MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

SuperBooth 2016: Soundmachines Modulör114

Published on May 2, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"I was on SuperBooth this year for creating video content. More gear news will coming soon. Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

I was on the booth of Soundmachines where Davide shows me the new analogue Synthesizer Modulör114"

Serge modular & Mobius

Published on May 2, 2016 Chris David

"Tweaking the VCFQ and Wave Multipliers of the Serge sequenced by a Future Retro Mobius."

Metasonix TM-1 Vacuum Tube Waveshaper Ringmod with CV Inputs SN TM1-75

via this auction

Live at the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth

Published on May 2, 2016 Adult Swim

"Three legendary synth musicians compete in a cosmic battle for synth dominance, in this recently-unearthed concert from 1986."

Oberheim OB-Xa, OB-8 & DSI OB-6 Shoot-Out!

Oberheim OB Shootout - Part 1 - "Tom Sawyer" Patch

Published on May 1, 2016 Joe Kearney

via Joe: "Here are a couple of short demos I did with fellow AH’er Joe Kearney demonstrating the similarities possible between an OB-Xa (8-voice), an OB-8, and the new OB-6. We picked two sounds, one from the Xa and one from the 8, tried to match the other synths to them as closely as possible, and recorded the results.

In my running commentary about the Tom Sawyer noise, I talk about portamento being the differentiating factor, when in fact it’s the envelopes (so much for my improvisational speaking skills). I plan to get the OB-6 next to the 4-voice to demonstrate portamento differences in an upcoming video."

Oberheim OB Shootout - Part 2 - Factory Pad Patch

Published on May 1, 2016

"We compare a sound on a freshly calibrated OB-Xa, a brand new OB-6, and a minty but uncalibrated OB-8."

"Analog Synth, Improv 419" Prophet 6, Ambient, easy going

Published on May 2, 2016 Bob I. Gomez

"Synthesizer, Music. Easy going Improv played on the Sequential Prophet 6 synth using preset 419 =Filter Sweep. Slight edit includes Aftertouch , & some glide, also used a sustain pedal."

Synthrotek 1U UniBuffer Released

via Synthrotek

"Recently released is our new, 1U UniBuffer module.

The 1U UniBuffer combines a buff mult and a unity gain mixer into a 1U module. It’s great for small cases where you want both functions available (like the Power Lunch).

The Buffered Multiple is a PRECISION buffered mult that is perfect for for 1V/O CV sources. The 1U Unity Gain Mixer adds input signals together and combines them for a summed output.

Buffered Mult:
1 input, 4 outputs
Precise voltage output for 1V/O sources
Unity Gain Mixer:
4 inputs, 1 output
Mixes AC signals (audio) and/or DC signals (gates, triggers, CV)
Input signal is not boosted or cut
Sum of inputs is the total output"

New Dark Modular Case: Test Patch

Published on May 2, 2016 ngarjuna

"New case by Dark Modular. Gotta love the tweed."

"Waited For You" - Stochastic Design (live performance)

Published on May 2, 2016 Stochastic Design

"Recorded in one take, by the following musicians:

Drums: Korg Volca Sample, Roland TR-8
Bass, solo: Korg Volca Bass
Chords and lead: Korg Volca Keys
Effects: Korg Demora, Boss Multi Overtone, Boss Tera Echo
Modulated by: Korg SQ-1
Conductor: Human

Original idea and performance by Stochastic Design 2016"

Whimsical Raps JUST FRIENDS: An Introduction

Published on May 2, 2016

"'JUST FRIENDS' a Mannequins module by Whimsical Raps.

Envelopes / Cycles / Oscillations / Impulses"

via Whimsical Raps


Just Friends discussing the many facets of their empathic geometry. In generating manifold envelopes, projecting impulses, cycling on parallel gradients. Together navigate the sixth nexus into your own personal patch communion.

Six vectors in similar shapes, asymmetrically skewed by RAMP. Once linear trajectories soften to sines with CURVE, or bend through exponentials, trapezoids, to variably widthed pulses. All members are temporally based by TIME as they slow from taut snaps to oceanic undulations, with tempic relationships constructed from INTONEs integer fractions. MODE employs the west-coast archetypes to all, while separate TRIGGERS and outs promote rhythmic independence. The complex MIX output twists on tradition for rippling semi-cyclic topographies.

