MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kick.S Live / X991 (E#3)

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Kick.S

Studio Electronics Omega 8 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 1389

via this auction

"Had this custom made by Studio Electronics a few years back. It's 4-voices with the Oberheim and Moog style VCFs. It's been in the 4-space ATA touring case you see pictured since purchasing it. I am the original owner and used this for studio work. I finally decided to make way for new gear so you can have it for much cheaper and sooner than if you bought it straight from SE.

The synth is in perfect working condition and just a few scratches on the rear panel from fumbling with the midi cable when plugging it in.

I had the case specially made to be just the right depth to hold a couple of cables. It's pretty much the smallest and lightest case you can mount the synth in."

Yamaha FS1R SN OP01929

via this auction

Moog Musonics Sonic V

This one in via Soviet Space Child spotted on Switched On.

Note the panel graphic coloring is different compared to others.

"This Sonic V is fully functional and in decent condition, with a few scratches, and a couple missing slider, switch, and knob caps. The Sonic V was never put into full production; as such, it is designed internally like a prototype with some limits to it's integrity, and is available for Local Pickup only.

The Sonic V is a rare predecessor model to the Sonic Six, designed during Musonics' ownership of Moog. In regards to the synth architecture, the Sonic V remains very similar to the Sonic VI, but has a diode filter rather than the Moog ladder filter. It has two audio VCOs with a 3 octave range, selectable waveforms, and manual pulse width contrl over the Square wave. The LFO is really made up of 2 LFOs mixed together with selectable waveforms and individual rate control for each, as well as a Master rate control for both, crossfading mixer, and a unique Transient feature for each that has a ramp down effect on the rate. The modulation section can also be used to trigger the Envelope. Other features include Ring Modulation, White Noise source, AD & ADS envelope generator, and built in speaker. The Sonic V is a very unique design from Moog's history and really excels at effect sounds."

Spectral Transfer Transmissions

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Todd Barton

"this is based on two static sounds whose shifting timbres are creating spectral arrays. the fast bubbly sounds are being created from specific envelop followers of specific frequencies. better audio:"

All parts here.

Modular Mayhem with Colin Benders

1st video streamed live on Dec 19, 2016 Colin Benders

1976 Vermona ER 9 Drum Machine SN 141851

via this auction

Vermona E2010 Graphic Equalizer 1977

Published on Oct 16, 2016 András Kiss

"The drum machine is a Vermona ER-9. No additional effects."

via this auction

Yamaha CS-60 Synthesizer 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer in Perfect Condition

via this auction

"For sale is a Yamaha CS-60 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer in museum condition.

All 8 voices are perfectly tuned. Every key and slider works perfectly. Except for some unavoidable minor scuffing from the keyboard stand, it is in near perfect cosmetic condition.

Don't miss your chance to have this extremely collectible synthesizer."

Akai AX 60 Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Manual Signed by Trent Reznor

via this auction

"For sale Akai AX-60 analog polyphonic synthesizer with Hybrid travel case + original owners manual. Excellent condition.

Bought new in 1986 in Rochester NY. This is the synth that the popular 1986 song 'Watching Trees' was recorded with. Its a very solid, well built, heavy synth (48 lbs in the case). Synth in perfect condition. The arpeggiator trigger input was improved by Bruce Forat (inventor of the Linn Drums) to accept any and all CV signal voltages you send to it! This synth will tempo lock to any control voltage signal you send to it. Also has midi for tempo, but the arpeggiator CV input is the true old school trigger that has a different feel that really tempo locks nice to drum beats, more organic and analog.

Synth kit includes:
-Akai AX-60 polyphonic analog synthesizer
-Heavy duty Hybrid Hard Shell carry case with good foam and locking hasps still in excellent condition .
-Original owners manual (signed by Trent Reznor)"

YAMAHA CS01 SN 32794

via this auction

Razmasynth Telewizor: Mazinger pattern Demo

Published on Oct 29, 2016 RazmatazTG

"Demo of new patterns for Telewizor V2. The arduino code is available on the Telewizor building page at"

Metasonix D 1000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine & Metasonix F 1 Tube Distortion Pedal

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Karl C

"Metasonix D-1000 & F-1 ."

