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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ekdal/Knas Vintage Polygamist Modular Synth

via this auction

These do not show up often, especially not with a listing description as colorful as the synth:

"One out of 53 totally made. The synth is in MINT CONDITION WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.
The synth is so cool and weird. Weird in coolie weird way. Very unusual character and amazing thought has gone into its sounds and architecture.
Just go to there website to discover and fall in love with the plethora of wives you will be inheriting if you purchase it.

Double U, Double U, Double U, dot knasmusic dot com..."


BURG - Album Movement 10 (Roland TR-8, Novation Circuit, Strymon Timeline)

Published on Mar 23, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

I wanted to strip things down a bit for a few tracks, go back to the roots and do some minimal droning style stuff for the album. In order to do this i just set the TR-8 and circuit up on a table so i could better focus on a smaller setup... i like the idea of being able to make music with just two instruments and some FX... I also try not overwork the production, just let beats and melodies flow in a natural way.

What your see is what you hear, signal chain is, Novation Circuit, Strymon TimeLine, TR-8, Kaoss Pad and the Zoom ms-70 CDR. This track only exists as a 2 track version.

There are just minimal FX in each chain to shimmer things up a bit in sections, i use them to punch in/out stuff.. plus that the kaoss pad has a couple of loops to build ambient textures.

let me know what you think !

Enjoy ! :)"

The Bob Cat Bassline (Tom Cat, Freqbox & MF Drive)

Published on Mar 23, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Experimenting with some unique ways to make a baseline and I came up with this. The name comes from Bob (Moog and Tom) Cat. The signal path starts with the Tom Cat's tom section which is routed into the Moog Freqbox, then out from there and into the MF Drive for some cat beef. The Env follower CV out is going into the Filter in of the MF Drive for some acid like effects. No additional processing was applied. Next weeks video will feature a full track using this baseline."

A Brave New World

Published on Mar 23, 2016 jdanielcramer

"Demonstration of three utility patches being used as a starting point to create a finished song from a generative modular patch.
Features the Triggerman Shuffle Patch, the Sequencer Switch Patch, and a Synth Bass Shapeshifter Patch.
Naked Bass Solo!"

Delptronics Trigger Man with various modules.

Moog Voyager XL Raw

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot


Published on Mar 23, 2016 Ebotronix

Moog Voyager ~ bass, chord, kick, noise
Roland EF 303 sequencer
FX : Lexicon PCM 80/90, TC M one XL
Red Federation BPM FX Pro
mackie the mixer²
vid #1484

Roland JX-8P SN 503218 w/ PG-800 Programmer & M-16C Memory Cart

via this auction

"This is a Roland JX-8p and PG-800 programmer. Also comes with an original PG-800 carrying case and M-16C Memory Cartridge for storing extra programs. 6 pin Din connector also included. Everything is in 100% perfect working order."

VGM #70: Bowser Road (Super Mario 64)

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Ace Waters

"Finally got to collaborate with my close friend Kyle Von Lanken on this groovy cover of Bowser Road from Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64. Took me a while to figure out what I actually wanted to cover this week. Still working on DKC. Still working on original album. Still working."

Erica Synths - Black Quad VCA

Published on Mar 23, 2016 DivKidVideo

"First up the voice over audio is a little different and there's some shaky camera action ... MEGA SHAKY CAMERA in place ;-P . That's due to not having access to my usual set up and a big shift around in my studio room. Bear with the camera knocks (tripod had to be on the desk with the modular, not ideal)

Second, this module features a unique pre-emphasis / de-emphasis circuit of the high frequencies based on noise and distortion reduction within radio transmission. This works to create a clean high quality linear VCA."


