog Minitaur
• Acid Lead 1: Roland TB-3
• Acid Lead 2: Cyclone TT-303
• Controller Software: TouchAble for iPad
• Vocals: Me!"

A new track from the 1st supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, discchord.

GLASYS - Falling (Live in Studio)

Published on Jan 28, 2016 GLASYS

"Here's a live in studio performance of a new song called 'Falling'. A fully produced version of the song will appear on my debut E.P which I plan on releasing later this year. Let me know what you think!

Gear used: Nord Stage 2 EX, Therevox ET-4, Boomstar 4075, Social Entropy Engine and Nord Drum 2. All sounds played in realtime except for drums which are triggered from the Engine sequencer."

Firechild - Ace Of Hz ( Ladytron Cover )

Published on Jan 29, 2016 MrFirechild

"A Firechild cover of the excellent song Ace Of Hz from 2011 by the british band Ladytron. On this track Firechild is using many of his vintage synthesizers including Memorymoog, Minimoog, OB-Xa , Monopoly and more. Performed and produced by"

Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funkbox TR-808 Drum Machine

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Bimini Road

Follow-up to Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funk Box TR77 Drum Machine

"This is a demo of the now legendary, long-out-of-circulation Endangered Audio Research AD4096 Analog Delay, with the Funk Box TR-808 running through it. Very few videos show what the AD4096's Infinity Mode is useful for, which is crazy to me, because I feel like that's the best, most unique part of this pedal. Infinity Mode can be tuned to creep on the edge of self-oscillation in a really organic way. New signal pushes old signal out - and in that way it's almost like a looper, or even a tape bleed emulator.

Although a guitar pedal, mixing artists contact us all the time to tell us how they use the AD4096 on drum busses - especially for dub music! I think the AD4096 is killer on drums. You can get a really loose spring-reverb-like tone from short delays.

The Momentary Expand switch shorts the Depth pot and sends it into self-oscillation - the faster the clock speed (the Time knob turned to the right - "backwards" of how most pedals work), the faster it will run wildly into speaker-blasting range. However, with Infinity Mode engaged, you don't get the ever-louder-and-louder signal - it's "limited" because the new incoming signal pushes out the old. Also, if the Depth is turned all the way down, it becomes a momentary off switch.

The Delay line is a more traditional dark, fat analog delay sound, whereas the Echo line has a elevated, rarefied glittery tone. It's almost like an LPF and an HPF line. It also arrives just barely later than the Delay line. It overdrives beautifully, and thanks to its FET transistors, it has an almost tube-like breakup. The combination of these characteristics, along with the totally unique Infinity Mode, makes this the most tonally flexible and musically useful analog delay pedal ever made.

We get almost daily emails about these pedals at Endangered Audio Research. This unit is going to be donated to Oberlin College's TIMARA program when I'm done making demo videos for it, so don't bother trying to buy it from me. We are going to add more delay time with an aftermarket mod that will be available to the public, but first, I'm making a bunch of videos with different sound sources to show what the original sounds like.

EAR is also making a new, updated version of this later this year with expanded functionality, but gotta love the original unit - named one of the best 30 guitar effects in the world by Premier Guitar Magazine.

I don't deal in unprocessed, "clean" demos, because I don't believe it shows you more about the effect you're using. Nothing exists in a vacuum, especially music.

Signal Chain:
iPad - AD4096 - Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo - Neve 1073 Unison Preamp - Studer A800 - Ampex ATR-102 - A.O.M. Invisible Limiter

Contact me at to reserve a new version of the AD4096, or to inquire about the aftermarket added delay time modification.

Here's a link to Funk Box - a total must-have iOS drum machine. It's a fully featured drum machine with a bunch of different sounds from all sorts of classic analog and digital drum machines. It's only $5, and you are fooling yourself if you think the "real thing" sounds better."

Audulus 2 Minute Tip - 14: How to Use the Spline Node

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Bimini Road

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"This is a simple demonstration of the basic functions of the Spline node. One of my favorite things to do with a Spline is to take its output, multiply it a little, and then run that output into a Quantizer module and then into a synthesizer (thanks user JDRaoul for coming up with this technique). It allows for quick, on-the-fly melody generation that really natural.

Double click to add or delete points on the spline.

Why is it called a spline? This is why:

The 2 Minute Tip series breaks apart topics on Audulus into bite-sized chunks. I don't talk during the tutorials (though there are a few notes that pop up), and this is so that international viewers who don't understand English well don't feel left out. Familiarize yourself with the node menu and my navigation won't be so mystifying. In the future, we'll develop a finger press indicator so you can see where I'm tapping."

All parts here.

