MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Qu-Bit Electonix & Ableton Events Coming to Control Voltage in Portland

Qu-Bit Electonix Chord demo is set for 9/20.

Ableton Live/Push Garden is set for 10/1.


Ninnana from Giorgio A on Vimeo.

"More of my modular synth music at

Eurorack Modular Synth performance, recorded live in one take."

DJ Controller DJ-808 "The Future. Redefined." Live stream from Auckland

Published on Sep 13, 2016 RolandChannel
Re-Published on Sep 14, 2016

Young Ly, CEO of Serato & Junichi Miki, CEO of Roland.

Roland products at Knobcon 2016 tr-09, tb-03, system 8

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Flux302 of

"knobcon 2016 roland product line up"

Roland Tr 09 quick sound demo from knobcon 2016 tr 909

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Flux302 of

"Just a quick sound demo from the show floor of Knobcon 2016 showcasing the TR-09 boutique drum machine."

Analogue Solutions Vostok MKII Analog Semi Modular Synth

via this auction

Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM SN 100469

via this auction

"Resonant Oberheim SEM 12dB low pass filter - version"

Vermona gear party ( DRM1, Perfourmer, Phaser )

Published on Sep 13, 2016 alternatingbitmusic

"I've owned the DRM1 MKIII for several years now but have been waiting for a CV-controlled Perfourmer MK1 as a matching set for some time now. Finding the PH-16 phaser was an added bonus. Here's just some random fun on the first night."

ELECTRIBE 2 LIVE - Chaining blues - Zafrosoundz

Published on Sep 13, 2016 zafrosoundz

"This song is a stripped down version of an 8 bar sequence I had, more of a sketch now really but I thought I'd share it anyway,

Having experimented with the new chaining function I'm still left more than a little frustrated. I had written an 8 bar chord sequence but cannot stop my notes from cutting off when pattern changing in chain mode and the pattern seems to glitch as in a timing issue when changing. A lot like the E2 used to be before they fixed it, but now it still needs another fix for the same issue in chain mode."

13 09 16 - Serge Paperface & Bugbrand Modular

Published on Sep 13, 2016 batchas

New Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular Crew - Behind The Scenes With Ask.Audio

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Some Of The Pittsburgh Modular Crew drop by the Ask.Audio Academy for a Live Masterclass featuring their Lifeforms Series of analog synths. See the full MasterClass here:"

And a couple of pics via @Perfect_Circuit

"Stop by our showroom tomorrow at 7pm to say "Hello"to Richard Nicol from Pittsburgh Modular and win a Phase Shifter"

and @pghmodular:

"New #eurorack module tomorrow with a performance and demos @perfectcircuitaudio tomorrow too"

Update: details via Pittsburgh:

"The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer is a seriously featured, 4 channel eurorack beat programmer with a classic drum machine style interface. The familiar interface allows for quick mastery of all the features leaving the focus on the music. Seamlessly move around the module tweaking patterns and effects without ever stopping the beat. Easily create new patterns using the live performance or step recording modes, then add one of the powerful pattern effects to each channel to take the sequence to a new level. Eurorack drum programming has come to life.

Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer Features include:

32 Step, 4 Channel Sequencer
32 Sequence Non-Volatile Memory
6 Adjustable Pattern Effects (Shift, Glitch, Density, Morph, Swing, Add/Drop)
4 Percussion Tuned Analog Envelopes
4 High Quality Analog VCAs
Seamlessly Switch Between Play and Record Modes
Live Performance and Step Recording Modes
Internal Tap Tempo or External Clock Source
Variable Sequence Length
Channel Mute

Four Channel Programmable Drum Controller
Suggested Retail Price $349

The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer is a seriously featured, 4 channel eurorack beat programmer with a classic drum machine style interface. The familiar interface allows for quick mastery of all the features leaving the focus on the music. Seamlessly move around the module tweaking patterns and effects without ever stopping the beat. Easily create new patterns using the live performance or step recording modes, then add one of the powerful pattern effects to each channel to take the sequence to a new level. Designed to integrate into any size eurorack system, simply patch 4 audio signals through the integrated high quality VCAs to create a set of unique percussion voices. Eurorack drum programming has come to life.

