MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yamaha Montage - FM Manipulation in Real Time

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"FM synthesis is still one of those somewhat mysterious things to me. I understand the concept of algorithms, operators, carriers, modulators, and all. In theory. I remember trying to program my buddy's DX21 back in the day and getting some very cool, even if unexpected, results. Here is a little demo showing how easy it is to manipulate the FM-X engine of the Yamaha Montage in real time. All FX and synth are from the Montage. Drums are courtesy a TR8 and Simmons SDS 8 controlled from the Beatstep Pro that acts as master clock."

BANDAI NAMCO Video Game Synth Engine "Kamata" & More Arrive for KORG Gadget

Kamata - Trailer (KORG Gadget and BANDAI NAMCO Studios) Published on Jun 30, 2016 Korg
Update: Re-Published on Jul 1, 2016

"An unprecedented collaboration between KORG Gadget and BANDAI NAMCO Studios!

The mobile music creation app 'KORG Gadget', which won best mobile music app at Europe’s musical instrument show, Musikmesse 2016, has another major update! The new version 2.5 (codename: Kamata) developed in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Studios adds the synthesizer 'Kamata' which features a reconstructed 'Waveform Memory Sound Generator', the sound engine that produced so many legendary game sounds in the eighties!

In addition, we have added two more gadgets: 'Gladstone', with genuine drum sounds you can really feel, and “Madrid”, featuring acoustic bass, electric bass and 6 different amps for creating dynamic bass sounds! We have also installed 8 new effects, making it possible to create powerful bass tracks with more flexibility than ever before."

iTunes: KORG Gadget - KORG INC.

The update also includes the following:

What's New in Version 2.5.0
● Native Support: Works flawlessly with nanoKEY Studio and nanoKONTROL Studio
● Kamata: Video game sound gadget developed in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Studios (in-app purchase possible)
● Gladstone: Rich acoustic drum gadget that allows you to control the ambience exactly as you like (In-app purchase possible)
● Madrid: Bass gadget that creates real and dynamic sounds and includes 6 different amps (in-app purchase possible)
● Better Effects: Added 8 new effects. Insert FX increased to 5 (maximum)
● Other enhancements to make Gadget easier to use

Note the three new synth engines are in-app purchases. Also note the video denotes Wave Table and not Wavetable. Just thought that was an interesting distinction.

"Synthscapes - Vol. 3" by synth4ever - Featuring One Synth Per Track

"Synthscapes - Vol. 3 is the third album from Canadian ambient electronica artist synth4ever.

It features nearly 3.5 HOURS of relaxing ambient soundscapes, space music, soothing drones and melodic chillout sessions for your listening pleasure.

Synthscapes - Vol. 3 is designed to take you on an emotional sonic journey to the edges of the universe and beyond, through the power of electronic and synthesizer-based ambient space music.

All songs were performed, improvised and recorded in real-time using only one hardware synthesizer per track, during 2014-2016.

Headphones are highly recommended for an enhanced listening experience.

released June 21, 2016"

You'll find the list of synths used for each track below. This is a great way to hear what each synth is capable of on its own; think of each as a demo for the given synth.

Patch Notes #1 - Euclidean Rhythms with Ornament & Crime

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Our first patch example using an expanded version of the routing used in our previous tutorial exploring Euclidean Rhythms and envelopes in the Ornament & Crime eurorack module.

All 4 Euclidean Rhythm generators in Ornament & Crime are clocked by the Make Noise Tempi, which is also clocking the Wogglebug and the René X and Y clock inputs (at different rates). René is in snake mode, modulating the X CV in with the Wogglebug S&H output, Y CV by the slowly cycling Malekko ADLFO. Four channels from MN Pressure Points/Analog Memory routed to the Ornament & Crime channels modulating Euclidean Fill values on each respective channel.

