MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

ARP 2600 Keyboard Synthesizer

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Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2 SN 140692

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Moog Multimoog

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"This multimoog recently had a full check up done by SD Machines and is fully functional and ready to play. Cosmetically, the synthesizer is in excellent condition.

The Multimoog is a highly versatile analog monophonic synthesizer. It is basically an extended version of the Micromoog, which came out 3 years before. It features a ribbon controller and a touch sensitive keyboard. It has many interesting modulation routings and has a powerful, analog sound.

The Multimoog has 2 VCOs and a suboscillator. The filter can be modulated by the oscillator B in different ways. It has oscillator sync, noise generator, sample & hold, mixable oscillator waveforms, pulse width modulation, the 24 dB Moog filter and two envelopes. It has all interfacing you would expect from a good monophonic synth: CV / Gate IN and OUT, EXTERNAL SIGNAL IN, VCF IN. Y

A versatile synth introduced by Moog Music in 1978. It was Moog's most advanced non-modular model at the time, despite the fact that it sold for less than the Minimoog. It was a two-VCO synth with a dedicatd LFO, two attack-release envelope generators, and the usual Moog transistor ladder four-pole lowpass VCF. It reused the basic case design from the Micromoog and it carried over that model's ribbon controller; however, on the Multimoog there were multiple routing options for the ribbon controller signal.

The 44-note keyboard (F to C, typical for Moog keyboards) included aftertouch, which was routable to multiple destinations, including cross modulation; it could also accept an external control voltage input. The panel layout was notable for the rows of white slider switches which selected routing options. The model remained in production until 1981, when it was replaced by the Source. The extent of the production run is unknown; a comment to the model description page at Vintage Synth Explorer indicates that less than 1000 were produced. The Multimoog is moderately valuable to collectors today. The keyboard aftertouch force sensors have failed on nearly all extant units, and there is no known repair."

R*S Serge Test Ten

Published on May 25, 2017 Todd Barton

"continued explorations of the Random*Source Serge eurorack modules. the final output is going through a Boss DD-3 (short settings) and a TC Electronic reverb pedal (setting VI)."

nonlinearcircuits A Plague of Demons: thru-0 VCO

Published on May 25, 2017 cirtcele

"Just getting some sounds from the sine output."

See this post for additional details and pics.

KORG MS-10 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 132357 w/ Original Leather Case

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Roland MC-202 SN 314800

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Moogfest Featured on PBS News: At Moogfest, the music revolution will be synthesized

Published on May 24, 2017 PBS NewsHour

"Moogfest, named after inventor Robert Moog, is a celebration of the art, engineering and technology of synthesizers, machines that create sounds electronically. Jeffrey Brown takes us to the gathering for a look at how experiments in technology and music can inspire one another."


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"Described as Crumar's flagship monosynth to rival the Minimoog, the Italian company wasted no time to introduce an analog synth with DCO's which for its time was ahead of the game.

It's reported only 500 were made, which is somewhat of a mystery and even more so to verify by the fact that not many will be working properly or retired into the scrap bins :(

An awesome synth marketed for professionals the DS2 has been widely recognised with musicians, looking for that vintage Italo sound ala Moroder..."

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS Synthesizer PRO-8 Vintage Analog Poly Synth

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Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 2123

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"Recently serviced and fully functional. Sequencer, MIDI, the oscillators that set the standard. Anvil hardshell case."

Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer, Strymon El Capistan.

Published on May 25, 2017 Craig Davidson

"Just messing around with my old Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer and my Strymon El Capistan pedal."

Roland Jupiter 6 - Poly vs. Solo mode

Published on May 25, 2017 Tor Egil Braseth

"This video is about Jupiter 6 test"

DJ Lance Rock Using the Astral Whip at Moogfest 2017 w/ Yoko Ono

Published on May 25, 2017 electrofaustus

"DJ Lance Rock uses the Astral Whip at Moogfest 2017. Looped vocals provided by Yoko Ono. Courtesy Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso"

Enjoy. :)

Reminds me of that time Yoko performed with John Lennon & Chuck Berry:

At 1:19. Why?!!! Notice they cut her mike after that, but she comes back in at 2:34. Gotta love Yoko!


Published on May 25, 2017 zack dagoba

"I connected up lots of analog sequencers! See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more info"

"The modulars involved are the Polyfusion, the Emu, the ARP2500, the Formant, the Paia and the Serge."

Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

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Note this one is considerably list than the one posted earlier. Always do your research.

wolfgangschaltung live am Buchla 200e im Golem (HH), 19. Mai 2017

Published on May 25, 2017 Der Schlendrian

"Live-Improvisation von wolfgangschaltung (Jan-Hinnerk Helms) am Modularsynthesizer Buchla 200e zu Videosequenzen von Roland Barkey."

Galaxy Stars --- DSI/Oberheim OB-6, Poly Evolver

Published on May 25, 2017 Hitoshi Koizumi

"synthesizers: DSI/Oberheim OB-6, Poly Evolver Keyboard (only first sequence)
fx: Strymon TimeLine, BigSky"

052417 /// Korg MS2000 - Roland Boutique JP-08 - Waldorf Blofeld - Elektron Machinedrum

Published on May 25, 2017 Coma City

"I had all my gear torn down for a performance that never happened, so I decided to take advantage of everything in the studio being scattered to change the setup around a bit.

I initially started playing just to check signal flow and ended up with this. All tracks performed/recorded live in a single take with no post production or editing of any kind done afterward. Sequencing was handled by my Arturia BeatStep Pro. Instruments mixed into Behringer Xenyx X2442USB mixer with a little reverb and delay added with the onboard effects processor, audio recorder from mixer tape out to PreSonus Audiobox iTwo, into my iPhone 7 Plus.

The video is just random footage of my work computer on the fritz, some waves from the Makena lava flow beach on Maui, Hawaii, and me improving this piece. All audio/video recorded with the camera app on iPhone 7 Plus and edited in iMovie.

Bass - Roland Boutique JP-08
Melody - Waldorf Blofeld
Strings/saw lead - Korg MS2k (manually modulating built-in delay and chorus effects)
Rhythm - Elektron Machinedrum"

How I Learned To Love The Octatrack #3

Published on May 25, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

"Octatrack practice jam to see how things fit together."

All parts here.

Modular Moog Hoedown Patch - Quick Demo

Published on May 25, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Just a quick demo of my 'Hoedown' patch I use with ELP tribute Noddy's Puncture. I have 5 oscillators for 'audio' in total. The first two are unison, using both square & sawtooth waveforms - with a third set a 5th up (via my custom red lever switch...) and also using square & sawtooth. Those three oscillators are then affected by the EG - via an attenuator, which sets the final pitch they climb up to. Another two oscillators - using just the sawtooth waveforms - are also set to unison but an octave higher than the first two and are not affected by the EG... basically making a 'drone'. All tunings are critical to getting the sound right. It's definitely not an easy one to set up live..!"

Steiner Masters Touch Breath Controller

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SN 00508 ?

Mulholland Drive Theme Cover

Published on May 10, 2017 Anthony Distefano

"A little bit of the Mulholland Drive main theme. This was all done using NI Absynth's envelopes."


Published on May 25, 2017 Worwell

"Eurorack Patch"

Waveboy Ensoniq EPS 16+ External Audio Time Dicer FX

Published on May 25, 2017 The Daydream Sound

"WAVEBOY FX disk are a set of after market disks for the Ensoniq EPS16+, TS10 & ASR-10. In this video we’ll do a quick demo of the AUDIO-IN EFFECTS DISK. Specifically, the Audio-In/Time Dicer - Input Effects and Pitch Shifting functions by passing a live sequence from the Roland MC303 directly in to the EPS16+

How to load Waveboy FX disk

1. Plug the output of your external source into the Audio Input of the EPS16+. This can be a microphone or line level signal as long as it terminates to an unbalanced ¼” cable (In the FX menu you can choose between MIC & LINE as a source).

IK Multimedia Introduces Syntronik - The Legendary Synth Powerhouse

"Syntronik is a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine. Syntronik includes 17 amazing instruments, available as a collection or separately, with over 2,000 preset sounds covering a wide selection from 38 of the most iconic to ultra-rare and painstakingly multi-sampled vintage synthesizers. Syntronik’s synthesis engine goes well beyond traditional sampling thanks to a brand new analog modeled filter section created with the utmost expertise from IK, the pioneer in virtual circuit modeling. This is coupled with exclusive DRIFT™ technology to accurately reproduce the behavior of oscillators from real hardware synths. All of this combined with an effects section that is unrivaled in the world of virtual instruments along with advanced features like 4-part layers, splits and arpeggiators make Syntronik the ultimate source of inspiration with the widest palette of synthesizer sounds ranging from exact reproductions of the originals to sounds never heard before that will stand out from the crowd in productions covering any genre and style."