Published on Mar 23, 2016 LESINDES

"OWN CREATIONS exploiting the ARPEGGIATOR switing constantly modes UP/DOWN/UP and DOWN/CHORD etc. -- very intereting!
And some tweaking :-)"

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Spectral Audio Neptune Rackmount Dual VCO Analog Synth with MIDI & CV/gate

via this auction

"Spectral Audio Neptune— rack mount dual VCO monophonic analog synth with midi and cv/gate in and can also function as a midi->CV converter via the cv/gate outputs. Cool little undervalued (in my opinion) synth with flexible modulation matrix that appears to be inspired by the Sequential Circuits Pro One. Very nice condition and works great, comes with 120V power supply and owner's manual."

Mode Machines F-106 Juno 106 Filter SN 308770-209

via this auction

Roland VP-330 + SCI Pro-One Synthesizer synth jam

Published on Mar 23, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

analog strings, human voice choir: Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus (1979)
bass and synthesizer sounds: Sequential Circuits Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981)
drums: LinnDrum
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay"

MobMuPlat Patch::FM 2

Published on Mar 23, 2016 otemrellik

iTunes: MobMuPlat - Iglesia Intermedia [currently free!]

"Download [the patch] here:

My latest patch built for MobMuPlat. I basically just learned about how FM synths work and decided to build my own. Fun stuff."

ARP Odyssey MKI 2800 SN 283212

via this auction

"An amazing ARP Odyssey MKI; Model 2800; this particular unit belonged to Lavish Studios in Burbank (Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots studio) was just fully refurbished, rebushed, and ready to play. Features the original 2-Pole VCF and factory CV IN/TRIG/GATE/OUT modification for interfacing with other synthesizers and sequencers. Rebushing of the MKI synths is no easy task due to the key assembly, and this one has had the board completely and professionally cleaned with all parts replaced for excellent playability.

This particular unit has also had various FET's, electrylytics, and tantalum caps which fail over time replaced as well. Lot's of love has been put into this synthesizer for restoration and upkeep to ensure it plays and sounds as good as it possibly can. When the oscillator sync mode is activated, there is a slight pulse modulation at lower octave notes, not sure if this is standard for the MKI, but it's something of note and the tech did everything he possibly could to figure it out. Otherwise, this one is absolutely flawless and in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition to boot."

6 Voice Analog Synth "Garden Isle" Prophet6 by B. Gomez, Kauai

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Bob I. Gomez

"I play my tune "Garden Isle" on the Prophet 6 Synthesizer using a slight tweak on Preset 087,Ion83. I add some aftertouch & use an expression pedal after the intro to change the character of the sound.
Thinking of Kauai, Hawaii the Garden Isle."

Suzanne Ciani BUCHLA CONCERTS 1975

Suzanne Ciani's Buchla Concerts from 1975 will soon be available from Finder Keepers Records on April 29th. Click through for the full write-up and two demos.

"These 'concerts' are the epitome of rare music technology historic documents, performed by a real musician whose skills and academic education in classical composition already outweighed her male synthesiser contemporaries of twice her age. At the very start of her fragile career these recordings are nothing short of sacrificial ode to her mentor and machine, sonic pickets of the revolution and love letters to an absolutely genuine vision of and ‘alternative’ musical future. In denouncing her own precocious polymathmatic past in a bid to persuade the world to sing from a new hymn sheet, Suzanne Ciani created a bi-product of never before heard music that would render the pigeon holes “ambient” and “futuristic” utterly inadequate. Providing nothing short of an entirely different feminine take on the experimental “records” of Morton Subotnick and proving to a small, judgmental audience and jury the true versatility of one of the most radical and idiosyncratic musical instruments of the 20th century. These recordings have not been heard since then."

Update on the DTronics DT7 DX Programmer

You might remember the DT7 from this post back in May of last year, and NAMM this year. Additional details follow via the DTronics website which states it will be available soon.

"In the early 80's the Japanese engineers invented the digital synthesizer, known as the DX-7 the first portable FM digital synthesizer hit the market.

It was a great success followed, making it in practically every top 10 hit in the 80's and 90's.

The beast never got tamed, as the learning curve to operate it was so steep, people started using presets, and barely touched it's vast array of parameters.

