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Monday, July 25, 2016

WMD Modular Presentation at Perfect Circuit Audio

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Alex Anderson presents the new Performance Mixer, Aperture Filter, Doppler Delay, and more from WMD at the Perfect Circuit Audio store in Burbank, CA."

Atlantic Research TMG-1 Test Message Generator and TSS-1 Test Signal Source

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Stephen Cain

A bit of vintage lab equipment.

Atlantic Research TMG-4 Test Message Generator

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Stephen Cain

According to Steve Cain:

"This is an Atlantic Research TMG-4 Test Message Generator I found in a dumpster today.
It is plugged straight into a 10W guitar amp.
I appoligize for the audio quality.
I did not want to risk recording gear on an initial test."

Update via Steve Cain:

"The freaky part is, the end of the second video [top video above], I had turned the amp volume all the way off. It's pumping enough juice to power the speaker anyway" ... "and they made Minuteman Missiles too." ... "Atlantic Research Corp. was a major military and NASA contractor back in the day."


Published on Jul 25, 2016 MIDERA

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2
Radikal Technologies Accelerator
Access Virus TI
Korg ESX
Oberheim Matrix 1000

Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Synthesizer Black Walnut Wood End NOS

via this auction

Here's something you definitely don't see often.

Update: the listing notes the wood is Oak, but it appears to be black walnut. Thanks goes to Anonymous in the comments for catching it.

"Here is the LEFT (if you are facing the machine) wood end bell for the Prophet 10. This was ordered directly from Sequential and not used. This is for the side closest to the heatsink or the drive. If you have a rev 3 Prophet the drive is on the side of the machine on this side. If you have a Rev 2 Prophet it is located on the front of the machine.

Both the wood ends on my P10 look great so I am passing this onto someone else. NO ONE is making P10 wood end replacements. They only made about 400 (that's what I grew up reading and hearing who knows if that is true) so there is not much of a market for reproductions.

If your P10 is missing a wood end, or yours is cosmetically damaged, I am sure you are happy to see this auction."

New Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe Analog Multi-Effects Unit

Spectravibe Korg Minilogue Demo

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Endangered Audio Research Video

"The Spectravibe is an analog multi-effects unit made by hand in America by Endangered Audio Research using only the finest through-hole components.

Here is a demo of the prototype Spectravibe modulating a Korg Minilogue.

Only a few discounted pre-orders remain at the Century Sound Labs Reverb store - find them at

If you miss out on the discounted pre-order, you'll have to pay full retail price and may face some delay in getting your unit as demand is already very high."

Details via Endangered Audio Research

"The Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe is an all-analog multi-effect pedal that is about to become your pedalboard's new secret weapon. Based off the retired Gristleizer stompbox, the Spectravibe is a new evolution in modulation and distortion that is destined to become the pulsating heart of your rig.

In Trem mode, the Spectravibe acts like a tremolo and adjustable overdrive. Two wave shapes are provided: triangle and saw cover the most useful modulation needs. The frequency of the LFO ranges from 4 seconds to well into the audio band - much wider than any typical tremolo. Use the Depth knob to go from a slight warble to a total stutter, and use the Bias control to adjust the FET tube-style distortion. The Gain knob takes your tone from clean and subtle to in-your-face overdrive. In Trem mode, the Blend knob acts like an adjustable high-end air frequency booster. The two expression pedal controls for Speed and Depth allow you to keep

In Vibe mode, the Spectravibe is like vibrato or a Leslie simulator. The unique lush filter has an extended range that brings out the best of your bass, guitar, and keys. Use it on a send while mixing as a "secret weapon" EQ. Go from sweet and shimmery to a bubbly underwater sci-fi filter with the Depth knob, which controls the amount of frequency modulation. The Bias changes the filters center frequency and the Gain allows you to overdrive the filter. The Blend control will add back unfiltered signal that is essential for nailing a watery rotary speaker effect.

