MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Darkly Continental She Said

"Secrets Afrique Bassline care of these modules: Oscillation, SE88 filter, Amp, CharcotCircles, Ste. 16, Lfo2. Bit of processing on the second half of the phrase.

Need big speakers to translate the bouncy sub freqs.

DP9 sequenced, one-take Logic clav performance—processed crunches and phases come from it too. Still own a D6 yo... but those clavinets from Logic are beyond marvelous.

Water sounds from 'The Dam' in Newhall."

Percussa to Introduce New Hardware Digital Modular at NAMM 2017

via Percussa:

"This year at NAMM, Percussa will introduce a new powerful hardware digital modular synthesis system, combining the advantages of new musical interfaces with proven synthesis techniques.

Visit our booth #4823 at the upcoming NAMM show (Jan 19th - 22nd) in Anaheim, CA, and get a personal demo from the founders, Bert and Celine.

More information will be made available via our newsletter prior to the show."

The info will be posted here on MATRIXSYNTH of course.

Regarding the image in this post, the bottom unit is the Percussa Remote. The top is unit is new. We saw a teaser drawing showing some of the inputs and outputs in this post. Above you can clearly see what appears to be a large screen and control knob on the right with a button beneath it.

Buchla McMillen Midi

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Todd Barton

"First exploration in using MIDI control of my Buchla Skylab"

Korg Monologue | Reverb Demo Video

Published on Jan 12, 2017

"The Korg Monologue (, monophonic analogue synthesizer is Korg's newest reasonably priced, heavily featured mono synth. The Monologue has two vcos, a newly designed filter system, an LFO and a very advanced sequencer, among other features. In this video, Justin takes you through some of the best parts of the Monologue, providing examples of the many sounds you can get from Korg's latest synth. Read more at Reverb:

Compare prices on the Korg Monologue at:"

Korg monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Kraft Music

"Check out great deals on monologue at Kraft Music:

Korg monologue shares its sleek layout, knob-per-function workflow and OLED oscilloscope with the minilogue and inherits its fast and 1-shot LFOs from the monotribe. monologue features new voicing and sound-sculpting abilities, an updated step sequencer and an all new microtuning feature with custom scales and presets by Aphex Twin. Truly portable, monologue runs on six AA batteries or an optional power adapter."

Using CV (Control Voltage) with Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler via Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jan 12, 2017 TheDaydreamSound

"Yep! It’s possible to modulate Ensoniq samplers with Control Voltage signals. For the longest time I saw that Pedal*CV input jack on the back of the Ensoniq Samplers and didn’t really care too much about it. Yeah it would be nice to have one of those CV pedals that was as far as my interest went. Now that CV products are widely available from the rise of Modular Synthesizers that little CV jack means a whole lot to me.

In this video I’m using an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) sinewave signal to modulate various destinations of there instruments on the ASR-10. In addition, I’m feeding the audio output of the ASR-10 into the modular synthesizer, combining it with a Pulse wave and modulating the both signals with a -24db ladder filter.

There are a few steps that must be completed before this your Ensoniq sampler will recognize your CV signal. It’s important to note that all Ensoniq samplers have this feature with the exception of the Mirage and the ASR-X/PRO.

Below are the steps to take:

1. Press the “EDIT” followed by the “System*MIDI” button to get into the system menu.
2. Scroll until you see the “PEDAL” page.
3. Here you will have two option one will be VOLUME the other will be MOD.
4. Set the option to “MOD”.

That’s it! This will allow the incoming CV signal to modulate any of the Ensoniq’s modulation destinations the same way you would with any of the internal modulation sources. If your looking for this modulation option source the CV input is called “PEDAL”.

Have fun!"

Buchla 208r - Easel Sound Engine Clone by Roman Filippov

via this auction

"Buchla 208r in excellent condition. Built by Roman. Works perfectly and sounds incredible. This is the sound making part of a buchla easel minus the keyboard. Just like any other synth module it can be played from triggers and voltage..this one is calibrated to standard 1v/ octave to play with 'normal' gear, but can easlily be set back to buchla standard. If you want buchla sounds but don't want to go all the way down the rabbit hole this is a great way to do it."