At DTronics we have brought many MIDI solutions and even brought new life to the Roland JX-3 and Alpha Juno series through our dedicated programmers the DT-200 and DT-300.

Being one of the most powerful synths in the world we believe that a DX-7 programmer to explore the powerful array of parameters is a worthy addition to our product line.

DTronics presents:
The DT7 programmer for the DX-series synthesizers. The DTronics DT7 Programmer uses the same type architecture used in our DT-200 and DT-300 series, but on a massive scale!

Key features:
- The DT7 runs it's own software within it's own processors
- Firmware updates over MIDI
- Supporting different types DX-series
- Provides a knob for every parameter, no layers, no fuss!
- Easily adjust envelopes of the appropriate operator's Envelope generators, pitch settings, scaling...!

Product price:
1249,- Euro"

Help Bernie Worrell Fight Lung Cancer

For those that missed the news, keyboard player extraordinaire, Bernie Worrell is fighting cancer. For those that can and want to help you'll find a donation page to help with his expenses on YouCaring here.

"Bernie is an inspired musician who has helped to shape the face of modern music. From his days as one of the founders of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic, to his groundbreaking work with Talking Heads, Material, Praxis, and dozens more, Bernie Worrell’s pioneering use of synthesizers and emerging keyboard technologies has transcended musical genres and touched us all.

He is a musical force, a legend in our time, and an exceptional human being known for his creative warmth, generosity of spirit, and his deep commitment to his ideals. He is much beloved by family, friends, and legions of fans.

Now, Bernie needs our help. 

Recently Bernie learned he has fourth-stage lung cancer which has metastasized to his liver and pleural areas. Bernie and his wife Judie need the means to act quickly and aggressively to pursue the very best medical care. 

Bernie’s course of treatment is not covered by insurance. He and Judie need funds immediately to help him get medical care for this fast-spreading disease. All money raised will go directly to supporting Bernie’s medical expenses and other related expenses.

No donation is too small. Please help in whatever amount you can. Let's return some of the love that Bernie has shared selflessly with us for over forty years."

On a side note, what is it with our healthcare in the US? It's ridiculous. Giving this one the politics label, not to detract from this post, but just to be sure people that check the label are aware of the problem. Healthcare should not be for profit.

The Wonderful SUPERBOOTH16 Next Week ..

the wonderful SUPERBOOTH16 next week .. from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"HerrSchneider introducing his vision of the convention for electronic musical instruments, musicians and artists in the Berlin Funkhaus starting March, 31st 2016.The Tour thru the most wonderful studio building with all the wonderful rooms being ready soon for wonderful guests will be hopefully a wonderful invitation to motivate you to order your tickets now."

New MODULATOR Analog Synth Coming from Anyware Instruments

Spotted this one on

As you know, Anyware was the company behind the Tinysizer. It looks like it will be shown at SUPERBOOTH16.

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks Demo

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Vykaar Tones

"Just a quick demo of the sort of sounds you can get from this 80s drum machine. Apart from the Bass drum these are all standard sounds which come on eprom chips which can be changed for various other samples. The Linndrum, Emu Drumulator , Drumtraks , Oberheim DMX, DX and others all shared the same basic method of sound generation."

Numerical Releases RP-1 Dual Digital Delay for iOS

iTunes: RP-1 - Kai Aras

"Stuttgart, Germany - Numerical Audio is proud to announce the release of RP-1, a highly flexible stereo delay for iPhone and iPad that integrates with everything from Audiobus over Inter-App Audio to AudioUnit Hosts and of course Ableton Link. What's more, RP-1 comes with a solid standalone application that makes real-time effects processing as simple as connecting a USB Audio Interface or singing into the internal Microphone.

Two separate (stereo) delay lines allow for a wide range of effects ranging from basic slapback and ping-ping type echos to complex modulations and soundscapes.

