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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Darkscapes, Expansion for Sektor Synthesizer

via sounds2inspire

"Darkscapes is a Free expansion pack for Sektor Synthesizer, containing +100 presets. A one of a kind expansion & experience for all Sektor Synthesizer enthusiasts – focusing on immersive soundscapes, pads, basslines and melodies.

Audio landscapes from this world and beyond
Eeire Soundscapes, Industrial planes, Dark rituals & out of the ordinary presets

Most expansions for Sektor are directed towards Trap, Hiphop, EDM or Trance – Darkscapes takes a step in a whole different direction and another dimension.

Darkscapes focuses on Ambient Sounds, Pad Sounds, Experimental Soundscapes, some highly relaxing, others highly disturbing – Exploring the basic and advanced features of Sektor Synthesizer.

Generate unexplored, unheard sounds and realms, vast and never-ending soundscapes. This expansion pack is specially designed to all fans of Ambient, Industrial, IDM, Glitch, Chill, Techno & more. Darkscapes can also be a great ally for sound designers looking for original sounds to add their projects and arts, be it games, multimedia, music or cinema. Best of all, Darkscapes is Free!

Expansion for: Sektor
Presets: +100
Free download"

Experimenting with Devilfish 303, DFAM and TR-09

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Honeysmack

"Experiment with a small contained system. No MIDI, all CV/gate and triggers. Devilfish 303 is not running any patterns, it is receiving various CV/gate from DFAM. All clocked off the TR-09 trigger out.

Gear in use:
Roland TB-303 Devilfish modified
Roland TR-09
Moog DFAM"

'80s syle DanceHall Reggae live switching

Published on Oct 23, 2019 SynthMania

"'80s DanceHall style played live on Juno, SH-101, and drum machine"

Crank Sturgeon Contact Mic + Lofi Mic Demo/Performance

Scheduled for Oct 23, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Crank Sturgeon will be demonstrating some of the interesting things you can do with contact mics, inductors, and other lofi mics that he makes. He will also be doing a short performance and we will be raffling off a few microphones. If you can't make it to our Burbank CA event space on Wednesday 10/23 at 7PM to see the event live you can watch it here on the live stream."

2 Minute Tour - Moogah SEM VCF 1

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Lower West Side Studio

"Take a 2 Minute Tour of the Moogah SEM VCF built by Lower West Side Studio.

Lower West Side Studio offers a wide range of MU format synthesizer modules. Check them out at"

Krell Koncrète Live

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Todd Barton

"a brief experiment manually manipulating a 30 second sample in the Makenoise Morphagene from one of my favorite composers, Curtis Road's piece Half Life. There is a Krell patch from the Easel manipulating the panning via the Intellijel Planar 2 . . . away we go . . ."

MacBeth M5 Semi-modular Synthesizer

Published on Oct 23, 2019 wedream2

"Demo of oscillator cross modulation using 'Double LPF Triple Saw Wave Lead' patch, and Dual LFO modulation + VCO 3 in low freq mode using "Dual Pulsars" patch. M5 is inspired by the ARP 2600, but sounds more like a Moog Modular Synth."

Korg MS-20 MKI Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 145616

via this auction

"We all know the MS-20 thanks to its massive use in popular music and Korg's recent miniature reissue. Here we have the real thing! This is a beautiful MKI MS-20 with the original Korg 35 filter design, known to be a more aggressive sounding one. All we know is it sounds fantastic.

The MS-20 is a classic from the early days of affordable monosynths, bringing in the semi modular design for creativity and interfacing. Don't forget the dual filters, ring mod, HADSR envelope, and wacky analog pitch tracking circuit included as well, an oddity to most synthesizers.

This MS-20 was recently serviced by an outside technician prior to our purchase of the unit, a service receipt is included. Everything is working properly and sounds incredible. Included are some 1/4" patch cables of varying lengths to get patching right away. It is in great shape for its age but certainly has a few dings in the paint, the VCO 1 knob has been changed as well. Please see the detailed photos for the condition."

