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Friday, June 01, 2018


Published on Jun 1, 2018 EMW Synthesizers

DIY Roland GR-700 Software Version Upgrade

via Wayne Joness where you'll find the download and how to upgrade.

"For the really ambitious GR-700 owner, I have uploaded BIN files for the Roland GR-700 version 1.4 and version 1.5 operating system. Version 1.5 is faster than the previous versions, and includes a new set of factory patches. This version also supports MIDI Input, but I do not have the details on the required hardware modifications."

Left: "G-707 User Kyle downloaded the Overlay template last month and made his own cool G-707 Overlay. Nice work!"

Note the GR-700 has the same analog synth engine as the Roland JX-3P.

Pearl Drum-X Analog Synthesizer Electronic Drum Module w/ Preset Sheets

Pearl drum-x demo by Electrohed x
Pearl Drum-X, Moog Voyager, Arturia Beatstep Pro by Satori Kensho
Pearl Drum-X Sound Demo.avi by djessay101

via this auction

Pearl Drum-X Analog Drum Module. Solid. Fully working. Excellent condition.
Hard, pounding, and aggressive synth drums. 8 programmable drum kits.
Similar to Simmons SDSV with more drumhead 'Overtone' parameters.
Sequence with drum machine like Arturia Beatstep or Roland TR-707.
Also works with Roland PD-8 Drum Pads (another auction).
Numbered stickers on kits. Easily removable.
Several Drum-X kit Program sheets included.
Blank ones and original patch charts.
Mix and individual outs to mixer.
Drum trigger sensitivity.


Published on Jun 1, 2018 Caspar Hesselager

"Patch performed live, recorded directly to one stereo track, no editing or overdubs. Sound sources are Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, Verbos Complex Oscillator, Make Noise DPO, Make Noise STO x 3. Reverb: UAD EMT 140. Thanks for listening, audio-only versions of all patches at"

Sbranvlztronics - What is the CV Quantizer?

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

"Here we show some of the features of the homemade CV quantizer based on Arduino (ATmega328).

Sbranvlztronics CV Quantizer

New Shrolca Digital Wavecycle Shruthi Synthesizer on Kickstarter

Via Kickstarter where you'll find additional videos and details.

Cool synth art below!

"The Shrolca is one of the most powerful synthesizers for it's size made today. The foundation is the Mutable Instrument's Shruthi. The Shruthi has a powerful sound engine and analog filter. This offering is no different. It has the same Digital wavecycle oscillators and sequencers and modulation matrix with a classic transistor ladder 24dB voltage controlled filter. Our other inspiration was the popular Korg line on mini synthesizers, the Volca series. We have included a touch activated MIDI keyboard that makes performances in the closet fun! The prototype featured on this campaign page has a wooden box but, the production unit will have a machined aluminum body that is less than an inch deep.

The keyboard, sequencer and arp can all transmit midi data to the midi output. Please see videos below for rundown of options and info on some of the many capabilities of the synth.

Other improvements included in the production unit will be: thicker flat black coating to the faceplate, thicker solder for the touchplates, and higher quality materials used for the faceplate. There will also be a eurorack mounting frame with cv i/o available as a separate accessory.


Risks and challenges

We have been working on this synthesizer for a little over two years, the only challenge we have left will be to have the units manufactured. These have been prototyped multiple times and we are satisfied with the results. We already have quotes and machine time reserved to manufacture and have ready to ship by October."

Postcard & poster art by Brett Marcus Cook, original quail concept by Laura L. Knowles

DSI Prophet X Sounds

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Dave Smith Instruments brought a pre-production Prophet X by our shop in Burbank and we were able to record some sounds from it. Since this is a pre-production model there might be some changes to the presets and faceplate on the final unit. The Prophet X combines two analog and two digital oscillators that can playback samples. A sample library from 8DIO is built into the Prophet X so you have a large library of instrument sounds available. The Prophet X has analog filters and 8 voices of stereo or 16 mono voices.

