MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ER-301 Cacophony of Ahhhhhhhs

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Oren Levy

"You can see the initial vocal sample I recorded of myself saying 'ahhhh'. Then, all in one channel, I played 4 sample players using the Stillson MkII. Added some delay in the end"

Buchla Format Mattson Filter Demo

Published on Dec 13, 2016 legionhwp

"Buchla format 4-Pole, 24dB/Octave State Variable Filter jointly designed by Synth DIY guru Jim Patchell and George Mattson.

The filter design is based off the now-obsolete SSM 2040 filter and has simultaneous Low pass, Band pass and High pass outputs.

PS: Yes I know Buchla uses Banana cables for CV only and Tinijax for audio. That's what I meant :)"

Arturia DrumBrute - Hear Each Sound In Isolation

Published on Dec 13, 2016 soundseasy
Update: Re-Published on Dec 14, 2016

"We just received the all new all analog drum machine from Arturia - The DrumBrute.

We thought we'd give you a listen to the individual sounds and how you can tweak them. We play each sound in sequence, from the kick no. 1 to the zap and change the associated parameter knobs to give you an idea of how it sounds in it's absolutely raw state.

We also create a basic sequence on the fly to give you an idea how quickly it is to write a beat."

Dave Smith Instruments "In The Spotlight with the OB-6" with Andy Walker

The first interview in the Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the OB-6" series is currently up with Andy Walker.

"Andy Walker is a producer, writer, and mix engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to his work with local artists, he is heavily involved in the worship keyboard community as the User Content Manager for Loop Community, a company that produces multitracks for churches. He is also a sound designer for That Worship Sound, a site that produces synth patches. Andy just finished an electronic record under the moniker The Alphabet Zero, collaborating with local singer/songwriter Kellie Besch and electronic artist Makeup and Vanity Set, the album comes out January 13th, and is available to preorder now. Andy used the OB-6 while writing and tracking the album."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

K-Board Pro 4: MPE Control with the OB-6 & GeoShred from Wizdom Music

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Keith McMillen Instruments

"Playing the DSI/Oberheim OB-6 synthesizer with KBP4. Special thanks to Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim!
For more info on KBP4 visit our Kickstarter campaign at"

K-Board Pro 4 meets GeoShred from Wizdom Music

Roland Boutique Start - VP-03 Vocoder Synthesizer Tutorial

Published on Dec 13, 2016 RolandChannel

"This video is a short tutorial on the Roland Boutique VP-03 Vocoder Synthesizer.

0:18 Strings
0:40 Human Voice
1:15 Vocoder
1:41 Balance (Mixing Instruments Together)
1:57 Step Sequencer
2:27 Voice Recording in Sequencer
2:41 Chord Memory
3:01 Pitch Shift
3:33 MIDI Sync with TR-09

The VP-03 is a miniature version of the VP-330 Vocoder Plus, one of the most popular vocoders ever made. Part of the Roland Boutique series, the VP-03 brings together the worlds of synthesized sound and the human voice, using the latest ACB technology to accurately emulate the sound that made the original so influential.

The VP-03 has the VP-330’s vocoder, human voice, and strings sound sources on board, and comes with a gooseneck microphone. And when paired with the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit, you’ve got the authentic VP-330 vibe in a reliable, low-cost setup that’s highly portable.

There are new features too, including 16 Chord Memory setups and a Voice Step Sequencer for even more creative potential. Whether you want the classic, electro-infused “talking robot” sound or the expressive power of shaping synth sounds with the human voice, the VP-03 puts it all at your fingertips."


Published on Dec 13, 2016 LESINDES

"VERBOS BARK FILTER PROCESSOR is splitting the mono signal of SYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGY MORPHING TERRARIUM into odd and even bands. Both bands are fed independently into 2 channels of DOEPFER A-132-1 Dual VCA. The envelope follower CV signal from 2 BARK bands control 1 VCA channel each. And the signals are routed into MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS CLOUDS and then into the Audio Interface.There is also som FM modulation going on in the E350 which is driven by ANALOG SYSTEMS RS-95 VCO."