Shifting into Sound, accelerates to a fleet of oscillators or Mangrove-styled impulse generators. TIME becomes pitch, while INTONE defines a harmonic argument, pivoting utone through otone. TRIGGER normalization allows for collective sets, with unjust chords combined in a final MIX. Through-zero FM embodies collective contortions in two timbres of depth or discernment.

Explore interpersonal dynamics with RUN. Define retrigger sensitivity for variable tempo and frequency division of shapes and sounds. A level of sustenance adds an additional stage of decay, or cook up pseudosequences with self-modifying burst generation. Discover attunement for and within harmonic pings of variable timebase, then engage complete polysyntheticism with Just Type."


Published on May 2, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, QPLFO, RCD²
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²²,RS 360²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustries Zeroscillator ~0~ quadring ~ solo for Anti²²s
Doepfer R 2m², A101-2², A114², A133², A134²², A143-2,9
A151²², A156², A175²²²,A185-2(14x),A138a²²b²²c²²²
Flame 4Vox, Arpeggiator, Chord Machine² , Q Slider²,
Tame Machine
foh choices
Make Noise Brains PP², Maths², Moddemix²², Optomix,
QMMG, René, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Freqbox²², Taurus 2 , MP201
Roland System 100 Sequencer
Simmons clap trap
SSL Modulation Orgy
Tip Top Audio Z 8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (aeolian), Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Line 6 Echopro, TC M 3000, M one XL
mackie the mixer²
vid #1504


via this auction

"For sale is this vintage original Rhodes Chroma analog synthesizer. This example, serial number 176, is being sold in as-is non-working condition for parts. It is entirely intact, appears as if someone started to service the power supply, and then gave up several minutes later. The cabinet isn't particularly nice, looks faded/washed? Serious oxidation to inputs/outputs and transformer. The voice boards (pictured) look intact and are all present."

Rare EMS Musonic Hi-Fli Synthi SN 9241

via this auction

Infinite Looper 1.1 & Aleph Looper for iPhone

Infinite Looper 1.1 Published on May 1, 2016 Secret Base Design

Aleph Looper - Secret Base Design
Infinite Looper - Secret Base Design
Curious if there is any relation to the monome Aleph Looper from Ezra Buchla & Brian Cabtree. Both are loopers.

"Aleph Looper is the iPhone version of Infinite Looper (which is universal).
From the stage to the studio, Aleph Looper will let you capture musical ideas, and can provide the framework for songwriting, all in a single integrated app. Loop MIDI phrases easily, control six different instruments, and quickly assemble loops into full songs. Visit the Secret Base Design web site for details and demonstration videos.

* MIDI Looping
There are dozens of audio looping apps; Aleph Looper expands on this idea, allowing you to quickly select different synthesizers, and loop the MIDI to each with perfect synchronization. Each of the instruments can have up to eight simultaneous loops. The loops can be of different lengths, up to sixtyfour measures long.

* Internal SoundFont Engine
Built into the app is an extensive SoundFont library with hundreds of instruments, and multiple drum kits. Pianos, strings, guitar, brass, synthesizers -- it's all there. Everything you need to get going right away.

* Inter-App Audio
Aleph Looper can host IAA-compatible synth apps -- take advantage of the wide range of innovative synths.

* MIDI In and Out
The app recognizes MIDI from other apps, over Bluetooth connections, and from hardware controllers. Secret Base Design is the developer of the innovative Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth -- the first Bluetooth MIDI solution for iOS. We're also partners in the musicIO app, which allows both audio and MIDI to be sent over an ordinary iOS sync cable. The app is built using the excellent MIDIbus library -- the Secret Base Design team has been at the forefront of MIDI on iOS for years.

* More that just loops. Songs.
Built into the app is a loop sequencer -- select different sets of loops for each section of a song, and the app will step through them automatically. You can build complex compositions, so that your songs evolve and breathe.

* MIDI Export
The iPad is an excellent music sketch pad, but it's not the end of the road. Aleph Looper will export a MIDI file for a song, which can be loaded into professional desktop DAWs. Use your iPad to put together a demo, and then bring in the full set of studio tools to finish your masterpiece.

* Keyboards and Pads
The app features a responsive piano-style keyboard -- adjust note velocity by touching towards the tops of the keys. And because on-screen keyboards can be hard to play, there's also ten pages of programmable pads. You can quickly assign notes or chords to pads, making it easy to capture the progression for a song idea, and bring the whole thing into focus.

