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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Freq63 - MIDI sans frontières

Published on Sep 1, 2016 batchas

"Remix for Squarepusher's 'Midi Sans Frontières' project:"

Beautiful remix by MATRIXSYNTH Member, batchas aka Freq63.

Melbourne's EMS Synthi 100 Given Engineering Heritage Award

You might remember the EMS Synthi 100 restored in Melbourne, posted here last year. The restoration was featured on ABC News Australia. According to a new article on ABC News that just went up a few hours ago:

"Today, Engineers Australia will award the synthesiser an Engineering Heritage Marker at a ceremony at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music's Southbank campus, recognising both the instrument's importance in music history and Mr Craythorn's work in restoring it.

Past recipients of the Marker include Brisbane's Story Bridge, the Parkes radio telescope, and the Sydney Tower.

The Synthi 100 was released in 1971 by London company EMS and retailed for £6,500 — the equivalent of more than $100,000 today.

Only 30 were produced, many of which are now inoperative, in storage, or on display as museum pieces." You can find the full article on ABC News here.

Thanks goes to MATRIXSYNTH reader Luke, for sending this one in!

Addictive Pro - New Hybrid Synthesizer from VirSyn Coming to iPad

Published on Sep 7, 2016 virsyn

"Addictive Pro - Hybrid synthesizer for iPad

Digital wavetable and noise synthesis meets analog filters: The best of both worlds combined in Addictive Pro. Add in a 4 part programmable arpeggiator for even polyrhythmical sequences
and a full fledged effect section for endless creative flow.

Coming soon to the App Store !"

KAWAI K3 synth - Relaxing ambient music 【DEMO】

Published on Sep 7, 2016 synth4ever

"Kawai K3 synthesizer demo featuring relaxing ambient music.

Playing ambient music on Kawai K3 digital / analog hybrid synth. Kawai K3 synth effects from Eventide MODFactor (flanger) + Strymon Big Sky reverb pedals."

Ghost on the wings of tomorrow

Published on Sep 7, 2016 MIDERA

"Radikal Technologies Accelerator
All on-board effects except for slight limiting and EQ in post.

Filmed using Canon 5D mk ii with 50 mm f/1.8 ii and Canon 60D with 8mm
f/3.5 rokinon fisheye"

For Those Left Behind

Published on Sep 7, 2016 John L Rice

"Sorry it has been so long since I've uploaded a video! Besides being in the middle of a big studio reorganization I've been dealing with some difficult family health issues. :-(

I managed to make a little space in my bedroom to set up one of my small modular synths and out of a little self-therapy patching this video emerged.

This is dedicated to all of you who have lost a loved one.

Technical Info:
The bell like tones are from a self generating patch on a eurorack modular synth. A picture of the patch can be seen on my Instagram page.

The patch used the following modules and gear:
Synthesis Technology - E102, E355, E560
Happy Nerding - HM VCO, MMM VCF
Mutable Instruments - Rings
Doepfer - A135-1, A-143-1
Circuit Abbey - Unify, Unify Expander
Ladik - Q-010
Erica Synths - Pico Trigger
Steady State Fate - S.P.O.
TC Electronics - Alter Ego v2 delay and Trinity 2 reverb pedals
Mackie - 402-VLZ3 mixer

The chords and solo parts were done with a Novation Ultranova keyboard. [The lead sound is from the lovely Novation Ultranova keyboard.]

All parts recorded to a Marantz PMD-661 and assembled in Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13"

Custom Moog Sub Phatty with Sub 37 Wooden Side Panels

via this auction

Century Sound Labs 2hp Module Demo - Osc, Env, Filt - Quick Look

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Century Sound Labs

"Special package deal on 2hp modules when you buy Osc, Filt, and Env:

Quit using blind panels and fill up that extra space in your rack with 2hp modules! These modules are packed with tone and utility. And at $150 a piece, how can you pass them up?

Also featured are Expert Sleepers Disting mk3s and the FH-1. The FH-1 is translating the MIDI from Ableton Live into 1v/oct control voltage and gate information, and the Distings are working together to create a CV signal for the FM input of the Osc module - a little vibrato!

Drums synthesized by Audulus - for a free trial of Audulus, go to"

Note this is the first Century Sound Labs post on MATRIXSYNTH.

QU-Bit Electronix Module Demo - Chord - Quick Look

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Century Sound Labs

"Finally! An easy way to bring polyphony into your rack. The QU-Bit Chord module makes fat stacked chord a Eurorack reality. It's simple, elegant, easy to understand, and gives you individual outputs for each interval. There's so much to this module - it's going to become an indispensible part of your rig!

Also featured is the QU-Bit Octone 8 step sequencer, and the 2hp Env, Filt, and LFO modules."

New Eurorack Module Coming from Audio Damage

via chris.randall

"chris.randallWell, well, well. What have we here? #eurorack #audiodamage #prototyping"

Note the slot on the bottom left. According to Chris: "SD card. To be clear, these are not samplers."