Available here:"

SUPPORT MATRIXSYNTH and get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

MIDI Designer Pro Programming Interface For MakeNoise 0-Coast

Published on Jun 1, 2018 The Drümünkey

MakeNoise 0-Coast iPad editor.

"This is a video offering some basic explanation of a little MIDI Designer Pro layout I created to help access some of the Make Noise 0-Coast functionality that's in the "programming pages"

You can DL the MDP Layout here:

Two important things to note:

1) You are required to do a shot every time I say "Um"
2) You must slam a beer when I say "Basically"

* Thanks Dan @ MDP for making such a great program
* Thanks to Make Noise for making such a powerful little black box!"

iTunes: MIDI Designer Pro 2 - Confusion Studios LLC

Bit of west coast action: Roli Lightblock, Max 7 and midi sliders

Published on Jun 1, 2018 junklight

"experimenting with non traditional music control after watching this superb trailer ( (which BTW I can't noticing they haven't made the full film yet - chop chop! I want to watch it)

This is a Max Map patch driven by the light block - nothing is prerecorded there is a simple 4 second loop controlled by two of the faders - all sounds controlled directly by the block - with pressure and y axis controlling FM synthesis"

Original Arp Synthesizer Brochure Featuring the ARP 2500 & What is an Arp Synthesizer?

via this auction

"Original brochure from ARP ‘ what is Anna to Synthesizer?’ 3x5.5 folded card in VG shape no tears"

You can click on the bottom image to read the article.

UNO Synth Tutorial 3: The Oscillator Section

Part 3 added here.

Critter & Guitari - Loop Jam Rec for Organelle

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Loop Jam Rec is a live-sampling and looping patch. It is great for recording custom samples and creating compositions with them on the fly!

Record a sound, change its playback speed and length, add reverb, loop it, and repeat! Use the onboard sequencer to arrange loops. Use the ‘Save New’ function in OS 3.1 to save your sample pack for future loopjamming!"

Tubbutec TR-606 uniPulse midi demo

Published on Jun 1, 2018 tubbutec

"Showing the TR-606 uniPulse midi interface features.
Full velocity control for all instruments + 6 Bonus Sounds!
Optional midi clock sync"

Main features

Highly customizable, compatible to almost any drum machine
16 pulse outputs
Full velocity sensitivity
5 different pulse shapes
Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 15V/-15V
Voltage and length can be mapped to velocity, controller or CV-input
7 Digital outputs for gates and clocks
Up to 24 simultaneous clock outputs with different midi dividers
Analog output with various functions
Potentiometer / CV input to control length or voltage of pulses

First Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module Ships

Via the Percussa Kickstarter where you'll find more pics. Note this one has a burgundy wine faceplate rather then the standard black we have seen up to this date, and it goes to Kuxaan-Sum, a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, who has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH numerous times as well.

"Today was a special day - we shipped the first SSPs to 7 lucky backers :-) We shipped according the backer number starting with serial number one, low serial number and custom SSP tiers.

We'll send out an email with a tracking number this weekend to each of the backers we shipped. We'll also be posting some installation / release notes / getting started info.

We worked towards this moment for months, pushing several updates to the software over the past weeks such as the multi-channel recording capabilities of the SSP software.

Below you can see photos of our building process the past week as well as a sneak peak of the packaging. We'll leave the actual unboxing photos and videos to the backers :-)

NowYou! The power of the Oberheim FVS-1

Published on Jun 1, 2018 SynthAL

"The power of the analogue sound of the Oberheim FVS-1"

SoundsDivine 'Total Diva' - U-he Diva

Published on Jun 1, 2018 SoundsDivine111

"Introducing the 'Total Diva' soundset bundle for U-he's Diva synthesizer."

"'Total Diva' features 484 presets for U-he's Diva synthesizer.

This bundle covers a vast amount of sonic territory , and includes haunting lead sounds , dystopian soundscapes , ethereal pads , FM bells , stacked choral pads , overdriven synth sequences , cascading digital pads , futuristic textures , epic symphonic pads , cone shaking sub basses , classic pluck sounds , wide unison trance pads , dirty funky basses , screaming unison leads , 80s brass stabs , super saw sounds and , of course , a whole lot more .