ALM Announces Limited Edition Haswells Taiko

ALM013 'Haswell's Taiko' Teaser from ALM on Vimeo.

"'HASWELL’S TAIKO’ is a special edition Eurorack drum synthesiser module limited to just 100 individually numbered units.

A collaboration between synth maker ALM/Busycircuits and artist Russell Haswell, 'HASWELL's TAIKO' is a re-imagining of ALM’s popular 'DINKYS TAIKO' drum module with both a harsher darker look and sound. Expanding the existing features, this limited edition contains an alternatewavetable sound bank of 30 unique and unusual waveforms hand-drawn by Russell Haswell specifically for this module. The waveforms range from broken classics to the unorthodox and nasty reflecting Russell’s unique sound.

Demo video shows a one take session from Russell using a single Haswell's Taiko with no external processing.

Additional voltage control modulation from a random source. "

via ALM/Busy Circuits:

"‘HASWELL’S TAIKO’ is a special edition Eurorack drum synthesiser module limited to just 100 individually numbered units.

A collaboration between ALM/Busy Circuits and artist Russell Haswell. ‘HASWELL’S TAIKO’ is a re-imagining of ALM’s popular ‘Dinky’s Taiko’ drum module with both a harsher darker look and sound. Expanding the existing features, this limited edition contains an alternate wavetable sound bank of 30 unique and unusual waveforms hand-drawn by Russell Haswell specifically for this module. The waveforms range from broken classics to the unorthodox and nasty reflecting Russell’s unique sound.

The drum voice consists of 3 parts; a digital noise source with controllable frequency and release time, a wavetable oscillator with start and end frequency settings together with a variable rate (and release time, and finally a mix and tone control for the audio output. All settings, bar the tone control, are both direct and voltage controllable.

The drum voice includes a trigger input as well as accent and choke trigger inputs to add further expressive and rhythmic control.


Custom ‘inverted’ matt black panel & knobs with white graphics.
Alternate wavetable sound bank with 30 unique hand drawn waveforms.
Wide varied 12 Bit digital drum sound source through fully analog EQ.
Extremely wide pallet of sounds with lots of modulation possibilities.
Digital noise generator combined with variable wavetable oscillator through an EQ and mix output.
Trigger, accent and choke trigger inputs.
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK."

Kyteman - Root Canal Therapy

Kyteman - Root Canal Therapy from Kytopia on Vimeo.

"This video is a one-take performance, music is performed live without edits or external sequencers other than what's in the rack."

Cinematic Diva - Sounds from the Updated "Art Of Sound" Soundset

Published on Jan 29, 2016 SoundsDivine111

"All sounds are from the updated version of the 'Art Of Sound' soundset for U-He's Diva synthesizer."

Cinematic Diva Part 2

Published on Jan 29, 2016

"Preview of the presets from the updated version of the 'Art Of Sound' soundset for U-He's Diva synthesizer."

The Three Colors of the Roland SH-101 T-Shirt

via this auction

Be sure to see the sellers other items for more. These are by

Anyware Tinysizer Analog Modular Synthesizer w Extras SN 24

via this auction

"This is my Anyware Tinysizer analog modular synthesizer.
Not too many of these around.
Comes with stand, power supply, patch wires, and an LED lamp (to see the tiny writing!)

The Tinysizer is like having a full wall of modular synthesis in a footprint about the size of a laptop! (10" x 13")

What would this cost to do with Eurorack (with case)?
2 - voltage controlled oscillator VCO - Oberheim SEM style
1 - control voltage CV - waveformprocessor - waveshaper
11 - patchble auxiliary in & outputs, bi - directional
1 - control voltage CV - source
1 - DSP effect, reverb & delay
3 - low frequency oscillator LFO
4 - CV, 6 X gate, Midi interface
2 - mixer & inverter & overload - distortion
3 - multiples
1 - white noise & pink noise
1 - ring modulator
1 - sample & hold s+h
3 - suboscillator
4 - voltage controlled amplifier VCA linear
1 - voltage controlled filter, state variable VCF - Oberheim SEM style
1 - envelope follower & audio gate & microphone preamp
2 - ADSR envelope generator

other info:
- 350 patch sockets
- mic preamp, audio gate, new and modular FX
- special power management improves the sound and dynamics of filters and oscillators
- compatible with all 1 volt / oct., 5 volt gate synthesizers and modular systems"

Access Virus C Indigo II (Version 2) Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Future Retro 777 Analog Analogue Synth Sequencer

via this auction

KORG MS-03 Signal Processor

via this auction

"Up for sale is KORG MS-03 Signal Processor, a very rare and useful vintage device to control your CV/Gate synths using audio.

