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Monday, April 29, 2019

Roland RS-09 - deep demonstration and sound programming

Published on Apr 29, 2019 synthlegends

"The RS-09 is an analog string and organ synthesizer. The organ and string sections can be played simultaneously or individually. There are some nice features like vibrato ore envelope settings. Both sounds include an individual ensemble/chorus effect and an external sound input to use the RS-09 as an effect. You also can trigger external monosynths, like from the SH family through a gate output.

In this video I go through all functions and sound design capabilities of the RS-09. Finally I demonstrate the further features, like using the SH-9 ensemble effect for external gear and audio. You will be surprised listening, that the ensemble effect of the RS-9 sounds better than the legendary chorus. Only this feature is worth to get a RS-09. I really love this small synth. I was used from Simple Minds, The Cure, Duran Duran and many others.

Its a very underrated keyboard in my opinion. You can get it still for about 300 to 400 USD or EUR.

Thanks for watching this video again. I hope, it was helpful."

Lizard Improv with MPC Live

Published on Apr 29, 2019 Key Magic Inc

"Performance by Dalton Bauder using two Vinicius Electrik Lizard Systems plus the Akai MPC Live.
Video by Fabio Fonseca for Key Magic Inc 2019"

Critter & Guitari - Orac 2.0 for Organelle

Published on Apr 29, 2019 Critter & Guitari

"Download Orac 2.0 here:
Orac is a powerful modular patch-builder crammed into a single Organelle patch. String chains of familiar patches together to create 'super'/'meta'/'uber' functionality. version 2.0 is here and it's amazing!

Add sequencers, synths/samplers and effects to create the ultimate combination. Each element, or module, can be rearranged and changed on the fly. It's like using many Organelles at the same time! Orac can be used on the Organelle without any need for an external computer or coding. It is a very powerful and fun patch!

Here in version 2.0, we have more options and abilities! Use global modulation controls to open up more possibilities for sound making. Manage samples in an easier way and add banks of your own sounds! Use new MIDI implementation to control other gear, or to have other gear control Orac.
Orac 2.0 requires Pure Data 0.49!

Orac was created by Mark Harris, aka thetechnobear. Thanks Mark!!"

AION MODULAR Introduces a Mini Model 15 - Legendary Modular Synth in 3H Eurorack Format

Only 16 inches tall!

A Mini classic Moog Model 15 in eurorack format.

"AION MODULAR is introducing the legendary SYNTHESIZER MODEL 15 in 3HE format! It is ready for shipping.

Kind regards from AION MODULAR, CLUB OF THE KNOBS, and Kazike & team!"

Curious how deep it is.

Could make for a great couch / lap synth.


"The case is 11 cm (4.3 in) deep without front cover, and 14 cm (5.51 in) with front cover closed.

Launch price is 2900 euros (plus VAT, plus shipping)." 2900 euros currently comes out to $3,243.50.

New Velvet Dream 12 Stage Analog Phaser from Artificial Noise

Published on Apr 29, 2019 Artificial Noise

"Velvet Dream is the newest desktop effects unit from Artificial Noise, designed with synthesists and producers in mind. Velvet Dream is a 12 stage analog phase shifter with selectable phases - pick either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 stages. Each stage has its own character - go from "Classic" 4 stage phaser swoosh to 12 stages of velvety heaven.

The Regen control (AKA. Regeneration/Feedback/Resonance) allows you to go from just a subtle shifting, to all the way into swirling psychedelic dreamscape.

100% Analog with a true bypass switch. Hear the warmth of this vintage style phaser as it sweeps via its wide range LFO. From fast and warbly to a slow, glacial sweep.

Compact but tough aluminum enclosure. Ships with 12v power supply (region specific).

Special Pre-sale price of $249 USD plus shipping. Priced for a limited time only!

Please visit Artificial Noise for more info and to order."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Empress Effects Reverb

Published on Apr 29, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Moog Matriarch Analog Paraphonic Four Oscillator Dual Filter Synthesizer

Published on Apr 29, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Check out our article about the Matriarch here:

The Matriarch is Moog's newest semi-modular keyboard which has four oscillators and two filters as well as a stereo analog delay. The four oscillators can be used in monophonic, duophonic or paraphonic modes. Since the Matriarch is semi-modular all types of FM and other modulation between oscillators is possible allowing the creation of complex and interesting timbres.

The filter section features two great sounding Moog filters that can be used in stereo or highpass/lowpass configurations. The filter runs into a stereo BBD analog delay that can run at short times creating reverb like sounds or longer times for standard delay or ping pong delay sounds.

There are many utility patching modules on the Matriarch including multiples, CV controlled attenuverters and LFOs. The Matriarch can be patched internally or with eurorack modular synthesizers.

Moog Matriarch available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) - Creating Your Own Wavetables

Published on Apr 29, 2019 4mspedals

"Learn how to create your own wavetables from an audio source on the Spherical Wavetable Navigator. In this video we create a new Sphere using a voice sample, add effects, and save it.

For advanced features such as Waveform Spread, Shift, and Stretch, applying effects to spherical dimensions, see the User Manual.

