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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Synth Stuff Ep. 51 - Kawai K5

Published on Nov 14, 2018 tritonrecordings

"Apart from the elusive K5000, this completes the Kawai K-series synths! You'll notice this video is short and that's because most of these sounds are D-50 preset knock-offs. This might be my lest favorite K-series synth. I know some amazing sounds can be made with it (these are factory sounds) but I DARE you to program it. Go on, try it. Two of my absolute favorite synths are known to be 'difficult to program' - the DX7 and Matrix 6...but I'll pass on programming this. Still, there is potential in any synth and it does have a lovely digital sound if that's what you're after. It's a bit like a noisier ESQ-1, maybe."

Rare Godwin Drummaker 32p With K32 Keyboard

Published on Oct 20, 2014 Tom Juno

Here's something you don't see everyday. Check out this previously posted video as well. That is the only other post to mention the Godwin Drummaker.

via this auction

Novation Ultranova Demo

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Chris Bran

"I am presenting here my Ultranova sounds, some of them are factory presets altered by me. Many of them are sharp sounds to emphasize how good and fat its filters are.

Prezentuję tutaj moje brzmienia z Ultranovej, niektore z nich to presety fabryczne przeze mnie przerobione. Wiele z nich to ostre dzwięki aby podkreślić jak dobre i tłuste są jej filtry."

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Free"

Published on Nov 14, 2018 DX5

Gear used:
Roland JP8000 (used massively in the backtrack too)
Emu Emax II (Roland JP8k and Access Virus TI samples)
Kurzweil PC1x
Access Virus TI Snow

Backtrack recorded in Pro Tools.
Other gear used: Roland Promars MRS-2

Composed by Martin L. Gore
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.

PreSonus ATOM Controller Now Available

See this post for the demos and initial announcement. New press release on the... release follows. Street price is $149.95.

"Baton Rouge, Louisiana—November 2018... PreSonus®’ new ATOM pad controller is both a compact, dynamic performance controller and a versatile production controller. Produce beats, play virtual instruments, and trigger sound effects and loops in real time with unsurpassed expressiveness and flexibility using ATOM’s 16 full-size, velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads with selectable pad velocity curves and pad pressure thresholds, 8 assignable pad banks, and other controls.

ATOM connects to a computer via USB and is compatible with most music software but it especially shines when used with the included Studio One® Artist production software for Mac® and Windows®. ATOM and Studio One integrate tightly to deliver a blazingly fast, professional-style workflow. When used with Studio One, ATOM enables you to browse virtual instruments and add them to your session, change instrument presets, create loop points and navigate the timeline, change song tempo, edit and quantize MIDI events, zoom in and out on the timeline or events, control Studio One’s transport, and more.

Along with the 16 RGB pads and 8 pad banks, you get 4 programmable rotary encoders and 20 assignable buttons, enabling you to navigate and set more parameters faster. MIDI Keyboard mode, Note Repeat mode, and Full Velocity mode enable you to custom control your instruments.

In addition to production applications, the velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads are great for playing virtual instruments live onstage. You can set up the pad banks for a full virtual drum set and perform beats and even play multiple ATOMs at once to put on an exciting live show.

A wealth of virtual instruments, loops, and drum kits are included with Studio One Artist. To further fuel your creativity, ATOM also comes with a carefully curated MVP Loops loop and one-shot library custom-designed for ATOM. More content is available from the online PreSonus Shop.

ATOM is available immediately for the U.S. street price of $149.95. For more information, please visit"

1970's EMS VCS3 MKII SN 1301

via this auction

"Very clean. Serial number 1301. All pins are present. Everything works as it should . Serigraphy a bit worn around patch matrix on the left column but still clearly readable . Otherwise cosmeticaly near mint (see pics) . Wood parts are also great with only a few tiny marks (note a blonde vein in the wood on the left cheek, that was present since the first day). Original in every part (note that the stock cheap japanese reverb tank was once replaced in the early 80's with Hammond better quality model and that the original tank is available). Nothing has been modified or repaired on this one. Equiped for the ks and the dk keyboards. Original simili leather cover and power cord not pictured will be joined."

Arturia MatrixBrute - Open Box

via this auction

Rare Red Face Alesis A6 Andromeda SN (21)A50800005

via this auction

"Alesis Andromeda Used Rare 1 of 20 with this panel! Notice the different color panel. This is serial number 5. Comes w/original box and manual and memory card. It's missing one cap on one knob which we are trying to locate. Otherwise it's absolutely mint and has latest firmware available and sounds fantastic."

