MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Just Sounds: KORG minilogue xd Keyboard + minilogue xd Module Poly Chained

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Noisegate

"We poly chained Korg’s Minilogue xd keyboard synth to the New Minilogue xd module to create a monster synth setup.

Here is how it sounds..."

Stranger Things Theme - Juno 60, Modular Synthesizer & Nord Lead / Electro

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Autotross

"Live cover of the main title / intro theme song from the Stranger Things soundtrack using some of the same instruments as the composers.

More retro soundtrack inspired tunes here:"

nonlinearcircuits Cellular Automata 1

Published on Jul 14, 2019 cirtcele

"NLC Cellular Automata module demo. It can be used as a CV pattern and gate generator. There is little control over the patterns other than feeding signals into the 4 seed inputs"

via nonlinearcircuits

"This is a 16 cell gate and pattern generator using cellular automata rules 90 & 150. It will run thru a process driven by a clock signal and requires a signal on one of the seed inputs (anything crossing 1V) to start a new process or alter the current one.
A process without seeds may run for hours or minutes, depending upon the start point and clock rate.

There are 3 CV outputs, two based on what is happening on each half of the circuit, one reflects the pattern created by the active cells. Each cell has a gate output.

The circuit uses CMOS chips and op amps, no microprocessors. It is a big build!

PCB set = USD25
panel = USD23

assembled = USD280"

Synth Rorschach #66: Lauri Glocke and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

This one is in via long time MATRIXSYNTH reader loscha, spotted it in this article: "How the Apollo 11 Moon landing was achieved with the vital help of Carnarvon Tracking Station"

"PHOTO: Lauri Glocke went from working as a waitress to an equipment operator at the base. (Supplied: Lauri Glocke)"

And: "For Lauri Glocke, who was aged just 15 when the Carnarvon base opened, it provided an extraordinary opportunity."

Reminds me of the recently posted stacked EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-IIs, but with knobs instead of sliders.  The bottom section also reminds me of a white Crumar Bit 01 rack synth.

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer w/ The Beast Mod

via this auction

"The Beast mods take this TB-303 to the next level. Comparable to the Devilfish mods but with its own unique feature set. One of the biggest complaints with the stock TB-303 is the limited sound palette, but with these mods you can explore a whole new dimension of tones. Also lots of added in/outputs to interact with your other analog and modular gear...

Mods include:
Custom Black case
Gate / Slide / Accent LEDs
Rear CV inputs: Gate in, CV in, Filter CV in, Accent in, and Slide in
VCF Mod Depth
VCF Mod Source: Square / Off / Saw
Transpose Pitch by an Octave: Up/down
VCA Decay
Accent Decay
OSC Out (square/saw)
Filter In
Filter Out
Accent Push Button Trigger
Slide Push Button Trigger"

Moog Etherwave PLUS Theremin | With CV Synth Control

via this auction

"The "PLUS" adds external CV pitch and volume 1/4" outputs located on the bottom of the instrument. You can use this feature to great effect to control external MOOG synths as well as anything else that takes a CV input.

Includes everything from the original packaging including the sealed Clara Rockmore DVD and the small red etherwave internal calibration tool.

The original box is also included but unfortunately it was used to pack and ship the unit by the original seller, so it is in less than perfect condition. The instrument itself however looks and plays great and has been fully tested. You will have a lot of fun with this, especially if you have some external gear to control with it."

Roland System 100 101

via this auction

SNs 673448, 490665, 520789

- modules: 101, 102 and 104
- Sliders a bit scratchy and keyboard not working (I haven’t played it in 5+ years - was working back then - just set up again to sell and not working now.. VCO, LFO and other sections working but will need reconditioning too
- a few external scratches and some oxidisation but generally in good external condition - i.e. straight body etc

Roland S-50 with Monitor & DT-100 Promo Shot / Ad

via @IvanTrajkovic2

"before software, was this..."

This one appears to be the image used in this ad.