* Quantization and MIDI Latency
To lock down timing, you can toggle on quantization -- or leave it off, for a loose, natural feeling. If you use external MIDI controllers, there can be latency in the MIDI messages -- the app can time shift slight to account for the delay of Bluetooth connections or WiFi. And if you use an audio-to-MIDI converter app like MIDImorphosis, latency compensation can tighten up the timing.


Published on May 2, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis


Rings into Clouds 1
2 Dixies into Korgasmatron and then Clouds 2
Piston Honda into MMG and then Strymon Mobius, Timeline and Big Sky
Verbos Harmonic Oscillator into Ripples
Kick and Snare from Peaks
Hats from noise into uVCF and Malgorithm
Additional samples from Bastl Grandpa
Sequencing from Turing Machine, Sequential Switch Matrix, Knit Rider and Rene.
Quantizing from ADDAC 207
Clocks from Expert Sleepers/Silent Way, QCD and Pamela’s Workout.
Envelopes from Quadra, Dual ADSR, Peaks.
LFOs and random from Expert Sleepers/Silent Way."

Hyperaktif 303 (Cyclone TT303 and Roland AIRA TR8)

Published on May 2, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"Only the TT303 and the AIRA TR8. Enjoy!"

The Moons of Monday - Episode 5

Published on May 2, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Featuring OP-1 and Virus Ti2 for pads, Novation Circuit for bass, sequence and drums and Eurorack mix for sequence and lead voice.
Today's Moon phase, 2 May 2016, Monday is Waning Crescent in Pisces.


And End - JU-06, Korg, EMX2, Novation Circuit, System-1, Volca Keys

Published on May 2, 2016 Micro Banshee

"Track title - And End...

Nothing lasts forever!

First track using the Novation Circuit with some more of my other micro machines...

Recorded live [02/05/2016]

Korg EMX2
Korg Quad Pad
MIni KP2
Novation Circuit
Volca Keys

As always, the track is recorded ‘live’"

Odd World 5 - Euro, Buchla & Serge Soundscape.

Published on May 2, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"Multi format modular soundscape."

The Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio

AT Tours MESS, Melbourne's New Synth Haven

Published on Apr 14, 2016 Audio Technology Magazine

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Ross Healy of Vicmod Records. You'll find the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio or MESS website here.

"Based in Melbourne Australia, MESS is a unique not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the creation of electronic sound and music founded by Robin Fox and Byron J Scullin.

The heart of MESS is the MESS Studio, a fully functioning sound production workshop representing one of the most unique, eclectic and historically significant collections of electronic instruments in the world. Working from within the studio is the MESS School, a place for people to engage with the history, technique and artistry of electronic sound and music creation presented in a format that is flexible, affordable and artist driven. Work created at the studio and school is supported by MESS Show to promote unique performance events and recording releases reflecting the diversity of sound created at MESS alongside historical releases from the vault of Australian electronic music . Finally MESS Schematic not only maintains the instruments in the MESS Studio collection, it also offers a space for the development of new instrument ideas focussing on design, engineering and construction.

MESS is an independent, inclusive and culturally broad organisation, reflecting the history of the field, supporting those currently involved in creation, as well as ensuring and encouraging its vibrancy, diversity and legacy into the future. Wherever it is, MESS will create an environment based on encouraging physical interaction between artists and instruments. This is a place where coincidence, chance and curiosity allow and encourage people to interact with each other and with the collection. MESS maintains independence through a diverse funding model drawing on private patronage, membership donation, and cultural institutions."

All photos credit to K ristoffer Paulsen.

This machine is based on the inspired and eccentric designs of Don Buchla who founded Buchla & Associates and later the Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments company. The system in this photo is based on the Buchla 200 series modules and this particular instrument is made up from authentic 200e modules and 'cloned' modules made by 3rd party manufacturers. A Buchla 200e system in action.

The EMS VCS3 and the EMS Synthi AKS are legendary machines in electronic sound and music. Inspired in-part by a commission from Australian composer Don Banks, EMS was founded by Peter Zinovieff who worked alongside David Cockerell & Tristram Carey designing some of the first 'affordable' synthesisers for the general public. These machines were used by artists such as Pink Floyd, Jean Michel-Jarre and Brian Eno. The Synthi AKS is the portable suitcase version of the VCS3.

Moog 55
Robert Moog is one of the preeminent designers of early synthesisers used continuously by countless artists since their first emergence in 1965. There are 2 of these Moog 55s’ in the MESS collection. Both are part of a limited edition (55 only worldwide) reissue of one of Moog’s best loved pre-assembled stock modular systems. Suzanne Ciani playing one the System 55 reissues that we have in the studio."