DL - Techno Live Set 2016 #33

Published on Oct 29, 2016 DL Live

"Hardware Techno Live Set with Elektron and Roland gear."

Dataline - Curiosity

Published on Oct 29, 2016 MrDataline

New KORG Volca Wave Wavetable Synthesizer & Volca VC-1 Vocal Processing Synthesizer?

These don't quite match the teaser for Nov 1.

Real or not?


Update: some commentary regarding the Volca Wave:

Note the Volca Wave wavetable synth appears to have a vector joystick more akin to the SCI Prophet VS (Vector Synthesizer), Yamaha SY-22/TG-33, and Korg Wavestations. There is a difference between classic wavetable synthesis and vector synthesis. Wavetable synths typically have a number of single cycle waveforms in a wavetable oscillator that you can modulate through, while vector synths allow you to use a joystick to crossfade through four different waveform oscillators. The KORG Wavestation added the ability to sequence through waveforms, while the Prophet VS and Yamaha incarnations only allowed you to  crossfade between the individual oscillators, each with a single waveform loaded vs. a wavetable of multiple waveforms like on PPG and Waldorf wavetable synths.  An interesting side note is I believe the John Bowen Solaris is the only synth that blends both Vector and Wavetable synthesis. You get four oscillators with wavetables (including other waveform types), and the Vector joystick to crossfade between oscillators - meaning you can transition both within individual oscillators and between multiple oscillators.

If the Volca Wave is real, it will be interesting to see what synthesis they employ.

On a side note, some people have labeled synths like the Korg DW-8000 as employing wavetable synthesis. In this case, yes there is technically a wavetable holding the different waveforms available for each oscillator, but the behavior is more like your standard PCM or rompler based synth (or Vector synthesis minus the ability to crossfade between oscillators).  You simply select a static waveform for each oscillator.   Think of the DW-8000 as having sixteen distinct waveforms available per oscillator, while on the Waldorf Wave line of synths you instead have wavetables consisting of 256 waveforms each per oscillator. Depending on the synth, you can then set the start wave and the end wave and then use a modulation source like an envelope or LFO to sweep through them.

Halloween Drone : Red Sound Dark Star

Published on Oct 29, 2016 100 Things I Do

"An amazingly cheap and fun desktop synth. Fantastic drone machine that can play up to 8 notes or 5 dual oscillator tones at the same time.

The Dark Star has had a hard time in the synth world, with a mix of RCA jacks for outputs, an almost obtuse 'go your own way' interface for sound design and some rather basic presets it emerged and faded from the EDM / DJ scene in the early 2000's.

I hope to do a series of videos using this synth in the coming weeks. It really has some awesome sound potential and you can spend hours just tweaking away into very interesting sonic adventures. I tend to use it very much like the VCS3 and you can get some very similar / modular textures from it without too much effort. For the Average price of around $200usd at the moment your synth world might just need one

A stereo delay and some slight saturation effects and the Free TAL Chorus-LX were used in this clip.

I hope you enjoy the drone!"

Buchla 296e tutorial 6

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Todd Barton

"continuing the series with Voltage Controlled Bandwidth Filters."

All parts here.

Moog Mother 32 (Chiptune-esque Percussion/Drum Machine)

Published on Oct 29, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Messing around with a Mother 32 as a drum machine, using the VCO Outs to modulate the filter, producing a sound similar to 8-bit percussion. The sequence is played by the M32's sequencer.

Synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."

Grp Synthesizer A8 @ MESS Ltd

Published on Oct 28, 2016 Cray

"A bit of sequencer fun"

Engine - storing and recalling tempo

Published on Oct 29, 2016 ripe909

"Demonstrating the recall of sequencer tempo using snapshots"

Enigma - Sadness (part1) COVER by Tanvir K.