The 4 channels of Euclidean Rhythms are routed to: Mutable Instruments Braids in Meta mode modulated by René; the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas in a skin/bass mode playing a short, noisy snare; the Roland Scooper which has a noise-based hihat sound whose length is being modulated by another slow ADLFO cycle; the Malekko Envelator which is triggering/modulating a resonant filter Kick in the Malekko Dual Borg. All mixed through a Malekko Mix 4 and then patched through Mutable Warps running Parasites in ping-pong delay mode.

Rhythm control is almost entirely controlled by the 4 channels of Pressure Points, changing the number of filled steps in the generated rhythms from off up to 32 steps."

12 New Synthesis Models on Analog Rytm OS 1.30c Update Elektron

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Ulises El Licenciado Lozano

"Sound test on the new 12 Synthesis models included on the update OS 1.30c

So basically there are 11 new "sounds" and 1 impulse generator for controlling external gear or internal modulations.

Basic Hi-Hat
Hi-Hat synthesis with a tinny electronic sound. Set the tone and decay of the transient to get as deep, or shrill, an impact as you want. The oscillators can be set to reset at the start, in order to get a more consistent sound between hits. Loads to CH and OH tracks.

Metallic Open Hi-Hat
Open Hi-Hat synthesis with a snappy metallic sound. A smattering of oscillators produces this particular brass-like alloy. Tune it to your musical needs. Loads to CH and OH tracks.

Metallic Closed Hi-Hat
Closed Hi-Hat synthesis with a snappy metallic sound. A smattering of oscillators produces this particular brass-like alloy. Tune it to your musical needs. Loads to CH and OH tracks.

Ride Cymbal
A multi-functional Cymbal with a variety of cymbal oscillator configurations. Type (A-D) selects different sets of fundamental oscillator frequencies, as well as different inter-oscillator logical interaction. The sound is composed of three different components - each with a different color. The contribution of each can be set individually. Perfect for ride-cymbal type sounds as well as a host of other types of cymbal sounds. Loads to CY and CB tracks.

Metallic Cymbal
Cymbal synthesis with a snappy metallic sound. A handful of interacting oscillators combine to give this cymbal model a distinctively cool chime. The ability to set the tone of the transient as well as the body of the cymbal sound lets you temper this model to suit your composition with ease. Loads to CY and CB tracks.

Metallic Cowbell
Two-oscillator Cowbell synthesis with a snappy metallic sound. Like the classic cowbell model, the resonant cavity of this virtual jangler can be simulated using subtle or drastic detune interaction from a second oscillator. Set the pitch proper, set the detune offset, then go scare those electric sheep away with more cowbell. Loads to CY and CB tracks.

Sharp Bass Drum
A modern, hard-impact Bass Drum model based on a single-VCO configuration. Sports a sharp transient and a choice of waveforms. There are five waveforms to choose from (Sine, Asymmetric Sine, Triangle, Sinetooth and Sawtooth), and there is a choice between letting the oscillator run freely (in order to get slight differences between hits), or have it reset each time the sound is trigged (wave graphics shown with an anchor point on the LCD). Loads to BD, SD, RS and CP tracks.

Silky Bass Drum
A silky-smooth Bass Drum with a sizeable sweet spot and a gentle VCO-click for shaping the transient. Check out the dust parameter, which lets the drum be buried in subtle (or pronounced) tape-like static. Loads to BD, SD, RS and CP tracks.

Plastic Bass Drum
A Bass Drum model that gives you a choice of either linear Frequency Modulation, or a combination of FM and ring modulation interaction between two VCOs to achieve distinct harmonics with a high degree of interesting movement. Both types of modulation produce distinctive harmonics, as well as the plastic buoyancy for which this drum model is so aptly named. Loads to BD, SD, RS and CP tracks.

Natural Snare Drum
A familiar and natural-sounding snare based on a single-VCO configuration. User-configurable noise color makes this snare highly useful for both acoustic-type snares and subtle, electronic mini-snares. Loads to BD, SD, RS and CP tracks.

Noise Generator
A white noise generator complete with a resonant low-pass filter and a high pass filter. There is also an amplitude envelope that controls the volume over time, and controls for automatically sweeping the low pass frequency. Loads to any track.