Word is this is closer to the original Buchla Music Easel, compared to the BEMI Easel, as it is a direct clone of the original.


Published on Jan 12, 2017 TubeSamsa

"Sequence clocked by Gatestorm"

MAKE NOISE n/0-COAST // ERBE-VERB // Session 2/2

Published on Jan 12, 2017 LESINDES

"First Session with the west coast dwarf -- self contained modular synth -- with some help though from ERBE-VERB and other A-100 modules: LFOs, cycled ADs...."

Live Sessions // 09

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Dualtrx

"Hi guys. I made a new video using the new added to my rack tELHARMONIC from Make Noise. And ofcourse other gizmos like Novation Circuit, Korg Volca.
likes & shares are much apreciated.

How to make a Berlin School track in a few minutes and with minimum gear

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Alba Ecstasy

"How To make a Berlin School track in a few minutes and with minimum gear. Sure, this is a simple track, but starting from here you can add layers of sounds.

I used:
- for sequence: Volca Keys in different modes. Volca Keys is sequenced by the Circuit in Cmin. For reverb I used Clouds.
- for pads: Volca Fm - and I played on it with the Beatstep Pro, because the keys are very small to play nice pads. For delay I used Roland Demora.
- for drums: Novation Circuit.
And this is it! I even not played the internal sounds of the Circuit, so if I'm adding a new (bass) sequence from it, the track can be improved a lot!
All the above gear are directly recorded into the Logic Pro X via my audio interface Echo Audiofire 12. No other FX were added."

Announcing Bitwig Studio 2

Published on Jan 12, 2017 bitwig

"Today Bitwig GmbH is proud to announce Bitwig Studio 2 - the new version of the highly acclaimed music creation software for Windows, macOS and Linux."

I almost skipped this announcement as Bitwig of course is a DAW, not a synth. However, it does include a few synth features and they added VST3 support. As you can see in the video above, the current release has a big focus on the modulation capabilities of Bitwig. Below is an excerpt from their site.

As for specific soft synths included in Bitwig, they list the following 11 Devices: Drum Machine, E-Clap, E-Cowbell, E-Hat, E-Kick, E-Snare, E-Tom, FM-4, Organ, Polysynth, Sampler.


From the beginning, the idea of modularity has been central to Bitwig Studio. While digital audio workstations (DAWs) aren’t known for taking a modular approach, creating Bitwig Studio from the ground up allowed us to rethink previous assumptions. This led us to focus not just on individual devices but on strengthening the ways they interact with and support one another. And this ideal has born interesting, user-friendly fruit.


Nested Device Chains

The first outcome was nested device chains, which allow you to house devices within other devices. A seemingly simple benefit of this is that device presets can now contain multiple devices, but this also opened up novel signal routing possibilities. For example, what if any device or plug-in could be used in a multiband configuration? Or if it was easy to add effects to just the wet signal? Or if devices could be added to a feedback loop..?
A core principle of modularity is that different users with different wants and needs can use the same tools in equally accessible and unique ways. Nested device chains allow newcomers to focus on richer sounds while initiated users can use additional devices as a way of extending their sonic palette. Win, win.

Modulation Sources

Another powerful outcome of modular thinking in a DAW was modulation sources. First, we created an elegant, efficient way for modulation signals to be assigned — simply clicking an arrow to go into routing mode, and then using parameter knobs themselves as attenuators. With a clean interface, it became possible to create and manage an unlimited number of modulations, all operating at audio rate.

And from there, all nested devices can be modulated as well. So instead of putting an LFO on our synth’s cutoff filter and then spending a lot of time trying to rebuild a synced LFO-effect on the distortion amount, we just assign the synth’s LFO to both the cutoff and the distortion amount. Additionally, Bitwig Studio 1 had devices made just for modulating other devices (like a standalone LFO, or a routable audio sidechain effect). A lot of freedom was provided by these early modulator devices, but at the cost of having to nest any devices you might want connect to each other.