CS01 and friends ...

via @IvanTrajkovic2

It appears to be the same image minus the text in this German YAMAHA CS-01 / MA-10 / MM-10 Ad.

EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair with matched serial numbers

via this auction

Another one in via M Me. I believe these are the first to be featured on the site. Anyone know when they were produced? I'm not finding them on the EMS Rehberg site.

"EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair (2) available for sale! These units are ultra rare and it’s probably the only chance to find two with matched serial numbers. Both units are just been serviced and in perfect working condition.

The building quality is impressive with those long Penny & Giles faders, Pikatron and Haufe transformers and the Reticon filter chips inside. This are high-end studio effects with a phenomenal sound...

Both units are working on 220v and the serial numbers are: 223 & 224."

Pic of the inside below.

ProNote 6 - Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Inspired Memo Book

via this auction

This one spotted and sent in via M Me.

Google translated from the listing:

"It's a 6-hole Bibble-size ProNote 6 note from Synth Design.
I imagined Sequential Circuits Prophet - 5.
I followed an analog synthesizer feeling with wood in the body.
As an indication Side-Wood is also installed unconventionally.
We strongly protect important notes.
Wood uses agathi wood, which is also used for musical instruments.
It is a heavy feeling in appearance, but it is a light and fine material.
The notes are the size of the general Bible.
It is based on the twisted-ring notebook from LIHIT LAB.
Twisted note can be removed freely.
You can customize it to your favorite note by combining diaries and grid paper.
Everything is easy to write as it can be rotated 360 ° per cover sheet."

X1L3 - SHARD + NUX TIME CORE - power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Jul 14, 2019 X1L3

"Tenty minute improvised session on a desk top shard through a nux time core delay pedal."

Reminds me of Merzbow, a friend of mine introduced me to. The X1L3 Shard in eurorack has been featured in previous posts here.

X1L3 - SHARD - outside with wireless guitar hook up + battery amp

via X1L3

"Noise, drone and artefact generator. Available in yellow or black. Identical to the eurorack version but with the advantage of more immediacy through more hands on control.

It's capable of generating a huge range of sounds. Drone, data crash glitching, atmospheric deprivation and all manner of unpleasant or quirky sounds. It has a lot of cv/gate control available for automation of oscillator behaviour and also houses a touch interface for disruption of the oscillators. On top of this it also has an audio input which can be used to devastating effect on incoming audio as well as another means of oscillator disruption. It demands that you mess with it. It thrives on it.

Paired up with fx in the chain it can generate some impressive textures. A resonant filter, distortion and delay pedal capable of infinite repeats in line generate some fantastic dark power electronics and atmospheres. If you're familiar with navicon torture technologies or theologian then you'll have a good idea of what to expect there. It's also great for creating incidentals and obscure sounds that you might use as samples or as a layer in film score."

#26 for Fender Rhodes, Arp 2600, Mellotrons, Clavinet and Nord Electro 3.

Published on Jul 14, 2019 R. Reger

"Original composition featuring classic analog keyboards."

From the Live Room 2: Novation Bass Station ii

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Alfonse

"Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums and Alfonse on the Novation Bass Station ii. Two more tracks of synth overdubbed later, with delay provided by the Boss DD7 digital delay pedal. Some additional reverb was added to the synths at the mixing stage.

Music (C) Copyright 2019 Alfonse and Ian Bostic
Download here:



From the Live Room 2: Novation Bass Station II - Alfonse vs. Ian Bostic"

Electro Traveller - Lago di Como 2

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Metunar

"Again made with an iPad with the iDensity app.
Drum and synthloops are from a EMU Command Station XL-7 with extra Mo’Phatt Rom."