MOOG Memorymoog Plus Keyboard Synthesizer SN 1230

via this auction

"Moog MemoryMoog Plus. Instrument is 100% functional in Like New Mint Condition. Unit was Upgraded, Restored, Calibrated, and Tuned, by 'Wes Taggart of Analogics' and 'PatchWork NYC' formally, 'The Analog Lab'. This is The Plus Model with Sequencer, Arpeggiator, and Auto Tune. All 6 Voices Tune. Original Moog Factory Patches are loaded except for 1, 18 Voice Custom Monophonic Lead Sound I Programmed that sounds incredible. "Original Owners Manual is included also". Item is owned by professional musician and only used in my climate controlled home studio which is professionally wired and was always played connected to a power conditioner and surge/RF strip."

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Dual Analog Synthesizer With Sequencer SN 0216

via this auction

Macbeth M3X SN 1100

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTk Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Polymath and Generator - Building An Epic Arp in B Minor

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Sounds From The Shed

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Boss DD500 Digital Delay

Published on Nov 14, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

New Shapeshifter DIY Open Source Drummachine by Faselunare

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Faselunare

"Shapeshifter is an Open Source Drummachine by At his core there is the powerful Teensy 3.6 board.

"SHAPESHIFTER is a mouldable DIY Drum Machine with the powerful Teensy development board at his CORE. The name SHAPESHIFTER was given for its open source nature that is always evolving and changing.

With the basic firmware, the drum feature 4 drum voices with sixteen different samples for each voice, independent pattern length, each drum voice can change pattern between four patterns, low pass filter knob, BPM knob and bitcrusher knob.

As it is an Open Source and Open Hardware project, everyone can edit the code, experimenting with the onboard breadboard and build their own expansion boards.

COMING SOON - SHAPESHIFTER will be sold in kit, with all the components necessary for its assembly (excluding the Teensy 3.6 which must be purchased separately). A support forum will be launched to encourage users to develop new features, new expansions and share them with the community.

Through Hole Technology
32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with floating point unit
16 steps keys
4 tracks keys
1 function key
1 play/stop key
16 step leds
4 track leds
1 function led
1 play/stop led
3 assignable knobs
1 170 points breadboard
1 slot for custom expansion boards"

Silicon Labs MusicKeyboard-EK

Here's an odd find sent in via MATRIXSYNTH reader Kaden who had the following to say about it:

"This isn't really a synth... more of a controller development toolkit apparently, but by far, it's weird. It's a Silicon Labs QuickSense Music Keyboard with accompanying Toolstick [USB] dongle. Aside from the descriptive PDF I've attached, there's no information whatsoever available about it; the site has been wiped clean of all mention, and there's no sign of the requisite software package *anywhere*.

Capacitive keyboard, and the graphics seem to indicate 12 buttons, a slider, and a rotary controller, all capacitive, with a few position indicator leds scattered about, all in a USB powered package about 1/8" thick. I plugged it in and it lights up, but I can't be arsed figuring out how to access it without the dedicated software.

I pulled this out of a gaylord full of scrap salvaged from a company that manufactures radar detectors; I guess one of the R&D grunts there dabbled in music software development."

You can find screenshots of the complete PDF here in this post. The following is from page 4:

"The Music Keyboard application plays musical notes and other sounds whenever a user presses a capacitive sensing key on the Music Keyboard. Figure 4 shows an example of the Music Keyboard application when connected to a Music Keyboard EK. To connect the Music Keyboard to the application, follow these instructions.

1. Run the Music Keyboard application, which is found by clicking StartSilicon LaboratoriesMusic Keyboard App.
2. Click OptionsKeyboard Input... and select the connected Toolstick Base Adapter from the list. The ToolStick Base Adapter will be a device on the list that begins with the letters “TS”.

For detailed instructions describing how to use Music Keyboard Application, see the application’s Help documentation
Note: The Music Keyboard Application uses MIDI sound information that is included with a PC’s sound card. To hear notes when keys are pressed, the PC being used must have the capability of playing MIDI sounds, and the audio must be enabled and audible."

"Neptunium Neptomium"

Published on Nov 14, 2018

"Synthesizer, Music"

KORG Prologue.