* Two independent delay sections with flexible routing options and effect bypass
* Long Delay for Echo type effects
* Short Delay for Chorus, Vibrato & Flanger effects (Mod Frequency from 0.1hz - 10hz)
* Lowpass and Highpass Filter
* Delay times from 10ms to 2000ms in free mode
* Delay times for 1/32th to 4bars when tempo synced
* Tempo Sync via AU Host or Ableton Link
* Tap Tempo and Manual Tempo
* Normal, Dotted and Triplet mode
* True Stereo Processing
* Stereo Spread
* Standalone operation with Mic Input or USB Audio
* Audio Unit Extension
* Inter App Audio support
* Audiobus support
* Ableton Link support

* Connections
- AudioUnitV3 Effect
- Inter-App Audio Effect
- Audiobus (Filter)
- Ableton Link
- USB Audio Interface
- Microphone

* iOS9+
* iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Pricing and Availability:
RP-1 (Universal Application) is available now for $5.99 in the US [iTunes]. Apple AppStore and priced similarly in other regions around the world."

Newbeat live tribute to Brussels terror victims, w Minilogue Machinedrum Volca etc

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Shimanski Beats

"This Newbeat live performance is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22 2016. No to terrorism!

The track with the title "SMOKE 'EM OUT" is part of the Newbeat Revival movement, located in Belgium but open to join and contribute for everybody! Music against violence!

Instruments used:
Elektron Machinedrum: Drums
Electribe Sampler: sequencing the other instruments, vocal samples (George W B.)
Volca Bass: bassline
Microbrute: pwm-sequence
Minilogue: synth guitar / lead
Streichfett: strings
MAM MB33 retro: acid line

external effects: TC Electronic M350, TC Electronic M One XL, Lexicon MX200

Thank you for watching! Comments, likes and subscriptions are always welcome!

(c) Shimanski Beats 2016"

FLEKSI - mighty samplr, semi - tutorial

Published on Mar 17, 2016 Wojtek Domagalski

iTunes: Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

"Samplr is a unique app. It is safe to say there's nothing out there that does what it does in terms of sample manipulation. Because of this I decided to give Samplr some extra attention to get electronic musicians to get on board.

Of course there is vested interest involved. The app hasn't been updated in a while and I'd like the developer to keep maintaining it so we can enjoy this amazing app further down the line. So there's hope that the more people get the app the more likely it is to get developed further. Thanks"

Moog Sub 37 - Theodor Tonwerfer Warm Up

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Theodor Tonwerfer

"Moog Sub 37 - I love this great.. Synth ;)

Step Sequencer internal
Vst Delay / Vst Reverb"

Erica Synths Black Hole DSP demo

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Erica Synths

"Black Hole DSP is a eurorack stereo effects processor module with 16 unique effects which in future will be expandable with additional effect ROMs."

The Black Hole DSP was first mentioned on the site back in December. This is the first extensive demo.

Details via Erica Synths:

"Module that tops up Erica Black series with mind blowing sound effects. Custom effects are designed in close co-operation of Erica Synths team rider KODEK and of Spin CAD software creator Gary Worsham.

Black Hole DSP as standard has 16 effects, each with 4 adjustable and CV controllable parameters and CV controlled effect select. Furthermore, external effect boards (sold sepertely), containing sets of effects, can adapt Erica Black Hole DSP to your way of creating music. Use the module together with Erica Black CV Expander for more delicate CV control over parameters.


Spin FV-1 chip
16 unique custom effects
Stereo INs and OUTs
3 manually and CV controllable parameters
CV controlled effect select
Manually and CV controllable clock rate reduction for noisy bitcrush
7 segment display for effect select indication
Audio clipping LED
Exchangeable external effect boards"

Macbeth X-Series Sync+FM Excellence

Published on Mar 23, 2016 jakobsweb

"Bit of a demo to let you hear my Macbeth x-series VCOs and Dual SV-Filter. First using the second 1V/Octave IN to add a second melody and then sync'ed and using FM.
NO SONG - just sound demo!"