In both modes, you can bypass the internal LFO an inject your own modulation source. Use LFOs or envelopes from synthesizers for even more wild and unique effects.

The Spectravibe can be used purely as a versatile distortion box. Turning the Depth all the way down cuts off the modulation completely. The Bias, Gain, and Filter Mix can all be adjusted sans-tremolo for a wide palette of dirty tones. Add that to the high-level amp-driving output provided by the internal 18-volt circuitry, you can use the Level knob to rope in your guitar's preamp into your sound even more.

To use the Spectravibe as a Ring Modulator, set it to Trem mode and turn the frequency of the oscillator into the audio range. The Depth, Bias, Gain, and Blend knobs all interact in a way that make other Ring Mods seem stiff and unmusical. Plug in an expression pedal and you can control the pitch of the oscillator mid-solo. You can even use the Mod input to sync the Ring Mod with a synthesizer.

Great guitarists know about the parked wah tone trick - that is, using a wah-wah pedal as a band-selectable frequency controller. To do this with the Spectravibe, turn the Depth knob all the way down and sweep the Bias until you dial in the perfect tone. Turn the Blend knob all the way to the left to highlight the frequency band you want to boost. Once you've found it, start turning the Blend knob up to mix back in your original signal. Finally, use the Gain control to adjust the grittiness of the filter and the Level control for overall boost to get the perfect amount of bark. It's a tone tweaker's dream!

The Spectravibe runs off a normal 9-volt DC pedal adapter, but the circuitry inside boosts the voltage to +/- 9 DC for a total 18 volts. This is big: no special, expensive, and bulky adapters to keep track of, tons of headroom, and lots of gain. In fact, the Spectravibe has so much gain that you can use it as an interface between your guitar and a modular synthesizer. The switching supply Endangered Audio Research custom-designed for this pedal produces no audible whine that you'd find in cheap adapters. This means you can use any standard tip negative 9 volt supply!

With the versatility and analog tone this pedal provides, the Spectravibe will become the single most important pedal on your board - so important that you'll probably want two!"

Analog Diary : 24072016

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Kevin Polzer

"APhex Style Modular San Diego"

Mamanunga - On the Run Pink Floyd Cover - Moog Sub 37

Published on Jul 25, 2016 MAMANUNGA Official

"Testing the Sub 37 sequencer with the title 'On The Run' - Dark Side Of The Moon Album by Pink Floyd.

Recording :
Video : Zoom Q4n
Audio : Ableton 44Khz/24bit
No EQ - Just a little Reverb/Delay.

Thanks For Watching !
Peace And Love."

Custom Wood Rack Synth Walnut Keyboard Enclosures

25Key via this auction

"It is hand made. The rack is customized for the Nord or Virus which is slightly under the standard 4U rack space. If you need a standard 4U I can get you that frame instead. The frame is a standard 19" across. The keyboard is an Alesis Q25 with the power supply included. Nord/Virus are not included, only for display purposes."

49Key via this auction

"It is hand made. The rack is customized for the Nord or Virus which is slightly under the standard 4U rack space. If you need a standard 4U I can get you that frame instead. The frame is a standard 19" across. The keyboard is an Alesis Q49 with the power supply included. Nord/Virus are not included, only for display purposes."

iPulsaret 2 1 (update July 2016)

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Alessandro Petrolati

iTunes: iPulsaret - apeSoft

+ Ableton Link in integration, find out more about Link at
+ New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
+ New UI iPad/iPhone optimization
+ New Keyboard with note/veloc trace
+ New Dynamics Compressor/Expander
+ New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
+ MIDI Clock improved
+ Fixed crash for all non usual characters in the preset/file names
+ Improved Toggle Interaction
+ Audiobus latest SDK update
+ Midibus 1.35
+ Bluetooth Audio IO support
+ Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
+ New 88.2 and 96 kHz Sampling Rate support
+ Added Preset Manager 'Open In…’ Support
+ Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
+ Added File Manager 'Send E-Mail' Support
+ AudioShare support
+ Audio Engine Optimisation
+ iPad Pro compatibility fixed
+ iPhone Landscape Left/Right

NR Synth Alligator Part 5

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Pulsophonic

"Démo of Nr Synth Alligator with Electron Analog Rhythm ver 1.30. Delay of Strymon Timeline."