Includes the following soundsets :

'Director's Cut'
'Greatest Hits'
'Original Score'
'Extra Extra'

Upgrade available if you have purchased any of the individual Diva soundsets."

intellijel Rubicon 2 Panel Overview

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Intellijel

"This video provides an overview of the panel and features of the Rubicon II analog oscillator. We also provide a basic introduction to TZFM synthesis and demonstrate some examples of linear and exponential FM, oscillator sync, and our special Warp and Squish circuits. Owners of the original Rubicon will benefit from this video as many of the features are retained.

Rubicon II
Thru-Zero Discrete Triangle Core VCO

Rubicon2 is the second generation of the classic Rubicon triangle core analog VCO, designed in collaboration with David G. Dixon.

It features nine simultaneously available waveshape outputs; two sub-oscillators; three variations of a sine wave; a new Tri-State pulse circuit; exponential Frequency Modulation (FM); linear FM; hard and soft (flip) sync; pulse width modulation; CV control of FM index; a new foldable Warp circuit; and the ability to perform perfectly-symmetrical Thru-zero FM with absolutely no change in pitch or tracking accuracy.

This is not a ‘set it and forget it’ oscillator. It’s an oscillator that demands to be tweaked, modulated and explored. It’s an oscillator that’s proudly analog and eschews all shortcuts. As such, it’s an oscillator that rewards its owner with sounds as boundless as their creative limits allow."

Access Virus TI Polar 37 Key Synthesizer Keyboard SN DPC7UuBBnh

via this auction

M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

via this auction

Morphagene Experiments

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Todd Barton

"3 short text based experiments with the Makenoise Morphagene."

Solid Stylish & Affordable Eurorack Cases! ARTURIA Rackbrute Review | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Jun 1, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Affordable Eurorack cases are often not stylish. ARTURIA demonstrates that both is possibe. Here is the final review of the Rackbrutes cases!"

Robaux - SWT16 *First Patch*

Published on Jun 1, 2018 DivKidVideo

"I have a full demo video coming with the SWT16 from Robaux coming in the near future but as I often do I wanted to share my first experiences and first patch with you all. I think sharing the first steps is a good way to indicate how easy something to use and what it does quickly and immediately. In this case, it's quick to mute, create fills, sequence and play around with the trigger/gate sequences. Very cool.

I'll be making an exclusive patch breakdown to show off the samples, sound sources, mixing, distortion, filtering and FX for my Patreon supporters. So consider supporting what I do here and grab the bonus content on if you wish. Cheers!

Be awesome! Support me on Patreon -"

Riamiwo - Tensorus (Studio Livesession) Skalarus EP / Uxoa Dutxa Elite (Riamiwo StudioVlog 93)

Published on Jun 1, 2018 riamiwovideos

"The second track of my EP Skalarus which was released on monday on Uxoa Dutxa Elite.
Get your copy here:

Here's the Studiosession with Ableton Live (with the Ableton Push 1), the Moog Sub37, Dreadbox NYX, Behringer Model D, and Roland SH-01a, TR-08 and TR-09.

Follow me:

Synths/Gear in this jamsession:
Moog Sub37
Behringer Model D
Dreadbox NYX
Roland SH-01a
Roland TR-08
Roland TR-09
Ableton Push

Filmed with:
Sony a6300
Sony Nex 5t
Sony Nex 3
Panasonic 757"

Granular Synthesis EXPLAINED

Published on Jun 1, 2018 White Noises

[You can find the active links for below on YouTube]

∿ Nebulae sample libraries:

∿ Andrew Huang's video featuring Crusher X:

∿ Support these videos on Patreon:

∿ Download my music on Bandcamp

∿ G r a n u l a r T o o l s ∿

∿ Nebulae v2:
∿ Clouds:
∿ Ableton Granulator II:
∿ Fruity Loops Granulizer:
∿ Malström:
∿ Absynth:
∿ Crystallizer:
∿ Crusher-X

∿ L e a r n M o r e ∿

Pittsburgh Modular - We Love Analog & Lifeforms Primary Oscillator Introduction Videos

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers
Update: 2nd "We Love Analog" video added. Created a playlist for these.