The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-channel synthesizer that makes it easy to create slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences, and rich textures. The SWN features six wavetable oscillators with independent pitch, level, and waveform controls. Six LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) can be used as modulation sources and/or envelopes, making it easy to add dynamic motion to your patch. Each channel is a full voice and can be “played” using the top row of buttons, the internal LFOs, or note-change detection on the 1V/oct jacks. The SWN ships with 12 three-dimensional (spherical) wavetables and an easy interface which allows you to record and edit custom wavetables from live audio. Open-source software for Mac, Windows, and Linux called SphereEdit can be freely downloaded and allows you computer to create, edit, and convert .wav files into Spherical wavetables to transfer into the SWN with an audio cable."

4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator

Strum Deployment in X Minor

Published on Apr 25, 2019 Miles Briand

"Modular jam"

Three New Dannysound Modules

via @thonk_synth

"Three new Dannysound modules to see at Superbooth19 #dannysound #superbooth #superbooth19 #superbooth2019"

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Stjarna"

Published on Apr 29, 2019 DX5

Gear used:
Emu Emax (I and II)
Kurzweil PC1x
Access Virus TI Snow (for backing track)

Composed by Martin L. Gore
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.

Pantribal Sodality

Published on Apr 29, 2019 zack dagoba

"I have finally finished my 200 cabinet (for now - I think I want to add a few more modules at some point but this is enough to be getting on with)

Modules: 208r Stored Program Sound Source, 218r Touch Keyboard Controller, 281r Quad Function Generator, 261e Complex Waveform Generator, 248r Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator + Expander, 124b Patchboard / Power Switch, 277r Signal Delay Unit, 257r Dual Voltage Processor

See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot..."

Serge STS Complete System (rare deal on a complete system)

via this auction

"Serge STS full system with powered cases

Bought in 2015

A rare deal on a complete system in pristine condition
About 150 cables will be included
Entire system will be looked over by a specialist before shipping

Panels included:
Blue Fun Station - Blue Voice
CV-2 or Blue Control
M Class
Klang Shifter
EQ Shift
Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer
For detailed descriptions on each panel please see here :

*Item located in Canada near Toronto"

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver - Hybrid Analog Synthesizer SN 01976

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest SN 00114 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Loaded with synth and drum sounds.

OS installed.

Includes 2017 DSI power adapter and box."

Social Entropy Engine (Blue) with CV module

via this auction

"Amazing condition. Fully tested.

Includes CV module!

8 polyphonic tracks.
Step, Real-time or Grid recording modes. Scales and live edits. Notes/chords/drums/ polyrhythms.
Easy snapshot save feature.
Built in mini keyboard and MIDI CC controls for remote control of synth

Latest OS already loaded (1.000h)
Includes factory power adapter, cheat sheet, sticker and box as show.


Engine is a powerful multitrack step sequencer with 8 polyphonic tracks for recording both melodic and percussion patterns. Pattern chaining, snapshots and a song mode help move your ideas from simple loops to completed songs. The six performance knobs can be used to control external devices or the built-in performance effects system, which includes velocity and gate offsets and ratcheting. Engine includes comprehensive editing features to fine tune your performance, with rotation, cut/copy/paste for both patterns and individual steps."

Korg microKORG XL+ Analog Modeling Synthesizer w/ Vocoder SN 008931

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 (Gligli Mod)

via this auction

Works and sounds great! Fully refurbished by Rosen Sound in Burbank, CA. It has the Gligli Mod which provides many upgrades to the original release. I'm going to miss this synth but I just bought a Dave Smith OB-6 and I need to sell this beauty to help pay for the other purchase. The right wood cheek has a small crack (see pics).

Among other things, the Gligli Mod provides for:
Increased resolution for sound parameters
Faster, smoother amplifier and filter envelope generators
New LFO function generator with a wider range
Dedicated vibrato
Unison detune
Mix Overdrive
Full Midi In control of parameters
Improved tuning procedure"

Syntech RAM CART for Yamaha DX7

via this auction



MOOG Memorymoog Plus Keyboard Synthesizer SN 2277 w/ Interesting History

via this auction

"This is a Memorymoog Plus that I bought directly from Moog when I worked there as Marketing Manager. I had Don Besecker of DBM Tech install a better MIDI implementation system, while keeping the original Moog hardware. I had Wes Taggart of Analogics do a complete restoration about 10 operating hours ago. All factory patches and sequences are in memory. Everything on the instrument operates at, frankly, better than original factory quality. I include the owner and service manuals and the oh-so-rare cassette interface cables. There are some scratches at the top of the front panel, as you can see in the photos, but I doubt you’ll find a better-sounding Memorymoog anywhere."

KORG Poly 61 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"KORG Poly 61 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer.
In very good condition!
The metal case has no scratch
The left side panel has a minor imperfection (see pictures)
New mainboard
New battery
New molex connector pins for the voice board cable
Volume pot is a bit noisy (would need to be cleaned)"

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer SN 280600

via this auction

Yamaha SK15 Symphonic Ensemble SN 4709

via this auction

"Vintage 1980s Yamaha SK15 Symphonic Ensemble Analog String Organ Polysynth Synthesizer in great condition. Works & sounds amazing."

