MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday, October 11, 2019

Elektron Machinedrum

Published on Oct 11, 2019 ljs8888

Casio PT-82 Keyboard w/ Original Manuals & ROMs

via this auction

"Casio PT-82 Keyboard Vintage Synthesizer/ World Songs 2 ROM Pack RO-551& RO-356. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The Casio PT-82 Its been tested and in working Order. Has Operation Manual & Disney Book & Pop Rock Book does not come with the Cord. It has a slight stain from Storage Put Away that you will see in the Pictures on it nothing to worry. Its in Working Order. Its a Vintage Great Piece for a Collector."

WholeTone Revolution Synthesiser Chromatic Keyboard In Box (Korg N5) SN 01000404

via this auction

"The WholeTone Revolution has the Chromatic / Janko keyboard. They Synths engine is the same as the Korg N5.

Muto Music Method・MUTO KEN layout

(halftone arrangement + whole tone arrangement)

Number of Keys

88 keys

Width of 1 Octave


approx.11.5cm (20mm)"

Juno-106, SH-101 and TR-808 ditty Oct 11, 2019

Published on Oct 11, 2019 SynthMania

"No frills quick and live ditty in one take with Roland Juno-106, SH-101, and TR-808."

Follow-up to Synthmania Midnight Jams 1 - 5

Tama Techstar TS-202 Vintage Analog Drum Machine w/ Original Box

via this auction

Arp Odyssey Vintage Analog Synthesizer with CV SN 0759

via this auction

Volca FM: Dark Knight Melody

Published on Oct 11, 2019 RemixSample

"Download Patch & Midi:
KORG Volca FM playing Batman / Dark Knight Melody.
I recorded the sequence onto the FM and added FX to make it sound cooler. Soundtoys effects and valhalla shimmer was used."

CONTROL: Sonic Scenarios: Rossum Electro / Panharmonium

Published on Oct 11, 2019 CTRL MOD

"Synth Layers with the Rossum Electro: Panharmonium

Available here:

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules & beyond with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

Control is a synthesizer brick/mortar and online shop located in the South Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

Behringer RD8 DIY Mods

This one is in via Matthias

"In the spirit of pre-youtuber times, here's some Modding Guide for the Behringer RD8 drum machine. It's in beta but contains already a great number of mods, such as CV and Trigger inputs.

I hope that soldering enthusiasts might find it useful. Sound mods should work with the 808 and Yocto as well, and and one mod will help you with an annoying RD8-MS101 bug.

The guide can be downloaded as PDF here: RD8 Modding Guide Beta"

Aphex took my RD8 playlist featuring more demos:

LifeFormModular - VCV Rack Live Stream

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Omri Cohen

"In this live stream, we will experiment with the LifeFormModular collection.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here you can find this collection -"

New Gotharman's Zxxxxx Synth In the Works

Teaser pic of Gotharman's upcoming new synth, Zxxxxx. Note the Reso label in the OSC section. Curious...

Update via Gotharman: "It will be a small polyphonic synth with the resonator oscillators of my LD3/Tiny LD. The Reso parameter controls the amount of resonances, that are fed back into the oscillator."

The controls read as follows:

OSC Section

Filter Section
Cut/EFX Para1
Reso/EFX Para2

VCA Section

LFO Rate/EFX Mix


Let's Play with EG WaveShaper

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Tim Webb

"Elliott Garage's EG WaveShaper is a powerful wavetable synth with a simple interface that I really enjoy playing around in. Let's Play with it!

EG WaveShaper on the App Store:

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: Or you can support me on Timmeon if you don't like Patreon: (Patrons of these campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Death Valley [Episode 190]

Published on Oct 11, 2019 CatSynth TV

"From the depths of Badwater Basin to the heights of the Amargosa mountains, we explore and celebrate the beauty of Death Valley with original music by Amanda Chaudhary.

For more adventurous music, please subscribe to CatSynth TV and visit

Software instruments:
Tracktion BioTek
Arturia Mellotron V
Arturia Pigments
Arturia CMI V
Arturia Prophet VS
Arturia Piano
MOK Waverazor
Kontakt (John Cage Prepared Piano, Grindhouse, World Impact)
EastWest Orchestra Gold

Hardware Instruments:
Vintage Minimoog Model D
Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator
Qu-Bit Prism module

Additional foley and sound effects via samples."

Synthfest UK 2019

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Jyoti Mishra

"At the Octagon Centre, Sheffield, 5/10/19"

Featured: Cosmotronic, Soundgas, Unniversity of Derby, TA Programming, Dreadbox, Waldorf, Transistor Sounds Labs, Valley & VCV Rack, Dove Audio, Delia Derbyshire Day, Mike Gorman, Spitfire Audio, Presonus, Soundtronics, Dubreq, and Analogue Solutions Colossus.

See the Synthfest UK label below for more coverage of this year's event.

Recording a song from scratch with synths

Published on Oct 11, 2019 once upon a synth

"In this one I show you how I record my song 'Mothership' using the Korg MonoPoly and Moog Grandmother. This one is a bit different in that I don't use any guitars.

