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Monday, March 26, 2018

Tangerine Dream - Identity Proven Matrix (live studio performance)

Published on Mar 23, 2018 Kscope

Some synth spotting with Tangerine Dream. Manikin Schritmacher sequencer in the rack. White Moog Voyager Electric Blue and Voyager RME, Roland V-Synth & JD-XA, Clavia Nord Lead, & eurorack modular.

"Tangerine Dream complete their Quantum Gate album with the Quantum Key EP as a new double CD release -

This new live recording of "Identity Proven Matrix" was filmed at the band's studio in Berlin where the band have been gearing up for their European shows (more to be announced)
13 April - Halle/Saale - Haendelsaal - DE
14 April - Dresden - Kulturpalast/Philharmonie - DE
23 April - London - Union Chapel - UK - SOLD OUT!!
24 April - London - Union Chapel with special guest Richard Barbieri - UK
12 May - Duisburg - Theater am Marientor - DE
01 Aug - Amsterdam - Dekmantel Festival - NL - SOLD OUT SOON!!
04 + 05 Aug - O.Z.O.R.A. Festival - HU
12 Aug - Helsinki - Flow Festival - FI

The Quantum Key EP preceded Quantum Gate and both delivered an updated, contemporary development of their trademark sound: sequencer-driven electronica covering a wide range of moods and atmospheres from ambient soundscapes to energetic, upbeat moments.

The Quantum Years material began as a concept and series of musical sketches by Froese before he passed away in 2015. Remaining band members Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane worked together to realize Edgar's visions and expectations of a conceptual body of work that attempts to translate quantum physics and philosophy into music.

Tangerine Dream have been a fundamental influence on electronic and progressive music since their formation in West Berlin, 1967. Inspiring genres, musicians and other art forms, from The Future Sound of London to Porcupine Tree, the widely popular TV show Stranger Things (for which their music also featured in) to seminal video game Grand Theft Auto V (for which they helped to write the soundtrack).

Pre-order your copy of the new Quantum Gate / Quantum Key double CD now for 20th April release -"

Antimatter Audio Crossfold Wavefolder And Crossfader

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Antimatter Audio Crossfold is an 8 stage wavefolder that sounds great with all waveshapes, not just triangle waves like some folders, and features two crossfolders on the input and output. The crossfaders add great utility for dry/wet blending and mixing the two inputs as well as working as a VCA and a few other tricks. We used the Crossfold on a sequenced synth line, drone and to make a metallic percussion sound in this video, but there are many more things you could do with the crossfold.

Available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!


"Only the DSI Pro2 as a sound source, all the editing, mixing and processing has been done in Bitwig 2 only with its devices.

Tracks can be found here:

Enjoy it!"

Arturia MiniBrute 2 final tweak by Olivier Briand 2018

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Arturia MiniBrute 2 final tweak Performance by Olivier Briand 2018"

You can find more Arturia MiniBrute 2 videos by Olivier Briand here.

Mutable Instruments Plaits en mode Vowel & Speech Synthesis

Published on Mar 26, 2018 therudyrude

"Exploration du mode Vowel et Speech avec le module Plaits de Mutable Instruments"

MPC Electronics MPC-1 with Elby Designs MIDI Retrofit-8

via this auction

"The enigmatic MPC-1, called the British 808 by some, used by Depeche Mode, Thomas Dolby and others. I've owned this particular unit for well over 10 years now, but have finally given it the sorting out it deserves and since I have no room for the rather large beast, it's ready for a new home.

Like so many other vintage pieces, this suffered a nasty battery leak on the digital (sequencer) board, trashing it. I have completely removed the digital board (not that anyone would really miss the very limited sequencer it housed) and installed an Elby Designs MIDI Retrofit-8 ( formerly the MIDI2SDS) to give you MIDI control over the voices.

The Elby interface is very straightforward to program to your needs, lift the front panel of the MPC-1, hit the "Learn" button on the interface, and it's in omni learn mode - play the MIDI notes in sequence on the channel you want and it's set. I currently have it set to respond to channel 1and the first eight natural notes starting at C3. Bass is boomy, snare is brilliant, open and closed hats are fizzy, claps and cymbals (switchable from the MPC-1) are awesome, and Toms 3 & 4 do a great Simmons impersonation. For unknown reasons I haven't been able to figure out, Toms 1&2 will not trigger via MIDI - they trigger from the pads, but not MIDI. Otherwise, the noise for Tom 1 does not work. Those are the only real "issues". You may look into sorting that or not, but you still have Toms 3&4 working great.