13-The DSI/Oberheim OB-6: Part 13- the Theme... a tribute to Prince

Published on May 2, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"I wanted to create a theme for the OB-6 series that referenced some famous usage of Oberheim synths. Of course, I immediately thought of Jump... and decided against it. I couldn't decide. I pieced together a beat from loops and then realized that it sounded vaguely Prince-esque. Prince is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and then... like an idiot... I remembered that HE was a huge Oberheim fan in the early 80s. And that's how this theme was born. It's sad that a celebration of Prince has recently become a tribute.

This is dedicated to the memory of Prince.

Don't worry... this isn't the last OB-6 video... there are many more on the way!"

All parts here.

Todd Barton at Control Brooklyn this Wednesday May 4th

via @ctrl_mod

"Last minute notice Buchla Music Easel maestro Todd Barton will be performing & chatting Wed May 4th at Control 7PM"

Roland TR-909 Covers Now Available from Stardust Synth Covers

Now available at:

More MATRIXSYNTH Bling From Joel B

Hmm... Now we are talking.

Another pic of MATRIXSYNTH Member, Joel Braverman. No, that isn't his actual car, but it sure does match.  :)  Reminds me of the MATRIXSYNTH lambo I spotted last month.

See this post for a couple of other pics of Joel with MATRIXSYNTH swag and his gear. You can find Joel on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter.

Thank you Joel! And thank you to all the other readers that support the site!

Modularsquare invite Polyphones : la place des femmes + initiation à la synthèse

Published on May 2, 2016 Modularsquare

"Composer de la musique électronique devrait être une activité partagée par les hommes et les femmes, pourtant l’essentiel de nos habitués sont des hommes.

Pour comprendre cette anomalie, et surtout tenter d’y remédier, nous invitions samedi 23 avril 2016 Christine Webster et Gael Segalen, responsables de Polyphones, un collectif en réseau de productrices qui militent pour obtenir plus de visibilité dans le champs de l’expérimentation sonore et musicale.

Minutage :
00:00:00 Introduction par Cyril Colom de Modularsquare et présentation de Polyphones par Gael Segalen et Christine
00:32:09 Initiation a la synthèse et aux synthétiseurs modulaires
01:26:00 Témoignage d'une débutante avec Catherine
01:33:00 Intervention de Christine Webster, présentation de son système, extraits sonores, applications diverses, sons modulaires spatialisés sur acousmonium virtuel avec Unity5.
02:10:00 Échange avec le public


Nous sommes Modularsquare, une boutique spécialisée dans les instruments de musique électroniques et une communauté de passionnés qui se réunissent une fois par mois autour d'un thème différent à chaque fois.

Notre showroom de Paris est ouvert au public du mardi au samedi de 13h45 à 18h45 -

Pour consulter l'agenda de nos prochaines rencontres c'est par ici
Notre blog :

Les photos de nos rencontres :"

Industrial Music Electronics - Superbooth16

Published on May 2, 2016 DivKidVideo

"We knew the Stillson Hammer mkII was going to be killer, but we didn't know how killer it was going to be until Scott took us through it. Soooo many great features! :)"

Modal 002 Sequencer Manual

Published on May 2, 2016 Modal Electronics

"Here Modal tech wizard, Paul Maddox, spends 10 minutes showing you how to use the multi-track sequencer built in to the OS of Modal 002, 001, 002r, 008 and 008r."


Published on Dec 11, 2015 Bill Brown Music

What's off about this video? Jump to 1:35 and look closely. :)

"Music by composer Bill Brown from SyFy's DOMINION Season 2

Behind the scenes in the studio with composer Bill Brown
(with Tina Guo recording electric cello in the studio)"

This one was sent in via John L Rice, who did not send it in for the "anomaly" for the record. I caught it while watching. I was actually wondering when this might happen in the modular world after putting up this post. I remember one of my readers a while back stating that most DJ's just hit play on their laptops and move around like they are doing something when in actuality they are not. It's great when you see real gear being played live. Regarding the above, it's just a video. I'm sure he knows his gear. John mentioned it is possible he has stuff normalized behind the panels...

KORG Volca FM Editor Template for Lemur

This one in via -midisexual. As the Volca FM loads Yamaha DX7 sysex for it's patches, this editor should work as a realtime controller for synths that support the DX7 sysex format including the Yamaha TX7 and DX200.  Hopefully Korg will open the Volca FM to realtime editing as well.