The idea of modulators has been reclaimed in Bitwig Studio 2. Instead of using a standalone “modulator” device to modulate a single device, each device now has slots that can house true modulators. This means any device (or plug-in) you are using can now have an envelope added to some of its parameters. Or a stepper, or audio sidechain effect. Or 12 LFOs. As modularity dictates, how you use the tools is completely up to you.
This also serves to make things more efficient for both CPU cycles and screen real estate. Instead of building an arbitrary number of control devices onto each instrument — say, two LFOs — the user can now add and subtract these options as they see fit. And again, presets from Bitwig Studio 1 and 2 will load properly, with modulators added as needed.
We don’t add a chorus to every instrument just in case the user wants it. Instead, we create a good chorus device that you can add when you want it. We are just applying this concept to modulations now, and we look forward to what you will do with this extra flexibility.


Modularity will continue to play a key role in our upcoming releases, both for users and under-the-hood. Additional devices are always under development, including some which will bring modular concepts more directly to the user. And a little bit down the road, our internal development tool for programming Bitwig Devices will be available to anyone who wants to go down that road. (You’ve probably seen some older screenshots of that environment; new paint and programming languages are coming.) We look forward to inviting you in for these enhancements and much more…
Thank you for having read this far. If you don't own Bitwig Studio yet, then come join us on our journey. We’d love to welcome you as part of the Bitwig community.

Best wishes,
The Bitwig Team"


via this auction

ROLAND Vocoder VP-330 MK1 SN 951350

via this auction

Reaktor Blocks - Controlling & Expanding A Modular Synth Voice

Published on Jan 12, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's a similar patch to the Blocks ES-3 AJH jam video I put up earlier this week. Native Instruments Reaktor Blocks is controlling the entire voice with pitch information, modulation, rhythms and triggers etc. Everything. The focus is around the Pitch CV Out Block which gives out pitch and gate CV and offers calibration of your oscillator (and other things that oscillator but don't track) to give pitch perfect and reliable tracking."

Live take on a trance classic - no DAW, 100% hardware

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Tony Horgan

"Live with a Korg Volca Kick, Volca FM, Volca Keys, Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot and a Roland Aira TR-8. Mixed and recorded live on a Tascam DP24 SD. If you want to master the Volca series, try my guides for free, available from the iBooks store."

Wavestudios ARP 2500 Vintage Modular Synthesizer SN 70 035 For Sale

via this auction

Holy cow, prices have gone up. Click through to see for yourself. I remember when these went from only $35,000 to $100,000. ;)

Update: this same one was listed back in Dec 2014. You'll find additional pics there. Regarding my comment on price, that was in jest. Price doesn't really apply when it comes to a system as rare as this.

Listing details: "Here is a rare chance to get my beloved Arp 2500. This one is a thing of beauty. It has the original wooden cabinet. In superb condition. It has never left my smoke free studio.

Six KORG UNIVOX Mini-KORG 700s in Custom Rack Enclosure

This one in via Sunao Inami, spotted on this Japanese auction site (Googlish here). You can find an additional set of pics here while up.

Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Synthesizer Demo by Kraft Music

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Kraft Music

"Check out great deals on DrumBrute at Kraft Music:

Providing 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, DrumBrute will take your beat production to the next level. Create energetic and exciting drum beats with a single, user-friendly device. With its vast sonic potential and smooth workflow, DrumBrute meets and exceeds the expectations of demanding musicians. Bridging the gap between inspiration and technology, DrumBrute offers punchy analog drum sounds, advanced 64-step / 64-pattern sequencing possibilities and ultra-effective performance controls."

Synth History: 1963 Letter From Bob Moog to Herb Deutsch

via @moogmusicinc

"...and the rest was history. #throwbackthursday #bobmoog #herbdeutsch #musichistory"

Batumi + Chords + Clouds

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Genshi Media Group

"Another experimental test of my newly acquired Xaoc Devices BATUMI Quad LFO module. This time I have it modulating both the QU-Bit CHORDS module as well as Mutable Instruments CLOUDS. The Intellijel METROPOLIS is sequencing the V/OCT on Chords, and there is a touch of Make Noise RICHTER WOGGLEBUG adjusting the "Size" parameter on Clouds. It gets interesting towards the end around the 2:00 minute mark, when I have the Sine Wave Out of the Batumi going into the V/OCT of Clouds to modulate the Pitch."