Impulse Generator
Generates a short pulse with controllable attack, decay and polarity. This model is useful for triggering external devices or the internal filter. Loads to any track."

DSI Pro 2 with Golden Gate Bridge in Background

Beautiful shot by @EphriamNagler, via @dsiSequential

"Made in SF.
Photo courtesy of @EphriamNagler.
#DSIPro2 #synthfrancisco #goldengatebridge"

Korg Electribe 2 Outdoor 01 - First contact by ElektroNoiser

Published on Jun 30, 2016

"I have a few days with E2 which I really like, it's really fun, so I decided to make a series of videos Outdoor, look for interesting scenery for this. Clearly, accompanied by the music I do with my E2. I hope you like it.

This is at the mouth of the river Maipo Llo-Lleo, Chile."

Limaflo's Chicago Boutique RIFF & BASS 5 Voice Analogue Synthesizer Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

The following is some info pulled via Ren on Kickstarter and their website. Note the website states "CONCEPT BOUTIQUE ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZERS DESIGNING CIRCUITS DIFFERENTLY TO SOUND GREAT", which implies multiple synthesizers. The Chicago appears to be their first.

"​Deep Lounge sinewaves, classic House bass, through to dirty Techno riffs.

A MIDI Saw/Square/Sub wave Analogue Synthesizer with four additional independent pulse waves that are adjustable in phase and width.

​The Chicago Boutique RIFF & BASS Analogue Synthesizer is designed with basic or limited features, yet a useful sound portfolio, made possible by the four variable phase and width pulse oscillators, in addition to the Sub, Square and Saw oscillators, all shaped by a wide bandwidth 4 pole Sallen & Key low-pass analogue filter.

The 'limited edition' product features:

Analogue signal path from the oscillator to the output
1 x Saw or Square wave (selectable)
1 x Synced Square Sub (-1 Octave) - it also divides the Saw frequency by 2
4 x independent Pulse waves with automatic or manual adjustment of the phase, and manual adjustment of the pulse width
Tune (0 to +60 cents), 3rd, 5th or 7th
MIDI In, MIDI Thru, channel selection 1 to 16
Classic Gate mode or Gate and 'Trigger on every note' mode
6 channel mixer
Amplifier ADSR
Sallen & Key 24dB/Octave Low pass filter with Attack, Peak, Decay, Sustain and Resonance control
Set to sine (low frequency filter) switch
Filter decay mode switch
482 mm (19") x 132 mm (3U) and ~40 mm from face to base
1 Watt power dissipation
Approx. 2 kg"

Moebius Lab for iPad Released

iTunes: Moebius Lab - Amazing Noises

"Moebius Lab is a multimorphic sound processor which contains a synth, a varispeed stereo sample player, 9 time domain effects, 6 spectral effects, 7 slots for external audio application, and nearly 200 LFOs that can modulate each parameter.
You can move the effects along two chains, and get endless combinations of incredible sounds. ALL the App parameters can be modulated with dedicates LFO (one independent LFO for each parameter!).

To get you started, you have more than 200 ready-mades presets.
Each effect has an in-line help with an explanation of the parameters.

The screen is divided into 3 horizontal areas: the top one contains the sound source (Sample player/External Input/Internal Synth), the middle one contains the Time Domain Effects Chain with four slots for external apps, the bottom one contains the Spectral Effects Chain.
The two effect chains are connected in a sort of Moebius Ring: you can route the signal from the Time Domain Chain to the Spectral Chain and vice versa.
You can even add up to 7 IAA effects and/or instruments, the number of possibilities is huge!