Moog Minimoog Model D SN 19239

via this auction

Some great high contrast shots.

"Refinished cabinet with no crazy chips or dings, as you can see it's been cared for.
New key bushings and all keys are straight and play beautifully.
This old synth Opto key midi kit installed so super tight midi in and out, notes on/off only no mod. (This mod costs around 1k)
Latest OSC version."


via this auction

"Wiard Boggie (rare engraved blue), Cynthia Zero and Barton Dual Wave Animator. In Frac rac with Wiard/ Elpac power supply."

9090 Drum Synth

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Old 70's Hillwood Blue Comets 73 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer SN 342989 with New LFO CLK

via this auction

"New LFO CLK Slider Installed by RFI Audio, Cleaned and Serviced

Works With Batteries and Adapter, Comes with Boss Adapter

Super Clean Example of this Classic Analog Synth !!"

Yamaha CS-01 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer with Breath Controller

via this auction

Crumar Trilogy Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Live Jam #27 - Techno / Ambient - APC key, Microbrute, Microkorg, BSP, Modular synthesizer

Published on Mar 23, 2016 TRM

"More outro than a full song idea. Microkorg and Plugiator play chords. Microbrute the baseline. Modular the high notes and percussion sounds. Kick and hihat from Ableton.

Stuff used:
Arturia Beatstep Pro, Akai APC key 25, Arturia Microbrute, Korg Microkorg, Use Audio Plugiator and Eurorack modular system with:

Doepfer: a-118, a-119, a-124, a-143-4, a-148, a-156, a-160-2, a-199
Intellijel: Dixie II, uFold, Quadra, 2xTriat , Linux, mult
Make noise: MMG, Lxd
Mutable instruments: Peaks
Synthrotek: Echo

Audio via the Behringer mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for delay.

No post processing."

Korg Volca Sample Midi Fix - Retrokits RK-002 Chromatic Playing

Published on Mar 23, 2016 kvfive .

"A demo of the Korg Volca Sample responding to a single midi channel with all samples triggered from the Beatstep Pro's drum sequencer using the Retrokits RK-002 midi lead."

Casio's CZ App for iPad Updated to V 1.1.0

iTunes: CZ App for iPad - CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.

"What's New in Version 1.1.0
- Changes will be reflected in the sound when manipulating envelope while pressing the keyboard
- Added MIDI player function
- Added Bluetooth MIDI connection to config menu
- Added ON / OFF switch of background audio to config menu"

Arturia MicroBrute Sound Design

Published on Mar 23, 2016

"With this video I aimed to share my sound research experience to give and idea and hope to hear some feedback from other researcher.

On a real hardware analog synthesiser making sound research is fun and very inspiring but sometimes by tweaking a bit more you lose just recently created tasty sound :-) Can we say easy comes easy goes? In fact it is not easy come, but dedicated knobs accelerate the process and help lot to learn the device."

Arturia MicroBrute Sound Design 2

MicroBrutes on eBay | MicroBrutes on Amazon

KORG Monotribe + MicroBrute Depeche Mode - Black Celebration live performance

Published on Mar 17, 2016 101SONIC

"In this video, I perform Black Celebration by Depeche Mode with a Korg Monotribe and Arturia MicroBrute. I didn't use any MIDI sync or computer sequencer (DAW) everything played real-time, computer free :-)

I know, there are many melody unplayed but the concept is playing the main part in realtime without using any multi layer recording techniques.

Trevor SONIC
Music Producer"

KORG iDS-10 Live Performance

Published on Mar 22, 2016 101SONIC

iTunes: KORG iDS-10 - KORG INC.

"It's so much fun to play on iDS-10 It sounds so tasty! remind me TB-303 kind resonant (nasty) acid bass.

The video created by screen capture of real iPad while I perform the song. This is why my fingers actions not seen but every tweaks I've done are visible for demo purpose. A part prepared few patterns, everything performed in real time.

iPad screen ratio is not the same as a HD video this is why 2 black borders presents. But the sound quality is very high because directly streamed from iPad digitally and recorded as it is.