KORG Officially Announces Full Size ARP ODYSSEYs

ARP ODYSSEY FS | The Legend Returns with Full Size

Published on Jan 11, 2017 ARP

Previously seen here, the full sized KORG ARP Odyssey is officially announced.

"The full-size ARP Odyssey is back in more ways than one! This limited edition series is a true 1:1 recreation of the legend, proudly assembled in the USA, where the ARP story began.

Like the ARP ODYSSEY series that relaunched the brand, and the modules that followed, the FS full-size series offers the same three-filter configuration, plus modern amenities such as an analog drive circuit and MIDI with USB I/o or 5-pin input. The classic rubber pitch and mod pads also return, bigger than ever. All three color versions will be available in 2017!"

"Assembled in America, and available to the world once again.

The long-awaited full-size ARP ODYSSEY is now available in a limited edition.
The revival of the ARP Odyssey originated from a desire to reconstruct a legendary synthesizer of the 1970s, faithfully reproducing its original analog form while combining respect for history with an update for today's music production environment; it first took shape as the ARP ODYSSEY, completely analog but in a more compact 86%-sized unit.

KORG's next move is an even more faithful recreation of the original ARP Odyssey: it's the full-sized ARP ODYSSEY FS. With a standard keyboard and a body that emanates a sense of solidity, it delivers great playability and a persuasive stage presence. Just like its original version, the instrument is assembled in the United States, faithfully carrying on the quality, sound, and spirit of the original. Choose from three designs: Rev1, Rev2, or Rev3. Only a small number of each is being produced. Don't miss your chance to obtain a full-sized ARP ODYSSEY – an instrument with decades of soul.

A full-sized ARP ODYSSEY with a standard keyboard

As an alternative to the 86% size ARP ODYSSEY with its compact slim keyboard, we've created the ARP ODYSSEY FS, a long-awaited full-size model with a standard keyboard. Featuring a spacious panel layout with faders that are smooth to operate, and a standard-sized keyboard for excellent playability, it's just what the synthesizer lover or keyboardist has been waiting for. Most of all, its weight and essence are the precise image of the original ARP Odyssey. With analog sound that has already established a firm reputation, it is fair to say that this is a true resurrection of the ARP ODYSSEY. Now you can obtain a full-sized ARP ODYSSEY that's perfect in every area including sound, stability, appearance, and size, but with the reliability of a brand new synth."

KORG Introduces Gadget for Mac

KORG Gadget for iOS has been ported to the Mac.

"The award winning KORG Gadget music production iOS app is soon to be released for the Mac. Building on the smooth operability and intuitive user interface of the iOS version, 'KORG Gadget for Mac” provides a new dimension of inspiration for every creative artist. The Mac version also comes with "Gadget Plug-In Collection,' a magnificent collection of plug-ins that support AU, VST, AAX, and NKS. With KORG Gadget, you can use the Mac version at home and the iOS version when you are mobile, letting you enjoy a seamless workflow and ideal music production experience. The care that KORG has paid to hardware instruments over more than 50 years of experience has been channeled into the powerful cutting-edge musical software that is KORG Gadget. Now, the ultimate all-in-one music production studio extends its scope to a new platform and brings a new level of music making for Mac users everywhere.

Main features of KORG Gadget for Mac

* Award winning KORG Gadget currently iOS only will soon be available for Mac.
* The ultimate Gadget collection includes all of the more than 30 gadgets.
* Intuitive and simple operation that delivers powerful music production
* Power users can get back to the basics, beginners can jump right into great music making.
* Takes advantage of the large screen with a single-window four-split (divided in four) screen design.
* Comes with "Gadget Plug-in Collection," a magnificent collection of plug-ins that support AU, VST, AAX, and NKS.
* Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
* A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
* Supports the latest technology including Allihoopa, Ableton Link, and Bluetooth MIDI.
* Seamless connection between KORG Gadget for iOS and KORG Gadget for Mac enables a smooth workflow so you can produce music anytime and anywhere."

