MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday, January 13, 2019

First Novation Peak Patches

Published on Jan 13, 2019 Earmonkey Music

"I've had my Peak for a few weeks now (thank you Ms. Earmonkey for the awesome Christmas gift). Here are my first 25 or so patches I've created for the Peak. Everything from rather traditional analog things to moving digital moodiness. Hope you enjoyl"

KORG VOCODER VC-10 Analogue Vintage 20-Band Vocoder SN 160420

via this auction

1979 Moog Vocoder

via this auction

Frostwave Resonator

via this auction

"Frostwave Resonator with the following features:

HP Res: controls the resonance of the high-pass filter.

HP Freq: controls the frequency of the high-pass filter

Level: controls the output level of the effect.

Balance: mixes the "dry" signal with the "wet" signal.

LP Res: controls the resonance of the low-pass filter.

LP Freq: controls the frequency of the low-pass filter

The Frostwave Resonator is a very versatile analog filter. It can take any weedy sample, loop, mix or instrument and give it some fat analog tone or some crunchy lofi grit.
It can create filter sweeps, from subtle to extreme, generate booming sub bass, and take any standard instrument or signal and give it an "analogue" sounding treatment- run a flat drum machine or sound loop via the resonator and you will get big analog drums and samples on the other side....
The Resonator can also self ossicate, creating spacey, atmospheric sounds on it's own without any input source. Combined with other effects some amazing and unique sounds can be generated."

Waldorf Quantum - Live Input

Published on Jan 13, 2019 prophei

prophei Waldorf Quantum videos

Yamaha MODX All Digital Syn Comp presets (Part 1)

Published on Jan 13, 2019 synthartist69

Yamaha MODX All Digital Syn Comp presets (Part 2)

Published on Jan 13, 2019 synthartist69

synthartist69 MODX videos.

Roland D-05 - My D-50 Pad Sounds, some old, some new (dry/no fx)

Published on Jan 13, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"This is a partial remake of my old D-50 Pads & Strings video, after importing the patches I create for it into the D-05. There are also some new sounds from 7:25 created in the D-05 using the free Chrome editor. It sounds a little brighter than my old D-50, most probably due to the cleaner audio output. Apparently there's a function on the D-05 to mimic the noisy output of the original, but I think I'll pass... thanks...
No external effects were used, so all you can hear is D-05."

Alesis Andromeda Mix Mode

Published on Jan 13, 2019 TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers Channel

River & Model D with Eventide & Strymon FX.

Published on Jan 13, 2019 coyotesynth

"The River played through Eventide Space Shimmer Reverb, while it is a masterkeyboard for the Minimoog Model D played through Strymon Timeline Delay Pedal."

Tentacles' #Jamuary2019 Ep.10 Deluge and Eurorack - Rainbow

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Tentacles

"Jamuary is a plan to post a little jam/loop/sample every day of January. Keep it simple. Get going.

Gear used: Synthstrom Deluge, Eurorack modular, RME FF400, Apple Imac

-Noises: Mutable Instruments Plaits (Particle noise) + Chronoblob
-Arp: Ladik VCO1 + Ryo Aperture + Chronoblob (CV sequenced by Deluge)
-Bass: Doepfer A-110-1 + Doepfer A-106-5 SEM (CV sequenced by Deluge)
-Kick: Synthstrom Deluge 808 Kick
-Hemisphere with ADSR apps for the envelopes
-Modulation by ALM Pamela NW
-VCAs: Happy Nerding 3xVCA

Mixed and mastered in Logic X

Filmed with a Lumix TZ-80 and edited with Magix Vegas 14"

Behringer DeepMind 6 Ambient Night Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jan 13, 2019 SynthgodXXX

#behringerdeepmind6 #rikmarston #buyanalogsynthesizerwavs
Behringer DeepMind 6 "Ambient Night"
Analog Synthesizer demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!** *Turn it UP!!**

Here is a little short ambient trip tweaking a
preset patch called "Morphology". It's on
all DeepMind versions so tweak it yourself!
Such a fun analog synthesizer to play with!