Update via @Chris_Randall:

"Those are actually prototype platform test modules; they're not anything in particular.

We're designing a new platform based around a bigger chip, and we made modules to test code on it."

Official Waldorf Q demo

Published on Sep 7, 2016 EmptyVessel

"Came across this on my hard drive amongst a pile of Waldorf stuff I got with my XTk. Original Waldorf Q demo launch video :)"

Vintage Minimoog Synthesizer SN 1754

via this auction

"Vintage Moog model D synthesizer (# 1754) available for sale by original owner. Total VCO upgrade in the late 1970's to the infinitely more stable Moog retrofit. This early synth is a classic and still operates though as stated above, a good cleaning and servicing is recommended."


Ferfin from Giorgio A on Vimeo.

"More of my modular synth music at

Eurorack Modular Synth performance, recorded live in one take.

All sounds produced on Eurorack synthesizer modules.

Exploring the Antimatter Brainseed module. Recorded the whole track sequence live from the Qu-bit Octane into the Brainseed, manually altering the sequenced pitch. Then played back the sequence from the Brainseed, and manually tweaked knobs. That is what you see in the video."

dreadbox Hades Synthesizer - Sawtooth Sequencing

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Synth


Published on Sep 7, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Another improv with patch similar to previous patch. Zularic and Numeric Repetitors into Confundo Funkitus driving the patch.

Kick: Basimilus Iteritas
Snare: Ataraxic Translatron into Streams
Hats: Erica Pico VCO into WMD/SSF MMF, with envelopes from Quadra
Bass: Sinc Iter
Braids into Clouds, sequenced by Bastl Popcorn clocked by Confundo Funkitus.
2 Dixies into Streams and then Chronoblob, controlled by Sputnik Touch Keyboard clocked by Temps Utile.
2 Grandpas for samples, first into Chronoblob and then Clouds, second into Polaris and then Clouds #2.

Modulation by Bastl CV Trinity and SSF URA."

Hicut Cake #018 :: MFB Tanzbär – tutorial

Published on Sep 7, 2016 hicutcake

– MFB Tanzbär

Reverb added in Logic Pro X.

Recorded at: Studio Tort, Warsaw, Poland 2016"

Echo Complexion by Body In The Thames - Four Takes with the DSI OB-6

"short improvisation in 4 takes with the beautiful OB-6

take 1 - 16 beat, two note sequence with panning, flange & phase (fading the VCOs out to noise at the end)
take 2 - improvised lead (couple of wrong notes!)
take 3 - portamento & pitch bend chords (pitch LFO & cross mod for crazy noises)
take 4 - a little chord progression for an intro

from fresh air to finished mixdown in approx 25 mins
I love this synth so much"

5 Days of Circuit - Part 3

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Jeremy Leaird-Koch

All parts here.

"Let's play with the Novation Circuit!

The Circuit is a 2 synth, 4 drum groove box.
The Launch Control XL is a MIDI controller that has templates for working with some of the Circuit's parameters.

I recently got this combo and have been working on various sessions. Here I'll run through some of the stuff I've made, mixing and tweaking on the fly.

The Launch Control is in Mixer mode and gives me access to effect sends and levels. Super useful!

Hope you enjoy."

The Hyve Touch Synthesizer & Lost Arts

via @scotwiedmann

"Lost Arts is an awesome collaborative space for creatives in Chicago started by Charles Adler. Check it out at"

Update: details here.

0-Coast PGM Pages, pt. 5 & 6 MIDI B CV & Gate

0-Coast PGM Pages, pt. 5: Page 4, MIDI B CV

Published on Sep 7, 2016 MAKEN0ISE

All parts here.

0-Coast PGM Pages, pt. 6: Page 5, MIDI B Gate

Erica Synths Fusion Delay mkII Demo

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Erica Synths

"Fusion Delay is analogue BBD chip & tube driven stereo multi effects processor, delivering everything from subtle delays to extreme flangers."

Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer (1981) "Crazy Horse"

Published on Sep 7, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: Oberheim OB-Xa analog synthesizer from the year 1981
drums: Roland TR-808 (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay"

Akai SG01k Stomp

Published on Sep 7, 2016 KTV Rampage

"100% Akai SG01k GM Sound Module
Sequenced and recorded in Ableton Live
Some mild limiting in Audacity"

VGM #84: Heartache (Undertale)

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Ace Waters

"Clever. Verrrryyy clever.

You think you're really smart, don't you?

In this world, it's kill or be killed.

So you were able to play by your own rules.

You spared the life of a single person.

Hee hee hee....

But don't act so cocky.

I know what you did..."

PEARL SYNCUSSION SY-1 With Drum Pads, Stands, Case & Original Box

via this auction

“A superb example of our favourite drum synth: for sale serviced and in perfect working order. Comes with the original carry case, drums for triggering it still in their original box, power supply and some of the original paperwork. The condition is excellent / near mint: there's barely a mark on it with only one ding to the casing visible from the front – please see the detailed photos in the listing to assess it for yourself: it doesn't look to have ever been near a drummer. The plastic case is in fair condition with various tears along the edges but still functional. The drums have seen some use but both skins are intact. Serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services, and also modified for separated outputs on a TRS jack.”