These Might Be The Droids You're Looking For

Published on Apr 29, 2019 Intellijel

"Need some sound effects? Planar's gestural panning and CV control are very powerful when combined. In this case Planar is mixing modulation sources from Atlantis while also controlling the frequency of the modulation oscillator and filter cutoff. This sort of thing is a fun way to generate sample fodder."

FRACT Sound Check: Bass Drips

Published on Apr 29, 2019 PHOSFIEND SYSTEMS

"Some old unearthed test footage from 2013 showcasing some of the reactive audio systems peppered throughout the world of FRACT.

These columns of liquid bass energy become an iconic aspect of the Bass area design. Their animation is driven by the audio, with their size and undulation driver by amplitude, filter cutoff, and signal strength"

Electroplankton Samplepack (free download)

Published on Apr 28, 2019 AA Battery

Spotted this one on discchord. Electroplankton was a musical game for the Nintendo DS.

"Download it for free from: [Update: link now works]
Fellow artist J46+2 asked me if I wanted to help him create a samplepack from Electroplankton sounds, the Nintendo DS music making "game" from 2005. And of course I wanted! So here we assembled 40+ WAV Samples, Loops and One Shots for you to grab and use anywhere.

Thanks again to "J46+2" ( and his label at for assembling and mastering our first pack!"

Moog Spectravox - detailed overview, and How Vocoders Work

Published on Apr 29, 2019 loopop

"Here's a full overview of Spectravox by Moog, including an explanation of how vocoders work.

I built this Spectravox at Moogfest's Engineering Workshop in Durham, NC - April 2019.

0:00 What is Spectravox
1:15 Synth features
1:45 The carrier filters
3:50 Spectral shift LFO
4:25 VCA and EG
4:50 EG triggers
6:00 Hiss and Buzz
6:30 How vocoders work
8:45 Spectravox vocoder
10:25 Patch bay
10:50 Ringing filters
11:30 Beats as modulator
12:20 Workshop unison
14:00 Drone - jam #1
15:50 Rhythm - jam #2"

Referenced video: Building a Subharmonicon: What it's like to attend a Moog Engineering Workshop

nonlinearcircuits Bi-di Choppers

Published on Apr 29, 2019 cirtcele

"Dual delta modulators that can be used as 2 into 1 or 1 into 2 CV controlled switches. The signals passing thru control the switching.....things can get out of hand."

nonlinearcircuits 1/n - 1 divided by n

Published on Apr 29, 2019 cirtcele

"1/n - can be patch-programmed to divide by 3-9, or match if you add another module. The other outputs will be at different phases to the 1/n out. Or use it to process audio. Jam and preset inputs let you create absolute mayhem."

nonlinearcircuits DelayNoMore3 - proto-type

Published on Apr 29, 2019 cirtcele

"Triple version of DelayNoMore (proto-type), can also be used as 3 individual CV controlled delay modules"

Ricochet-tangerine dream 2019 (graal7 cover)

Published on Apr 29, 2019 graal7

"ricochet part 01 by graal 7
polysix,juno 6,arturia matrix and drumbrute
korg kronos2"

Quickstart Pt 4 - Looper Module + Pages // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

Ron Cavagnaro Empress FX Zoia Tutorials

"This tutorial is covering the looper module on the Empress FX Zoia. In this video we are going to set up an array of loopers and set it up to self-trigger in one shot mode into a sort of self-performing atmospheric pad.

The synth used in this video is the system 1 promars plugout.

If you just jumped in without seeing the previous videos, this may appear pretty complex or confusing.

Intro 0:00
Setting up first page 1:01
Setting up second page 1:25
Connecting The Modules 2:06
Looper Parameters 3:10
Looper Record 3:36
Copying Loopers (w/ Connection) 4:01
Assigning LFOs to Looper Playback 5:00
Reverse 6:03
Adding and Connecting more LFOs 6:33
Changing Page Caution 7:37
Rerecording over loops 7:59
Improvised Performance Demo 8:20"


Published on Apr 28, 2019 impurfekt

"featuring (in order of appearance):
strings - 8dio majestica thru walrus audio fathom x 2, dod rubberneck and strymon deco
samples: the twilight zone 'the obsolete man' thru earthquaker devices space spiral
fx - pittsburgh modular lifeforms sv-1 thru dod rubberneck
synth - dave smith mopho x4 thru walrus audio fathom x 2
stab - behringer neutron thru earthquaker devices transmisser thru electro-harmonix super pulsar
beat - elektron digitakt thru pro co rat
pad - roland system-1m thru strymon deco and strymon dig
bass - behringer model d
piano - 8dio 1928 thru strymon deco and earthquaker devices space spiral

sequencing/tracking/mixing - steinberg cubase 10
compression - drawmer 1968 mkii

support the channel:
purchase impurfekt music:"

Patch n Tweak

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