Anything is a Drum
Traditionally, patching up a modular drum kit was constrained by the amount of envelope and VCA modules in a system, restricting the number and complexity of percussion voices in most systems. Another option was to use dedicated drum modules that offer a limited sonic palate and few modulation options. The Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer breaks through these barriers by including a percussion tuned analog envelope and VCA on each channel. Patching anything from a basic sine wave to heavily modulated and processed noise sources through the Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer will quickly create a distinctive drum kit that takes full sonic advantage of the unique synthesis options available in any system.

Electronics & Music Maker - Nov 1983 Article on Moog, The MemoryMoog, & the SL-8

This one in via @mu_zines after seeing this Moog advert from 1982.

mu:zines is a website dedicated to scanning and archiving old music magazines. This particular issue features a an industry profile with Moog music from 1983. It includes coverage of the MemoryMoog and the follow-up SL-8 which never made it to production. You can actually find some previous posts of the Moog SL-8 here on MATRIXSYNTH.

"David Luce, President of Moog Music Inc, Buffalo discusses the latest developments.

'We first introduced the MemoryMoog last year and it's been a very successful instrument for us, and as we have been promising everybody for the last year, there will be a sequencer in it and indeed we now have the sequencer with the MIDI interface now available. We have completed the development work on it now and the only delay is getting it into production. I think it is perhaps what you would expect from a sequencer - but it does have some unique features. The sequencer drives both the polyphonic internal sound generating elements in the instrument and also an external control signal so that you can, for example, link a monophonic synthesizer to it directly and run that at the same time.'

"There is another product which we've been showing to various people at the Chicago music show. This is the SL-8 (standing for 'Split Layered 8-Voice Polyphonic'). At the present time this instrument is just a working prototype using digitally-controlled oscillators but still with analogue synthesis. We also have some programmes going in the direction of sampling machines. This is a big step, but one of the reasons that I feel now is the appropriate time is that if we resolve what I think are some of the fundamental problems associated with digital synthesis perse - it's not really the digital synthesis that's the problem, for a lot of it relates generically to the methods and the techniques that you use to put the sound together whether it's analogue or digital. Synthesizers are things that have a lot of versatility and that's their great benefit. On the other hand, if they're impossible to get to where you want to go from where you are in a fairly straightforward way, then it makes things very difficult. You defeat the real benefit of the synthesizer - it's versatility, and one of our aims is to produce systems that let you deal with sound in a straightforward way."

Additional Details on "Keyscape" Virtual Instrument from Spectrasonics

Press release added to this post.

Pecha Kucha Night featuring Skot Wiedmann, "Make the future of musical expression"

"Pygmalion Festival Pecha Kucha Night featuring Skot Wiedmann, 'Make the future of musical expression' with the Hyve Touch Synthesizer.

The Pygmalion Festival is an independently produced, multi-faceted, week-long celebration of culture. PechaKucha Night Champaign Urbana’s 22nd Volume will feature presentations on topics surrounding the main themes of Pygmalion: music, tech, made, food, and lit. Perspectives may vary widely, but the high energy and creative ideas have undeniable appeal to all.

Our Volume 22 lineup will feature presentations by:

Oberheim Matrix 6 with Original Logo Flight Case

via this auction

Musical Shoes for Instructables

Musical Shoes for Instructables from lara grant on Vimeo.

"This project is a fun way to create beats while hitting the dance floor. It's also a great beginner level project that uses Arduino, bluetooth, and soft conductive fabric switches.

Make your own:


Agatha Rupniewski AKA Agatron of IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company & BRS Dance Styles


Jenay 'Shinobijaxx' Anolin of Mix'd Ingrdnts"

Roland System-8 Plug-out Synthesizer Demo

Published on Sep 13, 2016 SweetwaterSound

"Mitch Gallagher travels to Six01 Studios in Burbank, CA for Roland's 909 Day. In this video we check out the System-8 plug-out synthesizer, with help from product specialist Scott Tibbs. At the core of this awesome synthesizer is Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior engine, fueling three oscillators across eight voices, all loaded with filters, effects, and a massive array of modulation options. In addition to its amazing internal sound engine, Plug-out technology lets you load up completely different synth engines - JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 Plug-outs included - and you can switch between three models on the fly. Talk about killer sound flexibility! Top it off with an interface that's both classic and futuristic, split and layered synths, an integrated vocoder, and much more, and the System-8 offers everything a keyboard player could ask for."