- EXCITER The Exciter Node distorts the signal below (Saturation) or above (Excitation) a given frequency.
- RINGER A ring modulator with distortion and feedback.
- KLAMPER Clamps the signal with some special features.
- SWARMER A “superchorus”, excellent to create super fat synth sounds (and more). It is composed by a chain of modulated delay lines.
- FILTER The Filter node has two configurations:
Dub: dual low-pass high-pass state variable filter with resonance and overlap factor.
Morph: a triple low-pass/band-pass/high-pass state variable filter with resonance and continuous morphing between the filter types.
- SPLITDEL A dual band delay with feedback.
- REDUKTOR This node can be used to decimate and do other “bad things” to your signal.
- SHIFTER A dual band frequency shifter.
- REVERSO Plays the signal in reverse at regular rate.
- BRICKWALL A spectral brickwall filter.
- GRIP This node samples and holds spectral components of the incoming signal, based on their amplitude.
- BLUR A (noisy) “spectral reverb”. The duration of the spectral components is prolonged (blurred).
- DEGRADER A spectral decimator.
- FLUTTER Flutter is a sort of animated brickwall. Two spectral sinusoidal LFOs define the frequency boundaries. The spectral components which are inside or outside (depending on the Spectral Balance) these boundaries are suppressed.
- PLATEVERB As the name suggests this is a classic Plate Reverb.
- DYNAMICS PROCESSOR You can change the output sound using a compressor and expander effect. This is used to either reduce or expand the dynamic range of an audio signal.

The internal synth contains two band limited oscillators, a complex oscillator, a ladder filter, an envelope generator and a sub-bass oscillator.

Other Features:

- Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (sender and FX)
- Built-In​ Stereo Sampler with varispeed
- Control Manager LFO for Parameters
- Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
- File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy
- Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad"

tc electronic Ditto x4 Looper - First Test

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"I have just received a tc electronic Ditto X4 looper, and this is actually the first time I have ever used a looper pedal. In this first, rough improv video, I am looping the Teenage Engineering OP-1, the Make Noise 0-Coast synth and a Gibson Les Paul; effects used were the Strymon blueSky and El Capistan and the Eventide H9. Not the best looping demonstration, but I'll get better at it..."

WALDORF NW-1 Wavetable Oscillator Module with Original Box

via this auction

"Manufacturer Description:

NW1 is our debut product for the popular Eurorack format. It includes an advanced wavetable engine with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness – just like Nave.

Intellijel Atlantis Subtractive Synthesizer Voice w/ Pittsburgh Modular Cell 48

via this auction

"Manufacturer Description:
the atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic roland sh-101. it has always been one of our favorite synths and we really liked how the seemingly limited architecture allowed for all sorts of creative and musically useful sounds to be easily generated.

1983 Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer SN 378404 with Stand & Original Box

via this auction

Note the original box has the serial number on it.

Korg MonoPoly with MIDI & Original Gig Bag

via this auction

"Up for sale is our superb Korg MonoPoly Analogue synthesiser fitted with the excellent Midipoly midi system complete with original Korg Softcase."

32 Voice Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer

via this auction

Two additional voice expansion boards installed

"Each voice consists of three oscillators, two multimode filters, 6 envelope generators, three voice LFOs and one section LFO. Phasemodulation, time linearity modulation, oscillator synchronisation, ringmodulation, sweepable waveforms and a unique modulation and audio matrix allow for a much bigger spectrum fexibility than the analog subtractive synthesizer counterpart. An additional noise source with independent multimode filtering and variable signal routing has been added for more sonic flexibility. A three band full parametric EQ per voice is a perfect addition to the engine to place that instrument right into the mix. A very nice balanced lightweight keyboard with 61 keys, keyboard split option, aftertouch and velocity sensitivity completes the new synthesizer."

Elektron Sidstation

via this auction

A Resurected Roland Juno 106

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Izotope Studio

"Первое включение Roland Juno 106 после тотальной реставрации.Все работы сделаны своими руками =)"

A funky sequence just for you.

XOXX Composer

XOXX Composer from Axel Bluhme on Vimeo.

A new video for the XOXX Composer. The first post went up back in March of 2015. See the Axel Bluhme channel label for more details.

