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Monday, April 11, 2016

Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet - April 2016 - Walkthrough Video & Pics

Published on Apr 11, 2016 matrixsynth

Great meet! Above is a shaky cam walkthrough focusing on the gear with a few views of the overall space. Below are a set of pics. Malekko, Industrial Music Electronics (formerly the Harvestman), Korg, John Bowen Synth Design, Special Stage Systems (Ming Mecca), LZX, and Din Sync were represented along with tons of synth enthusiasts showing off their gear. Enjoy! Huge thanks to the Patchwerks team for setting up the meet!

Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet April 2016

Akai AX-80 Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Vermona PerFourmer MKII 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer Quadraphonic Synthesis

via this auction

Interesting when you think of it as a quadraphonic synthesizers. Unlike the KORG Mono/Poly with one output, the PerFormer has four, one for each oscillator.

The OCS-2 One Chip Dual VCO Synthesizer with 15 Different Waveforms

OCS-2 VCF_demo from chnry on Vimeo.

The OSC-2 is in eurorack format but can be used as a stand alone desktop synth. Four versions are planned, two stand alone and two eurorack. It's based on the Arduino due and can actually run off of a 9V battery for portability.  You'll find additional details with the pics further below.   Directly below is the description for the video above, followed by a second video and description.

"Sound of the VCF OCS-2 synthesizer. A sawtooth waveform at constant frequency is pass throw the VCF. The VCF cutoff is changed via a LFO.

the resonance factor (Q) is manually adjusted during the recording."

OCS-2 VCO_demo from chnry on Vimeo.
This video demonstrate the sound of one VCO of the OCS-2 synthesizer. The sound did not pass throw the VCF,VCA.

Warning: There are some super high frequencies in this one so be careful with your audio levels. It's left channel only as well.

"The frequency is changed thanks to a LFO.

the 15 waveforms of this VCO are demonstrated one after the other."

And some info via where you'll find additional pics, info and audio demos:

"OCS-2 is an analogue style synthesizer. Small, but very powerful and flexible, it provide an incredible sound quality.

Dedicated to both keyboard player and knob addict, this synthesizer is full of feature that define it’s own unique sound.

Why is it so special?

First, the sound quality is impressive : this is not a cheap 8 or 16 bits synthesizer : it implement state of the art audio synthesis algorithm.

OCS-2 provide lot’s more than the essential of a modern dual oscillator monosynth. Original waveform, shape morphing LFO, there is a lot of unique feature :

30 control knobs
Few atypical waveform with incredible fat sound
LFO that can continuously change waveform
A CV GENERATOR with different algorithm to generate random to rhythmic modulation
4 audio effects
A very powerful digital connection matrix
A light sensor to control sound with hand gesture
Customizable and possibility for software update
Very compact
Incredible sound quality
What is inside?
2 VCO providing 15 different waveform
1 VCF (multi-mode, including a 24db/Octave low pass resonant filter)
3 LFO (2 with configurable waveform, 1 with CV frequency control)
1 custom CV GENERATOR with 4 different algorithms (Attack Release, dual LFO, Random, Non Linear)
1 audio effects processor with 4 different effect (Distortion, delay, bitcrush, waveshaper)
1 ring modulator
1 CV controlled MIX (for VCO1 and VCO2)
2 octaves keyboard with portamento
1 digital matrix to connect CV to modulation fader
1 Stereo line-IN with envelope follower and gate control
1 MIDI input (note / velocity / pitch wheel / modulation wheel / control change)
3 analog CV IN and 1 GATE IN
1 light sensor

Why will you love it?
Since it is very small, you can carry this synthesizer everywhere. You can even use a 9V battery as power supply. With an embedded audio multi-effect, you don’t need anything else!

But this synthesizer can also adapt to your setup: add a midi keyboard and your ready for endless jam.

OCS-2 is also perfect as a computer complement : prepare some midi loop and use them in combination with the modulation faders as CV controls.

With a line audio input, 3 analogue Control Voltage In, and one 0/5V Gate IN, OCS-2 can also be a great addition to your modular setup.

The extensive number of physical control allow an easy and effective sound tuning. 30 faders intent a direct access to all sound parameters, so you can only focus on the music.

The light sensors is also a great for music expressiveness : use the shade of your hand to control your sound! Your performance on stage will never be the same thanks to this feature. This is also attractive for studio work since it introduce a very different control than a fader rotation."

Korg EM-1 sh101 and tb303 style loops

Published on Apr 11, 2016 909techno

"Demo's of the Korg EM-1 electribe's saw and square with portamento/glide. Plus demos of reverb, drive, high resonance and delay. Hope you enjoy it!"