HELL'S GATE// Prophet-12, MS-2000, Prologue

Published on Nov 14, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Standing before gates of fire, he suddenly remembered he had the key."

Doug Woods meets the St. Just in Roseland organ

Doug Woods meets the St. Just in Roseland organ from St. Just in Roseland Organ on Vimeo.

"Improvisation master Doug Woods - keyboard wizard of the Soundtestroom - experiences the St. Just in Roseland Organ for the first time, with the cameras and sound recorder rolling. The results are pretty spectacular.

Device : iPad 9.7" (2017 model)

Keyboard : Novation LaunchKey 61 Mk II

Swell pedal : M-Audio EX-P"

This one is in via Phil Atkin aka @RamonesKaraoke

New ALM ALM021 / MCO Eurorack Module

ALM021 - 'MCO' from ALM on Vimeo.

"The ‘MCO’ is a compact digital oscillator. It features a main ‘morphing’ wavetable output, an additional copy of this output with overlaid variable pulse width segments (ala Alpha Juno style saw wave pwm) and a sub square wave output an octave down to the main output. The waveform and pulse segment width and be both directly and voltage controlled. The pulse segment distribution can also be voltage controlled via the ‘type’ input.

Expect an early 90s slightly crunchy digital type sound (ala Ensoniq, Kawaii KX synths) rather than something striving for perfect analog emulation.


A lot of sound in 6hp.
3 Outputs; wavetable, PWM’d wavetable & sub.
10 morphing waveforms with noise, staple and complex forms
Voltage control of frequency, waveshape, pulse width and distribution.
Hard sync input.
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK."

New ALM ALM020 / QUAID MEGASLOPE Eurorack Module

ALM020 - 'QUAID MEGASLOPE' from ALM on Vimeo.

"The ‘Quaid Megaslope’ is a five stage function generator or modulator which operates in one of 3 modes; a multistage ‘CZ’ or ‘Juno’ style complex envelope, a super flexible LFO and a step sequencer with per step programmable slew or slides.

Each mode produces a varying output voltage moving from point to point across a set number of chained together stages. Each stage features a destination level, an overall rate or time to reach its destination level and a variable slope for the output path to take. As well as direct control, every stage feature voltage control of both level and rate. There are both unipolar and bipolar voltage outputs together with triggers emitted for the end of each stage and the end of a full cycle.

The Quaid Megaslope is designed to be fun, flexible and intuative to use.


Flexible single to Five stage Envelope, LFO or Step sequencer
Per stage times from approx 1ms to 3 minutes.
CV control of stage level & rate.
Variable stage slope control
Bipolar, Unipolar, and trigger outputs.
Quick and simple to use
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK"

TEST SERIES JetpackMods Digitech XP300 Space Station With Eurorack Intellijel Cyclebox

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Intellijel Cyclebox and Dixie Eurorack processed by a JetpackMods Digitech XP300 Space Station.

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Performing Plonk's Presets With Planar 2

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Intellijel

"Having a hard time coming up with fresh drum grooves? Using Planar 2 to sweep through Plonk's presets is a fast and fun way to come up with unexpected rhythms.

Planar 2's Y Out is sent to Plonk's MOD input to sweep through the presets. Initially this is just presets 1 - 4, but during the video this is expanded to sweep through the first 32 presets.

Planar 2's X, A, B, and C outputs are sent to Plonk's Decay, Pitch, X, and Y inputs.

Track B of Steppy is sent to Planar 2's TRIG input to synchronize recording and playback of the joystick movements. By changing the length of this sequence, we can control how quickly the joystick movements repeat."


via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Soviet vintage analog electronic drum machine & synthesizer "MARSH UDS". It is a powerfull 6 channel analog drum synthesizer, produced in the USSR in 1980s. It has 6 identical channels (which can be used & edited freely). On every channel you can change: trigger signal sensitivity, base tone pitch, HF or LF, glissando, noise/tone ballance, noise decay, resonance, channel's volume. Each channel has trigger Input on a standart 1/4 mono Jack for 6 pads. It can be triggered from any drum pads like classic Simmons or modern Roland\Yamaha or any audio source - line outs of the drum machine or soundcard or CV Gate etc. The module has two stereo Outputs (1/4 Jack) ballanced & unballanced and one mono Headphone Output (1/4 Jack). This is an armoured antitank piece of gear and the sound it produces is very unique! Can synthesize huge pallete of sounds - from modern punchy BD & SD to classic 808 or 909 subs or claps e.t.c.. The mains power of the unit is 220 volts. For 110/127v countries I`ll include voltage converter."