"I saw a few days ago that there was a post on an update to PatchBase [posted here] for editing the Volca FM. I just finished remixing an older Lemur template so that it can edit the Volca FM. I think readers of the site will be interested as:

It is free to Lemur owners, and open source for further tweaking.

Allows generation of random patches for editing

Can load patches from another midi source for editing before sending to the Volca FM (which is important as the Volca FM does not have midi out).

Here is the link:"

iTunes: Lemur - Liine

Amazing Yamaha DX7 analog patches demo – Van Halen 1984 & Jump, Rush Subdivisions, U.K. and Berlin

Published on Apr 29, 2016 Power DX7

This one in via MTG.

"This is a Yamaha DX7 demo brought you by Power DX7, showcasing the breathtaking realism and unparalleled versatility of the Yamaha DX7.

This video demonstrates amazingly warm and rich Yamaha DX7 analogue patches including Oberheim synths. These DX7 analog patches can transform the DX7 as well as Yamaha DX7s, DX7 II and TX802 into analog synthesizers. Also, a Yamaha DX7 plugin (such as FM7, FM8 and Dexed) can be transformed into an analog synthesizer with uniquely DX7 patches.

The Yamaha DX7 is the one of the best ‘pure’ synthesizer which has a very powerful FM synthesis engine. It is a famous vintage synthesizer, released in 1983, that is gaining resurgence recently. Yamaha DX7 sounds were very famous during the 1980’s with its typical E. piano and E. base sounds.

I have owned my Yamaha DX7 Mk I since 1986 and making my own original DX7 patches ever since. My focus is to push the DX7 and its FM synthesizers to its limits, hence creating many original patches with breathtaking sonic quality, realism and expression, from warm analog synthesizer sounds to uniquely DX7 piano, brass, string voice, etc.

For those interested in a Yamaha DX7 review, this is the excellent Yamaha DX7 demo showcasing its capability and versatility. For those interested in Yamaha DX7 programming, this DX7 demo shows you that creating amazing DX7 patches are only limited by your imagination.

I have chosen 5 songs to create this great Yamaha DX7 cover video. All DX7 analog patches featured are created and fine-tuned by myself, using my DX7 front panel only (no patch editor used). I hope you enjoy Yamaha DX7 music that I created for this cover and hope to inspire you that the DX7 is the truly powerful and versatile ‘pure’ synthesizer of all time.

Video Contents

Power DX7 Intro song

All original DX7 patches with amazing realism and expression, are used - Piano (High and Low notes), Male Choir, Female Opera and DX7 Brass

0:15 - Van Halen, 1984 & Jump
Beautiful, warm and rich Oberheim synth (e.g., OB-X and OB-Xa) string and brass patches are faithfully created. It is amazing how the Yamaha DX7 sounds are so close to sounds from Oberheim synths. Also, it can mimic filter sweeping, creating analogue-like, yet uniquely DX7 sounds.

2:35 – Rush, Subdivisions
Rush (my favourite band) used an Oberheim synthesizer for the powerful song Subdivisions (you can see that at the intro of the music video Subdivisions).
The DX7 faithfully emulates a warm Oberheim synth brass sound with rich mid-range harmonics you hear in the song Subdivisions.

4:06 - U.K., Alaska
This DX7 analog patch is uniquely DX7 with its’ FM synthesis engine. It ‘s a very powerful DX7 synth brass sound with ‘ear-piecing’ mid-range harmonics as well as it’s own flanging effect.

6:35 – Berlin, Masquerade
Berlin has a song called Masquerade and you can hear a very nice synth string sound. This DX7 analog patch emulates the synth string sound very nicely, as it is rich in higher harmonics and highly modulated."

Roland JX-8P Hacked Into a Guitar Synth Stomp Box

DIY Hybrid guitar sounds demo

Published on Feb 28, 2016 Seb Sermisy

Details on the build in Czech here (Googlish here).

Video description:

"Here is the sounds demo of my hybrid guitar prototype:

Guitar: Harley Benton te-30 BE (88€)
Hexaphonic pickup: Roland GK Kit (98€)
-Piezo and pre-amp:Joyo JE-305 (23€)
-Buffer: MusikDing kit (9€)
+stereo jack, 13 pin cable, led, button, tools...

