MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sky burn - Yamaha SY77 and RS7000, Korg EMX

Published on Mar 19, 2017 MIDERA

"Just started digging into the Yamaha SY77 - and wow, just an amazing instrument. Only used 1 AFM (advanced FM) part, all melodic parts are sequenced by the RS7000. The EMX was sequenced by itself - all parts (even the synth parts) were used for drums. It's a pretty excelled drum machine and drum synthesizer!"

BoB SwanS P12 Patches 2

"A brief demo of my upcoming patch collection, available on the weekend of 25th March 2017. This is a demo of some of the patches that use Polyphonic Aftertouch.

I will post another audio demo on release day

The collection will include 100 patches with single and dual layer programs and will be available at my Sellfy Shop"


BoB SwanS P12 Patches 2 Demo 2

"The 2nd demo for my newly released preset pack for the DSI Prophet 12.

The bank includes drone, pads, bass and lead patches along with some classic sounds mutilated with the Prophet 12's extensive modulation routing.

This demo has a tiny bit of compression and a little bit rolled off the high end with Ableton stock effects.

Available here ------->"

Split Eight

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Joakim Floke

"An odd bird. Sounds really good with it's 8 VCO:s. Perfect for lush pads, leads and bass. It has a polymod feature I've not seen on any other synth which can spice it up a bit."

Solarisation [JV-1080]

"A relaxing sweet techno track revisiting the 90s vibes. Most sounds are from the Don Solaris soundset on the 1080. 100% midi controlled 1080."

Studio Electronics MIDIMini SN 1299

via this auction

Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer SN ZC78329

via this auction

"If this is the synthesizer your looking for, don't miss out on this one. This is in EXCELLENT to MINT condition, everything works, I'm the original owner, kept in my recording studio, hardly used. Please see pictures."

Yamaha FS1R Rack Mount FM Synthesizer SN OZO1144

via this auction

ROLAND SH-101 SN 295354 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"BOXED TIMEWARP 101 SYNTH! The original bass & lead mono monster!

Original box and packaging, and original English/Japanese manual included.

Immaculate condition and full working order, UK/European voltage model (UK 3 pin PSU included).

The best SH101 I have ever seen.

James Walker at Synth Repair gave it a once over earlier this month, he fixed a key that wasn't triggering properly and tuned/calibrated it, so it's good to go. Receipt for that included."

Rheyne - Polyrack (6-voice Eurorack w/ Expert Sleepers "Silent Way")

Published on Mar 19, 2017

"A demonstration of 6-voice polyphony using three Moog and three Make Noise oscillators, controlled by Expert Sleepers 'Silent Way' and an ES-8. Six outputs on the ES-8 are controlling the pitch and gate on the Make Noise oscillators: both VCO-A and VCO-B of a DPO (triggered by Maths) and the square wave from the 0-Coast.

With only two outputs remaining on the ES-8, the Moog oscillators' pitch and gate signals from Silent Way is converted back to MIDI, and sent to the MIDI input of each Mother-32 for the remaining three voices from an iConnectMIDI 4+.

A single knob on the KompleteKontrol keyboard controls all of the filters for each voice, including all three Moog filters and a Dave Smith Instruments DSM-01 Curtis filter. Reverb is from Ableton. Recorded in one take."

Analog Four Octatrack OP-1 & Modular Sunday Jam

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

"Sunday afternoon synthesizer quality time with Elektron Analog Four Octatrack Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Modular"

Denormal by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell

Published on Oct 21, 2012 theianboddy's channel

"Denormal from Morphogenic (DiN41) by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell

Video by Dave Bessell

Available on CD & download from

Parallel Worlds:"

Modulars (and more) in action. A track featuring MATRIXSYNTH member, Bakis Sirros, aka Parallel Worlds.

Game Over Man... Game Over! - PO-12 Rhythm / PO-20 Arcade

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Micro Banshee

"Track: Game Over Man... Game Over!

Small set-up Jam, using only 2 Pocket Operators and a Zoom recorder.

I hope you enjoy the track, if not, no worries.

Recorded live [19/03/2017]


Pocket Operator / PO-12
Pocket Operator / PO-20"

Tworist - Little Empty Case

Published on Mar 19, 2017 ba ko

"A little sunday afternoon jam.