"The evolution of analog synthesis is important to us"

Lifeforms Primary Oscillator introduction video dded to this post.

31 05 18 Scrotum Lab - My little drum machine [Part 01]

Published on Jun 1, 2018 batchas

1 x Grille and 3 x Radio Music by Scrotum Lab.
The pitch on one Radio Music is sequenced by the BugBrand Sequencer.

This project is based on Mutable Instruments Grids (original open source circuit by Olivier Gillet) and Music Thing Modular Radio Music (original open source circuit by Tom Whitwell).

Korg Minilogue "Modularity" 70 Unique Presets

Published on Jun 1, 2018 chronosproject

"The idea of this soundset came from different Korg Minilogue tutorials.
In one of them guys showing that sequencer of Mini can be used as modulation source.
Its not necessary make a sequence - you can record parameters movement using sequencer and push play while playing every patch!

It gives whole universe of new timbress,colours & possibilities to Minilogue Engine.

This soundset contains 70 unique & experimental sounds using this method and also creative hands on slider and other parameters.

BUY 2 soundsets with 140 patches only for 20$ here:

Arps & Sequences
Pads & Drones
Leads & Basses
Craizy Fx & Noises.

To load our soundset you will need Minilogue editor & hit PLAY button playing every of 70 patches.


Korg iWavestation "Best Atmospheric Sounds" 50 presets

Published on Jun 1, 2018 chronosproject


"This unique soudnset - contains 50 custom made atmospheric pad/drone/string/evolving sounds
for Korg Wavestation.

One of the best machines for deep ambient atmospheres & drones.
Supper lush sound & waves + vector synthesis - giving great possibilities.

It's the first time you can get so many usefull atmospheric sounds
for your production collected in one soundset.

Compatible with all models: Original WS,WS A/D,SR, VST vesrion from Legacy Collection & new IWavestation for I-Pad.

Audio preview:

List of sounds:

Sternrekorder - Look Up

Published on Jun 1, 2018 sternrekorder

Multitrack Session, played live + some Overdubs.

Drums - Roland TR-808
Bass - KORG Polysix
Strings - KORG Trident Mk.II String Section+Flanger
Chords - KORG Trident Mk.II Synth Section
Sequenced Sound - Roland Jupiter-4
Lead - Roland SH-101+ Strymon ElCapistan Tape Delay

Full Seq

Published on May 31, 2018 MrSharps02

"a track to really push the arrangement mode on the octatrack into some territory i haven't yet covered. absolutely everything in this track is being controlled by the octatrack.

someone please give me a cirklon, tia.

there's only six patterns of 64 steps each in this song but by slicing each pattern into lots of little bits via the arranger and sequencing track mutes and scene changes you can get a pretty full sounding track going without having to do a gosh darn thing live.

the modular bass sound is a few oscillators from the shapeshifter through a polaris filter in 24db low pass mode and then on to warps acting as a frequency shifter with a very slow sweep and finally into clouds which is providing some randomly diffused comb filtery delay. acid bassline and pads are the analog four, octatrack is taking care of drums."

Pittsburgh Modular Officially Introduces the New Lifeforms Primary Oscillator

Published on Jun 1, 2018 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

The Lifeforms Primary Oscillator was first introduced at SUPERBOOTH18. The official introduction is now in via Pittsburgh Modular:

"A New Type of Oscillator Designed to Push Analog Synthesis Forward

Teased at Superbooth last month, the Lifeforms Primary Oscillator offers true analog innovation designed to stretch the boundaries of pure sonic sculpting. The Primary Oscillator uses unique cascading waveform processing to create increasingly complex, fully modulatable waveforms. Through the use of multiple interwoven waveshapers, a simple waveform can quickly mutate into something deeply dynamic and harmonically rich.

Price, Availability, and More Information

The suggested retail price for the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator is $229. The module is available to order now and begins shipping today."


Patch n Tweak

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