Published on Nov 28, 2015 Tanvir Kawnine

"Enigma - Sadness (part1), a cover music of mine.

Synthesizer/Sequencer - Korg Krome & Yamaha RM1x
Virtual Synthesizers - Nexus, Sylenth, Minimonsta, Omnisphere, HALion1
Midi Controller - Arturia Analog Experience
Guitar - LTD M-10
Guitar Multi FX - Line 6 POD HD300
External Mixer - Yamaha AG06
DAW - Cubase 5

Thanks for watching."

Vandraren (Instrumental Cover) - Tanvir K

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Tanvir Kawnine

Song Title: Vandraren (Instrumental Cover)
Cover Composer: Tanvir K.
Original Artist: Nordman (Håkan Hemlin & Mats Wester)
Genre: Etnopop
All sounds are created & played by using following instruments:
Synthesizer: Korg Krome, Yamaha RM1x & Yamaha Piaggero NP-V60
VST (synthesizer): Nexus, Omnisphere, Sylent, Dune, HaLion One
Midi Controller: Arturia Analog Experience
Guitar: Fender Squier Stratocaster (Hot Rails Deluxe)
Guitar Multi FX: Line 6 Pod HD300 (Custom Preset)
Drums and Percussion: Yamaha RM1x, Korg Krome, HaLion One
External Mixer: Yamaha AG06
DAW: Cubase 5

Miles – Dhiki Dhiki (A Instrumental Cover by Tanvir K.)

Published on May 29, 2016

Song Title: Dhiki Dhiki
A instrumental cover of mine.
Original Artist/Band: Miles
Album: Prottasha (1993)
Thanks for watching.

Ei meghla dine ekla (A Instrumental Cover) - Tanvir K

Published on May 29, 2016

- Ei Meghla Dine Ekla -
A instrumental cover of mine.
Original Artist: Hemanta Mukherjee
Movie: Sesh Porjonto (1960)
Synthesizer: Korg Krome, Yamaha RM1x
Virtual Synthesizers - Nexus, Sylenth, Omnisphere, HALion1
Midi Controller - Arturia Analog Experience
Drums & Tabla: Created in Yamaha RM1x & HALion1
External Mixer - Yamaha AG06
DAW - Cubase 5
Thanks for watching.

Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet 6 Synthesizer / Keyboard SN 02270

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 0014

via this auction

"In excellent condition. Recently serviced by The Analog Lab. This is one of only 10,000 synthesizers made by Sequential Circuits.

The Pro One was basically Sequential's attempt at taking their legendary Prophet 5 poly-synth and packing it into a compact, inexpensive, monophonic analog synth! Used by Prince, Depeche Mode and many others for that vintage analog sound!"

Korg MS-20 Mini w/ 'Custom' Wood Sides

via this auction

Korg Monopoly MONO / POLY Vintage Analog Synthesizer with MIDI SN 378664

via this auction

Korg Monopoly

via this auction

This Insectoid Alien Played a Tune For Halloween. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Matt Hill

This Insectoid Alien Played a Tune For Halloween. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Matt Hill

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 49

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Episode 49 featuring Roland JD-Xi, Roland JP-8000, Roland System-1, Korg Radias, Nord Lead 4 and Disting used as a (radio) sample player through Demora's delay. I love the JD-Xi drums: here I'm playing with the Roland CR-78 - amazing sound!

Thanks to my beautiful wife who saved me, this video is continuing after a break, even at a not very good quality (part 2 filmed with my iPhone)"

DreamsOfWires - "寒 / Cold" AJH Mini Mod

Published on Oct 29, 2016 DreamsOfWires

"A quick multi-track re-recording of something I did 3 years ago, and last uploaded here: [posted here]

I originally used a Micromoog and a Roland SH-1,with an Eventide Space pedal, but in this recording I've used the AJH Mini Mod for all of the sounds. The only additional modules that were used was an Expert Sleepers FH-1 for cv/gate control and some multiples. It was entirely recorded/mixed in Cubasis on the iPad, using the tape delay and non-linear reverb from Expansion Pack #1. The original recording is one of my favourites, so I've been itching for an excuse to do it again.