Pentatonic Spectral Delight

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Izhar Ashdot

"This Patch is based around a sequence using the Spectral Multiband Resonator’s Indian Pentatonic scale.

The SMR and other modules receive various pulses from the Bastl Little Nerd’s 5 outputs which is clocked by a BestStep Pro.

Other modules used: Doepfer A-118, A-156, A-148, Erika Polivoks Filter (as oscillator), Make Noise LxD, Synthrotek NAND, a LEL UDS drum module and a Roland SH-09 synth."

IDM Moog Mother OP-12

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Kevin Polzer

"Crystal dreams"

Steiner Synthesizer SN 5618

via this auction

This is actually the Steiner Microcon which paired with the Steiner EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), however according to this post "the Microcon works perfectly alone, without the EVI connected. It could be easily included in a complex analog synth setup, adding the unique original Steiner Parker sound from its very compact but versatile box."

I'm not sure what voltage these work with so who knows how well these would track with modern modular gear.  If you know, feel free to comment.

MFB Synth II Analog synthesizer SN 05268

via this auction

"MFB Synth II Analog Synthesizer in mint condition. very powerful 3 OSC synth with built in sequencer"

New Stardust Synth Covers

Beautiful synth covers from Stardust. These are available for sale. Click here for the full collection. Note some synths have different styles so be sure to check them all out.

Roland Jupiter-6 & Jupiter-8 covers pictured.

Mutable Instruments - A day at the factory

Published on Apr 11, 2016 mutableinstrumnts

"People and machines at work... making modules..."

Moog Taurus II controller MIDI mod (by Synthpro)

Published on Apr 11, 2016 synthpro

"Hi everyone,

This is a vintage Moog T2 controller pedal that I have converted to drive MIDI signals as well as CV.

Special thanks to my friend Jim Suchora of Sluggo Music Technology, LLC for the master PCB!

Thanks for watching,

Vermona Perfourmer - Quad Analog Synthesizer SN D02580

via this auction

"In perfect working order, you have 4 separate and complete mono synths, one big poly, or any combo in between- fully analog but controlled by MIDI. It has separate ins/outs for each channel, so I often used it as a filter bank for a guitar. Once had 4 people playing it with four separate controllers, too. The 72 silver metal knobs are rare, most of them seem to have plastic ones. As you can see I've taken good care of it in a smoke free studio rack, it was used for recording and never gigged.
Includes power cable, manual, and adorable "memory" sheets that came with it- basically paper overlays that allow you to mark the position of knobs in your favorite patches. I guarantee you will never use them."

Ambient Passage With Roland RS5 + EHX Lester K

Published on Apr 11, 2016 JediSid

"Ambient Passage With Roland RS5 + EHX Lester K + TC Electronics Flashback Delay + Boss RV5 Reverb"

Humanizing Drums (Late Night Tips)

Published on Apr 11, 2016 HalutioN

"In this tutorial, I'm going to show you my techniques for making drums and hi hats a little more organic and flowing. I'm using the Octatrack and Nord Drum 1.

Elektron Octatrack + Elektron Monomachine + Moog Slim Phatty + Korg MS-20 Mini + Nord Drum + Alesis PercPad + Electribe 2."

05-The DSI/Oberheim OB-6: Part 3- The Filter Part 2

Published on Apr 11, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is the second part of a two-part series outlining the sound and functionality of the DSI/Oberheim OB-6 filter."

All parts here.

Moog Music Announces Music For Intention & Growth on Cassette

via Moog Music

"Moog Music, Ace Hotel & Twin Springs Tapes Promote Introspection Through Analog Sound With Purpose-Driven Sound Series + Moogfest 2016 Ticket Giveaway

Analog Objective
Moog Music announces the release of 'Music For Intention & Growth: A Purpose-Driven Sound Series', in collaboration with Twin Springs Tapes and Ace Hotel. Produced exclusively for the compact cassette, the series features electronic compositions from sound-artists on Twin Springs Tapes, a cassette-only recording label delivering “stimulating sounds to aide in your experience of being.”

'Celebrating joyful experimentation and inspiring growth through creative expression is our happy place. Ace and Twin Springs have helped us get this good stuff out into the world. We love them for their partnership.' - Emmy Parker, Moog Music Brand Director

Available free at select record stores* on Record Store Day [April, 16 2016], “Music For Intention & Growth: A Purpose-Driven Sound Series” highlights the organic nature of analog sound, pairing the output of Moog’s handcrafted electronics with the unmistakable warmth of magnetic tape. The series consists of 3 individually distributed tapes featuring auditory explorations of the newly released Moog Mother-32 Analog Synthesizer as conducted by Inner Travels, Kyle Landstra and TALsounds.