You can listen to the song here:"

New Novation Peak Patches by Emily Sprague

via @WeAreNovation

"With dreamy, melodic and intuitive ambient sounds, Emily A. Sprague, co-member of Florist, takes the stage for this weeks’ patches. 🎹🎛🎚
Our latest Peak Patches are now live >>> here"

"Emily A. Sprague is a musician who was raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she makes sounds for herself and for others. Emily’s approach to both composition and performance is a personal and spiritual one, deeply rooted in the communication of emotion through textures and tones.

SoundCloud | Resident Advisor"

ylva - extended play 3 (elektron digitone / octatrack)

Published on Oct 10, 2019 ylva trax

00:00 - enog
03:36 - rmmbr
08:44 - moon dock

DSI Prophet 08 & Rev.2 - Custom Handcrafted Presets NEW!!

Published on Oct 11, 2019 LFOstore

DSI Prophet 08 & Rev.2 - 128 Handcrafted Presets by Chronos

Published on Oct 11, 2019 LFOstore


Time for Prophet had come!

Lfo.Store proudly presents:

128 Custom Presets Soundset for DSI Prophet 08/Rev.2 Synthesizers!

Before - we made lots of patches for Mopho/Tetra/Evolver synths.

And now - time for Prophet had come!
Its a great machine, almost modular synthesizer in experienced

Its very great to discover new timbres using CTRL editor - its free
& working great.

And ofcourse Prophet famous of its great polyphonic sounds!

So we created 128 fresh timbres working with aftertouch, both wheels.

Interesting Arps & non-standart Sequences.
Deep analog Basses.
Powerfull & fat Leads
Deep & Massive Strings & Pads.
Modern & Vintage Plucks.

Sounds working both on 08 & Rev.2 machines due its compatibility of architecture.

More - you can add modulations and fxs to our sounds if you having Prophet Rev.2 as this sounds was made on original 08 model.


Waldorf Blofeld "Organica" Soundset - Analog Side

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LFOstore

"Get ready for Organic Sounds!
Waldorf Blofeld is one of the most interesting V.A. ever made.

So we made this video - its showing that our soundset is also great for
analog side - with great emulations of Moog, SH-101, TB-303,CS-80 etc.

128 exclusive sounds in different categories: modular sequences, organic arps, great deep & spacey pads, vintage strings, ambient bells, fx’s & vintage leads.

All is responsible with modulation wheel & tempo synced!


Note this video was originally featured in this playlist. Re-posting separately for those that might have missed it.

Korg Wavestation - The Most Powerfull Sound!(set)

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LFOstore

Also see Korg Wavestation - "Best Pads & Drones" - 50 presets by Chronos below.

"Something is Coming!!!

Enjoyed our "Best Pads & Drones" Soundset?

Ok - here it is:

No more intrigue - we're creating second part - 50 more great sounds!
It will work with WS: EX,AD, VST, SR.

Stay Tuned!"

Note this video was originally featured in this playlist. Re-posting separately for those that might have missed it.

Korg Wavestation - "Best Pads & Drones" - 50 presets by Chronos

Published on Mar 14, 2017

"This unique soudnset - contains 50 custom made atmospheric pad/drone/string/evolving sounds
for Korg Wavestation.

One of the best machines for deep ambient atmospheres & drones.
Supper lush sound & waves + vector synthesis - giving great possibilities.

It's the first time you can get so many usefull atmospheric sounds
for your production collected in one soundset.

Compatible with all models: Original WS,WS A/D,SR, VST vesrion from Legacy Collection & new IWavestation for I-Pad.

List of sounds:

Roland JV-1080 & XV-5080 - Custom Modern Sounds

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LFOstore

"This video showing custom modern presets which our team made for this two great machines.
18-24 years old, synthesizers.

Why? Because a lot of these old synths and sound modules have cheesy dated presets, are challenging to program, and are being re-discovered by a new generation of musicians who want new sounds.

Because its a peace of classic, a history which people still buying a lot on second hand market & want something more than just basic sounds.
This is hardware rack mount synthesizer - which can kick ass of many modern machines.

So we made - “Planet JV” Soundset by team: Nick Klimenko & Kirill Polikashin.
With 128 new presets for JV/XV Series.

You can find it there:


Note this video was originally featured in this playlist. Re-posting separately for those that might have missed it.

BoBeats: FIRST TIME TESTING ABLETON LIVE & PUSH 2 — time for me to switch DAW?!

Published on Oct 11, 2019

It has been a long time coming: My first impressions of Ableton & Push 2. If you like my videos support them at"

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

Studio Electronics Midimini

via this auction

Shortwave spy 01 - With GR1 Granular Synthesizer

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Bruno Baratti

"Granular sounds encounter the voices of shortwave number stations. With GR1 Tasty Chips granular Synthesizer"

Grandmother / MBranes

Published on Oct 11, 2019 ljs8888

Polyend Seq + Poly 2 + Preset

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Polyend

"Polyend Seq MIDI Step Sequencer feeding the Eurorack rig thru Poly 2 MIDI to CV converter. 3x Mutable Instruments Plaits, Plonk, Hexpander tons of fun!

Recorded in Polyend HQ 11.10.2019"

Korg Poly-61 | Arpeggiator Italo Disco | Studio Work

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Espen Kraft

"While working on my Italo Disco sample pack coming later this year I fired up the Korg Poly-61 to use the great arpeggiator for octave bass, strings and other apreggiated parts."

Patch n Tweak

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