Like so many of these, the pots are often wonky, specifically the voice level pots. This unit has wonkiness with just about all of the level pots, so forget about using the glorious mono output and use the indie outs! Included in the sale is a period-correct Yamaha KM802 mixer, so you have the ability to mix and pan the indie outs as you desire, and even get EQ on the first 2 inputs. The internal mixer was pretty noisy, so using an external is really the only way to go. I'm also including enough 1 meter long HOSA dual cables to hook you up."

1982 Korg Trident MK2 SN 10262 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"1982 Korg Trident MK2. It's in fabulous condition considering it's age and has just been fully serviced, tested and tuned by the synth guru that is James Walker. I also had him install the CHD Elektroservis midi kit so it's as bang up to date as it's possible to be.
The bodywork is a bit bruised and the underside of a couple of keys have very small chips in them, although nothing so bad that it's offensive and definitely doesn't affect the playability. It could easily be made to look better with a bit of French polishing TBH!"

Grid Music Structures

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Grid Music

"Some of the musical structures you can find in Grid Music."

iTunes: Grid Music - Michael Daines

Dave Smith Instruments OB6 and Strymon Big Sky

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Simon Chauvin

Also featuring:
- Moog sub37
- Nord Lead 4
- Elektron Analog Rytm

New Minimoog Model D App by Moog for iOs - Basic Preset Tour

Published on Mar 26, 2018 iOS Music Production

"Instant buy for 5,49€!

New Minimoog Model D App by Moog for iOs - Basic Preset Tour"

iTunes: Minimoog Model D - Moog Music Inc.

Make Noise - Morphagene #13 - DivKid 4 Voice Ambient Reel #MorphageneMondays

Published on Mar 26, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my new DivKid 4 voice ambient reel for the Make Noise Morphagene and #MorphageneMondays. This is video number 13 in my series and here I go through making 4 voice polyphonic generative ambient modular music ... a mouthful a know!

The modules I've used is listed below and this reel should pop up on the Make Noise Freesound page soon for you all to download for free and play around with in your own Morphagene or anywhere you see fit. There's a dry version, FX only version and the main "mixed" version as well.

I'd love to hear anything you make with this so get in touch if you use it."

DC571 Dual Channel Audio Compressor Eurorack Prototype

Published on Mar 26, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro (c)2018

Headphones or quality audio monitors recommended. In this video I demonstrate a prototype of my new DC571 Analog Dual Channel Eurorack Audio Compressor. It will make your bass lines a little punchier, and your percussion grooves a bit more groovy. The way to operate it is simple - the stronger the input signal, the more it compresses. Use the output make-up gain knob to bring the level back up. Both channels are completely independent of one another - so use it for stereo purposes or for two different instruments if you desire. These will be hand-crafted in limited quantities for sale soon, it will have a black front panel w/ white silkscreen lettering. More details on price and availability to be announced later. Thank you for watching."

TE PO-33 K.O! Tinyjams

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Red Means Recording

"Hi, I'm going to play the Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O! for a little bit."

Massive Update on Percussa's SSP's Software Development - MPE, USB and More

via the Percussa Kickstarter:

"It’s time again for an update on the development of the SSP. The past few weeks a lot has happened!

1) more parts arrived for production of the SSPs

We’re getting ready for the production of the rest of the SSPs! We already have a small number of SSPs from our initial run a while ago which we’ve been using for hardware testing, and will now be producing the rest of the SSPs. Almost all the parts we need have arrived and we’ll be kitting and delivering the parts to our subcontractor over the next weeks. It looks like the first PCB revision of the SSP does not need any fixes or additional revisions, so that is really good news. We’ve also been testing the SSP with multiple power supply solutions and a variety of modules in our intellijel 84hp performance case.