KORG Introduces White "Monotone" MS-20 Mini

Two-tone, actually, considering the black side panels, bender and lower case.

"The KORG MS-20 mini is now available as a limited-edition white monotone variation model. This model is the first new color to appear in the nearly 40 years since the original unit went on sale in 1978. Based on the black that is emblematic of the MS-20's distinctive presence, this new model features a clean white monotone for its front panel and knobs, while retaining the faithful circuitry, 5-pin MIDI, and USB MIDI of the black MS-20 mini. Combining a completely new freshness together with a vintage feel that befits the MS-20 as the original semi-modular synthesizer, this limited-edition model will be a great way to add classic MS-20 sounds to any setup!

Overseen by the engineers of the original MS-20; a complete replication of the original analog circuitry
2 VCO / 2 VCA / 2 VCF / 2 EG / 1 LFO structure
Self-oscillating high-pass / low-pass filters with distinctive distortion
External signal processor (ESP)
Extremely flexible patching system
Replicates every detail of the original, down to the package binding and the included manual"

Introducing DNGR:TECH 12UFO Eurorack Portable Flight Case

"'Dangerous Technologies' or DNGR:TECH is happy to introduce "12UFO" - a Portable 12U*104HP Eurorack Flight Case.

DNGR:TECH's modular cases are well-engineered, carefully assembled by hand from the highest quality of materials, and are symbolized by minimalist aesthetics to bringing focus solely on sound design - hidden screws and simple straight lines combined with the raw natural wood are the key elements in the design.

12UFO by DNGR:TECH is a 12U*104 HP eurorack modular portable flight case with integrated switched power supply solution with the following specs: +12V @ 4A, -12V @ 2A, onboard VGreg provides +5V from +12V bus. Head to for additional details regarding power supply.

Main features:
- Adjustable detachable angle lid stand which allows two opened lid positions: 100° and 120°.
- Integrated dimmable LED strip. LED dimmer is presented on a separate PCB with a separate voltage regulator. LED strip can be completely turned off with a potentiometer set all the way CCW. No additional wall warts will be required as well - the power for the LED will be routed from the main DC power jack via a pair of Y-cables.
- Power supply boards and busboards are mounted with screws completely hidden.
- Lightweight construction - powered case weight without modules: 7.5 kg.
- Case can save a patch while closed.
- Removable lid - case can be split in two independent 6U cases.

For additional details please head to"

Note this is the first DNGR:TECH post on the site.

Some Like It Buchla, Tiptop ONE

Some Like It Buchla, Tiptop ONE from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Beta testing Tiptop Audio new module called ONE."

'Dr. Unpossible' - ngarjuna

Published on Jan 10, 2017 ngarjuna

"Modular Jam 66 - 'Dr. Unpossible'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

Patch Notes:
Acid Voice
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon SQR, baseline features plus tracking
The LFOs is my fingers
Eventually burnt by Proco Rat

Arturia iSpark

Modular Patch
Rene driving STO, Rubicon
Sequencer 1 driving Pittsburgh Osc
Rubicon SYM full positive FM’d by STO SIN to TZFM LIN (slightly) modulated by Octocontroller S&H, Pittsburgh TRI to EXP dynamically (trig by Seq1 to Dual ADSR to uVCA)
SIN to Timbre modulated by Octocontroller TRI LFO to Optomix enveloped by Maths (trig Rene) FALL modulated by Sequencer 1

During the wiggling:
ADSR (D and R), Rubicon EXP FM are tickled as well as Maths A and D
Rene pattern is changed (steps 5 & 7 are added and taken away)
When the Rat gets unleashed on the Avalon I also plugged a cable from the STO SUB to the Rubicon hard SYNC for extra-harmonic-y goodness
The slowing down at the end is a combination of manually attenuating the SYM and TZFM"

Novation Circuit Demo by Hunart©

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Hunart©

"A quick play with the patterns created on the Circuit (1.4). Apart from a few samples every sound comes from the Circuit. No EQ, compression or external FX. Some limiting applied to the whole audio.