All parts here.


Published on Jul 25, 2016

"Delving deeper into the oscillators and sub-oscillator."

All parts here.

DSI Sequential Prophet 6 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Great working condition. Very clean. Low 1xxx serial number 1981 production. Expect some light cosmetic blemishes from normal use of a vintage analog synthesizer. Recent professional service. All panel switches controls cleaned. All J-wire key contacts and buss bars cleaned. New keyboard bushings. Complete calibration. Absolutely fantastic playing condition."

Yamaha TX816 Eight DX7 Synths in One Rack

via this auction

"Good condition, expect normal rack wear. Recent service. New high quality memory batteries installed in all tf1 units."

Yamaha Montage 6

Published on Jul 24, 2016 RobertKarasekGermany

"First Impression Sounddemo of Yamaha's latest mothership !"

Two Lunetta Tracks by Chuck Stephens

Chuck Stephens shared a couple of his Lunetta tracks in Stanley Lunetta's RIP post. They haven't been featured on the site before now and they were a fitting tribute so I added them to the post there. Take a look. One features a cat which allowed me to add the "synth cat" label to the post, which in turn is somehow fitting as a play on the words "cool cat" to "synth cat". We are all "synth cats" in the end I guess...

Samba for Ray

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Quincas Moreira

"Little tune I wrote for my departed friend Ray Wilson. Featuring his design, the Soundlab MKii synthesizer. Ray lives on in every Weird Sound Generator and Sound Lab out there, now and forever"

RIP Ray Wilson

Control Event: Make Noise 0-Coast Demonstration July 29th @ 7pm

via Control

"We are honored to have a special visit all the way from Asheville, North Carolina. Tony Rolando of Make Noise will be presenting a full demonstration of the 0-Coast, the standalone patchable synthesizer unit.

The meet begins Friday, July 29th at 7.00pm onwards.
Refreshments will be offered. BYOB.

We will be live broadcasting the event via Periscope app.

We hope to see you here!"

New Erica Synths Eurorack DIY Synth Voice

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Eurorack DIY Synth Voice,
It’s a classic architecture synth voice with internally routed VCO-VCF-VCA circuit, but it also features a lot of patch points, so its also great for experiments."

via Erica Synths

"When developing Erica Black Series and Pico Series modules, we accumulated quite a know-how on compact and great sounding designs, and we decided to share some of those with DIY community. And therefore Erica Synths proudly presents – DIY Synth Voice module!

It consists of all essential blocks for versatile monosynth, and is 100% patchable for even more controll options. In order to make the module more compact and reliable in tuning, it has digital/analogue design. VCO and envelope generators/LFOs are digital, other parts are analogue. Digital parts are designed arround pre-programmed MCU board, which comes with a kit presoldered on a small contoller board. Chain up several Erica Synths DIY Synth Voice modules and you have a versatile polysynth!


VCO with 16 waves and manual wave morphing
-1 oct suboscillator
White noise generator
External audio input
Audio Mixer
LP/BP VCF inspired by Black Polivoks VCF
Lin/log ASR envelope generator with looping function
Lin ASR EG/LFO with looping function
9 LFO waves with wave morphing
Tap tempo and LFO sync
LFO frequency multiplication (x2, x4) and division (/2, /4) in sync mode
VCA with bias control
Auto callibration for better 1V/oct tuning

PCBs + ICs (MCU board, 2xK140UD12 opamps, PCB connectors) = 60EUR
PCBs + ICs (MCU board, 2xK140UD12 opamps, PCB connectors) + panel = 90EUR
Full kit = 280EUR"