Allows any instrument to 'play' a synthesizer.
This signal processor converts any audio signal input into a synthesizer control signal. Put together a guitar or vocal synthesizer instantly by connecting the MC-03 between your guitar or mike and any synthesizer with CV and trigger inputs. No alterations are needed; just by plugging into the MS-03 and adjusting the controls, your instrument can actually 'play' the synthesizer. When performing live, connect a foot switch for portamento, pitch hold, and other useful effects."


Published on Jan 28, 2016 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"Roland JX-3P is a synthesizer produced by Roland Corporation of Japan in 1983"


Published on Jan 24, 2016 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"electronic instrumental music, new age style, Everton arrangements. synthesizers used .. Roland jupiter 6 , Oberheim OB-XA , DSI mono Evolver ..."


Published on Jan 6, 2016 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"Nord stage 2, simulating warm pad Roland Juno-106, in the Nord stage 2, using two OSC saw detune ..."


Published on Oct 5, 2015 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"electronic instrumental music, rock style, Everton arrangements. synthesizers used .. Roland Jupiter 6 , Yamaha DX5 , drums RX5 ."


Published on Aug 30, 2015 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"electronic instrumental music, new age style, Everton arrangements. synthesizers used .. Oberheim OB-XA , Prophet 5, drums DMX ..."

Asian Tracks : Doepfer MS-404 - Synthesizer Music

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Mori Kanda

"Old techno music 1995~2005. Home recording. Original song.
自宅録音研究所|Recording Audio At Home

Korg Trinity Plus,
Korg Mono/Poly,
Roland Jupiter-6,
Doepfer MS-404,
Akai S1000,
Akai S2000,
Korg X5,
Roland R8,
Roland TR707,
Roland TR606,
Koblo Vibra9000,
Steinberg Cubase VST5,"

That's some old school techno.

Recording - Polyphonic Modular Patch

Recording - Polyphonic Modular Patch from BendingBus on Vimeo.

"Recording some arpeggiated chords today; modular is wired up for 3-note polyphonic.

Using a MOTM-650 tuned to pure intonation, which is outputting CV to three oscillators and envelopes. Those three tones are then mixed in a Macbeth 'Filter B' in band-pass mode to get rid of highs/lows, and focus on the midrange. Using a LFO into the filter to move it around a bit thereby creating a tremolo effect, and manually riding the CV on that.

Mono out from the modular into a Pendulum tube preamp (vintage Mullard) for some overdrive to bring out the harmonics. Liking the "small" mellow tones from this patch."

How to use the Roland MX 1 (Tutorial)

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Anonymous Animal 2

KORG minilogue Demo & Review

Published on Jan 29, 2016 musictrackjp

"KORG minilogue
with volca beats and volca bass.

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Korg Monotribe [raw demo]

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Computing.Sound

"Some sounds of the Korg Monotribe Analogue Ribbon Station.
Audio was recorded with the Zoom H-5."

Escape (from the dream)

Published on Jan 29, 2016 gattobus

"Song composed, programmed and performed in real time by Gianni Proietti (a.k.a. gattobus) with an Eurorack Modular Synthesizer."

Korg Minilogue - Factory Presets 001 - 100

Click here for the demos. The first three sets, 001 - 030 went up yesterday. Sets 040 - 100 have been added. The full set is now in one playlist.

Korg Kronos MOOD7 FM VS Yamaha DX7

Published on Jan 29, 2016 muzykujkropkacom

Octatrack vs. Analog Four - Techno jam (II)

Published on Jan 29, 2016 MrGOFIOvideos

"Another techno jam made with Elektron Analog Four and Octatrack sampler. A bit of compression was added after recording."

New Syncussion SY-1 DIY From the Maker of the TTSH

Published on Jan 29, 2016 zthee

"A two channel drum synthesizer! Coming as a DIY project this summer."

zthee is The Human Comparator, the man behind the TTSH. I realized I was using a TTSH label for his products on the site up until now. I created a new Human Comparator for these moving forward.

NAMM 2016 More New Intellijel Modules

Published on Jan 29, 2016 sonicstate

"A bunch of useful utilities from Intellijel - Boombox rackmount speaker, a new case with a 1 U rail with USB power, line output, attenuation, MIDI CV too."


Published on Jan 29, 2016 thevco

"hardware in full effect...."

Spot the synths.


Published on Jan 28, 2016 thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING improvising with Teenage Engineering noiz weapons. OPLAB, OP-1, PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Robot, PO-28 Office. A little synced delay from Pigtonix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro and all sync from E-RM midiclock."

Patch n Tweak

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