The sound is wet: recorded directly from the pedal board into the audio interface. In real situation I use two amps (a Vox AC30 and a home made amp) for a perfect stereo effect. My aim was to have 3 different but complementary sounds and a huge stereo sound.

Barton Musical Circuits - Analog Drum - DIY Eurorack Module - MVM #32

Published on May 2, 2016 MIDI-VERSE TV

"What's up everybody Welcome to Midiverse Monday Number 32! Today we're going to be checking out an Analog Drum module from Barton Musical Circuits."

Classic Nord Modular G1 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 99010745

Nord Modular g1 keyboard quick demo

Published on Apr 26, 2016 kitfuntastik

via this auction

Roland SH-1 Vintage Analog Mono Synth

via this auction

"Up for sale is a vintage and super rare Roland SH 1 analog synth. Forged from the innards of the Roland System 700 this is one amazing bass machine. Absolutely destroys all over the much coveted SH101 any day of the week. It's aided in this by its secondary envelope which the 101 lacks and a completely discrete design. The oscillators, filters (there's a high pass in addition to the low pass), super snappy envelopes, and voltage controlled amp are the same circuits inside a System 700. Everything is in beautiful condition and has only seen studio use. Everything works exactly as it should and sounds absolutely amazing."

Interesting when you think of it as a pre-configured System 700 keyboard synthesizer.

Yamaha CS20M Programmable Analog Synth SN 2894 with Original Case

via this auction

Circuitbenders Introduces DIY Trigger Interface Boards for BENTLEY RHYTHM ACE FR8L / ROLAND TR77

via Circuitbenders

"The Bentley Rhythm Ace FR8L and the Roland TR77 are more or less the same machine. The only differences being that that the PCB's are in different positions, the FR8L doesn't have the tambourine sound found on the TR77 (although the empty spaces for the components are on the board and it can be installed), and the TR77 has a fade out feature along with 3 extra preset patterns.

Internally the sounds are triggered using -12v spikes, instead of the standard +5v pulses used on later machines. This interface board is designed to convert standard +5v trigger pulses supplied from an external source such as a midi to trigger converter, modular synth, drum machine or analogue sequencer, into the correct triggers to drive the FR8L / TR77 voices.

The board has 12 identical trigger conversion channels, plus a trigger input with a pair of outputs to drive the Guiro sound and its associated pitch bend triggering. Whoever designed these machines went to a hell of a lot of effort to trigger the Guiro sound, and then only used it on a couple of the preset patterns!.."

Battery (Powered) Acid

Battery (Powered) Acid from Grain Bastard on Vimeo.

"I got reminded I hadn't put a video up in quite a while so here goes...

A bit of techno/acid on some battery powered devices, the OP-1, PO-12, Volca Sample & TT-303.

I made a backing track on the OP-1 as a guide to trigger pattern changes and also to allow some changes to auto happen. The low bass, pads and some extra percussion is being played on the backing, the PO-12 is on main drum duties (kick etc), Volca is extra percussion & the Bass Bot is doing the acid. I wanted the jam to be good enough for my weekly beats entry this week so the whole lot is mixed down in Cubase.

Have a listen to my weekly tracks at if you want to hear more :)"

Harmonic Method 1

Published on May 2, 2016 voltlife

"The start of a series of experiments looking at ways to get chords and harmonies out of a modular synth. To start with, here's a straightforward approach based on three analogue VCOs and a manually-tuned three-channel sequencer. However, it's given some added tweaks to bring more harmonic and timbral variety."

Eurorack Module von Dave Rossum (E-mu) @Superbooth 16

Published on May 2, 2016 musotalk

"Dave Rossum hat für E-mu geile Filter entwickelt, die jetzt auch in einem Eurorack Case wiederzufinden sind."

Also see:

Secrets of the E-mu SP 1200 with Creator Dave Rossum @superbooth 16

Bastl TEA KICK: Sound Demo (no talking) #TTNM

Published on May 2, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

Overview video posted here.

"No talking, just sounds without any further processing! Of course you should experiment with VCAs, Filters, etc. too!

- bass drum generator
- Tune knob for adjusting pitch
- CV input with attenuator for Tune
- resonance knob
- resonance range switch (low range limits the circuit from self oscillation)
- click tune knob – adjusts pitch of click added to the drum body
- click output jack – when plugged in it puts the click out of the main output
- buffered output
- square wave output
- trigger input
- wtf input (acts something like band pass filter but not really:)
- trimmer to adjust the resonance range
- handmade in Brno, Czech republic
- front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs"

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