Published on Dec 13, 2016 Oz The Conjuring

"This is a tuto about saving samples on the MG2 to have the best sound possible, Audacity is a freeware.
Then messing around with Elektron A4 and Analog Rytm
MG2 is small but powerful"

Creating Custom Max4Live Devices For Eurorack

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"We've looked at a number of ways to connect the computer and a Eurorack synth, however another more modular approach is to create a custom device in Ableton using Max4Live..."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line with Original Gig Bag Case

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2

via this auction

"This is a beautiful example of a Revision 2 Prophet 5. This synthesizer has been meticulously serviced to bring it to it's full potential.

The Prophet 5's are plagued by some flaws that are not present in this unit. All tantalum capacitors have been changed for high quality and long lifetime electrolytic capacitors. This does not alter the sound, but will provide you with years of stability from this synthesizer.

This Prophet 5 is different than most in regards to it's highly sought after chip set. The more common Prophet 5, the revision 3, uses CEM chipsets, whereas as this Prophet 5, the more sought after revision2, utilizes SSM chipsets, which have been regarded as much warmer sounding and organic.

The SSM's are also known to be slightly less stable in tuning. This prophet utilizes higher grade components in regards to tuning, making it noticeably more stable, however still offering the life that the SSM oscillators are known for.

The unit is in very fair cosmetic condition considering it's age. There are some small knicks in the wood, and the read badge has been slightly lifted in order to service the power supply. None of the cosmetic flaws affect the playability or musicality of this instrument."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ New Wood Sides & Upgraded CPU SN 5620

via this auction

"Here is a beautiful and fully operational example of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 600.
This unit has been meticulously serviced and upgraded to bring it to it's absolute fullest potential.
All of the insides have been perfectly calibrated and tuned. All tantalum capacitors have been changed with high quality electrolytic, a common flaw in all sequential gear. All controls have been cleaned and the membrane pad works perfectly. The keybed, another common ailment of prophet 600's, has been serviced to ensure it will not loose notes.

The unit features 2 upgrades:

Brand new custom made wood sides

GliGLi CPU modification, which is the mod that makes these prophets scream as loud as it's older the brother, the prophet 5."

Minimoog D Early Model SN 1246

via this auction

This one was listed for sale back in 2013 as well. Note the same hand written serial number on the back. See that post for some additional details. According to the new listing:

"This is an original condition minimoog D of the musonics era. This one is a rarity as its not branded musonics even thought the manufacture dates and serial numbers correspond to that time period. The best explanation I've gotten is that during the time of the merger between moog music and musonics some were labeled moog music.

serial number is 1246 (#246 built) was built between the last week of december 1971 and first week of jan 1972, on a snowy christmas, 45 years ago!
This is a native New Yorker, built in Williamsville and lived most of its life there.

It is in rare unrestored condition and completely original even the 2 wire power cord. Has its original, correct RA moog boards as you can see in the photos.

There was a pot installed at the top left when I purchased it (controlling external cv for the keyboard possibly) and there is a drill hole present.

I've owned 3 minis over the years of all the various rev's and this one is by far the best sounding; These early moogs have a very special sound thats hard to describe, very electric and focused, 3d and punchy as can be, maybe a bit closer to its moog modular roots."

Custom Red Forat Emu SP1200 SN 0780994 with Upgrades

via this auction

"For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. Includes over $2000 in upgrades & bonus items. It's been recently serviced & has ALL the possible upgrades worth having, making this machine a breeze to use. It's fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its excellent shape, with a little wear on the sides but the front looks perfect. The screen is so incredibly bright that it's hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details to make sure you like it.