New Electro-Harmonix MINI-SYNTHESIZER App for iPhone and iPad

Published on Jul 25, 2016 EHX

"Electro-Harmonix, a pioneer since 1968 in the field of sound effects for musicians, has produced an app which is a faithful digital re-creation of their circa 1980 analog cult-classic, The MINI-SYNTHESIZER. Available for iPad and iPhone (IOS version 8.0 or later), the EHX MINI-SYNTHESIZER accurately delivers all the vintage synth sounds of the original plus modern updates."

iTunes links:

iPhone: Mini Synthesizer for iPhone - Electro-Harmonix - $2.99

iPad: Mini Synthesizer - Electro-Harmonix - $4.99

"Electro-Harmonix, a pioneer since 1968 in the field of sound effects pedals for musicians, has produced an app which is a faithful digital re-creation of their circa 1980 analog cult-classic, The MINI-SYNTHESIZER.

Available for iPad and iPhone (IOS version 8.0 or later), the EHX MINI-SYNTHESIZER accurately delivers all the vintage synth sounds of the original plus modern updates.

EHX President and Founder, Mike Matthews stated: “Fans of vintage synths will appreciate the apps ability to recreate the original’s warm analog sounds and deep funky bass, but because it’s so affordable ($2.99 for phone, $4.99 for tablet) and user-friendly, parents, educators and non-musicians will love it, too.”

The MINI-SYNTHESIZER app comes with 22 presets and the ability to store an almost unlimited number of user presets programs.

Intuitive, flexible and powerful control are provided by the MINI-SYNTHESIZER’s 12 sliders and nine switches. Here’s a breakdown of the user interface:

OSC Section
- PITCH slider lets the player raise or lower the pitch of the note by +/- 1 octave
- SUB-OCTAVE slider introduces a note one octave below what’s being played for extra bottom
- OCTAVE UP switch causes the note being played to jump up one octave.
- TUNE knob lets the player tune the MINI-SYNTHESIZER to other instruments and sound sources over a +/- 50 cents range.

- PHASE RATE slider adjusts the speed of the phase shifter
- FILTER START sets the start frequency of the filter sweep
- FILTER STOP sets the stop frequency of the filter sweep
- SWEEP RATE controls the speed of the filter sweep
- PHASE switch turns the effect on/off
- 2X FILTER switch changes how the audio passes through the filters (either in parallel or in series)
- Q switch sets the amount of resonance on the filter sweep
- RETRIGGER switch turns the filter retrigger on/off

DELAY Section
- TIME slider adjusts the delay time up to two seconds
- FEEDBACK controls the number of echo repeats
- BLEND adjusts the mix of the original signal and the echo repeats
- DELAY switch turns the effect on/off

REVERB Section
- AMOUNT slider adjusts the reverb effect level
- BLEND slider controls the mix of the wet and dry signals
- REVERB switch turns reverb on/off
- REVERB>DELAY switch lets the user place either Delay or Reverb first in the effects chain for a variety of cool sound effects.

- VOL (Volume) slider adjusts the MINI-SYNTHESIZER’s overall sound output level
- POLY/MONO switch toggles between polyphonic (four notes can be played simultaneously) or monophonic (only one note can be played at a time) modes
- PRESETS pop-down menu displays the presets available and allows the user to instantly select one
- HORIZONTAL slider lets the player adjust the keyboards sounding range over an expansive eight-octave range.
- RIBBON Interface lets the player perform portamento (glide up or down to pitch), vibrato and other expressive playing.

The easy-to-use Electro-Harmonix MINI-SYNTHESIZER App is loaded with great sounds and features and is sure to appeal to serious musicians and non-musicians alike."

New DigiLog DELTA Synthesizer Beta Test

Published on Jul 24, 2016 DigiLog

A new maker and a new mini synth. Details to come...