Roland MC-707 Tutorials by tarekith

Published on Oct 23, 2019 tarekith

Note you can skip to specific videos in the playlist via the dropdown on the top right of the player.


MC707: Part 1 - Set Up & Workflow [previously posted here]
MC707: Part 2 - Drums and Rhythm
MC-707 : Part 3 Knobs and Motion

Minimoog 2019

Published on Oct 23, 2019 synthi62

"Minimoog Session in 2019. enjoy the distortion-sounds at 3:45 and 8:30. additonal synths and plugin: Omnisphere and Addictive Drums. effects: Kurzweil Mangler, Valhalla Room and u-he Colour Copy. Have fun. :-)"

Halloween Distortion Party With Noise Engineering at Perfect Circuit & Upcoming Events

via Perfect Circuit events page

"To celebrate the release of the final module in the "distortion of the month" series Noise Engineering teamed up with us to throw together the ultimate Halloween party for all the modular synth fans in Los Angeles. Expect a demonstration of the newest module in the "Ruina" family, performances from Noise Engineering team and other artists (TBA), free drinks and pizza, and a table full of modular synth systems equipped with all the recent distortion modules from the manufacturer and more. Oh, and as usual with our events, there will be a raffle, so you may even comeback home with an honestly won module. NOTE: If you come wearing a costume, you double or maybe even triple your chances of winning the raffle."

Note Contact Microphones With Crank Sturgeon is tonight at 7PM. I a livestream post set to go live at 7PM, so check back here on MATRIXSYNTH for it on top.

"Join us for an evening with Crank Sturgeon, purveyor of some of favorite noise makers & contact mics! You will be able to learn about different uses and sonic possibilities of vocal mics, and tranducers, and contact mics followed by a short performance showcasing these concepts. Crank Sturgeon will be raffling off two new items: a Depth Charge Gamelan 3cc and 6Pinch Multi-Gator. Snacks and drinks provided!"

OVERSYNTH Panel Overlays

DSI Evolver overlay pictured. Others include Modal Samples, Korg MS20 Mini, and Behringer Neutron.


"This is an overlay that you place over the front panel faceplate of your DSI Evolver Desktop synthesizer. Designed for use in live performance, the artwork uses high contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light. Parameter labels are color-coded based on their synthesis function (Blue for Oscillators, Red for Filters, etc.) to allow performers to make quick adjustments or even perform radical sound design in realtime.

Listen to the Shrill Sounds of the World's Loudest Bird

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Discover Magazine

Wait for it... Synthetic sounds of nature.

"Learn more: Scientists in the Amazon Have Recorded the World's Loudest Bird. It Hits a Painful 125 Decibels

(Credit: Anselmo d'Affonseca)"

Roland Juno-60 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Garfield Electronics Mini Doc Din Sync to Trigger Synchronizer

via this auction

ik multimedia UNO DRUM // the ANALOG INSTRUMENTS // ONE by ONE

Published on Oct 23, 2019 LESINDES

"One by one presentation of the 6 ANALOG INSTRUMENTS of UNO DRUM. Playing KICK1 KICK2, SNARE, OH, CHH, CLAPS along with their analog FX (COMPRESSOR, DRIVE)."


Published on Oct 23, 2019 Arnaud Music.

Sequential prophet 6 sequenced by fugues machine
Sequential OB6
Elektron analog Four
Arturia Synclavier

Only You [Cover] Roland MC - 101

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Micro Banshee

"A Roland MC -101 Version of Yazoo's 'Only You'"

Unnofficial Volca FM firmware 1.08 Update

Published on Oct 19, 2019 ranzee

Disclaimer: this is an unofficial update. Install at your own risk. Posting this only to let you know it exists. This was sent in via @dashcammusic. You can find the download link and comments at this reddit thread. Also, not sure why the download link would expire tomorrow.

"Volca FM firmware 1.08 [UNOFFICIAL] - velocity on note in, LFO fix, patch transfer, more CCs etc.
TLDR; I hacked the Volca FM firmware, fixed a bunch of really old bugs, added some features.