This little thing is good and what`s more important - gives a lot of fun :)"

Moog Mother 32 & MXR Distortion+ CSP104

Published on Jan 12, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Mother 32 synthesiser through the Distortion+.

No further processing except normalisation."

Otherness: Qu-bit Chord

Published on Dec 30, 2016 cane creek

"Chill out set and forget patch.

Free MP3 Download:

Patch info:
Qu-bit Chord sequenced by 4 notes from Arturia Beatstep Pro & Modulated by Xaoc Batumi, SSF Ultra Analog doing random things to Batumi's Reset.
MI Branches making a coin toss between a Modulated MI braids snare & ALM Dinkys taiko Bass drum triggered by ALM Pamelas workout and Tsyklon labs chaos divider, then put through Alright devices Chronoblob.
Eventide space on the end of the chain "shimmer" preset."

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 026 - The Storm

Published on Jan 12, 2017 DiscoverNoise

DiscoverNoise 075-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 028-

"In this video we create a nice storm using the white noise from the TTSH. So basically we're just using Phenol as an effect unit.


Vintage Soviet Snalog Synthesizer Faemi-1M SN 1087160

via this auction

Some great shots in this set.

"If you've ever dreamed of a dark analog sound from the Cold War times, here it is.
Lay back and listen to its sound demos: Dropbox

Faemi-1M (Russian: Фаэми-1М) is a full analog polysynth that was made in the USSR from the late 70s to the late 80s. This is one of the last released models (1987) with the latest revisions.
The synth is a predecessor of a famous Soviet "military synthesizer" Polivoks. Both synths were produced on Formanta radio factory in Kachkanar, Russia.

The synth features:
4-octave keyboard
Main VCO
LFO with ADSR envelope
Resonance filter
The control panel has 5 sections: voltage controlled oscillator, timbre, vibrato, filter, voltage controlled amplifier.
Controls parameters:
Oscillator: sustain, tuning, glide
Timbre: 4 waveforms (imitating piano, strings, clavinet, brass) that can be mixed together with different levels
Vibrato (LFO): frequency, depth, attack delay
Filter: attack, decay, sustain, release, cutoff, resonance, modulation
Amplifier: volume

I've done full maintenance and repairs of the inside electronics:
All dried electrolytic capacitors are replaced with modern ones
Circuit board tracks that were damaged by oxidation are rebuilt with solder and patches
Keys trigger contacts and potentiometers (knobs) are cleaned up so pressing/turning causes no cracks and pops
The synth was designed for use with European 220 V, 50 Hz electrical grid, so you will need a transformer if you're running on a different voltage/frequency. Using it in a lower voltage (i.e. American 110 V) will most likely cause problems in operation."

Vintage Roland Juno 106 Analog Synth SN 494113 w/ Blue LEDs & Original Box

via this auction

"Its in FANTASTIC condition, no rust just a couple of paint chips on the back corner. All of the artwork is there and looks great. No scratchy pots for they have been cleaned. All of the black coating was removed from all voice chips, and the old pins were replaced with super high quality gold plated pins, and there are super high quality sockets. Now if any of the voice chips EVER go bad all you have to do is pop it open and pull out the bad chip. New blue LED's, because they look awesome. The numeric display, the "A" preset LED and one of the chorus' were kept red. I think it looks cooler with a mix of both colors. The original battery has been replaced with a new one and a socket so if the battery ever goes out, just pull the battery and pop a new one in.