Tiptop Audio Giveaway for New datach’i Album System - All Eurorack Release

Details on the giveaway in the flyer below. In short, Tiptop Audio is offering a chance to win a Z3000 oscillator, "Happy Ending" kit, a 20% onetime discount on a single order.

Tiptop Audio RS909 - Roland TR-909 Rimshot Eurorack Module Now Shipping

via Tiptop Audio

You can find previous posts featuring the RS909 including demos here.

RELOAD - Harmonic Festival - Scène Australe 1

Published on Jul 25, 2016 RELOAD

"Harmonic Festival 2016
Ouverture de la scène australe - Chaï shop
Improvisation de matière sonore et d'ondes créatrices"

The Moons of Monday - Episode 16

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

Korg Radias
Novation Circuit
Virus Ti2
Euroack modular: Quadnic, Braids, Tides, Clouds

All parts here.

Casper Electronics DIY synth building. Part 3: Lo-Fi Sampler/looper/VCF

Published on Jul 25, 2016 casperelectronics synthesizers

I will be releasing the OMSynth as a kit and assembled unit within the next few weeks. If you are interested in purchasing the OMSynth keep an eye on my website ( where i will post info OR email me at with "OMSynth" in the subject bar.****

Learn how to make a touch controlled sampler/sequencer and VCF (voltage controlled filter) !"

All parts here.

Fingers, Midi clock sync

Published on Jul 25, 2016 António Machado

"Eventide H9 sends MIDI clock sync to MakeNoise 0Coast"

Artist Rendition of the Upcoming Behringer Analog Synth

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

"Artist's rendition of the new Behringer synth based on what is known from the teaser videos."

You can find the videos here including some stills grabbled from them.

8raw8 Analog Drum Expander

Published on Jul 11, 2016 8raw8

Details and additional demos previously captured here.

Simmons SDS-V ~Analog Drum Synthesizer~ Pro-Serviced/Restored

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro-One -Turbo CPU + Midi - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration SN 2500

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard PEK SN PN01002

via this auction


via this auction


via this auction

Worn ROLAND TB-303 SN 130700

via this auction

Vintage Akai AX60 Programmable Polyphonic VCO Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

"This is a very underrated synthesizer, VCO, true analog, and can get very aggressive with the resonance pumping."

Yamaha CS01 with Filter Mod, Original Carry Case & Strap

via this auction

Note the listing states, "the 2x additional custom filters are NUTS!". I don't believe the mod includes additional filter, but rather a mod to the existing filter. You can see this previous post for reference.

Check out the original carry case below.

Moog Minimoog Model D with Midi (Big Briar) SN 10175-13233

via this auction

"Extraordinary example of a mid 70s MiniMoog Model D. This particular one has a Big Briar (a Bob Moog Company) Midi card installed that makes integrating with any modern DAW a breeze. Cosmetically the front panel is as clean as any I have ever seen. It is a serial in the 11ks so it is not the "old osc board" It has three rows of calibration on the back that function perfectly. The tuning is very precise. The key action is consistent and none of the keys stick at. Just had a COMPLETE servicing at Future Music in Los Angeles, one of the premier shops in town. There is quite literally no noise or functional issues whatsoever on this synth. Plays like new."

/ Novation / Blocks wave - Nature Performance

Published on Mar 30, 2016 Matteo Cozza

"Blocs wave for iPad in Nature.

Little video to show how to use Blocs Wave by Novation!"

iTunes: Blocs Wave - Make & Record Music - Novation

// Blocs Wave // Novation - 2 iPad performance

Published on Apr 25, 2016 Matteo Cozza

"Performance with iPad Air 2 and iPad 2 with Blocs Wave by Novation trying new Ableton Link support!"

Blocs Wave - Make & Record Music - Novation
studiomux - AppBC

Techno Live Performance - Mattabott with 2 iPad

Published on Jul 23, 2016 Matteo Cozza

"This is a little live performance with 2 iPad and hardware instruments!
All is controlled by iPad, with MIDI sequencer and clock."

via discchord.