I have received a lot of feedback from people requesting the "1.05" FW (that added velocity on MIDI in) that I posted this spring. In June, I made a 1.06 version that added a bunch of other stuff as well. Big THANKS to the small group of beta testers that helped me evaluate that :-)
Imagine my surprise when KORG did the september FW drop - I thought the older Volcas were orphaned. But they did release FW for the FM - and still ignored the bugs! It was a bit rich. Now I have grafted my tweaks onto the 1.07 FW - you guys like it super fresh I imagine.
Check the KORG official FW update instructions carefully. 2 files need to go through for this to work as intended. Make sure no other sounds are playing, and use 44.1kHz native sample rate.
I take no responability whatsoever if you manage to mess up your FM. THIS IS ON YOUR OWN RISK.
Get it here: (expires on oct 24th)

Change log (from ORIGINAL KORG fw (1.03, 1.04, 1.07)):

New Novation Peak Patches by Tom K

Novation PEAK Official Patchbank Demo Published on Oct 23, 2019 ___tomk

"A brief selection from my official Novation PEAK patchbank:

0:00 - Spectral Scans
1:09 - Stratos
2:19 - Neighbors ;P
3:36 - Ethereal
5:07 - Bellish
6:52 - Oneirios
8:22 - 54 : 55"

via @WeAreNovation

Experimenting with interplay between analogue and digital mediums, your latest Peak Patches from Chicago based
explores atmospheric sounds with modular synthesis. 🎛🎚🎹 Access for free here >>>"

"Tom Kelly is an American composer-performer currently residing in Chicago, IL. Kellyʼs electroacoustic works explore the idea of liminal space, and aims to cultivate heightened awareness and a sense of wonder in both his audience and himself. He is interested in the intersections and interplay between analogue and digital mediums—frequently utilizing modular synthesizers to craft sonic environments which obscure the distinctions between the two.

Focused on his practice, Kelly finds a compelling dialog between intuition and structure, and sees this conversation as indispensable to the vitality of his creative expression."

Exploring The 3340 VCO And 2144 LPF

Published on Oct 23, 2019 John L Rice

"Check out ElectroSmith at:

00:00 - Beginning
00:25 - 3340 VCO Features
01:22 - 2144 LPF Features
02:06 - Exploring The 3340 VCO
08:48 - Exploring The 2144 LPF
17:35 - 3340 VCO Tracking Test
18:28 - Exploring The Patch
25:27 - End

Equipment used in this video:
ElectroSmith - 3340 VCO, 2144 LPF - Q109 EGs, Q148 VCA, Q167 LFO, patch cords
Synthetic Sound Labs - 1200 VCO
Moon - 569 sequencer, 565+565D+567 quantizer, M500-T8 case
Strymon - BigSky reverb and Timeline delay pedals
Lexicon - MX400 reverb
Canon - C100 MkII camera, 20mm CN-E lens
Atomos - NinjaFlame video recorder
Fotodiox - LED lighting
Dracast - LED lighting
Sony - Vegas Pro 13 NLE software
Apple - iPad Mini with Faber Acoustical Signal Scope Pro

Thanks for watching, rating, commenting, and for sticking around! ;-)"

HetrickCV - Patch from scratch

Published on Oct 22, 2019 Omri Cohen

"So here is a patch from scratch video I've recorded using most of the modules from the HetrickCV collection.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"

Roland Memory & Sound Library Cards

A few Roland sound and memory cards for sale via supporting member, rosynth. Click the following links to get to each:












Roland MC-307 Groovebox, Drum Machine, Synth, Sequencer

via this auction

X1L3 Modified / Circuit Bent Casio PT-50 Synthesizer With MIDI

via this auction

"X1L3 Modified / Circuit Bent Casio PT-50 Synthesizer With MIDI. Professionally modded. Ultra rare - only a few ever made. Works great."

ARP 2600 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer with 3620 Keyboard

via this auction

Novation Supernova Polyphonic Rack Synth SN 007493

via this auction

"Great condition, sound amazing with almost unlimited sound options & parameters. Full midi capabilities, programming. 16 note polyphony, multitimbral, 3 oscillators/voice and large storage memory. One slight mark at rack ear."