Listening Environments
Ace Hotel will play the works off of vintage cassette decks in select public spaces across all Ace Hotels at 6pm local time on Record Store Day. Fans are welcome to go listen, enjoy and go home with a tape while supplies last.

BlackBook will exclusively premiere a digital stream of Side A from each cassette.

Moog Music will include cassettes in Moog Mother-32 synthesizer boxes while supplies last.

Invisible Intelligence
A limited run of select tapes will contain a unique audio transmission alerting the listener that they have won a free pair of tickets to attend Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC [May 19-22]. Winning tapes will be mixed in among the tapes distributed to Ace Hotel, Harvest Records [Asheville], Static Age Records [Asheville], and All Day Records [Durham], Carolina Soul [Durham], Schoolkids Records [Durham], Bull City Records [Durham]."

The Moons of Monday - Episode 2

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Today's Moon phase, 11 April 2016, Monday is Waxing Crescent in Gemini (was not a good day for me...)

Gear used:
pads - Alchemy Pro - iPad - controlled by OP-1
bass - Microkorg
drums - Radias
sequence 1 - Eurorack (braids) - controlled by Beatstep Pro
sequence 2 - Virus Ti2
piano - System-1 - Promars plug-out


Listenings by Todd Barton

via MATRIXSYNTH suporter, Todd Barton:

"Dear Friends,

I'm excited to announce a recent release of my cassette, listenings.

This is the recording of my live set performance I did last September as part of the Electronic Muse concert.

Limited run of 100 cassettes. More information and purchase here:

all best wishes,


Eurorack | Drone/Glitch Beat | Mechanical Alias

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Iteration and Discord

"the addac ultra wav player is the heart of this patch. this lead to a drone with the spectral multiband resonator and some tight pops coming from loquelic iteritas. atmosphere provied by dunst.
more information"

MESSE 2016: Yamaha Montage More Demo Sounds

Published on Apr 11, 2016 sonicstate

"We talk to Bert Smørenburg and get a demo of the new Yamaha Montage super synth"

Mellotron Digital and Analog | MUSIKMESSE 2016

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl VLog

"Markus Resch of is explaining the digital Mellotron keyboards and the Rack version, as well as the analog Mellotron which includes tapes from the original Mellotron production line."

Moog booth in the background.

Analog Four + Roland TM-2 Workflow

Published on Apr 8, 2016 Adam Jay

A tip in via Adam for those that can use it.  Note the tip can be used with other gear as well.

"How to configure the Roland TM-2 .wav trigger module to receive CV trigs from Elektron's Analog Four synthesizer. Also includes tips on CV trigger sequencing on the A4 plus tips on navigating the TM-2.

The A4 setup and sequencing could also be applied to the Nord Drum, Jomox Mbase/Mbrane, or other drum modules with trigger inputs.."

Moog Island At Superbooth 16, With Mad Zach

Published on Apr 10, 2016 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 16, Moog Music did not introduce any new gear, but they still had a major presence, bringing their 'Moog Island' synth experience.

They had nearly their complete line of synthesizers on hand, for anyone to try out, and they had 8 of their new Mother-32 Eurorack synths racked up as a wall-o-synth.

This video captures some impressions from the booth, and a short section of a larger Mother-32 improvisation by Mad Zach."


Published on Apr 11, 2016 MANTRA 5

"first sketch of a song that i'm working on with Marinella
there is a little detune between p6 and a100
big sky on the a100,internal effects on the P6
seq from arturia beatstep pro"

"Analog Synth, 10 minute Tweak, 2182014"

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Bob I. Gomez

On the DSI Prophet 6.

DSI Tempest, Octatrack, Evolver - Acid Liveset Snippet

Published on Apr 11, 2016 MONO CON
Re-Published on May 28, 2018

"Check out the whole session on soundcloud:

This is my new Acid Liveset. Its a bit on the harder side of Techno...;)

Gear used:
DSI Tempest - Drums, Synth
DSI Evolver - Acid Leads, Atmos
Sherman FB2 - Kickdrum Distortion
Octatrack - Oneshots, Live FX + Mixer


Ableton Live Recording with Novation

Published on Feb 5, 2016 Jose De Leon

"Just messing with Ableton and Novation to record this track.

Recording on Ableton Live 8.1.1

Novation LaunchKey Mini
Novation LaunchPad Mini
M-audio Oxygen Keyboard
Bebot iPad application"

Modded Arp 2600

via this auction

"This particular 2600 has a rather unusual modification, as shown on the panel it is called phase locking. I have gotten more information about this ....
. I have gone inside and done diagnosing and have determined that the power supply is good, I also just recapped it, and it's in great order now. .....all of the major modules are functioning and only a couple of slide pots need replacement. I So that is the condition I am listing it in. The filter module has been removed from the circuit board and I have successfully unpotted and repaired it, to full working order, .....sounds great !"