2) development of the MPE features in full swing

Since our last video where we showed how you can plug a MIDI controller into the SSP’s USB port, have it detected automatically and instantly play a patch, we’ve been working on support for the MPE features of the SSP. For testing we are using a ROLI Seaboard block. For the moment the parameters from the Seaboard are automatically mapped to Wavetable oscillator parameters, such as X, Y and Z and to envelope generators which amplitude-modulate the oscillators. The notes are assigned to voices internally in the SSP’s software, and the modules in the patch are grouped into these voices so they receive pitch and trigger info. The Seaboard’s strike and lift parameters are mapped to scaling of the envelopes, so the wavetable oscillators’ sounds are louder or softer depending on how you play the Seaboard. Press and Slide are used for the Z and Y parameters of the WT Oscillator and the Glide parameter is of course mapped to polyphonic pitch bend.

Moog Minimoog Model D Synthesizer For iOS (AUv3) - First Look | SYNTH ANATOMY & thesoundtestroom

Published on Mar 26, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

iTunes: Minimoog Model D - Moog Music Inc.

"Moog Music released today the Model D app for iOS, a full recreation of the Minimoog Model D hardware Synthesizer including new features like a polyphonic engine and more. Here is a first look at this new app

Join the Patreon page to get access to free sound content (sample & preset libraries, free plugins... & participate on exclusive giveaways)"

And one from the thesoundtestroom:

MOOG MINIMOOG Model D - Demo for the iPad - Supports AUv3 - Awesome

Published on Mar 26, 2018 thesoundtestroom

1985 Moog Song Producer Ad

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the full write-up. Be sure to see the rest of the site for vintage synth ads. It's a great resource!

"Moog Song Producer sequencer 'MIDI In, Out & Thru Just Won't Do' 1/4-page black and white advertisement from the top right corner of page 101 in the December 1985 issue of Keyboard Magazine."

Cool shot of the Moog Song Producer bundle.

Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers synth blues cover song analog hardware Moog Moogerfooger Launchpadpro

Published on Mar 22, 2018 NomNomChomsky

"A synth blues cover version of the classic song : 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers. Done using analog hardware, but controlled by Ableton Live 10 with a Novation Launchpad Pro.

The longer jam sections have been cut out.... coz, while they're fun to play, but no one really wants to hear that shnitzel.

.... and yes, it is in portrait mode 9:16 😜

More synth blues cover songs on analog hardware in this playlist:

Instruments used:
#moogvoyager #moogrme #abletonoperator #abletonwavetable #abletonanalog #ableton10 #looper #abletonecho"

Moog Subsequent 37 - first jam in C-minor

Published on Mar 26, 2018 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

Today is a big day, I received my Moog Subsequent 37 - directly after work and right before dinner I just had to make a quick first jam .. I unpacked it, set it up, connected a couple FX pedals and .. yep, into space on first attempt. Can I say it sounds fabulous? :D

FYI, there are some synths and other FX turned on and hissing in the background, i just forgot to turn things off.

Gear used: Moog Subsequent 37
FX, Boss-RE20 space echo, Strymon bluesky

For the piano ditto X2 loop, grandstage wurly chords played through the red panda particle and eventide space.


Arturia MiniBrute2 EG close up by Olivier Briand

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Arturia MiniBrute2 EG close up by Olivier Briand"


Arturia MiniBrute 2 LFO close up by Olivier Briand

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Arturia MiniBrute 2 LFO close up and tweak by Olivier Briand"

018//The Drums of Callisto - 3 voices from 2 Moog Mother 32s

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Alastair Wilson

"A self-generating patch using 2 Mother 32s sent through an Eventide Space shimmer reverb and an Eventide Timefactor on digital delay setting. No other processing has been applied.

The lower Mother 32 is supplying the percussion and effects, by having the self-resonating filter modulated by a triangle LFO, which in turn is being modulated by a random stepped voltage to go up into the audio range. The Pulse output from this Mother 32 is patched to the Ext Audio input of the higher Mother 32 and is mixed with its melody, with the effect of the higher Mother 32 handling melodic lines at the same time. Random stepped voltages from the Assign outputs affect the melodies, as well as several other controls like the tempo of the the sequencers. Another notable feature of this patch is that the envelope of the higher Mother 32 is patched to the VCA CV input of the lower, adding a bit of extra snap to the percussive sounds.

Veils (in the top left) is being used as an output mixer and isn't affecting the patch.

If you want to recreate this patch, you can find it here:"

Q962, C958 and a couple of batteries...