"Syntronik includes the following 38 amazing synths and string machines offering more than 2,000 instrument presets:

Access Virus Rack XL

via this auction

"You want the warm analog sound of the Virus C, but it's just too big for where you want to put it! So much gear, so little space. Sound familiar?

Here's one for you: the Virus rack XL is here! Now you can have the entire capacity of the Virus C Desktop in a single-space rackmount unit: all the polyphony, all the effects, all the virus, all the time.

Designed by THE company for awesome synthesizer interfaces, the front panel of the Rack XL is a promise of creativity unbound. And with all the expanded polyphony, new effects, and new features in your hands, it's freedom you'll appreciate more than ever.

The front and rear audio inputs will take you to new levels of excitement. Now guitarists, DJs, and anyone else who wants to penetrate the possibilities of pure processing can do it like never before... Ease into those filters, envelopes, and LFOs (cause they feel SO good!) It's like getting a free Virus C right inside a high-powered multi-effects rack!"

Interesting way to look at it... Editing doesn't look any worse than a Pulse.

Original Waldorf Pulse Analog Synthesizer SN 810222880

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Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

Some nice shots via this auction

Note this one is considerably less. Always do your research before buying.

"The Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Module features 3 analog oscillators as well as an analog cascading filter. In addition, it has analog filter FM and ring modulation with up to 8 voice chords. You can create a variety of sounds and patterns with the built-in arpeggiator and route your sounds via the 8-slot modulation matrix or tweak the included 500 sound programs. Your parameters are displayed on the Pulse 2's backlit LCD screen.

The synth can be played by an external control through its USB port or 5-pin DIN MIDI input. An external analog input allows for further tone shaping capabilities."

KORG MS-10 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 130111

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A victim of rust. It does give it a beaten industrial look.

sequential circuits pro one

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Kilpatrick Phenol Modular Analogue Synth

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Buchla Easel Improvisation by mudlogger

Buchla Easel Improvisation by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Live improvisation using Buchla Music Easel.

Recorded live in 1 take, no edits."

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 033 - Music II

Published on May 25, 2017 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 094-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 034-

Another musical video with Phenol and the Roland TR-8.


Jake Williams of Flies + Flies Getting to Know Rebel Technology

Published on May 25, 2017 Rebel Technology

"A short video of Jake Williams of Flies + Flies trying out the Rebel Technology modules"

DL - n080 (Analog Four, Hardware Techno)

Published on May 25, 2017 DL Live

"Hardware Techno with Elektron and Roland machines:
Elektron Octatrack, Analog Four, Roland TR-8, TB-3

Audio version:"

Korg Minilogue Demo Mix 35

Published on May 25, 2017 Pure Ambient Drone

"Korg Minilogue Demo Mix 35
Demo mix featuring Korg Minilogue.
Visit: for all my music and social media connections.

'Peaceful Drone' from the album 'Liquid Ambient'

Gear Used:
Dave Smith Instruments OB 6 Synthesizer
Roland JD-XA Synthesizer
Roland JD-XI Synthesizer (As Midi Controller)
Roland Aira System 1 Synthesizer
Behringer Deepmind 12 Synthesizer
Korg Minilogue Synthesizer"

desert wind modular session (braids, ripples, tides, maths, monologue and transmisser)

Published on May 25, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

I am venturing deeper into the world of modular, still not sure whats really going on but I think for myself and my own workflow that I am starting to find the magic ratio between infinite noodling and actual music making. Trying to not make overcomplicated stuff, and just go with the flow when something sound and feels right..

My main sound source is the braids, which is being modulated by the maths and tides.. drone style, the beatstep just sends voltage when I want to change the key. 0-coast is not in use here. On the monologue I wanted to do my trademark solo style sound.. and yep, it sounds just like the ms-20.

EarthQuaker Devices transmisser does the desert wind sound on top the modular sounds, adding to this some minor delay on the Caverns to build the echoing spaces for the modular. KORG monologue gets a simple delay + reverb in the presonus 16.0.2 mixer.. then straight into 2-track!

BooM, hope you will enjoy it !"

YAMAHA TG 33 - Experimental ambient soundscape / sonic exploration 【Vector synthesis demo】

Published on May 24, 2017 synth4ever

"Yamaha TG33 synth demo -- playing experimental ambient soundscape and sonic exploration on TG33 tone generator synth from Yamaha.

This ambient drone & noise synthesizer music created using Yamaha TG33 vector synthesis and Eventide SPACE reverb pedal."

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