Thank you for watching!
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Rik Marston

Need any Synthesizer Samples for your next track
and want to save a TON of money? Here are only a few
of my HQ synthesizer sample collections in .WAV format
able to load into ANY device that reads .WAV files!

Moog Collection
DSI Collection
Roland Collection
Sequential Prophet-6
Dave Smith / Oberheim OB-6

FERMI'S PARADOX Rings, Morpheus, Rainmaker, Assimil8or, Magneto, Pamela's new workout

Published on Jan 13, 2019CO5MA

Pamela's new workout
Ornament & Crime (Quantermain mode)
Nebulae 2
QuBit Chance
Antumbra Smog

Evolved Vol 2 - Sequential Prophet 6 - 150 to 174 -

Published on Jan 13, 2019 GEOSynths

"Even more awesome patches from the fantastic Sequential Prophet 6! The textures that Synth can make is outstanding and never becomes dull or boring...Amazes me each time I turn it on!"

GEOSynths Sequential Prophet 6 videos.

Dsi Pro-2 Kraftwerk-The Robots Bassline step by step

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Gonzalo PĂ©rez F.

"For best results, listen to this video on headphones and try to follow the sound, the values can be variable among different synthesizers, but the key is the same.
You can sculpt the sound with an equalizer and other effects.
I just wanted to use the synthesizer´s capabilities.
Enjoy making sounds and tweaking knobs!

Final sequence made with Dsi pro 2, kick drum made with NI battery."

Euclidean Techno Experiment for SSC Kyma and Sherman Filterbank.

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Frequency Manipulator

"This is a test of my synthesised Kyma percussion, which is being sequenced using Euclidean divisions. The results are processed through the Sherman Filterbank, the ADSR envelope on the Sherman is also being triggered by Euclidean Rhythms generated by the Kyma.

The signal is then heavily limited by an 1176 clone in nuke mode.

The wibbly noises are an FM patch on the Analogue Systems Modular which also makes use of a Turing Machine to modulate various elements. This is also clocked from the Kyma.


My first project using Davinci Resolve. A free alternative to Final Cut / Premier for OSX, Windows, and Linux.

The software is fantastic, it is a shame I am rubbish at it."

No Oscillators! - AE Modular Synth Patch Challenge 01 #TTNM

Published on Jan 13, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

"This is an experiment for the AE Modular Patch Challenge #01 :) This patch does not use any oscillators, like VCOs, LFOs or self-resonating filters and no external signals. More info here:


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:"

FM synthesis basics #2: creating and explaining some classic synth sounds (Reface DX)

Published on Jan 13, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"In this rather long video, I'm creating some well-known synth patches ( e-piano, rock organ, filter sweep, hihat, sci-fi brass) realtime ('cause fast forwarding is against the codex, or so I learned). Table of contents below!

00:00 Introduction
01:26 E-Piano
06:25 Rock Organ
08:22 Filter Sweep
12:14 Hihat (Noise)
15:40 Sci-Fi Brass"

Recording Instrument

Published on Jan 13, 2019 Doug Lynner

"Highlights of an instrument that I am recording for my next release. Done on the Mystery Serge Serge Modular Synthesizer."

Frequency Central Product

via Frequency Central

"Product is a full featured modular synthesiser which you can use without patching. Or you can use it as the heart of your modular system. Each component part is fully modular, but also features pre-patched normalised signal paths for fast set up of new and exciting sounds.

Product is available both fully assembled and as a PCB/panel set.

Product PCB set, and panel: £75 GBP"

PROPHET 6 Synthesizer SN 00146

via this auction

Pure, cutting-edge analog: modern, yet classic
Studio-grade dual effects engine
Poly Mod and polyphonic step sequencer
This synth is amazingly easy to program
And it's even easier to play

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 + Kenton Midi + Flight Case

via this auction

"Serviced one year ago by Berlin specialists this Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 is in amazing condition! Higher price than normal as it comes with professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit by Andy Horrell from EMIS music in Bristol. Means you can hook it up directly to your DAW and control note on and off, filter cut off, modulation pitch bend and lots more!"