It has $1600 in service/upgrades done by Bruce Forat:
- sampling input mod (crucial for hearing your sample quality while sampling) ($200 upgrade)
- output boost mod ($300 upgrade)
- disk drive upgrade (works super smooth with both HD & DD disks) ($200 upgrade)
- awesome custom Red paint job ($700)
- upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight (super easy to read from multiple angles sitting in front or above, unlike the original screens) ($200 upgrade)
- power cable

Comes with a 30 disk sound library with rare samples ($300 value) including sounds sampled direct from legendary drum machines including:
- Jomox Xbase999, Xbase 888, Roland TR909, TR808, TR606, TR727, Roland R8, MFB Tanzbar, Vermona DRM Mk2, Acidlab Miami, & EMU SP12
- all disks come with OS 1.2
- 10 new old stock blank disks ready for formatting"

1982 LinnDrum LM-2 w/Midi Upgrade & Alternate Sound Chip Sets

via this auction

"This listing is for a vintage LM-2 LinnDrum. Had the midi upgrade done back in the mid-late 80's was studio kept until moved into storage in the late 90's. I recently plugged it in and hooked it up to some speakers and drum triggers to make sure it still works and it sounds just as good as the day I packed it up 17 or 18 years ago. Will need a new battery as most synths from the 70's and 80's do.

Also included in this listing are 30 original alternate sound chips Linndrum put out before closing their doors in the 90's. These chips are generally hard to find and I've seen them go for a minimum of $10 or more for a single chip. Lots of toms, bass and snare and some sound effects. Refer to pictures."

Synthtech E330 Teeny Twister

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Dudadius

"Brief example of Synthesis Technology E330 Multimode VCO in Morphmode."

Chord Cloud

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Nick Jackson

"I made pretty good use of the last 4hp in my HEK with a Uoki Toki Quad LFO. 4 LFO's in 4hp! In this patch I decided to put it to use with the Chord and Clouds.

It's a pretty simple patch..Chord is just droning through Ripples and then into Clouds. I am using the 4lfo to modulate the waveshape, voicing, and inversion of the Chord, with the 4th lfo cyclically 'freezing' Clouds. I then have a MI Tides slowly modulating the density of Clouds. The mix then runs out through a Strymon BlueSky, with no additional effects.

As always, I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!"

Acid Jam Session (Roland Boutique TR09 TB03 - AIRA TR8 - Cyclone TT303)

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"TR09 main beat. TR8 808 percussion. TB03 bassline. TT303 acid melodies."

Live Session 1

Published on Dec 13, 2016 V Stok

Rhythm comes in at 3:15. Follow-up to Live Session 2 posted here.

"Here is V-Stok Live Session take 1. This version is edging more towards the darker end of techno and industrial. Hope you enjoy!"

l0010 tease

Published on Dec 13, 2016 how dragons disappear


New Synthesizer Bling From PixelNoises

via The Tuesday Night Machines:

"New Synthesizer T-Shirts [and more] have landed!

PixelNoises create playful apparel designs, mashing up retro-game visuals with electronic music synthesizer themes. Every pixel is lovingly placed by hand and the designs are printed on quality shirts and bags made from recycled materials. There are even stickers and mobile phone cases too! Yay! Check out for more information :)"

Keystep Aftertouch Noise Noodle (w/ Tinysizer & Minisizer) #TTNM

Published on Dec 13, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Got an Arturia Keystep because I want to try some more live-keyboard mashing and that one has aftertouch CV! Yay! More info below :)

Synth T-Shirts:

The Tinysizer (big square thing) receives MIDI and aftertouch CV from the Keystep, triggering two different synth voices - one with MIDI, one with aftertouch CV. There is some cross modulation happening especially at the end with the use of the mod wheel, which sends some crazy FM to the VCOs.

The Minisizer (small rectangle thing) does three drum voices running on its internal square wave LFOs. Ha! :D

Audio gear used:
- Anyware Instruments Tinysizer Modular Synth (Voices)
- Anyware Instruments Minisizer Modular System (Drums)
- Arturia Keystep MIDI/CV Keyboard
- Zoom R16 Recorder"

Bent out of shape (Korg Electribe Sampler Roland JP-08)

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Phone Records

::vtol:: pzr-10

::vtol:: pzr-10 from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"Interactive installation, robot.