Sorry for the noisy quality, I just recorded straight into my camera due to not having a good video editor software and to do it the easy way.
If someone know a better way to record video and audio simultaneously, let me know. :)

Used gear:

Elektron AnalogRytm for beats
Elektron Octatrack for sequencing synths and for some effects
MAM MB33 Retro for bass
Waldorf Blofeld for pads and sound effects
Teenage Engineering OP-1 for key-sounds
Make Noise 0-Coast for the sequence (contains a figure of Boards of Canada's BMX Track)
Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter for filtering the 0-Coast
Olegtron 4060 to modulate the 0-Coast
Some guitar Pedals for reverb and delay
Boss SE-70 for reverb
Canon Eos 70d for video recording"

Minimoog Model D Old vs New

Published on Mar 19, 2017 AudioCentralMagazine


Minimoog Model D old vs new - Part 1
"The first part of a direct - and probably useless - comparison between our beaten and worn Model D SN 1845E from the Seventies and a brand new Model D SN 007 2016. In this part: tuning and beating... How to reach nearly zero beating on the old machine, how to reach slow beating on the new machine. As usual, tweaking with parameters, you'll obtain same result. As usual, two analog machines will NEVER play exactly the same; small differences as in the real life."

Moog Minimoog D old vs new - Part 2
"In this video, a direct comparison between old and new Model D. Filter Sweep slow with and without resonance, manually opened and under envelope control. Some waveform switching for square waves."

Minimoog Model D old vs new - Part 3
"Part 3 of comparison between old and new Model D. Some patch programming with matching (and not-so-matching) of parameters. As usual, in analog machines, physical position of front panel controls doesn't means nothing - it all depends on internal trimming points."

Moog Minimoog Model D old vs new Part 4
"On this video, Grp R24 Step Sequencer is driving Model D vintage (row B) and Model D 2016 (row A) with same sequence of notes (yep!). Row C drives both cutoff frequencies on synthesizers. Some Ratcheting 2x on some steps."

Rephazer - Rippling Creek (demo/live jam)

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Rephazer

"A little jam that arose out of a little loop I found on the Octatrack.. Sorry about the audio problems (bad cable) and half of the gear being out of frame, anyway.. it's business and mistakes as usual.. Hope you enjoy this and thanks for watching/listening.

Octatrack: (Midi/Main) Sequencer and Piano/Beatloops
Analog Four: (CV) Sequencer and Arps/Additional Bass
MS-20 mini: Main Bassline
System-1: Gated pad sound
V-Machine: Piano played with Behringer UMA25s
OP-1: Organ and Additional Bass
iMix: Mixer
H4n: Audio recording
iPhone: Video recording"

The Schmidt Synthesizer Part 2

Published on Mar 19, 2017 MrFirechild

"This track is using sounds only from The Schmidt Synthesizer, one of the best and most unique synthesizers ever made. Only 50 units will be manufactured. The Schmidt is using discrete analog components for filters and oscillators while envelopes and LFO´s are controlled by software. Composed and produced by"

Part 1 here.

New Pics of the Alesis Andromeda A6 with Custom Hinged Front Panel Mod

Some new pics in via creator Thomas Heck. This is a follow-up to this previous post.

Moog Sub Phatty

Published on Mar 19, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Messing around with the Sub Phatty synthesiser. Exploring the front panel controls.

Synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."


Published on Mar 18, 2017 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander², QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360²,RS 500e²

Univox MiniKORG 700 K-1 SN 3260

via this auction

"This mid-70's monophonic analog synth has a bit of cosmetic wear but is in excellent working order."

Ultimate Percussion K2-x

via this auction

This is the one featured in this video.

"Ultimate Percussion K2-X Analog Synthesizer System
8 Channel drum/synth with built in sequencer.

Nice analogue drum module. Very different to Simmons and Tama units. Has 8 individual channels/sounds. Can be triggered by a CV sequencer or other drum triggers (not included). Each channel/sound has its own input trigger and individual output. It also has a stereo output. There is a stereo EQ for the output also. The onboard preset sequencer is very basic, not programmable, just has a few preset sequences that can play. The Ultimate Percussion K2-X is a very unit, I have two of them, the one I am selling is the same as the one in the pictures. I will upload more photos on request. There's a link to a youtube video I made a while back testing it with a 707 as the trigger. Not a great deal of info around about this one, a few of them pop up on matrix synth from time to time.