Waveform City Episode 41 Metasonix - Brutal and Honest Insight on the Modular Maker Scene

Listen to this one through. This is one of the better interviews. No fluff. Eric Barbour of Metasonix gives candid and unforgiving insight on the modular manufacturers scene. If you want honesty, Eric gives it. At around 29:00 he touches on comparisons to classic gear, excessive fandom, and an interesting conversation he had with Bob Moog. At 1:09:55 you'll get the source of the colorful names behind Metasonix products.

Meet The Makers - Steve Dunnington of Moog

Published on Jun 30, 2016 sonicstate

"Senior designer/engineer at Moog Music, Steve Dunington talks, Mother 32, and Moog-ness"

TTSH sqwalking

Published on Jun 29, 2016 Cray

"TTSH arp 2600 clone"

Sonic Potions LXR drum synth random skip riddim

Published on May 5, 2016 kubimaturi

"LXR drumsynth random 1 trigger substep change.
like a ethnic riddim?

this tips is official LXR OS only.
this tips point is randam chioce next pattern(use Next Pattern setting r1~r8)
I choice start random point by push substep button for 0:33~.

1. setting step length(patgen "len") is 1step and write 1 drum trigger.
2. The same settings add at other substeps too and write other drum voice.(substep 1 = kick, substep 2 = snare, etc...)
3. substep setting "Next Pattern" set r1~8(randam next step). this is your choice is best :)
4. push start affter you get lovey randam riddim!!"

Vintage Acetone Roland 70's Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"To me it sounds a lot like an SH-1. Lots of bass, very cool pulse modulation capabilities... Pure monophonic analog goodness. A lot of simple usable options and features that make for basically just really a very fun and easy to program and play piece of hardware. Filters are sweet as (same as SH-1 I believe). All sliders, chips, oscillators, filters, pots, knobs and switches work 100% correctly as far as I can tell - definitely happy to make a sample video and/or have a test play on pickup though.

An interesting feature of this unit is the analog 1/4 TRS in. Basically you can pipe any mono audio source in, then use the great resonant analog filters on this machine to warm up/filter your signal. I used this feature a lot to warm up my digital synths, passing them via the Acetone filters.

There is also a TRS jack marked 'EXT. MODULATION'. I, nor anyone I could find online has been able to quite figure out how to utilize this yet though."

Roland System100 Model 101 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 9589

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer serial number 9589. This synth has the membrane type keyboard, which has the usual issues. The keyboard is uneven and some keys don't always trigger well. This type of keyboard is not easily repaired. The synth is in great shape otherwise. It has never gigged and it has only lived in a smoke-free studio. I am the second owner. I have the original box and manual. There are several Midi to CV converter boxes available, which will allow you to bypass the synths own keyboard. The Kenton, Pro Solo MKII and USB Solo, as well as the Doefper MCV4 will do the trick. I have set the price of the auction with the cost of the converter in mind."

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks (Vintage Drum Machine)

via this auction

"A classic machine from 1984. Includes extra eprom sounds. Thirteen drum sounds all with programmable tuning and level control. Extensive editing with copy and paste ability & a mixer section for individual sounds, six individual outputs, one mono mix output, and cassette in/out for offline memory storage. It should have a service/clean as some of the buttons could be more responsive. Although it has been stored for several years, it has some scratches that came with it when I bought it (shown in the photos)."

Sequential Circuits - Prophet VS Rack SN 0069

via this auction

"Works perfectly well, recently serviced by Analog Lab, New York City."

Introducing CZounds - Otherworldly Patches for your Casio CZ Synthesizer

Published on Apr 9, 2016 CZounds

"Introducing CZounds – Otherworldly patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer. Our patches recreate the sounds of 1980s synthpop bands. Visit for audio demos and patch lists."

CZounds Presents CZingles 1984

Published on Jun 21, 2016 CZounds

"'CZingles 1984' – A demo of Casio CZ synth patches based on sounds from 12 radio hits of 1984. All sounds in this video were played on a Casio CZ-101. Even the drums! Visit for audio demos and patch lists."