Yamaha CS15 SN 4331

via this auction

Waldorf Q "Limited Phoenix Edition" Keyboard

via this auction

YAMAHA CS40M programable monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage ARP Odyssey MKIII model 2823 fully serviced

via this auction

"Vintage ARP Odyssey MKIII 2823 model for sale in great shape and perfect working condition.

This Odyssey is fully serviced :

- All electrolytics capacitors changed including tantalum caps replaced by Low ESR Hi Grade caps
- All CMOS ICs and AOPs changed by new compoments
- "Full range" modification on the 4075 VCF, MKII and MKIII were fitted with the 24dB/oct 4075 VCF which had a well known 12 kHz bandwidth limit error and which had been modified (several resistor values needed to be changed on the VCF module), to solve this problem = Very noticeable improvement in sound.
- All sliders were cleaned and some were replaced.
- This Odyssey has been tuned

Duophony works perfectly as the keyboard.

CV/GATE interface + external audio input + jack and XLR output + portamento footswitch …"

minilogue、ipad RC-50 improvisation ; Yoshio Kobayashi

Published on Aug 27, 2016 jimmy3952

"2016年8月27日 Performance at Hirosima Otis!

KORG minilogue、 iPad ×2、iPod Touch、 BOSS RC-50、 Behringer 12Mixer"

YAMAHA CS30 Free Improvisation Yoshio Kobayashi

Published on Nov 3, 2015 jimmy3952

"YAMAHA CS30 、BEHRINGER 12Ch Mixer( Reverb ) + iMovie(Reverb)"

Experimental Synth Tracks by Jeff Purgason

Published on Sep 6, 2016 Jeff Purgason

Note this is a playlist of all the videos on Jeff Purgason

1. Experimental Underworld Sequence Techno - Published on Sep 6, 2016
"Elektron Machine Drum sequences the EMU Proteus 2500 and the Korg Wavestation. Roland TR-909 sends rimshot to both Juno 60 and SH-5 . Pressing play having a go......"

2. Live Techno with synthesizers
"Interesting phenomena, Pressing the Roland SH-5 stops the flow to the Juno 60's arpeggiator. Both coming out of the Roland TR-909's rimshot out...." [Reminiscent of the Stranger Things intro theme.]

3. 2 min to tekno
4. strange electronic beats
5. Roland SH-5

Modular Analogue Séances by E I S E N T A N Z

Published on Aug 28, 2016 E I S E N T A N Z

Synth Tech - Quad CV Processor

Published on Sep 7, 2016 shiftedphase

"Here is a look at the D105 Quad CV Proc that you can build. Full info is available at: Check out the video for an explanation of how the circuit works."

See the Dintree label below for more.

Electronic Sound Maker and Computer Music Magazines 1983 - 1985

Published on Sep 7, 2016 kvfive

"1980s Electronic Sound Maker and Computer Music Magazines

All 24 editions featuring Vince Clarke, Depeche Mode, John Foxx, Mark Shreeve, Pete Shelley, Bill Nelson, Heaven 17, Paul Hardcastle, Blancmange, Soft Cell, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre, Cocteau Twins, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Thomas Dolby, Fad Gadget, Ultravox, Kate Bush.

Thanks For Watching -"

Gotharman's anAmoNo X - CV Outputs Updated

Published on Sep 7, 2016 gotharman

"The CV outputs of anAmoNo X has been updated to 10 bit/22 KHz for better audio performance. Still not 16 bit / 44.1 KHz quality, but better and more usable than the first 12 bit / 5KHz version."

Rene meets Tempi meets Wowa

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Dudadius

"This video is about Rene meets Tempi meets Wowa"

Qu Bit Chord - Space Patch

Published on Sep 7, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"First patch with the QU-Bit Chord Module.
Chord is being sequenced by the Koma Komplex Sequencer, and is then processed through Clouds & the ZDSP in Shimmer Mode, which gives the occasional rising harmonics effect.
The twinkly synth is the Verbos Harmonic Osc sequenced by the Kilpatrick K4815. I have also added some LFO'd noise for additional depth."

Patchblocks vs JP8000 - Supersaw battle on the "Giorgio" theme

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Matthieu

"Size doesn't matter...
I really love the theme of the Daft Punk track "Giorgio by Moroder". Roland 9/09 day is coming and I had an opportunity to have for a few days a Roland JP8000. This synth introduced the 'supersaw' wave, so I thought that it would be funny to run the same sequence in the JP8000 (via the Midiblock) and in the Patchblock (the left one) with a supersaw patch. The right Patchblock is just used to mix the volca and the other patchblock."

KORG ARP ODYSSEY Module Sound Demos


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