Pros, good bass, really nice white noise and pure analogue snares and hat type sounds. Toms are what you would expect from an analogue drum module. Used by PLAID (apparently)
Cons, it's very green. It's big.

Good condition. It's a vintage unit so comes with a few bumps and scratches here and there but overall is in great condition. Looks good. All the knobs have their caps.

more info: 8 trigger inputs
Individual outputs + stereo main outputs and headphone output
One special Bass drum channel
One special Snare channel
Six completely tuneable oscillator synth channels
All channels have these controls - Level, Pan, Trigger Sensitivity, Decay, Bite, Noise Filter, Noise + VCO mix, VCO pitch and VCO Sweep
All channels have Pulse button - Pulse generates an in tempo trigger."

VERMONA Rare Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Rare vintage analog synthesizer made in GDR between the years 1983 and 1990. 100% working but have some external defects (scratches, scuff etc.). It is a 2-VCO monophonic analog synthesizer. It has most basic analog edit parameters. A 24 dB/oct analog VCF filter with 4 knobs (Brilliance, CutOff, Resonance, Contour), a single LFO to modulate the VCO or VCF sections and a typical ADSR VCA envelope. There are preset VCF and VCA settings as well as a Manual mode.Its sounds are pretty basic analog stuff. It makes a real nice analog bass and all sound. Colorful knobs, a clean layout, vintage wood end-cheeks and a genuine analog sound. Very reminds sound legendary MOOG and ARP synth."


via this auction

"Overhauled before shipping for long life and to keep original sounds,
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, most of short life Operational Amplifiers and logis ICs with new ones.
Knobs, switches and jacks cleaning.
Four VCOs are in perfect unison due to special VCO circuit care."

Simmons SDSV Drum Synthesiser SN 001450

via this auction

Behringer DeepMind12 Demo

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Hunart©

"Quick soundcheck of the long awaited synth. I`ve had some (bad and good) thoughts about it before but now - lets be honest - this thing sound HUGE and turned out a great synth. Want one :)

All sounds comes from the DeepMind, cosmetic EQ (robost bass), no compression, no external FX, just some limiting applied.




Published on Mar 19, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Brand new Jam on my Homebrew DIY modular synth, down in the Lumen​ Crypt..

the synth is controlled by the Gameboy with an Little Sound Dj - LSDj​ Cartridge.

Words from a poem i wrote called STAND AND DELIVER (.S.A.D.).

Vocals going through a Roland VT3 to get extra pitches."

Philip Glass Glassworks Synth version

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Anthony Distefano

"A little bit of Philip Glass Glassworks Opening . All music was done using NI Absynth."

SCI Prophet-5 Rev 3 in the pic.

Mattoverse Octostep into the Swell Delay

Published on Mar 19, 2017 mattoverse

MS20 & CS30-L / sounds

Published on Mar 19, 2017 se7ense7

"Winging it."

Deconstructing On The Run

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Kinetik Laboratories

"A classic sequence through Dao.

Dao is a pattern controlled gater capable of turning every signal connected to the INPUT JACK into a rhythmic sequence, passing or muting it towards the OUTPUT JACK.

The rhythm patterns are based on the position of two knobs, PATTERN LENGTH and CHOP NUMBER, allowing an intuitive use of the device. Users can generate up to 136 patterns by setting these knobs."

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Published on Mar 18, 2017 SynthMania

Perser | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Björn Bommersheim

"Very reduced ambient patch i did after listing to some music my best friend gave to me. Our friendship will last till the end of all days.

Chords build and sequenced with the make noise brains and pressure points and a melodic line done with mutable braids.

Patch notes:

Erica Synth Wogglebug
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Make Noise Math
Mutable Instruments Braids
EoWave Zone B.F.
Malekko Anti Oscillator
Pittsbourgh Dual VCA
Doepfer 143-9
Tiptop Audio z2040
Malekko Borg Filter
Make Noise Brains & Pressure Points
4MS Dual Looping Delay"

severence // ecosistema patch

Published on Mar 19, 2017 severence

experimental ambient soundscapes

// patch notes

Spider Medicine | OP-1 Ambient

Published on Mar 18, 2017 Lightbath

Betsy LeFae x Lightbath

Local Nature Spirits Earth Mandala 003

March 18, 2017
Austin, TX

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