Vermona - twinOUT

Published on Sep 13, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Vermona were kind enough to send out a couple of modules and as a huge fan of the qMI (my first and still my most used MIDI interface) I was excited. Not a lot to show off really but I've been enjoying the twinOUT as a simple dual / stereo XLR output to interface with the rest of the world. Stereo line out / headphone output is provided too."

Boss BF-2 Flanger vs HF-2 Hi-Band Flanger (Synthesizer)

Published on Sep 13, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Comparison of a MIJ BF-2 and a MIT HF-2 with a Roland JP8000

JP8000 - Boss BF2- Boss HF2 - DI

No further processing except for normalisation."

Red Roland Sh-101

via this auction

Tony Horgan Live with Korg @ BPM on 6 Volca boxes

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Tony Horgan

"Volca Kick, FM, Sample, Keys, Bass and Beats, no DAW. KaossPad Quad for effects. BPM show 2016"

DSI OB6 - 20 more Custom Patches - 080 to 099

Published on Sep 13, 2016 GEOSynths

"Buy Now -

The final 20 patches for the amazing DSI OB6 Synth. Evolution Vol 1 is now out and I look forward to hearing the sounds in your compositions."

All parts here.


Published on Sep 13, 2016 MANTRA 5

"not a song or deep impro
just working on this simple dark cosmic patch
2 lfo with in a really slow rate open and close the 2 filters (band pass 4 poles/lowpass) and control the pulse width of the 3 square waves on the 3 oscillators on my A100
the mod wheel on the Moog open the filter
the "organ" chords is from P6 (hipass filter)
the mod wheel control the rate something close to a "leslie speaker"

Moog Lp a100 bass line/P6 chords
strymon big sky on s/r mixer
seq from arturia beatstep pro
p6 internal seq"


Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Published on Sep 12, 2016 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"*Special thanks to: Five G
Copyright: E.D.Music Co."

Moog "The finest new Moogs you've ever seen" Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find what's underneath the cover, along with the full write-up. Be sure to see the rest of Retro Synth Ads for additional vintage synth ads. The site is a great resource.

"Moog "The finest new Moogs you've ever seen" black & white advertisement including Memorymoog, Taurus II and DSC (Digital Sequential Controller) from page 55 in the January 1982 issue of Keyboard Magazine."

07-The Moog Memorymoog Part 7: LFO

Published on Sep 13, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the LFO section of the Moog Memorymoog."

All parts here.

Novation Circuit vs. Bass Station II

Published on Dec 11, 2015 Rafael Marfil

"This is an improvisation. The basslines come from the BSII and are sequenced by the amazing Circuit groovebox. The rest of the sounds are generated by the Circuit."

Yoneß Festherum Set June 2016 - Live Circuit Jam

Published on Aug 20, 2016 Producertech

"You can grab the set for free from Producertech's SoundCloud!"

Through Canyons Made Of Glass

Published on Sep 13, 2016 tarekith

"This live set was written and performed entirely on a single Novation Circuit. The only processing applied was normalizing the audio file to -1dBFS. No mastering or other process was applied, what you hear is straight out of the Circuit.

The custom sample pack I used for the sample flipping is available for free at my website: You can grab high-quality audio versions of the set there as well.



Circuit Finger Drumming Tutorial & Tips with the Novation Circuit

Published on Sep 12, 2016 BoBeats

"In this video we take a look at how to set up the Novation Circuit for some finger drumming action. These tips can also be used for sample flip step recording.


Novation Circuit (1.3 update)
Recorded with a Canon 700D (kit lens)
Voice recorded with a Röde NT3
Edited using Final Cut Pro X on a Macbook Air (late 2013)"

Believotron at Knobcon

via @believotron5000

"Showing off our @axoloti_be synthesizers."

Some info on what they have to offer via the Believotron website:


Everyone is different, pick the workflow that works best for you. Use the existing settings and customize to your heart's content, or you can design a brand new way of working with the machine and share it with the community.


System ships with an SD Card preloaded with an ever evolving range of instruments
Download an up-to-date set of core instruments
Extensive community instruments
Develop your own
Sync files with github / gdrive / dropbox / icloud and more
Modern private version control for musicians that want to protect their work


Zero Programming: New Adventures in community instruments
Zero internet? Use an SD card. DIY or buy from literally anyone with a good idea and a charming experience
Sync directly over USB
Easy Graphical Modification: You will love how easy it is to find and understand the synth logic, and make the changes you need to improve your workflow. Making a mistake is harmless and experimentation is encouraged.