The listing also includes the original box! The fact that this still exist is crazy to me. It is in pretty rough shape with ware on the corners and some rips but all the artwork is there and there is even a sticker with matching serial number on the sides. The previous owner bought it brand new in the 80's and kept the box around. One of the inside flaps read "christmas tree" so I guess it used to store a tree, lol. Regardless its cool."


via this auction

via the seller: "Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 fully serviced in good cosmetic and very good mechanical condition. I personally drove the Prophet 5 to "Klosman" Prophet 5 service specialist in Oakland, Ca. and had him completely service/restore the whole synth for me sparing no expense. The P5 also recently underwent a light finish restoration to maintain the wood, but not lose any of the original vintage character of the cabinet. Cabinet is very smooth.

This p5 stays in tune all the way up the keyboard and all functions work 100% and sounds just as it should! It was just played by a tech and given a very clean bill of health before putting up for sale.

Here is a complete list of work done to the synth:

Power supply: replaced cord, bypass caps; rewired for 2716 ROMs
Front panel: replaced pot, 3 dead LEDs, bypass caps; cleaned pots & switches.
CPU board: replaced battery, bypass caps, U337 DAC reference, ROMs.
Voice board: replaced caps, LM311 tune comparator, LM348 quad opamp, one SSM2020 VCA, two SSM2040 VCF chips.
Replaced rear panel 1/4 jacks. Replaced fuse holder. Replace Rear P5 Sticker with nos original.

This synth is a very nice example of a fully functioning REV 2 Prophet 5."

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four from Rodrigonzalez on Vimeo.

"Playing Modular and BSII with SQ-1 and BSP"

PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator Synthesizer

Published on Jan 12, 2017 RetromanIE

"I've had it about 10 mins and its an awesome little device."

Vintage Minimoog Model D vs. The Legend VST Emulation

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Kevin schröder

"A comparison between the original Minimoog Model D of the year 1976 and The Legend by Synapse Audio. Patches are only roughly approximated, but in my mind the sound is close."

TB-03. Volca Keys, + PO-12 Acid Techno Jam | Jamuary 2017

Published on Jan 12, 2017 anode8

"Here's a quick little acid techno jam session on the Roland Boutique TB-03, The Korg Volca Keys, and the Teenage Engineering PO-12 rhythm. As always, this is far from a complete demonstration of any of these machines, just me fooling around with some acid techno sounds that I like."

Modular Synth Lunchbox by c1t1zen

Published on Jan 12, 2017 Patrick OBrien

"This modular synth lunchbox kit from c1t1zen Modular is a hit in my studio! 38HP and powers via USB.

The eurorack modules are all running off power from a Mophie phone charger.

Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas is the only voice in this patch, melting faces with help from Intellijel's Quadra, wicked random triggering from 2HP Modular's Rnd, some Dave Smith Instruments Curtis Filter, and Expert Sleepers Disting 3 with the delay.

Check c1i1zen's page for more info on the modular lunchbox:"

Grendel Grenadier RA9 - DEMO

Published on Jan 12, 2017 midirausch

"quick Demo of this awesome device.
This little fella kills all 303's in the mix!! if you want to be on top, take the Grendel ;-)"

Nord Lead 4 Editor VST for Windows and MAC

Published on Jan 12, 2017 MrSynthmania

"The Nord Lead 4 is a polyphonic synthesizer with lots of knobs and switches to edit all relevant parameters directly. But some are not directly accessible and sometimes it can be usefull to controll the synthesizer within your DAW. Especially if the hardware is not nearby. All these is possible now with the Nord Lead 4 Editor Software. You can create your own sounds on a comfortable way.

The editor can be used as standalone and VST version for Windows 32 and 64 Bit and MAC OSX (tested with OSX 10.9). Be sure you´ve updated your Nord Lead to firmware 1.30. Otherwise the editor won´t work correctly.

The editor is optimized for a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 px.
You can purchase a full working version at for only 15,00 Euros.

A demo is available here:"

Macumbista Benjolin - Quick Example 01

Published on Jan 11, 2017 djangosfire

"Just a short improvised test example of what type of sounds are possible from the Benjolin circuit.

By no means is this a detailed demo - quick and fun only :)

This Benjolin V4 Macumbista was built by Derek Holzer.

Thank you - Adam"

Electro Fried Tribe Ver 1

Published on Jan 11, 2017 HardtekStudios

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