A wheeled remote-controlled robot roams around the horizontal black-striped canvas. These stripes are nothing else than audiocassette tapes. The robot is equipped with two tape heads to read off the magnetic tape. When the sound head crosses the tape or moves along it, it reads off the sound and forwards it over the radio to the computer and to the small loudspeaker placed on the robot. A customized remote control is used to operate the robot. A joystick is installed on the remote control to guide the robot; there are also buttons to manipulate the sound. This device can create music loops out of the sounds captured, control the sound processing and set up different parameters. Robot and sound transmission are controlled via Bluetooth.

Some of the tapes have several records of audiobooks by Stanislaw Lem. Others carry random records of unknown origin.

more information:"

- arduino uno
- 2 dc motors
- hc-06 bluetooth serial module
- sony bluetooth sound module
- 1 channel sound system
- 2 tape heads with amps
- remote controller with arduino nano, buttons and 2 axis joystic

- pure data

Moscow, 2015.

sp. thanks: BEREG district

IBANEZ AD-202 Analog Delay BBD Echo // DSI TETRA // PART II

Published on Dec 13, 2016 LESINDES

"Analog delay legend IBANEZ AD-202 tested with DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS TETRA and ARTURIA KEYSTEP. Focussing on CHORUS, FLANGER, DOUBLER and DELAY with extensive saturative FEEDBACKs."

All parts here.

Novation Circuit Patch Tutorial - Cuckoo

Published on Dec 13, 2016 cuckoomusic

"Support me through Patreon:

Here's a tutorial on how to design a sound from scratch on the Novation Circuit. It's a nice wave table synth engine, with a lot of macros and possibilities for matrix style modulations.


DSP Synthesizers Tiny-TS Now on Kickstarter

Jan of DSP Synthesizers wrote in to let us know the Tiny-TS is now available on Kickstarter here, and is almost funded.

You can also find build instructions and PCB order link here.

The following are two new demos of the Tiny-TS. Many of you will likely recognize what's being played in the second one. :)

TinyTS demo2 Published on Dec 10, 2016 Jan Ostman

TinyTS demo3

KOMA's Field Kit launched on Kickstarter!

"After a year of development, testing and prototyping, KOMA Elektronik is proud to present the latest addition to the KOMA family: the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit! On Kickstarter now! The new KOMA Elektronik Field Kit is the perfect tool for everyone who would like to experiment with electroacoustic sound. Use everyday objects, amplify them and use them to make sound, like our heroes John Cage and David Tudor used to do!

The Field Kit is optimized to process signals from microphones, contact microphones, electromagnetic pickups and able to run DC motors and solenoids. On top of that it can receive radio signals and convert signals from switches and sensors into control voltage. The Field Kit boasts 7 separate functional blocks all focussed on receiving or generating all types of signals. They are designed to operate together as a coherent electroacoustic workstation or alternatively together with other pieces of music electronics with the ability to use control voltage signals:

Four Channel Mixer
Envelope Follower
DC Interface
Analog Switch Interface
Analog Sensor Interface
AM/FM/SW Radio
Low Frequency Oscillator
You can easily interface the Field Kit with a Eurorack modular system. At the backside of the PCB you will find a power connector you can use to power the unit from your system. The total panel width is 36HP. You can buy the Field Kit as a finished unit or build one yourself with the DIY Version."

"All audio has been recorded straight from the Field Kit, using a DC Motor, Solenoid Motor, a DC powered fan, Roland TR-8 and Berlin's local radio station Antenne Brandenburg as audio sources."

Additional details via Kickstarter.

"The KOMA Field Kit

The new KOMA Elektronik Field Kit is the perfect tool for everyone who would like to experiment with electroacoustic sound. Use everyday objects, amplify them and use them to make sound, like our heroes John Cage and David Tudor used to do!