Published on Mar 26, 2018 noddyspuncture

"Experimenting here with the Q962 shift trigger input and also the C958 transpose function. I had the idea of building myself a box that does all this on dedicated buttons and in various combinations and configurations...!"

BOSS DR-202 cleaning and repair

Published on Mar 26, 2018 organfairy

"The sound demo starts at 5:00

I mentioned, in the description for the DJX cleaning video, that I bought a second instrument from the same seller. This is it: BOSS DR-202 drum machine/groovebox.
It had a problem with the power plug and the power supply was also faulty (I don't show the repair process for the power supply in this video). And as usual it needed a good cleaning.

The music is 'This is your song' by Telex. I play it on Roland JX-8P synthesizer, Yamaha HE-8 organ and SY-1 synthesizer. The rhythm comes from a Korg Rhythm 55 drum machine."

Nord Lead 4 + Korg MS20 = perfect match

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Simon Chauvin

Mutable Instruments Plaits 17/30 : Chord Sequences

Published on Mar 26, 2018 DavidH

You can find the updated playlist here.

AJH Synth GEMINI 2412 REVIEW Dual Eurorack Modular (SEM) Filter Review

Published on Mar 26, 2018 SonicVoltage

"AJH Synth GEMINI 2412 REVIEW: Dual Vintage SEM FIlter Eurorack Modular Review & Demo - Clickable Index (2018)
Click on SHOW MORE to see INDEX of the video and more info in the description.

The AJH Synth GEMINI 2412 is a Dual Vintage State Variable Filter Eurorack Module.
In this Eurorack Module Video Review, we go over all the filter module features:
- Analogue filter types (LP, HP, BP, Variable Mode).
- Dual Parallel Mode
- Dual Serial Mode
- Inverting Phase
- Central Audio Mix Crossfader and Filter Offset ‘manual and CV controllable’ bus
- CV Control features
- 1V/Oct Self Oscillating Mode
- And more sounds and stuff … :)

I also use the AJH Synth Finaliser R-EQ for a bit of Reverb here and there. A full review of the Finaliser R-EQ will follow soon.

Towards the end of this Description, I have included links to some of my other reviews of AJH Synth MINI MOD and not MiniMod Eurorack Modules


00:00 AJH Synth Gemini 2412 Video Content Introduction

01:02 Module’s Features Introduction and Info

Tiptop Audio and Konstantin Gervis @SUPERBOOTH17

Tiptop Audio and Konstantin Gervis @SUPERBOOTH17 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Tiptop Audio product specialist and artist Konstantin Gervis played a Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17. Konstantin is long time Tiptop Audio user and composed his live rig almost entirely with Tiptop Audio modules. The pretty complete product line with VCOs, envelopes, sequencers, effects, sample players and the mighty drum modules Tiptop offers a suitable range of modules for playing techno and most other styles of electronic music live.

In this video Konstantin explains his live rig, how it is composed, which modules he uses, explains the signal flow and why he made certain decisions about his (almost) all-Tiptop-System.

To find out more about the current line of Tiptop Audio modules come to SUPERBOOTH18 - you can find them at Booth #0308."

Dr. Blankenstein's APC 2600 Atari Punk Console

via this auction

"The ultimate Atari Punk Console with all the bells and whistles... and one of the last built/sold! Serial # 186. LIKE NEW.

Free shipping in the continental US.

'Atari Punk Console Deluxe v2.0... Pretty much a super Atari stylized APC with a TON of tricked out features. There are two photo Theremin style motion / light sensors to control the sound, as well as a control switches to use a classic APC knob setup. Each light sensor can be turned on and off independently. To add even more weird control to this sucker I have added SIX BODY contacts that allow for some pretty cool sound manipulation (see video below). Two of the body contacts are running through a specially designed Germanium Diode circuit that you will ONLY find on Dr. Blankenstein's APC Deluxe V2.0.'"

Tasty Chips Gr-1 Granular Synth

via this auction

Modal Electronics 008

via this auction

Moog The Source with Manual SN 1051

via this auction

"In good condition--some signs of wear, minor cosmetic blemishes, and minor surface scratches. All functions are normal and work as intended."

Roland SH-101 Grey

via this auction

Firstman FP-1300 Vintage Electronic Organ Analog Synth w/ Speakers SN 089078

via this auction

Note this is the first post to feature the Firstman FP-1300.