via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Soviet vintage analog electronic drum machine & synthesizer
"RMIF ELSITA". It is a powerfull 4 channel analog drum synthesizer, produced in the USSR in 1980s. It has 4 identical channels (which can be used & edited freely). On every channel you can change: trigger signal sensitivity, tone, attack, release, tone\noise balance, filter, volume level. Each channel has trigger Input on a standart 1/4 mono Jack for 4 pads. It can be triggered from any drum pads like classic Simmons or modern Roland\Yamaha
or any audio source - line outs of the drum machine or soundcard or CV Gate etc. The module has Audio Output (1/4 Jack) and Headphone Output (1/4 Jack). This is an armoured antitank piece of gear and the sound it produces is very unique! Can synthesize huge pallete of sounds - from modern punchy BD & SD to classic 808 or 909 subs or claps"


via this auction, also on Reverb.

LELL UDS is a compact analog electronic drums\percussion synth module like SIMMONS, FORMANTA UDS (ROKTON), ELSITA or similar. It can be used as a supplement to the standard drum module to get synthesized sounds with the possibility to change sound parameters on fly. Good for use in any kinds of music & modern/experimental percussions. Except for the pads the module can also be triggered by any other audio signal - synthesizer, CV gate, drum machine or virtual instrument, analog output e.t.c.

It has 2 independent channels with powerfull parameters of synthesis (24 knobs) such as - GAIN, TONE PITCH, TONE ATTACK,TONE RELEASE, ENVELOPE SPACE, NOISE FILTER, NOISE ATTACK, NOISE RELEASE, NOISE TONE, ACCENT (CLICK), MIX TONE-NOISE, LEVEL etc. There is also a sensitivity level, a ballance between noise & tone, a master level."

Roland Jupiter-4 Fully Refurbished

via this auction

"Roland Jupiter-4 in excellent condition, fully serviced and refurbished...

- It has been fully cleaned from the inside, every single potentiometer, slider and switch has been unsold, opened and cleaned with alcohol, rebuilt and lubricated.
- All the parameters are now smooth and fully working.
- The old battery has been changed by a new one with the same specifications.
- The keyboard has been cleaned as well and is now working great, all the functions are working on this synth and if you are looking for this synth no need to explain that it is one of the best underrated synth ever built."

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 4609

via this auction

Yamaha AN1X Analog Modelling Synth

via this auction

"It's a great sounding digital synth, arguably the best VA ever made - brilliant for 90s chords and pads if you're looking to recreate that vintage sound."

Patch From Scratch: Microsound Drum Machine

Premiered 62 minutes ago MAKEN0ISE

"Sequencing the Morphagene for a glitchy percussion sandwich with gated reverb and granular tails."

"Quantum Oracles" [Analog Rytm / Analog Four / Plaits / RMX-500]

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Masaki Takada

"My new EP now on sale :)

Used Equipments:
Elektron Analog Rytm & Analog Four
Mutable Instruments Plaits
Pioneer RMX-500"


Cool robot.

Marie Davidson on Live Performance | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Red Bull Music Academy

"In this episode of Studio Science, filmed at the Funkhaus as part of Red Bull Music Academy Berlin 2018, Marie Davidson demonstrated her live set-up and how she uses it, while imparting some of the philosophy behind her productions and performances.

When Marie Davidson performs live she focuses on one thing only: giving her audience the best possible show. This conscientious approach combined with a uniquely personal take on nostalgic pop and club sounds have made the young Canadian singer and producer an in-demand act over the past few years, with a steady tour schedule and two critically acclaimed albums – 2016’s Adieux Au Dancefloor for Cititrax and 2018’s Working Class Woman for Ninja Tune. On stage she is surrounded by synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, portable recorders and pedals, but none are as important as her voice, which she uses to help break through the too-common disconnect between club audiences and performers."

P.S. Is that Tatsuya in the background?

Rhythms of buttocks White noise Hi-Hat / Snare in a Tiny Rack

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Rhythms of buttocks

"White noise Hi-Hat / Snare on my DIY 'tiny' rack"

Sub-eurorack format or giant hands? Only the buttocks knows...

Patch n Tweak

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