ARP 1613 Vintage Analog Sequencer SN 16130012

via this auction

"VERY RARE and highly Sought after! This 1613 is fully functional and in excellent overall condition. As the pictures show, this unit is in very nice cosmetic condition, with some minor marks and small scratches here and there. All the printing is 100% intact. The bottom plate panel however, does show more extensive wear/scratches, but this could easily be refinished and is obviously of lesser significance;)"

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer SN 2986

via this auction

"This pro one was just recently cleaned inside and out and the j wire keyboard was cleaned with an electronics contact cleaner/protector. Also some of the rubber spacers have been changed out and all the keys sit at the correct level..."

Moog Source Model 341A SN 3446

via this auction

"Very good condition Moog Source Model 341A keyboard synthesizer. This model has the bonus features of a cassette interface, plus has the original manual, along with programs, schematics, and technical information by Jan Hammer (signed by Herb Deutech) and Gary Wright. Also has all the electrical diagrams. There are no chips on the wood, no major damage, original condition and in working order."

Homemade synthesizer song #3

Published on Apr 11, 2016 organfairy

"Again I am using my telephone exchange step sequencer to control my XOR based drum synthesizer. But this time the bass is made a little different: Instead of just running forwards in the bass line, the analog sequencer goes forwards and backwards. In other words instead of 1234567812345678 it goes 1234567887654321.
The melody and the solo is played on the analogue system with the switched capacitor filter as VCF. I use the same envelope, cut-off, and resonance settings for the melody and the solo but switches between high-pass and low-pass."

Gerald Peter performing a dubstep track on the Seaboard RISE at Musikmesse 2016

Published on Apr 11, 2016 ROLI

"ROLI Product Specialist Demonstrator got the party started at Musikmesse 2016 with this dubstep performance on the Seaboard RISE."

Minilogue as Trance Synthesizer

Published on Apr 11, 2016 RemixSample RemixSample

"KORG Minilogue Analog Synth playing "LOLO - WHY" trance lead. Playing in POLY, UNISON & DUO mode. 00:14 added FX: EQ & Valhalla Shimmer"

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Sputnik and Verbos

Published on Apr 11, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"Using the Sputnik 5 Step Sequencer and Selector to create a 20 step random sequence. Sound source is a modulated Verbos Harmonic Oscillator which is processed through the Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source, and Quad VCF/VCA, and finally through the ZDSP with the Shimmer card. All LFOs from Octocontroller."

Can you believe this is an organ?

Published on Apr 11, 2016 bmot

"I just got myself a perfect example of the Yamaha YC45D, a completely fantastic organ from the mid 1970s and one I've coveted for a few years . The touch ribbon is one of its most interesting features and here I try out each of the 4 sounds it makes, with 'auto mute' on and off. The chords on the keys are from the marimba sound, with the 'LFO' speed fast and slow, and at times with percussion on the transients. It makes a lot of different sounds including traditional tone wheel-style, combo organ and e-piano. Here's a small sample of how it sounds with a small amount of reverb and delay."

"Rain" Azusa Now Inspired set

Published on Apr 9, 2016 Jose De Leon

"My hope is see that the sounds of music rain down love from God on people of the world.

Ipad Air 2
Ipad 2
Novation Launchpad
Sound Prism Electro
Ableton Live to record
Behringer interface
Canon t3i
Sigma f2.8 17-50mm lens"

Spotted this one on discchord.

Studio Electronics - Superbooth16

Published on Apr 11, 2016 DivKidVideo

"This one was a real "kick your teeth" monster of a module. Simon representing Studio Electronics gave us a run down on the first Tone Star module to make it into the EU for Superbooth. It's a full voice module that's semi modular or fully modular with lots of patch points to start breaking the internal connections to make your own. Everything from more polite techno/acid to gnarly distortion and feedback ... which was ace!"

Heen-Wah Wai performs with the Seaboard RISE and a Boss RC-505 at Musikmesse

Published on Apr 11, 2016 ROLI

"ROLI Product Specialist Demonstrator Heen-Wah Wai treated us to some music from his upcoming album Floating Spaces at ‎Musikmesse 2016. Watch him build this epic orchestral/dubstep track live using the SeaboardRISE and a BOSS RC-505 Loop Station."

Eloustik Tok Modular L-1synth Grooving

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Eloustik Tok


JDXA Workout

Published on Apr 11, 2016 Ron Feinberg

"100% Roland JDXA (onboard effects only). Tempest percussion. Electric guitar lead."

MFB Tanzmaus mnml test

Published on Apr 10, 2016 SERI@ACIDWORX

"live play with MFB Tanzmaus & YAMAHA MG06X"

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