Korg Mono/Poly + Kenton Midi + Tubbutec Mods + Flight Case SN 372825

via this auction

"Serviced one year ago by Berlin specialists this Korg Mono/Poly is in amazing condition! Higher price than normal as it comes with professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit by Andy Horrell from EMIS music in Bristol as well as the Tubbutec Mods from Toby here in Berlin. Both have midi features that can be used together and don't' interfere with each other. More info on the mods can be found here some features include:

• Additional play modes: 2 Voice, 3 Voice, Polychord, extended unison mode
• New arpeggiator / sequencer mode: Powerarp
• All functions are easily accessible via buttons: suitable for live use
• Midi controls arpeggiator clock, triggers the arp, filter, pitch bend * and more
• Midi output of arpeggiator, chords and powerarp sequences or simple keypresses
S/H LFO and fast triangular LFO for filter
• Midi channels and various other options can be configured without external tools

This means you can hook it up directly to your DAW and control note on and off, filter cut off, modulation pitch bend and lots more!"


via this auction

"Precision Machined Solid Oak Stand for Korg Electribe EA- 1 MK 2, ER-1 MK2, ES-1 MK 2

This stand has been precision machined from Solid Oak to give your Electribe a much better working angle and hold it firmly in place for live use.

The stand is assembled by connecting the side panels with 4x Confirmat Screws. We provide you with all the fixings and an allen key to assemble your stand ready for use."

Korg Synth Brochure Poly 800 Ex8000

via this auction

Not the sharpest pics, but cool to see.

You can find a few others on Retro Synth Ads, along with tons of scans and great write-ups for all synths.

Yamaha MODX All Analog/Decay Syn Comp Presets

Published on Jan 13, 2019 synthartist69

synthartist69 MODX videos

Waldorf Quantum - 1600 Polyhonic LFO RK

Published on Jan 13, 2019 Default Corporation

"Sorry the performance.
With this patch i would like put in evidence how 8 LFO's (one per voice) can be so inspirational. Just playing in different times notes everything changes.
Thanks for watching."

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV1 & Boss RV500 Reverb

Published on Jan 13, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

BirthdayScope - Oscilloscope Music

Published on Jan 13, 2019 Madame Doduffort

Celebrating curiosity, discovery, and experimentation.
Oscilloscope XY projection of a simple tune.
Gear used:
HP 1200B Oscilloscope
Moog Sub 37
Korg Monologue
MFB Tanzmaus
Sequenced with Engine – Social Entropy
Delay: Eventide Timefactor
Recorded on Zoom LiveTrak L-12


Published on Jan 13, 2019 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

"Synth jam inspired by Vangelis.
Instruments: YAMAHA Reface CS, KORG Minilogue, KORG Monologue,
Pedals: BOSS DD3 Digital Delay, TC Electronic HALL OF FAME 2 Reverb, BOSS RV6 Reverb.

Pocket Electro/Techno Jam 136BPM: Bastl Kastle, Teenage Engineering PO-12, Doomsday Sound Generator

Published on Jan 13, 2019 O.S.cillator @ Kalkartronic

If only this is what they were actually dancing to...

"Mini Electro Jam by O.S.cillator.
The PO-12 drum machine is controlled by the LFO of the Bastl Kastle (I/O output of the Kastle to input of the PO-12, and left channel of the I/O socket on the top of the Kastle patched to LFO socket). The Doomsday Sound Generator is a DIY kit from which I built into a tupperware box a few years ago. Its chaotic sounds can be manipulated by touching the steel buttons (body resistance contacts) on the front.
Hope you like it!

Audio recorded with Yamaha Pocketrak 2G.
Video recorded with Ricoh WG-M1.
Background footage was found somewhere..."

Digitone Meditation 1 - UNDRWATR

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Vague Robots

"I'm on phase two of my experiments with the Digitone, getting deeper into more avant-garde sound design. So, I've decided to upload some "meditations", consisting of just single patterns, iterated over a few minutes. These are also showing off some of the patches that will be included in a sound pack I'll be releasing in the near future.

Digitone only, no external processing or editing, apart from a light master."

Waldorf Quantum Resonator

Published on Jan 12, 2019 prophei

"Meandering around the quantum's resonator..."

Follow-up to Waldorf Quantum - Drive options

Patch n Tweak

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