Mune: Meet Andrew Staniland

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Mune

"Meet Andrew Staniland, the modern composer and music professor that planted the seeds of the Mune project. Staniland discusses the inspiration behind creating the Mune (formerly known as the Arc).

Order the Mune today on Kickstarter:

Music Composed by Andrew Staniland:
'Four Horsemen'
'Talking Down the Tiger'"

Stranger Things "Kids" - COVER by Piotr Cieslik (Pece)

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Piotr Cieślik

"Cover of 'Kids' by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (from Stranger Things OST).

Performed by Piotr Cieslik (Pece) on Yamaha AN1x, Novation Bass Station II. Mixed in Reaper."

Roland TB-303 with Quicksilver CPU

via this auction

"It comes with a DC 9V power cord as the battery compartment has the Quicksilver CPU cord coming out of it.

The Quicksilver 303 allows for easy connection with DAWS via midi. It can be used with or without MIDI."

Signed EDP Gnat Special Synthesizer

via this auction

"Up for auction, a very rare Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Gnat Special Synthesizer. This is synth is in unique and is capable of wonder vintage analog synth sounds. The synth is working, the oscillators can be very brilliant, raw, and deep with bass ranges. Combined with the juicy analog filter it's synth heaven. The Enhance mode oscillator sounds particularly amazing, its the best sounding bass oscillator you'll have at your disposal. Used in a professional sound design studio, smoke free.

Synth collectors take note, this item has an interesting history/provenance. I purchased it directly from one of the EDP founders Adrian Wagner (also a descendant relative of the composer Richard Wagner). He signed the bottom. This unit is a very early Gnat Special, there isn't a serial number."

2 x EDP Wasp Stynthesizers

via this auction

"Here is an Incredible opportunity to purchase two wasp synthesizers. These have both been extensively used in the 1970’s and 80’s by a local leeds band “Lynx”. They are no longer in working order but can be restored to their former glory. The keyboards are particularly well worn and indeed one of them has a broken key."

Thought these pics were interesting as you can see underneath the yellow paint on the keys in one shot, and how the yellow rubs off with wear in another.


via this auction

"Great piece of equipment used by Depeche Mode. Very rare semi modular synthesiser."

Phasing vs Flanging (Synthesizer)

Published on Sep 13, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Comparison of two modulation effects with a synth, phasing & flanging, using classic examples of the two effect:
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter
Boss BF-2 Flanger

Roland JP8000 - EHX Small Stone - Boss BF-2 - DI - Softube Vintage Amp Room (Brown Amp)

No further processing except for normalisation."

Roland System 8 at BPM

Published on Sep 13, 2016 sonicstate

"We got a short time with extremely busy David Ahlund and the Roland System-8, the new ACM modeled poly synth with three plug out slots. It will ship with two of these slots filled with the Jupiter 8 and the Juno 106 - which we think will actually have 8 voices due to the new and more powerful custom DSP chip inside."

Korg MS-20 Synthesizer Multi-Track Demo #4

Published on Sep 13, 2016 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2016

This is a Multi-Track demo with all sounds coming from the Korg MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer. Going for some aggressive sounds today, putting up some of the patches of these sounds, and a tribute to some bands that have used MS-20 in studio or on stage.

The track is called No Refunds. It is inspired by the VCA noise controversy that apparently spawned a few synth returns in music stores. I shall not be refunding mine. :)"

Korg MicroKorg S in White and larger than life speakers

Published on Sep 13, 2016 sonicstate

"Apart from the new white colour and the extra memories, the microKorg S also has an on board speaker system with that sounds bigger than it should effect - the keys actuall vibrate. Not entirely sure for what purpose, but sure beats those little ones you get in the Volcas."


Published on Sep 13, 2016 j j

maasijam session #16 - Animoog / Arduino Midi Controller, Volca Keys / Bass

Published on Sep 13, 2016 maasijam

"Ambient atmospheric jam session number sixteen. Live recording in one take.

Hope you like it.

DIY Arduino Midi Controller
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
Korg NanoKontrol2
Akai MPK Mini
NI Rounds
ValhallaRoom (I love it)
NI Replika Delay
Launchpad mini
Miditemp 8x8 Midi Merger
Ableton Live

Recorded directly on a Tascam DR07 MK2."