CZounds Presents PhyCZical Attraction

Published on Jun 21, 2016

"'PhyCZical Attraction' – A demo of Casio CZ synth patches based on sounds from songs by Madonna. All sounds in this video were played on a Casio CZ-101. Even the drums! Visit for audio demos and patch lists."

Electro Harmonix Mini Synthesizer

Published on Jun 29, 2016 Jeremy Hansen

Just a new quick demo of an EHX Mini Synth. They aren't featured often on the site, so I thought I'd post it to give you an idea of what it sounds like.


E.V. TRICK :::: RECO-SYNTH from arthur joly on Vimeo.

Mini guitar synth with spring, echo, synth, and fuzz.

Adriano Clemente: the Seaboard RISE changes how I create sound

Published on Jun 30, 2016 ROLI

"In our latest story about how real-life artists are using the Seaboard RISE we feature Adriano Clemente, the Brooklyn-based sound designer and DJ known for his genre-bending sets of techno, ambient, and synthwave music. Adriano is obsessed with sounds — and even more so with the technology that helps him create new ones. He’s using three of the Seaboard RISE’s dimensions of touch — Press, Slide, and Glide — to add depth and color to his music. This multidimensional sound control is changing the way he makes music, whether he’s performing at an underground club in Brooklyn or crafting sonic textures in his studio."

EuroDoodle // 002 - Bass & Drums

Published on Jun 30, 2016 DiscoverNoise

DiscoverNoise 047-
EuroDoodle 002-

Small doodle using the Arturia Beatstep for sequencing the Eurorack. Bass is coming from the Eurorack patch, Drums are from Ableton Live.


Part 1 here.

Toppobrillo Sport Modulator

Published on Jun 30, 2016 jamescigler

"A brief overview and demo of the Toppobrillo Sport Modulator eurorack module."

Mystical Ambient Pads With Roland RS5 + Strymon

Published on Jun 30, 2016 JediSid

"Mystical Ambient Pads With Roland RS5 + Strymon ElCapistan and BlueSky"

4MS DLD feedback processing study

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Leoš Hort

"Using Highpass, Lowpass filter and bitcrusher in the feedbackloop of DLD."

thunderstorm sound on eurorack explained

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Leoš Hort

"explanation of the patching at the end of the video. Made on request. Sorry about bad english speaking. anyway cheers Alissa!"

Buchla 212r - Dodecamodule - acid addicton

Published on Jun 30, 2016 DJjondent

"A first test video of a Buchla format 212r .
This is a new build of mine.

Lots of fun. The filter is wonderful ... getting heaps of lovely resonant & bubbly TB 303 sounds.
I've used a vintage 258 (square wave section) as the audio source.

The Output Amplifier section (lower right) is very special with its voltage control over amplitude, location & reverb.

No post audio processing has been done on the video."

Akai Rhythm Wolf Patterns

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Synth Universe

"The best I could get out of the Wolf! I hate the snare and the bass synth is OK on its own, but I couldn't get what I wanted with it playing with the pattern. Best bit: I like the muting of drum parts. Haven't really looked at syncing it with analog gear. I tried a Korg Poly 61, but it didn't work. It will probably work with the new Korg stuff like the Volcas and Monotribe. Or not."

Rebel Technology Puredata Tutorials

Published on Jun 30, 2016 Rebel Technology


1. Pure Data on OWL Tutorial Part 1

"Tutorial showing how to make and load Puredata patches on the OWL Modular and OWL Pedal.
The online version is available on our website:"

2. Pure Data on the OWL tutorial 2

"Our second tutorial on running Pure Data on the Rebel Technology OWL Modular / Pedal.

To get the patch and detailed instructions visit our website:"

3. Puredata Tutorial 3: Open Sound Module

"How to make a simple sequencer in Pure Data to control a modular synth over wifi, using OSC and the Rebel Technology Open Sound Module. Full write up here:

Download the patch here:"

New Version of Reactable for iPad will Offer Tangible Controls Like it's Big Brother

We have some pics. See the update in this post for what it will look like.

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