Roland Jupiter 6

via this auction

Vintage Yamaha CS-30 Analog Synthesizer Sequencer SN 2668

via this auction

"For your consideration is the Yamaha CS-30 Analog Synthesizer w/Sequencer. It is in 100% Operational condition, and very good to excellent cosmetic condition. All sliders, switches, keys and knobs are fully operational. This sale includes the original case, owners manual, and rare patch chart book."

Korg Univox Maxi Korg 800DV K-3 SN 760200

via this auction

"For your consideration is the Maxi Korg 800DV K-3 Analog Synthesizer. This is perhaps the cleanest example I've seen. It is in 100% Operational condition, and very good to excellent cosmetic condition. All sliders, switches, keys and knobs are fully operational. This sale includes the original wheeled case and owners manual. CV and Gate for both synthesizer sections have been installed, although I've never tested the operation. The key transpose switch emits an audible click when activated, which is common to this model."

KORG DS-10: Orbit - Anthony Seeha

Published on Oct 22, 2019 Anthony Seeha

"I wrote this song back in 2009-2010 and I polished it up last year for the release of ONE DECADE OF DS-10, a collaboration album of DS-10 users to celebrate 10 years of this awesome little synthesizer. Please enjoy!! =)"

Spotted this one on discchord.

Patch from Scratch: Adding Dimensions with a MULT

Published on Oct 23, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"There are many ways to use a multiple. Here we'll use the CV Bus to send a single simple CV to a number of locations, adding several dimensions of motion to a simple note event."

TM404 - 202/202/202/202/202/202/202/202

Published on Oct 23, 2019 repeatle

"Someone had to do it.

Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202
Ableton Live
Softube TSAR-1
SoundToys FilterFreak
Surreal Machines Modnetic
Eventide H9
Eventide H9
Chase Bliss Dark World
Chase Bliss Mood
Chase Bliss Thermae
Social Entropy Engine

(No, not all of the MC-202's in this clip are mine. I'm not THAT crazy/greedy. Promise!)."

Roland TR 808 calibration and tuning

Published on Oct 23, 2019 BAMTV

"Welcome to this episode of BAMTV! In this video we show you how to adjust some settings of the Roland TR-808:

1. Noise level. This affects the snare, clap and toms and gives a 'reverb-like' tail if set too long.
2. Clap offset. Subject to preference, the clap can have a loud or soft transient.
3. Cowbell tuning to original values.

A furtehr explanation on the scope readings for the cowbell tuning: the scope was set to 0,2V/division. You hear me counting the cycle length and mention the number 9,8. This means at 0,2ms/division that the duty cycle is 9,8*0,2 = 1,96 ms.

You can find the adjustment value sheet and location diagram here: (TR-808 adjustment sheet) (TR-808 trimpot locations) (TR-808 service notes)"

Analog OS Upgrades: Sequencer MIDI Out & Scale per Track

Published on Oct 22, 2019 Elektron

"Link the #AnalogFour, #AnalogRytm, or #AnalogKeys up to the rest of your gear with ease with Sequencer MIDI Out, allowing you control on every step of the powerful Elektron sequencer. Breathe new life into old machines with conditional trigs. Say hello to one big, happy family of synths and drum machines."

Analog OS Upgrades: Scale per Track

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Elektron

"Coming fresh from the Digi line and by popular demand, Scale per Track has been added to the #AnalogFour, #AnalogRytm, and #AnalogKeys. Inject some extra unpredictability and excitement into your compositions. Wake up your inner head-bobber!"

Two new videos since the announcement.

Also see:
Elektron Analog Rytm & Four UPDATE ...and they said we would never get this
Elektron Analog Rytm sequencing the Novation Bass Station II, Korg MS20 mini, Behringer Model D

ondes Martenot + ZVEX Mastotron

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Josh Semans

"Experiments with my ondes Martenot and the ZVEX Mastotron pedal. Part of an ongoing series of videos pairing the ondes Martenot with various effects pedals and sound processors."

Patch n Tweak

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