The Field Kit is optimized to process signals from microphones, contact microphones, electromagnetic pickups and able to run DC motors and solenoids. On top of that it can receive radio signals and convert signals from switches and sensors into control voltage!

We have finished development of the Field Kit, are ready for production and we need your support to make it happen!

[Pictured:] The final Field Kit prototype, ready for production!

It's all about the things you connect to the The Field Kit! To get you started we decided to offer an Expansion Pack with a bunch of different sources that you can use and connect to create your own signature sounds.

Roland TB-03 vs. TB-3

Published on Dec 13, 2016 anode8

"Here's a side by side comparison of the Roland Boutique TB-03 and the Roland Aira TB-3. Both are replications of the infamous TB-303 computer controlled bassline generator, a highly sought after sound for acid house, techno, psy-trance, and many other styles."

Moog Model D Through Four Eventide Pedals

Published on Dec 13, 2016 sonicstate

"We had a visit from Alex at Source Distribution with the new Moog Model D and the range of Eventide effect pedals - Space, Time Factor, Mod Factor and Pitch Factor."

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow (LinnStrument animation)

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Geert Bevin

"A nice video made by António Machado of our new Christmas animation that was released with LinnStrument firmware v2.0.2."

Didi and Friends RRRRRRemix

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again on the Novation Circuit. Nice.

via [Hibernate] @takaharasuiko

"Hey @WeAreNovation you should totes give me a Launchpad Pro or something 'coz this vid here made so many peeps ask me where to buy Circuit"

Ambient guitar and synthesizer jam - Jaguar, Sub Phatty, Minitaur, Timbre Wolf, RS-09

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Stephen Hummel

"Volume 2 of the "Circuits and Strings" series from subtractiveLAD aka: Stephen Hummel.

This jam is in a darker, slightly more psychedelic vein. An ambient guitar progression played on my Fender Jaguar is underlined by sequencer-driven synth lines. The Moog Minitaur and Sub Phatty are both sequenced by the Arturia Beatstep via Reaper which is also acting as the master clock. The Beatstep is sync'd to Reaper's clock but sending its step sequenced pattern back into Reaper via USB and then out of Reaper again to the Minitaur and Sub Phatty via each synth's respective USB connection. Reaper's master clock is also sent to the Akai Timbre Wolf but the Wolf's internal sequencer is doing all the work - in "mono" mode each of the 4 voices has its own sequenced pattern. The flow of the piece is punctuated by swells from my Roland RS-09 and a heavier guitar tone, again from the Jaguar.

Let's see if I can remember the effects chains...

The Minitaur and Sub Phatty are panned slightly away from each other and have a bit of reverb on them via the Line 6 Verbzilla on my mixer's effects bus.

The Timbre Wolf is plugged into my Boss RE-20 Space Echo before hitting the mixer. Some auto-panning was also applied in mixing.

The RS-09 is also getting some reverb from the Verbzilla and some additional reverb during mixing, in Reaper.

The main ambient guitar performance on the Jag is going through my Keeley 4 Knob Compressor, the Strymon TimeLine and my Walrus Audio Descent reverb pedal... with volume pedal swells on the VP Jr. Some subtle spacial effects were added in mixing.

The distorted Jag stuff at the end is through the Keeley again and into an EHX Big Muff fuzz pedal.

Both guitar parts were into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and mic'd by a Shure SM57.

Everything was recorded and mixed in Reaper."

ROLI NOISE: Make music in minutes

Published on Dec 13, 2016 ROLI

"NOISE is a free modular music app that lets you create music in minutes whether you’re a beginner or a pro musician. Using simple, easy-to-learn gestures, you can make beats, melodies and songs with a huge library of sounds.

Download for free at:"

Roland Jupiter-6 with Europa Mods & Overlay

via this auction

"Jupiter 6. With Europa mod (adds tons of functionality and many new sound possibilities).
This unit also has handy magnetic overlays which help with easy navigation of the europa functions.
Fully serviced, new battery, excellent condition, 100% functional.
Small booboo on the corner (see pic) other than that small cosmetic flaw, unit is near mint."