I hope you enjoy and inspire."

via discchord

4ms SMR self patched

Published on Mar 23, 2016 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Eurorack Sorry video did no load it's a sound thing anyways 4ms SMR Make Moise function & second Lfo IOS Crystalline and Ape delay"

NERDSYNTH Demo 03/2016

Published on Mar 22, 2016 firestARTer

"This is the march 2016 update of the Nerdsynth. The Nerdsynth is a tracker based Groovebox, Workstation, Analogue and Digital Synthesizer, Visualizer and Experimentizer in one machine.

This video shows some of the updates since the last demo video. Basically, some graphical updates such as that you an see the pattern state in the sequencer screen, each track is running now completely independent from the other which allows odd rhythmic sequences. The instrument screen parameters got a ‘progressbar’ and switch style look now. And most important 2 new visual tracks are added which are edited and triggered the same way as the musical tracks. All of the videos visuals are generated live with the Nerdsynth. I prepared some visual sequences which i show later in the video by switching from 'screen clone mode' to the 'visual sequencing mode'. The visuals and the music are live sequenced and manipulated. The music is based on some simple patterns (using the ATmegatron and the Meeblip Anode cartridges for the melody and some drum-samples for the rhythm patterns, Baseline inspired by Joyce Sims). Some graphics are provided by Ville Konttinen.
Keep in mind that the visuals part is in its very first version and there is much more to come.

For more info check:"

Chord Explorer & Arpeggio Designer for Ableton Live

Published on Mar 22, 2016 svankov

"Download at
A pair of Max For Live devices to allow for quick MIDI composition inside Ableton Live. Generate chords in a variety of keys at the click of a mouse (or press of a key on a MIDI keyboard) and create complex arpeggio patterns via a powerful step sequencer with velocity and note duration per step."

Stoneroot Live @ Turku Synth Club Modular Meet 2016

Published on Jan 31, 2016 jarsamo

"Here's a piece I played/improvised with my mainly Doepfer-based modular synthesizer at Turku Synth Club Modular Meet in 30.1.2016.

I used the Roland Boutique JP-08 synth to add some extra spice. Roland's sequencer was only used for the JP-08. There isn't a proper sequencer running the modular - everything is based on a single square LFO wave as a "main" gate, which is run through clock divider/multiplier to get multiple different rythmical variations for controlling different elements. The "melody" line is actually a sample/hold random shit attenuated and run through a quantizer.
I also used Yamaha mixer's hall reverb to add some room. The performance was recorded with a Zoom H1 which also seems to have picked a beer can opening sound in the beginning quite nicely ;)

List of modules used is pretty much here: A-178, A-199, A-101-6, A-171-2, A-110-4, A-137-1, A-132-3, A-124, A-101-2, A-110-2, A-137-2, A-188-1, A-103, A-120, A-160-5, A-160-2, A-118, A-148, A-147-2, A143-3, A-140, A-138

Download the audio file from Soundcloud:"

Roland AIRA System 1 - A bunch of patches

Published on Jul 9, 2015 jarsamo

Creepy speak at 2:43.

"On this video I'm playing some patches I have programmed with System-1. I made this video to demonstrate how versatile synthesizer System-1 actually is.

There are many kinds of 'styles' covered from ambient to house, techno and trance etc. I hope you enjoy and maybe go and buy one yourself! ;-)

P.S. Sorry for the video quality, I think I have to check my GoPro settings..."

Reon Drift Box R + Arturia Beatstep

Published on Mar 16, 2015 jarsamo

"This is a little demonstration of what this little synth can do.

Reon Drift Box R is a limited model (only few hundred made) semi-modular analog synthesizer capable of making a huge variety of different sounds and bleebs. Although it hasn't got MIDI, you can use it via CV inputs. In this video Arturia Beatstep is used as a sequencer. There's a hint of reverb coming from a Yamaha mixer."

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