The video was recorded using a Lumix GX7 and an iPhone 5. Locations were Clacton and Walton in the east of England on a cold, late September day."

Secret Tape (SunVox + PixiScope)

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Alexander Zolotov

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

PixiScope (oscilloscope vector graphics library):

Binary Society Patch Preview - Patch of The Week

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Doug Lynner

"A snippet of sound and vision from a portion of the patch for my performance at the Binary Society 07 concert - 10/29/16 in San Jose, CA."

Octatrack vs. Analog four - Fuerteventura (live)

Published on Oct 29, 2016 MrGOFIOvideos

"Short ambient/downtempo track using elektron Analog Four and Octatrack."

Modular Synth Jam by Boodaman - MS20

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Cavi Master

"Live recorded the 28 october 2016 @ Boodaman studio.
100% modular synth performance exepted Korg MS20 lead & FX's

Rytmics 1: Mutable peaks + 2 Ladik RomPlay, Ladik Twin-T Drums
Rytmics 2: Mutant HiHat, TipTop, Delphytronics,...
Lead 1: Sputnik dual VCO + AJH VCO + Maleko richter OSC
Bass: Vampire model52

Sequencing: BEATSTEP PRO + SEQ-UFD + Zularic repetitor + Ladik Patern generator + lot of clocks div's ;)"

Dream Interlude

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Barry Neilsen

"For me, this probably always going to be 'home' ... :)"

Deluge Stranger Things jam

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Synthstrom Audible

"Rohan has a quick Deluge jam inspired by the Stranger Things theme, showcasing the user's ability to quickly affect synth parameters across various tracks.

Any questions about the Deluge, please use the form here:"

Analog Rytm + Circuit

Published on Oct 29, 2016 BoBeats

"Elektron Analog Rytm meets Novation Circuit and performs a progressive (?) house mix. I really enjoy this combination. The Circuit works real good with Rytm because both are so hands on!

Recorded with a GoPro Hero 5 Black and a Canon 700D. Audio from GoPro and music audio is recorded into Cubase 8 Pro. No post processing.

Custom sounds in this vid by Light:


Dubish Drone Jam. Animoog Patterning BassLine iM1 AUFX:Dub/Space seq'd in Genome

Published on Oct 29, 2016 exnihilo415

"A dub-ish drone jam that came together from experiments with doing bass in Patterning.

Patterning is doing a lot of heavy lifting with the bass and drums
Animoog is doing the heavy delay'd drone
iM1 is doing the dub stab and frilly lead
Bassline is the 303

Trying the BassLine 303 synth for the first time here. I like it. So much nicer to deal with than Rebirth. Good MIDI implementation and simple operation and a real joy to automate with Genome and then push it around against it's will.

Using Audiobus AUFX:Dub and Space to provide effects on iPad. Dub is on Animoog and Space is on the Korg iM1 stabs.

I took some inspiration with the drone and the lead from Junkie XL and the Mad Max Fury Road score."

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.
Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.
BassLine - Analog Modeling Synthesizer - Markus Waldboth
undefined - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)
Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software


Published on Oct 29, 2016 justin3am

"I can't figure out what to do with my damn hands."

Protosynth V2 impro test session

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Konstantin T

"Some live improvised grooves on my Tokarev Protosynth V2 prototype handbuilt synthesizer. MIDI notes are coming from FL Studio. Kick drum from FL as well. Audio out of the synthesizer is processed with a couple of VST effects on FL (flanger and stereo expander)."

Space Bumble - A loose melodic patch for eurorack synthesizer

Published on Oct 28, 2016 Luke Killen

"Today i wanted to make a loose patch and incorporate the Sputnik Dual Oscillator which i have recently purchased."

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