Testing a KORG Polysix Synthesizer

Published on Dec 13, 2016 turquoiseaftermath

via this auction, and on Reverb.

"32 memory patches, 6 voices of polyphony, cassette backup of memory, even programmable modulation effects and Chorus, Phase, and Ensemble.

. Just serviced. Comes with original factory patches cassette tape.From a smoke free environment. EXCELLENT condition."

Creamware Minimax ASB 12 Voice Polyphonic Minimoog SN WRHKZ000M

via this auction

"This listing is for a Creamware Minimax ASB.
This unit is 100% perfect working.
A digital remake of classic cult Moog Minimoog D based on custom Virtual Analog technology called "Virtual Circuit Modelling ".
Also you can controll every parameters by MIDI CC.
This unit comes with a 100-240V adapter."

Oberheim Matrix-6R Classic Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 710404

via this auction

"6 voices of analog awesomeness, take this thing and ride into the cosmos!"

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland RS-202 Strings Synthesizer

via this auction

Init Pattern 001 | Electribe2

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Mark Aldred

"First try at the Electribe 2. Single take. No dubbing or processing.

Nice machine, but could do with a bit more power - a couple of IFX delays and it starts struggling a little."

KORG Monologue & Volca Kick Demo

Published on Dec 13, 2016 GUITARGUITAR

"Not to be confused with the KORG Minilogue. The Monologue is both beautiful and powerful.

Next-generation monophonic analog synthesiser in a vivid five-colour lineup.

Fully programmable, analogue synthesis for all players; monologue is the next-generation monophonic synthesizer that shares the spirit of the acclaimed minilogue, with a completely new voice and powerful new features.

The monologue is a 25-key, fully programmable monophonic analogue synthesizer with a voice all its own. While sharing its sleek layout, knob-per-function workflow and high-quality construction with the best-selling minilogue, monologue is a truly unique new synth for all types of musicians; featuring new voicing and sound sculpting abilities – at an amazing price. The monologue's completely new filter, modulation, drive, and LFO can generate powerful basses and sharp leads, creating awesome mono sounds that showcase its single-voice design. The step sequencer has also been dramatically expanded, allowing more intuitive and more complex editing. With a lineup that gives you a choice of five eye-catching colors, this compact instrument has a strong personality to match your own.


An analog kick generator that delivers powerful sounds from kick drum to kick bass
The volca series has consistently brought renewed attention to classic groove machines and historical synthesis. It now has a new focus. This time, it's the most important sound in dance music: the kick.

The volca kick is an analog kick generator that's made for sound design. An analog circuit based on the powerful resonant sound of the original MS-20 filter, it lets you create a wide range of kick sounds only possible through analog circuitry, ranging from solid kick drums to crisp kick basses. The 16-step sequencer, a distinctive feature of the volca, now has a new Touch FX feature that lets you control an effect instantly, giving you even more live performance potential. Experience the stunning power of an analog kick that cannot be obtained from a plug-in or a sample."

Synth Jam 46: Korg Minilogue, Korg Radias & Novation Circuit

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Marcus Padrini

Synth Pad: Korg Radias
Drums: Novation Circuit
Synth Lead e Synth Brass: Korg Minilogue

Rob Papen Predator 2 Promo

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Rob Papen

"Short introduction into Predator 2.0"

You can find details on Rob Papen's Predator 2 here.

"Love Theme" from The Girl With Ultramarine Eyes

Published on Dec 12, 2016 SynthMania

"Leveraging the excellent split capabilities of the Roland Jupiter-80, this is a 'Love Theme' for an imaginary 1970s Italian movie, with chords in the classic '70s soundtrack style. A few years ago I did a previous theme for this "movie", and you can find it here:" [posted here]

Sequencer Fun Addendum

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Todd Barton

"A great addition by my friend Benoit Faivre, to the original patch found here" [posted here]

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