Richard Scott Live in Berlin #1

Richard Scott Live in Berlin #1 from richard scott on Vimeo.

"Sound Anatomy and Cusp Editions composer Richard Scott performing in concert on Modular Syntheisizers, Blippoo Box and other machines at Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin, April 2016."

John Macedo - Live at Cafe OTO, 21st July 2016

John Macedo - Live at Cafe OTO, 21st July 2016 from John Macedo on Vimeo.

"Solo performance at the SM-LL label event at Cafe OTO, London - 21st July 2016"

Gotharman's anAmoNo X - Trippple Analog Filter

Published on Jul 25, 2016 gotharman

"Tweaking the Trippple filter..."


Published on Jul 25, 2016 Tim Churches

"A demonstration of the Ornament & Crime CopierMascine app."

Great looking modules. Love the transparent colored acrylic faceplates.

PCLONE2 - Boss PC-2 Clone as a DIY Kit

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Jason Hotchkiss

"PCLONE2 is my clone of the Boss PC-2 percussion synth. Based on the original schematics but with a tweak to substitute the ultra rare BA662 VCA, PCLONE2 is designed for modding and CV control.

I am selling it as a full kit with included enclosure on my Tindie store"

Update: Tindie link should be working now, and the additional details for the archives added below.

"A clone of the Boss PC-2 / Amdek PCK-100 for bleeps and bloops galore!

PCLONE2 is a recreation of the (now rare) PC-2 percussion synthesizer which was made by Boss during the 1980s (and also released in DIY kit form under the Amdek brand name as the PCK-100)

The PCLONE2 kit is based on the original schematic (with a couple of changes due to the scarcity of some now obsolete components).

The kit includes all the parts neccessary for the build; printed circuit board, electronic components, wire for internal connections, potentiometers, knobs, switches, sockets, fitting screws etc. It includes a custom designed, laser-cut, case (made from 3mm acrylic sheet with 5mm acrylic side cheeks) and a laser etched acrylic laminate fascia.

Assembly by soldering is required! I would describe this as an intermediate complexity kit for experienced solderers, if you are a novice I would recommend getting some experience on simpler kits before you build this one.

This is a completely analog synthesizer with a single VCO. There is a pitch sweep function, a decay envelope and an LFO with rate, depth and wave shape (triangle/square) control. Unusually for a percussion synth there is no noise source, but you'll soon realise this isn't your typical percussion synth!

Sounds are triggered by an input pulse (5V-9V works fine) or by tapping on a piezo sensor which is mounted behind a pad on the front panel.

Tone2 Icarus Promo

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Tone2 Audiosoftware

"Tone2 Icarus - the most powerful wavetable synthesizer"

Wish this was available for the iPad as well.

Particle Cloud

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Modular Cult

"Here is another improvisation and experiment with the Mutable Instruments Clouds module as a focal point.

I have stored short segment of audio from Braids into one of Clouds memory slots and I am controlling the Position and Size parameters using the Joystick. The Density and Texture parameters are being randomised using white noise.

I am using one of the Pulses outputs from the MTM Turing Machine as a master clock source to create poly-rhythmic sequences.

The Roland JX-3P is synced to the 4MS RCD.

Thanks for watching!"


Published on Jul 25, 2016 Trübüla

"Recorded live@home on 24/07/2016 with a Zoom H4n

This record is 'LapTopFree'. Reverb is provided by the magnificent ZCAT Big Reverb Ti Stereo

Patch Recipe:

- Take a Make Noise System Cartesian and a Moog Mother 32.

- Filter the STO sine out with the M32 ladder filter.
Bring Renè with its 4 preset set on DEG / CEG /CDEG / CDEGA and use it to pilot the STO.

- Spice everything with some Maths and some Wogglebug uncertainty

Crownd Noise is provide by ( and play on the iPad by AudioShare"

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