MicroFreak & VCV Rack - Drifting

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Omri Cohen

"While working on the video about the MicroFreak, I found myself, more than once, drifting into the sounds, spending more time playing than actually working on the video. This video is the result of one of those times.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"


Published on Jul 14, 2019 synths colors

Blacet Synthesizer Modules, Chaos, Frequency Divider, and Final Filter

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Custom White + Mods

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"one-of-a-kind Roland SH101 (presumably made for Funkagenda). Fully functional, just tuned up by our tech. Amazing white paint job with blue LED mod wheel plus blue LEDs under the mod-knobs & buttons. The SH101 is one of our favorite synths and this one is taken to the next level with some incredible mods taking the sound into all new territory. Don't miss out on this beauty!

Mods include:
Pulse Width Modulation Source: Triangle, Random, Sub Oct 1, Sub Oct 2
Ext Audio
FM Source: Pulse, Ramp, Sub Oct 1, Sub Oct 2 (for awesome FM tones)
FM Amount

LFO Clock In
LFO Range 3-way switch (norm, low, high)
Audio In"

Yamaha DX7 II-D Digital FM Synthesizer w OLED Display Upgrade & Cart

via this auction

"Excellent condition Yamaha DX7 II-D FM synthesizer. THE synth of the 80’s. Comes in next to new shape with the hard to find VRC-106 Synth Library card (connector needs cleaning) and an upgraded custom white on black (super dark blue) OLED display."

Akai AX80 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Analog synthesizers live demo 7; feat. Kraftwerk and Vangelis

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Synthe_64

"This is my seventh live demo. You can hear the mighty analog synths Moog minimoog ( 1973 ), Korg MS10, Yamaha CS10 and Roland SH2.
More recent are the Roland U220 and Yamaha FB01 midi modules. The newbies are the Arp Odissey ( Korg ) and Arturia Microbrute. The modulars are Pittsburgh Modular and Doepfer Dark Energy along with the darkTime.
Everything is played live. No post editing or mixing.
Your comments are welcome and if you need further info you can send an Email to"

Minilogue XD Review, full tutorial and 8 patch ideas

Published on Jul 14, 2019 loopop

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:10 Connectivity
3:05 Load panel
3:30 Analog oscs
5:05 Voice modes
6:10 Arpeggiator
7:00 Cross mods
8:10 Multi engine
10:50 Analog filter
12:40 LFO
15:50 Envelopes
17:40 Effects
20:50 Sequencer
23:10 Menu options
25:40 Ideas & tricks
25:50 Tip #1: Using a sawtooth LFO to create a rhythmic pattern
26:30 Tip #2: Applying two mod sources to a single destination
27:45 Tip #3: By-passing the filter to create a "bi-timbral" patch
28:35 Tip #4: Adding and removing harmonics without a filter
29:00 Tip #5: Hidden LFOs/Envelopes in multi engine plugin parameters
30:20 Tip #6: Using the Pitch 2 envelope for hard sync
31:20 Tip #7: Using the Pitch 2 envelope for to create a kick and including it in a rhythmic sequence
32:05 Tip #8: Using the sequencer as a multitrack tempo synced LFO for destinations not included in the main LFO
33:20 Cool plug-ins
38:05 Pros & cons
40:45 More ideas

Balance - Ambient - Digitakt / Digitone / Modular / Tape

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Jogging House

"This is the fifth track of my new album 'Lure'. It is available digitally, on tape and vinyl here:

'Balance' is composed with two Elektron Digitakts, a Digitone and a Eurorack modular system (controlled via Digitone). They are accompanied by a Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus. Everything is sent through OTO Bim & Bam and then directly into the Revox B77 1/4" tape recorder.

Fun fact: When the camera is shaking a bit, that's my head hitting the tripod ...

I hope you enjoy it."

Modal Electronics Craftsynth 2.0 & OTO Machines BIM

Published on Jul 14, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Boredbrains in Studio: A Hole in the Darkness

Published on Jul 14, 2019 Boredbrain Music

"Here's another improvisational jam, mainly testing a couple new pieces of gear like the Squarp Pyramid sequencer and integrating our new INTRFX eurorack effects interface!"

Patch n Tweak

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