Modular Synth and Guitar Crossover

Published on Sep 13, 2016 FatSynthDude

"For some reason you don't see much talk about doing stuff like this. For this demonstration, I'm running a guitar through various modules on my Eurorack system before sending it to the amp. In all cases, the guitar is a Schecter Avenger 7, the amp is a Schecter Hellraiser Stage 100, the mic is an SM57, and the preamp is an Eleven Rack. For most of these sounds, the clean channel was used. No post-processing effects were used. The order of the modules being used is as followed (also see corresponding picture.)

1. 0:00 Flame FX-16 (Autowah)
2. 0:19 Flame FX-16 (Bitcrusher)
3. 0:52 Audio Damage Aeverb
4. 1:20 Analogue Solutions SY02
5. 1:39 Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper
6. 1:55 EMW Fixed Filter Bank
7. 2:35 A-125 Phase Shifter (Modulated by WMD DPO)
8. 3:27 Synthrotek Echo
9. 4:22 Dave Smith DSM-02 Character (5:42, drive turned up to max. Kinda of has a Tube Screamer-esque quality here.)
10. 6:03 Synthrotek 308 (Rat Clone) (6:43, Lead Channel engaged and a bad cover of 'Where the Slime Live" is played)
11. 6:58 Doepfer A-105 SSM Filter (Modulated by WMD DPO)
12. 8:36 Mutable Warps
13. 9:18 OSC303 (being CV modulated by the guitar, oddly enough)
14. 10:16 Mutable Elements
15. 10:58 Mutable Clouds
16. 12:12 Uoki-Toki Polivoks Filter (Modulated by WMD DPO. Uoki-Toki has super cheap Polivoks clone filters available on Muff Wiggler and I can't recommend them enough.)
17. 13:16 Trouby Tube Fuzz (Can't believe I've actually found something usable for this module! Sounds terrible on synths, but great as a guitar front end.)
18. 13:41 Music Thing Radio Music
19. 13:57 Waldorf NW1 (Wave 80 is my new god)
20. 14:30 Pittsburgh Modular Verbtronic (love how it has such a spring reverb character to it)
21. 15:30 Dwarfcraft Hax
22. 16:18 Flame Talking Synth
23. 16:50 Soundmachines UL1 Looper (very lofi quality even at highest quality)
24. 17:31 4ms Atoner
25. 18:42 Synthrotek APC (Modulated by WMD DPO)"

Two synth pad patches for Sunrizer (iPad)

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Marcus Padrini

"Sunrizer is one of the best synthesizers available for iPad. Recently I have created these two synth pad patches, using the supersaw waveform, modulations and effects. If you liked it, here is the link to download a bank with the two sounds:"

iTunes: Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

909 snare build up. - The 4 stages of the 909 snare

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Richard O

"The 4 stages of the 909 snare, the low sine then the high, short high noise click and the 'snare' noise."

Roland TB-03, TR-09 and VP-03 Boutiques at BPM

Published on Sep 13, 2016 sonicstate

"David Ahlund took us through the System-8, the DJ808 and finally the Boutique trio of TR-09 (the cute ACB remake of the legendary TR-909) the TB-03 the classic TB-303 Bassline and the VP-03 the VP-330 vocoder."

Rephazer - OP- 1 REC #3 (Teenage Engineering OP-1)

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Rephazer

"2 selected tracks from the previously posted 'Sketches In Between The Noise' recorded individually to the 'OP-1 recorder.'"

All parts here.

karper on sherman nice

Published on Sep 13, 2016 paul tas

Ciat-Lonbarde KARPER Tocante through Sherman Filterbank II.

Roland TR-09 Sound Demo

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Bonedo

"#Roland #TR-09 Rhythm Composer - Performance and Sound Demo. Realtime tweaking showing the range of different parameters."

Tokarev Protosynth V1 rev. 4 Tests

Tokarev Protosynth V1 rev. 4 integrated standalone sequencer test 1.

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Konstantin T

"First test of the integrated 8 step sequencer on my handmade synthesizer 'Tokarev Protosynth V1'. The 8 knobs/switches row below sets each step note/frequency. Upper knobs and switches used for modifying the oscillator waveform, note attack and release, global step length, global pitch and step sequencer tempo."


Patch n Tweak

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