"Up for sale is extremely rare Firstman FP-1300 vintage analog electronic organ synth made in Japan.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the keys and knobs and preset sounds working fine to the best of my knowledge. There is quiet a bit of scratch noise when controlling the volume know, which could probably do with some servicing/adjustment if required. The built-in speakers on the rear are sounding fine.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice and reasonable condition for its age as you can see. There are some wear and minor marks here and there with some discoloration on the keys as pictured, but nothing too major. I'm including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Comes in Original Hard Case Lid as shown.
Does not come with Attachable Legs."

ROLAND SH-5 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This unit has been serviced. All functions are working. The unit has some signs of age and cosmetic wear but overall in very good condition for its age."

Ultimate Percussion K2-X (ULTRA RARE! Analog Drum Synthesizer)

via this auction

"If you aren’t familiar, the K2-X is a drum synth—and sounds similar to the Simmons SDSV, just...greener and flatter 🤣 It can be triggered via drum pads or other drum machines (or something like the Arturia Beatstep Pro) via the trigger inputs.

The machine itself does have some wear. Some of the knob caps are missing (which may be replaceable I’ve just never looked into it) and two of the bottom trigger buttons are missing...though they’re still functional. All 8 voices are functional, though, and sound incredible!"

Nord Modular Synthesizer SN 98030204

via this auction

"Included : Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal and PELICAN 1600 Case"

Casio CZ-1 Digital Phase Distortion Synthesizer with Dust Cover

via this auction

"Casio CZ-1 (NOT the CZ-1000). Phase Distortion digital synthesizer. This was Casio’s top-of-the-line synth in the mid-80s. 61 keys, with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. Eight-note polyphony with two oscillators per voice. Eight-step envelopes for volume (DCA), timbre(DCW) and pitch (DCO). Full MIDI implementation with In/Out/Thru ports. Supports Mono, Poly and Multimodes. 64 internal RAM locations loaded with factory sounds that can be modified and stored by the user. Easy, intuitive programming. Superb for DX-7 style timbres. Comes with owner’s manual, preset tone data book, vinyl keyboard cover and power cord."

Korg MonoPoly Synth w/ MIDI, Patch Cover, White LEDs & Original Case SN 375065

via this auction

"Full working order (serviced around 1 year ago) and in good condition although there is some superficial damage as you can see in the pictures. This Mono/Poly was bought from Japan whilst I was living abroad in Hong Kong, and just before she arrived it had been fully serviced. All keys/knobs etc work and the previous owner has even replaced the LED's with some nice white ones.

Also included is the original carrying case, and also a very rare and collectable original cardboard soundboard (which apparently is worth a little something on it's own!).

This has been fitted with the ModyPoly Midi kit (as you can see in picture 7 -, but I didn't want to drill holes in the serial number plate so have just left it hanging out for now. Was planning to get a perspex plate made to make the holes but have just lived with it like this for a while now."

ROLAND JUPITER-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 322659

via this auction

"Basically, this is a 6 voice analog synth with 12 analog oscillators (2 per voice). It is MIDI compatible and shares many of the features of its elder brother, the Jupiter 8.

As you will see from the photos it is in immaculate condition for its age. It has never been gigged and has been kept in a smoke free environment..."


via this auction

OBERHEIM OB-8 Iconic Analog Synth

via this auction

"just serviced, beautiful condition"

Nord HQ Session - Dominique "Xavier" Taplin

Published on Mar 26, 2018 NordKeyboards

"We had the pleasure of having the talented US musician XAVIER drop by our Nord factory and captured this spontaneous improvisation on the Nord Stage 3. #iseenord"

TOP 6 tips for exploring FM feature in a subtractive synth

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"Many synth like the Novation Peak have the capacity of doing FM synthesis. Or at least they have some FM feature to help create more complex wave form. For those who don't know how to approach the FM features of their synth I prepared this TOP 6 tips to start exploring FM in your subtractive synth and get control over new timbers of sounds."

Why the Roland TR-626 is the ultimate 80s drum machine - Review/Tutorial/Workflow

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Espen Kraft

"I think the Roland TR-626 is one of the best 80s drum machines out there.

Check out my track here to hear it in a full production: [posted here]

What's not to like?
- Individual outs
- Tunable drums (the 707 can't do that)
- Good MIDI specs
- Almost all the percussion sounds from the 727
- Great overview and easy to program
- Great classic kicks, snares, hats and claps

It's also way cheaper than the 707 on the market right now. Get it!

Listen to more of my music on:"

Waldorf Blofeld - The Soul

Published on Mar 26, 2018 chronosproject

"Buy full soundbank -"

80 MODULES IN 4HP?! Disting MK4 review and my top 5 algorithms

Published on Mar 26, 2018 loopop

"The Disting has an ever expanding library of onboard modules or algorithms that can do very different things - currently about 80 but probably more by the time you watch this, all embodied in a 4HP module.

If you like modules that are clearly labelled knob per function, the Disting is not for you, but if you’re in a pinch for a module that’s missing from your setup, it’s more than likely that the multifunction Disting from Expert Sleepers has a version of it - ​ranging from oscillators, envelope generators and LFO’s all to way to audio recording, sample playback, physical modeling and effects.

The new, fourth version of Disting – the MK4, introduces a dot matrix screen, that while is relatively small, makes the module substantially more accessible.

In this video I give an overview of Disting's layout and how to use the compact module, as well as sound examples for my personal top 5 modules."

Disco Balls - Deluge, Novation Supernova & Peak, Akai AX-80, Oberheim Matrix-1000 & Acidbox,

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Charles Whiley

"Just a little techno jam."

FLOAT // Vertigo Mix Rehearsal

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Genshi Media Group


This was just a rough rehearsal of the 'Vertigo Mix' version of my Float patch which I have previously posted [here]. I was mainly trying out the Model switching mode in the new Mutable Instruments Plaits, while trying out other bits and pieces for a special event coming up later this evening (details on that to follow!)

To hear and/or download the finished version of "FLOAT // Vertigo Mix" head on over to my Bandcamp here -"


Published on Mar 21, 2018 Pijus Džiugas Meižis

"A short improv I did with my mini case exploring MI Plaits."

With Orthogonal Devices ER-101.

EMS Noises

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Moogulator

"just because it works - just noises"

Moog Introduces MINIMOOG MODEL D App for iOS

Published on Mar 26, 2018 Moog Music Inc

"Based on the original analog circuit designs of the world’s first portable keyboard synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D App captures the magic of its hardware namesake, inviting you to explore the fundamental elements of sound by setting, shaping, and modulating each aspect of the sonic phenomena -- or jump straight in and play with over 160 included presets.

Available now on all 64-bit iOS devices for an introductory price of $4.99, the Minimoog Model D App places new realms of creative potential in the palm of your hand.

Download the Minimoog Model D app here:

Introduced by Moog in 1970, the Minimoog Model D served as the archetype for all electronic keyboards that followed. It gave users the ability to design their own sounds, translating imagination into reality. The Minimoog’s portability, affordability and accessibility made it the go-to instrument for musicians looking to expand beyond the traditional sounds of the time.

Bernie Worrell used the Minimoog Model D to establish Parliament Funkadelic’s futuristic funk sound. Kraftwerk employed the Minimoog Model D on the successful concept album Autobahn, sparking an entirely new genre. Gary Numan replaced his live band’s guitars with Minimoog Model Ds, creating the prototype for industrial music. The classic sound of the Minimoog Model D can be heard on Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

All sounds in this video, except drums, made with the Minimoog Model D app.

Special thanks to Mason Self ("

• Ships with over 160 presets (Hundreds more available in the Minimoog Model D App Store)
• Up to 4-notes of polyphony
• Easily share presets and audio recordings with friends
• Arpeggiator module with note-hold capability
• Stereo ping-pong delay effect
• Bender time modulation effect
• Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing
• Selectable envelope shapes and triggering behavior
• Effortless MIDI CC mapping
• Seamlessly backup presets to iCloud
• Play mode for easier panel and keyboard interaction
• A new take on the classic feedback/overload path

• All 64-bit iOS devices
• AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions (Including GarageBand)
• Note-per-channel MIDI controllers (MPE)
• Ableton Link
• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
• 7 and 14-Bit MIDI
• MIDI Program Changes
• Bluetooth LE MIDI controllers
• Share over AirDrop, Mail or other iOS applications"


Patch n Tweak

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